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MBW04 cum her mouth this time

story by DRIFTER


Part 4
She turned in the shower facing me and wrapped her arms
around my neck. She smiled and said. "Yes.... are you upset?"

"No... I suspected as much... it just gives me lots of confused
issues. I love the idea of you and Carol......You know I want to fuck
Carol too but Sam is my buddy."

"What if I fucked Sam... you said he wanted me. Then the four of
us could have lots of fun for sure."

"That would solve it if Carol would go along with it."

"Honey, I know Carol will let you fuck her in a minute. When you
talked to her on the phone here the other morning we had been making
love all morning. And talking about you. As I told her all that we had
done that week end she got so hot I thought she was going to burst.
She finally admitted she had wanted you to fuck her for all those years
but couldn't encourage you because of Sam."

I looked at my love and said, "When will you get Sam to fuck
you? I know he can't turn you down."

"If there was someway to get him over here for a while without

I smiled and picked up the phone and dialed Sam's number. I
shot the breeze and as I expected he said, "Carol said you and Eve
spent the week end in bed. Is she as good as I think."

Eve was listening on an extension as I replied. "Even better,
sucks cock like crazy, and fucks like a sack full of minks. I think I love
her old buddy but Sam, she doesn't expect either of us to quit fucking
other people. In fact last night one of her other men and she and I had
this great threesome. She is so hot..... you ought to try her out Sam...
you would love it."

"No shit, that would be OK with you if I fucked Eve."

"Absolutely...she is so hot to trot.... maybe we can both fuck her
sometime. How would you like that?"

"I would love that Tony.."

Then I asked him, "What about Carol, you said she wouldn't

Sam's voice was husky, "Man wouldn't it be hot if the four of us
got it on."

I laughed to myself and then said, "That would be hot... maybe
we can make that happen. You wouldn't mind if I fucked Carol?"

"Hell no, not if I was fucking Eve...."

"Sam, I hate to change the subject but the reason I called was can
you pick me up at Eve's at about 4 this afternoon? We can talk more
about it then. Maybe more than talk."

"Sure thing Tony... be happy too. Will Eve be there? Do you
really suppose we could....."

"I don't know buddy. Meet me here at four. If I'm late wait for

At 3:45 I got in my car to go to Sam and Carol's place where I
knew Carol would be getting home from work. As I kissed Eve goodbye
she was nude waiting for Sam. I smiled and said, "I wish I could watch
Sam fuck you baby."

She smiled and replied, "If this works out like I think it will, you will
have lots of chances to watch Sam fuck me... Carol too... Now go fuck
the lady."


I rang her door bell and Carol finally opened the door with a thin
robe wrapped around her. Her fabulous body couldn't be hid, especially
by that little thin robe. I ran my eyes over her body and she said, "Tony,
what a nice surprise. Come in I was just changing clothes. You caught
me bare ass as they say."

I gave her my best leer and pulled her into my arms for my
normal hug. The hug was tighter and longer and neither of us seemed
to want to break it. My cock started to grow and we both felt it between
us. Carol not breaking the body contact looked at me and said,

"Tony darling, I'm surprised you can get hard again after all you
and Eve have been doing. I am so pleased for you two."

"Did she tell you about the threesome with Max?"

She smiled and I felt her press against my now hard cock as she
said, "Yes.... you guys are something else. I think you are perfect for
each other. That made me so hot.... two guys at once..."

I let my hand drop onto her trim tight little ass and as I squeezed
it she sighed and said "Tony? What are you doing... I thought you were
too good of friends with Sam to be interested in me."

"I have always been interested in you Carol. I used to watch you
go down on Sam in our room and I was so damned envious. Then
when he ate your beautiful pussy I would jackoff wishing it was me. And
when he fucked you as I watched I came in my hand a lot."

"I liked the idea that you watched us Tony. I used to insist we go
to your room after our dates to fuck. So you would watch us. For
awhile I had this fantasy that you would join us and both of you would
fuck me. Like you and Max did Eve. But you never did...."

I could feel the heat of her pussy against my cock through my
jeans. I smiled and covered her lips with mine. She responded and our
tongues danced. She broke the kiss and said, "Oh Tony... we have to
stop, at least for now, Sam will be here any moment."

I slipped my hand inside her robe onto one of her large firm tits.
As I squeezed it and rolled it in my hand toying with her hard nipples
she moaned, "Oh shit Tony, that's not fair."

I kissed her again even hotter and I pulled her robe wide open
revealing her sweet pussy. I smiled and said, "Eve told me your pussy tastes wonderful... I want to find out for myself."

"Oh Tony.... she told you... good... I'm glad that's in the open at
least for the three of us. But baby.... Sam will be here soon...."

Her robe fell to the floor and I drank in her hot beauty. She
posed for me nicely and I unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock free
saying to her,

"Here Carol, I have want you to suck this for years."

She stared at my hard cock like she was hypnotized and then she
slowly dropped to her knees and caught my cock in her hands. She
said, "Listen for Sam's car baby". and she sucked my cock deep into
her mouth. It was fabulous as I expected it to be...

But I didn't want to cum in her mouth... this time. After a delightful 5
minutes I pulled it free and Carol grabbed for it moaning saying, "No
Tony give it back to me, I love sucking your cock......"

"Soon baby, first I want to fuck you... just like Sam is probably
fucking Eve right now."

She looked up at me as I helped her to her feet. she smiled and
said, "Sam and Eve.... are you sure?"

"Hell baby Eve and I arranged it so the four of us can play with no

The lust in her eyes was powerful and she caught my cock in her
hand and led me to her bed saying, "I have wanted to feel this in my
pussy for years Tony. Finally."

She was spectacular. Her pussy tasted as good as Eve said and
she fucked like a crazed woman... just like Eve. And I knew a foursome
was not going to be enough for any of us.. for long...

We lay spent, temporarily fucked out when the phone rang.
Carol picked it up and it was Eve..... Sam was in the bedroom waiting
on her for seconds she said. I heard Carol say, "Did Sam fuck you
sweetheart?" Then in a moment she said, "Yes and he is as good as
you said." Then I heard her say, "Does Sam know I am with Tony?"
"He liked it did he... good."

I went down on her again and she told Eve what I was doing.
When she hung up, Carol told me that Eve and Sam would be there in
another hour but they were busy fucking at the moment.

I'm not sure why but about the time we expected Sam and Eve to
arrive we got dressed. We were sitting in the living room, sipping a
glass of wine when they walked in. There was a bit of a strained
moment as everyone looked at each other. Then Sam walked over to
Carol and pulled her to her feet and took her in his arms and we heard
him say, "I love you so much darling" and he kissed her long and hard.

When the kiss broke Carol sighed and said, "Oh Sam I love you
to and this is so exciting. I hope we can continue."

Sam smiled and looked over at Eve and then back to Carol,
"Yeah my love.... I want to watch you and Tony soon... I have always
fantasized about watching you with another man."

Carol laughed and responded, "Darling you should have said
something a long time ago, I have been ready for that every since we
used too fuck in front of Tony."

We all laughed and then Carol walked over and gave Eve a deep
hot kiss and then said , "Hi lover" then she walked over to me and said,
"Well Tony, my dear husband wants to watch you fuck me. Shall we?"



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