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MELIA 05 thick semen When was done


Melia - Chapter 6
By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Chapter 6

The two women emerged from the tunnel that had taken
them from the depths of the underearth to find
themselves in the midst of a vast stony graveyard. The
moon shone dimly through dense clouds overhead, blown
by a wind that came wailing from the east. The
tattered remains of their garments fluttered in the
chill night wind as they started into the eerie mist,
picking their way carefully around gravestones and
rocks that lay strewn about.

"Melia," Alara whispered. "What are we going to do?
Where are we?" Her eyes set grimly on the land ahead,
Melia said, "West."

"But how do you know? What if we never find our way

"We're going to have to try. No, more discussion, OK?
Just keep quiet so we don't reveal ourselves to anyone
who might be around here."

They continued on, and after a long while of stumbling
along the uneven ground, they came to the base of a
hill. Alara looked to Melia, who began steadily up the
rocky slope. The wind grew stronger as they ascended,
and it blew fiercely about them. As they reached the
peak of the hill, a large, dark stone monument loomed
up out of the mist. Beneath it was an intricately
carved mausoleum. They two girls stood for a moment,
the wind howling at their backs, blowing their
tattered clothes out before them. They gazed up at the
majestic armored warrior standing at least fifteen
feet high. His dark, stone features were worn with
years of rain and thunder.

Melia was suddenly alarmed. "Do you smell that?" The
two girls sniffed the cool air, which suddenly had a
pungent smell to it. Turning around they saw, to their
horror, a beast following them up the hill. Alara was
about to run in fright, but Melia stopped her,
standing her ground.

"Melia! What are you doing? Let me go, it's coming for

"Stand perfectly still," Melia commanded. "This
creature isn't here to harm us. If it were it would
never have approached from upwind like that."

"Then, what is it doing?"

"I'm not sure, but if we show fear or make any sudden
movements it might recognize us as prey. Just stand
still and quiet and hope for the best. Remember, I'm
right here next to you."

The beast lumbered up the crest of the hill and it's
odor was strong, musty. Resembling a sort of minotaur,
it had the head of a bull, though it's horns were more
crooked, like those of a goat. It's body was covered
in greenish brown fur, a mossy color, and a long,
snakelike tail trailed behind it. The creature
lumbered toward them and though it was stooped low, it
stood as high as one and a half men. The girls stood
as still as possible, though intense trembling
betrayed Alara's fear, and even Melia was having
trouble keeping terror at bay. The beast looked deep
in their eyes and approached very cautiously, as if
the ground itself were tender and prone to pain upon
too heavy a trod.

It was, by now, extremely close to them, and it began
sniffing, its nostrils grunting as it searched for a
scent. Melia, now paralyzed with fear, trembled as the
beast poked its cold, wet nose right up against her
face, sniffing her. It searched lower, it's snout
traveling down her neck, across her chest, and to her
shoulders. It could smell the moisture in her
underarms, her personal scent. It began searching,
sniffing faster, its nostrils moving down her front.
Melia shuddered at the feel of its damp touch through
her tattered blouse. It sniffed at her belly for a
long time, and Melia's mind swam in a daze of fear,
confusion, and strange sensations. With clawed hands
it gently lifted what remained of her blouse, pressing
its nose into her belly. Melia closed her eyes and
sighed as the creature inhaled deeply of her skin.

The creature remained for a time, stroking the backs
of her legs as its wet nose pressed into her soft
belly, sliding along her skin. A warmth grew in
Melia's belly and began to spread throughout her body,
tingling down her legs, up to her nipples and throat.
Feeling the beast on her skin, the warmth in her belly
grew to an intense heat moving down between her
thighs. She sighed, her body growing heavy with lust,
as the creature's long bovine tongue slipped beneath
the waist-string of her tattered skirt. Its claws came
up the backs of her legs and began pulling her skirt
down. Pulling the thin material down the curves of her
ass and her beautiful legs, one of its claws gently
scraped her skin, raising a thin line of blood which
dripped down the back of her leg. This seemed to bring
only more desirous sighs to Melia's lips.

The beast's tongue slid down between her thighs, and
Melia moaned passionately as it slid along her labia.
Leaning forward, she pressed her body against the top
of its head as its tongue continued to lick softly at
the lips between her legs. The prickly ridge between
its horns pressed into her stomach and she let her
body drape gently over the beast's head as its tongue
gently teased her clitoris.

This continued, and Melia's sighs grew to deep moans
as the creature's tongue slipped in and out of her
body, rubbing her now fully exposed clitoris. Sliding
between her labia, it pressed deep into her body,
slipping further and further up inside her until her
blissful cries filled the night air.

Alara, in watching this, had become extremely aroused,
and as Melia's sighs were subsiding, she was leaning
back against the base of the statue, pressing its
corner between her buttocks and rubbing herself along
the stone. Already she had become moist. Melia lay
satiated on the ground as the beast rose and began
towards Alara. Seeing the beast coming for her filled
the girl with terror, and she screamed and ran from
it, fleeing down the far side of the hill. She heard a
strange chanting coming from back atop the hill and
looking over her shoulder she saw that the creature
was not pursuing, but was swaying side to side as if
caught in a trance, while its lips formed strange
words. A cold hard grip grabbed her ankle, dropping
her violently to the stony ground. Another and yet
another chill grasp was upon her. The beast's chanting
grew louder and the ground crackled as the bony hands
of the dead erupted from their graves, pushing through
the earth to reach the cool night air. On the hill's
lower slope, Alara found herself lying amidst a field
of outstretched skeletal arms and hands clutching for
some invisible goal. She cried out in terror as bony
fingers tore the clothes from her body and pulled her
tightly to the earth. She shuddered at the touch of
them moving up and down her body. The chanting was
growing louder as the beast descended upon her. He now
stood directly behind her. Looking down upon her
voluptuous body writhing in the firm grasps of his
dead slaves, the beast changed the tone of his
chanting, and as he did so the hands beneath her
lifted her body up from the ground, two bony hands
wrapped firmly around her throat while her calves and
hands were held down upon the earth. Obeying their
master's increasing chant, the slaves pulled her legs
open before the beast, revealing her secret lips,
still glistening with desirous fluids.

The beast took her. She gasped at the touch of his
enormous member. He was definitely more bull than man.
Pushing past the slippery lips between her thighs he
filled her with himself, sliding in until his enormous
bullocks slapped up against her pubic mound. Melia
watched groggily as he pounded into the girl, pumping
her full of his thick semen. When he was done, the
skeletal hands receded back into the ground and the
beast slipped of into the mist whence it came.



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