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MELIA 08 thick hair covered its arms and


Melia - Chapter 8
By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Chapter 8

Alara eventually rose and trudged up the muddy shore,
into the forest alone. She was lost and terribly
afraid. Tears ran down her cheeks again as she thought
of her beloved Melia. At some point, she lay down upon
the forest floor and fell into a troubled sleep.

The next day, she rose and continued walking away from
the river. As she stumbled on, the forest grew thinner
and the air hotter. Patches of sunlight penetrated the
canopy overhead, lighting up the forest with a golden

Hours later, as the sun climbed high in the sky, the
tree cover broke and Alara stepped out of the forest.
She stood at the edge of a cliff. Before her lay a
deep valley, cut into the stony ground. The drop was
sheer where she stood, but on either side the cliffs
had long since eroded and piles of fallen boulders led
gradually down to the valley floor. Curiously enough,
there was a small hut of hardened clay in the center
of the valley. Her first thought was to simply walk
around the valley and continue on her way. On her way
to where, however? Alara thought about it and decided
that, dangerous as it may be, she'd better seek help
in this remote valley, for it could be days or weeks
until she next came to some vestige of civilization.
She along the edge of the cliff for a long time until
she came at last to a climbable rockslide. Cautiously,
she began to make her way down the rocks.

As she climbed, the sun climbed higher and the air
grew hot. The sun burned brightly down upon the pale
rocks around her, which radiated heat and caused her
to perspire, soaking through her tattered clothing.
Finally, after nearly a half an hour, Alara reached
the sandy valley floor. It was enormous, far larger
than it had appeared from the cliff, stretching at
least a mile wide and perhaps two long. The floor of
the valley was hard clay and rock, all a pale
brownish-yellow color, and pebbles were strewn about,
making walking slightly painful on Alara's tender bare
feet. Looking around cautiously, she decided the place
looked to be abandoned, but was unsure whether this
was good or bad. Slowly, she crept toward the clay
hut, which lay a couple hundred feet from her.

Alara's heart beat fast within her chest at the sight
of bones upon the rock floor. She was only about fifty
feet from the hut now and, looking around quickly, she
noticed that much of what she had taken to be pebbles
lying upon the valley floor was in fact small bits of
sun-bleached bone. To her right lay a half a chest of
ribs. Terrified though she was, she continued on, her
curiosity peeked. Besides, what other options did she
have? What she found in the hut turned her stomach. On
the floor lay a half-decayed, half-eaten human body.
It was mangled nearly beyond recognition. She doubled
over and wretched, nearly vomiting. After a couple of
dry heaves, she regained enough self control to stand
up and run from the hut, heading back towards the
rockslide from which she'd come. Suddenly something
snapped around her ankle and she hit the ground with a
thud. Her ankle throbbed with pain and, looking back,
she saw that she stepped upon some kind of snare
fashioned from bone and twine. She turned her face to
the sky, screamed, "HELP!" and suddenly realized her
terrible mistake.

Something moved over by the rock pile. She saw some
sort of creature crawl from a crevice between two
large boulders. It was roughly humanoid, but its arms
were unusually longer than proportional. Though
immensely fat in the midsection, its arms and legs
were long and scrawny, covered in reddish hair, and
its picked its way down the rocks with incredible
speed and ease. It moved somewhere between upright and
all fours, lumbering across the valley floor nearly

As the creature lumbered near, Alara looked with
terror upon its face. Beneath a sloped forehead it had
tiny, close-set eyes, a fat nose, and an unusually
wide mouth. Its floppy, bat-like ears poked from
beneath its ratty hair, which was a dirty reddish-
brown. It had the evil, drooling sneer of the
demented, and its many chins folded into its fat neck.
Though thick hair covered its arms and the tops of its
hands and feet, the rest of its pale-skinned body was
very nearly bald. It was naked, save for a tightly
wrapped loincloth. Alara thought it seemed at first to
be a female, for two ugly, droopy breasts hung from
its chest, but there was a fearful bulge in its
loincloth, which left her uncertain of its gender.

As it approached, a terrible stench accompanied it. To
her horror, Alara saw that clutched in its left hand
was a bone, still covered with some bloody meat. The
thing plopped itself down a few feet from the snared
girl, its immense belly hanging over it loincloth.
Staring at the girl with hungry eyes, it tore a bit of
meat from its bone with its big yellow teeth.
Paralyzed with fear, the girl lay still as it flashed
a huge grin at her, blood and drool dripping from its
wide lips.

It sat leisurely for a while, picking the bone clean.
When it was done, the creature leaned forward, its
flabby belly and breasts hanging beneath its body, and
reached a long arm out toward her. With its long,
hairy hand, it grabbed the girl's blouse. Alara
swatted at its hand, but this only elicited an
expression of rage from the beast and she quickly
stopped resisting. It tore the blouse from her body,
exposing her beautiful, smooth back to the harsh,
bright daylight. It pulled at the blouse, tearing it
to shreds, and looked down at the girl that lay at its

The beast lifted itself from the ground and stood to
its full height, nearly eight feet tall, before the
naked girl. It unwrapped its loincloth, which made its
stench even worse, and Alara's heart beat fast with
fear at the sight of the frightfully large flaccid
penis that dangled amidst thick red hair between its
legs. Closing her eyes and pressing her face to the
ground in fear, Alara whimpered pitifully as the beast
leaned over her body, but was surprised to feel it
fiddle with the snare and release her ankle from its
terrible grip. Any thoughts of escape, however, were
crushed as she felt the beast's large, strong hands
grab her legs and spread them wide before him. He
supported his enormous weight on his left hand as he
leaned over the girl's prone body, and he slipped
right hand under her smooth belly, lifting her ass up
towards him.

Her face pressed into the ground, Alara panted with
fear. She could feel the heat of the enormous beast's
body on top of her. She felt the heat increasing
behind her ass as it began lowering its crotch towards
her, and she squirmed in its grasp, pressing her
thighs together tightly. Angered, the large beast atop
her grunted with rage. Again, its fearful anger
paralyzed her, and Alara's body hung limp in its
grasp. Her mind weary, in a haze of fear, Alara was
dimly aware of her legs being spread wide again. She
felt the beast push itself into her vagina, filling
her painfully with his beastly member. She passed out
at some point as the enormous creature pounded into
her over and over, raping her upon the hard valley
Alara awoke in darkness. She could not remember
exactly what had happened, or where she was, but the
foul odor that filled the dank air brought the
memories painfully back to her. She seemed to be in a
small cave, and small cracks between the boulders let
in tiny rays of sunlight, providing minimal lighting.
She crept toward a large patch of light and found that
it was the entrance. Some large thing lay blocking the
cave's entrance. Rose and fell as if with breath and
Alara realized with terror that it was the beast that
had raped her. Now it kept her captive, blocking the
cave's only exit with its own enormous body. He was
asleep, she realized, and the girl began trying to
creep over his body. She had to actually climb up his
body to get past him. As she did, however, his ugly
snoring stopped suddenly and he grabbed her leg,
pulling her to the floor. The foul creature pulled her
close and started licking her skin. Alara screamed and
swatted at the beast, smacking him above the eye.
Infuriated, the beast grabbed her with one enormous
hand and dragged her from the cave. He threw her body
over his shoulder and began climbing up the rocks. One
hand wrapped tightly around her ankles, he climbed
with his other three limbs until he reached the level
ground high above the valley floor.

He lumbered along the edge to the cliff where Alara
had originally emerged from the forest. Laying her on
her back with her head hanging over the edge of the
cliff, he pinned her down with one hand while with the
other he started unwrapping his loincloth. Alara
looked down her naked body and saw that as he knelt
there holding her, his penis was growing rigid and
thick. The beast knelt on the ground and spread her
legs wide before him. Holding her thighs apart, he
lowered his enormous member, already dripping with
pre-come, towards the swollen lips between her legs.
He slipped the head of his penis into her and her
labia hugged his shaft just beneath his glans. He then
grabbed her sides and slid her towards the edge of the
cliff. Her head and shoulders hung over the edge and,
her heart pounding with fear, Alara looked back past
her blond, dangling hair at the terrifying drop. She
whimpered and squirmed away from the edge, impaling
herself on the beast's member. The lips between her
thighs stretched to accommodate his thick shaft as it
slipped further into her.



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