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MATINEE video came out fact


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions.
If you are under 21, go away. If you don't think this
is normal (stay away from ME!) go away. If, on the
other hand, you are legal, and you like this sort of
story, please... continue on.

Please do not repost this story anywhere without my
express permission.

Well, folks, dare I hope that Pami is back in the
saddle?! LOL I woke up this morning, sat down at the
keyboard, and ba-da-bing, something at least mostly
coherent came out! :) If you enjoy, please, email me.
Also, check out my other stories at courtesy of Rey running the site,
and Rui Jorge who is kind enough to maintain my little
corner of it.
Saturday Afternoon Matinee
by Pami (M/F)
It was FINALLY the weekend! Not even Friday night,
which was technically part of the work week, she
reflected, especially when you had to work until 10 pm.
It was Saturday morning. Glorious Saturday. Saturday
was a day to relax. A day to lie around in bed till 9
or 10 am, and then have a nice breakfast and see what
you and your friends were gonna do to make this weekend
a memorable one. And she just knew, deep in her bones,
that THIS weekend was going to be a great one. She
rolled over and picked up the phone by her bed.

She hung up the phone and sighed. How was it that
everyone was BUSY?! Linda was away visiting her
parents. Another friend was helping his brother move.
Greg was working, and Phyllis was not feeling well.
The list went on and on. Dammit! Now she had no one
to hang around with. Well, she was going to FIND
something to do today, she determined.

She showered leisurely, making sure to wash all the
cracks and crevices with her latest acquisition, a
sweet-smelling shower gel that reminded her of
watermelon. She lathered up her vulva, and allowed her
fingers to wander a little bit, stroking that nubbin of
flesh that was full of pleasure nerves till she
shivered. God, she was horny today! She reluctantly
pulled her hand away from her pussy and continued her
shower, rinsing away the juices that had started to
flow from within. She spent long moments lathering up
each heavy breast, playing a small game with herself to
see how sudsy she could get each globe before rinsing
it off. She even decorated each nipple with a dot of
gel and then just worked them over till they were as
hard as she could get them. And oh, did they get large
when properly worked, she thought. She rinsed her
pussy again, as her tit play had continued to arouse
her. She luxuriously washed and rinsed and conditioned
her long mane, enjoying the touch of her fingers
massaging her scalp, and tilting her head back to see
just how far her wet hair fell down her back. Wavy
when dry, when it was wet, her hair came to just the
top of the crack of her rounded ass, and she was
justifiably proud of it since it was as healthy as it
was lush. And the last thing before she got out of the
shower, she slowly and methodically shaved every part
of her body so that it was silky smooth. Her rounded
calves, dimpled knees and curved thighs all felt the
gentle scrape of the razor. On a whim, she spent some
extra minutes, quite a few extra minutes actually, on
her Venus mound, watching the curly hairs fall to the
shower floor, to be washed down the drain. She didn't
shave her pussy on a regular basis, but if she was
feeling particularly sexy, she liked the feel of bare
skin down there. Today was a particularly sexy kind of

She rinsed off one final time from head to toe under a
purely cold spray of water. She always finished with
cold water, enjoying the slight shock to her warm skin,
and today was no exception. Indeed, today she seemed
to be especially conscious of the tightening of her
nipples as the freezing water hit and slid over them.
After stepping from the shower, she extravagantly
spread her watermelon-scented lotion over her yards of
pale skin, inhaling the aroma deeply as she did so.
"Practically good enough to eat," she giggled to
herself, and then sobered up as she realized that she
was wasting the scent on a day when she wasn't going to
get anyone close enough to tempt with her aroma.

She walked to the closet, nude and started looking
through her clothes. She decided that since she was
feeling good today, she was going to go out and do
something, even if it meant going alone. She was going
to go to the mall, do some window shopping, maybe blow
a few bucks, and maybe see a movie or something. And
since she was in that somewhat sexy mood, she wanted to
look good while she did it.

She chose a sundress in a dark floral print. It was
figure-hugging, and was designed so that the wearer
didn't have to wear a bra with it. The bodice was
tight and made of a heavy enough fabric that it
supported her 42DDD tits by its small spaghetti straps,
and the skirt flared out over her ample hips to end
about two inches above her knees. It was a slightly
naughty dress, she thought, as she looked in the
mirror, but she was feeling slightly naughty today, and
she decided this was the outfit of the day. She
slipped her feet, topped by pedicured toes, into a pair
of golden sandals. A glance in the mirror to convince
herself that she looked presentable told her that she
did indeed. Her long auburn hair waved down her back
and her eyes sparkled, but it was the dress that was
the kicker. The dress showed off her curvy figure to
advantage, making her ample hourglass curves seem
slightly dangerous, while accenting her smooth legs.
She smirked at her reflection, and she was off.

She parked at the mall, far away from the entrance.
She didn't like other cars too close to hers, and she
didn't mind the extra little walk. As she got out of
the driver's seat, she became aware that it there was
just the tiniest breeze out, and she had to hold onto
the skirt of her dress to avoid flashing people as she
walked up to the doors.

She wandered from store to store, stopping briefly in a
few but not buying much of anything as she did. Truth
be told, she was enjoying shopping the people today
more than the merchandise. She bought a lemonade and
sat on a bench in the middle of the mall, just
observing people walking by for a while. She smiled at
mothers pushing rented baby strollers as their tots
slept peacefully through the hubbub. She felt badly
for the mothers of the teens and pre-teens who were
arguing as they walked. She watched the packs of kids
as they careened about the walkways, trying to look
'cool' while they checked out the other kids. And then
there were the men. Oh, the glorious men!

She was a connoisseur of men, she thought as she
surveyed the male species before her. She liked the
distinguished looking older man, whose salt and pepper
hair just seemed to complement the confident way that
he strode down the path as if he knew exactly where he
was going. She liked the stud who looked about 21 or
22; the athletic blond whose startling green eyes met
hers as she gazed at him while he juggled a few bags of
things he had bought. The two guys in their 30's, who
tried not to look guilty or ashamed as they left the
lingerie store, each with a small bag in hand, and she
wondered what they had bought and for whom while they
were in there. She loved the startled look in the
man's eyes who was pushing a stroller when he observed
her checking him out from head to eye. She boldly met
his gaze and slowly gave him a wink, making sure that
his attractive wife didn't see her. Oh, he got so
flustered and couldn't decide whether to keep looking
at her or pay more attention to where he was walking,
and she giggled to herself as he almost walked into one
of the potted trees that dotted the mall's common area.
In short, it was a smorgasbord of males, and she
wanted a little taste of all of them.

She sighed, though. She didn't really have enough
nerve to walk up to a stranger and start talking. Her
self-esteem was a little low, having been ripped to
shreds by her last boyfriend who had been constantly on
her about her weight. What she didn't realize was that
although she was overweight, there were many men out
there who took one look at her voluptuous figure and
instinctively wanted to see and touch every inch of her
rounded body. She was a throwback to an earlier, more
voluptuous era, when women looked like women, and a man
just wanted to curl up next to her softness.

"Mind if I have a seat, gorgeous?" she heard as she
came back to reality. She looked over and saw Kurt, a
friend of a friend, standing next to the bench, holding
a couple of shopping bags and looking delicious and
refreshing as a sorbet in the summer heat. She smiled
and assented, and Kurt dropped down next to her.

They chatted about commonplaces and their mutual
friends for a few minutes. She hadn't ever told a
soul, but she had developed a mad crush on Kurt almost
instantly. She wasn't quite sure what it was, but
every time she saw him she swore that he grew more
sexy. Unfortunately, they hadn't gotten to know each
other very well and hadn't spent any time alone
together until today. Well, if sitting on a public
bench at a crowded mall counted as alone, anyway. She
continued the conversation, trying hard not to stare at
his full lips and wonder what they would taste like.

"So, what are your plans for today, fair lady?" Kurt
asked, looking down at her with a smile on his face.

"I don't know," she answered, "Maybe a movie matinee or

"Can I come?" he queried. "I don't really have
anything planned for today, and I can't think of a
better way to spend my time than with such a beauty by
my side."

She blushed at such unwarranted and extravagant praise
and quietly said, "Sure you can, if you really want."

"Oh, I really WANT," he breathed almost so low that she
didn't quite hear him and wasn't quite sure if that was
what he really said.

She looked up at him again and he was intently staring
into her eyes. There were no smiles on the bench as
they looked into each other's souls for a long minute.
Then he stood up and said, "Shall we?" and the moment
was gone.

She rose and they ambled down to the multiplex at the
end of the mall. After some good-natured quarreling
about what movie to see, they agreed upon an action-
adventure flick that had been out for a while but
neither had the time to see before. At the ticket
window, she bought her own ticket before he did,
prompting him to tell her that the next time they did
this that HE was going to pay. Almost like a real
date, she thought to herself excitedly. Then she
tamped down her enthusiasm. Just because she lusted
after him did NOT mean that he reciprocated. They were
just going to hang out today, and she was pretty happy
with that.
The theater was quite small, signifying that the peak
popularity of the movie was past. The only people who
were paying to see it now were people who either saw it
once and simply HAD to see it again, or those, like
them, who had just missed it so far but didn't want to
wait till the video came out. In fact, as the
previews started, she observed that they were the only
two inside the theater. The situation apparently
didn't escape Kurt either, as he looked down at her by
his side and grinned, "Alone at last, my pretty," and
gave her his best evil villain smirk. She laughed out
loud at his outrageousness, and settled back, relaxing
in her seat.

By the time the previews had ended, some five or so
minutes later, she was intensely aware of Kurt's arm
along the back of her seat. He had casually slid it
back there, stretching out, and was idly playing with a
lock of her hair. She tried to concentrate on the
scene unfolding on the screen, but she kept smelling
Kurt and her mind was wandering down its own little
path, one that had nothing to do with the supernatural
creatures that kept popping up onscreen to torment the

He shifted in his seat and she felt his thigh press
against hers. It felt so strong next to her softness,
and she wondered what it would feel like if both of
their legs were unclothed. Would the crisp curly hairs
of his leg tickle her smooth one? What about if they
wrapped their legs around each other? She shivered as
her mind traveled the path of momentary lust, only to
be pulled back by a scream onscreen as the hero's love
interest ended up face to face with a monster.

"Cold?" he asked as he leaned down toward her, feeling
the shiver run through her body.

"Ummm, no," she managed to get out, as she looked up at
him, unaware that her feelings were apparent on her
expressive face in the half-light of the movie screen.

He groaned at the sight of her pink lips, slightly
parted and almost unconsciously, he wrapped his fist
around a long tress of her mane, pulling her head back
as his swooped down. Their lips met in a passionate
kiss that seemed to go on forever. Their mouths opened
and his tongue darted inside her mouth, tasting her
while she moaned low in her throat.

Their kisses went on and on, while the movie blared
around them. She momentarily thought about being in a
public theater, but there was no one else in with them,
so she shoved that thought away and concentrated on
Kurt and his magical mouth.

He licked and kissed his way along her curved jawline
to her ear, where he nibbled on her earlobe, sending
shudders through her entire body. When he moved lower,
to the column of her neck, she felt a rush in her
pussy, and she knew that she was wet already. She
shifted in her seat, and he stopped, whispering softly,
"Should I stop?" and she knew that him stopping was the
LAST thing she wanted.

"Oh NO," she breathed, "I just have to pull my skirt
up, if you don't mind." She blushed in the darkness as
he raised one eyebrow at her. "Well... ummm... Oh my
God, I can't believe I am telling you this, but...
well, I don't want to leave a wet spot on the back of
my dress," she blurted out.

Kurt swallowed hard and looked down at her. "A wet
spot? Already?"

She felt like she was pulled out of the fog of lust
that had enveloped her. She knew it was disgusting,
but she told him anyway. "Ummm... I get really wet. I
mean REALLY wet. Pretty easily. I can't help it. It
just happens." And she looked away from Kurt back to
the movie, where she had no idea what was happening,
but it was less embarrassing than watching him be
disgusted by her.

Kurt sat straight up in his seat and glanced around the
movie theater one more time, confirming that they were
indeed the only two in the dim place. He smiled. He
pulled her hair again so that she was looking at him.
"Stand up," he told her matter-of-factly.

"What?" she asked, wondering if he was going to tell
her that she needed to leave.

"I said, Stand Up. Right here. In front of me. Now,
please," he almost commanded her, giving thanks for
stadium seating, which provided all sorts of ample leg

She did as she was told, now sensing that all wasn't
lost, and wondering what on earth he was doing. She
tried to turn and face him, but he stopped her. "No.
Face the screen," he told her. So she did.

She felt his hands, starting at her ankles, tracing
their way up her well-muscled calves. His strong
fingers gently smoothed their way up her legs to the
knees, lingering there as he lightly tickled her in
that sensitive spot just behind the knee.

He heard a soft rumbling and realized it was coming
from her. She was purring, he realized, and he grinned
to himself. "Like that?" he asked her as he continued
to caress her, and he saw her long hair move as she
nodded. He stopped. "Out loud, please. Tell me."

"Yes, I like it," she said softly. She was lying. She
didn't just like it, she LOVED his touch. He was
definitely hitting all the right spots, and she felt
herself getting wetter by the second.

His hands continued up over her thighs, and as they
slipped below the hem of her skirt, he could feel the
heat coming from the juncture of her legs. He smiled
again. As he slowly slid his fingers higher and
higher, he felt himself growing from half hard to a
full blown erection. He stopped a moment to adjust his
cock to a more comfortable position and heard her moan
of protest.

All of a sudden, his hands were gone, she realized.
She was so enjoying his touch that when it was taken
away, she was keenly aware of it. She glanced behind
her in time to see him touching his crotch, and it
excited her when she observed the material of his
shorts stretched tightly across his groin.

He looked up to see her watching him, and barked a
command. "Eyes to the front, please. Don't turn
around unless I tell you." He softened his tone a bit.

She turned back around and faced the screen once more
while she wondered what was coming next. She didn't
have to wait long.

He took the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her
waist. "Hold, please" he told her as he placed one of
her hands on the skirt so he had an unobstructed view
of her from ankle to waist. In the dim light of the
theater, her skin glowed. The sensuous curves of her
legs flowed into a round, ripe ass, the cheeks of which
were split by a small line of fabric that ran from her
waist into the crack of her bottom, exposing the soft
flesh around them to his eyes. He inhaled deeply,
smelling the scent of her arousal, and he grew just a
bit harder. He reached one hand down, and in a fluid
motion, firmly ran his fingernails from her Achilles
tendon all the way up over her lower limbs and across
the soft flesh of her buttocks. He heard her moan and
watched her bottom shake as she felt the lines of fire
run over her soft skin, and he watched as the delicate
red lines appeared, just barely visible on her milky
whiteness in the dusky theater.

She didn't want to move as she felt him scrape his way
over her body with his nails. How did he know that she
liked that, she wondered to herself, but then she
stopped thinking altogether as she felt his mouth.

He firmly bit one plump cheek of her ass, enjoying the
softness of the flesh beneath his mouth. He then bit
the other one, and finally, he bit that tiny area where
her thighs met the bottom of her buttocks, feeling her
entire body shudder as he did so.

"Oh...My... God..." she moaned to his delight.

"Bend over," he instructed her as he pushed on the
small of her back. She did as he requested, bending so
far over the seat in front of her that he could easily
see the source of the heat coming from between her
legs. He grabbed the waistband of her panties and
pulled them down to her ankles, with not a protest from
her. Instead, she moaned again and wriggled her
luscious ass at him. He took that as a positive and
began lavishing the round posterior before him with
kisses and nibbles and licks.

She was in heaven. And hell. His mouth was causing
the most delicious sensations to run from her ass to
her brain to her nipples and on down to her pussy. She
couldn't believe she was in a public movie theater,
although it was empty, allowing a man, even one as sexy
as this one, to bare her to his eyes and his touch.
She shut her eyes and concentrated on the feelings in
her body.

Kurt couldn't stand it anymore. He had to taste the
sweetness that he knew was just inches away, and he
licked his way down the crack of her ass. He lingered
for a moment at her rosebud, enjoying the way it
crinkled up as he lightly flicked it and he felt her
entire body tighten up. He filed that away for future
reference, and continued on. He felt the wetness on
the cheeks of his face from where she had dripped on
her thighs, and he went deeper.

"Ahhhhh..." she moaned loudly as she felt his mouth
reach her pussy. He firmly pushed her legs further
apart, and she was almost dangling from the seat in
front as he began to lick up her juices. His tongue
tickled her hole and she squirmed, feeling a rush of
fresh moisture flow out of the secret recesses of her

Kurt groaned himself as he lost himself in the fragrant
meatiness of the cunt in front of him. God, she tasted
good, he thought, as he lightly bit on the smooth lips
of her pussy, tugging on them with his mouth. One of
his hands slowly rubbed his cock through his shorts,
and the other one massaged her ass, grabbing it firmly
and squeezing it hard. He lost himself in her pussy,
and he heard the slurping sounds he made as he ate her
mercilessly. He pushed his face in deeper, and moved
lower, finding her firm clit with his mouth. He licked
up and down that pearl of sensitivity, vaguely hearing
her moaning in the background, but too intent to pay
much attention. Her trembling indicated to him that
she was getting close to a climax, and he judged his
moment instinctively.

She couldn't stand it anymore. His licking on her clit
was going to push her over the brink, right there, in
the theater, and she just didn't care. His nose kept
pushing against the edges of her hole and she knew she
was close. And then it happened.

Kurt opened his mouth wide and sucked her clit into his
mouth. He closed his teeth around it gently and while
sucking, flicked his agile tongue back and forth over
the kernel of flesh. That was it.

She screamed, as softly as she could, but it was still
definitely a scream as she began convulsing in her
orgasm. The feeling of his teeth and tongue, combined
with the unrelenting suction of his mouth made her
climax go on and on and she felt her hips bucking as
she spasmed over and over again.

He was in heaven. She was coming hard, and he could
feel every tremble and shudder and spasm of her body.
The juices coming from her increased, if that was
possible, and he released her clit to move up and suck
them all straight from the source, slurping them down
like he was dying of thirst.

She began to come down from the incredible high, still
feeling his mouth back there. His tongue was inside
her, as if he were trying to lick her dry, although she
had little doubts of THAT happening. She inhaled
deeply, trying to calm her body, although she kept
having little aftershock spasms that would cause her
inner muscles to clamp down on his tongue.

Finally, he stopped. She stood up, and went to move
away, but his hands held her firmly in place.
"No," he said. "Sit down," he commanded her. "Here.
On my lap."

She stopped, now embarrassed as she always was when she
was the one on top. "No," she hissed back at him.
"I'll smush you."

"Yes," he told her. "Trust me. You won't." And he
pulled her backwards, so that his legs were inside
hers, spreading her wide over him. She tried to lower
herself gracefully, and then stopped as she felt it.

Kurt held his painfully erect cock pointing up as he
watched her naked ass descend towards him. He wanted,
no, he NEEDED to be inside her. Mr. Happy just had to
get inside the wet heat of her pussy, and he wasn't
taking no for an answer.

She glanced back, not sure what she felt, and she
gasped as she saw the pillar of flesh that was pointing
at her. She wasn't sure how large it was, but it sure
looked thick, and she knew he was going to stretch her.
She looked around again at the empty theater, glanced
up at the screen, and then sighed and sank down on him.
They both gasped in unison as his hardness slid deep
inside her warmth. She simply sat there for a minute,
as she grew accustomed to the stretching of her
channel, and he was grateful for the moment to try to
compose himself. Then he felt it.

"God!" he moaned as Kurt felt her pussy walls seem to
constrict around him. It was like he was getting a
massage from a hot wet silk glove on his cock, and he
was lost in the pleasure.

She was clenching and unclenching her inner muscles in
an effort to feel every inch of the hardness inside
her. She loved the way he fit into her, and she just
wanted to make sure that she enjoyed every second of
it. And if he liked it, which apparently he did, from
the noises he was making, well... so much the better.

Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore. She began
rising and falling on the pillar of flesh that she was
seated upon. She would slowly raise up until just the
head of his cock was inside her opening, and she felt
empty inside, and then she would quickly lower herself,
feeling her walls expand to take him in. She did it
over and over again, not only enjoying the sensations
in her body, but she was drinking in the sounds that he
was making as she moved.

Kurt was so aroused he didn't know how he was keeping
himself from shooting off deep inside her. His cock
practically ached it was so hard, and each time she
slid back down on him, he thought it would be the last.
Her wetness was still flowing freely, and he knew he
was going to have a wet spot on his shorts, but it was
a small price to pay for the decadent feel of his balls
being bathed with her essence. He watched her long
hair bouncing before him, and he inhaled, smelling her
cleanliness mixed with the smell of sex permeating the
air around them both. He started to grunt with each
thrust, and was moving his hips upwards to get maximum
penetration and pleasure from every movement. Kurt
heard her small noises as well, which only added to his
sensory overload.

"Oh god..Yes.. Yes. Yes." she declared with every
deeply penetrating motion that they made. Their bodies
were wetly slapping together and she knew she was close
to another orgasm.

Finally, he just couldn't take it anymore, and as she
slammed down on him, he held her there, he cock buried
as deeply into her tightness as it could get and he

She felt it. She felt the spasms of his cock as his
essence unloaded itself deep inside her pussy. The
throbbing over her clit were enough and she yelled a
moment later as her own climax rushed through her.
Kurt felt her come as she tightened around his
pulsating cock, practically milking the semen from deep
inside his body with her convulsions. He was truly in
heaven, he thought to himself, as soon as he was able
to think again.

She was sated. For the moment, at least, she giggled
to herself. She knew that she and Kurt had an awful
lot more to explore together, and she couldn't wait to
get started.


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