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MELIA 07 thick and murky the river nearly


Melia - Chapter 7
By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Chapter 7

They had traveled for days, and both girls were tired
and hungry. The cemetery had been vast, taking them
almost an entire day's walking to get out of. Now they
were trekking through rocky lands, strewn with old,
decaying hills and scarce patches of forest. It was
late in the day, and storm clouds were darkening the
sky. Melia looked with sadness at Alara, who was
having a much harder time than she, as the girl
trudged, exhausted, towards the forest where they
planned to spend the night.

Having cleared a space for camp, Melia struggled with
sticks and a bit of string she'd stolen from her orc
captor/protector, trying to start a fire. The sky
rumbled in the distance, and a soft rain started
falling. Letting her head drop, Melia tossed the damp
sticks away and slumped to the ground. Alara lay down
beside her, pillowing her head in Melia's lap, and
clasped her hands, pulling them down and kissing them.
Then she began to sob. "What if we never find our way
home? What if no one finds us? I don't want to die out
here, Val." Leaning down towards Alara, Melia wrapped
her arms around her, kissed her cheek, and let her
head rest upon hers as tear rolled from her eye. She
held her tight, trying to keep her warm as the rain
fell about them. The girl's sobs eased, and she lay,
asleep in Melia's lap. Looking down at her love,
Melia's heart felt a deep sadness. Her tears came
faster than the rain, which fell and rolled off the
sleeping girl's beautiful legs, curled into the fetal
position. She stroked Alara's back gently. Her thin
white blouse, already tattered and torn by the
skeletal claws in the graveyard, was soaked through.
The girl murmured, and snuggled close, wrapping her
arms around Melia's back. Melia felt kisses on her
stomach, and she slipped her hand beneath the tattered
blouse to rub Alara's wet back. Caressing in the rain,
the two girls sighed and look love of one another.
Alara grabbed Melia's hand and pulled it to her
breast. Melia laid the girl on the ground and knelt
above her body. She pulled the blouse off, stretching
Alara's arms out past her head. Bending low, she
pressed her lips around her soft nipple, squeezing her
other breast with one hand and slipping the second
hand around the small of the girl's back. Alara sighed
and clutched at her as her nipple hardened in Melia's

Melia thrust her knee between Alara's thighs and the
girl moaned, grinding her crotch on Melia's leg. She
kissed the girl's neck. Alara continued to rub the
junction of her thighs up and down the leg between
them, her moans growing to audible whimpers of desire.
Alara sighed, her body quivering, as Melia slid her
hand down between her thighs. She slipped two fingers
into the lips between her thighs and Alara, moaning,
wrapped her legs around Melia's back, clutching her
Rone peered through the foliage at the two women
locked in amorous embrace. The gentle rain was soaking
through their clothes and Rone felt his manhood stir.
Signaling over to Mirim, his companion, he began
creeping through the brush.
In the midst of their passion, terror possessed Melia
and Alara as two dark men came upon them, seizing them
and struggling to tie them. Alara was helpless, but
Melia swiftly jabbed her elbow into the gut of her
captor and delivered a bone crushing kick to the groin
of the other. As the men stumbled about, dazed, she
grabbed Alara and the two ran off into the bushes.
Bolting through the forest, they came upon a wide
river and immediately dove into it. The water was
thick and murky, the river nearly stagnant, but they
struggled through it, swimming for the far shore. They
heard the men jump in after them and for a time they
could hear them splashing behind them, swimming in
pursuit. Suddenly, however, the splashing stopped. As
she swam, Melia looked over her shoulder, and what she
saw sent terror down her spine. She'd looked back just
in time to see a man's struggling hand disappear
beneath the surface, wrapped in a thick, green
tentacle. She saw another tentacle break the surface
for a second and there seemed to be a deathly struggle
going on. Bubbles surfaced and all became quiet, save
for her and Alara's own splashing strokes. Not wanting
to panic the girl, Melia tried to sound calm as she
said, "Swim. Swim fast."

They felt the muddy shore beneath their bare feet as
they approached the shore. The two girls ran through
the shallows, towards land, but only one of them made
it. As Alara climbed out of the water she heard a
grunt and looked back in time to see Melia fall to the
ground, a thick green tentacle wrapped around her
ankle. Melia screamed and clawed at the mud as it
dragged her back into the river. Alara chased her, but
before she could reach her love, the river beast
pulled her into the deep water. Her strength failing,
she dropped to her knees in the shallows and sobbed.
A scream escaped Melia's lips as the tentacles around
her legs dragged her under. She flailed and kicked
underwater, but numerous other tentacles wrapped
around her limbs, immobilizing her. She squirmed and
struggled in their tight grasps, but to no avail. She
stopped struggling, trying to conserve air, and looked
about. The great mess of tentacles seemed to belong to
some huge octopus-like creature. Its head was almost
as long as she was tall, and the sucker-covered
tentacles that writhed about her body were all very
long, and immensely strong. It pulled her towards the
mouth at the base of its immense head. Melia renewed
her struggle, filled with terror at the sight of its
hundreds of small, sharp teeth and the writhing lips
around its strangely round mouth. The creature pulled
the squirming girl's head into its mouth and closed
its lips around her neck, trapping her inside.
Terrified, she struggled for a time, until her
strength and air gave out. Exhausted, she gave in and
liquid filled her lungs. To her surprise, however, it
was not river water, but some thick fluid filling the
giant octopus' mouth. Though she inhaled the fluid,
she didn't drown. In fact, it seemed to sustain her,
delivering oxygen to her body in liquid form. Her head
swam and she relaxed. The fluid she breathed was
filling her body with pleasurable warmth and she
relaxed her body, letting the beast's tentacles
manipulate her arms and legs as they wished. Her head
still held within its mouth, she felt the creature
pulling at her clothes, slipping tentacles underneath
them and tearing them from her body, and even this did
not frighten her, so deep in relaxation was she.

The creature held her naked body in its tentacles and
Melia squirmed passionately as its suckers slid over
her skin, giving gentle hickeys all over her body. A
tentacle slipped down her back and between her thighs.
She gasped as it slid over her labia and up her belly.
She felt tentacles coiling around her calves and
separating her legs. Others bound her arms and pressed
them to the beast's large head. The tentacles upon her
lower body pulled her abdomen in towards the underside
of its head, curling her around its underbelly and
spreading her legs wide. Inside its mouth, her lips
trembled at the feel of its member extending and
poking at the region between her legs. After a bit of
prodding, it found the lips between her thighs and
sank its glans into them, causing the girl to cry out
for a second inside its mouth. She was well
lubricated, and the creature sank the length of its
member into her body until its rubbery underbelly
pressed up between her thighs. Melia gurgled and
sighed as the creature penetrated her, thrusting deep
until it came inside her sending warm semen up into
her body.



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