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MBW03 cum off her eyes and



A story by DRIFTER


Part 3

I left Monday morning for work about 9:00. Eve
had another couple of weeks of freedom before her next
European assignment. She kissed me goodby at the door
but we had plans for that night.

All day I thought of her, and Carol and Sam.....

I called her mid morning to tell her how much I
enjoyed the weekend. I had sent her a dozen roses and
she gushed over them, just as I had hopped. I called
her mid-afternoon and was surprised to have Carol
answer the phone ( Eve was in the shower). I chatted
with Carol briefly and she said she was glad that Eve
and I were hitting it off. I asked if she were
jealous. She laughed and said, "No baby, Eve and I are
lovers but we aren't possessive. I am glad you two had
so much fun this week end."

Then I asked if they had had fun too. She sighed
softly and said simply, "Yes... are you jealous?"

"Hell no... in fact it excites the hell out of
me... I just wish I could watch the two of you."

She surprised the hell out of me then as she said,
"Maybe you can sometime Tony darling. You have watched
me do it all with Sam."

I knew if that happened I would fuck Carol.
Somehow I was sure Eve would love that if it
happened... but Carol? How would she feel afterwards?"

Then Carol said, "Oh here is Eve, fresh out of the
shower without a stitch on" Next I heard Eve's voice
cooing, "Hi lover."

. ****

When I got to her place later I rang the door bell
and it swung open and standing there without a stitch
on was my new love. I swept her up in my arms and as
our lips met I kicked the door to and carried her to
bed.... our favorite spot.

Over dinner much later we talked about everything
two people could dream up. When later the conversation
drifted to sex again, Eve asked, "What are your
fantasies Tony?"

"Damn near everything my love but I guess at the
top, like most men, would be to be in bed with two
great very sexual women. at the same time."

Her eyes glittered and she said, "Are these women
just for you are do they enjoy each other too?"

It was so close and I heard myself saying, "No
they make love to each other as well as with me.
Somehow I think bisexual women are the sexiest thing I
can think of.'

She leaned over and kissed me softly in the
restaurant and lovingly brushed my cheek with her hand.
There was a look of love in her eyes that warmed me all
over. I kissed her nose and said "That's my favorite
fantasy, followed closely by a threesome of another guy
and I with a hot lady. Then there are lots of others."

I had put it out there. I had tried to make her
feel safe with me.

In a minute or two she looked at me and said
softly, "Darling, I have to know this now before I get
too hooked on you, can you share me with others? Do
you expect that I will enjoy only you in bed? Would
you be bothered if I shared my bed with others? I
travel so much and as you have learned, I have a big

I held her hand and said, "Eve... I have loved
the past weekend up til and including right now. You
are close to my ideal in a lady and I hope to spend a
lot of time with you when ever we can. I understand
your appetites, like I am sure you understand mine. I
would be foolish to think you wouldn't enjoy others.
In fact I have to admit, I like the idea of you with

Her eyes were wet with tears as she said, "Take me
to the car and fuck me my love... God I want you so

The couple at the table next to us heard her
clearly and as we got up to leave the two of them
smiled at us..

She climbed in the back seat of the car pulling
her skirt up as she lay back welcoming me. People
walked by as I plunged into my love but no one bothered
us. As I drove toward her place.later she cuddled up
beside me and I heard her say softly, "I think I love
you Tony".

I looked into her beautiful eyes and said, "I know
baby, I feel the same. I love you so much. I want to
do everything with you. Yet I don't want to own you."

"I know Tony, I think that is one of the big
reasons I can love you so much. But are you sure?
When I sleep with someone else, can you be sure it
won't bother you?"

I looked at her again and said, "There is only one
way to know for sure my love." We both knew what that
was.... my mind flooded with who... when... where?
Was it to be Carol or a man first?

She squeezed my hand resting on her full breast and said, "Do you want to be there? We could make one
of your fantasies come true."

"Yes I would love to be there......Who?"

"He is a dear friend of mine. We have been "very
good friends" for years. His name is Max. He works
for the same news service that I do."

There was a long silence and then she said ,"Are
you sure you are ready for this?"

I pulled into the same park we had visited before
and parked the car. I kissed her for a long time.
Then I looked at her and said, "Oh I am very ready.
Are you sure he will go along with a threesome?"

Without hesitation she said, "I'm sure. Darling
don't be angry but it won't be my first threesome with

"Angry? Hardly... excited as hell yeah.....

"Tonight OK with you?"

I had parked cause my cock was so hard I thought
it would burst and I was going to fuck Eve again. But
now I turned and started the car and drove rapidly to
her place. Inside she picked up her phone and soon had
Max on the phone. I listened excited as she said, "Max
honey, I need you again. I have a dear man here with
me and we want another man to play with us." There was
a short pause and then she said, "I can always count on
you Max. 15 minutes... we will be waiting for you
hurry darling."

When she hung up I was hard as hell. She smiled
at me and said, "Think you are going to like this

"You have no idea."

She kissed me and went in the kitchen returning
with three glasses of wine just as someone knocked at
the door. She sat the wine down and moved slowly an
opened the door. He was a big guy, tall good looking.
He pulled Eve to him for a long deep kiss. I could see
their tongues playing from where I stood not to mention
his hands full of her cute ass.

They broke it and Eve smiled at me and introduced
us. We talked over our wine about both Max and I
making love to Eve. I noticed Max had a hard on to
match mine. Then Eve kissed Max passionately and then
walked over to me and did the same. She pressed into
my hard cock just as she must have with Max and she
broke our kiss and looked at me saying, "I love you
Tony... are you sure you can handle this?"

I smiled and replied, "Yeah my love... now."

She slipped the straps of her dress over her
shoulders and it puddled in the floor at her feet and
she stood nude before us. She smiled and said huskily.
"Just watch Max fuck me for awhile darling. If you
decide you can deal with that then please join us. I
adore two guys at the same time."

She turned and walked to Max who had stripped.
She caught his hard cock in her small hand and slowly
laid on the floor in front of me. She spread her
fantastic legs and guided Max's cock into her wet open
pussy as she watched me watching them. I have never
seen anything as exciting as watching Max fuck the
brains out of my new love. Soon Eve wrapped her legs
around Max's back and was hunching furiously to meet
his strokes. They exploded and Eve screamed and Max
growled loudly. When he rolled off of her his limp
cock pulled out with a loud sucking sound.

I saw her sit up and look toward me with the
question in her eyes.
I moved over to her and I knelt between her legs and
pushed her back as I entered her cum filled cunt.
She sighed and said, "What did you think?"

I began to fuck her slowly and I said, "I think we
are going to have lots of fun darling."

She said, "OK baby, but let me get on my knees so
I can entertain Max with my mouth while you fuck me."

I was fucking my lady dog style when Max moved in
front of Eve on the floor. His hard cock stood up
eagerly. Eve caught his cock in her hand and pulled
him in front of her and swallowed his cock. I watched
and my own cock swelled even bigger. That night we
both fucked her a couple of times in her bed before Max
showered, dressed and left us. Eve walked him to the
door still nude and kissed him goodbye passionately. I
watched them and got hard again.

Eve rejoined me on the bed and she looked like a
scared child for a moment. She looked at me and asked
softly, "You OK?"

I nodded and stroked my cock slowly. She replaced
my hand with hers and asked, "What were you feeling
while you watched Max fucking me?"

My cock jumped in her hand and she smiled as I
said, "It was strange. I don't think I have ever been
so hot in my life. I wanted to come fuck you with him
but I wanted to watch even more.. When you guys came I
damn near did too...... I loved it baby. No problem
you fucking other people sweetheart... I hope I am
there to watch but if not I hope you will tell me all
about it."

She kissed my throbbing cock and sucked the head
in her mouth briefly then said, "I am so glad baby... I
wasn't sure if you could deal with it. I am so glad
you can. Now we have one more hurdle... me watching
you with another woman."

It was time I thought and I said, "Will you enjoy
her too? Will you have sex with her too?"

"Her eyes glowed with lust as she said, "What do
you want me to do to her?"

"I want you to kiss her lips like a lover, fondle
her bare breasts, kiss her nipples and her clit and as
you eat her pussy, I want you to finger fuck her cunt and her asshole."

She moaned and sucked my cock again briefly then
looked at me asking, "Do you want her to eat my pussy too?"

"Yes... while I fuck her hot cunt."

She groaned loudly and came....and I came. The
first shot hit her chin and lips, the second her eyes.
She laughed and directed the next shot onto her tits and then she took me in her mouth and drained the rest.

As my cock went limp I kissed her face and licked
my cum off or her eyes and face. Then we moved to the
shower. As we stood bare ass together under the water
I played with her tits and then I asked her who the
other woman to be? She hesitated and then said, "I
guess you figured out I like women too."

"Yeah... I love that.. do you have a lot of female

"A few... one very special one right now.... I
would like for it to be her. She and I have never been
with a man together before. I know she would like to.
We have talked about it and she wants her husband to
join us and fuck us both but is afraid to ask him. I
think she might be willing to join us."

I smiled and said, "You are talking about Carol
aren't you?"



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