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MBMM2 hurt her Then she took


Keywords: ff
Part: 2 of 3
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: My brother my master

(c) Copyright 1999 DASTARDLY DODO ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with teenagers.
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you to read.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station and have
yourself arrested.
My brother, my master part 2

Later that day, the three of them gathered around the kitchen table.
Tim looked at his mother and sister and imagined all the fun he was going
to have with them.
"Since you are going to be my slaves we have to have some rules.". He said
with a smile. "First of all you no longer will wear panties or a bra.
Secondly you will only wear tight shirts or blouses and short skirts that
reach to just below you ass.".
"Ohhh no. I couldn't." Lisa groaned, her face turning bright red as she
imagined the display she would give if she had to bend over. "Please don't
make me I couldn't.". she begged.
Tim smiled he decided to take pity on his sister. "Ok sis. When you go out
of the house you can wear jeans, but in the house you are only allowed to
wear skirts.".
Lisa let out a sigh of relieve.
"There is one more thing.". Tim said to them. "you are not allowed to have
any sex without my permission. That includes masturbating.".
Then he looked at Lisa and continued. "I have decided that you are not
allowed to have sex until next Saturday.".
"Ohh shit. And just when I'm horny ass hell". Lisa groaned.
Tim grinned. "Why don't you go and change into your proper attire.". He
"Yes Tim." Lisa said meekly
"That was vicious.". Ellen said when Lisa was gone.
"What?". Tim inquired with a grin.
"Not letting her have sex for a whole week.". came the answer.
"Oh that.". Tim said as his grin grew wider. "I bet she will be wearing a
mini-skirt to school before the week is over.".
"As I said, vicious.". Ellen replied.
"Do you think that I'm to hard on her?". Tim asked.
Ellen smiled. "No, your doing just fine. She has to learn how to obey
without question and your way is just as good as any other. But what are
you going to do if she manages to go without sex for that week".
Tim smiled. "Well, if she manages to do without sex for a week, she has
earned the right to wear jeans instead of skirts.".
Ellen hugged him and gave him a kiss. "I'm glad that you are not forcing
her.". she said.
Tim sighed. "I love her mom. I know that she is supposed to be my slave.
But I don't want to hurt her.".
"And what about me?". Ellen inquired.
Tim smiled. "I love you to mom. But you knew what you where getting
yourself into and I'm sure that you will tell me if I'm doing something
wrong. I'm not so sure about Lisa though.".
"Well, I think that she is just like me. She just needs some time to learn
what it means to be a slave.". Ellen replied. Then she kissed him and added
"If you don't get mad at her when she does something wrong, but instead
handle it you the way you did just now, it will all work out fine.".
Tim nodded. "Ok mom". He said.
He looked away and continued. There is something I want to ask.".
"What dear?".
Tim blushed. "Well I found those photos of you in the basement.".
Ellen grinned. "I know dear. I put them there for you to find.".
"Yes, I thought so once I figured out that one of the collars was for Lisa.
But what I wanted to ask is if we could buy some of the things I saw in
those photos."
"Hmmm. I have a better idea.". Ellen replied. "All those photos where taken
in the basement. It used to be your father's dungeon. When he died I had
all the stuff removed. But I could have it converted back to a dungeon for
"Ohh. That would be great.". Tim shouted. Then he gave his mother a kiss
saying "Thanks mom.".
Ellen smiled. "Well we better make a list of what we need then.".
Tim nodded he collected a pen and some paper and then they sat down to make
their list.

Three days later a frustrated Lisa sat down on the bed in Carla's bedroom.
"What is wrong with you?". Carla said. "You have been moody for days. ".
Lisa sighed. Carla had been her friend since kindergarten and she didn't
want to keep her in the dark, but still she couldn't tell her friend that
she was her brother slave.
"Ohh, it's nothing.". she sighed.
"It sure is something. You have been impossible for the last few days. Come
on what's up.". Carla demanded.
"Ohh it just isn't fair." Lisa suddenly bursted out, tears appearing in her
"Ohh my, It's something really big isn't it.". Carla whispered. She took
Lisa in her arms and hugged her. "It's ok if you don't want to talk about
it.". She said.
That did it for Lisa, sobbing and sniffing she poured her heart out,
telling her friend how she became her brother's slave and how she wasn't
allowed to have sex.
When she was finished Carla gave her a handkerchief and said. "I bet that
if you promise to wear a skirt instead of jeans he would let you have
Lisa blew her nose in the handkerchief and then said. "Ohh I couldn't. I
would be so embarrassed if people could see my pussy.".
"Why?" Carla retorted. "From what I have seen in the showers you have
nothing to be ashamed of. Besides doesn't the idea of people trying to get
a glimpse of your pussy excite you?".
"Yes it does.". Lisa admitted. "But I couldn't, it's just to embarrassing.".
"You know I have always.....". Carla started to say. Then she blushed and
looked away.
"You have always what?". Lisa asked surprised.
Carla blushed. "I have always wanted to touch your pussy.". She whispered.
That was to much for the overheated Lisa. She grabbed Carla's head and
started to kiss her. Her hands left Carla's head and started to work on the
buttons of the girls blouse. Carla did the same and moments later the girls
where hurriedly undressing each other. When they where nude they resumed
their kissing as their hands started their wondrous journey towards each
others center of joy. They moaned as their breasts mashed together, heating
their passion.
"Ohhh god. Fuck me with your fingers.". Carla moaned when she felt Lisa's
hand touching her pussy. Then she took her own advise and plunged three
fingers into Lisa's cunt. Their heat rising the girls rolled around on the
bed, finger fucking each other's cunt with unbridled passion. Needing to
release her pent-up emotions, Lisa pushed Carla back onto the bed. "Eat my
cunt!". She demanded as sat down on the girl's face. Then she bend over and
slit her tongue into Carla's slit.
"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!". Carla moaned into Lisa's cunt when Lisa
speared her tongue into her tight pussy. Vigorously she started to suck the
juice out of Lisa's pussy, her tongue snaking around every fold, trying to
get all of the delicious fluid. They screamed in unison when they found
each others clit, their combined pleasure exploding into a gigantic orgasm.
Their body's seemed to melt together as the orgasm overtook them. They
clawed and sucked and licked at each others body feeling the pleasure as if
it was their own. Time stood still as their world became smaller and
smaller until only the craving for each other remained. They continued
until they could bear it no longer. With a satisfied sigh they parted and
fell asleep.

"Mmmmmmmh," Lisa moaned softly as she opened her eyes. Her hand drifted to
her pussy as she remembered what she and Carla did just moments before.
"OHHHHHH!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!". She wailed as the truth hit her.
"What's wrong?" Carla murmured not fully awake yet.
"I had sex with you.". Lisa sobbed.
Carla's eyes flew open in surprise. "Didn't you like it?". she asked.
"Oh no, I loved it. It's not that. It's that I am not allowed to have sex
this week.".
"Oh.". Carla said with a sigh of relieve. "I was afraid you where having
second thoughts about us being together.".
Lisa hugged her. "No I never would. It was wonderful. You are wonderful.
It's just that I don't know how I'm going to face my brother.".
Carla smiled. "Who is going to tell him. Nobody knows we did it.".
Lisa face brightened at the thought, but then the worried look came back.
"I'm going to tell him. I'm his slave and I'm not going to betray him.".
Then a thought came to her. "Ohhh, I have been such a stupid brad, not
wanting to wear a skirt. The first thing he asked me to do as his slave and
I disobey him." She wailed.
"How is that?". Carla asked confused. "He agreed that you could wear
"Yes but I shouldn't have questioned him in the first place.". Lisa sobbed.
"I see. So being a slave means that you obey without question. But what if
he would ask you to do something that is wrong?". Carla said.
Lisa thought about it for a while and the answered. "I trust him to do what
is right. If he betrayed that trust I wouldn't want to be his slave
anymore. And that's what I am afraid off.".
"What do you mean?". Carla asked
"I'm afraid that he doesn't want me as his slave now that I have betrayed
his trust.".
Carla nodded. "I think that being a slave or master also means being able
to forgive. If your brother really cares for you he will understand.".
"You think so?". Lisa said with a glimmer of hope.
Carla gave her a kiss "I know I would forgive you.". She said.
"Now why don't we get dressed and tell your brother about all the terrible
things you did.".
"Yes let's go and shock him.". Lisa giggled. Then she kissed Carla and
added. "Thanks for being such a good friend.".

Quickly they got dressed and went over to Lisa's house.
When they got there they found Tim in the living room Watching some show on
"Tim I need to talk with you.". Lisa said to him as she turned of the tv.
Then she said down on the couch next to Carla.
"What?". Tim asked.
"Ehh well I...". Lisa stuttered.
Carla put her arm around Lisa and gave Tim a look. 'Hurt her and I'll hurt
you' Her eyes said to him. Then she turned to Lisa saying "Go on tell
Lisa nodded. She took the collar from her neck and gave it to Tim.
Tim looked disappointed but he said nothing, waiting for his sister to
"I'm afraid that I have not been a very good slave.". Lisa started.
"I questioned you when you wanted me to wear skirts and I shouldn't have.
And now to top it of I had sex with Carla against your wishes.".
She gave him a mournful look and continued. "I understand if you don't want
me to be your slave anymore, but I hope you will let me try again.".
She gave him a hopeful look and waited for his answer.
Tim smiled. He put the collar back around her neck saying, "If you ever
take this collar off again, I'm going to spank your butt so hard you won't
be able to sit down for a month.".
"Ohh thank you". Lisa yelled as she hugged him.
Tim grinned. "Yes well, we all make mistakes. But you still are going to be
punished for having sex without permission. I don't know what your
punishment is going to be yet but I will let you know when I have made my
"Ok Tim." Lisa said with a smile.

"Tim? I like to ask you something.". Carla said.
"What?". Tim inquired.
Carla hesitated a bit. She looked at Lisa and Then back at Tim. "Well I
eh.. Well I would like to be your slave to.".
"Hmmm.". Tim said. Then he looked at his sister and saying "Lisa why don't
you go upstairs and dress properly.".
"Yes tim." Lisa replied meekly.
When she was gone tim looked at Carla. "You really love her, don't you?".
He said to her.
Carla nodded. "Yes I do. But not in the way you think. I love her like
sister and not like a lover. The sex we had this afternoon was the best
thing that ever happened to me, but I still want to have boys to. You know
when my parents divorced eight years ago, your sister became the sister I
needed for talking to. Someone who would let me cry and sob and be stupid
without questioning me. She has always been there for me and I would kill
anyone who would try to hurt her." Then she took a deep breath and
continued. "And now that she is your slave I'm afraid that I'm going to
loose her.". She looked at Tim with a wry smile on her face. "Does that
sound stupid to you?".
Tim sat down next to her and took her in his arms. "No it doesn't sound
stupid to me. But it's not a very good reasons for becoming a slave.".
A tear appeared in Carla's eyes. "I know, but I don't want to loose her
either.". She sobbed.
Tim thought about it for a while and then said. "If it is really that
important to you we'll work something out.". He stood up and added "Wait
here for a moment, I'll be right back.". Then he went to the garage and got
two alligator-clips.
When he returned to the living room he looked at Carla and said. "Open your
"What?". Carla shot out.
Tim grinned. "Oh come on, trust me. I'm not going to rape you or
Hesitantly carla opened her blouse, showing her bra covered tits to him.
Tim showed her the alligator-clips saying. "I'm going to put these on your
nipples. It will hurt at first but you will get used to it. I want you to
wear them until Saturday-morning then if you still want to be a slave and
if you are still wearing the clips, I will figure out a way to help you.".
"Ok.". Carla said with a trembling voice. She put her hands behind her
back and unfastened her bra. Tim put his hands on her breasts and started
to play with her nipples. When they stood erect he put the clips on them.
Carla let out a short yelp as the clips closed around her nipples.
When he was done Carla started to put her bra back on but Tim stopped her
saying "I think that you better not wear a bra while the clips are on. It
would hurt to much.".
Carla nodded. She put the bra in her pocket and closed her blouse.
At that moment Lisa came back into the living room.
"Ohh my god!". Tim gasped when he saw what she was wearing.
The skirt she had on barely managed to cover her pussy. When she walked the
movement of the skirt clearly exposed her ass and cunt.
"Oh god you are a walking advertisement for rape.". Tim groaned.
Then he turned to Carla and said. "I want to talk to your brother.".
"Why?". Carla asked.
"Well if she is going to walk around like that in public we better get her
some protection.".
Carla smiled. "Yes you are right. Ok I will send him over.". She stood up
and continued. "Well I have got to get home for dinner.". Then she gave Tim
a hug and said "Thanks.". Followed by "Auch!" as the clips on her nipples
brushed against his chest. "I have got to be more careful with those.". She
said with a smile as she left.

"What was that all about?". Lisa asked when Carla was gone.
Tim sighed. "Why don't you sit down, then I will tell you.".
When they where both seated Tim looked at Lisa and said. "How do you feel
about Carla.".
"Hmmm, I don't know. I guess you could say that she is like a sister to me.
We have grown real close since her parents divorce.".
"Why do you ask?". She added when Tim said nothing in reply.
"Well she has asked me if I wanted her as my slave.". Tim said.
"Yes I know. So what about it.?". Lisa replied questioningly.
"She wants to be my slave because she is afraid she is going to loose
you.". Tim said.
"Ohhh!! no!!!!!!". Lisa wailed. "Ohh Tim, I have got to call her right
away.". She blurted out as she stood up.
Tim stopped her saying. "It's alright. I already took care of it.".
Lisa sat down again. "I would never abandon her like that.". She said.
"I know. I asked how you feel about Carla because I want to know how you
would feel about her being your slave.".
"I don't know. You just said that the only reason she wants to be a slave
is that she is afraid to loose me.".
Tim smiled. "I know, but the important part here is not her being a slave,
but her being afraid that she might loose you.". Then he grinned and added
"So what do you think would be the best way to show here that you will
never leave her.".
Lisa still hesitated. "Yes but what if she doesn't want to be me slave
anymore. I don't want to hurt her you know.".
Tim sighed "The girl I was talking to was scared to death of losing you.
Right now she doesn't really now what she wants apart from knowing that you
won't leave her. By making her you slave you tell her that she will never
have to worry about it again. It doesn't mean that you actually have to
treat her like a slave.". He gave her a kiss and added "You will just have
to ask what she really wants when things have settled down a bit.".
Lisa smiled. "Yes your right.". she said. Then she gave him a hug and added
"Thanks for caring.".
Tim grinned "You know, I can just see you two together bitching at each
other like two old ladies.".
"Hmmm.... Yes...". Lisa said as a faraway look appeared in her eyes as her
hand drifted to her pussy.
"LISA!". Tim said.
"Oh. I'm sorry. I just wasn't thinking.". Lisa apologized.
Tim gave her a blank stare.
'What have done wrong now?' lisa thought when she saw the look on his face.
Nervously she clasped her hands together as she tried to figure out what
was wrong. Her face turned bright red when she finally figured it out. "Ohh
I'm being stupid again.". she whispered.
"Just a bit.". Tim acknowledged.
"Tim?". Lisa said nervously.
"I would like your permission to masturbate.".
Tim smiled. "You have my permission to masturbate any time you want.". he
said as he gave her a hug.
Lisa snuggled up to him "Thank you.". she said.
"Any time sis.". Tim replied. He gave her a kiss on her forehead and said.
"Tell me, what where you dreaming about just now."
The dreamy look returned on Lisa's face. "I just thought of Carla living
with us. Me being your slave and she being my slave.".
Tim smiled. "Well who knows.". he said.
"Hmmm, I don't see how I could be your slave and live with Carla at the
same time.". Lisa murmured absent-minded.
Tim gave her a surprised look but Lisa didn't notice. Her mind was
somewhere else, her hand slowly rubbing her pussy.
'So you do want Carla to live with us, you want her to live with you.'. Tim
thought. A grin appeared on his face as an idea started to form in his head.

Carla bursted into her brother bedroom. I need to talk to you.". She
exclaimed. Marc gave her a hug saying. "What's up sis?".
"AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII!". Carla yelled as his action caused the clips on
her nipples to twist.
Concerned Marc let go of her. "Did I hurt you sis?". He asked.
"No you didn't.". she replied. "Ohh, I better show you.". she added when
she saw the look on his face. She opened her blouse and showed him her
"What did you do that for!". Marc exclaimed when he saw the alligator-clips
on her nipples.
"I didn't put them on my nipples. Tim did.". Carla retorted.
"That freaking bastard. I going to break his neck.". Marc shouted.
"No you're not.". Carla sighed. She pushed him back onto his bed saying.
"Just let me explain. Will you?".
"Hmmm, You better make it a good one.". Marc mumbled angrily.
Carla sat down besides him and explained the days events to him.
Then she gave her brother a hug saying. "So he was only trying to help
"Hmmm kinky.". Marc said as rubbed his cock through his pants.".
Carla grinned. "Do you like the idea of having a slave?" she asked.
"I don't know, I never met anyone who wanted to be my slave.". Came the
reply. Then marc grinned and added "But I would like to fuck you.".
"I would let you, but not without Tim's permission.". Carla told him.
"Hey! I was only joking. You are my sister. I couldn't do that to you.".
Marc exclaimed.
"Yes and you are my brother. I couldn't think of any one better to take my
virginity.". Carla replied.
"Do mean that?". Marc said surprised.
"Yes I do". Carla answered amazed at her own statement. Then she kissed
him. "Yes I would like you to take my virginity.". She said, sure of
herself now.
"Well if that's what you want.". Marc mumbled.
"Yes that's what I want.". Carla said firmly.
Marc smiled. "Ok sis.". He said as he kissed her. Then he glanced at her
tits and said."I suppose you will be wearing those clips until Saturday.".
"Yes I will.". Carla replied.
"Hmm, I don't' th...". He started, but Carla put her hand over his mouth.
"I now what they mean.". She said with a touch of desperation in her voice.
"But I'm to scared to think about it right now. So I pretend that if I am a
good girl and wear them until Saturday everything will be alright.".
"Well you know, I think you are right.",. Marc said as he hugged her. "If
you wear those clips until Saturday everything will be alright.".
"Do really think so.". Carla asked nervously.
"Yes I really think so.". Marc replied.
Carla let out a sigh of relieve. Then she put her head on his shoulder and
started to cry.
"I'm sure everything will be alright sis.". Marc whispered in her ear as he
tried to console her.
"I'm sorry.". Carla sniffed when she finally stopped crying.
"That's ok. Do you feel better now?". Marc said.
Carla smiled. "Yes I do.". She answered.
"Well". Marc said. "All I have to do then is figuring out a way of getting
Tim's permission to fuck you.".
Carla grinned. "I'm sure you can make a deal with him.".
"How?". Marc asked.
"Well I almost forgot, but Tim wants to talk with you. He needs you to
protect his sister.". Carla replied.
"Protect her from what?" Marc asked surprised.
Carla's grin grew wider. "Just wait until you see what she is going to wear
when she goes to school. Then you will understand.".


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