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MELIA 10 sucked air rich with the


Melia - Chapter 10
By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Chapter 10

Melia had been trekking through the knee-high grass
for hours under the bright sun. Sweat ran down her
skin as she walked, nude, through the field, making
her way down the gentle slope and towards the valley
below. Late in the day she noticed movement not too
far away in the grass below. Stopping for a moment,
she saw that it was a man leading mule-cart. The cart
was piled high with cloth and wooden chests and the
man appeared to be dressed in leathers, a small sword
swinging at his hip. Unsure of what to do, Melia
crouched in the grass, wary of being caught nude in
the middle of nowhere by a stranger. As the man drew
near, however, she realized that he must be a merchant
of some sort, and might be able to help her. She
waited until he was passing by her, no more than
twenty feet away, and called out, "Hello!" The man,
startled, drew his sword and looked around confusedly.
Standing and revealing herself, Melia waved to the
man, showing she was unarmed. He stared at her warily
and, searching the land from side to side, slowly
approached. A short, but thick and unruly beard of
golden brown covered his jaw and a wiry mustache sat
above his lip. He had strange, searching eyes of
emerald green with which he searched her up and down.
As he opened his mouth to speak, she saw a set of
dark, rotting teeth. "Dirg unth vau?" he called to
her. Melia recognized the language and she realized
she must be in Casconi, just east of her native land.
She did not, however know what he was asking her, or
how to respond. Again he called out, "Dirg unth vau?!"
Hoping he would recognize her own language she
responded, "Can you tell me where I am?" He seemed to
think for a moment and then he started through the
grass towards her. Nervous, Melia pointed to the cart
of goods and said, "trade?" She tried to illustrate
with hand gestures and he stopped, seeming to
understand. Starting back towards the cart, he looked
back at her and waved her over.

Climbing up onto the cart he began sorting through
various cloths and goods, reciting words she did not
know. He looked at her and grabbed his leather tunic
saying, "vafrathi?" Melia eagerly nodded and watched
as he pulled tunic of rough cloth from the pile. He
held it up to show her and she continued nodding
eagerly. The tunic in one hand, he held out his other
and said, "hubec toh." He waited, then dropped the
tunic and repeated his words, this time illustrating
with four outstretched fingers. Melia realized he was
asking for money. A look of desperation on her face,
she illustrated with her hands that she had nothing
with her. He, however, seemed to misunderstand this
gesture, for his face lit up and he looked her up and
down. He jumped from the cart, grabbing the tunic as
well and began removing his thick leather breeches,
all the while staring hungrily at her naked body.
Melia realized what a terrible mistake she'd made, but
it seemed her only choice, she needed clothes. The
bearded merchant pulled his tunic from his body and
approached her. She instinctively took a step back as
the large, hairy man came towards her. Grabbing her
shoulders, he pulled her to the ground, knelt before
her, and spread her legs. Melia closed her eyes and
her heart pounded quickly in her chest as the man's
wiry beard tickled the insides of her thighs. To her
surprise, she felt his mouth upon her pubic mound and
sighed softly as he massaged her clit with his tongue.

The merchant licked and sucked at the girl's sex until
her chest rose and fell with heavy sighs, and warm
slick fluids seeped from between her vaginal lips. She
felt him leave the junction of her thighs and looked
down at him as he crawled up her body. His thick, red
penis protruded from the wiry reddish hair that
covered most of his body and Melia swallowed with
anticipation as she saw it approach the lips between
her legs. With one quick thrust, he pushed himself
into her, his rigid member slipping up between her
swollen, wet labia.

Though he was a bit rough with her, Melia began to
enjoy herself. He pumped hard into her, obviously not
having had a woman in some time. She breathed deeply
took what pleasure she could as he finished, exploding
inside her with a heavy grunt and collapsing on top of
her. Exhausted, he lay his head on her chest as he
caught his breath. He was cute, in his own way, and
she patted his head gently. The wiry beard tickled her

The man gave her the tunic and was on his way.
Dressing herself, Melia moved on through the grass,
heading towards the setting sun.
Melia walked along sandy ground. She'd passed through
vast grasslands, managing to avoid contact with any
other travelers. The grass was sparse now, and she
felt sun-warmed pebbles beneath her feet and between
her toes as she continued on her trail, hoping,
praying to find her lost love. Their luck had been
awful of late. It was hard to believe so much had
happened in only a month. First to be cheated by that
scoundrel of a duke, who refused to pay for the
statuette she procured for him. Then to come home to
their quiet hut and find Alara gone, taken. She
trudged on, grief whirling through her mind, and
hardly noticed as the ground grew rocky beneath her

Coming to the edge of rocky slope, Melia looked down
at the valley below. Pale boulders lay strewn about
the valley floor, some bunched together, forming small
caves and spots of shade. She was suddenly reminded of
how hot the midmorning sun had grown. Picking her way
carefully down the slope, she reached the sandy ground
and started toward a pile of rocks offering some
shade. She inspected the area until she was convinced
it was utterly deserted, and then stretched out on a
flat rock. Lying on her stomach, she rested her cheek
on the rock's cool surface and drifted off to sleep.
She came to slowly, emerging from the sea of sleep and
lying there, half dazed, staring at the backs of her
eyelids. The sun warmed her back, and she giggled at
the feel of whiskers tickling her legs. Deep purring
startled her out of her dream state and she began to
piece together what was happening. The sun had climbed
past its peak, and hung in the western sky, shining
its pale orange light down on her. There was a smell
in the air, and something moved behind her. Again she
heard purring, and realized with terror that she was
in the vicinity of a mountain lion. Just as her body
froze with fear, the whiskers tickled the backs of her
thighs. It was smelling her, and began to push the
back of her leather tunic up the curve of her ass. Its
nose moved up her back, pushing her tunic up to her
shoulders. Melia tried to pull herself up onto her
elbows to get away, but with a sudden growl it put a
large paw on her back, pressing her to the ground. Her
cheek pressed upon the rock, Melia could feel the tips
of the cat's claws, just barely extended, pressing
into the skin of her back. She felt the soft fur of
its underbelly brush against her naked back and the
very ground she lay on seemed to rumble with its deep
purring. She could feel the presence of its great head
behind hers, and she stared straight ahead too afraid
to move. It's throat rumbled behind her head and she
felt its bristly whiskers on the back of her neck. Her
breath stopped, anticipating the killing bite that
would break her neck, but it did not come.

Time stood still. She felt the cat's large tongue on
the back of her neck, which startled her out of her
paralysis. Her breathing resumed in heavy pants of
fear as she felt its licking move down to her back.
Its breath was hot on her back. Her nostrils flared as
she sucked in air, rich with the smell of the lion's
musk. She felt the cat's rough tongue licking her
back, its laps traveling down the small of her back,
where it stopped a moment, sniffing, and the air
rumbled with a deep purr. The cat resumed its licking,
rubbing its tongue in long upward strokes that moved
lower and lower.

Still very frightened, Melia wondered what on earth
was happening, and she nearly giggled as the rough
tongue licked from her tailbone to the small of her
back, teasing ticklish skin. Her breath came fast as
it licked her there again. Then its tongue traveled
down between her buttocks, licking the perspiration
from her skin. Melia's breath quivered as the beast's
tongue pushed between her buttocks and slid back over
her anus, its whiskers teasing her skin. It licked her
there again and she felt the tension releasing from
her body. Whiskers tickled the backs of her thighs,
their wiry tips brushing her soft skin. A cool, wet
nose pushed down, between her thighs, parting her legs
slightly, and she breathed deeply as a warm tongue
licked the backs of her thighs. The licks moved up to
her sensitive inner-thighs and she shuddered with
pleasure at the feel of the cat's hot breath on her
skin, stirring the hair in the crevice between her

The big cat pushed its nose up between her legs again,
parting her thighs and exposing her labia, slick with
perspiration. The sudden touch of its tongue on her
secret lips caused Melia to groan involuntarily as
strong waves of pleasure tingled down her legs and up
into her belly. A soft sigh of pleasure escaped her
lips as the warm tongue licked along the length of her

Her cheek pressed against the soft, swampy ground, she
lifted her ass into the air and spread before the
great cat. She panted as its tongue rubbed her
clitoris, the long fur on the sides of its head
brushing her inner thighs. Its whiskers teased her
buttocks. Melia's face flushed with lust as the cat
lapped between her legs and she pushed her ass back
against its nose, searching for increased friction. It
licked her hard, and she gasped for air as the rough
tongue lashed up from her clit all the way to the
small of her back. A drip of milky fluid fell to the
ground beneath her parted thighs.

Thick with lust, Melia pushed her ass up against the
cat's shaggy underbelly as it mounted her. It planted
forepaws on either side of her and rested its head
upon hers, its weight pressing her cheek against the
moist ground. Its shaggy hind legs pressed against the
backs of Melia's thighs and a bubble of precome
dribbled from between her labia. At the touch of its
erect penis to her pubic mound, Melia's breath paused,
her body tensing slightly. For a moment the cat just
stood poised, positioning itself, the hard tip of its
penis pushing ever so slightly into her soft lips.
Then it slowly inserted the head of its penis into
her, pushing into her soft body. It felt hard and
slender inside her and, moaning, she pushed back
against it, aching for deeper penetration. Her pussy
muscles massaged and squeezed the tip of it, which
felt a little strange. The cat jerked back just a bit,
and Melia felt rubbery spines on its head pull at her
soft tissue, stimulating her with intense pleasure.
Then, with a deep grunt, the lion thrust itself into
her. She cried out with lust at the feel of the big
cat slamming its smooth-skinned shaft into her vagina.
Her secret lips were stretched to swallow the wide
base of its penis and the cat's large, velvety balls
slapped against her pubic mound.

Melia came hard, squealing with pleasure as her milky
fluids seeped around the cat's member and dripped from
between her legs. With a great sigh of relief, she
relaxed and began to lower her ass. But when she tried
to, it remained held tight to the big cat's
underbelly. Its stiff member, still rock hard inside
her body, held her, impaled. The cat began to thrust
into her with short, hard strokes, pressing her cheek
into the ground with each one. She felt her groin
tingle with renewed pleasure as each thrust send a
surge of ecstasy through her body. She thrust her hips
up against the cat's belly and gasped with bliss, her
tongue lolling out of her mouth as her sex pulled at
its penis. The cat rammed into her until, with a deep
roar, it came deep inside her body. Then, suddenly, it
pulled out of her, licked her rump, and was gone into
the rocky wilderness.

Melia lay on her belly, exhausted, and was half-asleep
when the sun was blocked out by a tall figure standing
over her. Before she could react, it snatched her up
and tossed her over its shoulder, knocking the wind
out of her. She blacked out and the beast carried her
off into the desolate valley, her ankles held firmly
in its large, ugly hands.



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