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MB4 TCOP movies they watched her friends


Keywords: tg/f, tg/ff, f/f, inc, oral, anal, interracial, asian, white,
orgy, D/sAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: Marilyn's Beginnings: The Coming Out

Welcome to the 4th part of the Marilyn prequel, where we wrap up my
little story...for the time being. I got some ideas for follow-up stories to this tale. If you got a few, email them to me and throw them at me.
This is going to be an electrifying story, I hope, so I hope you have
plenty of time blocked out for this one. Besides, if you really had
something super important to do, you wouldn't be reading me for your erotic
entertainment. So if you wanna smell what I'm cooking up, read on. But
first, I gotta get rid of this Rock I like to call disclaimers...

Now it's time for the part that just for the lawyers...the disclaimers!
This work of fiction is for the non-commercial use of its readers.
Permission to copy and distribute through electronic media for
non-commercial purposes is granted. All commercial and non-electronic
rights are reserved by me, the author. Please do not read this story if
you are offended by adult material, reading this material is illegal in
your legal jurisdiction or, if in the United States, under the age of 18.
It ain't like this disclaimer is going to stop the determined, but I gotta


"Come on, Shari! Let's go! We're running a bit late to visit Kat, and
I don't wanna miss a second!"

"Be there in a minute sis!"

Marilyn had just smoothed down her hair just enough to put on her Yankee
baseball cap. She was dressed pretty casually, even for her, by wearing no
makeup, a loose T-shirt, running sneakers and track pants. Even though she
knew her underwear was going to end up disappearing not too long after they
arrived at their friend's house, she did make concessions to modesty in
wearing a simple burgundy bra. She also wore the tiniest red g-string she
could find, meant only to barely hold her manhood up just long enough until
they made it inside, where I could be very easily pushed aside.

"OK sis! I ready to go!"

Sharilynn walked down the stairs looking every bit the hot slut she was.
She was wearing a short, tight denim skirt, a tight white baby T-shirt, all
without the benefit of foundation garments.

"Remember, Sharilynn, the extra-curricular activities aren't gonna
happen till we make it out to Kat's house," Marilyn noted looking at her

"I know, I know, but it doesn't hurt to be ready."

"But come on. I'm ready," noted Marilyn as she pulled her pants down
enough to show her sister her dick being barely held in by the g-string.
"But, I'm not going for the slut look," she commented as she pulled her
pants back up and opened the door to leave.

"Alright, forget about it Marilyn. Let's go."

The sisters walked the short distance to the Bx12 and got on the bus a
few short minutes later, beginning the long journey out to Flushing to see
their friend. As the siblings sat down next to each other, Sharilynn
started to talk.

"You know, going to Kat's house and seeing your shaved crotch for that
brief second has gotten me thinking..."

"About what sis?"

"You know, remember your coming-out party? The little get-together for
when you started living as my sister?"

Marilyn stared blankly into space, blood red fingernails lightly
scraping her faces, and replied, "Yeah...I remember..."


It was in the summer after Marilyn's junior year of high school. At
that point, it was getting harder and harder to live as both Donnie and
Marilyn. After all, not too many Donnies in this world are built like sex
goddesses. In order to go to school as Donnie for the balance of her
junior year, she had to fake a rib injury and use an ace bandage to hold
down her now DD-cup breasts. In order to make her hair look at least
somewhat socially acceptable, she had to put her hair in dreadlocks that
went down a few inches past her shoulder. However, at the end of the year,
when she and her parents went to administration telling them of her
situation, and her need to go to school as a female, the administration
balked at the idea. It was just as well though, since the atmosphere
towards anyone who didn't fit the straight norm was so hostile, it made the
people who beat Matt Shepard to death look like gay right supporters. As a
result, Marilyn's parents decided to move the family up to the Bronx to
attend a high school more tolerant of different perspectives. Another plus
to this move was that it would put Marilyn's mom closer to her job in New

However, there was still a month until the move was to take place, and
there were plenty of good-byes to be said. Of course, Marilyn still shot
some hoops with some people she kept in touch with from the basketball team
and knew about her situation. However, she has also managed to get tight
with Sharilynn's friends over the past year or so since it became clearer
that she was going to live her life as Marilyn. That put her back in her
memory to a spot when she was in the bathroom with her sister.

"Come on Marilyn! Pull off your shorts so we can get you ready to the
slumber party!"

"You actually want me to shave down there? Ain't that dangerous? I
want to still be working down there, you know?"

"Relax, Marilyn! I've been shaving down there for over a year now, and
you see I don't have any probs. Trust me; I'm experienced with this, OK?"

"Oh, alright," Marilyn said as she pulled off the shorts she slept in
this morning, revealing her soft 7 1/2 inch dick. One bizarre effect of
all the changes she had been going through was that her dick was somehow
rebelling against them at any cost. While her boobs belonged to a female
porn star, her lower endowment seemed to belong to that porn star's
co-star. Marilyn hopped up on the sink and waited for her sister to grab
the razor and the shaving cream.

"Hey, could you pull your shirt up, Marilyn? I want a clear sight of
your crotch so I don't mess anything up, OK?"

With that, Marilyn hopped up slightly and pulled up her T-shirt to the
point where it was suspended on the tops of her breasts. She looked down
at her limp, twitching dick as her sister dispensed the shaving cream into
her hand and slowly rubbed it all around her dick and balls, taking care
not to miss an inch. In fact, Sharilynn jokingly pumped her hand a couple
of times on her sister's soft cock, eliciting a giggle.

"Hey, stop that sis! You're here to shave, not to give me a hand job!"
Marilyn said playfully.

"Alright, I was just trying to have some fun! Lemme get the razor..."

Sharilynn grabbed her razor from by her knee, then slowly started to
work on her sister. Even though she would have been done quickly on
herself, she took her time shaving her sister, knowing that she didn't know
where she was sensitive, plus realizing that she was new to the whole
experience. She got the easy part out of the way first, taking care of the
bush that grew above the dick. She felt her sister shudder as she felt the
cool blaze of the razor against her newly denuded skin, crinkling up her
nipples and get the blood flowing to her dick. When she completely cleared
off the area, she blew on the bare skin to get her sister's attention.

"Ooh, that feels so incredible," moaned out Marilyn. "I wish I had done
this earlier."

"Well, let me finish! There's a lot more to go. Now could you spread
you legs out wider," Sharilynn asked as she rinsed out the blade. She then
got to work in the tighter corners, shaving in the area below the balls and
at the junctions between the thighs and crotch. As she took her time
clearing out the hair, Marilyn started to moan softly and reached up to
play with her nipples, pinching on one. By the time her sister was ready
to shave the most sensitive parts, she was semi-erect and felt like she had
just found a new set of nerve endings down there.

"Damn, this feels so good," Marilyn said, trying to play it cool, but
her voice betraying her. "How much more until I'm finished?"

"Soon, my sweet sister, very soon," Sharilynn said with a leer in her
voice. "Then, I'll take care of your, er, developing situation," she said,
noticing the hardening dick near her hands. She lifted it up out of the
way to get the razor under the base of the dick, then slowly started
shaving the light hair off of her scrotum. She took her time, pulling the
skin taught to get rid of the hair, slowly moving her way all around the
balls. After some painstaking effort, she made the sack baby smooth, and
she lightly touched her work.

"Hey! That's so sensitive...and so good!" Marilyn said with the lust
dripping in her voice. Her nipples were fully hard, and she lifted one up
to flick with her tongue. Her dick was three-quarters of the way hard, and
it looked as if it was going to reach full mast before it was all said and

" convenient that you're hard. That'll make my job easier."

Sharilynn reached up and liberally coated the dick with plenty of
shaving cream, jerking her sister off to full mast in the process. Then,
she grabbed on tight with one hand, pulled it until it was parallel to the
floor. Then, she made the finishing touches on the base of the dick,
quickly getting rid of the hairs at the base of the shaft. Of course, she
took the time to inspect her work afterwards, stroking it with her hand.

" feels so soft. It's almost like a dildo, but it's so warm and
veiny and lifelike," Sharilynn said to no one in particular.

Without warning, Marilyn reached out and grabbed her sister's head and
firmly pulled her cheek to the smooth flesh of her manhood. She grabbed
her dick and rubbed it up and down against her sister's soft skin. She
rubbed it around her chin to the other side of her mouth, where she slipped
it in a corner of her sister's parted lips. With both hands, she slowly
eased herself down her sister's mouth and throat in short strokes created
by the way she moved her sister's head. When she felt her sister catch on
and swirl her tongue around the cock, she threw her head back and moaned.

"Oh, yeah, suck me...I need a release...yeah, make me come..."

Marilyn's eyes became slitted and her vision hazy as she felt the
delicious new sensations on her cock, especially at the base. She really
started to loose it as her sister tongued her silky smooth balls with her
dick in her mouth. She grabbed onto her sister's head tight and started
humping into her mouth. When her sister picked up that familiar pulsing in
her mouth, Sharilynn sucked harder, and Marilyn's fuse was lit. Her arms
tensed, her hips locked, and her legs straightened. She felt the familiar
tightening in her loins, enjoying the feeling that knowing her release was

"Oh yeah, oh yeah...OOOOOOH YEAH!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!"

She held onto her sister's head tight as she blasted shot after shot
down her sister's throat. Then she released her sister's head and felt
back on the sink. Only some fleeting self-awareness of her surroundings
prevented her from smashing the mirror.

"Oh, that was incredible! I gotta keep myself shaved like this!"
Marilyn exclaimed in her post-orgasmic glow.

"I know what you mean, sis. I remember when we fucked the first time,
the sensations were delicious down there. They were even better the first
time I got Kat to eat me."

"You mean..."

"Yes. We did some experimenting after that threesome a while back, and
I found out that I like it both ways. You'll see what I mean at the
slumber party."

Marilyn's dick twitched, thinking about the fun things she was about to
see with her own two eyes...


"Marilyn! Come on, let's get off the bus!"

Marilyn shook out the mental cobwebs, then quickly jumped off the bus so
that she and her sister could walk the half block to the train station

"What had you so spaced out their Marilyn?"

"Aw, just still thinking about the now-infamous coming out slumber

"Don't you mean CUM-ming out party, there, sis?" Sharilynn joking asked
as they descended the subway stairs.

"Get your mind out the gutter. Though, when you do think about it,
there is no other way to say it," Marilyn replied as she slashed her
MetroCard through the turnstile.

"Yeah, that slumber party was wild. A classic for the ages. Now let's
run on down to the train, I hear it coming!"


Sharilynn and her circle of friends were known for their slumber
parties. Usually they were just wild girls-nights-out in nightgowns and
sleepwear. There was usually some liquor supplied, and there was some sex
play involved. Besides, it's pretty easy to fool around with a same-sex
friend if they don't think you're gay or lesbian. However, it generally
was so raunchy as to be an all-out orgy; most of the activities were
limited to some masturbation with sex story, tit sucking and the occasional
eating out of someone in need. However, Sharilynn and Kat had taken the
time to make sure things were going to be stepped up to the next level.
After all, at some point everyone has to come of age, and what better way
to do it then to fully welcome Marilyn into their circle. However, there
was a surprise in store for all, as not all of Sharilynn's friends were
clued in on Marilyn's status. As far as they knew, he was shriveled up
down there and was all but ready for the final surgery. With a body like
Marilyn's, you wouldn't think she'd be anything like a man sexually,
regardless of what she was born as...or could she?

For her slumber party, Sharilynn decided to invite three of her most
sexually experimentive friends. The first of them was Lexi, about as
board-certified a butch as you could find in the high school ranks. The
close-cropped black hair and the barbed wire tattoo around her large arms,
complemented by her 5'6" stocky build, solidified that stereotype.
However, beneath the stereotypically baggy pants and shirts, there was a
surprisingly feminine, pale-hued body. Not model material, but her wide
hips and big breasts balanced out her large thighs and waist, making a
not-too-unappealing package. However, the only ones who got to unwrap the
packaging were female, since she loved fooling around with all the curious
girls in school, plus guys didn't like the competition.

Next up was Alicia, a nice, quiet, shy girl who always found herself
lost in the crowd at school. She was always up to hang out, but usually
played the background. Her sweet disposition and cute face seemed to fit
perfectly on her slender, caramel hued frame. Though only the knuckleheads
that run modeling agencies would dare call her voluptuous, she did have
some nice hips and a stomach you could bounce the proverbial quarter on.
However, on her 5'1" frame, all that figure did was make her look like a
cute-life sized doll of a girl that a full woman.

Finally, you have little Lisa, a voluptuous dark-chocolate bar of a
girl. Her short jheri-curls lent a touch of sweetness to a hot body, with
her round ass and 36C tits. But her lips lent the clearest case of
contrast in her features. On one hand, her gap-toothed smile lent a
certain impish quality to her, especially seeing that she was all of 5'2".
However, the lips on her face would make a professional whore green with
envy, big and soft and voluptuous. Even the best plastic surgery in the
world couldn't give someone lips like that. It was her lips Marilyn looked
at as she walked into the basement where the slumber party was to take
place tonight. Everyone, save for Sharilynn, looked at her in anticipation
of the big event of what was going to happen tonight. Her nails had gel
tipped glued onto them and was painted blood red. Her long, wavy hair
extended a few inches past her shoulders and was done up in a tousled hair
style. She did her best to look cool and calm in her blood red satin
pajamas, which were baggy on purpose to hide her surprise and were designed
to compliment the blood red lipstick she was wearing. She sat down
Indian-style on her bedspread as she looked into the circle of suddenly
hushed high school girls.

"A-yo, Shari, didn't you have something to tell us about Marilyn?" Lisa
chimed in.

"Oh...yeah. You know that Marilyn has been coming into his own lately
after living as my late brother Donnie," Sharilynn said, pausing as she
caught her Freudian slip. "So without further ado, I think I'll turn this
over to Marilyn. Marilyn?"

Without any comment, Marilyn stood up over the small crowd of girls.
She took the time to glance into the eyes of all of them, then steeled
herself with a deep breath. She reached up her hands to the waist of her
pajama pants, pulled on them until the waist was about mid-thigh, then let
them slide all the way down her legs. She quietly stepped out of them,
then stood up on her knees.

"What the...I is th-...I mean...I thought...uh...guys
like...girls shouldn't be like that," Lisa
stuttered out in utter shock, eventually pointing towards the limp schlong
that hung down from Marilyn's crotch.

"Oh my God," Alicia said softly.

"Don't you like it Alicia," Kat chimed in, looking at lust at the huge
cock that she loved to fuck.

"It's like something out of a porno! That can't be real!" Alicia softly

Lexi, sitting next to where Marilyn was, licked her lips in lust. "So
that's what I've been missing, eh? Maybe I should soften up my look. Then
again, maybe if I impress her enough, maybe I don't need to to get all the
dick I want," she thought to herself.

"It can't be real Alicia? It can't be real, a dick this big and a body
this feminine? Well, check this out..."

Marilyn suddenly grabbed the bottom of her top, pulled it up over her
head quickly, pulled her arms out of it and tossed it aside, revealing her
bare tits. Kat, in her lust, quickly scooted over to the right of Marilyn,
bending down slightly to suck on her big, soft nipples. While softly
sucking and softly stroking her friend's cock, she flashed a look of lust
over towards Lexi. She then asked in her pronounced lisp, "do you wanna
suck?", grabbed the dick and pointed it in Lexi's general direction.

"Sure, Kat," she replied, then she slid over in front of Marilyn and
kissed the tip. Liking the taste, she went on to let more and more of the
head slip into her mouth, her tongue coating the tip as it were a clit.
Marilyn had her attention suddenly focused on her left breast when she
noticed her sister flicking her tongue over her breast. "It's OK Marilyn,"
Sharilynn cooed out reassuringly. "This is your coming out party...just
let it cum and all will be well."

With that, Marilyn just relaxed and rocked her body slightly back and
forth, immersing herself in the sensations of her manhood and her nipples
being sucked on. She was barely glancing down when she noticed that Lexi
couldn't bob her head any further down her dick. Then she saw Lexi's eyes
bug out when she saw how much cock remained in her mouth. At that point,
something snapped in Lexi's mind, and she began sucking and bobbing wildly
on the big piece of dark meat in her mouth, all while grabbing and mauling
her boobs so hard that the sleeveless T-shirt she was wearing looked as if
it was gonna tear. Eventually, she just grabbed the collar and ripped it
in two, bringing her pendulous 36Ds into view. With one hand, she
continued to maul one of her bare tits, while the other slipped into her
boxer shorts to roughly squeeze and grope her pussy, pulling on her
hair-covered puffy lips hard. She took her mouth off of Marilyn's cock
long enough to ask, "will you fuck me please? I need something up my pussy now, and your dick is it!"

Marilyn, now cooing gently as she let the sensations flow through her
body, softly responded "Yes."

Lexi then disengaged her mouth from action, then turned around and
presented her naked ass to Marilyn, freshly exposed after Lexi pulled down
her boxer shorts. Kat and Shari backed off of Marilyn, allowing her to
take her fully erect cock and line it up with Lexi's pussy.

"Oh, fuck me now!!!! I need it bad!!!"

Marilyn slowed eased herself into Lexi's pussy, noticing that her virgin
pussy had been conveniently deflowered earlier. "Must be from all that
dildo play Shari told me about. Oh, she's shaking on my dick...nice," she
thought to herself as she finally hit bottom in Lexi's tight pussy, feeling
Lexi shake like a twig through a mini-orgasm. Even though she enjoyed
Lexi's tight, wet sugar walls, she didn't wanna rush it. As a result, she
held onto Lexi's hips tight and started grinding into her in large, lazy
circles of her hips. Just as she was ready to pick up the pace, she
noticed two things happening at one. One, she saw Lexi's cries of pleasure
being muffled in her sister's shaved pussy, which Sharilynn was holding her
head to. The other thing she noticed was the fluttering of what apparently
was a tongue at her asshole. She glanced back of her shoulder and said,

The look in Alicia's eyes was all she needed. Though the little-girl
innocence that pervaded her aura was still there, there was a lust, a
desire in her eyes that was unlike anything she had ever felt in her life.
While idly stroking her pussy through her panties while she took on the
earlier scene, the act of seeing Marilyn penetrate Lexi turned her loose.
She pulled off her nightgown and panties, and seemingly turned into one of
those so-called innocents filled with cumlust that she so often seen at the
porno movies they watched at her friends' slumber parties. However, it
seemed as if she had somehow went through the screen and entered the scene
of one. It became how clearly real this whole thing was when she felt
Marilyn's ass start pumping in and out more, and in a more sporadic rhythm.

"Oh, yeah, lemme cum in your tight pussy, you hot little slut!"

When she heard Lexi and her sister moan in unison, and the little
squeeze from Lexi's pussy, it was all over for Marilyn. She held on tight
to Lexi's hips, pushed all the way in and let it fly all inside Lexi. The
feeling of the tongue on her asshole merely heightened the climax, and she
felt like her chest was going to explode for 30 seconds. Finally, she
finished herself off inside Lexi and eased her way out. When she was full
out, she collapsed on the floor.

"Cumming out? I'll say," she said as she laid back on the floor,
watching Lexi continue to eat out her sister. "Well, I see it's over for
sis for a while."


"42nd Street Station, Transfer to the B,F,Q and 7 trains..."

"Marilyn...let's hustle before we miss the stop!"

"OK sis."

With that, the siblings darted out of the train. Then they ran up the
stairs of the station, then walked on over to the 7 train station. As they
were walking down the stairs to the platform, they noticed a couple of cops
dragging away a man wearing a baseball jersey with the name 'Rocker' and
the number 49 kicking and screaming from the platform. Marilyn asked a cop
hanging around the platform, "Hey, what's the deal?"

The cop simply replied, "Oh, that's just a mentally disturbed man trying
to kill himself in a quite unusual way."

"Well, at least he's sane enough to keep up with the news."

Marilyn then shrugged her shoulders and stepped inside the train that
was being held up, followed by Sharilynn. As the doors were still open,
they could still hear the disturbed man screaming "I'm John Rocker! I need
to ride the 7 train! IIII'M JOHN RAAAH-KERRR!!!"

To the relief of the siblings, and just about everyone else on the
train, the train pulled off and started travelling towards its destination.
Marilyn smoothed back her baseball cap with her hands, then leaned back on
the seat and let her mind drift back to that coming out party...


Marilyn laid back on the floor, watching the scene go out between Lexi
and her sister. She noticed how hard Sharilynn's nipples were, and how
hard she was breathing. "Looking she's about to cum. I gotta watch this,"
she thought to herself. Then she felt a set of lips kiss her soft, wet
dick. When she looked down, she noticed that it was Alicia doing the

"I want to get you hard, then I want you to take my cherry. I need you
so have me so hot!"

"Are you sure Alicia? I mean, considering my size, I think I might be a
just a bit of a bad choice."

Alicia then flashed a look that could only be described as wanton.
"Come on...after what I've seen, I absolutely need to fuck you." Then she
beckoned Lisa to come on over towards her. Marilyn noticed that she was
idly playing with herself off to the side, taking in the scene. "Come on,
Lisa, help me get this dick back up...I need to shove it inside of bad,"
Alicia moaned out as she played with her large caramel nipples and licked
the hardening cock. Lisa held the cock upwards, and the two licked lustily
on it like a lollipop, tasting the sweetness left behind from Lexi's
juices. The two tongues started to duel on the hardening dick, trying to
outlick each other on the shaft, then both trying to cover the entire tip.
Soon enough, the tongues started pulling on each other, and Alicia and Lisa
tongue kisses each other with Marilyn's tip in the middle. Marilyn laid
back and enjoyed the scene unfolding in front of her, playing with one
nipple while Kat, who seemingly appeared out of nowhere, sucked on the
other nipple. She closed her eyes as she noticed some sucking on her tip.
Then she noticed a different mouth on it. Back and forth, the two mouths
switched back and forth on her cock, bobbing up and down a few times, then
switching to the other mouth. Marilyn peered through the lusty haze to see
that Lisa, then Alicia suck on her phallus. Then she felt Alicia start
sucking even harder than she was, trying to suck as much as possible down
her throat. She came up huffing and puffing, begging Marilyn,

"OK, Alicia, let Lisa get out of the way, then slide on at your own
pace. Be careful...loosing your cherry can hurt. Then again, your pussy will be soo tight," cooed Marilyn. She saw Lisa crawl her way over to
Marilyn's face, then position her pussy over Marilyn's face. As she bent
her head up to start licking at Lisa, she felt her tip slip inside of
Alicia. While she kept lazily licking away around Lisa's juicy slit, she
felt Alicia rear up and plunged down as hard as she could down on Marilyn
until her cherry was broken and she was stuffed as much dick as possible
inside of her. She heard Alicia breathe hard and moan in pain as she got
accustomed to the phallus inside of her. Then she noticed Alicia start
bobbing up and down on Alicia's cock as she and Kat intertwined their
tongues around Lisa's clit. Holding onto Lisa's hips so she wouldn't fall
out from the ensuing orgasm, she felt one coming on soon, as Alicia's tight
pussy rapidly stroked her dick. "Oooh, if she comes, I'm know I'm gonna go
too," Marilyn thought to herself. As she stuck her tongue inside of Lisa
as her pussy started clamping on the tongue she slipped inside, she felt
Alicia's riding of her big dick become more and more sporadic and Alicia's
body start to jerk.

"Oh yeah, 'bout to cum, mmm hmmm yeah, AH AHHHHH!!!!!"

That did it for Marilyn. She could never resist the sound of a girl cumming, and it was even harder for her to resist the feel of a girl cumming. She reached out, grabbed onto Alicia'' hips, tightened up her
arms and let loose. Though it was less cum that before that was shooting
out, the feeling was more intense that the last one. It let loose some
deep-seeded need to defile innocence, to make lust a known to a person for
which it is unknown. When she was finished cumming, she let her arms drop
off to the side, and both Alicia and Lisa dismounted from her body. She
looked to her left and saw her sister Sharilynn crawling over to her.
"Hey, Marilyn, wanna fuck Kat? She's hot for you," Sharilynn asked her
spent sister.

"Sure. If you can get it up again, I'm down for it."

Then Kat, readying her friends lips and figuring out the situation, then
got on all fours with her butt pointed at Marilyn's face. She then spread
out her small cheeks, pointed to and rubbed at her asshole.

"Mmm, Shari, looks like Kat wants to fuck me up the ass," Marilyn
purred. "She looks a bit too tiny to take it all the way up there, but if
you lube me up good Shari, I think I can give it a shot."

"OK, sis, will do," Sharilynn replied as she crawled down Marilyn's body
to suck on her cock. Knowing her task, she quickly sucked on the tip in
her mouth and stroked the rest of the length. As it started to harden, she
relaxed her throat and slowly took the dick down her throat, continuing
until her lips were against the soft skin at the base. She then massaged
the penis with her throat, backing off every so often to draw some deep
breaths. Soon, she felt the dick at its full length inside her throat,
stretching downward and nearly choking her. When she felt that, she pulled
the dick out of her throat and drew a few deep breaths. 'Works every
time,' she thought to herself. 'She always has a quick trigger when she's
being deep-throated.'

Marilyn got up on her knees and crawled behind Kat, who watched Shari
deep throated Marilyn on all fours. Sharilynn knelt by Kat and spread
Kat's cheeks for Marilyn, who was lining up her cock. "Remember, whatever
you do with her, be gentle. You're much bigger than her," advised

"OK sis. Now hold on to her hips so I can get the tip in. I know she's
going to be very tight."

With that, Sharilynn braced Kat's hips, and Marilyn slowly eased her tip
into Kat's seemingly impossibly small asshole. As she eased herself in,
she heard Kat moan out loud in pain. When Marilyn got her tip in, Marilyn
grabbed onto Kat's hips to slowly finish easing herself in, while Sharilynn
went in front of Kat's face.

"I told you she would be too big for you to take back there. But then
again, you did ask for it, and I set it up for you," Sharilynn said as she
grabbed a near-by pillow. "Here, lay your head in this, close your eyes
and ride it out."

When Kat laid her face into the pillow, Marilyn was about halfway inside
of Kat. She then began softly pumping inside of Kat, both to enjoy the
tight feel and to ease the rest of herself inside. As she was doing this,
the incoherent moans of Kat went from ones of pain to ones of pleasure.
When Marilyn was three-quarters of the way in, Kat started backing her ass
into the dick. Soon, Kat was fully impaled on Marilyn, and Marilyn decided
to start reaming her in earnest. Soft, short strokes slowly gave was to
long, powerful ones as something in Marilyn snapped, and she started
pounding the small girl into the ground. She glanced to one side to notice
that everyone was now laying back, playing with their pussies as they
enjoyed the scene in front of them. Alicia even took time to be Marilyn's
rooting section, as she screamed, "fuck that slut good Marilyn! Ream that
ass good!" as she flicked her clit.

Marilyn finally got comfortable when she felt Kat shudder under her
hands in an orgasm. Now, she was taking long 11 inch strokes as fast as
she could inside of Kat. She was pounding her hard, into submission. Kat
ceased to be human in her lust-filled haze; she was nothing but a fuck doll
here to take her cum up her ass. Marilyn's arms tightened into cords as
she pounded harder into Kat, practically going insane as she was breathing
harder, and her eyes were bugging out. Just as she felt Kat beginning to
cum again, she began to feel that itch in her tip that a powerful orgasm
was just around the corner. Her hips became a blur as she fucked hard into
Kat's once-tiny but still tight asshole.

"Oh yeah...take it slut...take it up the ass...take my CUM!...OH
YEAH...OH YEAH...UHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Marilyn pulled Kat's hips as close to hers as possible, then collapsed
on top of her as her seed coated Kat's large intestine. In the haze
following her release, she slowly eased her way out of Kat and collapsed on
the floor on her back. In her post-orgasmic glow, she felt something
different come over her. She had finally become what she wanted to be. As
she idly played with her nipples, she thought about how much she had
changed over the past few years, both physically and mentally. In the
post-coital bliss cloud she was floating on, she finally realized who she
was and who she had become. In a weird way, through that orgasm, she has
come of age.


Marilyn came to to notice that Shea Stadium was disappearing in front of
her off to the left.

"Main Street, Flushing, Last Stop on the 7 train!"

As the natural light disappeared as the train went into the tunnel, she
was horny as hell from that memory. Her dick was hardening, and her
g-string felt as if it were going to burst from the pressure put on it. "I
just hope my undies last the walk to Kat's house. It'll be REALLY weird to
walk around with these big boobs and a hard-on sticking out," she thought
to herself.

After the train pulled into the station and the doors, Marilyn and
Sharilynn disembarked from the train, rode the escalator up to street
level, then proceed to make the 4 block walk over to Kat's house. As they
walked up to the old wood frame house, they noticed that Kat was already at
the door waiting for them. Her hair was done in a pony tail, and all she
wore was a plain white T-shirt and some blue boxer shorts.

'Are your parents gone Kat?' Sharilynn mouthed to Kat. Kat nodded her
head and let the siblings in. The three stepped into the living room of
the house, with Marilyn closing the door behind them. The door safely
closed, Marilyn tossed off her Yankee cap in no particular direction and
pressed Kat's mouth towards her crotch. When Marilyn pulled Kat's hand to
the waist band of her track pants, Kat took the hint and pulled down the
pants down to Marilyn's knees. Marilyn ripped out the g-string, and her
semi-hard dick came bursting out. As Kat started to lick and kiss on the
skin flute, Sharilynn had pulled up her skirt, pulled down Kat's shorts and
was humping her clit against Kat's soft flesh on her ass. As Shari stopped
long enough to get on her knees, she said to her sister, "it looks like
another fun day at Kat's house?" Sharilynn then bent down her head to plant
a long lick on Kat's slit.

"Oooh...once again, your prediction about our day with Kat is right on
the money," Marilyn replied as the sibling began to have their way with
their petite asian friend.


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