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MBW02 old and she took

A story by DRIFTER


Part 2

As we drove toward her place, Eve looked out the window
silently. I frequently glanced over to look at her and realized how
attracted I was to her... her bisexual relationship with Carol only made
her more appealing to me somehow. I didn't understand it. Then I
flashed to Carol in my mind, imagining the three of us together and felt
an additional tingle in my loins.

After a few moments more of this silence Eve looked over at
me and said, "Carol says you guys go way back."

I nodded, "We went through college together. You know someone
for years and then something happens and you realize there are large
parts of their lives, of their true personalities, that you know nothing
about." I wasn't sure what the hell I was trying to do with this
conversation but I seemed obsessed with talking around what I had
recently learned about Carol and Eve..

She looked at me and when our eyes met one of her eyebrows
was high as she said, "Oh... what makes you say that."

"Oh I just realized tho I have known Sam and Carol for years, and
in fact have watched them do about everything sexually when Sam and I
roomed together, there are huge parts of both of them I don't know."

"I don't understand Tony but it sounds fascinating." she paused
for a second and said, "My place is just in the next block.... why don't
you come up for coffee and tell me more."

As we walked through the door to her place I looked around. It
was well decorated but looked like a place that she didn't spend much
time in. Then I remembered how much Carol had said she traveled.
Eve made the coffee and soon we were seated on the couch, hot
mugs of coffee in our hands as Eve said, "Now tell me more. Has
something happened lately to make you wonder about Sam and Carol?"

"Well yeah... actually several things.... you have to understand, I
have been single for a long time.... mainly because I don't think I could
ever settle down with just one woman and I didn't want to hurt anyone."

"I can understand that Tony... remember I am single too... I travel
so much.. I never thought it would be fair to marry some guy and then
be gone most of the time. But what does that have to do with our

"I have always thought Sam and Carol were perfect for each
other. I was sure neither of them ever thought about sleeping with
someone else, let alone doing it. But the other day as Sam and I were
talking about this mutual female friend, I was surprised to hear him
say that he bet she would be hot in bed. That if she weren't such a
close friend of Carols that he might just try and find out first hand."

Eve looked at me strangely for a few seconds and then said,
"Tony... we both know they adore each other but after all they both are
human. Don't you think it is natural to want to explore occasionally. I
hope you aren't blaming Sam for being a normal person."

I sat my coffee cup down and said, "Well I'm not... in fact I very
much agreed with him. I was very attracted to this woman when I met
her too." I just stared at Eve and she slowly began to understand,

"Sam was talking about me? The two of you were talking about

"Yep." she looked at me and licked her lips slowly. I leaned
forward and soon our parted lips met lightly. Several light kisses and
then I whispered between small light kisses with brief flicks of our
tongues, "How do you feel, being lusted after by two horny men?"

She replied hoarsely, "Pretty damned good Tony... you guys flatter me." The kiss got longer and deeper. As our tongues danced
together my hands cupped her full firm breasts and she sighed loudly
against my lips offering no objections. When I started to unbutton her
blouse she broke the kiss and leaned back watching me quickly remove
her blouse and then her bra. I sat there admiring her full proud breasts and said, "Nice Eve."

"Glad you like them Tony but do you just plan on looking at my

I scooped her up in my arms and said, "Where is your bed?"

She smiled and nodded at a door saying, "I love a man who
knows what he wants."

"And what do you want my lovely sexy Eve?"

"The same thing you do, to fuck the rest of the night away."

We laughed all the way into her bedroom. Then I put her down
and we raced to get our clothes off finally diving nude into her big bed. I
kissed her deeply as our hands explored each others nude body. Then
I slowly moved my lips downward. She knew exactly where I was going,
her hands pressing my head lower and lower and as my lips and tongue
found her delightful pussy she sighed, "Oh yes Tony"

She was delightfully wild and I found myself wondering if she was
like this when Carol ate her. She moaned and came frequently as I
continued to enjoy tasting her neither lips. Finally she pushed me away
and said, "Oh enough you darling man. You will have me so sensitive I
won't be able to stand you touching me. Let me enjoy you now." And
her lips descended over the head of my hard cock. She knew what she
was doing and I leaned back and enjoyed the best head I had had in a
long time. I warned her I was close to cumming and she took me still
deeper in her throat and hummed. I couldn't hold it and she took it all.
Later licking her lips of the last drops as she sat up.

Pulling her to me I kissed her full swollen lips, tasting myself as I
assumed she tasted herself on my lips. As we cuddled and caressed
each other she smiled up at me and said. "You taste nice"

I smiled broadly and replied, "And so do you."

She kissed my lips lightly, as she wrapped her long fingers
around my growing cock. When she pulled away she said, "Tony, I
don't think you have told me everything that was bothering you about
Sam and Carol. That little bit about Sam surely was no surprise to you."

"You're right....there is more... what bothered me after that was
the next time I saw Carol I found myself wondering what she would be
like in bed and I felt a bit guilty lusting after my buddies wife. In my
heart I knew I would love to fuck Carol."

She giggled then and said, "Well first you have to take care of
me." and she lay back spreading her trim legs wide. She looked at me
and slowly hunched her cute pussy up and back in invitation. I accepted
and she guided me home. It was as good as it looked. Soon she was
hunching wildly under me, meeting my thrusts. She loved to fuck. She
came hard shortly and then we rested briefly as she squeezed my still
hard cock with her talented cunt.

I slowly hunched in and out of her tight cunt and said, "Hmmm so

She smiled, "As good as you think Carol might be?"

I felt my cock jump and she said, "Well I got an answer. You
really are hot for Carol aren't you?"

I answered her, "Eve I really am sorry. It is tacky to talk about
another women in these circumstances."

"Not at all Tony. I am not the jealous type as you will find. I have
never minded sharing...."

"Oh God...." she gasped loudly, "Oh God Tony your cock feels so
fucking good in me...." and she came again. I continued stroking
deeply. Pulling out until the head of my cock was just inside and then
deeply. She sighed again and said, "Hmmm so nice baby..."

Then she surprised me saying, "I think Carol would be pleased to
know you wanted to fuck her. I know her well enough to know she is
one randy lady. I also know she told me she wanted me to tell her all
about how you were in bed."

I raised up and looked at her in disbelief. Then I felt my climax
coming and I began to thrust harder and deeper. She wrapped her long
legs around me and met ever move. It was the best fuck I had had in a
long long time. This lady could be addictive I thought.

Much later in the kitchen after a hot shower where I went down on
her again, she walked up and pressed her nude body against mine and
said, "I hope you aren't too occupied by all of your other lady friends. I
could get used to you in my bed."

I kissed her with my hands full of her cute bare ass as my limp
cock started to reawaken. She pulled away and said, "I'm hungry. Sex
always makes me hungry." As she fixed two huge sandwiches, I
watched her full sexy body move and bounce in such nice ways.. As we
sat down to eat she said, "Tell me baby, does it really bother you that
you think about fucking Carol?"

"No.... it bothers me that it doesn't bother me."

"I see.... and the fact that Sam said he would like to fuck me
doesn't make that any easier?"

"A little... but...." and I just shrugged.

She winked at me and kissed me quickly. "I like you Tony.... or
did you notice?"

I just smiled and we ate in silence for a few minutes.

Then she said, "What are you doing this week end? If you can
get free I would love to do this all week end."

I grinned from ear to ear and said, "You are a lady after my

As she cleaned up after us she stood at the sink looking hot and
sexy and gorgeous. I walked up behind her and she felt the head of my
hard cock first pressing against her ass. Then I wrapped my arms
around her cupping her full bare tits. She groaned. I pushed her feet
apart and bent her forward as I guided my cock into her hot slit. It felt
so fucking goooood. Then we were back in bed, then on the floor, in
the living room on the couch... you get the idea.

She went with me to my place for me to pack a bag and make a
couple of calls. I was breaking a date with a sweet thing I enjoyed and
Eve pulled my cock out and started giving me head as I broke the
other date. Her eyes twinkled with merriment as I struggled to talk
coherently. As I hung the phone up I unloaded in my newest lovers
talented mouth.

As we drove back to her place she directed me into a small
wooded but public park. "Stop the car and fuck me Tony" she directed.


"Yes damn it... hurry."

"It was fabulous... I knew at any minute someone was going to
walk up on us. I loved the idea but no one did and soon we were on
our way again and Eve had this big grin on her face.

I asked her "Are you always like this?"

"Complaints already mister?" she grinned

"Hell no, just curious."

"No... sometime I get wilder."

And I grinned with anticipation. Back ast her place we showered
and dressed to go out for dinner. At the door she raised her skirt to
show me she wore nothing under it. All through dinner her hand was
on my semi hard cock. After dinner she insisted I fuck her again in the
restaurant parking lot. I was eager to comply. I loved my randy risk
loving lady. As we drove to her place again she said, "I think you like
fucking in public places as much as I do." I just grinned.

The week end was an orgy for two. At one point she picked up
the phone and dialed saying, "I have to report to Carol." She
proceeded to give Carol all of the details of everything we had done and
I blushed as she raved about how great a lover I was. When she hung
the phone up she looked at me and said, "Carol said she was envious of
me." I had an instant hard on... but Eve took care of that nicely.



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