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MEDUSA men wrestling said fanning her


This was the first time Medusa was invited to the Colonel's ranch. He had sent
a limousine for her. He had wined her and dined her. He had put her on a
pedestal. Praising her sky high for her achievements. She would again reach
the summit of women wrestling, he said, fanning her bruised ego which had
taken a thumping at the hands of a humongous Japanese wrestler. But she would
not be able to survive on her own. She need a manager to guide her to the top
again. And the Colonel was one of the few people capable enough to do it. He
had the influence and connection to get her a title shot again. And she was
grateful for that.

She had never cared for him particularly. But business is business. And she
had come across worst men in the business. In fact the Colonel was a perfect
Southern gentlemen. Kissing her hand when he greeted her.

"So, do we have a deal?" the Colonel asked.

"Yes," she replied. "Have the papers drawn up."

"Sure. Tomorrow. There's a time and place for everything. Tonight we shall
celebrate this union."

He proposed a toast. She accepted. And they drank to a long and lasting
manager-wrestler relationship. Although the Colonel was expecting a little
more than that. Wouldn't mind getting a piece of her once in a while. He was
getting just a little bored of Sheri.

"Why don't I show you to your room upstairs. You can change and I'll bring you
a night cap," he added.

And probably a French cap as well, thought Medusa. "A night cap? Don't you
mean a fuck?" she stared at him as though throwing him a challenge.

"What?" the Southern gentleman was a little taken aback by what she said. He
didn't think she was capable of saying the word.

"Well, you want to fuck me, don't you?"

He broke into a sheepish smile.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go," she said, rising from her chair.

Deep inside she couldn't help feeling a tingle of excitement at the whole
prospect. What the hell, she thought. If you couldn't get out of a situation,
you might as well make the best of it. Silently she followed him up the flight
of stairs to the guest room.

"Here we are," he said opening the door.

He left her alone. She looked over at the king-sized bed and there on top was
a skimpy wrestling outfit. The kind worn by women at mud wrestling
competitions. Well, two can play the game. She smiled as she took the garments
and headed for the bathroom to change. When she reappeared, the Colonel was
already in the bedroom. He was standing at the open balcony door. Outside the
Southern moon is shining. The Colonel was dressed only in wrestling briefs.
Just the kind of thing to wear on a warn night.

"My, my...aren't we mighty proud of ourself today?" Medusa said with a laugh.

It wasn't that he look bad. It's just that she had never seen him dressed like
that before. And it amuses her that he had such fantasies.

He brought the drinks to her. She took the drink from him and gulped down the
content in the glass. She felt thirsty all of a sudden. That kind of surprised

"Can I have another one?" she said getting up and heading for the bar to mix
herself another drink before he could answer.

"Sure," he said. "But go a little slow. After all we don't want you saying I
tried to take advantage of somebody who isn't sober."

But the real reason was he didn't want her too drunk to enjoy what he was
going to do to her later. Just enough spirit to bring the warmth to her face
and the itch to her pussy. He is a man proud of his sexual prowess and hated
the idea of any girl saying the next morning that she didn't remember what
happened. Such a thing would simply be too much of an insult to his manhood,
to his ability in bed. A Southern gentleman has his pride, after all.

And the whole helplessness of the situation did bring the itch and longing
back to Medusa's loins. The desire to be filled. It seemed so very long ago
that she had been with a man. The Colonel wasn't the most desirable man on
earth. But she had to admit that once she had resigned herself to the fact
that she was going to have sex with him, the whole idea wasn't so revolting as
she had once thought. In fact she could feel a certain excitement rising
within her. A depraved kind of excitement which was slowly spreading its
tentacles to the highly sensitive areas of her body.

When she came back to the bed with her drink he pulled her down beside him and
took the drink from her hand. He placed it on the table beside the bed.

Then he put a finger behind the lobe of her left ear and ran it down the back
of her neck. He did that a few times watching the reaction on her face as he
tickled the base of her neck. She may know a lot of wrestling moves, but he
was willing to bet that he can show her a few new moves in bed.

He put his lips to her ear. When he let his tongue slide against the inside of
her ear she could feel the goose pimples on her body. As he sank his teeth
into her neck she let out a soft moan and felt herself going weak in the
knees. She closed her eyes and arched back her head to give him a wider area
to bury his face into.

She could feel one of his hands taking a hold of a breast, then the other. His
fingers found her already hardened nipples and before she could protest, if
she had wanted to he had freed the twin mounds from the bra.

Cupping his hand on the underside of her breast he took her nipple between his
thumb and forefinger, twisting and turning the hardened nodules. When he
kissed her lips her mouth opened and her tongue came out to meet his. She
seemed to have lost all resistance if there had been one earlier. And when he
put his hand on her panties, he found that she was already wet.

She was ready for him as she had been ready for the man before him. As she
would always be ready for any man after him. The swollen lips of her sex
beckoned him, welcoming the touch of his fingers, sucking hungrily at first
one then the two fingers he pushed inside her.

He let go of her and stood up to take off his briefs. She watched as he stood
naked in front of her, his penis protruding proudly from a mass of pubic

She couldn't help feeling the excitement as he pushed her onto the bed and
buried his face between her parted thighs. She drew in her breath as his
fingers spread open the down-fringed lips of her vagina and the coolness of
the air caressed there. The Colonel's tongue flicked forward, the pointed tip
darting out to moistly titillate the pulsing bud of Medusa's erect clitoris.
He moved his fingers down and parted wide the entrance of her cunt as he ran
his tongue down and thrust it deep in the palpitating opening.

"Oh...yes.....that's wonderful," Medusa assured him in a long, low moan that
filled the room. She splayed her legs out farther and pulled back her knees so
that her bottom was turned up fully to his face. He kept up his beautiful cunt
licking until he was certain that she was aroused to the point where he wanted

"Okay honey. The old Colonel is going to fuck you now," he whispered.

"Yes," she said. "Yes, fuck me."

She sighed as he got on top of her and buried his stiff prick inside her

"Oh..." she let out a long groan of relief and pleasure. How much she had
missed it, she thought as her buttocks moved up to meet his every thrust.

When finally her moment of release came her hands grabbed the thin crop of
hair on his head. He could feel the pain as her fingers tangled themselves in
his hair, gripping him as though to keep herself from drowning. He continued
to fuck her with renewed energy and at the final moment pulled out his cock
and deposited his load on her belly.

After a while, she got up and walked to the bathroom to wash her tummy,
feeling his sperm running down the dip in her belly and down her side to form
a small pool on the bedsheets. Some of it got trapped in her pubic hairs. When
she came out and began putting her clothes on he asked where she was going.

"Home," she said.

"No, I don't think you are."

She turned to look at him and saw that he was hard again. Her eyes widened in
disbelief and laughingly she said, "Not bad for a man your age."

"What do you mean a man my age? How dare you insult me?" he said jumping off
the bed and playfully chased her around the room with his penis in hand. He
caught her and dragged her back to bed. She tried to put up a feeble protest.
But the protests soon turned into moans of pleasure as he again pushed himself
inside her. This time he didn't even bother with the foreplay when he found
her still wet from their earlier lovemaking. When they finished she asked
whether it was always like that with him.

"Like what?"

"I mean does it always get hard so soon after you come?"

"No, not always. I guessed he just likes you," he said, his hands fondling her
breasts. And she realized it was going to be a very long night at the rate
things were going.


Medusa stirred from her slumber. She opened her eyes and closed them again.
The light from the window was too glaring for eyes just fresh from sleep. She
opened them again, this time just a fraction and let herself get accustomed to
the brightness. Was it morning? Or was it afternoon? Her eyes searched the
room and it was several moments before she realized where she was. And with
that the memory of the previous night came lucidly back to her.

She tried to get up but her limbs felt heavy and she turned to the man lying
beside her on the bed. He was breathing heavily, his rounded belly moving with
a rhythm as it ballooned out with every intake of his breath. For a while she
just lay there staring at his face. But her bladder felt full and she felt a
need to relieve herself. Reluctantly she got up and walked to the bathroom.
After she finished she splashed some water on her face and gargled with the
mouthwash she found in the medicine cabinet. She felt fresher as she walked
out of the bathroom.

She looked at her watch on the table. It was 12.30 in the afternoon. It didn't
look like the Colonel was anywhere near waking up. He was still sleeping in
the same position as the time she went to the bathroom. But one thing was sure
wide awake to greet the morning in all its glory.

He was having an erection. Probably having a sexual dream, Medusa thought to
herself as she walked back and sat on the bed. She smiled as she watched the
throbbing of his cock as though it had a life of its own. The bulbous head, no
longer covered by his foreskin looked a little pinkish and sore from all the
workout last night.

Curiously she extended her forefinger and touched the underside of his cock.
She let her nail scratch the taut skin lightly and saw it jerk a few times. He
mumbled something in his sleep. But she couldn't understand what he was saying
as she rubbed his hardness with her palm. Round and round her palm moved on an
extended tour of his erection while he moved his buttocks upwards

So engrossed was she in what she was doing that she didn't even realize that
he had awakened and was watching her through half-closed lids. But because she
was doing it more out of curiosity than and sexual need she stopped just as
suddenly as she started.

"Don't stop," he muttered.

"I thought you're asleep," she said, feeling suddenly a little self-conscious.

"Well, I had been awake for quite a while now."

"So has he," she said pointing to his stiff prick.

"He does awake very early in the morning."

"Morning? It's already way past lunch time."

"Really? I thought it was still morning. Slept like a log. Must have been
awfully tired," he said with a mischievous smile on his face.

"How about going for lunch?"

"How about going down on me?"

"I think not. I don't very much feel like sex in the afternoon, especially on
an empty stomach," she replied.

"Oh. In that case I'll get dressed and we can leave."

"Okay," she said as she started to get dressed herself.

He got up and went into the bathroom before appearing a few minutes later and
got dressed. By that time his erection had subsided. Probably it was all
because he wanted to have a pee in the first place and not from any need for
sex. After all they had had quite a time last night.

After lunch he sent her home.


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