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MATGT thick and veiny and the soft


Keywords: tg/f, oral, mastAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: Marilyn and The Gym

OK, here we go again. So far the feedback from my first story is good.
Orgasms are plentiful, my style is apparently distinguishable from the
poorly written estrus that runs occasionally through the newsgroup sex
story scene, and it's familiar enough to people that people are comfortable
soaking their hands reading me. My debut is a smash. So here's the deal:
in my little series, there are gonna be a couple more stroke stories.
Then, I'm going to write a bit of an epic trying to explain how my Marilyn
came to be. Even though I'll take care to write some hot sex scenes, it'll
have elements like plot and background to help you through the recovery
time between cums. But that's a good distance into the future. For now,
let's enjoy the present.

Now perverts, what time is it? It's legal disclaimer time! This work
of fiction is for the non-commercial use of its readers. Permission to
copy and distribute through electronic media for non-commercial purposes is
granted. All commercial and non-electronic rights are reserved by me, the
author. Please do not read this story if you are offended by adult
material, reading this material is illegal in your legal jurisdiction or,
if in the United States, under the age of 18. It ain't like this
disclaimer is going to stop the determined, but I gotta try. So without
further ado, on with the story.


Mandy and Marilyn scrambled into class just as the class was breaking
into basketball games. They both collected themselves, caught their breath
and hoped to fake their way out of what could be a bit of a jam.

"By the way," Marilyn whispered to Mandy, "you didn't see what you saw
between my legs if you want to see it again."

"OK, Marilyn, thanks for the 'help'!"

"WALKER! CORRIGAN! What is the meaning behind what's going on here?"

Their jam had appeared. Coach Mary Bailey strutted her way in front of
the two girls. Though she was only 5'3" and small-boned, she had a tough
reputation that made her gym class the scourge of the school. More
importantly that tough rep helped her to massive success coaching the
girl's hoops team to a couple of state championships and tons of league
titles. Her really short, curly hair and soft, pretty face was toughened
enough by age and attitude to garner her more than enough respect.

"Uh, Coach Bailey, I was just helping Mandy out with a problem, right
Mandy?," Marilyn said with a wink.

"Yeah, Coach, Marilyn was just helping me out with something in the
locker room. No biggie."

"Alright Mandy. Go on and shoot some hoops with those girls over
there," ordered Coach. Mandy quickly slid her way over to a bunch of
uncoordinated girls struggling to dribble the ball with one hand. Then
Coach walked up to Marilyn's ear and asked, "what the hell were you doing
with Mandy in the locker room?"

"I fucked her, Coach Bailey."

"Why? Do you want to put your whole, er, situation on blast?"

"Trust me, Coach Bailey. She'll keep her mouth shut."

"OK. I don't know why you can't keep your panties up. That's the third
time you've 'helped' someone like this all year! I can't help you like
this if you keep 'helping' others. Look at Mandy," Coach demandingly

"Why do you think half the school thinks I'm a lesbian? Don't worry.
Everything's gonna be fine."

Coach shrugged and stepped off to the side as Marilyn jumped in to a
pick-up game with a bunch of boys in the class. She didn't have much
trouble getting into the game after nailing a fallaway jumper over the boys basketball team's star forward. "If she'd ever choose a gender," Coach
thought, "she could very well be all-city." That got Coach thinking back to
the first time Coach found out about Marilyn's condition...


Coach stood around, taking attendance the first day of class. Finally,
she got to the new name in class.

"Marilyn Walker? Marilyn Walker?"

Coach thought that was a bit strange for someone not to show up on the
first day. Besides, even shitty students don't cut the first day. "Hmm,"
Coach said to herself. "I'm going in the girl's locker room. Stay right
here, or you'll spend the period running!"

With that, Coach sprinted off the gym floor and into the locker room.
Immediately she heard something unusual. First, she heard a steady
slapping sound again flesh, accompanied by the moans of a female voice,
apparently out of pleasure. "What the heck is going on here? Is some girl having sex with a boy in the locker room? Here we go again," Coach thought
to herself. With that, Coach peeped around each bank of lockers, with no
sight of the people making the sound. However, after moving down from one
set of lockers to another, she noticed the sound getting louder and louder
and sounding closer and closer. With that, Coach quickly stepped down to
the end of the last bank of lockers and put her back to them. Not wanting
to scare off the guy and girl too quickly, she slowly turned around and
looked down the small hallway by the bank of lockers. What she saw had her
mouth dropping wide open and her eyes bugging out.

What she saw required her to do a double take. She saw a girl with
long, wavy black hair with a slightly downcast head and a face in apparent
deep concentration and lust, her eyes slitted reflecting how lost in her
own world she was. Her new gym shirt was pulled up, exposing her torso up
to her shoulders. The lifted shirt allowed Coach to see what would appear
to be the product of breast implants on an older woman. But on this girl,
they looked as natural as they were, huge dark pillows topped by huge
areolas covering about half her breasts and nipple that were thick and
stood out nearly an inch. One of the girl's hands roughly massaged against
one of her breasts and pinched on the erect nipple. However, it as how the
girl was slightly hunched over and, more importantly, what hunching allowed
the girl's breasts to push gently against that shocked Coach the most. A
large penis, appearing to be at least a foot long and abnormally thick, was
not only brushing against her breast, it appeared to be attached to the
girl. She was steadily stroking her huge dick, her left hand pumping up
and down and her left arm flexing as she moved. Her shorts and panties were pushed down to just above her knees as she sat on the bench pleasuring
herself. After a few brief seconds, Coach finally shook out her reverie
and finally was able to make a statement...


Shocked out of her pleasure-induced trances, Marilyn looked up at Coach
and liked what she saw. Her small face, refined look and soft caramel skin
would look good next to mine she thought.

"Start talking, missy."

"Well, uh, let me explain. I'm Marilyn Walker, a new student around
here. I know you have two questions come to mind." "This," she said while
gently grabbing and shaking her still-rampant dick, "well, it's a long
story, but let me give you the short version. Even though I look very
female and live as a female, I have this big dick. That leads to the
second question you're probably answered. Like many guys that having
dicks, they have certain, shall we say, needs that need to be taken care
of. Being that I rushed out the house this morning without a bra, combined
with the soft feel of my new gym shirt, well, I had to do what I had to do
before I could go to class."

Still shocked, Coach replied, "Yeah? And?"

Marilyn's mind churned, looking for a way to get out of the impossible
jam she was in. She thought about how attractive Coach was to her. Then
in a few seconds, she replied coquettishly, "well, since I am pretty close
to cumming, could you come here and suck me off to finish me? That way, I
could be relieved and we could both get on to class."

In a response borne equal parts out of necessity, curiosity and
horniness, Coach closed the distance between herself and her quite unusual
student. She got down on her knees in front of Marilyn and pulled her
shorts down all the way to her feet. Then, she just stared and marveled at
the raw power of the dick in front of her, all smooth and shiny and big and
thick and veiny, and the soft round femininity of the huge breasts just
above it. Marilyn let go of her cock, letting it drop to almost parallel
to the ground, and Coach was free to explore the surface of it with her
hand. Try to touch every inch of her cock with her hands. As she did
this, Marilyn softly cooed and brought a nipple up to her mouth for her to
lick and suck.

Realizing that time was of the essence, Coach went right to work on the
dick after a brief period of exploration. She grabbed it with both hands
and pumped a nice, fast rhythm on her dick, helped onto by how soft and
smooth it was. Then, she quickly leaned towards the tip and started
licking all over it, coating it with saliva. A dollop of pre-cum oozes out
the head, and Marilyn cooed softly, rubbing her nipples, after that effort.
Then Coach thought of a way she used to get her husband off to get her out
of this situation. She continued jacking off the cock, but turning her
hands from side to side as she moved up and down. At the same time, she
started licking in circles around the tip of the dick as her mouth closed
in to suck on it. Once her mouth accustomed to the size of the swollen
tip, she quickly eased her head down, twisting her head from side to side
and licking around the shaft as she went down. When she got halfway down,
she stopped and continued back up the same way she went down. After a few
go-rounds, Marilyn started to realize how good this felt.

"Oh yeah! Do it some more! I'm close to cumming..."

With that, Coach decided to step up the pace some more in her oral and
manual ministrations. After all, she had a class to attend to, and neither
she nor Marilyn was gonna make it to class anytime soon if she dawdled
about and enjoyed this too much. So she decided to add a little flicker to
her tongue as she licked around the dick while she was sucking on it. As
it turned out, that was the added little spice that she needed to push
Marilyn over the edge.

"Oh yeah...I'm about t-to c-cum...pull it out 'til the tip is in your

Willing to do anything to expedite things, Coach pulled her head up the
cock until just the tip was in her mouth. Just as she finished that, the
dick started to shoot off massive jets of cum into her mouth. Not wanting
to leave any stains on her polo shirt, nor on her face, she took care of
swallow as fast as possible. In a hurry, it seemed like she was drinking
water from a fountain instead of cum, she was swallowing so much. Pulling
away from the dick, she stood up and dusted off her knees.

"Come on, Marilyn," Coach said, checking off her name on the attendance
sheet. "Let's get on to class now! And be careful with yourself. I'll
give you permission to change by yourself, but please keep episodes like
this to a minimum, OK? I'll try to discreet about,," she
said, giving the slowly shrinking cock a glance, "condition. Now move it!"
Then Coach went on back to the gym, trying to keep as calm about everything
as possible.

With that, Marilyn pulled her shirt over her boobs, and stood up.
Without any kind of a bra, her nipples stood out embarrassingly, but she
needed to get on to class. Then she stood up, spread her legs slightly,
grabbed the base of her dick with one hand and pulled the tip back with the
other, pulling back until the tip was nestled in the crack of her ass, just
past her asshole. She then quickly pulled up her panties and shorts and
sprinted off to class.


"That girl is nuts," Coach thought to herself, staring out at the busy
class. This was the third time she helped herself to the female student
body. Granted that the first two girls Marilyn 'helped' were such major
sluts, they were known to sleep with anything human, and reportedly one of
them didn't even accept that species limit. But with Mandy, she thought,
she might have pushed it a bit too far. While Mandy wasn't a perfect
angel, she wasn't a megaslut either, and she definitely didn't do girls.
Once word got out about them two together, shit might really hit the fan.
Oh well.


The sound of the bell brought Coach out of her reverie. "OK! Class
dismissed! Get changed!," she barked out just before blowing her whistle.
The class streamed out of the gym, with Marilyn being the last to leave.
She turned back to wink at Coach, then went on into the locker room,
thinking about get changed and getting through the rest of the day just so
she could get home and spend some quality time...


Thanks again for reading! Keep pouring on with the comments!


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