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MELIA 11 thick come oozed around the shaft


Melia - Chapter 11
By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Chapter 11

Alara lay amongst pebbles, the cave floor cold on her bare skin. She was sore
inside and out from her captor's repeated ravishing of her body. Looking around,
she saw she was alone, sunlight flooding the cavern's entrance. Outside, she
heard the telltale footsteps that filled her heart with dread. She held her
breath and listened to large feet crunching in the pebbly ground. The beast's
enormous figure blocked the light and she saw that it stood with something slung
over its shoulder. It hunched down and stepped into the cave, then tossed a body
down next to her. With bitter horror and relief she recognized Melia. She pulled
the unconscious girl into her arms and looked up at the beast with pleading,
terrified eyes. In the faint light, she could make out the line of a grin on the
creature's awful face, and the cave echoed with its guttural laughter.
Melia woke to the dull ache of her ribs. The ground beneath her was cold and
something was digging into her hip. On top of all that, it sounded like there
was some less-than-savory activity taking place nearby. Someone was in pain, and
someone else was inflicting it. She pushed herself up in the dark and felt
around on the pebbly ground.
Alara whimpered under the immense weight of the beast. Its thick saliva dripped
upon her chest, careening down the curve of her collar bone. Her thighs
strained against its fat midsection but were spread wide upon the cold stone
floor. Every little thing about the beast was grotesque. Its pungent smell
lingered even when it was out.

The girl swung wildly at the dark, but the beast grabbed her arms and pinned
them. Then she felt its hairy belly sliding up the front of her body and the
dreaded touch of its member between her thighs. The beast paused and Alara felt
its foul breath hot against her cheek. For a moment all was dark and silence
save for its heavy breathing. Its great hairy weight crushed the girl's breasts
against her chest.

It was stiffening between her thighs. Swollen glans pressed against her labia,
threatening intrusion. A shudder ran through the beast's body and Alara felt
dribbles of its thick, custard-like come oozing down her labia. It stayed thus
for a long, terrifying moment, rubbing itself on the entrance of her sex. Then
it awoke from this ritualistic trance and leaned forward. Her labia were spread
upon the head of its member and it pushed slowly into her body. She lay helpless
as it slowly impaled her, filling her cavity to the point of aching. It glans
pressed hard into never-explored realms of her sex, and its immense testicles
touched her buttocks. Then, a warm explosion of semen inside her. The beast
seemed to slacken, resting deep inside her warmth. But its member grew thick and
hard fixing her tight upon its shaft. Alara lay like that for what felt like
forever, silent tears drifting down her cheeks.
Melia's eyes began adjusting to the darkness and she could make out some huddled
form at the far end of the cave. She crept forward, then stopped a few meters
away. She recognized the form of her beloved crushed beneath a monstrous body,
the creature that had taken her here. It lay as it asleep atop her, but the
girl's whimpering and the spread of her legs revealed a more sinister happening.
Melia looked around for a weapon. There was an oversized club by the entrance,
but far too large for her to wield. But in the back, among piles of refuse, lay
large, fist-sized rocks. She hurried towards them and searched for a good one.
The creature's breathing was getting louder as she snatched a wedged stone from
the pile.

The ettercap took a deep breath and let one final trickle of drool spool out
onto the throat of the tiny girl beneath him. He was spent, exhausted from a
hard day of foraging and a delicious little cunt. Though his cock still throbbed
deep inside her, he'd better roll over so as not to crush the little thing. With
a grunt, he pushed himself over just in time to see the edge of a rock come
crashing through his forehead.

A scream caught in Alara's throat, clenched with fear. There was an awful
crushing sound as something in the darkness pummeled the great beast. Something
held its head by its thin wisps of hair and repeatedly bashed in the creature's
face. It gurgled in horrible pain and blood ran down in pools on the cave floor.
Still impaled on its swollen member, she lay upon its stomach and watched,
frozen with fear and unable to free herself from the dying beast.

Melia rested her hands on her knees and fought to catch her breath. Her right
hand was sopping with blood, and slipped upon her bare knee. She looked at the
thing once more, just to make sure. It lay in a pool of blood, the last death
twitches gone out of it. Her wedged rock lay next to its bloodied face. And her
beloved lay, frozen with terror, upon its stomach.

"Alara, it's me." No response. "It's me, honey. You're going to be fine, OK?"
Still nothing. The girl was in shock. "OK, well let's get you off this thing."
Melia stepped around the giant body and knelt behind her lover. As she'd feared,
Alara was held fast, impaled. The lips between the girl's thighs were stretched
tight around its sickly-yellow penis.

"Alara, baby," she whispered in the girl's ear.

"Uh-huh?" Her response was almost inaudible.

"We need to get you off of him, OK?"


"I need you to pull. I'll help all I can, but I need you to pull. Can you do
that for me, baby?"


Together they began, Alara clutching at the thing's chest, pulling on its wiry,
Melia pushing hard against the girl's hips. Alara moaned and pulled at fistfuls
of chest-hair as the shaft slipped from her insides. Melia pushed on her
buttocks, watching as thick come oozed around the shaft sliding from her lover's
lips. Alara gasped in relief as the tip of its immense penis slipped from her
thighs and lukewarm come spilled from between her labia.



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