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MELIA 09 old and shivering heavy rain


Melia - Chapter 9
By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Chapter 9

Melia crawled from the muck, coughing murky water up
onto the muddy shore. She lay down, exhausted, beside
the river and fell asleep. When she awoke it was dark
and the sky was filled with stars. There was very
little moonlight, however, and as she trudged away
from the river she stumbled over the thick vines and
underbrush of the forest. Her tattered garments were
still damp and she shivered in the night air. She was
searching for tracks or clues, anything that could
help her find Alara, who must have taken her for dead.
It was difficult in the dark and she was unsure at
times whether she was following a trail or just
wandering hopelessly through the woods. She knew she
should probably wait until daylight, but she was
filled with impatience and an urge to put distance
between herself and that strange river.

After a few hours of hiking she stopped to lean
against a tree for a brief rest. Looking around at the
dark trees her gaze was suddenly caught by a strange
star-like glittering at the top of a small ridge up
ahead. It was as if stardust were drifting between the
pine trees, sparkling in the dark forest. She began
towards it to inspect closer. Pine needles crunched
beneath her feet as she crept forward through the
trees and up the base of the ridge. As she crested the
ridge she found herself amidst the strange sparkling.
The air glittered all around her but the night was

Melia suddenly thought better of inspecting this
strange happening in the night. She quickly turned to
head back but was stopped short as she did so. Her
left arm seemed to be caught in something, but when
she looked she found nothing on it, only the
glittering light reflecting from all around her. She
tried to free it with her other hand but as she
struggled she found that both hands were caught in the
sticky tangle of some invisible web. Then suddenly she
looked around and realized with horror that was
exactly it. She watched a section of the sparkling for
a time and began to see a pattern. The sparkles were
arranged in the concentric spirals of a nearly
invisible web strung between the trees. The sparkling
was just the starlight reflecting off the web's sticky
strands. She was in the midst of an enormous web
running through the trees.

Panicked, Melia tried kicking at the webbing around
her arms and hands, only to get her foot caught as
well. She thrashed and pushed at the webbing.
Exhausted, she stopped her moving about and found that
not only was her entire body caught in the web's
sticky strands, but she seemed to have moved a bit
towards the web's center and she was held almost a
man's height above the ground. Gathering her thoughts
and trying to keep panic at bay, Melia looked around
for some means of escape. The web seemed to be
sticking to her cotton blouse even more than it did to
her skin, so she tried to wriggle out of it. She
finally managed to do so, freeing herself a bit, but
in the process she'd gotten her arms and legs even
more caught and tangles of webbing had stuck to her
midsection as well.

As the naked girl struggled, caught in the immense
web, a large dark creature crawled from one of the
treetops, onto the web. Melia stopped for a moment,
distracted by something. Looking up she saw something
else on the web, moving cautiously toward her. Her
heart pounded with terror as she realized it must be
the spider that'd spun this giant web. Its body was
black as night, nearly as large as a horse, and she
saw that it had a number of long, thin legs moving
along the sticky strands of web. The giant predator
crept toward her and stopped a few feet away, pausing
to inspect its catch. Melia looked with terror upon
the shiny black eyes that lay above its mouth. The
sharp black pinchers opened and closed around its
mouth and the beast began moving towards her at an
agonizingly slow pace. Melia trembled with terror as
the spider loomed over her. Standing over her naked
body, it lowered its head and she shook with fear as
it pinched with gentle curiosity at her body.

The spider paused for a moment, seemingly confused. It
began to scan over her body searchingly. Its shiny
black eyes inspected her thighs and belly, and
suddenly its demeanor changed. The creature drew
itself up over her body and lowered its head toward
hers. Melia whimpered weakly at the feel of its
pinchers closing around her neck. Delicately, it held
her there in its grip while with its many legs it
began tearing at the sticky webs around her lower
body, exposing her luscious thighs, the curve of her
belly, and her long legs. Melia began to
hyperventilate with fear as she felt something sharp
upon her neck. The spider injected her only briefly,
pinching her neck and letting a tiny dose of its
poison into her bloodstream. Melia's fearful panting
slowed and her body felt relaxed and easy in the
spider's careful grip. A feeling of euphoria began
filling her body and she found herself becoming
aroused by the creature's pinchers around her neck.
Pinning her beneath its body, the spider maneuvered
its stiff, hairy legs to spread her legs and hold them
high against either side of its huge thorax. Melia
moaned with desire, writhing in her bonds. The
spider's member grew and moved close between her
thighs. A sigh escaped Melia's quivering lips as the
hard, smooth head of the beast's long, spear-like
member penetrated her, slipping between her pubic
lips. Her labia hugged the shiny black shaft as the
beast pushed into her. It began driving deep into her
and she thrust her pelvis up against its hard body to
receive it more deeply. Its prickly legs tickled her
skin. The sticky webs upon her skin and the sharp
pinchers around her neck held Melia in place beneath
the giant spider's body as it brought her to climax,
pounding into her until it came deep inside her body.

Melia sighed deeply as the creature withdrew its hard,
shiny member from within her, its thick black semen
dribbling down between her thighs as its thick shaft
slipped from between her labia. Then, quickly and
quietly as it had come, the spider left her and
scurried up its web to disappear into the treetops.
Still unable to move, Melia drifted off to sleep lying
naked on the web.
Melia awoke cold and shivering. A heavy rain was
falling and she lay soaked on the giant spider web. A
sudden clap of thunder startled her she instinctively
covered her ears. To her surprise, she found that she
could move her arms freely. Squirming a bit, she found
that she could move her whole body. The rain was
destroying the web's sticky strands. She quickly
climbed down to the ground crouched, huddling for
warmth. She decided it would be best to move away from
the spider's domain as soon as possible, so she
started down the hill, rain running down over her
naked body. In the dark it was impossible to find
Alara's trail, and with the rain she doubted if she
would ever find it again. Nonetheless, she headed in
the general direction she'd been going before, jogging
through the forest to keep warm. After a few hours the
rain stopped, making the going a bit easier. She
continued on until sunrise. The morning air was
growing warmer and the sky began to shine with orange
light as she came to the forest's edge. Standing at
the end of the trees she looked out across a deep,
lush valley. She headed out into the field of deep
yellow grass at the valley's rim. The tall grass
brushed her thighs as she walked through it and the
growing morning sun warmed her body. She realized just
how exhausted she was from running through the cold
forest all night. She came to a single small tree in
the grass. It was young, no more than ten or twelve
feet tall, but it had a hard, dry look, as if it had
been blasted by lightning. Sitting in the grass, she
leaned up against its trunk and fell asleep with
morning light warming her skin.

Melia dreamt of a warm paradise of soft, flowing hills
and streams. She gathered honey and brought it to the
ancient trees, who, in exchange, gave her draughts of
their pleasure drinks, filling her body with elation.
She walked out to a warm field with a bowl, drank its
contents and lay down in the golden sunlight.

Melia's eyes slowly opened. She was unsure whether she
was awake or still dreaming. The land around her was
just as in her dream. She sat in a field of tall
golden grass and the sun overhead warmed her skin. Her
body felt wonderfully free sitting naked in the grass.
Tingling pleasure ran up and down her spine. The grass
tickled her bare skin, dry bark against her back.

The feel of bark on her bare back began to slide to
her sides, tickling her skin. She sighed at the feel
of bark beneath her right arm, lightly touching the
side of her breast. The feel of bark also moved across
the left side of her waist, touching her stomach. She
felt it upon her right nipple, which stiffened as she
sighed with pleasure. She looked down to see long,
branch-like fingers sliding down her stomach, past her
navel. Her eye's shut tight, Melia's head fell back
and a moan escaped her trembling lips as the rough
fingers slid gently down her belly and between her
smooth thighs. Leaning back against the tree trunk,
she opened her legs and sighed passionately as a thin
fingertip brushed through her black hair and over her
clitoris. She felt bark sliding down her lower back
and the bulge of a root pushed itself beneath her,
sliding between her buttocks. She moaned at the feel
of hard, smooth wood sliding beneath the junction of
her legs. Glancing down, she saw a long, stiff, upward
curving wooden phallus sliding beneath her, extending
nearly a foot past her belly. She became moist at the
feel of its shaft sliding beneath her labia, and ached
to be filled with it.

A pair of branch-like hands grabbed her sides and
lifted her, easily as a child, from the ground. They
turned her around to face the tree and she saw that it
was not a tree, but some kind of tree-beast with
manlike features. Still rooted to the ground, its
branches had grown to arms and hands with long digits.
The knots and lumps on its trunk were twisted into the
form of a face and one of it's roots seemed to have
grown to an enormously long, smooth phallus. The
beast's hands holding her under her arms, Melia
wrapped her legs around its trunk as it lowered her
towards its extended member. The moist lips between
her thighs touched the hard wooden tip of its phallus
and slipped open as the beast lowered her onto its
lengthy prick. She felt it sliding up into her
slippery warmth, filling her vagina and pushing up
inside her body. Her lips quivered and drooled as her
own weight pushed her down, impaling her on the long
wooden dick.

Melia began to come slowly, and the juices that
dribbled from between her vaginal lips dripped down
the wooden shaft coating it with slipperiness. She
slowly slid farther down the shaft and her entire body
shuddered with pleasure as the hard wooden member
pushed far up inside her body.



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