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Keywords: mmff, mmf, mF, inc, bd, anal
Part: 3 of 3
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: My brother my master

(c) Copyright 1999 DASTARDLY DODO ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with teenagers.
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you to read.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station and have
yourself arrested.
My brother, my master part 3

"Hello Marc.". Ellen said when she saw who was standing in front of the
"Hello Mrs. Adams. Is Tim home? I need to talk with him.". Marc replied.
"Sure come in. He is in the living room.". Ellen said as she held open the
door for him.
"Hi Marc.". Tim said when the boy came into the living room.
"Hi Tim, I would like to talk with you.". Marc replied.
"Ok." Tim said. He glanced at his sister but then decided it would not be
fair to order her to leave. "Let's go to my room. We can talk there.". Tim
"Tim!". Lisa said angrily.
"What.". Tim said as he looked at his sister.
Lisa gave him an angry stare. For a moment Tim was confused. Then he
started to laugh as he remembered what had happened that afternoon.
He sat down next to Lisa and hugged her. "Sorry sis. I won't do it
"You better not.". Lisa replied with a grin.
Tim smiled. "I would like you to go to your bedroom while I talk with
Marc.". He said.
"Yes Tim." Lisa replied with a happy smile. Then she gave him a kiss and
went upstairs.
"Ohh my goddd!!!". Marc gasped when Lisa stood up.
Tim started to laugh again when he saw the look of shock on Marc's face.
"Yes she quit a sexy number, isn't she?". He said.
"Well I can see why she needs some protection.". Marc replied as he sat
"Yes well, I figured that since you are the captain of the football team,
you could make sure that nobody harasses her.". Tim replied.
"Don't worry, I'll make sure that no one bothers her.". Marc said.
Then he looked at Tim and continued. "Thanks for taking care of Carla.".
Tim smiled "I hope it helped.".
"Yes it did". Marc said. A thoughtful look appeared on his face as he
continued. "You are not going to make her you slave. Are you?".
Tim smiled. "No. But I talked to Lisa and she agreed that Carla could
become her slave.".
Marc grinned. "She is going to be thrilled to death.". He gave Tim a
serious look and continued. "I owe you a big favor Tim. If there is
anything you need just ask.".
Tim smiled. "That's ok. I would have done it anyway.".

The next morning after Carla went to school, Marc sat down in the kitchen
with his mother.
"Marc, I want to talk to you about Carla.". Tammy said to her son.
"Why? what has she done?". Marc asked.
"Last night, when I tucked her in I saw that she has Alligator-clips on her
"You didn't take them off, did you?".". Marc asked nervously.
"No I didn't. But I know you two talked last night. So perhaps you could
tell me what is going on, before I confront here with it.".
"Ok mom.". Marc sighed. Then he explained what was going on.
"I'm not happy about Carla having sex, but I suppose I can't stop it.".
Tammy said to Marc. "But this slave stuff is out of the question."
"I don't know.". Marc retorted. "You know, I have learned something
yesterday. I love Carla and she is my sister but I have never been there
for her. Yesterday I learned that if you love someone, you take care of
that person. They care about Carla mom and I'm going to care about here to.
And if being Lisa's slave is going to make her happy, then I'm going to
make sure it happens.".
Tammy smiled. She took Marc's hands into hers and said. "I care about her
to you know. But....". She sighed and shook her head. "I guess we never
told you why your father and I broke up.". She finally said.
"Why did you?". Marc asked.
Tammy took a deep breath and then said. "I wanted to be slave, but your
father couldn't handle it. He thought that having a slave meant that you
could treat that persons any way you like, which in his case mend beating
people up. But it doesn't work that way. You have to respect and trust each
other to be master and slave, but your father never understood that.". She
sighed and continued. "I guess I don't want the same thing to happen to
"Lisa loves her mom.". Marc said.
"I guess your right.". Tammy replied.
"So you agree?". Marc exclaimed.
"Yes, she can be Lisa's slave, if that's what she wants.".

Saturday morning came and Carla couldn't wait to get to Tim and Lisa.
She sat down at the breakfast table started to stuff the food inside as fast
as she could.
Tammy looked at her with a smile and said. "I have arranged for us to go to
some friends. I have put some clothes on your bed that I want you to
"Oh mom I can't. I have to..". Carla started, but Tammy stopped her saying.
"Your coming with us and that's final.".
"It's not fair.". Carla pouted. Then she went up to her room.
Two seconds later she was back down again. "Mom where are my bras and
panties she said. A big grin split Tammy's face. "You can't wear a bra
while you have those alligator-clips on your nipples and you don't need
panties where we are going.".
Marc bursted out in laughter when he saw the look on his sisters face.
"I know all about the trouble you got into this week.". Tammy giggled.
"Oh mom, Then you know I can't go with you. I have to go to Tim and Lisa.".
Carla said in desperation.
This caused a new wave of laughter.
"I know where we are going, but we are not going to get there if don't get
dressed.". Tammy sniggered.
"Ohh you two!" Carla muttered when she finally understood what her mother
had said. Then she stomped out of the kitchen to get dressed.

They arrived at Tim's home an hour later. Ellen greeted them at the door.
"Tim and Lisa are waiting for you in the living room." She said to Marc and
Carla. Then she turned to Tammy and said. "Are you ready to do some big
Tammy grinned "Yes, let's shop till we drop.". she replied.
Then they said good-bye to the kids and left.

Carla immediately went to Tim. "I want your permission to fuck Marc.". She
said to him.
Tim grinned. "You don't need my permission for that. You're not my slave.".
He replied. Why don't you sit don't and listen to what we have to say.". He
added when he saw the disappointed look on her face.
When Marc and Carla where seated, Lisa produced a collar and gave it to
Carla saying "If you want to be my slave you will put this on and never
take it off again.".
Carla just sat there with a stunned look on her face. Tear appeared in her
"Oh my!". She croaked after a few minutes. Then she tried to put the collar
around her neck. But her trembling hands made it impossible for her to
close it.
Lisa sat down next to her on the couch and fastened the collar. Then she
took Carla in her arms and laid down with her back against the armrest and
Carla's head resting on her tits. Then she opened carla's blouse and took
the alligator-clips of her nipples.
She gave Carla a kiss and said. "Well how does it feel to be a slave.".
Carla began to cry. Lisa caressed her hair.
"Sshhss, everything is alright.". She whispered.
'I know.". Carla sobbed.
After a few minutes the crying stopped.
"Lisa?". Carla said.
"Am I going to be your slave forever?".
"You will be my slave for as long as you need.". Lisa kissed Carla's
forehead and continued "But that's not important. What is important is that
you are my friend and you will be as long as I live. And there is nothing
you can do to change that.".
"Lisa?" Carla said a few minutes later.
"Sometimes I get scared.".
"About what?".
About people leaving.".
"Like your father?".
Carla nodded unable to speak.
"Hmmm. I think it is time we had some rules.". Lisa said with a smile.
"Rule number one. If you get scared you come to me and I hold you until you
are not scared anymore.". Then she grinned and added "I can't think of any
other rules right now, but I will let you now what they are when I think of
them.". Lisa smiled and gave Carla a kiss. "Do you want to now a secret?".
She asked.
"What?". Carla replied.
Lisa got a faraway look in her eyes. "Sometimes I have this fantasy that we
are living together. I imagine that we are lying like this on the couch or
that I'm waking up with you besides me. It's my favorite daydream.".
"I would like that.". Carla said. A thoughtful look appeared on her face as
she added. "Perhaps we could ask our moms if I could live with you for a
Lisa nodded. "That's a great idea." She said. She caressed Carla's breasts
and added. "Are you going to have your cherry taken today?.".
"Yes.". Carla replied with a nervous smile.
"I have an idea. Why don't we all take your cherry.".
"That's impossible.". Carla giggled
Lisa grinned. "Well Marc is going to do the actual cherry picking. But I
have figured out a way for me and Tim to participate."
"Hmmm. Ok.". Carla moaned, excited by Lisa's continued attention for her
tits. Then she looked around and added "Where are they?".
"I don't now.". Lisa replied. Then she grinned and added. "I guess they got
bored with watching us cuddle.".
Carla smiled. She turned around and said. "I will never get bored cuddling
with you.". Then she kissed Lisa passionately.
Their tongues started their feverish dance of love and their hands sought
their way to each others tits and cunts.

"Starting with out us sis?".
Startled Carla looked up and saw her brother standing next to the couch.
A grin spread across Her face. "Well you seemed to bored with us.".
Marc grinned to. "Bored with you? Never sis.". He replied as he kissed her.

"Let's go upstairs and get this show going.". Lisa said. Then she looked at
Tim and added. "Bring some rope.".
"What is the rope for.". Carla asked nervously as they went upstairs.
Lisa smiled. "To tie you to the bed.". she said. She grinned and added
"Trust me you will love it.".
They went to the master bedroom and undressed. Lisa put Carla in the middle
of the bed, shoving two pillows under Carla's butt for better access to her
pussy and ass. Then she tied Carla's arms and legs to the corners of the
bed, leaving her in a spread-eagle position. She grinned and said "Well
guys I think it is time to make her scream.".
She turned to Tim and said. "you suck on her tits.".
Tim nodded and started to work Carla's tits.
"Hmmmmm. That's nice.". Carla moaned.
Lisa looked at Marc and said. "You lick her sides and belly.".
Marc grinned. He kissed Carla's belly button and then started to lick her
"Ohhhhhhhhh godddd!!!!!!! Someone lick my pussy!!!! Please lick my
pussy!!!!". Carla moaned as the heat was rising within her.
Lisa grinned. "I think that is my job.". She said as she stuck her tongue
into Carla's cunt.
WITH YOUR TONGUE!!!!!!". Carla screamed.
Just as she was ready to cum. Lisa stopped working on her cunt.
PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!". Carla screamed.
Lisa just grinned.
After a few minutes she started working on Carla's cunt again until Carla
was ready to cum. Then she stopped again. Carla started to curse and scream
demanding to have her pussy eaten. Lisa ignored her and repeated the
CUM!!!!!!!!! LICK MY cunt BITCH AND MAKE ME CUM!!!!!!!!" Carla wailed as
she was denied an orgasm for the third time.
"Not yet." Lisa replied with a grin.
She kept Carla on the brink of an orgasm for almost an hour. Then , sensing
that Carla couldn't take it anymore, she turned to Marc and said. "I think
it is time to shove your dick into her pussy.".
Marc grinned. He kneeled between Carla's legs and with one stroke buried
the entire length of his dick into her cunt. Carla eyes shot open and her
mouth opened itself in a silent scream. She stayed like this for a few
moments. Then she arched her back and started to wail as the biggest orgasm
of her life hit her. The next ten minutes she had one orgasm after the
other as Marc pounded his dick in and out of her cunt.
"OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! NO MORE!!!!!!!!". Carla wailed as
one orgasm after an other wracked her body.
Lisa grinned. "Shove it in her ass.". She said to Marc.
Marc to his dick out of Carla's cunt and rammed it into her ass.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!". Carla screamed in agony.
She had never felt so much pain in her live.
"Fuck her ass hard.". Lisa said to Marc. Then she put her mouth over
Carla's clit and started to nibble on it.
The combination of pain and pleasure took Carla over the edge again.
"OHHHHHH!!!!! SHIT!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!". She screamed as she
reached a new peak of ecstasy.
Marc was hammering his dick in and out of her ass like jackhammer. "I'm
going to cum in your ass!" He moaned. After a quick burst of thrusts her
buried his dick in Carla's ass and dumped his load into her bowels. Feeling
her brother shooting his sperm into her ass was to much for Carla. After a
final scream of ecstasy she passed out.
After Marc had pulled his cock out of Carla's ass, Lisa untied her. She lay
down next to her and put her arms around her. Marc laid down on the other
side and put his arms around her to, while Tim laid down behind Lisa.
After a few minutes Carla woke up. "Ohhhhhhhh!!!". She groaned
"Did you like it?". Lisa asked her.
"Hmmmmmmmm.". Carla replied. Then she hugged Lisa and said. "Thank you, all
of you.".

"Lisa?" she said a few minutes later.
"Yes?". Lisa replied
"There is something hard poking in my back.". Carla said with a grin
"In my back to. Do think they want to fuck us?". Lisa giggled.
"I think so. But I'm a bit sore right now.". Carla replied.
"Don't worry they can both fuck me. Do you want to fuck me boys?". Lisa
"Sure, who is going to be first?". Tim replied.
Lisa grinned. "No one. I want you both to fuck me at the same time.".
"How are you going to do that?". Carla said surprised.
"One in my ass and one in my cunt.". Lisa replied.
"Ohhhhh!!! That I have got to see!". Carla Exclaimed.
Lisa grinned and told Marc to lay down on his back. Then she mounted his
dick and thrusted down hard, impaling herself on it.". When he was all the
way in, she bend forward and said to Tim. "Shove your dick in my ass."
"Ooooohhhwwwwww". She groaned as Tim's cock made it's way into her ass.
Followed by. "Hmmmmm. Fuck me hard and make me scream.".
The boys didn't need any further encouragement. They started ramming their
dicks in and out of her holes with all their force.
"Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!". Lisa moaned.
After a few minutes the boys had found the right rhythm and where fucking
Lisa's holes with a steady pace.
CUNT!!!!!!! DO IT HARD!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" Lisa screamed.
The boys doubled their efforts and started ramming their dicks in and out
of her cunt and arse like jackhammers. Tim climaxed first.
yelled as he dumped his load deep within his sisters bowels.
Feeling her brother pissing his sperm into her ass set off Lisa to.
wailed as her orgasm seared through her body.
When Tim took his cock out of his sisters ass Marc turned her on her back
and started to ram his cock in her cunt with all his might. Lisa started to
scream again as she got her second orgasm. Marc fucked her a few minutes
longer, pounding her like there was no tomorrow. Then he let out a low
grunt, buried his cock in her pussy and deposited his cum in her womb.
When he came Lisa went off for the third time in a row.
She howled as an intense wave of pleasure hit her.
She kept screaming for minutes until she finally passed out.

Marc got quit a shock when he got home later that day.
"Ohhh my godddd!!!!!". He cried when he saw his mother.
She was wearing a very short tight black dress that left nothing to guess.
It showed most of her tits and, because she wasn't wearing panties, her
cunt, as Marc discovered when she walked towards him. Tammy twirled in
front of him saying. "Do like what you see?".
"You are so fucking hot!". Marc groaned.
Tammy giggled. She led Marc into the living room and sat him down on a
chair. She showed him a collar and said. "Marc, I would like to be you
Marc smiled. He took the collar out of her hands and put it around her
neck. A grin appeared on his face when he said. "You know there is
something a have wanted you to do ever since a learned about sex.".
"What?". Tammy asked.
Marc got his cock out of his pants and said. "Suck my cock slave.".
"Your wish is my command master.". Tammy giggled.

She took his cock into her hands and gave the head a kiss. She kissed and
licked the head of his cock while jacking him off with one hand. With her
other hand she caressed his balls.
"Ohhh!! Goddddd!!!!!!! I don't believe it! I'm getting a blow job from my
mother!!!". Marc groaned.
"You better believe it dear.". Tammy giggled.
She took his cock in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down his
cock, using her tongue to lick all around the shaft and cock head.
"OHHHHHH!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!! SUCK MY COCK!!!!!!! SUCK IT!!!!!!". Marc
Tammy kept bobbing her head up and down his cock taking more of it with
each stroke until his entire cock was buried in her throat. She kept
sliding his cock in and out of her throat while at the same time using her
throat muscles to jack him off. Soon the sensations became to much for
Marc. "Ohhh!!!! Godddddd!!!!! I'm going to cum!!!!". He moaned.
Tammy took his dick out of her mouth. "Ohhhhh!!!! Yessssss!!!! Shoot your
load in your mother's mouth!!! Make her eat your cum!!!!". She hissed.
This was to much for Marc. "OHHHHHHH!!!! GODDDDD!!!!!!!!
CUMINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!". He shouted as his orgasm exploded.
Quickly Tammy took his cock back in her mouth and eagerly started to
swallow his sperm.
"OHHHHH!!! FUCK!!!! OHHHHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!!!!". Marc groaned as he shot his
load down his mothers throat.
Tammy was sucking and swallowing like her live depended on it.
"That was tasty.". She giggled when Marc's orgasm was finally over.

She took his dick back in her mouth and coached it back to it's former
hardness. After about five minutes of this Marc's dick was rock hard again.
Tammy sat down in his lap and slowly lowered herself on his pole.
"Ohhhhh!!!!". She sighed when his dick was completely imbedded in her cunt.
"I have waited so long for this.".
Then she started to french kiss him. Marc put his hands around her waist
and began to move her up and down on his cock.
"OooHhhhhh!!!! Yessssss!!!!!! Fuck me!!!!" Tammy moaned.
Marc Started to thrust his hips up and down in time with her body.
FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" Tammy screamed as her orgasm came crashing
down on her. Marc came only a few seconds later. With a loud groan he
sprayed his cum into his mother's womb.


Tim and Lisa kept their master-slave relation going until Tim went to
college. There he met a girl whom, after a stormy relation, he married.
Lisa and Carla stayed together and are now living a happy life together
with Marc, who stayed with his mother until she died and then moved in with
Ellen found a new husband and is still living with him.
They all come together from time to time and relive their memories.

Dastardly Dodo


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