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MAUDE3 thick tool commented Meg Maude


** Author's Note: Graphics have been added to the web site
** for ALL parts. Significant additions were made to Part 2.
** I suggest that you read it from the beginning.

Princess and the Mage, Part 3: The Castle
{rom preg lact bd nc magic others} codes defined at

Synopsis: Think "Taming of the Shrew" with more sex and magic

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Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all works
by this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution, inclusion
in another work, or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without
the express, written permission of the copyright holder, except that
it may be posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access,
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DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex
between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only.
If you are offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are
less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW!
Please do not read or download this file. Because this is a fantasy,
characters in this work may engage in unprotected sex in a universe
where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist. In
reality sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this work
should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of the other
activities depicted herein.

Part 3: The Castle {rom preg lact bd nc magic others}

The Princess awoke a changed woman. She smiled up at him in reverence,
adoration, and awe. Wrapping her arms and knees about him, she held
him close and kept his seed within her womb. Her greatest hope was to
carry his child. "I love you, slave or King makes no difference." she

While she had slept Magnus went to Meg. She had been crying in her
frustration and need to be used. The magic held her frozen until he
chose to come to her. He took pity on her and wished he could attend
to her needs immediately.

Fortunately Meg was well experienced in how to arouse him. Less then
10 minutes after he had climaxed inside Maude, Magnus was thrusting
inside Meg's pulsating cunt. She begged him to thrust harder to be
rough with her.

Meg had always been a fantastic lover, but he could never remember
her being so hot. He tried to hold back, to make it last. She climaxed
many times.

He lost it when she began pleading with him to shoot his seed into her
garden. She wanted his child in her belly. It triggered a primal
instinct he could not control. The orgasm burst within him. Stream
after stream of burning semen shot into Meg's fertile womb.

Again the magic was triggered. The greatest orgasm of her life
exploded within Meg. She knew it had worked. Her body would bear
his child. She felt herself passing out as the magic began altering
her mind. Her last words were, "Go to Maude. Hold her."

He did just as Meg had asked. Holding Maude's softness while she
slept. She was so beautiful and desirable. Now she was his. When he
felt his cock harden enough, he eased it back inside of her, just as
it had been before. Magnus needed rest after riding the two vibrant
women so closely together. He lay holding her protectively until
Maude woke.

Looking down on her lovely face, he told her; "You are mine Princess
Margaret Eleanor Maria Eva Maude de Lacy, now and forevermore. I will
call you Maude. You will address me as Lord, Master, or Magnus which
is my true name. Know that although you gave yourself willingly to a
lowly slave, I am in sooth a Mage. Soon I will be a Duke and take you
as wife to be my Duchess. Even now, my seed grows within the garden
of your womb, you will bear me many children."

Eyes widening with surprise and joy, Maude squeezed him with her inner
muscles. Although willing to be mate to a slave, she much preferred
being a Duchess. He freely answered her many questions as they
embraced. She fully understood exactly how she'd been manipulated as
she felt him hardening within.

It made her love him even more. It was not simply the magic. Maude was
happy to be rid of the crewel, frustrated, virginal Shrew that men feared to bed. Magnus was the only man brave enough to rescue her from
that unhappy, barren existence. She now had real hope, long denied, of
being a wife and a mother. He would fill her life with love, passion,
and children just as he filled her body with his manhood.

They rocked together as she reveled in being his possession. "Master,
I love you," she cried out many times each time she climaxed. He
lasted a long time, have so recently climaxed. It was more then an
hour later having shown her many different positions, when he filled
her womb again.

When Meg awoke, they all hugged and kissed, celebrating their new
union. Of course, all that intimate contact quickly developed into a
mini-orgy. After they were finally done, they all bathed in the
enchanted lake to wash off the smells of sex and sweat.

They splashed and frolicked until Magnus transformed those playful
games into part of Maude's education. Grabbing her from behind, he
thrust deeply into her rear passage. It was the first time Maude had
been taken standing up or in water. Meg came over and pressed her
breasts against Maude's. The three of them becoming a sandwich that
rocked and thrust until it squealed with release.

The three of them camped by the lake. The night and the following day
were times of passion and ecstasy. As a sign of her progress, during
breaks Maude might be allowed to wear a scandalously short frilly top.
It did not even cover her now opened slit. It might be removed for any
reason, so she strove to please him in all things.

Magnus felt she looked more naked and provocative when she wore it.
Just watching it move on her body was often enough to incite him to
suddenly use her again, bringing her to many screaming orgasms.
Maude's vagina was quite sore from the abuse of painfully losing her
maidenhead. However, Magnus introduced Maude to the many other
ways a man may couple with a woman.

Meg introduced Maude to the softer, slower sex between two women. The
old Maude would have felt this was an unnatural abomination. However,
the new Maude accepted it as good and proper since her Lord and Master
commanded it. Magnus greatly enjoyed watching the lust of the two
women. He occasionally mounted whoever was on top thus adding
to her pleasure.

In a quiet moment Magnus considered the problems he might face. The
nobles might try to renege on their deal. The King might refuse to go
along. Magnus felt he could handle that type of situation. What
concerned him most was something he had learned in the East.

It was sometimes said that the chinese character for "trouble" shows
two women under one roof. Now he had two lovely women irrevocably
bound to him. The Princess was the key to his plans. Meg had been his
lover and (reasonably) loyal companion for many years. He desired to
keep both under his roof, his castle, if his plans came to fruition.

To be successful, he needed there to be peace and cooperation, not
jealousy and conflict between them. As it turned out he had nothing to

The two women were both intelligent and quick-witted. They understood
quickly that conflict between them would make their Lord and Master
unhappy. Therefore, they found ways to share his attention and his

They discovered that with very different backgrounds, they had very
different skills. This made it easy to give a task to the one most
skilled in the required talents. The unpleasant tasks they shared

On the rare occasions when they could not agree, the dispute was
brought to Magnus. Both women were bound to abide by the decision of
their Lord and Master. They were bound not simply by the magic, but
what they learned was the innate fairness and wisdom that was an
intrinsic part of Magnus.

Most important was that Magnus wished the two women to become lovers.
He realized the impossibility of any one man keeping two lusty women
satisfied. He relied on them to pick up where he left off. They found
many ways to please each other for hours at a time.

Once more the wishes of the Lord and Master were followed. A happy
by-product was that the women became closer then sisters. They shared
common goals and an uncommon lover. Both found that the most
fulfilling sex was when she held Magnus deep inside while the lips,
tongue, or fingers of her "sister" roamed her body.

The women learned to sooth and comfort each other when Magnus was not
available. They came to rely on each other's wisdom, strength, and
courage as much as Magnus relied on them both. The benefits to all of
them in the years to come were immense.


They returned to court that evening. Maude again wore her royal
finery. Meg had helped comb her hair and fix her appearance so that
she again looked every inch the Royal Princess. They entered the
audience chamber together.

Her father, the King, immediately recognized the Princess. She was
granted leave to speak; "My father and King, after many years of
searching in vain, I have found the man I desire as husband. Though he
be a commoner, I love Magnus the Mage with all my heart and will
suffer no other. I beseech you my father to bless this marriage."

Certain elements at court sought to go back on the agreement they had
made with Magnus. The mage dropped certain subtle and some less subtle
hints that all her had done could be undone. Those who reneged on
agreements sealed with their sworn word might invite the anger of the

One Baron in particular was incensed that a commoner-born would
have a higher social rank then he. Unfortunately, he had a near death
experience at a time when Magnus was in a meeting with several noble
witnesses. The Baron was forced to return to his estate where it to
several months for him to recuperate. No one noticed Meg sneaking back
into the castle sometime later carrying certain magical items.

Although allowing a Princess to marry a commoner was completely
unprecedented the King could deny his daughter nothing. The King was
guided in consultations with his advisors, the nobility, and the
clergy. At their urging he knighted Magnus and created him Duke of
Leche. The King was sad that his favorite daughter would be living at
the far edge of his kingdom, but Magnus promised they would visit as
often as possible. Of course, the King and Queen would always be
welcome at the ducal estates.

It took one month to prepare for the wedding that was a grand affair.
Most of the gossip centered on the amazing changes in the Princess who
was now a warm, friendly, and generous delight. The type of person who
instantly charms whoever she meets. Some of the noble women who had
insisted upon her departure now regretted it.

The sun shone brightly on the day of the wedding. The bride was
beautiful and the groom handsome. The vows were read. The couple
exchanged their first married kiss.

A thousand people attended the reception. Music, dancing, and wine
were the cornerstones. The bride and groom sat on raised thrones next
to the King and Queen as a mark of favor.

There was one unfortunate incident worthy of mention. There was a
beautiful, raven-haired, young Countess of Karja who had wed only a
month prior. She was an old rival of the new bride, who had to be
invited as one of the nobility. In fact, she had been one of the most
insistent that the Princess suffer greatly when her maidenhood was
ruptured. It was rumored that this had been done on her wedding night
and her husband was unable to her sexually.

The young Countess was extremely jealous of the apparent happiness of
her old rival. During the grand reception she became thoroughly
inebriated, loud, and began disturbing the other guests. Several of
these, including her new husband tried unsuccessfully to quiet her.

Becoming increasing agitated, she raised her voice so the entire hall
heard her make a disparaging comment about Magnus' common origin.
Shocked by the unforgivable breach in decorum, a hush fell like a
curtain over the assembly.

Only then did the new Duchess change in a frightening way. In
unhurried, but determined elegance, she walked towards her intended
victim. With each step, she seemed to grow larger as her anger was
unleashed. Those she passed stepped back when they saw her face,
frightened by the fury in her expression. It was as if all the spite
and meanness of her former life had been stored over the last month.
Now it was to be released against a single target. All conversation
stopped to watch the unfolding tableau.

The poor woman was cursed and berated continuously for 20 minutes
until in tears she ran from the room. No one dare speak as the Duchess
took a moment to calm herself. She turned back to the assembly and in
a clear pleasant voice asked everyone's forgiveness for the commotion
and bade them to continue their revelry. The reception concluded as a
great social success without further incident.

The next morning the distraught Countess and her husband left the
castle without speaking to anyone. They were not expected to reappear
at court for years. In fact, neither was ever seen again at court, but
that is another story.

The Duchess was thereafter viewed not only with fear but also with
respect. She had come quickly and decisively to the defense of her new
husband with devastating results. It was whispered that despite her
new friendly demeanor, she was not one to cross lightly. Meg
complimented the performance. She was impressed that Maude had not
repeated herself once during her long tirade.

Shortly after the wedding, Meg was created a Countess and appointed as
the new Duchess' chief Lady in Waiting. They departed to the new ducal
estates with many fine gifts.

Meg officially had a room adjoining the ducal bedchamber. In truth,
more often then not she slept naked in the arms of Magnus and Maude.
In that day, most people slept naked. Servants commonly entered the
room while the three slept to attend their duties.

Of course, the servants would first listen at the door and then
scratch at it lightly before entering. They did not wish to disturb
any amorous activities within. In fact, the two women took turns every
morning wrapping their lips around Magnus' cock to awaken him. If
either Maude or Meg had morning sickness then one of the more comely
serving wenches happily took her place. Lord Magnus' prowess at
pleasing women was well known in the castle. Their fun continued with
a playful sexual romp before the three rose to attend their duties.

No one was more surprised then Magnus at his skill of managing a
Dukedom. Magic required many of the same skills such as attention to
detail, concentration, and managing people. Few of their neighbors
were willing to risk both their well-trained men at arms and the
whispered mystic skills of Duke Magnus.

The Dukedom was known for its cows, goats, and sheep. It provided much
of the milk and meat consumed by the rest of the Kingdom. There was
also a healthy trade with two neighboring kingdoms across the Inland
Sea. In fact, the name of the Dukedom, Leche derived from the Spanish
word for milk.

The Maude and Meg worked well together. They behaved more like close
sisters then co-wives, which was how Magnus viewed them. On the rare
occasions that they argued, Magnus was able to resolve it quickly by
using their mutual devotion to him and respect for each other.

More often the two women worked together to maneuver Magnus into doing
something that he had been avoiding. He was often aware of their
manipulation, but chose to overlook it.

After all, it was usually for "his own good" and done with the best of
intentions by women whom he had grown to love. Magnus the Mage,
"master manipulator" and conjurer extraordinarie had found happiness
in the simple pleasures of being a husband and an expedient father.

The skills of the two women well complimented each other. Lady Maude
ran the extensive household with a gentle, but firm hand. Lady Meg
handled the accounts and was an excellent trade negotiator. The
Dukedom prospered. The people came to revere their Duke and his
beautiful Duchess. Lady Meg was always treated with honor and respect.

Eight months after the wedding, Maude gave birth to healthy twin boys.
Two days after that Meg gave birth to equally healthy twin girls.
Magnus had forgotten (the women thought it was on purpose) that the
powerful "magic of the lake" cancelled the weaker magic of Meg's
immunity to impregnation.

It was a simple matter for Duke Magnus to acknowledge Meg's children
as his own. A powerful Duke with a beautiful mistress was a commonly
accepted matter. The fact that the two women were such close friends
and raised their children together was less common, but accepted. Four
months later they traveled to the royal keep to present the King's new

Against custom, Magnus had insisted that Maude nurse her own
offspring. At first she resisted, but gave in after he worked a minor
incantation. Magnus was not yet so secure in his title and position
that her could afford to alienate the noble women by reneging on his
prior agreement.

When Lady Meg saw the difficulty Maude was having with doing something
so "common". She sat down with Maude for a "long talk". Meg declared
that she would nurse her own offspring alongside Maude. And woes
betide anyone, commoner or noble, who attempted to ridicule either of
them. The women laughed together then hugged each other crying.

Meg explained that she thought the custom of noble women using
wet-nurses was stupid. She related what a joy it was for new mothers
to breast-feed their newborns. Babies who were fed cow milk or goat milk rarely seemed as healthy and robust. As a young girl her own
mother and other village women had taught her everything necessary.

It was at the first great welcoming feast the royal court held in
honor of the King's newest grand child. The babies began fretting
because they were hungry. Everyone waited to see if the Duchess of
Leche would be forced to retire to nurse the infant.

To their surprise, with little fuss or bother the Duchess adjusted
her clothing. Her dresses were so low cut normally that it was a
simple matter of sliding it and inch or two lower to reveal the nipple
to the baby that immediately began suckling. Assisted by Lady Meg
first once child was placed at her breast then the other. Lady Meg
then performed the same ritual with her twins assisted by another Lady
in Waiting. Both women then continued the conversations they had
broken off as if nothing unusual had occurred.

At no time during the entire process was anything obscene or even
questionable seen by any of the assembled guests. Yet there were four
infants happily suckling on their mother's teats as if it were a daily
occurrence. The Duke of Leche had not turned once nor interrupted his
own conversation with the Queen.

Needless to say, it caused a quiet sensation among the nobility. Both
Maude and Meg were discretely questioned after the dinner. It was
remarked how happy the new mothers appeared while feeding their
babies. They confided that in addition to the health of their
offspring considerable sexual pleasure was associated with the
process. Commenting that the Duke appreciated the increased size of
her breasts brought a knowing giggle to the assembled women.

What was not mentioned was that the Duke and the two women had all
developed a taste for breast milk. After the infants were fed and put
to sleep, teats continued to be suckled and milk drained. The women
were so stimulated that a mini orgy between the three usually ensued.

The party returned to Leche basking in the success of their trip. Meg
and Maude were actually disappointed that not one woman had given them
cause to revenge a single word of ridicule or condescension. Mostly
this was because the two women carried themselves with such grace and
dignity. Also, the incident at the wedding reception was still fresh
in the minds of the noble women. None dared to face the wrath of the
now popular Duchess.


Almost a year had passed when Lady Maude was visiting court without
either Magnus or Meg. Of course, the Duke had insisted on a strong
guard to protect her from any possible mishaps on the road.

It was well that he had done so. There was indeed an attack that at
the time seemed to be but random chance. One of the men at arms had
sacrificed himself to protect his Lady. He had been mortally wounded
blocking an arrow that had pierced his heart. Lady Maude was unharmed
because of his bravery and devotion. She swore to always protect his
wife and provide for his baby daughter as he lay dying in her arms.

In response to her story of the attack, she heard ugly rumors at court
that the Countess of Karja was constantly speaking against Leche. Not
just its Lady, but also against the Lord Magnus and the Lady Meg who
was now her dearest friend and companion. The Countess questioned
their morals, their honor, and their fitness to hold any estate, let
alone a Dukedom. It had only gotten worse since her husband had left
(been driven?) away to fight in a foreign war.

On her return to Leche, Lady Maude related all that she had heard or
suspected. A discrete investigation uncovered that the Countess had
paid several outlaw bands to haunt the road between Leche and the
royal court. It was indeed possible that was the reason for the attack
on Maude.

What was more disturbing was a report that the Countess had met with
the shadowy Master of the Guild of Assassins. Lady Meg who knew
something of the assassins thought her a fool. The Guildmaster was
known to travel everywhere with a female slave trained to seduce any
man or woman alive.

If he took a liking to the beautiful Countess then she would be
visited by that slave while she slept. By morning, she herself would
be a slave. In a few days she would have ridden alone from her estate
to join her lover. She'd be abducted on the road in a way that could
never be traced back to the guild.

It had been sheer luck that the Countess had escaped this fate.
However, word had gotten out that she was looking to hire assassins to
kill both the Duke of Leche and his Duchess. So deep was her hatred
following the wedding reception.

Fortunately the Countess of Karja was hampered by a lack of gold.
However, it was only a matter of time until she acquired it. Something
had to be done before she could act.

The Countess was known to be having difficulty even paying for the
upkeep of her nearby estates. She was a poor ruler and mismanaged
everything, expecting instant results with no planning or forethought.
In her growing frustration, she had anyone who displeased her in the
smallest way whipped, tortured, or executed. Many of her peasants had
abandoned homes held for generations, leaving food to rot on the vine
and fertile land untended.

It came as a surprise when she was invited to come to Castle Leche for
a month. The Duchess asked for a chance to put grievances aside and
heal old wounds. The Countess thought it the perfect opportunity to
bring her plan for revenge to fruition. She would be able to bribe the
servants to discover sufficient dirt and scandal with which to finally
destroy her old rival.

If that failed then a month of sponging off Leche would allow her to
accumulate enough gold to pay the outrageous price demanded by the
guild of assassins. They claimed killing not merely a Duke, but also
the King's daughter would require that the entire guild to go into
hiding until things "cooled off".

Upon arriving at Castle Leche, she was met with proper courtesy for
one of her rank. Just inside the gate flagons of wine were brought for
the traditional welcome of a newly arived guest. The flagon handed the
Countess was heavily laced with the same aphrodisiac given to Lady
Maude at the Lake.

The Countess, who dearly loved her wine, quickly drained her flagon.
Her response to the courtesy she received was a continuous flow of
disparaging remarks about the Castle, the Duchess Maude, the Countess
Meg, and their children. This deeply grated on the ears of all who
heard, especially the peasants who loved their Duke and Duchess.
However, all had been commanded to silence by the Duke himself.

The courtesy shown the Countess changed as soon as they entered the
quarters that she would be occupying for the remainder of her visit.
The Countess had been so busy speaking that she did not notice where
she was being led. Looking about she finally realized that they were
deep underground in the Castle dungeon.

As she turned to protest this affront to her dignity, the Duke stepped
behind her. Taking her by both elbows he held her tightly and a little
painfully. She struggled uselessly against his strength, unable to
move. Lady Meg produced a large knife and cut ever scrap of clothing
from her body. The Countess screamed and cursed until Lady Maude
produced a gag, stuffing it into the gaping mouth.

Gagged and naked, the Countess was securely tied to the dungeon wall.
Added lengths of rope were wrapped tightly around both breasts so they
stuck out obscenely. Small wooden clamps were applied to each nipple.
These quickly became painful because of what was to follow.

A female servant was directed to smear a meat sauce between the
Countess' legs ever 15 minutes. Two male hunting dogs were brought in.
They immediately began licking off the meat sauce. The pain in her
breasts and the pleasure between her legs drove the Countess into a
sexual frenzy.

In sooth the aphrodisiac was probably unnecessary. For the bondage in
which she was now held so closely mirrored her darkest fantasies. The
stimulation and depravity of having her womanhood endlessly licked by
two dogs brought the Countess to the first orgasm of her life. It
would not be the last.

After two hours of constant arousal, pain, and orgasms, Ladies Maude
and Meg returned. The Countess was in a swoon and was not aware of
anything except the canine tongues still licking her sex.

Lady Meg slapped her face until she was aware enough to fully
appreciate what was to come next. Lady Maude removed the wooden clamps
on her nipples. The rush of blood into the sore nipple assaulted the
Countess with the greatest pain she'd even know in her life. After 15
minutes of screaming (muffled by the gag) she finally quieted down.

Lady Maude whispered in her ear, "Will you swear to never again
disparage my family? Will you obey my ever command? Are you a natural
slut and a whore? Do you love having your cunt licked by dogs? Do you
want to thank them for giving you so much pleasure?" Unable to speak
the countess nodded her assent to every question. She was terrified
and would agree to absolutely anything.

Lady Maude directed the guards to lower the Countess to the floor. Her
legs were tied well apart. Her arms were tied above her head. "Good
you will now have a chance to properly thank our hunting dogs. Lady
Meg?" prompted Maude. Meg handed a small bucket to the male guard and
directed that he use the brush to smear some of the contents on the
sopping wet slit of the Countess. It should be repeated ever time that
the Countess finished "thanking" one of the hunting dogs.

The two dogs in the room lifted their snouts to sniff the air. They
walked over to the Countess and smelled between her legs. There was an
immediate change in behavior. The larger male growled at the smaller
dog who backed away, waiting his turn.

Maude addressed her prisoner, "Dear Countess, what has been placed
between your legs was collected from several of our hunting bitches
when they were in heat over the last few weeks. What effect do you
think it will have?" The eyes of the Countess widened in horror. The
gag prevented all but the most muffled sounds from escaping.

"My he has a large thick tool," commented Meg to Maude. "Quite a bit
smaller then my Lord Magnus, but from what I hear, larger then that of
the Count. Do you agree Countess?" The Countess shook her head yes,
then no, then closed her eyes hoping that this was all an erotic

She was forced back to reality as the fully aroused animal mounted and
entered her without any preparation. The Countess' eyes popped open as
she tried to scream in vain. She had never felt so full. The dog's
tool was MUCH larger then her husband's. He kept thrusting in, forcing
her already lubricated passage to adjust.

Despite some token efforts to resist the Countess' bound body was soon
thrusting upwards to drive the invader deeper. She came twice before
the dog emptied his spunk into her. When the first dog dismounted, it
was immediately replaced by the second who lost no time driving his
already erect penis into her.

The huntsman came in bringing six more male dogs with him. He knew
what was expected and the reasons for it. Indeed, the entire castle
knew how the Countess had maligned their beloved Duke and Duchess.
They had wanted her killed, but were willing to settle for this
debasement as punishment.

After each dog had taken three turns at the Countess they were led
away until tomorrow when they would resume their duties. The Countess
was turned on her stomach and retied to a low table. This was the
chance for the guards and other castle staff who wished to take their
own revenge. They were directed to fill the mouth or arse of the
Countess. Her vagina was left for the dogs.

The Countess had a young, healthy body, and great stamina. Her aroused
body continued to respond. She had at least one orgasm with each new
penetration, sometimes two or more. Many of her lovers told her how a
bitch like her deserved to be treated this way, how she was dirt,
lower then the animals of the stable. The more viscous the verbal
abuse the more intense her body's arousal.

Twice a day the Countess was allowed to eat and relieve herself. Her
hands were left tied forcing her to eat like one of the dogs that
fucked her daily. When she was done her hands were untied so she could
clean the dungeon like the lowest scullery maid.

At night the Countess was left to fall into an exhausted sleep. It was
then that Magnus came to her. He wove a spell that altered her mind.
She would remember nothing of what truly happened to her. Instead she
would remember what Magnus now whispered into her ear.

Never satisfied sexually by her husband, the Countess of Karja had
been deprived of even his meager attempts once he had departed for the
foreign wars. She had prayed to Satan, the Lord of Evil for relief.
She promised her soul if he would give her the wild, animalistic sex
of which other women whispered.

One night, two months ago there had appeared a great demon in answer
to her prayer. He forced her body to submit to unholy abominations and
defilement. When his foul seed shot into her womb, it cursed her with
the need to lay with animals instead of men.

Every night since, there were nightly visitations by the demon. He
brought dogs, pigs, ponies, donkeys, a different animal each night. He
and a different set of minor demons who joined him merely watched. She
tried to resist her obscene needs, but her overpowering carnal lusts
forced her to strip.

Falling to her knees, she'd lift her arse and spread her sex so the
animals could mount her from behind like any she-bitch. She rutted
with them having the animalistic sex that she'd prayed for. The demons
laughed and cursed her as Satan's whore.

The night before she departed for Castle Leche the demon came alone.
He told her this was his last visit. He could not enter a consecrated
place like Castle Leche without being invited in by its lord.
Hereafter, she must pray to Lord Satan to beg for the animals for the
rutting which she now needed more then food and drink.


The Bishop came to Castle Leche as planned
several months earlier to bless the new chapel.
He was attended by a newly ordained Priest who
would take up residence at the newly formed Parish.

It was almost a month since the arrival of the Countess of Karja. Of
course, the Bishop knew of her visit and expected her to attend him
for a blessing and to show proper respect for the Church.

The morning of the bishop's arrival, the Countess was cleaned up and
put into her former attire. She had been denied the touch of any male
let alone the rutting she had come to crave for the last two days.

After a proper introduction, both the Duke and Duchess were called
away leaving the Countess alone with the Bishop and Priest. Being left
alone with the two males, the Countess became increasingly aroused.
She had to fight back the impulse to fall to her knees and beg the
two clerics to fuck her.

Two of the hunting dogs were released into their chamber. Of course,
they made immediately for familiar smell of the aroused Countess and
dove under her skirts. Feeling them sniffing and licking at her
already hot slit the Countess was helpless. Her knees weakened and
she fell slowly to the ground spreading her thighs. In utter disbelief
the Bishop and Priest both heard the Countess' heresy, "Lord Satan
you have answered my prayers. Thank you Satan for giving me these
dogs to fuck."

The clerics watched in horror as she pulled up her skirts to give the
animals greater access to her naked cunt. She revealed the larger dog mounting her like any she bitch. And then she began screaming at the
dogs to fuck her harder, "Fuck Satan's hot bitch! Ram your hairy cocks
into Satan's whore!" Her thrusting hips impaling his tool deep within
her loins again and again. The Bishop unfroze and ran for help.

As the dogs were dragged off her, the Countess cursed everyone
present. Before all the witnesses she prayed to her Lord Satan to
strike them all dead.

An ecclesiastical court was immediately formed to judge the Countess.
The sworn eyewitness testimony of the two clerics was most damning.
Not one of her scandalized family or her former friends spoke on her
behalf. Her only defense was the story of her demon lover. The result
was a swift and sure conviction on charges of heresy. She was
excommunicated and sentenced to burn at the stake.

Only by the intervention of Duke Magnus was the death sentence
commuted. He offered to take her under his protection and attempt to
purge the demonic influences with the help of his new castle Priest.
The animosity between the two houses was well known. The Duke's
request was well received as a true act of charity and granted.

During the trial, word had come that the Count of Karja has died of
illness while fighting in a foreign land. He had no siblings, and no
heir, never having had a child with his wife. The former Countess,
now ward of Duke Magnus had forfeited all lands and titles with her
conviction by the court. She had no rights, no status, and no friends.
She was little more than a slave.

It was decided that the Karja estates would be given to Duke Magnus
in compensation for his future efforts to redeem the soul of the
convicted heretic. He in turn gave it to the Countess Meg as his sworn
vassal. Meg would finally have her own lands and property. These would
be passed onto her children just as the Duchy would be inherited by
Lady Maude's offspring. The castles were close enough that she could
ride between them in less then a day.

Despite their best attempts, neither Lord Magnus nor his Priest was
never able to "cure" the unfettered lusts of the former Countess of
Karja. She went mad from the loss of everything she held dear. Her
need for constant sexual stimulation was all that remained.

She lay about in a stupor for most of the day, with legs spread and
her hands above her head, just in case a male who wanted to fuck her
came along.

She would not eat nor drink except when threatened that sex by both
man and beast would be denied her. Even then eating human food seemed
beyond her abilities. She was given the same slop as the animals of
the barnyard, drank from a water trough, and relieved herself in a
pile of straw that was changed every two days. To clean her she'd be
left with 3 or 4 male dogs that would lick her entire body after they
mounted and fucked her.

The only time she seemed truly alive was when penetrated by a hard
cock. Human or animal made no difference. It transformed her into the
hottest fuck a man or dog could desire. She became a prize, given each
night to the slave who was judged to have done the best work for that
day. It improved the slaves' moral to such a degree that several were
eventually able to buy their freedom.

Despite being filled daily with a man's semen she never became
pregnant. Apparently she was sterile. It was just as well since any
child of hers would be branded with the stigma of her heresy.

Through careful planning, an enemy who threatened the very life
of Leche had been disposed of such that it would never again be
a concern, let alone a threat.

Epilogue: The League

Leche settled down into a new stable order. Of course, there were
rumors of how the Duke has removed a dangerous threat so effectively.
How he had profited greatly thereby. How his enemy lay in his dungeon,
little more then an animal, with the blessing of the Church. These
rumors and the truth behind them vastly increased his power, prestige,
and influence.

Thereafter, none dared challenge him directly or by subterfuge.
Magnus, Maude, and Meg lived and prospered in Leche for many years.
The Duke of Leche became second in power to the King himself.

When the old King died unexpectedly, the Crown Prince was away on a
mission. There was contention between the King's other children for
the crown. It was only through the intervention of the Duke and
Duchess of Leche that the situation was kept stable until the Crown
Prince returned. The Crown Prince ascended the throne. He never forgot
his debt to Leche. Lady Maude was able to reconcile with her eldest
brother for all the years she had abused her siblings. Thereafter, she
became a frequent and welcome visitor at court.

Lord Magnus was never tempted to lay with "the heretic". He had his
hands full and greatly enjoyed his "duty" of keeping Ladies Maude and
Meg impregnated. They were very skilled at giving pleasure, receiving
pleasure, and both were genuine baby factories. If Magnus cast a few
spells to insure their health during difficult childbirth, no one
complained. Both women seemed prone to multiple births. Between them
they had 20 children over the next eight years.

Amazing in that day and age when many women died giving birth there
was not a single miscarriage between them. Was it the health of the
women, the happiness of their family life, some discreetly cast
spells, or all of the above?

Both women were deeply devoted to their Lord and Master. The intensity
of their love was not a result of magic. They knew how he protected
them, cared for them, and provided for them and their children. He had
taken each from unhappiness and given them friendship, passion,
position, property, security, children, respect, honor, and his own
undying love. If called upon to do so, he would die for them, as they
would for him.

In the years to come, Maude and Meg realized that their many healthy
children had made them models for a new trend. More noble women each
year were deciding to nurse their own newborns. These women often
visited Castle Leche to learn how to breast-feed with grace and

At one point the Queen of France who wished to learn their secrets
visited them. Meg and Maude gladly shared their knowledge explaining
that this "womanly art" was not at all a secret. Rather they would
happily share with any woman who wished to know the joys of nursing
her own offspring.

The French Queen was so impressed that on her return to her own
country she issued a royal decree. It declared the creation of the
creation of the "La Leche League", named in honor of the Duchess of
Leche. In Spanish, a literal translation is "the milk league". The
league has continued to promote the joys and benefits of the "womanly
art" of breast-feeding around the globe to this very day.

Ladies Maude and Meg would have approved.


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