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MAWG camera and got out the necessary


Keywords: tg/f, ir, oral, exhAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: Marilyn's a Working girl
Welcome back, ladies and gents, to another action packed Marilyn
installment. If you've been reading along, you know that I've
left a cliffhanger in the air, yet to be resolved. (If not, hit
up my site at ) What's gonna
happen next? Stay tuned! Oh, and I own this thing save for non-
commercial distribution rights. Please don't read this if you
ain't supposed to.

Marilyn's A Working girl By Brett Lynn

Marilyn was lying on her bed, relaxing after a rough day of
orientation in her new dorm room. She was getting the lay of the
land at her new home, the friendly confines of Jersey State U.,
supposed bastion of "higher learning", whatever that means. She
let the warm summer breeze flow over her feet, doing little to
assuage the heat of the humid night. To keep her cool, she had
changed into nothing but a thin white wifebeater, which showed
off her dark areolas and nipples opaquely, and a pair of baggy
denim shorts. However, there was some other motivation for the
scarce undergarments, the visit of her sister.

Not long after she got in touch with her sister after settling
in, Sharilynn begged to come out and see her. Apparently, she was
getting sick of messing with other guys that lacked Marilyn's
endowment between their legs. So Shari decided to make the drive
into the suburbs to visit her sibling for some special family

'Damn, sis seemed to be feenin' for my dick,' Marilyn thought to
herself in the dead quiet room. 'I wonder when she's gonna show


"Speak of the devil," Marilyn muttered under her breath as she
got out of bed. "Who is it?"

"It's your sexy sister, dammit! Open up!"

Marilyn pulled the door open to see her sister in all her curvy
splendor. Sharilynn was wearing a thin silver lam‚ halter top,
barely containing her huge breasts from jiggling around in time
with her breathing. She was wearing a tiny pair of daisy dukes
that was just barely legal, with her ass hanging out and her
nether lips barely covered by the material in the crotch. She was
wearing a pair of plain white sneakers, and her face was heavily
made up from her stop before arriving at her sibling's doorstep,
her job as a stripper.

"Hey there, college man!"

"Shari!" Marilyn screamed at a whisper before pulling her sister
in her room and shutting the door behind them. "People in here
don't know about my, um, secret. Gimme some time to let people

"Okay, okay. I get your point. But you are a college MAN, right?"
Shari replied, emphasizing her point by grabbing her sister's
crotch and squeezing her dick.

"Damn! I see someone's a bit randy. I mean, I know you called
wanting to get a piece of me, but show some restraint."

"I know. I have been showing some restraint. I tried to
diversify, do the healthy thing, you know? I haven't done as much
as suck you off in a month. But there is one thing is thing I
have learned, especially in my time stripping," Shari cooed,
tracing her finger along Marilyn's jawline, turning her around in
the process.

"What's that?"

"In all the laps I've danced in, I've never, ever felt a dick as
big as this one. So," Shari continued as she went down on her
knees in front of her sister, "shall I get a piece of the biggest
dick I've ever seen?" Shari didn't give her a chance to respond
before she began to unzip Marilyn's baggy shorts.

"Whoa!" Marilyn said as she quickly pulled her sister's hand away
from her crotch. "Easy now! It ain't that easy to keep standing
on my feet when I'm getting my dick sucked. Can I at least lay
down first?"

Marilyn moved away from her sister, made the two steps to her
bed, then jumped on and laid on her back, letting her long hair
fan out behind her. Her sister seductively got on her knees and
crawled onto the bed, moving her body as if she were on a strip
club runway. When her head made it over Marilyn's crotch, she
reached at the zipper of the shorts and pulled them open the rest
of the way. Shari then unbuttoned her sister's shorts, reached in
and pulled out the long, thick shaft from by her sister's right
hip, watching her big balls follow out behind it. She licked her
lips in anticipation and slowly stroked her sister's long hard
dick with both of her hands, letting the shaft overflow the space
in between them. Marilyn herself was humming in her throat,
palming at her DD tits and letting the mammary flesh overflow her

"I see you're hot for me sis, huh?" Sharilynn asked with more
than a little lusty leer.

"Mmmhmmm," Marilyn weakly replied, her mind already lost in a fog
of lust.

"Well, let's get right down to business," Sharilynn replied just
as she stuck the tip of her tongue at the base of Marilyn's dick
and began to lick wetly from base to tip, letting her tongue
finish on her sister's belly, several inches above the navel. She
then took the member in her hands and started to lick it like an
ice cream cone, slowly coating ever inch of the twitching dick
with her saliva. By the time she finished doing that, Shari even
managed to lick up a small rivulet of pre-cum that had leaked out
of Marilyn's flaring tip. She allowed herself to purr a bit at
the taste, placed her lips at the swollen glans, and then opened
her mouth slightly, letting the tip slip into her mouth.

Marilyn moaned out mindlessly when she felt her sister slip her
dick into her mouth, bucking her hips and legs under her sister
and grabbing at her nipples so roughly and aggressively that she
nearly tore her shirt. She kept rubbing the rough material of her
wifebeater against her nipples, trying to heighten the intense
sensations she felt as her sister began to slowly slob and
swallow her dick. When she felt her sister begin to put some
suction on her dick, she shook in pleasure, feeling her slick
dick being pulled into what felt like a velvet vise. From there,
she just let the waves of pleasure wash over her while her dick
was treated royally, from the sensitive tip to the thick shaft.
When she felt Shari's lips kiss her shaven base, she
instinctively grabbed her sister's hair, holding her there while
she felt herself buck uncontrollably under her sister's body.

When she was able to mentally control herself and dragged her
body slowly back from nearly going over the edge, she reached
under her shirt with both hands, milking her teats between her
thumb and forefinger. As she pulled and pawed at her tits, she
felt her sister's hands reach for hers and entwine her fingers
with her sister's. She then let her hands be pulled off to her
sides, felt her top be pushed over her breasts and felt her
sister's hands strongly but gently caress her breasts and nipples
as she was pumping her head along her cock. She grabbed the
sheets beneath her tightly as her sister began to suck her dick
harder and flick at her nipples with her thumb quickly. As she
felt her sister suck harder and harder, she felt herself start to
progress again to a climax.


"Uh, sis, chill for a minute. I think I hear the phone ringing."


"Hey, Shari, STOP! I wanna answer the phone, since I don't have
an answering machine."

"Alright, alright."


Marilyn pulled her legs out from under her sister and swung them
out to the side of the bed. She then picked up the phone before
it could ring again.

"Hello? Yes, this is she. How did you get my number?

Oh, okay. That makes sense. So what's up? Yeah? YES!

What's her name? My Lynn? Oh. M-A-I Lynn. Thanks.

Sounds like she was a big girl, huh? What else? Huh? WHAT! You
gotta me kidding me. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh?! NO! This can't be
true! This can't be true!"

Marilyn broke down sobbing, letting a tear flow down her cheek.
The emotion of the message she just received left her quaking,
making ripples in her flesh.

"What's wrong, sis?" said a concerned Shari, now sitting next to
her sister with an arm around her.

"Hold on, Shari, okay? So now what's up? I mean, what's going to
happen to her. Of course I'll take of her! After all, she is my
daughter. I dunno. I dunno, but I'll find a way to take care of
her, okay? Could you call me back in the morning? Like around 11
or so. Alright, I'll talk to you then. Bye."


"What's wrong, sis? Is everything okay?"

"Well, Shari," Marilyn replied, steeling herself, "there's some
good news, and there's some horrible news. Not bad news, horrible

"Okay, tell me the good news first."

"Well," Marilyn began slowly, "Kat did give birth to her child
over there in Japan a couple weeks ago. It's a girl, named Mai,
and she's a big one too. 20 inches, 8 pounds, 3 ounces. Man, I
wish I was there to hold her in my arms when she was born."

"Oh, congratulations, sis, on being a new dad! I'm now an aunt!"
Shari beamed as she wrapped her arms around her sister and gave
her a big bear hug.

"But there's the other news."

"What is it, Donnie, I mean, Marilyn?" Sharilynn asked, backing
her face away from her sister, waiting to watch for her reaction.

"Well, a couple days ago, Kat was walking with her uncle and our
daughter along the streets of her town when suddenly, some guys
jumped out of a van, knocked her down and carried her away in the


"The word from the police over there is that what happened isn't
that uncommon, especially among young girls. They expect that
they're putting her into prostitution. The good news at least is
that Kat is an American citizen, meaning that whoever kidnapped
her won't bother to kill her, fearing the wrath of America. That
along means that the authorities out there will keep the heat on
the cops on this one, fearing the PR disaster that would result
if they didn't find her. They say that they usually find the
people kidnapped on this kind of scheme, but it usually takes
them a month or two. In the meanwhile, I gotta take care of
little Mai."

Marilyn stopped her monologue, and then broke down in her
sister's arms. "I miss my Kat! Why me? Why did they have to do
this to her? Why did she have to go over there? Why."

"Shhhh, it's okay sis," Shari reassured, squeezing her half-nude
sister with a hug. "I'll be there for you. Don't worry. We'll
figure out a way to take care of my little niece." Sharilynn then
gave her sister a kiss on the cheek, and then sat her up upright.

"You know what?"


"I think I have just the thing to comfort you right now," Shari
answered before grabbing her sister's head and moving in to give
her a deep tongue kiss, practically swallowing her tongue. She
pulled away from her, and then gently pushed on her shoulders,
lowering her back to the bed.

"You need someone to make you feel..." Shari continued as she
pulled her sister's legs back onto the bed, "special. I'm sorry
that this had to happen to you. Now let me make you feel good,

A still-emotional Marilyn laid back and barely croaked out, "Okay

She then laid her head back, staring at the ceiling as she felt
her sister straddle her hips and saw her face come into view.
Shari's long hair blocked out all the light from her eyes as she
lowered her head and gave Marilyn a long, passionate kiss,
caressing her lips and tongue as she let her hand drift up to
play with a free nipple. Shari then reared up and let her long
hair graze against her sister's breasts and shoulders, making
goose bumps rise out of Marilyn's skin despite the heat. She let
herself back down to nibble on her sister's ear, making it wet,
then blew in it, making her sister shiver. Shari then kissed her
way down to her sister's neck and went crazy, sucking and licking
and nipping and biting at the soft pliant flesh. She felt her
sister hold on to her head, desperate to keep her there.

However, Shari pulled away from her sister's grasp and whispered
in her ear, "So do you like how I'm taking away your pain?"
Marilyn barely hummed out her assent. Shari continued, "Well,
there's plenty more where that came from."

She then bent down to kiss the nape of her sister's neck, then
began to trace out her sister's collarbone with the light
brushing of her lips. She led her lips down Marilyn's breastbone
down between Marilyn's tits, seemingly trying to hit every nerve
in her skin. When her face was perfectly buried between her
sister's tits, she stuck out her tongue and licked the skin while
her fingertips lightly brushed along the massive mammaries,
painting a sensation all over Marilyn's breasts. Sharilynn pushed
her fingers harder into the firm flesh as she let her fingers
play over her sister's breasts, then grasped the areolas and
nipples between her forefinger and thumb and pulled at them. She
looked up at her sister's face, which was twisted in pleasure,
and smiled pleasantly, then licked her lips in pure lust. She was
thinking about the pure magic she was about to suck up through
Marilyn's breasts.

Sharilynn pulled up one teat up towards her body and began to
suck hard on her sister's nipple. Pulling at it with her teeth
and flicking it with her tongue. She continued to suck at the
nipple hard while flicking the other nipple in with her thumb and
grinding her body on top of her sister's, letting her sister's
thick penis be caressed by her soft skin. As she nursed lovingly
and passionately at Marilyn's breast, she let her hand drift off
her sister's other breast and down her body, teasingly groping at
Marilyn's soft yet firm belly. When her hand was close to her
sister's dick, Sharilynn rose up and off to side of Marilyn's
body slightly, grabbed the thickening and lengthening penis, and
gently brushed the tip all over her soft skin and her navel. She
stopped sucking on Marilyn's breasts just long enough to flick
her sister's nipple with her tongue, making her sister's body and
dick twitch.

She slid down Marilyn's body, letting her still-covered breasts
gently rub against the pulsating member, which she held by the
tip. Sharilynn licked her lips while looking at her sister's
penis, acting as if it were a delicious meal she just had to

"You want me to take care of this for you, sis?" Shari asked with
a strain in her voice, desperate to throat the monster in her
hands and to suck the cream out of her favorite chocolate pastry.

"Yeah," Marilyn sobbed, barely able to stop the shaking in her
body. "I wanna cum."

Shari responded by sucking just the tip into her mouth and
letting her tongue hit every small bump along the surface. She
cradled her impressive breasts in her hands and pulled them to
caress Marilyn's shaft with their firmness and warmth. She pulled
her mouth off the tip and let her breasts caress the twitching
dick, making Marilyn crazy and making her bite her lip so hard
that she faintly tasted blood on her tongue.

Shari pulled completely away from her sister's body, then looked
into her sister's eyes and smiled. She then looked down and her
sister's red-hot body, writhing in pleasure, then curtly leered,
"Want me to make you feel better sis?"

"Oh... yeah."

With that response, she quickly got her lips back down to
Marilyn's tip, and then throated all of Marilyn's length in two
tries. She swallowed some to make her throat caress her sister's
tip. It was all it took. Shari has to hold down her sister's hips
to keep from having her teeth knocked out. As she felt her belly
filling up with cum, she slowly eased her way up for her safety.
In the process, the thought of something so big and powerful
under her control, pouring its needs and desires down her throat,
got her hot. She reached into her shorts and tweaked her clit a
little bit, forcing more lubrication into her hot pussy. As
Marilyn began to calm down, she pulled out all but the tip from
her mouth, letting her tongue work some more magic on her
sister's fuck log. She pulled her sister's penis out of her
mouth, and then slid up her sister's body, stopping to give her a
kiss on the cheek.

"Did that make you feel better, sis?" Shari whispered in
Marilyn's ear.


"Well, I was thinking about another surprise for you," Shari
continued, emphasizing her statement by grinding her crotch on
her sister's spent and semi-hard dick. "Remember the time Dad
tried to get you into guys."

Marilyn searched her brain to go back to that time. All of a
sudden, when it hit her what her sister was suggesting, she held
onto her sister tight, with one hand squeezing her sister's butt
through her shorts and the other holding onto her sister's head,
pressing it to the side of her face.

"Oh, Shari, you shouldn't have to." Marilyn whispered in her
sister's ear just before giving her a lingering kiss on the

"But I will, because I care."

Shari got up on her knees, straddling her sister's body. She
reached behind her and untied the knot holding her top up, then
pulled it off. Her huge tits seemed to dominate her body, looking
incredibly impressive even on her large frame. The DDD breasts
were floating perfectly on her chest; very rare for someone so
large who got that way naturally. Her huge nipples and areola
seemed to top off the breasts like icing on a cake, and they
glowed slate gray from the moonlight coming through the window.
Sharilynn seductively slid her denim-covered crotch over her
sister's dick, and then let her legs dangle off the bed as she
picked up the semi-hard spit-and-cum slick dick and pressed it
between her breasts.

She stroked the shaft a few times with her breasts, letting the
tip poke at her chin, then licked seductively at Marilyn's tip.

"Do you want me to show you a trick I picked up when you aren't
around, sis?"

"Yeah, go ahead," Marilyn replied in a raspy voice, her orgasm
racked body getting ready for another ride.

Sharilynn squeezed her breasts around her sister's dick, and then
slowly stroked it up and down, caressing it with her firm flesh.
She licked at the tip as her sister's dick slowly began to
lengthen and thicken again. Shari felt her sister's flesh harden
between her smooth, firm globes as she saw her sister start
moving her hands all over her body, playing with her wonderful
female form. Soon, Shari hand to back her chin away to avoid
being poked at by the full length of her sister's penis. Wanting
to tease her sister just a bit before climbing onto her, she took
the tip in her mouth and let her tongue wash it with spit as she
kept pumping her breasts along Marilyn's shaft. Finally, Shari
pulled her tits away from Marilyn's meaty pole and took one long
taste of it from root to tip, making sure to play a bit with the
small amount of pre-cum on the top.

"So I see you're ready to go again, huh?" Shari lustily bragged.
"Get ready for the ride of your life!"

She took the time to slide off her shorts, and then fingered
herself quickly, as if to see if the temperature and moisture was
just right between her sugar walls. The, Shari pressed her face
to Marilyn's dick, her tits on her sister's thighs, then slowly
slide her way up her sister's body until her breasts were even
with her sister's face. As Marilyn idly played her lips along her
nipple, she reached behind her, held the dick at a low angle from
her sister's belly and aimed it at her inflamed pussy. She moved
back on her knees to slowly ease the huge dick inside her walls,
stretching her to the max. After getting most of the impossibly
thick 13-inch member inside of her, she gritted her teeth, locked
her hands in Marilyn's and forced the last few inches inside of
her. While there was a dull sensation of pain at being stretched
so much, it was made up for by the constant stimulation her clit
received as she slid her way down her sister's pole, causing her
to lube the way even more. She released her hand from Marilyn's
grip and let the finger that was just inside her play across her
sister's lips, letting her lick and suck her essence off of it.

Marilyn then felt her sister start to move her hips slowly on her
raging erection, letting the delightful tightness slowly coax her
to another release. Suddenly, she saw her sister kiss down from
the nape of her neck and over one of her luscious mounds to kiss
her nipple. She saw her sister take it gently into her mouth and
felt her saliva ooze onto it as she slowly established a rhythm
on her dick. She took her hand and pressed it onto the back of
Shari's head, forcing her to suck more insistently as she felt
her sister's ass lightly brush against her balls as the result of
her thrusting.

As she felt her sister's nectar drip onto the sensitive bare skin
of her genitals, Marilyn kisses the top of her sister's head and
fell back onto the bed, reveling in the sensation of the velvet
vise pulling on her. As she felt her sister now enthusiastically
switch from sucking one nipple to the other, she let herself get
lost in the stimulation, the sucking at her skin and the cool
wetness of her sister's spit. When she felt her sister stop
sucking, Marilyn thought that all she had to do was wait until
her sister worked her pussy enough to bring her to another
release. Suddenly, she felt her sister's lips on hers, their
nipples brushing against each other as she was kissed
passionately by her sister. Marilyn wrapped her arms against her
sister's neck as she continued to make out with her, while she
felt her sister's hips thrust harder against her, stimulating her
to writhe under her sister.

Marilyn squeezed Shari's plush rump hard, trying in vain to slow
down her sister's humping on her dick. She let her sister
dominate her mouth with her tongue as she felt her sister's honey
pot pump her for her cream. Slowly, she felt the itch shoot up
her entire shaft and through her nipples, and she moved to get
that itch scratched, trying to rub her nipples against Shari's
skin and thrusting towards a release. When her sister sensed what
she was going to do, Marilyn saw Shari sit up on her hips and
buck up and down as fast as she could. Marilyn braced herself by
gripping the sheets hard on the bed while her sister held on by
grabbing and pulling on her nipples. Marilyn could do nothing but
hold on as she felt the wave of orgasm shoot through every nerve
from head to toe, centering on her fuck pole.

Then, Marilyn came. Hard.

She tore a hole in her sheets from holding on to the sensation,
and her cum shot so hard deep inside her sister that the heat
from her fluids caused Shari to suddenly jump. She screamed and
moaned as she felt her life being sucked out from her dick, every
nerve on fire. She felt some additional sensations from her
nipples as her sister's slight thrust from her jumping coaxed out
even more cum from her body. She then felt her muscles start to
relax and her tension start to release as the last few drops of
semen drip out of her and flow down between her and her sexy
sibling. As she felt flat on her bed, exhausted from her orgasm,
her sister fell down on top of her and gave her another
passionate kiss on the lips before letting her head fall off to
the side.

"Sorry you don't cum sis."

"Don't worry about it. I can take care of myself. You needed it."

"Okay. Thanks."

"So are you feeling better now?"

"VERY much so," Marilyn whispered back. "Thank you for being
there for me."

"I'll always be there for you. I've been with you through major
changes before, and I'll be there now. In fact, I know I can help
you out."


"Well, you could strip in my club. Also, through hanging around
at the club, I know some photographers for some modeling."

"Porn mags?"

"Yeah. You could do it every now and again, and still go to class
and take care of... um."

"Little Mai."


"Don't sweat it. Yo, call me tomorrow, and give me some names,

"Alright, I will."

"And Shari." Marilyn chimed in before giving her sister a light
peck on the cheek. "Thanks." She then began to kiss, lick and
nibble on her sister's ear. "Thank you for everything. I love
you, sis."

"I'll always love you, sis. Blood is always thicker than water."

"Hey, sir! What time is it?"

"Oh, it's about 3."


Marilyn breathed a sigh of relief as she stepped out of the PATH
train station at Christopher Street, directions in hand. She
thought she was going to be late for the photo shoot her sister
had arranged for her in a hurry. When she reached the corner, she
glanced down at her directions again and walked her way towards
the photographer's apartment. As it turned out, Sharilynn was
able to find her sister a modeling job showing off her particular
charms. According to Shari, she was to be paid very well for this
job. $3,000 well to be exact.

'It's not exactly enough to put me in Bill Gates' tax bracket,'
Marilyn thought to herself. 'At least it will get me on my feet
short term. Who knows? Maybe I can make this a regular gig and
help knock out my tuition bill.'

Marilyn ran her hand through her hair as she saw the light change
for her to cross the intersection. She was wearing a white baby
tee, which bared her midriff along with her standard-issue baggy
jeans, and Black boots. She didn't bother with panties, figuring
they would get lost after changing into whatever costume was
required of her. She was carrying with her a backpack with some
make-up supplies. From what her sister implied, it was a small
private studio she was going to, not hardly big enough to have a
make-up person on staff.

After reaching a brownstone on a narrow side street in the
Village, Marilyn double checked her directions for the address.
"This doesn't look like it. I somehow expected more," she thought
to herself. She tried to calm herself down, then nervously walked
up the steps and ran the required bell. After a bit of a wait, a
slightly tall White woman of about 30 answered the door.

"Hello? Are you Marilyn? It's me, Stacey, the photographer."

Vaguely lost in thought, Marilyn quickly came to her senses and
responded. "Uh, yes, um, it's me. My sister referred you to me."

She then reached out and shook her hand gently. She took the time
to check out Stacey. Her auburn hair was upswept in a wrap, with
a few loose ringlets hanging down to her face. While her face was
otherwise unremarkable, she did have an incredible pair of lips
coated in dark red lipstick. What promised to be a curvy body
with ample amounts of cleavage was hidden by a T-shirt and a
dirty pair of overalls.

"Hey, what are you waiting for stranger? Come on in!" Stacey
called out. She then motioned for Marilyn to follow her in the
door, and then go up the stairs. As Marilyn stepped in the door,
she took the chance to check out Marilyn's body. "Yum. Not a bad
body there. Nice and curvy, even with the prerequisite ghetto
booty. Maybe that is something genetic," she thought to herself.

Stacey led the way up 3 flights of stairs to her apartment/studio
and then opened the door to let Marilyn in. When Marilyn stepped
into the apartment, she took a note of how cramped it was with
the equipment and the racks of costumes.

"Oh... um, I take it you do this kind of thing often?" Marilyn
asked, thinking of something to fill the silence.

"Yeah. It isn't glamorous, but it pays the bills."

"Speaking of which, I remember that I'm supposed to sign
something before I get paid. Can we get to that first?"

"Oh sure," Stacey replied coquettishly. "But first, let me check

Stacey closed the two steps between her, then pulled Marilyn's
jeans away from her body, reached in and grabbed her dick. She
gave it a few strokes, feeling it harden under her ministrations.

"Ooh, that's a nice one," Stacey complimented Marilyn as she
pulled her hand out of her jeans. "Just making sure you're the
`special' girl I'm supposed to photograph today.

"Aw, thanks. So what should I do now?"

"Go down to the bedroom. It's down the hall, second door on the
right. Your costumes in there, put it on, do your makeup, and
we'll get to business. Oh, and the contract you gotta sign is in
there too. Just sign it and bring it out when you come out. I'll
set up, and we'll be ready to go when you get back, okay?"

"Thanks," Marilyn replied, already walking her way down the hall
to the bedroom.

In there, she saw a vanity for her to put on makeup and a pretty
disheveled room with clothes all over the place. However, the bed
was somewhat made, and what appeared to be the clothes that she
would wear, and slowly discard, were laid out. Among them was a
matching set of red lace demi-bra and panties, along with a red
sheer peignoir with red fluffs on the hem and sleeves.

"This will make me look like some cheap porno mag babe I've
jerked off to before. Then again, that's what I am now," Marilyn
chuckled to herself.

She quickly shucked off her clothes to put on her costume, taking
time to marvel at her newly-painted toes. "Lucky guess on the
color," she thought to herself. "At least I don't have to do

She then picked up the demi-bra and wrapped the front closing bra
around her large breasts. Marilyn took the time to squeeze as
much of herself into the bra, then closed the clasp, encasing her
endowment in the tiny bra, and took a glance down at the final
product. Her breasts almost literally burst out the bra, pouring
out of the cups and barely leaving her nipples covered. She
steeled herself against any further arousal, tucked her male
genitalia between her legs and stepped into the tiny lace
panties. They were thong bikini cut, as Marilyn realized as she
felt the air of the room on her ass. After she slipped on the
peignoir, she took a glance at herself in the vanity mirror and
saw that her look just oozed sex. Save for the very male piece of
equipment between her legs, she looked like a very beautiful
Amazon goddess, with her long hair flowing down her back, her
skin looking soft in the light that flowed through the window and
the curves bursting out of her body. She pulled her eyes away
from the mirror, feeling herself stirring between her legs, then
picked up her backpack and carried it over to the vanity, where
she sat.

The first thing she pulled out was some liquid foundation,
colored chocolate brown, and wiped it all over her face with her
fingers, leaving a smooth complexion. She then dumped out the
rest of her makeup in a pile and sorted out what she needed to
put on. After that, little by little, her face began to come
together. Her black eyeliner was complemented by her light blue
eye shadow. Her two coats of mascara gave her face a beauty queen
look it never had before. Her lips seemed to bloom when she put
on her glossy blood red lipstick, and she framed it perfectly
with some black lip liner. When she stopped her labors, she took
a glance at her reflection in the mirror. Her face was perfect,
brought to life with the cosmetics.

'Man, I look like a model right now,' Marilyn thought to herself.
'Face of an angel, body of a devil.' She then hunted around for
her fake nails, ready to crown her satanic body with the perfect
claws, cheap press-on nails.

'Damn, that girl they got in is hot,' Stacey thought to herself
as she scrambled around to set up the lights.

The setup for the pictures was nice, but nothing too spectacular.
In front of a brilliant red backdrop, a burgundy velvet couch was
laid out, and the light was placed just so, lighting the subject

'I wonder if she's interested in girls,' Stacey continued as she
set up her camera and got out the necessary film for the shoot.
'I've always been curious about these `special' girls sexually,
but they aren't usually interested in me. Either too knocked out
from the hormones or dying for some closet case to bend over for
them. She did respond to my touch, though. Hmmm.'

Just as she was thinking that, Marilyn stepped into the room. She
undressed the tall she-male with her eyes, checking out every
curve of her body that bulged out of her scanty costume.

'Damn, she has an incredible body!' Stacy thought to herself.
'Plus, she's hung, and it's working? I need to have this!'

Just then, she realized that her object of lust didn't have any

"Hey, Marilyn! You need shoes?"

"Um, yeah. I normally don't go all out like this."

'That's weird for someone like her,' Stacey thought to herself.

"What size are you?"

"13 in guys."

Stacey did a quick scan of the room with all its costumes, then
spotted the shoes she had lined up against one wall. "Okay, pick
out a pair out of the ones on the left."

"Alright," Marilyn replied. "Oh, and here's the contract." She
then walked over and looked for a pair of shoes that matched what
she was wearing.

"By the way," Stacey asked out of curiosity. "What has you doing
this? Most of the girls I do this for do it to help save for the

"Well, I'm doing this to help feed my daughter," Marilyn replied
as she picked out a pair of 4-inch platform heels. "You know,
trying to be a responsible father, even if I have DD's."

Stacey thought to herself, intrigued by her response. "Oh really.
So you aren't going for surgery, yet you're still interested in

"Yeah," Marilyn replied, slipping on her shoes and walking
towards Stacey. "I know it's not common for people like me to be
at least bi, but I am what I am."


"It's a long story as to how I got how I am. But basically, I got
hooked to the feel of girl's bodies young and wanted one of my
own. I ended up taking hormones, getting all these curves, but
somehow, my body had an unusual reaction, resulting in what you
felt up earlier."

"Hey! Relax! I'm just trying to see what I'm working with. men
all over the planet are paying good money to see that with some
big tits."

"Weird, ain't it."

"Yeah. Hey, stand over there right in front of the couch?" Stacey
commanded. "Now stick that chest and butt out a bit? Hands on
hips, please? Perfect!" She then ran behind the camera tripod and
snapped Marilyn's picture.

So the photo shoot began in earnest. As Stacey began to move her
camera off the tripod, she began to move her subject around in a
myriad of glamorous and seductive poses. She ended up sprawled
out on the couch on the set; limbs splayed everywhere to show off
her womanly charms. The next thing that Marilyn knew, she was
sitting on the couch with her chest about to burst through her
tiny bra, her arms cradling her breasts and her face in a
seductive pout.

"Okay, Marilyn. So far so good," Stacey complemented as she took
the camera away from her face.

"Um, thanks. I'm starting to get into this a bit."

"Now could you take off that bra for me?"

"Sure," Marilyn meekly responded as she moved to take off her

"Come on! Be more seductive!" Stacey barked out from behind the
camera. "Besides, it's just you and me in here," she continued in
a calmer voice as she again moved the camera away from her face.
"Relax. And don't forget to smile!"

She flashed her pearly whites at her subject, which got Marilyn
to smile back in return. In no time at all, Marilyn was hamming
it up for the camera as she was flashing away. She pretended as
is she was giving a show to an imaginary lover, enticing them
with her body. However, the very real Stacy was taking it in as
Marilyn writhed all over the couch, showing off her curves,
feeling her nipples harden.

'Damn, she has an incredible body,' Stacey thought to herself.
'She wasn't born a girl, but yet she has as good a body as any
woman I've ever fucked.'

She let her mind go on autopilot for a bit, snapping photos
unconsciously. Eventually, she regained enough control to tell
Marilyn to stop where she was posing.

"Okay, Marilyn. Sit down on the couch, move your butt to the end
of seat and straighten those long legs all the way out."

Stacey then put her camera down and kneeled down next to Marilyn.
She ordered Marilyn to keep her legs closed as she pulled her
panties down, coping a feel of her big, round ass and her smooth
thighs in the process.

When the panties cleared Marilyn's high heels, Stacey went back
to her camera and said, "Now, just open your legs slowly. That's
it." She kept shooting away as Marilyn's manhood was revealed.

"Oh my God," Stacey muttered under her breath. "That has to be
one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen and it's not even

She kept taking pictures, looking in awe of Marilyn's ebony
member. Eventually, she saw her subject's legs splayed wide, her
arms up on the back of the couch, her long legs, big breasts and
perfectly toned belly perfectly framing a very masculine dick.

Marilyn saw the way the photographer seemed to be moving
unconsciously and felt Stacey's gaze on her dick through the
lens. She was breathing nervously, her body quaking slightly
under the attention brought onto her. She saw the photographer
creep closer to her, the sound of the camera working seeming like
a machine gun. She was then told to assume a few basic positions
that seemed to give away the photographer's intent. First, she
was up on all fours, looking back over her shoulder and seeing
the lens focus between her legs. Then, she was laid out on her
side, her huge breasts tugging down at her chest and the tip of
her limp dick brushing against the velvet of the couch. Finally,
she was told to rise up on her elbow and spread her legs
slightly. She felt the photographer gaze lustily at her while the
photos continued to snap away mere inches from her crotch. Her
nipples were hardening at the scene presented between her
breasts, a beautiful girl practically poised to suck her off.

"Uh, Marilyn, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah... go ahead."

Stacey thought for a bit to see if her little ruse was going to
work, then continued. "You know, um, this magazine often requires
shots of you erect. The best way for this to work is for me to
suck you off a little. Besides, um, the saliva makes it look
better. W-would you mind that?"

"Okay!" Marilyn responded, getting more than a little bit excited
at the prospect of an actual blowjob. "I'll take it! This is
getting like a real porno shoot!" As Stacey went off to the side
to put her camera down, Marilyn ventured another request. "By the
way, could you do me a favor before you do what you have to do?"

"Sure. Ask away."

"Could you give me one of those kisses like you see in porno
movies? You know, when they just touch tongues?"

"Okay! Just let me come on over," Stacey replied.

She also thought to herself, 'Good, now I have an excuse to feel
up her tits.'

Stacey walked over to Marilyn, then braced herself on Marilyn's
tits and stuck out her tongue. As she flicked the tip of her
tongue against the tip of Marilyn's tongue, Stacy took the time
of squeeze and maul Marilyn's firm, pillowy breasts. As Marilyn
got more into the kiss, she let her tongue get wrestled around by
her subject's as she let her palms feel all of the large areolas
and the pebble hard nipples of Marilyn. Stacey pinched and pulled
at Marilyn's nipples, making her jump some, then positioned
herself on her knees to suck on Marilyn's dick.

Marilyn pulled her tits apart and pulled at her nipples as she
saw Stacey take her tip in her mouth. Stacey just nursed on her
for a bit and licked all around the tip, making her shake and
getting her dick harder by the second. As she hardened, Stacey
slowly stroked her shaft getting a feel for her size and making
her fuck her hips into her hands. She left the feeling ride,
pulling and pinching at her nipples as her dick became fully

"Damn, you're a big girl! I'm gonna have to try to see if I can
suck you right," Stacey mentioned to Marilyn.

"Heh. I know. It's rare that someone can throat me, not without
practice anyway."

"How big are you?"

"Oh, about 13 inches."

"Oh my!" Stacey remarked as her body shook in lust, letting her
breasts jiggle a bit. "Well, lemme see how much I can suck of
this monster."

She then opened her mouth as much as she could, held Marilyn's
dick straight up, closed her eyes and dove right on to her object
of lust. She stretched her lips around Marilyn's thick shaft and
inhaled about 7 inches of the shaft before she choked. Recovering
slightly, she managed to suck her way up the last few inches of
the shaft and gave the tip a long French kiss.

"Damn, you're huge! You know you could kill someone with this
thing, right?"

"Mmmhmm. You aren't the first person to choke on it."

Stacey then held the shaft in one hand and looked at the spit
slick upper half of her subject's dick.

"You look good enough to eat, like a really large tootsie roll,"
She placed her tongue at the base of Marilyn's cock and took one
long lick from root to tip, then continued, "mind if I try to
find how many licks it takes to get to the center?"

"Go ahead."

With that, Stacey began methodically covering every inch of
Marilyn's huge cock with her tongue, snaking her tongue up one
side, then doing a thorough tonguing of her large, spongy tip.
She took her time in her task, making sure each side was as wet
as possible, and the nerves on the tip were thoroughly teased,
before going onto another side. Marilyn idly played with her long
hair and a hard nipple as Stacey went about her task, sucking in
air every time her glans was toyed with.

She had just closed her eyes when she heard Stacey call out

Marilyn was just about to open her eyes when Stacey said, "Don't.
Don't do it. You look so hot this way. Now put your fingers
around the base, like you're about to jerk it off. There you go."

"Can I open my eyes now?"

"Sure, go ahead."

Just as Marilyn opened her eyes, she saw Stacey unpinning her
auburn hair, letting it cascade to her shoulders. "You know," she
continued while she was unbuckling her overalls, "I'm not gonna
get too many chances to fuck a dick like yours. I mean, the guys
I've been with have been okay, but none have been equipped like

She pulled the top of her overalls away from her body, revealing
the tight white T-shirt that was hiding her good sized, and
apparently braless, breasts.

"I mean, I hope you're a good fuck. However, with something that
big, I think I can take care of any flaws you may have in
technique." By this time, her sneakers were off, and her overalls
were quickly coming down, revealing the puffy stiff of auburn
hair shaved into her pubic hair. "Mind if I fuck you? It's not
for money, but I'm just so curious about you."

Stacey walked over to Marilyn on the couch, straddled her waist
on her knees and aimed the massive fuck weapon at her quiver. She
rubbed the tip of the huge dick against her slick, bare pussy

"Can't you feel how wet I am," she purred. "I've been hot for you
ever since I've first felt you up. Now I want all of you." She
braced herself by squeezing Marilyn's breast with one hand and
slowly let the huge black dick spread her lips.

"OH MY GOD!" Stacey screamed after letting a couple inches ease

She bit her lip to quiet herself some and to cut down on the
massive amounts of stimulation her pussy received from the
initial invasion and friction from Marilyn's cock. She pressed
both of her hands into Marilyn's chest, her palms rubbing against
the nipples unintentionally.

"Grab onto my tits," begged Stacey. "Please, I need you to do
that so I can ease you in. Damn, you stretch me so completely!!!"

Marilyn grabbed onto Stacey's breasts, which felt almost as large
as her own, and played with her nipples to torture her some more.
The sensation got Stacey to suddenly lower herself 3 more inches
instantly, and the resulting friction on her clit and g-spot had
her squeezing onto Marilyn tight, shaking in orgasm.

'Hmm, maybe I should do some more of this. Besides, her pussy
feels so nice and wet and tight,' she thought to herself.

Marilyn then lifted Stacey's shirt over her breasts, then wet her
fingertips with her spit and toyed with her nipples some more,
flicking and twisting and pulling on them.

"Oh shit! You're pulling on me girl!" Marilyn cried out.

She couldn't help but moan as another 4 inches of herself slid
inside of Stacey, triggering another string of orgasms and a nice
milking sensation on her dick.

"STOP! I can't take much more," Stacey gasped out.

Her body was already exhausted, racked 3 quick orgasms. However,
despite the fact that she still had a few inches outside of her,
she was still hungry for the challenge of taming that dick.

"Lemme work that dick, you teasing little minx," Stacey joked,
tugging hard on Marilyn's nipples for emphasis. "Let me do the

With that, she gently eased up an inch on Marilyn's shaft, and
then slowly eased back down. Little by little, she increased the
length of the strokes, simply closing her eyes, smiling and
enjoying the incredible experience. Eventually, she got herself
stretched out enough that she was riding the huge penis with

"Mmm, that feels so nice. Lemme get myself off with it."

"Go ahead. Ride me to your heart's content."

"Yeah, you feel so nice. Ooh, your dick has found nerves I didn't
think were there. Yeah, lemme work that dick."

Marilyn held onto Stacey's boobs as she let herself delight in
the experience, letting her set the pace of her fucking by not
moving her hips. She saw that Stacey was almost overwhelmed by
the sensation, shaking with each thrust and moaning

"Yeah, you feel so good, squeeze that dick for me."

"Mmmhmm, aaaahh."

"Yeah, you want me to do something to make you feel even better?"


Then suddenly, Marilyn shot up, breaking free of the pressure of
Stacey's arms, and started flicking her nipple with her tongue as
fast as she could.

"Oh my God... no... noooo... TOO MUCH... AAAAAAA."

Stacey immediately pressed Marilyn's mouth flat to her breast,
filling Marilyn's mouth with tit flesh, and came hard. She
thrashed about wildly, holding onto Marilyn's head for security
as much as stimulation. Eventually, she went silent, made mute by
the stimulation. She let the force of the orgasm pull her in,
letting her grip slip and having her fall braced only by the
couch behind her.

When she came to, Stacey noticed that Marilyn was looking over
her. Her breasts were dangling in her face, looking as delicious
as ripe melons, and her make-up barely ran in all the action.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh yes! That dick of yours ought to be registered as a lethal
weapon. You nearly killed me there with those orgasms."

"I know. You worked that dick pretty hard there. That felt pretty

"Did you cum yet?"

"Nah. Besides, I haven't made you cum yet," Marilyn replied. She
gently stroked Stacey's smooth lips and asked, "Can I eat you

"FUCK NO! I can't handle all that," Stacey exclaimed. "Besides,
we have a photo shoot to finish." She pulled her shirt back over
her breasts, and then got up to walk towards the camera. "Let me
load some more film in this camera. Why don't you relax on the
couch there, Marilyn?"

As Marilyn sat back on the couch, her still-hard dick glistening
with Stacey's secretions, Stacey thought about the set of shots
that was going to appeal on the last roll. "Hmm, that dick is
nice and slick. It looks ready to be jerked off," she thought to
herself. "I wonder how much cum that monster produces."

"Hey, Marilyn!"


"I got an idea that'll make you very popular with our perverted
bosses," Stacey responded. "But it'll give me an excuse to taste
your cum afterwards," she thought to herself.

"Okay, why don't you masturbate yourself. Think about a good fuck
from the past. You know, like your baby's mother? I know it must
have taken a lot of work for her to take that monster dick of
yours. Yeah, work it nice and slow like that."

'Mmm, that feels so nice and slick,' Marilyn thought to herself
as she stroked herself. As she stroked her long shaft with her
left hand, her right rubbed and massaged her right breast, adding
a nice bit of stimulation.

'I wish Kat was here,' she thought to herself as she kept
masturbating, oblivious to the world around her. 'I wish the way
her cute little lips sucked on my tits, the way she flicked her
tongue on my breasts... oooh... the way her tiny pussy milked my
dick to perfection, how cure she used to look when she came. Oh
yeah, work it Kat... work that fucking cunt.'

Stacey kept shooting; amazed at the pure lust she was watching.
She got closer as she kept snapping the pictures and saw how
close Marilyn was to cumming. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and
she was seductively licking her lips to keep them wet. Her body
was an incredible site for Stacey to behold, as she felt her
nipples harden again and her pussy lubricate against its will.
Marilyn's hands seemed to be transplanted from another body, with
the blood red claws contrasting with the massive ebony shaft. The
fingers on her other hand seemed to be playing an unknown, yet
perfect melody on her breasts. As her hand pumped her dick faster
and faster, lubed by the remaining pussy juices on her dick, she
started moaning something unconsciously.

"Oh yeah, Ka... make me cum, honey I wanna fill you up so bad. I
gave you what you want the last time, right. Yeah, ooh... I wanna
pump that little pussy with cum. I know you love how that feels,
huh. You love being coated huh. Beg for my cum. you want me t
cum, hmm. Oh yeah. Take it from me. I'm yours. ooooh. oooh.

Stacey kneeled in stunned disbelief as she saw the scene in front
of her. cum seemed to spurt out of her subject like a fountain,
then land on her belly, which she dutifully photographed. Her
body bucked and writhed like it was taken over by a demon, and
her face seemed to be contorted in pain.

'Damn, she looks so hot getting off like that," Stacey thought to
herself as she moved around to get all the right shots. "And I
wish I was that Kat girl she's screaming about. She must be one
lucky girl.'

As Marilyn was slowly recovering, Stacey was quick to move in and
lick up a taste of Marilyn's juices. She let the slightly bitter
and thick rest on her cum for a bit, then swallowed it.

"Hey, Marilyn, do you know how tasty you are?"

"I never thought of myself as tasty, even after I tried to taste
some of my own cum. But thanks."

"Anyway, that was an incredible shoot. I've done quite a few
shoots of men, women, even girls like you. Allow me to say that
you're the hottest subject I've ever shot."

"Thanks a lot."

Stacey walked over to her discarded overalls and pulled them back
on. "By the way, you're an incredible fuck. Maybe sometime, I
could slip you a few bucks and give you a ride on the side."

"Well, I do need the money."

"Don't sweat it. I know you care about your girlfriend very

"I know. My, er, our daughter was my gift to her."

Stacey stared at Marilyn in stunned silence.


"Yeah. I miss her so much. I just wish those pricks didn't kidnap
her and force her into prostitution and God knows what."

"Look. I know you'll do well with the big bosses. I'll make sure
to help you out. Plus, if you need a shoulder to cry on and a
pussy to fuck out, I'll be there."

"Thanks, Stacey."

Stacey ran over to her supply table, ripped off a piece of paper
and hurriedly scribbled down her number. "Here's my number. Call
me anytime about the contract or for some fun."

Marilyn got up off the couch, went to Stacey and got her number
from her. "Okay... um."


"Okay, Stacey, I'm getting dressed and getting out of here. I
gotta get back to Jersey State. I'll give you a buzz about where
to send my check for this okay?"


"See ya!" said Marilyn, tugging on her nipples a bit to hold on
to the sensation.


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