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MATM movie she was supposed see


Keywords: tg/f, exhib, oral, analAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: Marilyn at the

So, after about a bit of a hiatus, the shemale that you love is back.
Well, at least I love her. After all she is an alter ego for me. Now if I
could parlay that into some cash, I’d be good to go. Anyway, it’s good to
be back in the saddle, especially the way college has been getting to me.
This story, and the next few I plan on writing, will be stroke stories,
meant for some happy action fun time with yourself. ? I might do another
series, but it depends on buzz for the next few stories. So, if you like
them, WRITE ME! Comments are my only motivation for this right now, so
please show your love by writing me at Also,
coming soon, check out my website at
It’ll have all my stories archives. That being said, I must show you the
disclaimers before some mother in Iowa writes me about corrupting her
precious innocent child…

This work of fiction is for the non-commercial use of its readers.
Permission to copy and distribute through electronic media for
non-commercial purposes is granted. All commercial and non-electronic
rights are reserved by me, the author. Please do not read this story if
you are offended by adult material, reading this material is illegal in
your legal jurisdiction or, if in the United States, under the age of 18.
It ain't like this disclaimer is going to stop the determined, but I gotta

MARILYN AT THE movies By Brett Lynn

“Man, am I glad to get off that bus! It’s apparent that bus driver
confused the concepts of cold and fucking antarctic! Plus, now I’m nipped
out too.”

Marilyn stepped off the bus into the quiet, cool Queens afternoon. She
was on her way to see a movie. Any movie. Just anything to escape
civilization for a couple of hours. She had a tendency to do that whenever
she had a bad week. This one sure qualified as one. First, she had a
whole pile of tests thrown onto her at once. Plus, she had to write a 6
page paper for her least favorite subject, English, on some Shakespeare
play. And, of course, it seemed that as fall descended, the sex drives of
the fine men of the Bronx seemed to rise. It seemed as if someone had
slipped something into the water or something. So, with Kat busy with a
school project, she decided to head into her native borough to relax for a
bit and return to the Bronx with her batteries recharged. As she was
thinking this, she nearly walked right into the glass at the box office.

“What movie is starting the soonest?”

“Um, well, we have ‘Autumn in New York’ starting at 1:40…”

“One ticket please?”

“That’ll be $8.25 ma’am.”

Fishing a $10 bill out of her pocket, she slipped the money through the
opening in the box office. “Here you go.”

“OK, your change will be $1.75. Here’s your ticket and enjoy the show!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Marilyn thought to herself. “I just need to relax.
Forget this fake friendly crap.” Her dress belied her attitude. Underneath
her thin Tommy Hilfiger jacket, she wore a ratty little t-shirt with enough
of the bottom cut off to show off her belly. She dug up some track pants,
wore some green lace panties she just happened to find clean this morning,
and finished it off with some old basketball shoes. As she handed off her
ticket to the ticket taker, she barely paid enough attention to him to
figure out where the theater where the movie she was supposed to see is

She quickly bounded up the stairs, then half ran into the small movie theater, as if the doors could somehow keep me safe. She decided to take a
seat in a back row, the better to stretch her legs. “Ah, the sweet joys of
American escapism. What would I do without them!” she sighed to no one
particular. “Oh shit, there’s some time before the movie. Let me get a
soda right quick…”

Marilyn returned to her seat just after the previews started rolling.
She put her large soda down on the floor, shucked off her jacket, then
plopped down in the padded seat. She reclined slightly, then picked up her
soda and placed in against her partially exposed belly. “Mmm, that feels
good,” she thought to herself. “If this wasn’t in public, I’d be tempted
to whip it out right now and stroke myself off.” Then she took a glance
around the movie theater. Save for a few girls her age, a middle-age
couple and an older couple, the theater was vacant. “What would I do for a
place to think without Hollywood churning worthless crap? Got to a
library?” she thought. Then, she chuckled out loud, nearly spraying the
soda she was sipping on.

As expected, the movie was crap. However, it gave Marilyn a chance to
clear her head. After all, when you had a week like she had, you just need
to just let your mind free associate for a bit, take it out for a jog if
you will. So, Marilyn stared blankly at the glowing screen, sipping on her
soda, idly scratching and squeezing on her braless breasts. After not too
long, her soda was finished, and her eyelids were getting heavier and
heavier. “If I didn’t have to pee, I’d be able to get a nice long nap out
of this movie,” she thought to herself. Her legs stiff from sitting, she
stretched her long, built body up, then stepped out of the movie theater
towards the bathroom.

The women’s room was fairly quiet when Marilyn stepped in there. It
seemed too large for it’s own good, especially considering the ‘prodigious’
crowds that filtered through the movie theater this time of day. However,
along the long wall of sinks, she did notice someone interesting. First
off was the woman’s hair, dyed a bronze hue, shoulder length, and despite a
bit of a curl towards the bottom, in need of a fresh perm. However, the
face that she spotted in the mirror seemed permanently fresh. A cross
between the cute chubbiness of a baby and the subtle intensity of
sensuality, the woman’s caramel-hued face was staring intently into the
mirror, placing mascara on her eyelashes. Now situated directly behind the
woman, Marilyn looked at the rest of her body. The stranger’s body
appeared the epitome of ‘ghetto fabulous’, with her thick body, huge round
butt and large, slightly sagging breasts encased in a simple black tube
dress that barely covered her big, soft thighs as she bent over the sink.

“Not bad, not at all,” Marilyn though to herself as she tried to slip in
backwards into a stall, trying to keep a glimpse of that body as long as
possible. When she slipped down her pants, she noticed that she has
developed a bit of a hard-on. “Cute. Now I’m gonna have to angle myself
as I sit down not to get my tip in the water,” she thought to herself,
carefully not to say anything out loud to give her away. She then took
care not to think any more of the beautiful woman outside of her stall as
she relieved herself, not wanting to have to entangled her manhood from the
toilet. Finished, she tucked herself back up between her legs, pulled up
her pants and panties, then opened the door to her stall. She caught
herself staring at the beautiful stranger in front of her, watching her as
she put her wine red lipstick on her soft lips.

“Like something you see?”


“I saw you staring at me ever since you came in here,” the stranger said
as she looked at Marilyn through the mirror. She then turned her head
around to look behind her and said, “I’m kinda flattered.”

“I’m saying though, um, well, I just thought you were…”

“Fine? Sexy? If you were a man, you fuck me this second? What
difference do the words make? I know you want me,” the stranger responded
as she turned to face Marilyn and stood up. Marilyn took this time to
check out the whole package, from her cute face and cherubic lips, to her
huge tits, to her slight belly that looked so cute on her, to the thick thighs all the way down to her 3 inch platform heels. She felt the
stranger eye her from top to bottom and said, “you ain’t half bad yourself.
I wish I had a body like yours. Then again, I have had bodies like yours
in that special way.”

“S-so I take it you like women?”

“And men. What difference does it make?”

“M-my name is M-marilyn? What’s yours?”

“Just call me…Love, and we’ll leave it at that. Besides, I like looking
at you better than that damn movie I was watching.”

At that, Love reached up, looked into Marilyn’s eyes and lightly
squeezed at Marilyn’s breasts. She repeated the squeezing motion again,
this time lightly pulling on Marilyn’s nipples through her shirt. Her
hands kept slowly moving as they cupped and massaged her breasts, then
moved her hands down to caress her soft belly. When her hands brushed
against the ebony midriff, Love gave the stomach a playful squeeze, looked
up at Marilyn with big eyes, smiled innocently and said “mmm…this looks
yummy!” Her lips moved down to where her hands were and gave Marilyn’s
stomach a few light pecks. She then sucked on the exposed belly button,
kissing it and flicking at it with her tongue.

“O-ooh, that feels good,” Marilyn managed to gave out between shivers of

“You like that, huh?”

“Yes, very much.”

“I might do some more of that later. Meanwhile, I have something else
to attend to,” Love remarked with a wink and a mischevious smile.

She then reached between Marilyn’s legs to grope at her crotch. As she
ran her hand back and forth against the smooth crotch, her eyes bulged out
in surprise. “Hmm…looks like I’ll get to find out whether the ‘If you were
a man’ situation really is true.” She reached her hands inside Marilyn’s
waistband and pulled her pants down to midway up her thighs. She then
pulled aside the green lace panties, letting Marilyn’s dick pop out and
hang slightly outward and down.

“It looks like someone’s getting excited.”

“Yeah,” Marilyn nervously chuckled, “y-you could say that.”

“Well I got something more exciting for you.…”

With that, Love pulled the dick out until it was parallel to the floor,
then bent over and gave the tip. She then slobbered Marilyn’s tip a bit
and licked all around the head to the little ridge at the base of the tip.
Her lips caressed the sensitive skin as she dragged her lips from the tip
down to the shaft, her tongue flicking out as she did this. Her free hand
was stroking the piece of dark meat in her hands, part out of admiration,
part out of lust, part out of caring as one would a pet. She nuzzled her
nose against it, then started kissing wetly against the dick in her hands.
She felt it twitch and harden as she continued her attentions, and felt its
owner shuddering, felt her hands in her hair stroking it, heard her
moaning. By the time she reached the base, she stopped, blew all over the
wet skin on the shaft, then starting kissing and sucking the skin on the

“Oh yes…please, don’t stop…”

Love gave Marilyn a series of short, soft butterfly kisses on her balls.
She gave them with the patience and caring one only gets with a connection
between human beings. She used her mouth to show how much she liked doing
this, covering the balls in front of her with kisses. Just as she was
about to bring her lips back up to the cock, she a shudder from her partner
and felt a hard tug on her hair.

“Are you OK?” Love asked.

“Uh..uh…yeah…just need to catch my breath. My knees just went jelly
there. Damn, you’re incredible!”

“Thank you,” Love replied with a smile.

“C-can I lean against the sink? So I don’t slip and fall and hurt both
of us?”

“Sure. Just let me do a few other things first.”

Love walked over to the end of the bathroom by the door. She quickly
placed the wet floor sign outside the door, then took the time to lock the
door from the outside and propped the garbage can up against the door.

“There we go. We should have plenty of private time now,” Love said
with that infectious, almost innocent smile of hers. “Now lean up against
that sink miss,” she said with a mock harshness, “we have some business to

Marilyn waddled over to the bank of sinks and leaned against the
counter, bracing herself with her hands. Love kneeled on the floor,
grabbed the half-hard cock with her hand, brought the tip to her mouth and
sucked on it hard, flicking her tongue all around it. As it started to
harden to completeness, she took more into her mouth, working her tongue
all around the thick shaft she was struggling to fit into your mouth.

“Wow, you’re a *big* girl down there, if you know what I mean,” Love
remarked as she took the dick out of her mouth.

“Yeah, I know.”

“Well, I think I can handle you though. Don’t worry. You won’t hurt me, and everything will be OK, alright?” Love posed with a smile and a
gentle giggle.

“OK. Just lemme know if I’m hurting you.”

Love then quickly took 4 inches of cock back into her mouth, slobbering
and moaning contentedly. She took the time to work her tongue around the
huge dick and change the pressure she was sucking at as she worked her
mouth up and down.

“Yeah…that feels so g-good…please don’t stop…don’t hurt me like that,”
said Marilyn, nearly brought to tears by the sensations she felt. She
leaned heavily against the counter as she laid her head back, closed her
eyes, and tried to cope with the sensations shooting from her cock. She
reached under her shirt and started to paw at her breasts as she felt that
warm, wet, tight mouth bring her to a full erection and slip another two
inches inside, caressing every inch with care. She felt hands stroking the
rest of her cock outside of the mouth, and she opened her eyes and looked
down to see Love working her mouth with lust-filled eyes and a smiling
mouth. Marilyn stroked her hair in loving appreciation with one hand as
she felt the strokes on her cock get longer and longer and deeper and
deeper. When she felt a pair of hands grab onto the base of her cock as
another two inches were sunk down Love’s throat, her hands went limp, not
thinking that someone could make her feel this good. Too lost in her
sensations to cum, she reached up her hands and brushed them by a pair of
huge tits attached to the woman sucking her off. While one hand continue
up to grab and maul at her own breast, the other lingered down there,
reached in the tube dress and started rubbing on a breasts, feeling the
hard nipple and bumpy areola. Just then, her hand went limp as she felt
one very powerful suck that would have made her cum if she didn’t lose
herself in the feeling in the first place.

Love then grabbed on tight to the three inches of the massive member not
exposed, then slipped the rest out of her throat. She took a deep breath,
now being able to breathe clearly without a dick in her mouth, and said
coquettishly, “so, you wanna play some more, huh?”

“Yeah, I think I’d like that.”

“Why don’t we switch places? I’d like to just lay back and have my
nipples bit and my pussy eaten. Besides, if you do a good job, I have some
fun for us,” she said breathlessly with a wink and an incandescent smile.

Marilyn practically jumped off the counter and made room for her new
friend, who immediately jumped up and sat on the counter. She then turned
and faced her to hug her tight and kiss her hard, their tongues dueling in
each other’s mouth. She grinded her chest against her friends, then
disengaged so that her hands could fully explore the large mammaries in
front of her. As she roughly mauled them through the dress, she felt Love
press her chest against her hands, her tits oozing out between the fingers.
Marilyn then grabbed the part of the dress over her breasts and pulled it
down to her waist, exposing what she was checking out before. The boobs were very large, as expected, with a slight sag to them, topped with milk
chocolate areola, bumpy all around, and erect half-inch nipples.

“Mmm…looks like someone stuck chocolate kisses on your chest,” Marilyn
said to her new lover.

“Well, chocolate kisses just begged to be sucked and bit, right?”


K“Well suck on them for me, baby,” she said with a smile. “Bite my

Marilyn then took Love’s left breast in her hand and tentatively kissed
at a nipple. She then kept kissing it with more and more passion until she
was sucking on it hard, trying to pull it away from her breasts and lifting
the breast up in the process. She then took the nipple between her teeth
and lightly gnawed on it while her tongue was allowed to trace the rough
terrain of her areola. She took her right hand from the left breast and
used the fingernails on that hand to pinch at the other nipple.

“Mmm…yeah…that feels so good,” Love moaned out to no one as she grabbed
Marilyn’s head tightly, weaving her hair through her long wavy hair and
squeezing as hard as possible. “Oh, yeah, move your hands all over me…work
me baby…”

Suddenly, Marilyn had an idea pop into her head, and she pushed her head
against Love’s hand in order to get her to release it.

“Wanna play a game?”

“But aren’t we playing one now?”

“Well, you’ll like this one,” Marilyn said with a confident wink. She
dropped to her knees, grabbed one of Love’s legs at the knees and stretched
it all the way out from her body. She then slobbered her lips against the
skin under the knee, looked up at Love and said “Are…”

She moved her lips to Love’s calf, pressing her skin against the
resilient muscle and the sweet skin. “You…”

Finally, she tried to suck the skin off Love’s ankles, flicking her
tongue fast against the skin. “Ready?”

“Fuck yeah…I wanna see what else you have to tease me with!” Love
replied with a smile.

Marilyn slipped the high-heeled sandal off of her lover’s foot, allowing
her access to the small, cute feet, capped with tiny toes painted in polish
the same color as her lipstick.

“OK, here’s the game,” Marilyn said softly. “We’re gonna play a game of
‘This little piggy’ with a slight twist. Got me?”


Moving so that her mouth was by the big toe, she looked up at Love’s
soft face and said softly “this little piggy went to market…” After she
said that, she took the toe between her lips, swirled her tongue all around
it, then sucked it into her mouth. She felt Love shudder all the way
through her toes as she pumped her lips up and down the toe a few times,
then pulled it out. “Are you ready for the next one?”

“Oh, yes, baby,” she replied as she reached up to palm her breasts. “I
can wait until the last part,” she said with a lustful smile.

“Ooh, you’ll see,” Marilyn replied with a wink. “You’ll see. Now this
little piggy went home…” She finished that line in a similar way she
finished the first one, with a nice long suck of the next-biggest toe. She
did this two more times, each time driving Love crazy, bucking her hips up
off the counter and pulling her nipples hard. Panting, she looked down at
Marilyn as said, “Mmmm…yeah baby…now how are you going to get the last
piggy…” She then pulled up the hem of her skirt, exposing her g-string,
pawed at her pussy at then said “…home?”

Marilyn arrogantly smiled, then said “…and this little piggy went wee…”
She followed that up with a quick suck of Love’s little toe.


She then sucked and licked at the skin on the side of the foot, running
her tongue down a bit to the bottom.


She then took the thick ankle, grabbed onto it with her hands, sucking and licking at the soft skin attached to the hard bone.


She then moved around to between Love’s legs and licked all over the
soft calf.

“…all the way home!”

She then attached the legs with avengence, sucking and licking and
kissing her way up the leg. She lapped away at her skin like a dog laps
away at water. When her lips reached midway up the inner thigh, she felt
Love shiver hard.

“Oh God, baby, make me cum, oh please make me cum!!!” Love moaned out in

So turned on by this display of lust was Marilyn that she raised her
shirt over her braless tits, pinched at her nipples, then rubbed them
lewdly against each thigh.

“Well, maybe, if you ask nicely,” Marilyn cooed in reply, then kissed
closer to Love’s pussy, close enough to smell how much wetness she’d
dripped onto the countertop.

“Please…make me cum…don’t do this to me!”

Marilyn kept playing with her tits in her hands as she nuzzled along
closer to the pussy that so begged to be kissed. Just as she was about to
touch it with her lips, she moved her lips over to the other side of her
pussy to nuzzle against the juncture of the other thigh to her hip.

Along in tears, Love screamed out “PLEASE…I CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE!!!!”
Then she grabbed Marilyn’s head and aimed her lips straight at her g-string
covered pussy. Wanting to tease her lover just a bit more before eating
her out, she tentatively stuck out her tongue against the soaked fabric and
tongued out a ‘Y’ against it. No sooner that she did that, Love grabbed
her head tighter, wrapping her fingers in her hair, trying to get off
against her tongue. Still mauling and palming her breasts in her hands,
she kept moving her tongue against the panty-covered pussy, slowing
spelling out the rest of “You need me!” By the time she reached the
exclamation point, Love was bucking around like a bronco, sobbing in tears,
desperate for release.


Finally, Marilyn spread Love’s legs with one hand and pulled her
g-string aside with the other. She took one gentle lick on one of the
labia on the twitching, shaved pussy, then said, “mmm…this caramel sure is
sweet.” That one lick took Love past the realm of language and left her
laying against the mirror a sobbing mess. She did a matching lick on the
other labia, then went pressed her lips to her clit, taking it inside and
touching her tongue to the tip of it.

Love came so hard, she thought she was going to die. All the pulsing
sensations she felt coursing through her body were magnified. She felt
every muscle in her body tighten up as her pussy began to twitch in orgasm.
She felt her heart pumping harder and harden and faster and faster. She
felt like her brain start to swim in endorphins. Then it happened. Her
heart pumped so hard and fast, she felt like she was going to have a heart
attack. Her muscles felt as if they were going to explode. Finally, she
felt her pussy clamp down against itself harder that she ever felt before.
As the final contractions happened, she slumped down against the mirror,
lost in a world where all was piece and she felt love. She felt like she
was floating through space and that she was going to be there forever.
When she finally came to a minute later, she felt her foot rubbing against
some sort of pole. As she opened her eyes, she saw that Marilyn was
rubbing her foot against her dick, using the soft flesh to get her hard.
As she felt the dick twitching, she tried to move her foot in a way to get
him harder. Soon, she was giving Marilyn a foot job, and as she felt him
twitch, she noticed that she was close to exploding that cock.

“L-love…remember that reward you owe me for a job well done?” queried
Marilyn as she held onto Love’s ankle to stop from collapsing on the floor.

“Sure. Tell you what…I want you to pump my pussy a couple of times…to
get you lubed up…then I want you to stick that dick up my ass so I can give
you the cum I *know* you need.”

She jumped off the counter, then turn around and bent over the counter.
She pulled up the hem of her dress, finally showing off the massive globes
of her ass split by the thin band of the g-string. Marilyn, tantalized by
the sight in front of her, walked up to the fat ass, stuck her dick in the
crack, grabbed Love’s hips and started grinding against her.

“Yeah, this is so nice…I gotta fuck this…”

Marilyn then stepped back just enough to pull the g-string to one side,
exposing Love’s pussy. She then bent her dick out, bent her knees some,
then slowly slipped each inch of her cock inside the wet pussy, pumping it
inside of her.

“Ooh…this is so good…you’re getting me so hot!” Love moaned out raspily.

“Thank you.” With that, Marilyn bent over Love, turned Love’s head to
the side and kissed her deeply, their lips hungrily caressing each other,
their mouths trying to swallow each others. After making out like this,
the two realized that Marilyn was balls deep inside of Love.

“OK…I think I’m ready to fuck your ass now.”

“Do it…I want your huge cock back inside of me…”

With that, Marilyn stood up straight again, pulled out of Love’s pussy,
lined up her dick with Love’s asshole and rammed half of it in.


“Oh, sorry, it’s just that…er, I mean…I just got so excited…I didn’t
mean to hurt you.” Marilyn then bent over to Love’s head and kissed her
forehead in apology.

“Don’t apologize…that feels so good….now fuck my ass hard and pump some
cum up my ass!”

With one hand, Marilyn grabbed onto one of Love’s breasts, and she
reached down to her clit with the other. She locked lips with Love again
and began to pump deep inside of Love’s ass, playing with her clit as she
did it. Love moaned deeply into her mouth as their lips remained locked.


“Oh shit…I think someone’s figured out what we’re doing in here”

“Just fuck my ass hard and cum….Oh, I wish I could do this longer
though,” Love remarked.

Just as she said that, Marilyn stepped up the pace in her fucking,
fucking in long, powerful, quick strokes. She felt Love tighten her ass to
stroke her cock just right, hitting all the right spots.

“Oh G-god, yeah, I’m about to cum…”

“Yeah, nut in my ass…gimme all your cum!”

With those words, Marilyn lost control, pumping out of control. She
pumped three more times before pulling Love up tight to her, kissing her
hard and moaning into her mouth as she squirted her load inside of her
lover. After she finally stopped coming, she let Love down gently to the
counter and slowly pulled out of her ass.


“Oh shit! Let’s get dressed quick!” Marilyn whispered to Love. With
that, the two scrambled to get dressed. “One moment!” screamed out
Marilyn. Love pulled her dress back into position, put her shoe back on,
then scrambled to the door. Marilyn meanwhile pulled her shirt back down,
tucked herself back up and pulled up her pants just as the door was
opening, revealing a theater employee standing at the door.

“Hey, what was wrong?” the guy asked. “I heard a bunch of moaning in
here. Are you guys OK?”

“Um…yeah! It’s just that I think we both had some bad hot dogs. Yeah.
Um, can you give us a minute? I wanna talk to her for a bit,” Marilyn
nervously spoke out.

“OK, I’ll be outside when you’re finished.” With that, the theater
employee stepped out the bathroom.

“Man, that was incredible. If they say God is love, then you Love must
be as close to God as anyone I’ve ever seen,” Marilyn said.

“Thanks. That was kinda weird fucking some complete stranger. Do you
have any diseases?”

“Nah. Plus I doubt I can get you pregnant unless some of that cum seems
down into your pussy.”

“Well, the way it’s dripping right now, I wouldn’t doubt it.”

“So what brought you here.”

“Oh, nothing much. Hubby is out of town on a tour of duty with the
Army. I had went clubbing last night, then climbed out of bed this
afternoon to hit a movie. I was just getting ready to see it, fixing my
make-up and such, when you stepped in.”

“Alright. Hey, what’s your number? Maybe we could hook up again
sometime. That was unreal!”

“No thanks…remember, I’m married!” Love then looked for her purse,
kicked a few sinks down in the midst of passion, then pulled out of her
purse a pen and some paper. “Here…write my number down, so I can get in
touch with you whenever the needs strike me,” she said with a wink.

“Thanks,” Marilyn said. Then she jotted down her name and number.

“Well, let’s get out of here…see ya around!” Love said with a smile,
then strolled out of the bathroom. Marilyn followed not to far behind her.
Just as she got out the door, the theater guy showed up in there.

“I know what you two were doing in there.”

“Is there a way for me to get out of trouble?”

“Well, you could show me your t…”

Just as he said that, Marilyn quickly grabbed the bottom of her shirt,
flashed the guy, then said to him “See ya!” Marilyn then ran on back up the
stair to the theater. She had missed most of the movie she had came to
see, but who cares? She enjoyed herself that afternoon.


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