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MELIA 03 thick table leg and the orcs strength


Melia - Chapter 3
By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Chapter 3

Melia awoke hours later. A chill had filled the
passage. She slid her torn black skirt on and pulled
her tattered blouse about herself for warmth. Using
her night-sight in the dark passage, she found her way
down to the main tunnel and continued. The air grew
colder the further she went, the heat of the steaming
water becoming but a memory. After uncounted hours,
Melia slumped against the tunnel wall, her body
exhausted, and fell into a deep sleep.

She awoke feeling rested but sore. The cold rock was
not a pleasant thing to sleep upon. After a couple
hours of walking, the stiffness left her body, but she
was trembling with cold in the dark tunnel. The air
was cold and dead still. Her tattered clothing
provided little protection against the cold of the
underearth passage.

Melia suddenly felt the darkness around her grow warm.
Warm air eased the numbness in her limbs and far down
the tunnel she saw firelight flickering. The air
continued to warm as she approached the light.

Suddenly a pair of cold, strong hands grabbed her from
behind, one clamping over her mouth, the other holding
the steel blade of a knife against her soft throat.

"Coome weethe mee, preetty," a gravelly voice
whispered in her ear. The strong hand muffled Melia's
squeals and she was dragged back, away from the
firelight, into a room concealed behind the tunnel

"Yoo make noize, I cut yoor throate," the voice
whispered into her ear. The hand on her mouth released
but the cold steel remained upon her throat. As
Melia's eyes searched the concealed room, she heard
sounds behind her of the creature rummaging through a
bag. The room was small and dank. Damp stone walls and
odds and ends lay around its periphery and a large
round table took up most of the floor space. The
rummaging ceased and Melia felt a cloth pressing
between her lips. The cloth was pulled back and tied
behind her head, gagging her tightly. The knife blade
was quickly replaced upon her throat.

"Now joos relax," the rough voice whispered into her
ear. Melia twisted her head to see the creature that
held her captive. To her horror, it was a large orc.
Returning her gaze ahead, she felt her knees becoming
weak with terror. She felt its slimy tongue play along
the inside of her ear and she began to pant with fear,
recalling all the horrid stories she's heard of orcs'
cruel lust and their taste for human women. The orc
moved her to the edge of the table, one hand holding
the knife, the other pressed against her breast.

"Eef yoo a goood girl, I won't bring yoo too thee

His hand left her breast and reappeared with a bit of
thin rope. He grabbed her wrist and quickly tied the
rope around it with his free hand. He then tied the
rest of the rope to a table-leg, just beneath the
tabletop. His free hand then reached across her front,
grabbed her other wrist and performed the same
procedure, wrapping her wrists together and binding
them firmly to the table. A metallic clang rang out as
the knife dropped to the stone floor.

Melia stood with her head down, full of fear, pressed
between the large orc and the table to which she was
tied. She stormed for ideas of escape. It was
hopeless. Her hands were both securely tied to the
thick table-leg and the orc's strength surpassed hers
by tenfold. Her foul captor slid his clawed hands
along her body. Through her tattered blouse she felt
his hot breath moving down her back. His breath moved
down along the beautiful curve of her buttocks, held
securely in her black skirt. It continued down the
backs of her legs, then up again. She trembled as his
smooth face and the cold curves of his canines slid up
the backs of her thighs, his head sliding beneath her

"Eeeyes!" he growled softly as he pressed the ridge of
his nose up into the crevice between her buttocks. He
licked the backs of her thighs and then withdrew from
her skirt. Wrapping an arm around her thighs and
placing a hand beneath her breasts, he lifted her up
and lay her face down on the table. Melia felt the
wooden table shake as he climbed up behind her.
Grabbing her ankles, he pulled her body towards him.
She slid easily on the polished wood and her arms
stretched out past her head, bound at the wrists to
the edge of the table.

With a razor-sharp claw, the orc tore her blouse down
the centerline of her back, exposing her smooth,
olive-brown skin. He then made a cut down the center
of her tight black skirt in the same manner, revealing
her firm, round buttocks and two smooth thighs.
Kneeling above her prone body, the orc waved a black
wooden billy club before her eyes. A guard's weapon,
it was nearly as thick as a quarterstaff.

He untied the gag and tossed it aside saying, "I wanna
hear yoo squeeels."

The orc swept Melia's long black hair over her naked
shoulder and placed the billy club on the back of her
beautiful neck. Melia trembled, her body shuddering as
the smooth, cool club slid down her neck and along the
centerline of her back. The orc chuckled as the club
pressed between her round buttocks, its hard tip
sliding along her taught, smooth skin. Melia sighed as
the cool tip slid over her anus.

Feeling the stiff hairy rope around her wrists, the
smooth polished wood beneath her body, and the smooth
club sliding between her legs, she forgot her peril
and she sighed with delight. The club slid into the
crevice between the tops of her thighs, sliding
lengthwise along her labia. Melia opened her thighs
wide as it slid up beneath her belly. It slid
underneath her stomach until the perpendicular handle
pressed up against the soft lips between her thighs.

With Melia on her stomach, legs open wide before him,
the orc pulled the club from beneath her belly, placed
a strong hand upon her lower-back, and proceeded to
slide the club's wide tip between her swollen pussy-
lips, sinking its smooth shaft into her. She moaned as
it penetrated her, sliding deep into her vagina. The
hard polished wood slid into her again, this time not
as deeply. In and out it went, and Melia's breath came
in heavy sighs. The orc pulled the club out of her
body. The shaft was shiny with her juices, and fluid
seeped out of her onto the table. Her body aching with
unsatisfied lust, Melia heard the lighting of a lamp
and a dim yellow light filled the room.

"Now, sweetie, let's 'ave a loook atcha."
She felt the orc's large hands grasp her sides and
roll her onto her back. A dirty lamp flickered behind
the large, green-skinned orc standing over her supine
body. Her arms stretched above her head by the
bindings on her wrists, she smiled nervously up at him
as he pulled her blouse open wide and looked hungrily
down at her beautiful breasts, the lamp light
highlighting them with gold, her red-brown nipples
pointing at the ceiling.

His fanged mouth grinned and a string of saliva fell
from his lip, dropping to the hollow of her chest.
Melia arched her back, moaning as the drop rolled down
the centerline of her stomach, collecting in a pool at
her navel. Her knees raised, she slid the insides of
her thighs along each other and her head fell back in
a lustful moan as the orc slid the come-coated tip of
the club down the soft curve of her belly, through her
curly black pubic hair and between her smooth thighs.
The club rubbed up and down between her thighs and
Melia's pleasure mounted, her breath becoming loud and

The orc withdrew the club and knelt before her raised
knees. He grabbed her ankles in one large hand and
raised them high, stretching her long, beautiful legs
up towards the ceiling. A mischievous grin upon his
face, the orc flipped the club in the air and caught
its rounded tip. Her ankles held high in his hand, he
gazed upon the backs of her beautiful legs. Holding it
by the shaft, he brought the club's handle to the
swollen lips between her thighs.

Melia gasped with ecstasy and arched her back as the
club's bulbous pommel pressed against her sex and
slipped between her soft, swollen lips. She sighed as
her labia parted around the smooth, polished wood. The
pommel stretched her entrance and she moaned as it
slid into her. Her entire body shuddered as the
textured grip of the handle rubbed past her clitoris,
sliding into her body. Slippery with juices, the lips
between her thighs hugged the club's handle, caressing
it and covering it in her slickness. The orc sneered
and pushed it deep inside her. The handle disappearing
completely into her, Melia arched her back and let out
a shuddering moan as the perpendicular handle pressed
up against her clit.

Her eyes shut tight, Melia's body trembled with
tingling pleasure as she felt the textured handle
being slowly pulled out of her. Her mouth stretched
wide open in a blissful sigh as the large round pommel
slid out from between the slippery lips of her vagina.

Melia lay on the table, her body still trembling, and
a drop of saliva glided from her quivering lips down
her cheek. Time seemed to have slowed. Her head swam
amidst a sea of sensuality. She felt the orc's strong
fingers release her ankles and her legs descended
slowly, as if falling through water. Her feet landed
on the table planted wide apart. Her legs lay spread
before the big orc, her knees bent toward the small
chamber's ceiling. The orc touched a callused
fingertip to the lips between her thighs and Melia
moaned softly with delight as she felt him push his
finger up into her warm slippery hole. Her nostrils
flared and she inhaled deeply with pleasure as the
finger slid from inside her. She felt the come-coated
fingertip slip from between her labia and begin
sliding easily, down her smooth secret region, toward
her anus. For a moment, the memory of being anally
raped on the rock pile broke painfully through her
pleasure. It quickly faded, however, as she found
herself begging the orc to slip its thick, warm finger
into her hole, pressing his hand between her buttocks.
Pleased with her panting pleas, the orc slipped his
fingertip into the taught entrance of her anus,
causing Melia to gasp with bliss. She began a long
whining moan as he slid his slippery finger up into
her anus. Her moan grew to an ecstatic squeal when the
knuckle at the base of the orc's finger pressed
against her ass, his finger pushed deep into her anus.
He wiggled his finger inside of her, and she began to
come, delirious squeals of bliss accompanying each
pulse of come that spurted from her vagina. Her
trembling body paralyzed in the thralls of delight,
Melia's lips quivered in a silent scream of ecstasy,
releasing only a shuddering sigh as she climaxed.

The orgasm left Melia delirious, and her body squirmed
upon the wooden table amidst a drunkenness of erotic
delight. The orc watched her, lying on her back, as
her head began to clear and she whined confusedly
tugging at her bonds. The rope held strong, binding
her wrists to the table and stretching her arms out
above her head, leaving her in a deliciously
vulnerable position, the orc thought to itself.

Opening her eyes, Melia looked down her naked body to
see the large orc standing at the end of the table, a
sinister grin upon his face as he removed his tunic.

"Oh, we're not done quite yet, me girl," the orc
chuckled as he pulled off his leather belt. "I've got
whatchye'll be wantin'," he growled as he stripped
himself of his breeches.

Looking between her legs, across the table, Melia
gasped at the sight of the orc's enormous penis. She
feared whether she would actually be able to
accommodate such a member. It dangled nearly a foot
long and two or three inches thick between his legs.
She shuddered with fear and desire at the thought of
its size when erect. Even as the orc began to approach
the table she lay upon, it began to come to life,
growing thicker and extending to terrifying lengths.
By the time he crawled onto the table, it had swelled
to full rigidity, a 14" spear of love, over 3" thick,
extending from between his legs. Melia was reminded of
the time when she saw a pagan fertility rite, years
ago, in which a local princess had taken a full-grown
stallion inside her.

Melia could see the orc's terrible hunger for her in
his dark eyes, and she smelt it upon his body as he
lowered himself over her. His hands planted to either
side of her torso, his strong arms were the only
things holding his large body above her, keeping his
enormous weight from crushing her. He buried his face
between her full breasts and Melia sighed with
pleasure as he mouthed the hollow of her chest with a
delightfully long tongue. He traveled down her
stomach, and arching her back, Melia gasped, "ooooh!"
as he gently kissed her belly. She sighed with desire
as his mouth kissed its way down the curve of her
belly, descending into the soft forest of hair between
her thighs. She ached to be filled with him. The touch
of his mouth upon her labia sent shivers up her spine,
and she sighed deeply as his tongue slipped between
her lips and up into her body. She moaned loudly as
the orc probed her with his long tongue, tickling the
insides of her aching tunnel, teasing her wet canal.
He withdrew his tongue and Melia cried out in pleasure
as it slithered from within her. She opened her legs
wide before him, allowing him to tease the smooth,
tight hole between her buttocks. She grunted with
satisfaction as she felt his tongue slide up into her

Melia breathed hard with heated pleasure as the orc's
tongue slid from within her anus. Opening her eyes,
she smiled up at him as he crawled up on top of her,
his threateningly large member sticking, stiff as the
wood upon which she lay, from between his muscular
legs. She was, by now, already panting with arousal.
The sight of his cock sent her into a heated lust, her
face flushing red, and her pussy physically aching to
be filled with his manhood. Closing her eyes, Melia
sobbed with desire at the feel of the head of his
penis touching her pubic mound. As her vaginal lips
parted around the large, wedged head of his member she
clenched her thighs around his waist and pressed her
heels into his buttocks, urging him into her. Her legs
wrapped tightly around his body, Melia's mouth opened
wide and released a low moan of blissful satisfaction
as the orc slid his thick cock into her.

Her arms stretched out above her head by the ropes
upon her wrists, she strained to look down her body.
What she saw filled her with both fright and forbidden
erotic desires. Only six or seven inches of the orc's
enormous cock had slid into her. He was just about
halfway insider her and she already felt deeply

The orc grinned upon seeing her terrified expression.
"We've still got plenty for yah, me dear," he laughed.
She clenched her thighs hard around his waist, trying
to prevent him any further entry. It was futile. The
orc's strength surpassed hers by far and she was tied
in such a vulnerable position. Though Melia squeezed
in vain to stop him, the large orc pushed his enormous
penis up into her. She gasped as she felt it's wide
head pressing depths of her vagina that had never
before been touched. Her head fell to the side and she
screamed through clenched teeth as he slammed his
enormous cock all the way into her, his balls slapping
against her buttocks.

The orc began thrusting vigorously inside her,
pounding the depths of her taught vaginal canal, his
balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. Melia
squealed with ecstatic pleasure each time he slid his
14" penis into her. As her panting grew to loud moans
and wails, her pussy becoming increasingly lubricated,
the huge orc let up. She whined with hunger as he
withdrew, ten inches of his thick cock sliding from
between her swollen lips. She moaned in pain, aching
to be filled again, and her inner vaginal muscles
massaged the remaining four inches of cock he'd left
to tease her with.

"Ooohhh! MORE!! Give me mORE! Give it back plEASE!,"
Melia cried as her pussy sucked on the head of his
enormous member. She sighed in drunken pleasure as he
slid half the length of his rigid cock back into her
soft flesh. Looking up, Melia saw the orc's eyes
become wild as he pushed the entire length of his cock
into her body. She gasped and moaned as he began
thrusting hard and fast inside her, and her passion
mounted. Finally, Melia clenched her thighs around his
waist and screamed in ecstasy as he thrust into her
relentlessly. She came, her milky fluids pulsing from
her swollen vaginal lips and flowing down around the
thick shaft of the orc's penis.



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