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MELIA 01 thick juices that had oozed from


Melia - Chapter 1
By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Chapter 1

Melia lay hidden in the shadows. Peering over the edge
of the precipice, she could see a long, dark cavern.
Ominous stalactites hung from the cavern ceiling. The
floor was strewn with boulders and mineral debris.
Straining her nocturnal eyes, she could make out the
cavern walls, but it all faded into darkness after
about 50 meters.

The young woman carefully worked her way down the rock
face and started into the gloomy cavern. She was
determined to find her kidnapped lover, no matter how
far into the underearth it would take her. Walking
along the cave floor, Melia had to pick her way around
the rock piles and boulders that lay in her path. She
was very cautious at first, scanning the darkness all
around her as she stepped softly through the rocks.

After an hour or so, she was beginning to forget her
fears. It seemed that this was a totally deserted
area, probably uninhabitable. Her eyes grew sore from
sore from the utter darkness, and she picked a torch
from her pack and lit it.

The flickering torch cast gold light across the rocks,
and shadows danced all around her, reawakening her
fear for a time. Each shadow that darted from the
flame set her heart pounding in her chest. She pushed
on regardless.

Deep amidst the rocks she came to a field of
stalagmites. The toothy columns stretched out into the
darkness beyond her flickering torchlight.

Melia suddenly glimpsed a swift movement in the
shadows behind her. It gave her such a start that she
dropped the torch, standing frozen with fear. She
tried to calm herself, but another quick movement in
the dark set her running. Amidst her panic she darted
into the rock forest. Her legs carried her deep into
the field, through the many clusters of stalagmites.
Farther and farther she pushed into the rocky forest,
her instincts screaming, "RUN!"

Finally exhausted, she stopped. Gasping for breath,
she rested her hands on her knees. Her legs were
shaking with fear and fatigue.

"Maybe I started at nothing," she thought. "Am I
running from shadows?"

She slumped against a stalagmite and suddenly saw
another quick movement in the dark. Searching the
darkness she saw a large, reptilian creature creeping
through the columns, hunting her. It walked on two
legs, standing at least seven feet tall, yet its body
was covered in blackish-green scales and a lizard-like
tail trailed behind it's fearsome form. The beast
moved like no reptile, though, stalking her with a
cat-like grace. Its long tail trailed in the air
behind it, counterbalancing.

Melia stood mesmerized by the glow in the creature's
pale green eyes as it approached her. Stepping around
a column of stone, it paused before her. Inspecting
its prey, the creature cocked its head and tasted the
air with its tongue.

It came nearer, lowering its body to thrust its head
forward. Melia's eyes were wide, and shone with
wetness before its gaze, its eyes casting a pale green
glow onto the girl's face. Its face centimeters from
her own, she felt its hot breath on her skin.

Suddenly, Melia's paralysis broke, and she turned to
run. After two quick steps, the creature lunged
forward with the lightning speed of a cold-blooded
predator and grabbed her ankle, dropping her to the
cavern floor. She struggled to pull free of its grip,
but was held tight in its iron grip. It manipulated
her ankles with clawed feet and she cried out in
terror as she was flipped onto her back.

Almost unable to breathe, Melia shuddered with terror
as the beast loomed above her. It held her legs to the
ground with its clawed feet. Her breath clenched tight
in her chest as it lowered itself to stare into her
wet eyes. It locked her gaze once again, and she lay
helpless as it crept up her supine body.

The creature planted its feet to either side of her
knees and leaned forward to lick her face with a
shiny, black tongue. She was lost in the pale depths
of the beast's eyes. She felt as if she was falling
into endless wells of green light. The creature
emitted a low, vibratory purr as its steamy breath
blew onto her face. Her lower lip trembled as it
touched a claw to the delicate curve of her white
throat. Her head spun in the depths of the creature's
eyes and her body trembled as it placed a clawed hand
upon her front. Its claw moved delicately along the
curve of her stomach, feeling its contour through her
cotton blouse.

Melia was suddenly released from the creature's gaze
as it lowered its eyes to her blouse, the only thing
between it and its soft, warm prey. Her eyes fixed on
the blackness of the cavern ceiling, Melia whimpered
at the touch of the claw upon her stomach. She felt
its hot breath on her chest and she trembled
uncontrollably as the creature tore the front of her
blouse to shreds with razor sharp teeth. She felt the
cool air and hot breath on her breasts. Her nipples
grew hard and dark as she felt its breath move down
the hollow of her chest.

The creature hissed, and flicked its thin black
tongue. It slid its tongue up between her breasts,
licking the hollow of her chest and Melia drew in a
large anxious breath as it approached the base of her
throat. The predator continued to tease her breasts as
it pinned her arms to the rock with a pair of
foreclaws, resting just a portion of its weight on

Pinned beneath the weight of the beast's body, Melia
panicked. She felt utterly helpless and vulnerable.
The creature seemed to sense her fear, and lowered its
head towards her face. Her eyes shut tight to avoid
its gaze, she felt its breath close, and whimpered in
terror as it lowered its large body onto hers.

The creature flicked its tongue down her throat and as
it caressed her clavicle Melia's eyes snapped open.
She was immediately caught in its pale gaze. She
strained to see the rest of its head, much of which
was left in shadow behind the bright eyes. She could
make out large, flaring nostrils, and a head shaped
like that of a lizard, though quite not as long.

While she was inspecting its face, the creature's
tongue was sliding down the front of her body,
spreading its wetness down her chest and along the
curve of her stomach. She was astonished at the length
of its shiny, black tongue. As she stared into its
eyes, she felt its tongue slip beneath the waistline
of her skirt. Tense with fear, Melia's thighs were
pressed together, but she moaned as the beast slid its
tongue between them. It's slippery length slid down
her belly and over her clit. It slipped between her
labia and over her anus, its tip curving between her
buttocks, all the way to her tailbone. Finally
overcome with desire, Melia opened her legs and let
the creature lick the insides of her thighs, beneath
the folds of her skirt.

The repositioned, releasing her arms. She moaned and
squirmed to pull the waistline of her skirt down
around the curve of her perfect ass. She ached to be
bare before this predator, exposed entirely to its
claws and teeth, and scales and tongue. She felt it
pulling her skirt down her legs, its thin tongue
teasing between her thighs. As her skirt dropped to
the stony floor, Melia lifted and spread her legs and
the tip of the creature's tongue slipped between her
labia. She sighed with delight as its long, rubbery
length slid into her. The beast's foreclaws were on
the curve of her back and she felt its hot breath on
her stomach while its long black tongue slid deeper
and deeper into her, driving her into the depths of

Just as she felt herself starting to come, the
creature pulled its tongue out with a quick snap,
leaving her gasping for satisfaction. It slid up the
rock, climbing up her body.

Melia felt thin, milky fluid dribbling from her stiff
nipples as the beast's hard scales pressed against her
breasts. She spread her legs wide and wrapped them
around the creature's abdomen, aching for the friction
to drive her over the edge of ecstasy's cliff.

It never came. What came instead horrified her. The
thick juices that had oozed from her vagina had
trickled down to her anus, coating it in slick fluid.
She gasped in astonishment at the feel of the
creature's enormous member pressing at her anus,
seeking entry. Melia swallowed hard as the head of its
rock hard penis pushed against the entrance of her
anus. She felt herself being stretched as it pushed
its glans into her, and she cried out in fear as it
slid itself into her taught canal. This enormous beast
of the underearth was entering her through the wrong
hole. The beast noticed her fear and seemed to enjoy
it. It penetrated her deeply, then slowly pulled its
huge member from inside her body. She gasped as its
glans slipped from her tight anus with an audible

Melia lay trembling beneath the predator. Pressed,
naked and utterly powerless, between its scaly body
and the rock she finally fainted with terror and
Melia awoke lying on her stomach. Her body lay along
the top of a long, barrel-shaped rock. She tried to
push herself up, but found that her wrists and ankles
were shackled to the sides of the smooth rock. Unable
to move, she lay, straddling the smooth cylindrical
rock and she was filled with fear as she remembered
what had happened.

Little time could have passed since she'd fainted, for
thin, milky fluid still dripped down the backs of her
thighs, a dreary reminder of past pleasure. She heard
deep, rumbling breath from behind her and she trembled
as she felt the creature approaching her from behind.
Cold claws wrapped around her ankles, and she felt hot
breath between her thighs, causing her pubic hair to
stir. The creature's tongue flicked along the backs of
her legs, licking the fluids that dribbled down her

Closing her eyes, she whined uneasily as the creature
licked her inner thighs and slipped its tongue along
the softness between her legs and up to her tailbone.
Its tongue continued, tracing a path up the middle of
her back, then began to slide slowly back down. It
traced a line down the center of her back, gliding
between the smooth muscles on either side of her

As the tongue slid down Melia's lower back, its
slickness tingles along her skin. It slid across her
tailbone, gliding between her buttocks and over her
anus. Melia trembled in her bonds as the slick,
rubbery tongue slipped between her labia and into her
tight vagina. She squirmed against the smooth rock,
trying to pull away from the beast as its tongue
wormed its way up into her, sliding deeper into her
body than anything she'd ever experienced. She
shivered with displeasure as it twitched inside her.

After what felt like an eternity, the beast pulled its
tongue slowly from her body. Melia breathed a sigh of
relief as its tongue slipped from between her labia
with a wet slurp. The relief was short-lived, however,
as it quickly slid its length into her tender anus,
pushing up between her buttocks.

The creature massaged her with its tongue for a long
time, and eventually, the moist serpentine slithering
along her sex began have a pleasurable effect. Her
flushed face pressed against the rock, Melia bit her
lip and moaned as the creature's tongue teased her and
spread tingling pleasure along her skin. She gasped
every time it chanced to touch her clitoris.

As her pleasure was mounting, Melia was bitterly
disappointed by the sudden disappearance of the warm
snakelike tongue. Soon she felt a scaly body sliding
up the bare skin of her back. The feel of it sliding
up her buttocks awakened a lust so deep that the lips
between her thighs began to dribble. A little pool of
fluid formed on the rock between her smooth thighs,
spread wide upon the rock.

Melia's breath grew heavy with anticipation. She
remembered the feel of this creature's member; the
sensation of the ridged head of its penis penetrating
the depths of her body. She shuddered at the thought.

It drew itself further atop her and she swallowed hard
as it paused, holding itself poised above her back.
Finally she felt it lower its erect member between her
thighs, its glans pressing against her swollen lips.
Again she swallowed hard, her naked form pressed
beneath the beast, waiting for it. She gasped as it
slid deep into her, and as it pulled itself from
inside her she emitted a trembling whine.

Her face pressed against the rock, Melia groaned the
predator again pushed itself into her with slow
precision. She shuddered lust, her labia wrapped
around it's thick penis, hugging the shaft tightly.

The creature's hot breath grew stronger against the
back of her neck as it thrust with increasing vigor
into her. She squealed and began to drool on the
smooth rock. Cruelly sharp claws grasped her waist and
the creature's weight pressed down on her body as slid
itself deep into her body, spreading her lips wide
around the base of its strange member. Melia's
pleasure mounted, her face turning red as she pushed
her ass up into the ferocity of its thrusts. She cried
out in ecstasy, then continued to pant heavily, her
tongue lolling out of her mouth.

Melia squealed with bliss as the beast thrust deep
into her body with predatory aggression, and her
fluids began coming in thick pulses, flowing from
between her labia and around the creature's thick
member. Forbidden delight shot through Melia's body as
she came hard, thrusting her hips back against its
scaly body. The creature caressed her tender form
against the rock as her squeals subsided and she
sighed softly with relief and happiness.



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