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MELIA 02 thick growths ferns There were


Melia - Chapter 2
By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Chapter 2

Melia awoke lying on the rock. Her wrists and ankles
were free. She dressed in the tattered remains of her
clothes and headed for the tunnel, at the far end of
the cavern.

She stood before the tunnel's dark entrance and
hesitated for a moment, fear in her heart. But the
thought of Alara drove her on. Alara, her lover of
four years. She remembered the moment she first laid
eyes on that lovely, blonde girl standing alone amidst
the revelry of an equinox festival. That girl became
Melia's love, her whole world. And some evil creatures
of the underearth had taken her, carrying her away
into the depths of the underearth.

Her vision revealed a long and winding tunnel,
probably carved by small miners many years ago. The
floor was rough beneath her bare feet, the air
stagnant. She hoped this meant it was also
Melia continued on for what felt like days, though she
had no way of knowing how much time actually passed,
hidden deep in the earth as she was. She slept on the
tunnel floor and ate the dry rations she'd carried
with her. Her water supply was running low and she
knew that if she didn't find a fresh source soon, she
would die of thirst in the dark tunnel.
After what she counted to be three full days of
walking, Melia came to a set of stairs carved into the
tunnel, which slanted upward. She started up the

As she climbed, she felt a warm wing blowing steadily
down the tunnel. She also heard the trickle of running

Cresting the stairs, she found herself at the edge of
some sort of underground forest. She was at the edge
of an enormous cavern, filled with giant mushrooms and
thick growths of ferns. There were patches of
mushrooms on the ground in front of her, all about
normal sized, but the deeper into the forest they got,
the greater their size. In the thick of the forest she
saw some as large as small trees. That was as far as
she could see.

She found a stream running along a stony path into the
forest, and she filled her waterskins here. When they
were full, she drank them down and refilled them. She
sat on the pebbly path as she drank her thirst away
and grew sleepy with contentment. Laying her head on
her pack, she fell asleep on the shore.
Melia slept for hours. She dreamt of Alara. Her lovely
golden locks falling about her shoulders as the girl
bathed her. Melia felt her soapy hands sliding along
her skin.

Melia woke with a start. She stared up at the cavern
ceiling through the mushrooms and felt something
sliding across her stomach. Looking down, across her
body, she saw a large snake slithering from the
stream, over her, and into the forest. Trembling, she
waited for the snake to pass.

When she was sure the snake had gone she gathered her
belongings and started along the path, into the
forest. The sounds of insects filled the air, as did
the intermittent echoes of dripping water. The air was
warm and steam rose from small holes in the forest

Hours passed, and Melia found herself deep in a
strange jungle, drenched in sweat. She was suddenly
thankful for the tears in her clothing. She continued
on, the mushrooms now tall and thin around her, their
caps towering hundreds of feet overhead.
With her next step, Melia felt her foot sink into the
ground, as it would water. Suddenly she was falling,
darkness all around her. She tumbled down a slippery
tunnel that spit her out into a small dark cave. Melia
rolled quickly, avoiding injury.

As she recovered her wits, she realized with horror
that she'd fallen through a sinkhole in the floor of
the limestone cavern. The cave she was now trapped in
was completely dark. Her vision revealed a rubble-
strewn floor with pools of steaming water dispersed
among the rocks. Steam rose through the air and
funneled into holes in the ceiling and walls. At the
far end of the cave billowing masses of steam rose
through the air.

Looking around in despair, Melia saw that there was no
hope of climbing back up. The holes, dripping with
condensation, were too high and no doubt too slippery.
She crept along the rubble, hands and feet clutching
at the slippery rocks, making her way around the
steaming pools of water. The steam grew thick and hot
around her. Her damp clothes clung to her skin and the
steam blocked her vision. She moved ahead slowly to
avoid slipping into the steaming water.

Finally the rock walls opened up into a larger cave
and Melia pressed her back up against the wall. She
looked in terror at the huge pool of boiling water
that came nearly to the cave walls. It was throwing
off enormous amounts of steam, which billowed through
the stalactites hanging from the ceiling. She
cautiously edged her way along the wall towards the
large cones of rock that protruded from the ground at
the far end of the water. Looking down at the boiling
pool, she realized just how deep it was. The center
was very dark and no bottom could be seen. Suddenly
she saw a dark movement in the depths of the pool.
Moving faster, she finally reached the cones of rock
and scrambled up them. This miniature mountain range
led her up to a tunnel near the ceiling of the cave.
Running up the bumpy tunnel, Melia heard something
large emerging from the water down below. She didn't
dare look back, but sped up the tunnel, past a branch

She came to a fork in the tunnel. The right branch
continued forward while the left one headed upwards
and appeared to taper. Up she went, scrambling up the
steep climb of the left branch, hoping it would be too
small for whatever was behind her to follow. Her wish
was granted, but only too much. It tapered so quickly
that she could fit no more than fifteen feet up it.
She was trapped.

Looking down the dark tunnel, she saw steam rising up
it. She could hear deep, loud breathing and the sound
of something large pushing its way up the tunnel. She
huddled in the darkness, her wet clothes clinging to
her damp skin, and her arms wrapped around her knees.
Tentacles came into view, writhing up the tunnel
below. Tendrils of steam careened around them. And
with each heavy snort of breath below, steam billowed
up the tunnel. The tentacles began to slither up the
tunnel in which Melia lay, trembling, and she could
now see where they met, at the head of some huge,
brownish green creature of the deep. Its huge body
continued out of her sight. The bases of the tentacles
surrounded a soft round mouth with a red, snake-like
tongue that occasionally flickered from it. The steamy
breath came from its mouth. Melia trembled audibly and
the creature paused, then slid its tentacles slowly up
towards her hiding spot.
"No," she trembled. "No!"

She sobbed with fear and tried to pull herself farther
up the tapering tunnel. It was useless. A tentacle
grabbed her ankle, wrapping its slender tip around her
leg. Another followed suit, and another, and another
until they had all wrapped around her calves.

"No," she whimpered, pleading hopelessly.

The base of the tentacles was at the entrance of the
tunnel, its round mouth sending steamy breath up to
Melia. She panted with fear and clutched at the walls
around her as the tentacles writhed up her lower legs.
They were working their way up to her knees, wrapping
her slender legs tightly together.

One tentacle slid up past her knees and began to slide
up the valley between her thighs. Just before the hem
of her skirt, it plunged down, sliding between her
thighs. It continued down towards the rock floor and
began to slide up along the inside of her skirt. Her
knees pressed against her chest, Melia shuddered as
the tentacle touched the rounded region between her
anus and her vagina. The creature breathed, sending
hot steam billowing up the passage, all around her
body. She clenched her teeth and whined, clutching the
walls as the tentacle crept along her secret region
and slid between her labia, into her hot, slippery

The rest of the tentacles continued to writhe up her
legs, wrapping around her thighs beneath her black
skirt. They reached her hips and Melia moaned with
fear as they slithered up her buttocks, some sliding
along the smooth inner curve, some creeping up to her

As the lone tentacle was sliding its way up her hot,
slippery vagina, another one left the group,
slithering quickly up her belly beneath the waist of
her skirt, to her stomach. Others followed and soon
many began sliding and wrapping around her body
beneath her blouse. Melia whimpered in terror as a
pair of tentacles slid around her wrists and pinned
her arms behind her. More steamy breath blew up the
passage, clinging to her skin in droplets. Her arms
tied behind her, she began to pant with fear as
tentacles opened her blouse, revealing her bare
breasts, which more tentacles slid up her stomach to
caress. The tentacles began to pull her, on her back,
down the tunnel; her knees still raised in the fetal

One of the tentacles left the rest to slide back down
her stomach. It slid among the tentacles caressing her
breasts, down the centerline of her body, and past her
navel. It continued down the curve of her belly,
between her thighs, through the soft black forest of
hair. Arching her neck back, Melia moaned with terror
and ecstasy, her jaw trembling as its rounded tip slid
over her pink, exposed clitoris, and down her vaginal
lips, slipping into her soft flesh. Hot steaming
breath billowed around her, her skin wet with hot
droplets, as the two tentacles writhed around each
other inside the hot slipperiness between her legs.

Melia, overcome with lust, began to moan passionately.
She became moist and the tentacles slid with more ease
inside her. The first tentacle slid along the pink
entrance to her anus as it penetrated her deeply, the
second along her clitoris. She gasped excitedly as her
inner thighs became wet with milky fluid.

Melia's lustful sighs echoed in the steamy passage as
the creature's tentacles pulled her, on her back, down
towards its round steaming mouth. Her skin slid easily
on the tunnel floor, slippery with condensation. She
felt the steam growing hotter as she was pulled closer
to the creature's mouth. It pulled her down the
passage until her naked body lay in all its glory
before its mouth. Lying on her back, Melia stretched
her legs, extending them up towards the ceiling, then
lay them wide open before the intense heat of its
large mouth. Her delicate feet rested on either side
of the creature's head.

The two tentacles withdrew from within her body and
slid to join the others, caressing every inch of her
beautiful body. A long red tongue slid from the
steaming depths of the creature's mouth and slowly
snaked up towards the swollen lips between her slender
legs, which lay open and wet before it. Its pointed
tip touched the flower between her thighs, and milky
fluid pulsed from within her, causing Melia to sigh
with passion.

The tentacles suddenly tightened their grip around her
body and the thick red tongue slid between her vaginal
lips, which parted like the pedals of a flower. The
tongue penetrating her deeply, Melia panted with lust
as the strong tentacles pulled her rear into the
creature's hot, steamy mouth. Its tongue slipped up
inside her, tasting her sweet, milky insides and
bringing Melia to a climax. Burning ecstasy pulsed
through her body and the tunnel echoed with her
lustful screams of bliss.

The creature then withdrew, sliding back down into the
steaming water whence it came, leaving Melia lying on
the floor of the steamy passage. Her body was damp
with moisture and her thighs were wet with the warm
milky fluid coming in little pulses from between her
labia. Eyes closed, her lips pressed into a smile of
content, she slid her come-coated inner thighs along
each other and drifted off to sleep.



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