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MARYLOU2 cum lubricating the folds


Part Two ***************

I was in a close embrace with Mike in my living room, sitting on the
couch, as things were really starting to heat up. I was still for all
practical reasons, dressed, however Mike had his hand at the juncture of my
panties and my privates. His lips were working on mine with hot kisses.

I could feel the approach of Mike's hot fingers to the lace of my
underwear as his other hand felt the fabric of my bra and exposed breasts.
His finger was now, casually playing with the outer lips of my vagina.

" Oh, my thank god ! " I cried.

I kissed him reverently and attacked the rose pedals of his lips with
mine as he held me tighter His voice was gentle and reassuring.

" I want you "

Slowly, he pulled my underwear off my pelvis revealing my moist meshed
mound and cunt lips.

I lay down on the sofa with my legs slightly apart, ready to receive his
cock inside me.

Mike removed his pants and underwear from his waist and freed his erect
cock, which I teased with my hands and lips touching the erect tip with my
tongue and hand, as I forced some of the tip inside my mouth to suck on it
and make him hard. My juices flowed constantly down my cunt and thighs to
the gaping hole between my legs as I spasmed in pre orgasmic joy.

His cock was very long and thick, about 10 inches, with black haired
balls and tight sac that rested nicely in my mouth as I sucked on his cock
to get him even larger. I gasped as his dick pushed into me in a fucking
motion and I let him fuck my mouth with long strokes down my tongue to my
throat and out again, the moist pre cum lubricating the folds of my lips
and tongue. All the while Mike's fingers explored my outer cunts lips,
parting them and stroking me in and out fucking my hole with his fingers
and teasing my little clit with his finger tips, stroking me hard and fast
in a screwing motion. I arched my hips to meet his fingers fucking my hot
hole and spreading my juices all over each other.

Each kiss was magic, each embrace sent chills down my spine.

" I have never been so exited in my life, oh god, Mike, fuck me harder "
I cried out.

" Oh , gosh Cathy damn you feel good !! "

My mind was racing, racing back to a time when my older sister was about
my age, maybe in her second year of High School. She was a cheerleader and
very popular with the boys. Many a boy tried to go out with Mary Lou but
she was very special . Often they would come to me after a football game
and ask me to tell Mary Lou this or that, it was so crude !.

How many times have I answered the question, " Where is your sister "

" I dunno " was usually my reply.

One particular time I knew where she was . She was in the storeroom
behind the boy's locker room, balling some high school senior with her
heart and soul. One time I did kinda walk in on her , although she did not
see me. She was standing, mind you, in the utility closet, with her
cheerleaders skirt, up around her waist, her panties down around here knees
and this huge erect basketball's player's cock sticking into her cunt and
she was riding it like the wind. The muffled sounds of her whimpers as he
rammed his dick into my older sister was something I could not get out of
my mind. That sight of her legs spread and wrapped around her waist as she
raced to a quick climax and the sight of this boys's cock huge and thick,
slipping in and out of my sister's slit was just the motivation I needed to
try the act myself. I was so excited watching her I was creaming my own
vagina, with my wet juices.

And here I was with Mike about to impale my tiny little vagina on his
long thick prick.

I could only imagine what I was about to experience. I mean the vision
of my sister's tight little ass, getting fucked by her boyfriends' cock was
enough of a picture for me. Her but was pushing back as he worked his penis
up inside her and her full hard tits rocked with the motion of his cock
sliding deeper and deeper into her cunt hole. Her mouth gaping, her cunt spread wide, the sperm falling out of her slit as he ejaculated his sperm
inside her sweet little tunnel. The gasps of pleasure as she ejaculated her juices on his slick prick.

Mike suddenly took his cock out of my mouth and laying me on my back
exposed my tiny tits to his hands and rubbed them with his hands. His cock
was very large and thick, at least 10 inches long now, wet and red and I
could see the veins on his penis as he rubbed it up and down my legs and
thighs and outer cunt lips to make us wet.

He slipped his big dick inside my slit and I cried out.

" Oh god please dont'

He did not listen. I was scared as I felt his cock for the first time
pushing my vaginal lips slightly apart and spreading my legs wide to help
him with his insertion.

I again thought of my sister and the time she use to hug me when I was a
child and the warmth I felt when she held me. I gave into Mike's assault
on my slit.

" Don't push, please don't "

Mike pushed cock tip inside the entrance to my cunt, and I surrounded it
with my meshed hair of my pelvis. His balls dangled around the entrance to
my vagina, I instinctively I touched them with my finger tips. His
testicles were full of sperm, it seemed and I sensed the weight of his
balls and the weight of his big cock entering my pink slit.

He laid down upon me with his cock entering my vagina, and placed his
body on top of me his chest touching my erect tits and nipples, brown and
sensitive to his weight. His cock was wet and soft and heavenly.

" Oh god , oh god you dick is so huge " I cried .

" I don't want you to do this, Please you are fucking me Don't do it ok
" I pleaded.

Mike kissed me on the lips and I felt my ass being fondled by his hands
as he pushed my ass up to meet his penis which was working its way inside
my inner vaginal lips and folds of ping and fleshy skin. My juice fell
upon his cock and the sofa, and he held me closer as his dick felt the
erect clitoris which was vibrating like a rod upon the tip of his penis.

" Oh no, god, you son of a bitch, you are fucking me now , god damn it.

" Whoosh" was the sound of his cock sliding past my clit and down my
vaginal wall and tight tunnel. I grabbed his penis with my inner cunt and
held his cock tight milking it as he slammed his cock inside my pussy and
up inside my stomach. In and out he pushed touching my ass with the palms
of his hands driving me closer and closer to him with every fuck of his
cock. My cunt became tighter and tighter as his balls touched my outer
cunt lips and his huge dick explored my inner organs and the entrance to my
womb. I felt like he was poking me in my lungs with his organ, and I was
melting in the erotic dream of his body inside my body. The ultimate
joining of bodies, the touch the closeness of his body pushing into mine
and my heart racing in impending orgasm.

My joy was intense, my little slit was tightly wrapped around his penis
as He thrust inside me again and again, deep to my stomach down my cunt tunnel back to my clitoris and then deep inside me again and again and
again, I felt like it would not stop . He slammed into me and with each
poke, I felt like his cock was getting bigger and bigger and my slit was
closing into smaller circles with each plunge.

A drop of sperm emerged on the tip of his cock as Mike withdrew for a
second. I reached down and guided his prick inside my hole again, this
time touching it. As I touched his penis I felt it start to ejaculate and
his seed was dripping on my outer lips as I forced his cock inside me for
one last fuck. Inside my cunt he went, and up inside my pussy he pushed,
the tip of his cock full of seed ready to explode inside my wet pussy.

I felt the pressure of his cock on my vagina and I felt his cock on my
inner pelvic bone as my womb widened to feel his seed. The first wad of
sperm hit my womb's fleshy wall and I started to hump him harder throwing
my ass and hips into his cock as he reached the limits of my cunt and was
ejaculating a wad of sperm inside my tight hole.

" Oh gawd, that is so wet , I can feel your seed, o fuck, stick me hard
, fill me with your cum " I cried. Visions of my sister came into my head,
as I remember the expression on her face as she was being fucked. Now I
was being fucked just as good, I could feel his prick ejaculating wad after
wad of his sperm inside me, and I went dizzy and clammy. My eyes closed, my
breasts were as hard as bricks, and I pushed my pelvis up high as I
climaxed on his penis and it rocked me with a new explosion of sperm and
wetness along my inner slit and clitoris, which was now fully erect and
ejaculating also as the sperm bathed the red tip of my huge clit.

He pulled his dick out of me and shot a wad of sperm on my belly and
tits as I climaxed again. My little body vibrating and the sweat of my
climax was pouring down my cleavage and the nape of my pelvis and inner
thighs. Another wad of sperm landed on my mouth and I tasted the sperm
that was also in my womb.

Spent I lay beside Mike for hours, hugging him and letting him fuck me
two or three times more that night, each time was better and better, and I
was happy to know that I had given him my body and pussy at first with
caution and then willingly.

We fell in love and after this spend most of our time together, in love
and happy knowing that each had given each other a part of them only few
men and women can share.



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