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MELIA 04 thick shaft slid into


Melia - Chapter 4
By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Chapter 4

Driven by bliss and exhaustion into a half-conscious
state, Melia's head swam dreamily as she was carried,
slung over the orc's massive shoulder, down a long,
dark corridor. Torchlight grew around them and
flickered before her eyes, and she sensed that the
hallway had opened into a large cavern.

Aroash cast the greeting had signal to the guards,
identifying himself as one of the tribe, as he strode
into the chamber. They nodded in recognition and let
him pass, eyeing the unconscious woman and mumbling
amongst themselves as he passed through the chamber.
He passed into another hall at the end of the chamber
and walked down its shadowy length.

The echoing footsteps of her captor filled Melia's
ears as she felt herself being carried through the
dark. Through sleepy eyes, she saw the dark stone
walls around them open into an enormous cavern filled
with the warmth and light of fire. Thousands of
torches burned upon the walls, and a number of
bonfires blazed throughout the cavern. Noise began to
surround them; strange, excited speech filled the air
around them. There was something touching her,
thousands of hands, hands upon her skin.

Aroash barked furiously at the orcs swarming around
him and his capture. He glared and snarled at the
lecherous beasts, his fellow people, as he passed
through the crowd. A trail of aggression and jealousy
followed him like a cursed tail as he strode deeper
into the cavern. He knew it was a dangerous thing to
bring such a catch back, especially one not concealed
in a sack of some sort, but today he didn't care. He
was angry for having been demoted to a tunnel scout,
and cocky after his pleasure with the human girl. He
swaggered through the sea of jealousy, unleashing an
occasional fist where necessary, all the way to his
abode. It was a humble, two-room clay hut. Though
Aroash lusted after the impressive stone houses that
housed his superiors, his was a far better dwelling
than the tents and hovels most of the tribe lived in.
Inside his hut, he dumped the unconscious maiden onto
his straw mat and went to fetch the shackles. Finding
them among a pile of old, discarded gear, he locked
one end to the iron ring set into the floor (a not
uncommon feature in an orcan dwelling, useful when one
comes into the possession of a captive, a dangerous
beast, etc.). Gingerly lifting the maiden from the
mattress, he placed her on the fur rug at the foot of
the bed and fastened the remaining end of the shackles
on her right arm, locking it around her wrist. He
looked down, hungrily, at the beautiful maiden
sleeping upon his floor, and turned to attend to the
rest of his day's duties.
In a strange and dark place, Melia awoke to the
feeling of her blouse being torn off her body. Looking
up in terror, she saw, against the firelight outside,
the dark silhouette of some beast kneeling over her,
tearing the clothes from her body. Squealing in
terror, she locked her legs and tried to pull them up
in a fetal position to protect her body. The beast
grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide despite
her resistance.

"NO!" Melia begged as the beast brought its large,
erect member down to the lips between her thighs.
Ignoring her pleas, he slid his penis into the warmth
between her legs. She screamed as he jammed his entire
length up into her. With her unshackled hand, she
strained to push the beast away, pressing her hand
against its thickly muscled stomach to no avail. Her
whines and squeals filled the hut as he thrust himself
into her with terrible brutality. She eventually
passed out, and the beast continued to fuck the
unconscious maiden.

Melia awoke with terrible pain all throughout her
body, but especially between her legs. The night's
rape had left her vagina filled with burning pain. To
her surprise, the large orc who'd brought her hear
after practically raping her (though far more gently),
seemed distressed at her condition, and appeared to be
tending to her. He was applying some cool ointment to
her body, smoothing it gently over her skin. She was
touched by such unexpected care, and a tear trickled
down her eye as she attempted a smile up at the orc.

Aroash was, at first, infuriated when he discovered
his maiden had been raped by another. Her terrible
condition had evoked a sympathy that was rare among
his people, especially toward a human. Nonetheless, he
pitied the poor creature that'd given him such
pleasure the day before, and set about to healing her.
Having applied the first ointment the medicine man had
given him, he began mixing up the internal medicine,
mixing its contents in a small clay bowl. He then
gently parted the girl's legs and dipped his finger
into the medicinal bowl.

A little cry of pain escaped Melia's trembling lips at
the touch of the orc's fingertip upon her labia. The
ointment upon it was cool, however, and she let him
smooth it over her. He dipped his finger again and
brought it to the lips between her thighs. As the orc
spread the cool ointment over her clitoris and the
soft red flesh between her labia, Melia smiled weakly
up at him and moaned in tender pain. The orc dipped
his finger deeply into the little bowl of ointment,
coating it thickly, and looked questioningly into
Melia's eyes. Though the girl was still trembling, she
nodded at Aroash; she was ready. She sighed quietly as
the fingers of one hand gently parted her soft flower.
He touched the tip of his ointment-coated finger
between her inner lips, and Melia moaned softly as he
gently slid his finger up into her soft vagina. Cool
as the ointment was, she was terribly sore and tender
inside, and tears began rolling down her cheeks. The
orc slid his finger around just enough to apply the
medicine, and then withdrew from within her body. The
girl's sobbing subsided, and he looked sadly down at
her. She looked up at him with wet brown eyes and
placed the fingers of her free hand lightly on his
thick forearm. "Thank you," she whispered.

"I...I'm sorry. I'm sorry thees happened."

Melia was still unsure how much of her language the
orc understood. She looked anxiously at the shackles
that bound her captive, then up at him with pleading
eyes. His head fell into his hands and he shook it in
confused anger and sadness. "I'm sorry," he said again
as he got up and turned to leave.

Before leaving the hut to attend to his duties, Aroash
covered the maiden with the softest blanket he had.
Despite the roughness of the material, Melia
appreciated the gesture. Aroash left the hut, but kept
a careful eye on the goings on around the
neighborhood, determined not to let this happen again.

As he attended his daily duties, Aroash found himself
filled with distressing, confusing feelings and ideas.
He felt strangely protective towards the human girl.
Not in the usual greedy, suspicious way, but in a
caring, tender way. These emotions were very foreign
to him, and plagued his thoughts endlessly. In an
attempt to return to familiar mental territory he
vowed to find the orc who'd raped her and kill him.

Melia was very scared that day, as she lay, vulnerable
in the small hut. No one, however, assaulted her or
even entered the home of her captor.
Melia again awoke to the large orc's tender hands
smoothing the cool ointment over her body. This
continued, everyday, for near a week. On the sixth day
after the assault, Melia awoke feeling mostly pain
free. She didn't, however, protest to her captor's
tender care. She lay naked upon the soft fur rug as he
caressed the soft lotion over the entirety of her
body. He stopped to mix the internal ointment, and
Melia found herself eagerly awaiting the soft touch of
his finger inside of her. The orc was surprised to
hear Melia whine as he spread ointment over her labia.
Her soft cries of pain had mostly ceased recently.
Nonetheless, she sighed tenderly as his fingertip
applied the medicine to the soft flower between her
thighs. His confusion ended, however, as he readied to
apply the ointment inside her. He touched his finger
to her, and it slid into her vagina with surprising
ease. It was lubricated, he realized, with her own
lustful fluids. Smiling up at her, he saw that her
head was thrown back and her lips quivered in a silent
moan of pleasure. He continued to lovingly apply the
ointment to her soft love canal, evoking deep, panting
breaths from her, then removed his finger.

Melia felt the orc withdraw his slippery finger. She
sat up and looked into his eyes. He stared up into
hers as he lowered his head down between her legs.
Leaning back on her shackled hand and placing her free
hand atop the orc's bald head, she sighed as he kissed
her softly. She gasped and sighed as he teased her
softly with tongue and teeth. Becoming weak with lust,
Melia lay back on the soft carpet and spread her legs
wide before the orc's mouth. Her groin grew hot
beneath his sensuous kisses and she gasped with bliss
as his long tongue slipped into her. Melia's pleasure
mounted as the orc's astonishingly long tongue snaked
its way deep into her.

As the maiden's sighs grew more frantic, Aroash
withdrew his tongue from within her, wishing to
penetrate her orifice with something more substantial.
Feeling the orc withdrawing from between her legs,
Melia looked up to see him searching a pile of items
lying against the wall. He picked a large dagger and a
small jar of white substance from the pile. Laying the
dagger on the floor, he knelt between her legs and
smiled at her as he unscrewed the jar. He dipped a
finger into the jar and it came out coated with some
oozing milky fluid. He pressed the slippery fingertip
between her legs, tracing a line of fiery bliss down
across her labia, along the rounded region beneath
them, and over her anus. Melia sighed with aching
desire as his fingertip slid over her anus, coating it
in the jar's slippery contents. Aroash felt the girl's
body tremble with ecstasy as he gently pushed his
lubricous finger into her anus. He pushed it in 'til
it would go no further, the pink entrance to her hole
hugging his knuckle tightly. The maiden whined and
squirmed, her body deep in ecstasy, as he caressed the
inside of her taught canal, coating it with slippery
fluid. He began removing his finger and she sighed
softly as it slipped from inside her.

Melia's panting, already heavy with lust, grew quick
with fear when she looked down her body to see the orc
kneeling between her legs and lifting the large dagger
from the floor. As he held the tip of the ten-inch
blade just centimeters from the delicate flower
between her legs, now dripping with her own fluids,
she whimpered in fear. Slowly, the blade neared her
vaginal lips. Finally, the orc touched its tip ever so
lightly to her pink flesh and Melia gasped in
expectant terror. He did not, however, impale the girl
on the enormous blade. Rather, he flipped the dagger
around and held it by the blade (which was actually
quite dull). To her surprise, Melia felt the large
pommel at the base of the weapon's handle press
against her anus. Her panting again grew passionate as
the orc pressed with increasing pressure, causing the
entrance to her anus to spread, stretching to
accommodate the smooth sphere of metal. Finally, the
pommel slipped into her and she froze, trembling, a
blissful sigh upon her lips, a handle between her
hips. He pushed five or six inches of the smooth
leather handle up into her, 'til the dagger's iron
hilt pressed between her buttocks. The girl's body
shuddered and come began dribbling from her vacant

Aroash took the empty leather sheath from his belt and
sheathed the dagger, leaving its handle deep inside
the maiden's trembling body. He stood and, looking
down upon the human girl frozen in a state of ecstasy,
he undressed himself.

Melia, panting in astonished pleasure at the anal
penetration, opened her eyes to see the large orc,
with his erection of equine proportion, bearing down
on her. He spread her legs wide and gingerly pushed
himself into her. She moaned with heavenly delight as
he pushed himself deep into her, the lips between her
thighs hugging his thick shaft as it slid into her
body. Her moans grew to wails as he pounded into her,
driving her to the edge of the cliff of ecstasy. The
dagger's handle and the orc's penis pressed deep
inside her body and Melia clenched her thighs tightly
around his waist, her body shuddering in bliss, and
sobbed with delight as she came, her thick milky
fluids pulsing and dribbling around the shaft of her
captor's member.
During the following days, Melia made an effort to
converse with her captor when he was around. Their
conversations were awkward, to say the least. She knew
none of his rough language, and he had only a minimal
grasp of hers. When he was off duty, they would spend
time trying to communicate with each other, expressing
ideas with the most rudimentary words and gestures.
She managed to convince him to get her a pair of thin
metal hair clips to clip up her long, black hair.
Secretly, she worked at picking the lock in her wrist
shackle with the clips. After a few days of struggling
with the clips, she managed to pick the lock,
releasing her wrist from the iron shackle. After a few
minutes of freedom, she replaced the clips in her hair
and the shackle on her wrist, half clipping the lock
so she could easily remove the shackle though it would
appear to be locked.

That evening, Aroash returned from his duties and
began sorting through his pile of belongings. He
pulled out the bronze and leather of a ceremonial
garb. Melia tried to ask him what was going on, but he
wouldn't respond. After donning the ceremonial gear he
left the hut and she watched him walk off toward the
center of the cavern, where a large group of orcs was
gathering. The crowd grew, and the orcs milled about
the central bonfire until finally, a large male orc
covered from head to toe in glittering bronze armor
stood before the fire and began speaking loudly to the
group. Peering through the hut's small window, Melia
watched, hypnotized by the orc's powerful silhouette
making strong, sweeping gestures. When he had finished
his speech, he grabbed a flaming stick from the fire
and the rest of the orcs followed suit, reducing the
bonfire to a small smoking pile. The orcs began
walking towards the hut and Melia huddled in the
darkness, terrified to think what the torch-bearing
mob coming towards her meant to do. In the flickering
torchlight she saw that the usually somber faces of
the orcs were now filled with a terrible excitement
and evil grins spread wide across many of their faces.
Melia drew her knees up against her chest and
whimpered in the darkness, too afraid to think. To her
surprise, however, she heard the mob walk past and
around the hut and continue on. Peering out the
window, she saw that the entire village lay dark and
empty. She could see the glow of the mob's torches
reflecting upon the cavern ceiling and receding from
the village. Removing the loose shackle, she
cautiously peeked outside and slipped out the doorway.
Sneaking behind the hut, she saw the mob walking off
into the distance. Keeping in the darkness that
followed their flickering torches, she crept along ten
yards behind them to see what was taking place.

They walked farther and farther from the village until
the torchlight began flickering off the facets of a
huge stone formation that loomed before them. The mob
stopped fifty feet from the stone wall that stood
hundreds of feet high before them. The firelight
illuminated an enormous and grotesque face carved into
the wall. Its eyes were wide with terror, its nose
wicked and sharp, and its mouth was stretched open in
a silent scream, its bottom lip meeting the cavern
floor. There was an impenetrable darkness that filled
its open mouth. Melia strained her eyes and still
could not see into it, as if it led to an utter void.
Before the wall and to the right of the face was
another formation. An X-shaped altar of carved stone
lay upon the ground. With each crosspiece about
twenty-five feet long, it was raised in relief about
five feet above the cavern floor, which was lacerated
with tiny cracks radiating from the X. Each leg of the
X was about four feet wide, allowing an orc robed in
black to stand upon each end. The four black-robed
orcs chanted softly as they stood facing inward toward
the center of the X, where a female figure lay nude
with limbs outstretched. Straining her eyes Melia saw,
to her horror, that the woman upon the X was Alara.
She was spread upon the rock, her wrists and ankles
shackled, one upon each leg of the X. She appeared
rather faint, and her long blond hair flowed out
behind her head and down over the edge of the rock.

The chanting grew louder as the entire crowd joined
in. Melia found herself growing dizzy as the deep,
steady chanting filled the cavern. The darkness in the
stone face's mouth appeared to pulse rhythmically and
a faint glow of pale light extended inward from each
robed orc, meeting in a ball above Alara's body. The
void in the wall throbbed with increasing intensity as
the chanting grew. A shadowy form the size of a bull
began to pull itself through the void, emerging from
within the enormous mouth. As it emerged its body took
the form of a four-footed, wingless, gargoyle-like
beast. Its skin shone like black onyx in the
firelight. Its pale yellow gaze scanned along the
crowd of chanting orcs until it fell upon the
illuminated X. Drawn by the light, the shimmering
beast crept slowly toward the altar. Melia watched in
terror as it leapt up onto one of the altar's legs and
crept gingerly toward Alara's body. Shaking the
dizziness from her head, Melia snatched a rock from
the ground, ran towards the altar, and threw with all
her might at the beast. The rock missed the beast
entirely and struck one of the robed orcs in the head.
The orc fell from the altar and the light running
along his leg of the X disappeared. The force of the
broken spell cast the other three orcs from the altar
and the black beast looked up suddenly, no longer
caught in the magical trance. It leapt from the altar
into the crowd and tore viscously into the nearest
orcs, slashing through ceremonial armor and casting
blood in the air. Violent chaos erupted and the beast
was eventually driven back towards the wall, where it
turned and leapt back through the void whence it came.

Suddenly Melia found herself in the midst of an angry
mob. Though a number of the orcs were fighting amongst
themselves, many were coming after her, the disrupter
of the sacred rite. She tried to escape into the
darkness beyond the torchlight, but the crowd was too
dense and she only crashed into the limbs of her
pursuers. Hands grabbed her from all around and though
she struggled, it was to no avail. She would have been
torn apart if not for the intervening of a large
bronze-clad orc. Melia recognized him as the one who'd
stood and spoke in front of the bonfire. He tied her
hands tightly behind her back with stiff, hairy rope
and led her back towards the village as the rest of
the orcs jeered and cursed at her.



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