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Princess and the Mage, Part 1: The Shrew
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Synopsis: Think "Taming of the Shrew" with more sex and magic

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Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all works
by this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution, inclusion
in another work, or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without
the express, written permission of the copyright holder, except that
it may be posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access,
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DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex
between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only.
If you are offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are
less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW!
Please do not read or download this file. Because this is a fantasy,
characters in this work may engage in unprotected sex in a universe
where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist. In
reality sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this work
should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of the other
activities depicted herein.


Part 1: The Shrew

Princess Margaret Eleanor Maria Eva Maude de Lacy was the seventh and
last child of the King and Queen. Although only 16 summers old she was
already acknowledge as the "fairest of them all".

Strange it may seem that she was a maiden still when others of her sex
were wives and mothers years younger. This was an age when people
married early and died young. A rare beauty like the Princess should
be considered a prize fit for a king.

Her long golden tresses fell almost to the ground. Every day and
evening they were brushed 1000 times by a servant. The servant was
severely beaten if she pulled the Princess' hair even once.

Her milky white skin was as smooth as a newborn babe's bottom. She
bathed ever day in a tub filled cow's milk to keep it soft and
radiant. Another servant was beaten if the temperature was not exactly

The Princess stood 5'4", large for a woman of her day and age. Her
winsome, perfect figure was a wasp-waisted 34-19-34. She kept it that
way by always disgorging the contents of her stomach after the large
meals she favored. Many servants stood by to clean up her
regurgitation. Just for fun she occasionally aimed for a servant.

Her firm, billowy breasts were over-large for her frame. The Princess
considered them her best feature. They were well displayed by the low
cut dresses popular in that day. Tipped they were by wide ruby-red
nipples that could perchance be discerned beneath the thin tight
bodices she favored.

Her manner and carriage exuded an aura of grace and sensuality that
further enhanced her exquisite appearance. She was the center of
attention whenever entering a room. Those around her could rarely take
their eyes off her lovely form. If she screamed curses at those who
displeased her, using the foulest language of the common folk, the
courtiers politely ignored it.

It was only behind her back that people whispered of the stark
contrast between her outer and inner selves. They were like black and
white, day and night. For she was the most vain, arrogant, spoiled,
foul-mouthed, thoughtless, mean-spirited, self-centered bitch the lord
had ever placed upon the earth.

Could she be possessed? A changeling perhaps? None knew.

In sooth, she had been spoiled rotten from an early age. Her royal
parents, the King and Queen, doted on their youngest child. She wanted
for nothing. She could do no wrong in their eyes. If the Princess
wished the castle moat emptied then 200 men would be worked until it
was done or they dropped from exhaustion. Her closet had 100 of the
finest gowns when most noble women did not own more then one or two.

The Princess was shielded from any ill consequences of her actions.
She was never taught consideration nor kindness towards others. Rather
she believed that her inferiors (just about everyone) should be
severely punished for causing her the smallest displeasure. Never had
she learned the responsibilities of royalty, only its privileges.

Her innate meanness and cruelty made her much feared. The ugliness of
her interior perhaps exceeded the beauty of her exterior. No man in
the kingdom was brave enough to attempt the one regardless of the
allure of the other.

The Royal Shrew as she was known was constantly honing her razor sharp
tongue on every man and woman she encountered. Neither noble birth nor
position offered any protection. A true egalitarian, she abused
noblemen and commoners, men and women with equal disdain.

The fair Princess was universally detested.

She got away with this because her royal father was in sooth a good
and wise monarch. He and his Queen were respected and popular with
both nobles and commoners alike.

The young Princess was his one "blind spot". She was the King's
favorite daughter and under his protection. Neither King nor Queen
would tolerate any ill spoken of their youngest child. The penalty for
a commoner was often death. Nobles had been known to lose lands,
titles, or be banished from court for years. All learned to hold their

The queen had a mature beauty of her own. Her daughter had inherited
the full-breasted figure that she loved to display. It was she who had
popularized low cut bodices in court shortly after her marriage to the
king. Their hair color too was quite close. The queen's happiness was
marred by the fear that her beautiful daughter would never bed a man,
let alone marry one.

The people prayed for the day that a handsome, if foolish prince from
a (very) far off land would marry the princess and take her to his
home, far away from them. They bemoaned the apparent fact that
regardless of her physical perfection, the Princess was so repellant
that this might never happen.

The Princess was quite annoyed at the apparent lack of suitors. She
wished to be wooed, to have strong, viral men fight for her favor.
Daintily she would bequeath a symbol of her favor to the victor while
the vanquished lay bloody, disemboweled, and dying in the dirt as a
testament to her beauty.

The ripe vibrant fruit of her body was ready to be plucked by a
handsome prince. Having all the normal urges of a girl her age, she
dreamed of him often. He would be powerful and bold. A man that other
men feared and respected, but he would be rendered helpless by her

At time like these, her delicate fingers might caress her smooth skin.
They would creep upward to fondle her pouting nipples until they were
painfully hard. Gasping with arousal her other hand would be magically
drawn to the furred cleft between her creamy white thighs.

That hand would stop as if hitting an invisible wall. A few times, the
wall had been breached, by the power of her craving. However, when her
fingers touched the hot slit, her hand would jump back as if burned.
She would tremble with unfulfilled need, frustration, and fear. The
memory of the one time in her life that she had been severely punished
by her parents still burned painfully bright.

She had been 12 summers old when her mother caught her feverishly
rubbing her sex. The piercing scream that had issued from her mother's
throat was alone enough to cause nightmares. Her mother had launched
into a torrent of verbal abuse, "Slut, whore, wanton bitch," were the
least part of her tirade.

The entire family had been assembled, sisters & brothers alike. She
had been made to pull up her skirts and remove her undergarments
leaving her naked and defenseless. She heard their whispered snickers,
"Skinny boy hips, hairless pussy, fat ass, flat chest, knobby knees,
baby cunt".

The worst was when half naked she had been made to lie across her
royal father's lap. He had spanked her unprotected behind with his
bare hand and with his full strength. He was a strong, viral man and
his wife had instructed him to hold nothing back. The Princess was
made to count 20 blows on one cheek then 20 more on the other.

From the first blow she had screamed and begged for release. Tears
streamed down her face. She had tried uselessly to escape. The
Princess felt her soft mound being pressed against her father's thigh
as his great strength easily held her in place. With each blow her
mound rubbed against the satiny material of his royal robes causing
strange feelings similar to when she rubbed herself there. These
feeling merged with the pain causing indescribable emotions to flicker
in her mind.

After the last blow had fallen, her father had been disgusted to see a
large wet spot where her mound had pressed against his robes. What had
happened? The Princess was certain that she had not urinated. Upon
seeing the reason for the commotion, her mother had demanded twenty
additional blows, alternating between sides. The ears of the Princess
burned as hot as her nethermost quarter at the new taunts of her
siblings echoed her mother's words, "Horny slut, juicy slit, wanton
bitch, wet cunt, incestuous whore".

Her mother came to her later. At first she was smiling and
conforting. However, when the tears stopped, in harsh tones she
threatened more terrible punishments if the Princess ever again rubbed
her sex for pleasure. She explained that sex was evil. It was the
surest way to losing her soul to the devil.

Sex could only be tolerated in the context of creating an heir and
then it was a painful duty. She would derive no pleasure from it. The
peasants might see it differently, but they were little more then
animals. She must behave as a Princess of the blood royal.

"Men are different. Even noblemen," continued her mother. They cannot
control their base lusts. A woman can control a man with those lusts.
Men were naturally attracted to woman's bodies. By making themselves
alluring, attractive, and controlling access to their bodies, women
could make a lustful man do almost anything. This is how the Queen
controlled the King and how her daughters would control their

A married man who needed more to sate his animal lusts could be sent
to the whores and sluts of the village. They would spread their legs
for any man with a few coins. Relieved of those lusts, a husband would
be expected to be properly dutiful and respectful of his wife's

The Princess took her mother's advice to heart. Her fantasies now
included a battle for power and control. She would tease men with
lips, her breasts, and the promise that lay between her creamy thighs
to the point of madness. Her future husband would jump to satisfy her
slightest whim. She would rule in fact, he only in name.

One day many years after they were married, when she determined the
time was proper, she would permit him entry to her maidenhood to plant
his seed in her garden. Her mother had told her that it was a nasty,
painful, and distasteful business, but necessary just that once to
produce an heir to the throne.

The baby heir would be birthed quickly and with little bother. There
would then be no need for a troublesome husband who would wish
additional access to her sex. Untraceable poisons were available that
could never be traced back to her.

She would act as Regent to her baby son until he was of age. The heir
would of course obey his mother as a dutiful son. Her power would thus
be extended into a second generation. All would revere her name for
bringing her kingdom into a new golden age.

Sometimes her fantasies took an unwanted turn. The Princess lost the
battle for control. She would be forced to satisfy the vast carnal
lusts of men. Bound and helpless, her hot wet sex would be pierced
again and again with their hard tools. They would break her spirit by
coercing intense pleasure and pain from her all too vulnerable body.
She would be trained with a whip to serve their whims as a nude slave

Not one of her siblings came to comfort her after her punishment. In
fact, they teased her unceasingly about the wet spot and how she could
not sit down for weeks after her spanking. The Princess vowed revenge on each and every one of her siblings. In years to come, she never
lost an opportunity to torment them as they had tormented her that

As she grew of age, her body developed beyond all hope and
expectation. What she could not obtain using the allure of her
enchanting seductiveness, she obtained by tantrums, threats, and

The Princess' eldest brother, the current heir apparent, remained in
the kingdom, but was rarely seen in the castle. He could not tolerate
his youngest sister, but could not move against her and risk the wrath
of the King and Queen. All their other sisters and brothers had
married before age 15 and had left (been driven from) the royal court.
They lived or worked happily in nearby kingdoms, glad to be away from
the Royal Shrew.


One-day hope arrived in the form of a young mage, Magnus by name. He
was a journeyman, traveling between kingdoms to offer his services to
the nobility. Thus it was that he traveled to the palace where lived
the Royal Shrew.

Walking down the long ornate hallways on the way to negotiate with the
King's advisors, he happened to glimpse the Princess. One brief glance
and he was smitten. Instantly, he fell in love with the flawless
vision of beauty. Fortunately, he was smart enough to hold his tongue
until there was time to discretely learn more.

Of course, the young man heard everything about the Royal Shrew. The
courtiers were always eager to gossip. Discrete inquiries reveled all
that was needed. . Discrete inquiries reveled the entire tale including all that was needed. Magnus realized both the danger and
opportunity she presented for him. He thought long and hard and
crafted a plan.

He met separately with various nobles, senior clergy, and the
princess' eldest brother. After much negotiation they arrived at an

The mage must coerce the Princess by any means possible to declare
that she wished to marry him of her own free will before the assembled
court. The nobility would support his claim even though he was not of
noble blood. The clergy would not question his magical background.

Neither King nor Queen would be told any of this before hand.
Presented with the accomplished fact, they would have no choice other
then to accept this marriage. Vocal support of the marriage by the
nobles and clergy would expunge any residual doubts.

In payment, the mage would receive a dukedom at the farthest border of
the kingdom. There he must keep his wife barefoot and pregnant for the
remainder of her childbearing years. The heir apparent would ascend
the throne when the King died. He would prevent any additional
retribution against the Princess for her many years of abusing the

One meeting was devoted to the demands of the noblewomen. The first
thng that struck Magnus was how their bodices were so sheer that their
nipples were clearly visible. Was it some compensation for the large
breasts of the Princess? He appreciated the view even as he worried
about their words.

The noblewomen insisted on several things. First, when the Princess'
maidenhood was ripped asunder, it must be with as much pain as
possible. Second, she must nurse all her own offspring. A wet-nurse
was used by all noble women who considered breast feeling beneath
their dignity. Last the new Duke and Duchess would visit the court
together at least once, but not more then twice each year, but only
when the Duchess was nursing. They wanted the chance to ridicule her
for past misdeeds.

With the assistance of the palace nobles, Magnus' female assistant,
Meg was assigned as a Lady in Waiting to the Princess. This was not
difficult because the Princess had long ago alienated all other
candidates for the position.

Meg was quite comely, although not in the same class as the Princess.
5'1" tall, she had shoulder-length, fiery red hair. At 22, Meg might
have already been burned as a witch in some areas of the country due
solely to the color of her hair. Traveling with a mage had saved her
from this fate.

Meg had generous breasts that might be called C-cup today. They sagged
slightly on her 35-25-38 frame, but she knew how to dress to maximize
the effect of her assets. She excelled at diverting the attention of
an audience. This was the essential to the misdirection used by Magnus
during a performance.

Meg had natural-forest wisdom. What might be called common sense.
Magnus valued her quick mind, nimble fingers, and enjoyed many of her
personality traits. These included craftiness, trickiness, sneakiness,
and loving practical jokes. She was a liar, cheat, thief, pickpocket,
seductress, and a natural con-artist. Magnus trained her further to
excel in all these areas.

Magnus did have true magic at his command. However, he well understood
that what he offered was more entertainment and common sense advice.
The Nobility was often bored with their existence. Often they were too
wrapped up in their intrigues to see the obvious solutions to
problems. Magnus, and now Meg were able to turn a coin by using their
many skills.

Of course Meg was Magnus' mistress. They fucked often and to the great
satisfaction of both. In this area she had taught him more then he had
taught her. They were both interested in constantly expanding their
sexual variety. Sex had been used as a tool to accomplish various
nefarious ends during the course of their travels.

Meg had lost her virginity to her eldest brother at age 13. He was
furious at her after he was punished for stealing a cake from their
parent's kitchen. Meg had ratted him out to her father. He punished
her brother by giving him 6 hours of backbreaking ploughing in the

He found he bathing in the deepest part of the stream that ran through
their farm. She had already washed her clothes and left them to dry on
a rock in the sun.

When she saw how furious he was, she bolted from the stream to the
opposite shore. He was much faster and ran her down. Tackling her,
they rolled on the ground until stopping with him on top.

She was trapped by his muscular bulk. It was forbidden to hurt his
younger sister regardless of the provocation. He took his revenge by
tickling her unmercifully. She squealed and begged him to stop
Writhing against him, she felt his manhood grow hard.

Her brother was a handsome boy. He wore no shirt so she was able to
see his solid muscles ripple beneath his skin. He had many girls in
the village that eagerly spread their legs for him. From overhearing
their gossip, he knew how to well please a woman.

He would know how to open a virgin girl. Meg felt the small nipples on
her budding breasts harden. There was a warm wetness between her legs.
She stopped struggling and pressed her sex against him.

When he noticed the change, he stopped his tickling. He realized for
the first time that his young sister was becoming a woman. She was
totally nude and pressing her untried pussy against his cock. Her
innocent body showed all the signs of sex, but she was his baby
sister. It was wrong.

Sensing his hesitancy Meg reached down and grasped his engorged
manhood firmly in her small hand. In her most persuasive voice she
pleaded, "Please, I want you to take my maidenhood."

Her fingers continued squeezing his hardness. It was her most
compelling argument. No teenage male can withstand a naked female with
her hand on his cock begging to be fucked. Unable to resist any longer
he stripped off his trousers and made love as gently as his own rising
excitement allowed.

She was so aroused that the pain Meg felt as he tore through her hymen
was minimal. She did not climax that first time, but felt the avatar
of pleasures to come. For the first time Meg felt the power of her sex
to control a man.

Ignorant of the dangers, it was simple luck that she did not get
pregnant. Her brother showed her many other pleasurable positions that
did not carry the risk of childbirth. He was not jealous when she took
another lover. Her brother had many other girls with which to satisfy
his teenage lusts.


Meg traveled far with Magnus. Occasionally, during a quiet period
they'd feel the need to "hone their skills". Meg would be sent to
beguile a local maiden who met their requirements. She chose the most
moral, virtuous, and wholesome girl available. Their challenge was
breaking down all resistance, turning her from shy virgin into wanton

Meg had selected the next victim. She liked them thin, but large
busted with dark hair, sometimes blonde, preferences that she and
Magnus shared. Waiting until the maiden was alone, Meg would pound on
the door of her home weeping and crying piteously. When the door
opened Meg would explain in gasping breaths that her handsome, virile,
older brother lay near death due to the spell of an evil witch. Only
the lips of a pure and virtuous maiden could save his young life.

Meg dropped enough hints of rewards and marriage to interest any
unattached female. Entranced by this romantic tale, Meg would lead the
intended victim until she was thoroughly lost far from her home. They
would enter a small hut or shack with a large bed on which lay the
"enchanted brother". The maiden's eyes would inevitably be drawn to
the muscular male whose only covering was a small blanket across his

Meg would declare, "The counter spell requires that the maiden and I
both appear as we entered the world without clothing or modesty. Fear
not, he cannot see anything, let alone you." If the maiden balked, Meg
would beg again for the life of her beloved brother. How could she let
such a gentle, kind, young man die? He will doubtlessly wish to reward

Once naked, Meg would excuse herself and take the stack of clothing
outside to a well-concealed hiding place. On returning, Meg would
prompt the girl to use her lips on her brother, "No! No! Not THOSE
lips. Use the LOWER lips, the ones between your legs.

It might require threats to leave the maiden alone, abandoned, and
naked in the woods. Eventually, the distraught girl would acquiesce
and straddle the brother's face. She would lower her untouched sex
gently onto his mouth. Perhaps she only intended to lightly brush
against him, but when their lips met, he would grab her hips and hold
her open sex tightly against his mouth. Immediately he'd begin to suck
and lick her virginal pussy.

If she tried to get away then Meg would grab her breasts, pinching the
chaste nipples. The arousal from multiple attacks would steadily
weaken her resistance until her struggles subsided. No matter what
their backgrounds the raw lust of the inexperienced maidens would be
quickly unleashed. Meg would whisper the "magic spell" for her to
repeat again and again, "Sucketh me, Fucketh me, Releaseth thee."

Betrayed by her heretofore chaste body, she would beg to be defiled.
Spread out helplessly on the bed Magnus would pierce her hymen, ravish
her maidenhood, and fill her unsullied womb with his seed. Meanwhile,
Meg straddled her head, burying a hairy twat in the maidenly mouth.
After Magnus was "cured" and she was broken in, they would happily
instruct the corrupted girl in the many ways of debauchery.

Magnus would reveal himself a mage swearing that a spell to prevent
conception was cast to protect the deflowered girl. This seemed to
increase the ardor of most. If the girl should end up pregnant, she
would not find out until Magnus and Meg were long gone.

Meg would insure her own pleasure by trickery. After Magnus had
defiled the girl's virgin cunt with his spunk, Meg would "comfort"
her. She would caution how viral Magnus was, how potent his seed.
Despite his magic, a healthy, fertile female might still become with
child. In fear the girl would beg her help.

Meg would whisper that two things would guarantee that the gullible
girl would not be impregnated. First, Meg must immediately drain
Magnus' seed from her cunt. However, the way that worked best require
that Meg use her mouth. Most girls would immediately throw open their
legs and beg Meg to fasten her lips to their hot, wet cunts. With a
warm smile, Meg would dive between and force many screaming orgasms
from the grateful girls.

Magnus loved to watch two girls at play. When it got him hard again,
he would position himself and take Meg from behind. She loved the
feeling of Magnus' cock driving into her while the taste of his spunk and another girl's cum mingled in her mouth.

Meg kept thrusting back until she felt Magnus' cock shoot his hot cum into her. It would almost always trigger her own climax, but leave her
wanting more from the writhing girl below her.

Next Meg would tell the dazed girl that she needed to drink "female
essence" to counteract the male seed that had already been deposited
in her belly. They would change places and Meg would instruct the girl on how to make the "female essence" flow from Meg's cunt using her
lips and tongue. The girl would have to drink every drop. She'd be
warned not to stop regardless what else happened until Meg indicated
it was safe. Disobediance would guarantee that she became pregnant.

Between instruction and compliments on technique, Meg would tell the
girl what a little slut she was becoming. Now that she'd had been
fucked and sucked by both a man and a woman, she could never go back
to the naive maiden she had been.

Hearing this bawdy talk, Magnus' would again become rampant. He would
drive into the undefended girl from behind. Her maiden's barrier gone,
Magnus would immediately begin powerfully thrusting deep inside her.

Meg would warn her again not to stop. The girl would be trapped by her
fears and rapidly growing arousal. Magnus hands would reach out,
rubbing her nipples and clit, driving the poor girl mad with lust.
Helpless, she would surrender and thrust herself back on the impaling

The three impassioned bodies would move as one, heaving and writhing.
The tempo would increase until one climatic scream would be joined by
two more in a majestic triple orgasm.

The three of them would continue like this for a week or more. Every
possible variation of bodies and orifices would be explored. Finally,
it would be time for Magnus and Meg to move on. One morning, the girl would awaken to find herself naked and alone. There would be no sign
of her lovers. She would cry bitter tears and eventually return to her
own home and village. However, she would be forever changed by the
experience, finding herself needing to relive those impassioned days


When Magnus had met Meg, seven year ago, it was her 15th summer. She
no longer looked like the little girl who had given away her
maidenhood. Her breasts had filled out and her body had rounded. She
had lain with many men and knew how to get what she wanted from them.

It had not been necessary to cast a spell on Meg. She was eager to run
away with him. Meg had already grown to hate the endless drudgery of
life in the small village where she was born. She had already turned
down two offers to wed from boys of good family in her village.

Meg had flirted shamelessly with Magnus from the moment she found out
who and what he was. Having seen 18 summers, he was an "older" man,
something she always liked. "Tripping" numerous times, Meg pressed her
lush body against his. When night fell she snuck into his hut already
nude and ready to seduce him. However, he was prepared for intruders.
Warned by his magic he struck first.

With his gesture from his hand, she was frozen. Seeing the naked girl before him, he knew what she wanted. Meg was not the first girl who
wished to run away with him.

With a single word from his lips, she desperately needed his touch.
Her planning and guile were forgotten. Magnus was not a man to be
easily manipulated. In moments both were naked and locked together.
When he made his thrust, it easily entered her soaking wet cavern.

Meg screamed her release again and again. The nearby villagers smiled,
pleased that their respected visitor was properly entertained. It was
the best sex of Meg's young life. Even if she had not already decided
to do so, she would have begged to stay with him.

Magnus was on the lookout for a comely assistant and mistress. He no
longer wished to work alone without the comforts and companionship of
a woman. As it was, their plans dovetailed perfectly. Meg was an eager
student both in and out of bed.

Meg might have run off after a year or two, but found she quite
enjoyed traveling with Magnus. This was facilitated only slightly by a
few love potions he had slipped her. More importantly, she had been
magicked to prevent her from becoming gravid with child. For there was
such a spell, but it was difficult and costly. Magnus would only
attempt it at need or for the right price.

Seven years they had been together traveling the wide world. Magnus
was now 25 summers old. Both had their fill of adventure and narrow
escapes. They agreed that it was time to find a permanent home. This
kingdom was their best prospect to date.


Meg began her service as a Lady in Waiting. Of course, the Princess
mistreated Meg as she did all her servants. With each insult and blow,
Meg's hatred of the Princess grew. While acting docile and obedient,
Meg planned her revenge. It would not be long if she followed the plan
Magnus had laid out.

If the Princess had any idea of the revenge Meg contemplated, she
would have recoiled in terror. Perhaps she might have ordered both Meg
and Magnus put to death. However, she remained blissfully unaware.

Among other things, Meg was required to clean the clothes stained when
the Princess had her monthly cycle. The night it ended, Meg began the
next part of the plan. Timing was critical.

Meg emptied a blue power into the bedtime drink she brought the
Princess. It took some time to be assimilated by her body. She grew
still and glassy eyed. Her breathing was deep and regular. Meg began
speaking of a beautiful magic pool less than a day's ride away.

It would cool a girl's desire for a man if she wished to remain pure
until marriage. However, there was a danger. Any male that should see
her bathing could possess her. She would be bound by a lust that would
grow slowly, but uncontrollably.

As she repeated the words, Meg's hand snaked under the Princess'
bedclothes. Moving between her legs then entered the Princess' warm
slit. Meg probed deeper until she met the barrier that confirmed that
the Princess was indeed a maiden.

Meg's fingers continued to move within the Princess stroking,
caressing, and searching for a special spot. Meg felt the little bump
on the back inner wall. She heard the Princess moan to confirm its

Now Meg lifted the skirts of the drugged maiden. She lowered herself
between the chaste thighs and placed her mouth on the unsullied core
of the helpless virgin's womanhood. She began to suck the little clit
and lick the hairy cunt while rubbing the magic spot inside with her

Meg savored the taste, smell and touch of the vulnerable beauty
defenseless beneath her. When the Princess began to press her sex
against Meg's mouth, she stopped. The defiled body of the Princess
would not be allowed to climax.

Meg rolled off the Princess. She was very hot. Her fingers moved onto
her own sex, rubbing first gently and then with rapid urgency until
she stiffened with her own orgasm. The small cry that escaped her lips
could not be heard by any.

This process was repeated twice more that night and for each of the
next seven nights. It began to have an effect during the day.

The Princess became more agitated and distracted. Her moods swung
wildly. It became harder to focus on tasks. She began daydreaming
watching the biggest and most handsome palace guards. Her hand would
seem to stray for a moment between her legs or up to the tips of her

Later in the week these periods became longer. When the Princess
caught herself, she'd see many people staring at her, whispering
behind their hands. Flushing a deep red, she'd run to her room and
throw herself weeping onto her bed.

At night, her dreams were filled with erotic sensations and images.
She envisioned handsome knights riding between her legs. They would
lower their great lances and spear her womanhood again and again.
There was also a great fish that sucked on her sex making her moan and
tremble, but it always swam away.

In another fantasy, a horribly ugly demon from the nether world cast
a spell upon her. At first she lay helplessly in his grasp unable to
move or speak. His claws slowly ripped her clothing, reveling the
naked, trembling flesh beneath. Then it would become infinitely worse.
He'd touch her most intimately forcing her to respond with pitious
gasps and moans. Nipples would harden painfully and she'd despair at
the moisture of her aroused womanhood. His touch would make her so
lustful that she spread her own chaste thighs for him. His huge black
penis would press against the entrance of her vulnerable vagina.
Pelvis undulated underneath him, she'd try to impale herself onto it.
The impatient demon would drive the misshapen rod into her, ripping
through her maidenhood and stretching her tender tissue around the
impossibly thick member to bury itself in her virgin depths. She'd
scream in pain as his seed detonated from the devil's spear, forever
polluting her womb. The pain of her rape merged with unimagined
pleasure and terror forcing her deflowered body to the very edge of an
explosive orgasm. He would suddenly disappear leaving her corrupted
body impregnated, but unable to achieve the orgasm she desperately

No matter how she tried to distract herself these images kept entering
her thoughts unbidden. She was almost constantly wet between her legs.
A discernable smell of female arousal followed everywhere she went. On
evening of the seventh day she could no longer endure the laughter
behind her back. The Princess locked herself in her rooms.

She cried pathetically, unable to stop herself. What was happening to
her? Was she going mad? Who could she confide in? Certainly not her
father or mother. There was no one that she trusted.

Meg as always, brought the evening drink. Before the blue power took
full effect, Meg broached the subject, "Mistress, you seem out of
sorts of late. It troubles me deeply. Perchance I may have a way to
help you."

The distraught Princess jumped at this chance, right into the waiting
trap. Meg explained that she had seen virgins who were sexually
frustrated behave as the Princess. They either went mad or spread
their legs before the first uncouth lout they saw. The Princess
accepted all that was told her, weeping and frightened, she begged to
be told what to do.

Meg talked of the virtue and dangers of a magic pool. It had the power
to banish the salacious dreams from a horny virgin's mind. She
proposed that the two of them go alone, in secret the next morning.
The Princess only nodded as the effects of the blue powder claimed

This night Meg whispered about how a woman give in to her natural
lascivious needs. How she desires a man's hard shaft deep inside,
exciting her beyond endurance. How she must capture his seed by moving
her body against his. How a woman must submit to the man who captures
her maidenhood. If the sweet crisis of orgasm is forced upon her then
he is her true lord and Master, to be obeyed in all things. Only if
she resists the passionate rod may she remain mistress of her own

All these suggestions were implanted deep within the mind of the
susceptible Princess by means of the magic powders aided by Meg's
inciting fingers, mouth, and tongue. It took very little effort to
bring the Princess to the edge of climax. Ten times this was done. The
hips of the impassioned Princess heaved upward searching for release,
only to have it snatched away.

The Princess awoke to the smell of her own arousal. The bed beneath
her soaked with her fluids. She felt exhausted as if she had not slept
all night. Her thoughts were filled with the erotic dreams she had
endured all night. There were none here who were worthy of her
maidenhood. Yet she'd surely go mad if this torture continued.

Calling Meg to her, they left as quickly as the princess changed into
fresh clothes. Meg had already packed for the trip. Magnus was already
in place. Meg had sent him a report of her progress every day.

They rode the entire morning. Meg dropped hints of her prior relations
with men. The Princess insisted on the truth. Meg "reluctantly"
admitted that she knew much of sex.

Meg began speaking of how the people of her village believed girls with big breasts made the best wives and mothers. All the maidens
dressed in the sheerest material to well display their breasts and
maximize the apparent size.

She and her two best friends had the largest breasts of any girls their age. They had many opportunities to take the young village boys to their beds. If a boy could not please her many times during the
night he would be cast aside for another.

Before marriage was even considered, the potential union must be
proved fertile. She couple would lay together every day and night for
a month. Only if she conceived would the joining ceremony would be

Questioned closely by the Princess, Meg "revealed" the ultimate
weakness of every woman to the touch of a man. What power she had came
from total submission to his desires.

The Princess expounded that she had more will power and determination
then any commoner, man or woman. She would dominate her lovers not the
other way around. The experienced woman merely smiled.

Most astonishing for the Princess was the revelation that some women
enjoyed sex. "But my royal mother said...", interrupted the Princess.
Meg explained how the pain of losing ones maidenhood may be followed
by the sweetest bliss, but most men were so impatient that many woman
believed there was only pain.

There is great opportunity for a patient man and danger for the woman
whom he compels to lust and passion. Giving into that bliss exposes a
woman to the bright climax that will bind her to the man in a mystical
way forever. Thereafter, she will fall deeply in love and never be
able to deny the pleasures of her body to him.

A man might use a woman in many ways, from the front and from behind.
A large breasted woman might even place a man's tool between her
cleavage. The stimulation received was quite pleasurable. She should
give his tool a kiss or a lick whenever possible.

What men liked most was the feeling of a woman's lips on their
manhood. Three things were critical. First never let him feel your
teeth. Outraged males had killed woman violating this rule. Second
when his seed shoots from his manhood, you must swallow it all. It has
mystical properties that improve the health of a woman and give her a
degree of control over the man.

The Princess was disgusted and intrigued by the images, yet she was
helpless to purge them from her mind. They seemed to bombard her
senses, heating her skin, becoming more vivid and real with each word
Meg spoke.

Last Meg explained that a woman must show her own pleasure and
enthusiasm during these acts. This was a means by which a skilled
woman might gain further control. The best way to accomplish this was
to see to her own pleasure while applying her mouth and tongue to her
man's pleasure. Meg liked rubbing her hot slit against a man's hand,
leg or thigh.

They stopped for lunch, more then halfway to the lake. Meg
surreptitiously added both an orange and a green powder to the food
before serving the Princess. The orange powder would irritate the skin
of a woman's nipples and vulva, increasing her need for any touch.

The green powder was the true magic. It was a love potion made for
virgin females. A maiden, who of her own free will, begged to be taken
would truly be bound to the man who took her virginity if she climaxed
under its influence. The fantasy that Meg had spun had now become
truth for the ensorcelled Princess.

It was but another two hours ride to the lake. Along the way the
Princess began squirming as if in increasing discomfort. In sooth, her
nipples and pussy burned. No amount of twisting or turning could
relieve them.

Meg repeated all she had said giving even more lurid details. As they
rode, the first effects of the green powder began to overcome the
Princess. She did not speak. Her eyes closed to slits and her head
lolled slightly back. She was like a sponge, adsorbing all that Meg
said, envisioning herself as the helpless then eager captive of a
man's unbridled lusts.

Meg continued to speak of how a woman man please a man. How he wants
to posses her, to feel her submit totally to him. How she must shake
her tits and ass to incite his lust. How he wants to hear her beg for
his hands on her body and his manhood to cleave her vagina. How her
pleadings may dissolve into wordless cries of passion.

Yet another way was to cup his hairy balls and rub them gently when
she sucks his hard rod, but must never squeeze at all. This too had
caused outraged males to kill many unskilled women.

Meg watched carefully, judging the effect of her words. The constant
talk of sex made it impossible for the Princess to control her growing
arousal. The magic of the powders made her receptive to all the
suggestions Meg made. She was now unconsciously ready to perform
depraved acts that she had never before even imagined. Once triggered
by the closeness of a man's skin and smell against her own nakedness
she would move as Meg instructed without her conscious control.

It was then that they topped a low hill and were able to look downward
to see the edge of the magic lake. The Princess spurred her horse forward. She needed to reach the soothing waters to quench the growing
fire between her legs.

Meg followed just behind. She had completed all the preparations as
instructed by Magnus. The chaste Princess was fully primed to yield up
her aroused flesh. Together they rode towards their destiny.


Will the Princess escape the nefarious plot?
or will she succumb to the powerful magic?

To find out see:
Part 2: The Lake


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