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MBGF sucked tongue like


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended for Minors

Title My Brother's Girlfriend
Part 1

by the Drifter

I was home alone when I heard Danny and Terri come in the front
door. They thought I had gone with Dad to the ball game but I had to
stay home and finish my home work. It was Dad's night off. He worked
second shift normally and I hated to miss the time with him since he was
my only living parent but it was a hard rule about homework and I had
screwed off all afternoon so I guess I got what I deserved. As it turned
out I got a lot more than I deserved.

I knew Danny was fucking his girlfriend. Hell he teased me all the
time about me not hardly ever getting laid and how he got it almost every
night with Terri. To make it worse he told me how hot Terri was and
how much she loved sex of any kind.

I shortly heard Terri's moans in the living room and knew they were
at it again. I moved quietly to the open railing that overlooked the living
room from upstairs. As I looked I had an instant woody. There below
me, Terri lay on her back with Danny plowing away between her spread
legs. Her blouse wide open, her braless breasts swaying with every
thrust. She was very vocal and encouraged him by grunting things
like "Oh yes baby fuck me hard.... I love your big cock... make me
cum baby.." and lots more I had never heard her swear at all but now
she was using every nasty word in the book and I have to say my older brother really responded, driving into her like crazy. She came several
times with out even a pause between and then finally as they rested, that
really meant that Danny was only fucking his cock into her slowly, she
opened her eyes and looked right into mine.

I was standing there with my hard cock out and in my hand as I
jacked off watching then fuck on the floor below me. She moaned again
softly and smiled up at me. She began hunching up to meet him and I
heard her say, "Are you sure your dad and brother are gone tonight?"
and she waved and winked at me.

Danny said, "Yeah, don't worry about them, they are both queer for
baseball. I don't thing Robbie has had more than one or two girls ever.
He is too much into sports. Hell fucking you is my favorite sport."

She groaned and said, "I bet Rob is more into sex than you think.
He is cute and sexy. I bet he could get all he wants."

The conversation ended then as Danny started to cum and he drove
harder and faster into her and they both had a great climax. So did I as
Terri watched me stroke my cock and shoot cum over the railing onto the
carpet beside them. As I turned to leave I was caught for a moment as I
watched her reach out her hand and rub it in the pool of my cum.

* * *

I slipped back into my bedroom and I heard them leave shortly after
that. All I could think about for the next several days was how hot Terri
looked and sounded and the way she had looked at me when she
noticed I was watching them fuck. She had been so cool. She seemed
to like it that I was watching.

I was a sophomore in high school and Danny and Terri were seniors.
I saw her occasionally at school after that day and she seemed to smile
bigger and be a lot friendlier. I started to get hard ever time I saw her.
Danny was a lucky bastard, She was fucking gorgeous and had a great
body that I thought was perfect for fucking. I hadn't had a lot of
experience but I sure dreamed about it a lot.

Then one day about a month later I was walking home after school
when this car pulls up beside me. I looked and saw Terri and she said,
"Hi Rob want a ride home?"

God was she kidding? I moved to the car and opened the door and
crawled in. As she pulled away I noticed how her sweater hugged her
large breasts. God I could actually see her nipples outlined and I
realized she didn't have a bra on. My cock jumped as I stared at her
nipples. Then my eyes dropped to her legs. Her short skirt was pulled
up high on her trim tanned thighs. As I looked at her face in profile she
was smiling and she said, "You like looking at me Robbie?"

I was busted but I croaked out, "God yes Terri. What normal male

"Why thank you sweety. I noticed you really enjoyed the view at
your house the other night."

She didn't have to say more. I groaned and said, "I guess I
should apologize for peeping at you guys. God that was hot."

"Rob I have a secret for you, I loved you watching. It has
happened a few other times for me and I love being watched while I get
laid. It made it even better that night ... honest."

"Well I sure enjoyed it?"

Then she surprised me when she asked, "Honey, don't you have a
girlfriend you can do it with regularly?"

For some reason I felt freer to talk than I ever had and I said, "No,
not really. I have gotten lucky a few times but no steady. I get all
tongue tied when I'm with a girl."

She smiled as she pulled into my drive way. She killed the engine
and got out as I did. She looked at me and said, "Danny got busted
hanging out in the halls when he was supposed to be in class. So he is
in detention for the next two hours. I need to get something out of his
room I left there. Do you mind?"

I assured her I didn't and we went in and up the stairs together. I
watched as she walked into Danny's bed and reached under his pillow
and pulled out a pair of black, sheer panties. She smiled at me and held
them up in front of her and said, "Don't these look nice."

I don't know where I got the guts but I said, "I would rather see
you in them. Preferably with just those on."

She smiled even larger and her eyes dropped to my hard cock.
She spoke softly, "Rob, if Danny ever found out ...." and her voice
trailed off. I couldn't believe she would even consider it. She was still
looking at my cock and she licked her lips and said, "Would you really
like to see me like that?"

"Oh yeah Terri."

"Get out of her for five minutes and then come back."

I stood there in shock and she said "Go damnit" and I was out of

I watched my watch as I imagined what she was doing. Then I
headed back and stepped in the door. She was leaning against the wall
and all she wore was the panties. My eyes took in her full melon like
breasts that stood out with no sag at all. Her nipples were swollen and
stood out hard and crimson. Her small waist exploded into her
gorgeous rounded hips and ass. My eyes stopped on her pussy which
was clearly showing through her panties. She trimmed her bush. I
groaned and she smiled, "I think you like me Robbie."

I rubbed my cock and just nodded. Then she said "Honey, If
Danny ever found out..."

This time I said, "He will never learn from me."

Then she caught the top of her panties with her thumbs and pushed
them down to the floor stepping out of them. She looked at me and
said, "Rob I think you are damn cute and sexy. If you tried to take
advantage of the situation I don't think I would even think about stopping

I pulled my t-shirt off and pushed my jeans and shorts to the floor.
Nude I took a step toward her. Her eyes were locked on my cock and
she shivered as I reached up and cupped her breasts, one in each of my
hands. Our lips met and the kiss was so hot. Her tongue was all over
my mouth. I returned it and she sucked on my tongue like it was a cock.

She took a step back and we fell on Danny's bed. Her legs
spread and she guided my cock into her wet cunt. She was so hot and
ready I slipped in all the way in one stroke. She groaned, "Oh yes baby,
that feels so good. Fuck me baby... fuck me hard."

It didn't take either of us long to cum and we lay together spent.
After a moment she sighed and said, "Honey you have no reason to be
shy. That was great. I shouldn't say this Rob but you fuck me better
than Danny does."

I had read a lot about guys who went down on girls after cumming
in them and frankly I was curious. I kissed her and then sucked on her
still hard nipples. She groaned nicely and I moved further down. She
exclaimed, "Oh you sweet little fucker. Do it... eat me honey."

I used every thing I had ever read or heard on as I licked and bit
and sucked Terri through four growing climaxes. truth is I didn't notice or
mind the fact that her cunt was full of my cum. I loved eating her
beautiful pussy.

She lay there wiped when I stood up. She smiled a warped
smile and said, "Oh fuck little brother. Danny is going to have to share
me with you from now on."

I was hard again and she pulled me back on the bed and went
down on me. Danny was right, she was one hell of a piece of ass. She
left thirty minutes later and I wondered how lucky I could get.

After that day, she and I got together occasionally, actually ever
chance we could, for more of the same. I loved it and she loved it and
Danny never knew about any of it. She soon had my confidence up so I
was feeling a lot easier with the girls. She suggested I ask this one
really cute popular girl out who was one year ahead of me in school. I
looked doubtful and she said, "Don't argue, Debbie wants you. She will
be eager to spread her gorgeous legs for you baby. Trust me I know
what I am talking about."

The next day at school I had butterflies in my gut enough to kill a
bear but I walked up to her after school and was surprised at how easily
we chatted. She seemed really friendly and soon I asked her to go out
with me that night. She smiled and agreed immediately. Then I thought,
shit I don't have a driver's license, what the hell am I going to do. To my
amazement she said, "Rob I know you can't drive yet so will it be OK if
we go in my car?"

I was so relieved I quickly agreed and she said she would pick me
up at 7. man how lucky could I get?

Later as we drove away from my house she smiled at me and
said, "Rob, I am a little hard of hearing. It would be better if you were

I grinned like a cat and slid over until my thigh was against hers and
she laughed and said, "That's much better." My arm seemed awkward
so I slid it around her shoulders. She smiled and said "I've noticed you
at school and hoped you would ask me out. What made you finally do

"The truth is I have wanted to but was afraid you wouldn't want to
date someone behind you in school. Then Terri, my brothers girlfriend,
suggested I should ask you out. I couldn't believe you would go but Terri
insisted. man I am sure glad she did."

Debbie smiled and leaned over and gave me a quick kiss right on
the lips. Her eyes twinkled and she said, "There, that should break the
ice." then after a pause she said, "I will have to thank Terri."

We pulled into the drive in. I reached across her to pay and when
I sat back with the ticket stubs my hand accidentally brushed across her
soft breasts. Damn it felt so good. She just looked at me and grinned
and pulled ahead into the drive in. I was a little surprised when she
parked on the back row. Commonly referred to as make out row. She
killed the engine and reached out for the speaker. As she set it in
place I asked her if she wanted a drink of anything. She said no, maybe
later and looked at me as if she were waiting for me. I wasn't sure what
to do and then I remembered Terri's words, "Trust me, she is eager to
spread her legs for you." I decided to go for it and leaned over and
kissed her. Softly at first and then with a lot of tongue. It was our first
date and I guess I expected her to stop me but she slid her arms around
my neck and kissed me back the same way. She was hot. After a long
kiss we broke and we were both sort of gasping for air. She looked at
me and said, "Great kiss Rob, I won't ask where you got so good but
do it again."

I did and as we kissed I felt her fumble over beside her and the seat
slid back slowly. Things were going so good I wanted to see when she
would put the breaks on. I moved my hand on top of her full breast and
squeezed it and caught her hard nipple between my thumb and finger
and rolled it softly. She gasped into my mouth as our kiss continued.
She moaned but made no move to stop me. After a moment I dropped
my hand and slid it up under her sweater. To my delight she didn't wear
a bra or try to stop me. Her bare flesh felt so good in my hand. Her
kiss grew wilder and she was having trouble breathing. I pushed her
sweater up above her breast so my lips could find her nipple.

"Oh shit" she gasped as I sucked and licked it. I switched from
sucking one nipple to the other and back with no resistance from her.
Then she stiffened and came hard. It took a long time until she started
to relax her muscles. She fell into me limp. I still had a hand full of her
bare beauty and I kissed her tenderly.

After our kiss she said, "Oh God Robbie. That never happened
like that before."

I grinned proud of what I had done and said, "I didn't know a girl could cum from just that."

"Neither did I Robbie."

I pinched her nipple lightly as we looked into each other's eyes
and she sucked in her breath. I kissed her and dropped my hand from
her breast to her leg. She continued to look at me and I felt her relax
her legs letting them open. I slid my hand under her dress and didn't
stop until it covered her pantied pussy. She spread her legs wider and
sighed. I didn't think she was going to deny me anything and I slid my
hands higher to the top of her panties and pulled down on them. She
just raised her ass off of the seat and let me remove them.

I dropped them on the seat beside me and she said, "Rob it is like
you can read my mind."

My hand covered her bare pussy and my finger slid inside her wet
cunt easily. I felt her hands on my jeans and soon my hard cock was
out. She stroked me and moaned so softly I barely heard her, "Fuck me
Robbie, please fuck me."

I raised up and she shifted under me on the seat, One leg along
the back and the other off of the seat. As I lowered back I felt her slide
down lower in the seat and I felt her guide my cock into her hot cunt. It
was almost scalding and so damn good. I began to stroke in and out
and she worked with me hunching to meet my strokes. Faster and
harder. We were both grunting like two pigs and then she came and
squeezed my cock so hard I shot off with her.

I was still hard and after laying there for just a few seconds I
started stroking into her pussy again. I remembered something Terri had
taught me and I said, "Honey ... finger your clit while I fuck you."

She slid her hand between us and soon was having one orgasm
after the other until I shot my second load into her pussy.

It was minutes later when we could sit up again. She looked at
me with this funny grin and kissed me lightly. I looked at her, Her skirt
was around her waist, her sweater up above her tits. She looked well
fucked and happy. Then I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Now I
want to eat my cum out of your sweet cunt."

She gasped and moaned and nodded her head rapidly as she slid
back down in the seat her legs spread wide for me. I enjoy eating pussy as I have said before and she loved every minute of it. She came and
came and finally pulled me up and kissed my cum soaked face. She
licked my face and then said, "Hmmm we taste good together. "

Then her hand found my renewed cock and she said, "Relax and
enjoy baby, it's my turn to eat."

It was much later as we pulled up and parked in front of my house I
kissed her and said, "Debbie, why? Why were you so ready for me? I
know you aren't this easy normally Hell your reputation around school is
you are impossible to fuck. What gives?"

She laughed and kissed me back. She said, "Ask Terri." and
she got out of the car. I followed and we kissed good night beside her
car. That was a Friday night, when the kiss broke she smiled and
said, "Are you busy tomorrow night?"

I grinned and said "What time."

I will pick you up at 4 tomorrow afternoon.

Another kiss and she was gone. I whistled as I went inside. Danny
and Terri were on the couch dressed so I assumed they had already
finished too. . I just said "Goodnight" and headed up to my room.

* * *

I sort of walked around in a haze the next morning. Dad took off
to golf, Danny met his buddies for something and the phone rang. I
heard Terri's bright voice and I said, "Hi gorgeous, how's my favorite

She laughed and said, "Oh I'm still your favorite after last night."

"Of course. Did you think something was going to happen last

She laughed again. I love the way she laughs so free like. Then
she said, "Little brother I happen to know you got laid last night and she
loved it."

"Well she did say to ask you why I got so lucky last night. So I'm

"Hmmm little brother, I'm not sure I should satisfy your curiosity
but I guess I will. What you didn't know is she and I have been best
friends for years. We tell each other everything. I want you to know she
has only been with a couple of other very special guys. I've heard all the
details and until last night she had never been eaten. I have told her
everything about Danny and me and she was only entertained. But
when I started telling her about you she got real interested. I told her
how sweet you were, and how good you were at everything and she
wanted me to get you to ask her out. That's how I knew she was dying
to spread her legs for you sweety. Did you have fun?"

I laughed and said, "I guess you know every detail so you tell

"You did baby... you did.... and the two of you again this
afternoon... are you going to have more fun?"

"I sure hope so. I really dig Debbie. And Terri, I have you to

She laughed a real dirty kind of laugh and said, "Oh I will collect
soon. Got to go now. Have fun with my friend sweetheart. I love you."

I repeated, "I love you Ter" and hung up. I did love her, and I
loved Debbie... it was a great fucking world.

* * *

I rarely saw or said much to Danny. Actually I thought he was an
ass but he was my brother. Oh so you think I was feeling guilty about
fucking his girl. No way! He came in the house shortly before Debbie
was supposed to pick me up and started ragging on me. Then he said
something about Terri having to go somewhere with her mother for the
night so he was left high and dry. I got tired of listening to him and
went outside to wait on my date.

When Deb drove up I trotted out to meet her, I jumped in and she
had this gigantic smile on her face. She leaned over and planted a
really great kiss on me. I had an automatic woody. She had on a bikini,
a very small bikini that hid damn near zero. She held up her hands and
sort of posed and asked, "You like"

I loved but I laughed and said "Too many clothes."

She laughed with me and then got this nasty look in her eye and
untied her top and pulled it off. God she was hot and I had to restrain
my self. She kissed me again and my hands were on her great tits.
After a minute she said, "Down Tiger" and put her top back on. As she
drove I just looked at her and she glanced over and looked at me funny
then said, "Rob, you know I have never felt so free. I have never done
anything like this in my life. You are like a drug. I let you fuck me on
the first date. The only other two guys I ever let fuck me had to work at
it for months. With you I had decided to let you do anything you wanted
even before we kissed. Weird."


"Did you ask Terri?"

"Yeah and she told me some stuff. Stuff I dig but it still didn't say
why. You knew about Terri and me. I guess it isn't nice to fuck your
brothers girl friend but that didn't bother you. Sounded like it made you
want it with me."

"It did. First, your brother is a bully and an asshole so I was
tickled to know you were boffing Terri. Plus Terri loves it so you were
making my friend happy. Then she talked about how sweet you were to
her and how good in the sack you were every time and I wanted you.
No I had to have you. If you hadn't come on to me like you did I might
have raped you bubba."

There was a long silence and then she said, "We are going to a
pool party at my house. My folks are gone until tomorrow afternoon.
Sound interesting?"

I just sigh and said 'Hmmmmm"

We pulled right into her garage and she hit the automatic door
closer. When it was closed she crawled on top of me, straddling me and
said, "We could fuck right here if you want to Robbie... or we can go in
the house and you can see my surprise."

I pulled the string to her top and dropped it on the floor. Then I
did the same with the bottom and said, "I can't think of any surprise
better than doing you right here, right now."

I undid my jeans and soon she settled slowly on my cock. It was a
nice slow fuck and we both really enjoyed the hell out of it.

When we walked into the house we were both nude and as we
turned into the den I dropped my jaw on the floor. There, laying on the
couch as naked as we were was Terri slowly toying with her clit. I
realized what I had in store for me that afternoon and I grinned from ear
to ear as I felt Deb wrap her hand around my growing cock.

How lucky can you get.

The End (maybe)


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