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MB2 TBOM thick curly hair extended dark


Keywords: tg/ff, inc, ir, schoolgirlPart: 2 of 4Author: Brett LynnTitle:
Marilyn's Beginnings: The Birth of Marilyn

Now we’ve made it to our latest installment of the prequel. One
question remains…where’s Obi Wan Kenobi? ;-) Anyway, I’m introducing a new
character in this one based on one special fan who helped me come up with a
simpler story line. THANK YOU KAATSEYES!!! Sometimes, I tend to forget
I’m writing for lay people looking to get off instead of science geeks in
my General Biochem class. Oh well. Don’t worry; there will be no lack of
sex. I’m surprising low on witty banter this time, so with out further
ado, it’s time for the disclaimers…

This work of fiction is for the non-commercial use of its readers.
Permission to copy and distribute through electronic media for
non-commercial purposes is granted. All commercial and non-electronic
rights are reserved by me, the author. Please do not read this story if
you are offended by adult material, reading this material is illegal in
your legal jurisdiction or, if in the United States, under the age of 18.
It ain't like this disclaimer is going to stop the determined, but I gotta
try. So without further ado, on with the story.



Marilyn had just finished up the dishes when her hormones finally got
the best of her and got her horny as hell. It often wound up that way when
she did the dishes. Her tendency to splash the water on herself often
ended up being a turn-on, with the cooling water stimulating her skin, her
breasts and, especially, her nipples. As the water cooled down in the skin
and on her T-shirt, the delicious sensations of the cool water against her
was a major turn-on. That got her dick hard and, thanks to the fact she
was pantiless, that got her turned on even more because of the way her tip
rubbed against her jeans. That got her so horny, she rushed to finish the
dishes so she could take care of herself. Luckily for her, there were only
cups left in the sink by the time she became so aroused. “Thank God I
don’t have to scrub any pans,” Marilyn thought to herself. “I’d probably
be passed out on the kitchen floor in ecstasy.”

With the door slammed shut, she took the time to pull her T-shirt up
over her boobs, framing them as if in a porno shoot or some Bourbon Street
flasher looking for plastic beads. She looked down to notice her hard,
swollen nipples and grabbed at her breasts roughly with both hands,
noticing how sensitive her nipples and areolas were. She walked over to
her bed, laid down on her bed on her back, and then lifted her hips off the
bed as she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans while slipping them down to
her knees. As she did that, her dick popped out and slapped back against
her belly. Jumping slightly, she looked up at the Tyra Banks poster on her
wall and continued massaging her tits.

“Ooh, what I wouldn’t give to get with her,” Marilyn thought to herself.
“Too bad she isn’t into girls. Maybe I’d have a snowball’s chance in hell.
Then again, I doubt that even if she were, she'd be into special girls like

Staring at the poster, her self-gratification had slowed down a bit and
she wasn’t pawing at her mammaries as aggressively as she was earlier. She
enjoyed pawing at her breasts. In fact, they were her favorite body part
to get her heated up. No doubt that she enjoyed using her dick to launch
into her common rocket blast of an orgasm, but just to get herself heated
up, she loved the feel of her nipples in the palm of her hand. Calmly
playing with her boobies now, she thought back to when she found out how
good this felt…


It was a little over a year since Donnie and his sister started playing
together. They did it on an occasional basis from time to time, when the
need arose from either of them. However, they didn’t go much further that
touching each other. They weren’t exactly having sex with each other or
anything. It was just something to break up the monotony of a dull life of
Queens-based private high school student.

Meanwhile, it was high school activities that had Donnie up on this fall
afternoon. Today was the day of his annual physical that he had to clear
to play high school basketball. He was becoming a decent player, coming
off the bench during his freshman year and contributing some as a role
player. This year, he hoped that things would change and get a starting

Then again, things had already changed from the previous year. He had
grown out his short hair to an Afro, then had his Afro braided by his
sister. Donnie had started to lose the baby fat, replacing it with solid
muscle with the help of some weight training. However, there were some
things that changed that weren’t quite the product of puberty or weight

One thing was that his hips were beginning to broaden slightly, though
masked somewhat by his wide shoulders. His butt was filling out in a way
that was a bit unusual for a guy, vaguely feminine. In fact, it gave him a
funny nickname among his teammates … Sweetcheeks. Also, he noticed that
his manhood was starting to grow as well. When he measured it a few weeks
ago, he noticed it was about 9 inches long hard, 2 inches longer than he
was the previous year.

“You’d think that all the female hormones would have taken care of my
dick by now, from what I’ve read on the net,” Donnie thought to himself.
“I thought those hormones would cause some shrinkage if anything.” Then he
stretched up his arms to feel the biggest change in the past year. His
breasts were starting to fill out. While they were just small enough to
play off a bit of stubborn baby fat on his chest in the locker room, he had
gotten big enough to fill a solid B cup. The nipples had gotten huge and
sensitive too. He loved it when his sister started playing with them and
sucking them, especially if one of his sister’s hands was jerking him off.
However, he himself had not touched them in any sexual way. After all, his
little boobies didn’t seem real enough to him and it seemed that they would
disappear if he touched them.

Nonetheless, curiosity finally got the best of him this morning. Since
he had some down time, Donnie decided to explore himself. He walked over
to the mirror behind his dresser and lifted up his T-shirt over his head.
For the first time, he consciously looked at his developing chest. He
inspected the small swellings on his chest that he saw in the mirror,
especially the smooth, shiny, almost black skin around his nipples. He
reached up his finger to trace a finger around his nipple, relishing in the

“Ooooh, that feels good,” Donnie thought to himself. “I should have
done this a long time ago. Who knew the sensations would feel so good?!”

He repeated the same motion with his free hand on the other nipple. He
then wetted one finger with his tongue before having it circle his nipple
again while he pinched and pulled at a nipple with the other hand. With
the wet finger, he pressed out circles around his nipple, and then that
hand too began pinching and pulling on the nipple it was on. As he was
manipulating his miniature mammaries, he started moaning and cooing loudly,
and he felt his dick get hard in his shorts.

Meanwhile, his sister was walking down the hall when she stopped to
listen to what her brother was doing. Sharilynn was already up and
dressed, waiting to go hang out with a friend of hers. Her now DDD boobs were held in by a bra and her tight T-shirt, which did more to show off her
endowment instead of hide them. Since she wasn’t planing to do any major
flirting, she wore some jeans that couldn’t help but be snug over her big,
round ass but were fairly baggy in the legs. She finished off her outfit
with some white sneakers and white socks. Even though she wasn’t in the
mood for sex, the sounds of her brother’s high-pitched mewing from apparent
self-stimulation started to harden her nipples. She peeked into her
brother’s room and saw him pawing at his chest. “It turns out Donnie has
finally discovered his new boobies,” she thought to herself. “Then again,
between the breasts, the slight shape change and the way he sounds we
someone touches him, I wonder if ‘him’ is the right adjective nowadays.”

Licking her gloss-covered lips, she decided to sneak up on her brother and play some before going out with her friend. “Besides,” she reasoned,
“she has to come from the other side of Queens. She shouldn’t be here for
a while.”

She pushed open the door as quietly as possible, then crouched down and
walked up quietly behind her brother. She reached up to her brother’s
nipples, pinched them and pulled them over her brother’s fingers. When her
brother moaned and leaned his head back, she took the opportunity to nibble
and lick on her brother’s neck.

Upon feeling his sister’s lips on his neck, Donnie gasped, fluttered his
eyes open and said to his sister “Oh, there you are! I never anticipated
you showing up, but I’m so glad you’re here.”

“So am I. Besides, how could I resist the sound of my brother is such
rapture, especially when he finally discovers his, er…gifts,” Sharilynn
replied as she glanced down to her brother’s breasts. Sharilynn then stood
up on her toes to look at her hands as they continued massaging her
brother’s breasts and mauling his nipples. Then she looked forward to the
mirror in front of them and saw a quite interesting sight. She saw her
brother’s baby-smooth faced writhed in passion, his corn-rowed head bobbing
up and down gently. Her eyes continued over to her own image in the
mirror, smiling somewhat mischievously, then over her brother’s wide
shoulders to his bosom.

Even though it was hard to tell because of the motion’s of her hands,
she could tell by what she felt and what she could see that her brother was
developing a figure that while not the classical hourglass was definitely
feminine. Even though her brother’s breasts were barely a handful, the
almost-black nipples were very sensitive to the touch, based on the way he
moved when she touched them, and his breasts seemed to have the potential
to be nearly as big as hers. She kept looking as she stuck a tongue in her
brother’s ear at her brother’s stomach starting to flatten out and lose the
baby fat. Meanwhile, it seemed that her brother’s hips were flesh out and
become more womanly. As she snaked her head around to lick at a nipple,
Sharilynn did notice something that remained more masculine as the hormones
did their work as she saw a nice sized bulge in her brother’s shorts.
“Mmmm…it looks bigger than it has before,” she purred out between licks of
her brother’s nipple. Feeling temptation overcome her, she reached her
hand into her brother’s shorts and grabbed his hard cock. She stroked her
brother’s manhood slowly but firmly, pushing out his shorts more and more
with each stroke. On the fourth stroke, her brother’s cock popped out his
shorts. Sharilynn’s eyes popped out in surprise, then the expression on
her face turned into one of pure lust. She quickly pulled the shorts off
her brother, then looked back in the mirror as she went on to suck on her
brother’s nipple.

As she was sucking, she took in a very interesting sight. She saw
herself sucking away at her brother’s puffy nipple on his small breasts.
As her eyes continued down the mirror, she looked at the flattening tummy
of her brother. While it wasn’t quite washboard yet, it was loosing some
of the baby fat and definitely looking better. Once Sharilynn managed to
pull her eyes away from what she thought was becoming a delicious looking
navel, she looked at the very interesting site just below her brother’s
waist. She saw that her brother’s hips were rounding out with flesh to
look definitely more androgynous, if not more feminine. However, there was
no doubt to the gender of the truncheon poking out from between her
brother’s legs. Through a mass of thick curly hair extended a dark rod of
the largest cock she had ever seen. It was so thick that she had to clamp
down hard around it just for her fingertips to touch. Also, it was very
long and powerful looking, a sex object that would make any lover of men gush in desire. Panting heavily, she began to kiss her way down her
brother’s body like she had never done before.

“Oh, baby, let me suck on that cock of yours,” panted Sharilynn.

“Well, uh, OK, go ahead sis,” replied Donnie, shocked to see his sister want to go down on him out of the blue.

Donnie stared into the mirror and blindly stroked his sister’s hair. He
saw and felt his sister plant butterfly kisses across his body down to his
navel. His sister then stuck her tongue inside his navel, wiggling it
around, and sucked on the soft flesh. He gasped and grabbed onto his
sister’s hair with both hands, moaning with pleasure. Then his sister started tongue kissing his navel deeply, making his nipples harden and his
cock twitch in the air, lightly hitting his sister. Taking that as a cue,
Sharilynn kissed and licked her way down to the base of her brother’s cock.
After slowly licking out a trail in her brother’s pubic hair with her
tongue, she grabbed onto her brother’s cock, pulled it straight out from
his body and started kissing her way down the massive member. Enraptured
by the sensation of his sister’s mouth on his cock, he braced one hand
against the dresser and pawed at his breast with the other. Continuing the
music that he felt being played on his organ, he opened his eyes long
enough to see that his sister was kissing on the tip of his cock, flicking
out her tongue occasionally. She then encircled her tongue around her
brother’s cock and panted on it with her open mouth. Sharilynn’s tongue
slowly licked its way back down to the base of her brother’s cock, feeling
every pulsing vein in his rampant dick.

“Oh God, sis, why didn’t you do this before,” breathed out Donnie.

Sharilynn looked up into her brother’s eyes, smiled seductively and
purred, “well, if I had realized how big you would have become, I would
have done this a long time ago.”

She winked, and then continued licking her brother’s cock. With each
pass, her brother’s breathing became more ragged, and her panties were
slowly starting to soak themselves. Slowly but surely, her brother’s cock
became glazed to perfection, glistening with the pure lust the siblings
felt for each other. When she felt she had teased her brother enough, she
stuck her tongue in her brother’s pisshole and moved it around a bit. As
her tongue moved mere millimeters deeper inside, her mouth rapidly closed
the distance between her lips and the tip she so wanted to suck on. When
her open lips completely surrounded the tip, she pulled her tongue out of
it and began to suck gently. With her right hand, she gently glided up and
down the lubed cock while her left reached down and played with her
brother’s balls. She sucked her brother’s cock gently but firmly and
bobbed her head up and down the dick, her tongue gently swirling around the
shaft as she sucked.

Donnie arched his back and played with both of his nipples as he tried
to both stand up and enjoy the incredible feelings his sister worked on his
cock. As his sister managed to take him into her throat and move her lips
closer to the base, he licked a finger, then drew lazy circles around his
nipple, enjoying the cooling touch to his excited nipples. When he felt
his sister bury her lips as far as she could, he grabbed onto her head and
enjoyed the deep throating his sister was giving him. As he felt her
working her throat on his cock, and her hands on his ass, he nearly came
and pulled her head off of his cock a bit. However, he wanted more of that
feeling, and soon, he was thrusting his hips back and forth, sawing his
cock in and out of his sister’s mouth. Soon, the room was eerily quiet,
save for the slurping sounds of Sharilynn’s mouth and the occasional
moaning coming from Donnie’s mouth.

It was into this scene that Sharilynn’s friend walked in. Kat had just
been let by her friend’s mother, who was sitting in the living room reading
the newspaper. She found it quite unusual that her friend wasn’t sitting
in the living room raring to go. “Oh well,” she thought to herself.
“Lemme check back in her bedroom.”

Even though Sharilynn and Kat were good friends in their high school,
they definitely looked like an odd couple together. In contrast to her
friend’s Amazonian height, ebony skin and porn star body, Kat was all of
4’7” with a rail thin frame and looked somewhat younger than her 15 years.
Her almond-shaped green eyes and pale yellow skin seemed to finish off the
vast contrast in looks between her and Sharilynn. However, as they say,
still waters run deep and, despite her innocent looks, she was as much the
flirt as Sharilynn. In fact, they enjoyed hanging out shopping so they
could drive the guys wild and watch the bulges fill their pants. In fact,
if the bulge was big enough, they blessed him with both of their numbers.
It was easy pickings for them; if the guy didn’t like one, he was sure to
like the other.

Kat was thinking this to herself when she noticed an unusual movement in
her friend’s brother’s room. Curiosity got the better of her, so she
decided to take a peek in before walking into her friend’s room. What she
saw was the shock of her young life.

Starting from the bottom up, what she saw couldn’t be termed unusual.
In fact, she saw her friend dressed in what could be termed her normal
shopping uniform with the T-shirt and the somewhat baggy jeans. “Sharilynn
must want me to be the bait today,” she noted to herself. However, what
she saw was quite unusual indeed. She first picked up some hands on her
hair, grasping it tight. Then she saw what was definitely the biggest dick
in her life, appearing to be almost as big as her forearm. Then she
checked out the equally surprising swell of the hips and butt attached to
the huge penis. Then she looked up for the last shocking vision of all.
She saw some small, yet substantial, tits on the body that was fucking her
friend’s throat. Then her eyes bulged out of her head when she realized
who it was she was looking at…her friend’s brother.

With that, she lost her balance and slumped against the door jam,
attracting the attention of both Donnie and Sharilynn, with Sharilynn
abruptly pulling her mouth off of her brother.

“Kat! What are you doing here?” Sharilynn screamed at her friend,
shocked at her appearance. Then she glanced at the clock and realized that
she was supposed to be here by this time. She looked at her friend,
crooked her finger and mouthed out the words ‘Come here.’

Still shocked at the scene before her, Kat regained her balance and
walked over to where the siblings were. She soon stood mouth-to-dick with
the massive organ that attractive her attention. Sharilynn, not wanting to
ruin the moment by screaming, mouthed to her hard-of-hearing friend, ‘Go
ahead, touch it.’ Acting as if Donnie’s anaconda was really a snake, she
tentatively touched, then gripped the massive organ. Her tiny hand then
stroked up and down Donnie’s big cock, more for her own curiosity than his
pleasure. She felt the pulsing veins of her, er, his dick and the
twitching of it as she looked up at the baby face and perky tits of her
friend’s brother. “If it weren’t for this in my hands, I’d swear that that
is a girl,” she thought to herself.

Kat cast her eyes downward at the massive piece of manhood and kissed
it. She then licked up the shaft to the tip of his cock, moving her tongue
all over the flaring head, feeling it pulse on her tongue. Sharilynn,
watching the scene unfold, moved her tongue onto her brother’s dick, and
entwined her tongue with her friends. Soon, their tongue played against
each other’s, and Sharilynn drew Kat into a deep tongue kiss with Donnie’s
dick between them. Their hands gently strokes each other’s arms as they
enjoyed their first kiss together, lost in the flow of the situation.
Donnie struggled to keep on his balance, let alone his sexual composure,
enjoying the feel of two mouths caressing his sensitive tip. He was about
to loose it when his sister grabbed Kat’s head, pushed the tip between them
into Kat’s mouth, and pushes Kat’s head down on her brother’s dick, forcing
her to start sucking on Donnie’s cock.

‘Enjoy, my dear friend,’ Sharilynn mouthed to her shocked friend, who
stared at her in a combination of pure lust and pure fear. ‘Besides, it’s
not fair that I have all the fun.’

“What did you say to her sis?” Donnie inquired, the shock of the scene
enfolding keeping him from choking his sister’s friend with cum.

Sharilynn stood up and whispered in her brother’s ear, “Oh, I told her
to enjoy herself sucking you. I would have screamed it loud for her to
hear, but that would get us in trouble and end this scene. You wouldn’t
want *this* to end, don’t you?” To emphasize the ‘this’, she ground her
crotch against her brother’s hip, enjoying the tingle she felt as the seam
on her jeans pressed against her slit and her swelling clit.


Sharilynn then walked around behind her friend to enjoy the show and to
begin to touch herself, rubbing her crotch against the flat of her hand.
She unbuttoned her jeans and slid her finger through her juicy pussy as she
looked at the scene unfolding in front of her. Her brother had entangled
his finger’s in her friend’s auburn-highlighted black hair, pulling her
friend’s back and forth along the massive dick in her friend’s mouth. The
slurping and muffled moaning coming from her friend’s mouth provided a
sensory contrast to the longing in her friend’s eyes, the pure lust
embodies in such a tiny package. As her finger came close to her clit, she
couldn’t help but squeeze it between her finger and her thumb, shuddering
at the sensory overload she was receiving. Slipping a finger inside of
herself, she managed to get to her knees to get a better view of the action
and kissed her friend on the nape of her neck. This got Kat to suck harder
on Donnie, which in turn got him to increase the rate of his pumping into
Kat’s mouth.

Slipping another finger inside of herself to add to the slow finger fuck
she was giving herself, Sharilynn reached up, unbuttoned and unzipped her
friend’s jeans and palmed her friend’s tiny, sparsely-haired pussy.
Feeling how wet her friend was, and not wanting to be a mere spectator to
the hot sex session evolving in front of her, she tugged hard on her
friend’s jeans and panties in one motion. This exposed her friend’s narrow
hips and tiny ass and requiring her brother to grip her friend’s head hard
to her body. While her brother enjoyed the grip of her friend’s deep
throating, she slid back slightly, pulling her friend along and spreading
her friend’s legs in the process. As she bent down to kiss and lick at her
friend’s ass crack, Sharilynn noticed her fingers were moving faster inside
of her, speeding her surprisingly closer to a climax. She tried to slow
down and buried her mouth in her friend’s butt, rimming out her asshole.
This caused Kat to shriek in shock and to clamp her mouth down harder on
Donnie, with her mouth acting like a vacuum on the massive cock.

With her friend starting to lick from her clit to her asshole in long,
broad strokes of her tongue, and her friend’s brother pumping into her tiny
mouth, Kat felt as if she was lost in a sea of feeling, trying desperately
to drown. Her mouth felt impossibly open, her skin felt incredibly
sensitive, her pussy felt unbelievably hot, and she found it hard to
believe she didn’t choke on the hard cock pulsing in her throat. Knowing
that wimpering as she was couldn’t turn the dial down on a pleasure so
intense it seemed almost painful to feel, she wiggled and licked around the
piece of manhood pumping her mouth, hoping it would send a message to him.
However, the message she received back was a complete surprise to her. She
felt two pumps that were so hard, she was afraid that some teeth would be
knocked out. Then, she looked up into Donnie’s eyes as he pushed her head
all the way down his cock, his mouth gaped open, his breasts and nipples
softly moving, his eyes lost in space. Soon, she felt the cock spasm
roughly in her mouth and felt the splashes of cum in her stomach. When she
felt her friend’s tongue on her clit as she felt the cum pouring down her
throat, she was in pure rapture. Never before had she felt so needed, so
wanted, so appreciated. While you could say she exploded into orgasm, she
felt it more as a final sinking into the sea of pleasure she was swimming
in. She grabbed onto her friend’s brother’s hips and rode out her little

As her friend was orgasming, Sharilynn had backed her head away from her
friend’s body and stood up straight up on her knees to see both her friend
and her brother recover from orgasm. She slipped a third finger inside
herself and massaged her clit with her finger as she saw her brother slip
his cock out of her friend’s mouth and squeeze the last bit of cum out of
his tip. Her friend grabbed the dick, kiss the tip and gently licked the
cum off of the tip. This erotic sight pushed Sharilynn over the edge as
she bit her lips and came hard, bracing herself against the dresser as her
hips bucked and her chest heaved. She closed her eyes as she fell against
the dresser and rode out the intense orgasm from her manual excitement.

She opened her eyes to see her friend pull her brother’s shorts up over
his softening dick, tucking it inside the shorts. Then she saw Kat lick
her lips to remove the last bit of cum and said in her pronounced lisp,
“Wow! That was incredible. And your brother’s so sexy! He’s like a girl with the perfect dick.”

Sharilynn mouthed back at her, “yeah, that was incredible with you two
guys. Maybe I should try this again.” Then she said loudly, “OK, let’s go,
Kat! We need to let Donnie go, plus we’re missing valuable flirting time!”
She pulled up her jeans and panties, then stood up and beckoned her friend
to come along with her. Kat then pulled up her jeans and panties and
followed along.

Donnie, as he was turning to go to the bathroom, caught a glance in the
mirror. “Damn,” he said to himself, “that was unreal.” With that, he
picked up a T-shirt, threw it on, and walked to the bathroom to take a


He had managed to get himself ready to go to the doctor in enough time
following the excitement in his bedroom and was sitting patiently in the
examination room waiting for the doctor to show up. He was thumbing the
paper the doctor needed to fill out with his physical when his doctor
walked through the door.

“Hi Donnie! How’s it going?” said the female doctor, trying to put her
patient at ease.

“OK, I guess. This isn’t exactly where I like to spend my weekend

“Don’t worry. Now strip down to just your underwear.”

Donnie panicked for a bit, afraid to show the doctor how he’d changed in
the past year. “Besides, it’s not exactly normal for boys to have
breasts,” he thought to himself. He took off his shoes, socks and jeans
without incident. The same thing happened with his fleece. However, when
he got to his T-shirt, he hesitated, then quickly pulled off the shirt and
sat down on the examination table.

The doctor did a double take when he glanced at her patient’s chest.
Then she quickly said, “I’m getting your mother. She needs to see this,”
then ran out to the waiting room. When Mrs. Walker and the doctor
returned, Donnie’s mother said to herself out loud, “how is this possible?”

“Doc, can I speak to my mom privately for a moment?”

“Well…sure. Let me know when you’re finished.”

Then Donnie told everything to his mother about the birth control pills
and how he wanted a woman’s body. Mrs. Walker stood in shock as she heard
for the first time what her son was doing. After Donnie finished talking,
his mother just looked at him in complete shock. She then took a deep
breath and said, “I have two questions for you.”

“Shoot, ma.”

“One, do you feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body?”

“Nah, ma, not really. It’s hard to explain. It’s not that I have
problems with being a guy and all. After all, if I did, why would I be
sitting here getting a physical for basketball or trying to pick up girls and watch football and do, you know, guy things? Got me?”

“Ooo-K. Now for the second question. Are you gay? It’s OK if you
are,” said Donnie’s mother as she wrapped an arm around her son for a hug.

“Chill! No thank you. I mean, if I felt that way, I wouldn’t be doing
this just to look right in the eyes of myself or my family. If I was gay,
I’d, well, be gay, whatever that means. Troubled as my relations with the
opposite sex are, it’s not because of lack of desire on my part. It’s more
a lack of luck.”

“Well, if this is what you want, son, I fancy you’ll have a hard go of
it with women. Straight girls don’t want girls, and lesbians aren’t
exactly in love with the pianist, if you get my drift.”

Donnie shrugged and said, ”Hmph. Whatever.”

“OK, Donnie. I’ll tell the doctor what you told me. As long as you can
do the guy thing in school, you can play basketball.” She then pulled her
cell phone out of her purse. “Now, I’m gonna make a few phone calls to my
job and see if there are any people that can help you out, OK?
Everything’s gonna be fine.”

She walked out the door, and Donnie heard her speak to his doctor about
what they had just said. After the conversation stopped, Donnie’s doctor
walked in.

“OK, your mother told me about your situation. I’m going to do the
physical as normal, as your mother asked. However, I’m going to do two
things extra. One is that I’m going to draw some blood and have some tests
done on you to see that you’re healthy. The other thing…well…could you
pull your underwear down to your shorts please?”

Donnie stood up, pulled his drawers down and stood back up. The doctor
took a look at his genitalia, scrunched up her eyes and said,
“Hmmm…interesting. You can pull them back up now.” As Donnie pulled his
underwear back up, the doctor made a note of what she saw.

“OK Donnie, now let’s get on with the physical…”


Donnie had just walked in the door from shooting some hoops with his
friends. When he came into the kitchen to get something to drink, he saw
his mother home earlier than normal with that look on her face that most
kids dread from their parents.

“Donnie, we need to talk.”

Donnie poured himself a glass of orange juice, put the container back in
the refrigerator and sat down across from his mother.

“What’s up?”

“I called the doctor about your physical. She said that after looking
at your blood work, you passed with flying colors, and you’ll be eligible
to play basketball this year. However, we got to talk about a few things.”

“Like what ma?”

“Remember when I saw your chest at the doctor’s office and said ‘how is
that possible?’”


“Here’s the deal. At first, it appeared that you suffered from
gynecomastia, a condition where guys end up with small breasts. However, I
found that impossible considering your genetic background. See, while most
guys have XY chromosomes, you have XYY. Since you managed to avoid the
health problems and mental retardation associated with the condition, I was
going to wait until you started having children to tell you about it.
After all, you could pass it down to your children.

“Anyway, until you told me about the birth control pills, I didn’t know
what was going on. However, once you told me what you did, it all started
to make sense. You see, every male produces a trace amount of estrogen.
That’s why you have nipples. That trace amount is produced in ratio to the
amount of testosterone you have, which because of your condition, is high
to begin with. When you started taking those pills, it threw your body out
of balance. Your testosterone production went up because of the estrogen
levels, which in turn elevated your estrogen levels. It put your hormones
through a positive feedback loop that created elevated levels of
everything, making your manhood, based on what your doctor said, more
enhanced while still giving parts of your body more feminine traits.”

She stopped taking, then pulled out a bottle of pills. “I got this from
one of the R&D labs at my job. These pills will allow your body to produce
higher levels of estrogen to give you the body that you want. Also, these
pills have an ingredient that will restrict the amount of estrogen you
produce to healthy levels. I’ve also gotten you your own prescription for
female birth control pills to help your body produce hormones in a natural
cycle, giving you some balance, OK?”

“Gotcha mom.”

“Oh, and you do know at one point, you are going to have to live, to the
outside world at least, as a female, right?"


“What do you want you name to be?”

“Well, to keep with the ‘Lynn’ theme in me and my sister’s names, how

“Sounds good by me. Marilyn it will be. But you’ll always be Donnie to

“Thanks Ma.”


With her mind drifting back on the nostalgia trip, Marilyn was barely
playing with her nipples, lazily tweaking the soft nipple with the palm of
her hands.

“Damn, I hate when that happens,” she thought to herself. “And I need a
good cum too. Those memories got me thinking.”

Now determined to get off one more time before going to bed, she pulled
her jeans all the way off. Then she stood up, dick hanging limply in the
air, walked over to her computer and fired up Netscape, ready to search the
Net for some good porn to get her hard and get her off.

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