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MEMORIES movie award She even bent her


Keywords: M/F, anal, oral, lite bondage, exhib.
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Memories- Sam Hill V

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Memories- Sam Hill IV- (memories.txt) - Sam Hill is back to
divorce work, but a disappearing husband leads him into murder
and corruption. Sam struggles with his new understanding of Staci.
M/F, anal, oral, lite bondage, exhib.

A Sam Hill Mystery
The camera strap was a comfortable burden around Sam's neck. After
some of the adventures he had trying to shake himself out of his rut, it
was good to be crouching in the bushes doing the same old mundane things.
He had to admit that it hadn't been all bad. He had accumulated
some nifty gadgets and there was a balance in his checking account for
the first time in quite a while.
But mostly he was cured of his desire for excitement. Click some
pictures. Turn them over to the aggrieved spouse. Collect a few ducats.
That was the life.
He was not only back to what he did best. He was also in familiar
territory. The Greenfield Motor Lodge had seen many adulterous trysts
over the years and Sam loved it. From the concealing landscaping to the
Venetian blinds that never seemed to reach quite down to the window
sill, it was a divorce detective's paradise.
His quarry was on the other side of the wall. Sam was running
their probable actions through his head as a method of timing. Joyous
illicit embrace with hot kiss, hurried undressing, pause for fondle,
and about now the plop onto the bed to get on with it. He moved up with
the camera already to his eye.
There was a good argument for Mr. Teagarden to be having this
affair. He was on the bed from the knees up with his feet hanging toward
the floor. The woman was crouched between his knees and bobbing her
head up and down over his groin.
Sam took the general interest shot and then cranked in the zoom to
get graphic detail. Didn't this woman know you're supposed to pull your
hair back for the camera? Anyway, that cock had to be going somewhere
and it wasn't into his wife. Sam settled for the blob of hair with Mr.
Teagarden's cock projecting into it.
He crouched back down and tried to listen. When he heard muffled
talk and bed sounds, he peered in through the lens again.
Come on, get classic with me, Sam thought as he snapped another
wide shot of the woman astride Teagarden. Divorce attorneys liked the
missionary position for an indefensible proof of adultery. Of course they
like blow jobs too, for the disgrace of their opponent.
In the meantime, Sam clicked a couple more pictures as he zoomed
in on Teagarden's happy face. That would make it harder to dispute it
was him under a naked woman not his wife.
That was another reason he wanted her to roll over. He didn't
have anything that clearly established Teagarden's paramour's identity.
He didn't want Teagarden to have any room to claim it was his wife in a
wig. His wife in a wig 10 years and 50 pounds ago.
Sam sympathized with the guy. Mrs. Teagarden was a client he
wouldn't fuck on a bet.
Then he was rewarded for his patience. Teagarden wanted to be on
top. It was a double bonus. He couldn't stay inside the woman as she
rolled over and Sam got shots of the very flagrante of his delicto as
he put his cock back in the woman.
Sam's rush of achievement went cold, however, when he twisted the
lens back for the 'monster' shot of Teagarden humping between his
lover's legs. He almost forget to trip the lens. He knew her.
He knew her in the biblical sense. It was his third wife,
Annabella, with a look of lust on her face that he had, sadly, never
seen on her before. Sam finished the roll in a rush before his emotions
rose up and had the better of him.
It was confusing. He really didn't want the strident little bitch
any more, but it still bothered him to see her have such pleasure in the
arms- or was that under the groin- of another man. He hadn't wanted this
kind of conflict any more. It was just like Annabella to fuck up his
plans even after she had walked out of his life.
Staci thought it was a joke. She had never liked Annabella in the
first place, a fact she had made no attempt to hide even when she was
married to Sam.
"So Her Primness fucks like a gutter slut after all?" Staci
chuckled at the chance to deride Annabella.
"I was shocked," Sam said, still not sure how he wanted to react
to the situation.
Staci read him like a comic book. He was being stupid, but that
didn't make it right for her to trample his feelings.
"Well, I can assure you from every corner of my woman's intuition
that her passion was an act," Staci said to soothe him, and then
couldn't resist sniping, "I never met a more bloodless, calculating
"Thanks for trying to cheer me up, but that doesn't tell me why
she couldn't have put on that act for me- a least a couple of times,"
Sam said.
"Excuse me if I'm blunt, but that's because you were a dolt with
her," Staci said and then mocked him, "Yes, Annabella dear, certainly my
sugar plum, whatever you say, bunny humps."
"I think I liked the cheering up part better," Sam snapped.
Sam knew he'd been a fool for Annabella. Staci didn't need to rub
it in, but she couldn't help herself. Anyway, she had already figured
out what Sam needed and he'd forgive her when she gave it to him.
"You thought she was better than you, Sam. You felt lucky to have
the mercenary little bitch," Staci went on, "You fucked up and I'm
making sure you don't ever put yourself down like that again."
"Like I need a reminder," he snorted.
Staci had stepped right up to Sam as if to confront him while she
reminded him. It was just a cover so she could grab his hand and push
it up under her skirt.
"What you need is temporary amnesia," Staci said as she rubbed
her pussy with his hand.
"No," Sam said as he pulled his hand away, "All I need is to
remember that I've got it good now. You're sweet, but you don't have to
fuck me to prove it. I know I'm better off, I'm just still pissed at
what she did to me. And beyond that, it complicates this case a whole
lot to have my ex-wife be co-respondent in the action I'm investigating."
Staci loved it when he used big detective legal words. She was
going to fuck him to cheer him up, but now she wanted to fuck him
because he had turned her on. He might not be Mike Hammer, but he was
really a pretty good detective, and he was a great fuck.
"I don't see how fucking me would hurt," Staci pouted, "You better
make it up to me later then."
Sam could smell the change in her attitude. She had not been wet
when his hand was on her pants, but now her distinctive feminine odor
told him she did want him. He still wasn't in the mood, but he thought
of something that might hold her until he could do her justice that
"You're forgetting who's the boss!" Sam said sharply and smacked
her hard on the rear. "Get back to your desk, employee, and sit the
fuck down!"
Staci's eyes got wide, but she knew better than to pre-judge Sam.
He had the capacity to surprise her and he sometimes had a good trick
up his sleeve. She sat down at her desk and faced the door like a good
"Open your blouse," Sam said with a rasp sneaking into his voice.
Staci stared straight ahead as she undid the blouse buttons. He
did have something up his sleeve.
Sam stepped up behind her and deliberately peeled back the sides
of her blouse. He folded them over to expose her chest and smoothed
them down with a crease to keep the blouse open.
"If you want to have input, you ought to give the best you've got,"
Sam said as he fished under her blouse for the straps of her bra.
He slipped them off her shoulders and his hands followed down
to slide under her bra cups and grip her generous breasts. He flicked
his hands forward and the cups dropped away from the DD masterpieces.
"That's your best face forward," Sam said, "Now you stay that way
until I tell you different. If someone comes in, that's too bad. You
sit with your tits out and do your job."
It was a little off her usual bondage/victim kink, but Staci had
to rock in her chair from the itch his little game was giving her
between the legs. She was quite comfortable with her sexuality even in
its darker twists and turns, but the thought of an unsuspecting client
seeing her displaying herself did give her a naughty thrill.
Sam smiled behind her back. That should hold her for a while, he
thought. He had pictures to develop.
All his unresolved feelings tormented Sam as he printed the last
shots and watched them come up in the developer.
Staci was right. He had seen Annabella as the golden ring on the
merry-go-round of his life. And she was exactly that- a merry-go-round
brass ring painted gold to fool whoever wanted to believe. And Sam had
That still didn't answer why she'd be having this affair with
Teagarden. She had never ran around on him. It had always seemed that
she used sex to trap and reward men and took no personal pleasure from
it at all. Teagarden wasn't rich, as far as he knew, and money was
Anabella's motivation. He didn't see what was in it for her.
Sam had lost all track of time as he puttered around in the
darkroom. He was cleaning up things he never cleaned and waiting for
the prints to dry as he tried to find Annabella's motive. He didn't
think of Staci until he opened the door and the light flooded in.
Damn! She'd been sitting at the desk for an hour. He hadn't meant
to leave her exposed so long. He opened the door to tell her she could
cover up and saw the angry glare of Mrs. Teagarden.
"I thought I hired a detective, not a pimp," she snapped when she
saw him.
Staci was burning too, but that was from the hot flush that
inflamed her cheeks and spread across most of her magnificent chest.
Sam would have to think of something- of two things- to make it up to
her because he was about to make matters worse.
"I said tickets," he said to Staci, "Show me the TICKETS, now
cover up."
He caught her glare as she covered herself. He'd think of
something, but now he had to soothe Mrs. Teagarden. He showed her into
his office.
"Excuse her, she's a little ditzy, but she can answer the phone
and I don't know what would happen to her if I turned her out," Sam
Mrs. Teagarden wasn't buying Sam as a philanthropist, but she
turned to business, still a little miffed.
"I guess than kind of mind suits your work," she mumbled and then
asked, "Did Henry keep his appointment like I said?"
"Yes, he did," Sam reported, "We have him dead to rights. But I
have a question to ask you. Have you checked your bank accounts for
large withdrawals lately? I mean, has Mr. Teagarden recently told you
he was making a big purchase or needed a lot of money for something?"
"Why do you ask?" she asked, obviously attentive now the subject
directly concerned her.
"I've had contact with this woman before," Sam said cagily, "And
she's a mercenary bitch. I can't think what else she'd want with your
"What's wrong with Henry?" she wanted to know.
"It's not that," Sam soothed, "This woman doesn't fall in love
with men, if you know what I mean. Mr. Teagarden aside, she smells a
profit or she wouldn't be after him."
"Then I better check with the bank," she said, suddenly agitated.
"I always knew the old fool was dumb enough to fall for a golddigger."
"Is there a lot of money?" Sam asked and then tried to back off
the bald faced question, "I mean, this is not the kind of woman that
wants two or even ten thousand dollars. I'm not trying to pry, but I'm
confused at what she wants."
"We're not rich, if that's what you're trying to find out," she
said grumpily, "And I don't care what she wants as long as I get proof
he's been having an affair."
Sam bet she had plans for that proof. He didn't figure her for a
divorcer. She probably wanted to keep the photos to make Henry's life
"I really didn't mean to pry," Sam said again, "I just want to
warn you what kind of woman your husband is mixed up with. I just don't
see her angle yet."
Mrs. Teagarden didn't seem to care. She got what she wanted and
she wanted to end their association.
"When can I have the pictures?" she asked.
"They'll be ready later tonight," Sam said, "I could bring them
by or you can pick them up tomorrow."
"All right. How much do I owe you?" she asked bluntly.
Sam usually had Staci present the bills, but he thought it would
be better to have the women stay apart after their little incident. He
ran the tab in his head. Film, processing, two days on the job, he
added up and gave her a tits out discount.
"Let's call it $200," Sam said, "I didn't really do much
yesterday, so I'll throw in the film and processing to make up the
Mrs. Teagarden scribbled out a check without comment.
"Do you want me to deliver the pictures to your attorney?" Sam
"No, I'll pick them up," she said.
"Then I should tell you about chain of evidence," Sam said. "It
brings in some difficulties in court if there isn't someone- someone
not a party to the case- to swear that these are indeed the pictures
from the motel and not some clever fakes. That means they have to go
from hand to hand so the court knows they are indeed the exact photos."
"I'll pick them up tomorrow," she said when he was finished, "Try
and have that girl in her clothes when I come."
"You want to spank me now?" Sam asked as a peace offering after
Mrs. Teagarden had left.
"Tickets?! All you can come up with is tickets?" Staci fumed.
"It didn't matter, she wasn't going to believe me anyway," Sam
defended himself.
"Then why couldn't you say, you can cover up Staci, I'm done
making you embarrass yourself," she snapped.
She hadn't be able to deliver that with the proper vehemence. Sam
could tell she was playing with him. No doubt she had been deeply
embarrassed when Mrs. Teagarden walked in, but that didn't mean she
hadn't also felt the excitement of her naughty display.
"You mean take responsibility?" Sam acted shocked, "Me? How would
that make me look to our client?"
"No- not you," Staci said, clearly teasing him now, "Mr.
Detective wasn't sitting with his tits out. Why should he help his poor
underling that was just following orders?"
It was time to change tack again. Staci had forgiven him, even
had a little fun with him. Now it was time to pick up where he left off.
"And a good thing too," Sam said, "Because if she had hid her
tits, I'd have to strip search her to see what else she was hiding."
"You wouldn't dare!" Staci challenged him.
Sam could see where this was heading. Staci was hot and wanted
Sam to take care of her. He was leaning in that direction, but more
pressing matters still floated in his skull.
"You'll see at the proper time," Sam promised and then held up
his hands, "But right now I've got a serious question I need to ask
Staci tried not to pout. It sounded like they were on their way
to having some real fun, but she listened.
"What does Annabella want with Teagarden?" Sam asked, "I mean,
the old lady says they aren't rich, so what's in it for her?"
Staci was glad she hadn't pouted. Sam was serious about this. It
didn't add up, she agreed. Annabella faking passion with some
middle-aged married man in the afternoon was not her style. She picked
up on potential and wrung it dry. She had always felt it was the rumors
that Sam would join Sifczyck and Seamus that had attracted her to him
in the first place. Being attached to a member of that high-profile
firm was just the kind of thing a social-climber like her would want.
"Doesn't make sense to me, either," Staci said. "There must be
more to Teagarden than meets the eye."
It wasn't Sam's place to find out. All he had to do was let the
pictures dry and put them in an envelope for Mrs. Teagarden. That was
what he'd been hired for. He was better off forgetting about Annabella's
part in this.
"I don't know why I care," Sam told Staci.
"Because you're a snoop," Staci teased, and then added "And you
never did figure out Annabella. You still can't see her for what she
really is."
"Hey, I was the one that figured Annabella having an interest
meant there must be money," Sam defended himself, "I just can't figure
the angle on this one."
"If it's not money, then he must know something or have access to
something that she wants," Staci said. "Maybe you'd like to borrow one
of my detective novels to see how this stuff is done."
Sam acted like a detective and followed Staci home. It was easy
since they were in the same car. He started the game again when he
closed her door behind himself.
"Now I want to see what you're hiding," Sam told her.
"You got a warrant?" she asked, easily falling back into the
game they had started.
"I got cause," Sam said and grabbed her roughly by the arm,
"'Cause I want to."
He used his free hand to undo her blouse buttons one by one and
told her, "You co-operate and it will go easier on you."
He finished with the buttons and threw the side of her blouse
open. He released his hold on her arm and stepped back.
"Now take that off and keep going," he ordered her.
Staci knew Sam had plenty of time to think this out. She expected
something good. She took off her blouse and hung it on the back of a
"Keep going," Sam prodded her.
She reached back and undid the triple hooks that it took to
restrain the weight of her tits. Her bra followed her blouse onto the
"Okay, lift your arms over your head," Sam stopped her.
He came over and examined her armpits and then lifted each breast in turn to look under them. Staci got a tingle down her spine from the
way he coldly examined her. This was bondage on the highest level as
she was restrained by his command and presence alone. She felt the same
vulnerability as if she was tied to the bed as Sam poked and prodded
her while she stood bare to the waist in her own apartment.
Sam stepped back and ordered, "Now the rest."
The sense that something was about to happen hung heavy in the
air as Staci moved to comply with his instructions. Sam was good at
creating an atmosphere that belied the fact they played theses games
all the time. Then again, scenes from the past also added to the wetness
in her crotch as Staci knew Sam was capable of pushing her to the edge.
He said nothing when her skirt joined her blouse and bra on the
chair, but when she reached for the elastic of her panties, he stopped
"Garter belt and stockings first," he said matter-of-factly.
It was a subtle change, but it enforced her sense of his control.
It made her self-conscious as her tits swung when she bent to push her
stockings down her legs. She knew he was watching her and she knew he
was up to no good. She was conscious of every part of her body as she
wondered what Sam wanted to do to each of her parts.
"Assume the position," Sam growled and pushed her toward the wall.
Staci caught herself with her hands high and spread. She was
leaning the right way, but her feet were too close together. She tried
to spread them and Sam grabbed her by the back of the neck.
"I'll tell you when to move," he menaced in her ear.
It was obvious that he wouldn't get her panties down with her legs
spread. Staci twitched in anticipation as Sam hooked hid fingers in the
band of her panties and pulled them down over her butt. He pulled her
buttocks apart to expose her even more and the tingle increased. She
felt every bit as helpless as if she was tied up.
He drew off her last garment and tossed it in the direction of
the chair. Now he used his foot to push her legs wide. Now he ran his
hands over her body in a standard search. Every touch made Staci quiver
as she didn't know when to expect Sam to do something shocking to her.
She gasped as his hand came up her thigh and gripped the already soaking
mound of her cunt.
But Sam only pushed her head against the wall and peeled her left
hand away. He was good at this. If she had moved, he would only have to
kick her ankle to make her collapse on the floor.
He cuffed the hand and pulled her right hand away to join her
left at the back of her head. Her face and breasts were pressed into
the wall now to support her wide-spread stance, but Sam didn't take
advantage of that either. Staci wondered what better thing he had in
Even the way he had cuffed her was strange in that she could
bring her hands out in front of her. At the moment, Sam had control of
that and pulled on the cuffs to draw her away from the wall.
Sam had a plan that called for cuffing her in front. He pulled her
over her kitchen table and went to the other side. He turned over a
chair and stuck one if its legs under the links between her hands. Then
he balanced the chair upside down on the edge of the table.
It was just enough weight that Staci could feel it as the cuffs
kept the chair from tipping off the table. She was laid out on her
belly across the table with her arms stretched to the other side. Sam
pushed her legs wide to make her position more precarious.
She might be able to escape, but it wouldn't be easy. The chair
seemed very heavy out at the end of her reach and Staci knew it would
take a huge effort to either pull the chair towards her and then try to
raise up or to try and throw herself high enough to get the cuffs
over the leg of the chair. And then Sam would twist her into some
other position of helplessness and punish her for her escape attempt.
It was going very well. She didn't have long to wait for Sam to
bring the prickling to a climax as she lay sprawled over the table.
"Cavity search," he said simply.
She expected his cock, but she got two fingers that twisted
around inside her as if Sam was really looking for contraband. She also
got the demeaning comment.
"Hope you're smuggling something waterproof if you put it in
there," Sam sneered at her wetness.
Then his finger pressed into her anus. He made her uncomfortable
with the probe. The finger wasn't big enough to relieve the intrusion
with a sense of fullness. It was just a narrow thing too deep in her
rectum. He probed with his finger as she grunted in disgust.
Then he stepped away and left her hanging in her expectation. She
heard the water running and knew he was washing his hands. It was a
small detail, but it made her feel dirty, like she had contaminated
him somehow. That was what she was supposed to feel.
Sam stood directly behind her where she couldn't see him stroking
his hard-on. He had to admit he made do pretty well for a guy that
wasn't strictly into her game. And he also had to admit that he did get
a thrill from having her open and available like this. The hard part
was waiting until she was frantic with need.
"You going to charge me?" Staci asked to force the action.
"You haven't put a dent in how long I can hold you before I have
to let you go," Sam snapped back.
"Please?" she tried, in case he wanted her to beg him, "Please
let me up and I'll be good to you."
"You'll be good to me right there when I want you to be," Sam
informed her.
"What do you want from me?" Staci tried to urge a clue from Sam.
"Squirming, I think," Sam answered, "Maybe a little bounce of
your butt in aggravation."
Sam didn't make her wonder, sweat or beg any longer. He stepped
up and pushed his cock into the captive woman. Staci was embarrassingly
wet for him. His game had struck all the right notes in his kinky
secretary. She moaned as she finally got what she had been wishing for.
This had once been a trial for Sam. He had felt some schoolboy
urge to be tender and communicative with the women he screwed. Staci
had to teach him what she wanted was the anonymous cock forcing her to
a pleasure she didn't have to admit craving. Now it was both.
They had struck a comfortable balance of knowing the players in
each role and then performing each role to perfection. Sam slammed
against her yielding haunches thinking only of her wet cunt parting for
the thrust of his hard tool.
Staci felt only the hard imperative of his cock parting her. Her
bizarre posture enhanced her feeling of surrender. The ambiance of
being stripped and violated added some final touches. The feeling of
being out of control was also the feeling of no responsibility, no
liability and best, no duties other than to enjoy Sam's efforts on her
She just laid sprawled over the table and took it as Sam jammed
his cock into her from behind. The game was exciting, but the hard
pole driving inside her was the real star. They might dress up the
motives, but it was the old fashioned in-out that was going to make
them climax.
Staci was smartly and fully dressed when Mrs. Teagarden came to
pick up the pictures, but she still avoided her like she was diseased.
Sam figured high moral ground was the only way the old woman could feel
superior to Staci and she was grabbing it.
She again shook off Sam's suggestion that he deliver the evidence
to an attorney. She stuffed the envelope in her purse and was off.
Sam was out of it. He had done his job. He had been paid. It was
over. He had no other interest in the case. There was no reason to
think about it any more. It wasn't his concern any longer. He had to
get on with his business. There were other cases out there.
"You are a detective," Staci startled him out of his little
merry-go-round of thought. "You could just go check up on her on your
"No. Why would I want to do that?" Sam said defensively.
"Oh yeah, I forgot. You're too macho to care," Staci said
sarcastically. "The great brain machine was just idling. That's why
you've been shifting through the same three positions for the last hour.
You aren't trying to figure an angle to keep your nose in this case."
"I'm curious, not interested," Sam said, "What did she want with
Teagarden? What did he have?"
"That's easy. Money- or power," Staci said, "She's not that hard
to figure out."
"I'm not the one obsessing on Annabella," Sam accused, "I agree.
She's the constant in the equation. But her and Teagarden just don't
square. That's had my ass from the start. He doesn't look rich or act
powerful. There's something more to this. I feel it in my gut."
It wasn't too long until their hopes were realized or fears
fulfilled, according to which of the pair you talked to.
"Mr. Hill? Dewey Cheatham of Cheatham and Howe," came the cold
voice over the phone, "We represent LaVonne Teagarden and I wanted to
notify you that we are subpoenaing you to testify in the case."
So the old bag had decided to cut Henry loose after all, Sam
"Okay, Mr. Cheatham," Sam said, "I tried to tell her the photos
had to have an established chain of control. I'll testify to what I saw
when I took them."
"I don't think we'll be asking about that," Cheatham said sourly,
"Actually, we want you because you might be able to tone down the impact
of those photos."
"You said you're representing MRS. Teagarden, didn't you?" Sam
"We are not representing her in a divorce, Mr. Hill," Cheatham said
tersely. "Our fine local constabulary had decided our client is guilty
of the murder of her husband. They seem to think your photographs are
the motive."
Sam had his excuse to get back into the case. In his next haughty
breath, Cheatham asked Sam to do some investigation for their client. He
was to find out whatever he could about Annabella. Mrs. Teagarden had
told them he seemed to know her.
At least this time he didn't find the body, Sam thought as he hung
up the phone. So Mr. Teagarden was dead. That probably meant there was
something important that Mrs. Teagarden didn't know about.
They were right to investigate Annabella. If anyone would know what
Teagarden had, it would be Sam's ex-wife. And if anyone would know where
to begin looking for her, it would be Staci.
Sam walked into the reception area casually- too casually. Staci
looked up from her detective novel and fixed him with a glare. She knew
something was coming.
"So-," Sam tried to sound off-hand, "If you were a greedy,
conniving bitch, where would you be?"
"Thanks for assuming I'd know," Staci said tartly, "So, you're
going to look for your lost love."
"I've been hired to find her," Sam defended himself.
Sam was relishing his chance to spring the startling development on
Staci the way Cheatham had sprung it on him.
"I didn't think it was necessary to have the adulteress present to
stick it to the adulterer," Staci was suspicious.
"We're not talking adultery here," Sam told her, springing his
surprise, "It's murder."
"Funny there's nothing about it in the papers," Staci said, "Not
even an obit."
That was news to Sam. He hadn't looked at a paper. It was strange a
woman could be charged with the death of her husband and that fact escape
the local media. There was more to this case than Cheatham had divulged.
"You've got a buddy with the police," she pointed out, "Why don't
you ask him what's going on?"
She was right. After the favors he'd done Baker recently, the cop
owed him big time. And it wasn't like Sam wanted to know a secret. An
indictment was public record.
"You got some kind of radar?" Baker asked Sam. "Is there some link
between you and Catalano I don't know about?"
The story was simple the way Baker explained it. There were no
stories because there were no charges. There were no charges because
there was no crime. His over-eager partner was dragging them both down
a blind alley, shouting loudly to attract all the attention he could to
their mis-steps.
There was no body. Catalano cited several cases where prosecution
was successful gaining a conviction without one. But there was no large
blood stain, no evidence of a struggle; in fact, no evidence of any kind.
There was a missing man and a wife with the pictures to blackmail
him. That was all Baker saw in the case.
"I figure he's hiding out until he can hide his assets or
something," Baker said, "Catalano is trying to get famous."
"The rules of evidence must be pissing him off pretty bad," Sam
smirked, happy with the tale of Catalano's crusade. "He's not getting a
lot of publicity at the moment."
"And he's meaner than a snake about it," Baker agreed, "I'd stay
out of his way if I were you. You know how much he likes you already."
"Can't do it. Got a job for the lawyers representing the 'widow'."
Sam said.
"Then I guess I'll be seeing you in my official capacity," Baker
It had been a while since Catalano had dragged Sam in for
questioning anyway. This time he figured the detective might be desperate
enough to actually share information with Sam for help with his Quixote-
like tilt at fame.
Locating Annabella was as easy as using the reverse directory on a
number Mr. Teagarden had left scrawled in the margin of his day planner.
She was at Belmont Gardens, a plush apartment building way uptown.
The next step was the tough one. You can't casually interrogate
your ex-wife masquerading as a repairman. It would be hard enough to keep
tabs on her without being recognized. Sam had to make sure she never saw
him because one mistake would put her on her guard.
That lasted for two days. Annabella was evidently on her way to
meet someone important. Sam had kept far back and watched her enter the
restaurant. Then it was decision time. It would be too easy for her to
spot him if he went in, but he might never see who she was meeting if
he didn't try.
Sam didn't recognize the well-dressed man at the table. Annabella
did recognize Sam. Sam tried to minimize the damage by speaking for a
moment with the hostess. Then he fled.
If she saw him again, the fragile tissue of co-incidence would be
torn. Sam had to give up or think of some other approach.
"Do you think she killed Teagarden?" Staci asked Sam.
Fuck him, latch onto him and bleed him dry, yes. Murder, no. There
was no profit for her in killing Teagarden. Sam shook his head.
"Then go ask her what she was after," Staci said, "He's beyond her
reach now and I bet she'll be willing to lament her luck and cry on your
Staci had a higher opinion of Sam than Annabella. Sam didn't think
Annabella would fold up and spill her guts to him. She'd only do that if
she thought Sam could give her something out of pity. Sam didn't think
Annabella thought he had anything worth giving her.
"Why wouldn't she just slam the door in my face?" Sam asked.
"Because she was fucking the dead guy and Catalano could fit her
for the collar just as easy as he can set up Mrs. Teagarden," Staci said,
"He can even use the same pictures against her."
Sam didn't doubt Staci's assessment of Catalano. He wasn't sure
that Annabella would be worried by the attempt. He imagined she still had
high-powered friends that would quash any such talk before it started.
Sam couldn't come up with anything better. At the least, he would
face Annabella and get it over. With any luck it would get him over his
obsession with his ex-wife and he could go back to being normal. It would
certainly end her part in his investigation one way or the other.
"Are you the repairman or maintenance or a new tenant just moving
in down the hall?" Annabella asked Sam when she opened her door.
"Which one would you fall for?" Sam asked.
"I already fell for you Sam and you treated me like dirt,"
Annabella accused.
He wasn't there to rehash a long-dead marriage. He had more recent
events in mind. Still, he couldn't help feeling a certain amount of
satisfaction as he brought up Mr. Teagarden.
"That's because you never treated me like Mr. Teagarden," Sam said.
If she was surprised, she hid it well. Sam wouldn't put that
ability beyond her, either. Annabella was still deadpan with a slightly
superior air.
"Maybe you never deserved to be treated like Mr. Teagarden," she
said, neither admitting nor denying anything.
"Not even at the end when I was no good to you any more?" Sam asked
pointedly, "You didn't want to eliminate me like you did Teagarden?"
"What the fuck are you talking about, Sam?" she asked.
"The Mrs. is being fitted for a frame over killing her old man,"
Sam said, "I think your face fits in the frame even better than hers."
"But doesn't Teagarden have to be dead before you can convict
people of killing him?" Annabella asked.
"Catalano thinks he is. And the detective is working hard to prove
it," Sam said.
Annabella laughed.
"And you want to offer me as an alternative if he can't make the
frame fit Mrs. Teagarden," Annabella snickered, "I bet you've even
thought of a way I can keep myself out of it."
She was taking this as a shake-down. At least that was the
appearance. Sam had learned never to trust the surface with Annabella. He
waited to see how she would play it out.
"Let's see," she mused, "If I 'prove' my sincerity to you, you
won't turn me into the cops. I imagine you'd like me to show you how
much I still love you."
"No, honey, that was one of our problems," Sam countered, "I don't
play those kind of games. All I want is the real motive for Teagarden's
"You keep saying he's dead and I don't think he's hurt at all,"
Annabella said.
"Then you know where to find him?" Sam asked, "Maybe you're hiding
him out."
"You can search anywhere you want," she said, letting her legs open
as she widened her stance and put her hand to her hip.
"I think if he were here even Catalano could find him," Sam said,
"But that doesn't mean you don't know where he's hiding- or buried."
Annabella's stance closed up and she added her other fist to her other
hip. It was the second time Sam had ignored a clear invitation to
fuck her. She looked upset, but again Sam was waiting to see if there
was something under the surface.
"Nobody wants him hurt," she snapped, "How can he lay golden eggs
if he's dead?"
"That's why I don't think either you or Mrs. Teagarden killed him,"
Sam said, "But that leaves us the problem of his strange disappearance."
"It sounds like that's only a problem for you," Annabella replied,
"I haven't begun to miss him yet. Maybe it's just his wife he's run out
on. Maybe he's keeping up all his other contacts."
She was becoming less and less responsive each time Sam tried a new
angle. Staci reached out and pressed the stop button on the tape recorder
and then sent it hissing back again.
"You two circle each other like fighters," Staci said, "You're both
trying to find out what the other knows without tipping your own hand.
Unfortunately for us, Annabella is good at it. But there's something..."
Staci started the tape over from Sam mentioning Teagarden. Nothing
was jumping out at her from the exchange.
"I don't think she thinks he's dead," Sam said.
"That's what she says," Staci seemed less convinced.
She started it over from Annabella answering the door. She sat at
her keyboard and tried to type a transcript as the tape ran. She had to
restart the tape many times to keep up.
"So- how many times did you wish you weren't taping this for me to
listen?" Staci asked as Annabella made her first subtle offer, albeit
masked as tough talk.
"I wasn't even tempted," Sam said, "That's the truth. Even when I
saw her with Teagarden I didn't want her. She just made me mad by being
so different with him."
Staci snorted and went back to her transcription. She didn't get
much in the next take. Then she zipped the tape forward to Annabella's
offer to have Sam search her. She looked up with a smile.
"There. Did you hear it?" she asked Sam.
"No. What?" Sam said.
"Both times she offered to give you what she thought you came for,"
Staci said, "You turned her down and there's a snap in her voice."
"Well, I'm glad I disappointed her," Sam said.
"No, that's not it," Staci said, "Listen to what she says each
"I don't think he's hurt at all." came Annabella's voice, and then,
"Nobody wants him hurt..."
"Not 'I don't have a reason to hurt him', but 'nobody wants him
hurt'," Staci pointed out. "I think someone other than Annabella has a
reason to want Teagarden out of the way."
It was an interesting idea, but Sam couldn't count it as a clue. It
didn't lead him anywhere. Sam didn't call it a clue when it led to more
"So what does that get us?" Sam asked the first question.
"Back to square one, Sam," Staci said, "What does Teagarden have
that Annabella and these other people want?"
Mrs. Teagarden laughed and kept laughing even when Sam scowled at
her. He had just told her the truth about Annabella and she found it
"Did you find it interesting to watch her fuck Henry?" she asked
wiping her laughing tears from her eyes. "Would you like copies of the
pictures so we both can have a set of our lovers' infidelity?"
"We've been divorced a long time," Sam said, "But that's how I knew
what kind of woman she is. I was trying to warn you without getting into
the whole thing."
She was still protective of her secret, or Henry's secret. She had
been giving him the same stonewall as in his office. It may not have had
anything to do with Sam's part of the divorce case, but it sounded like
another motive in the murder case.
Once Sam explained that to her, Mrs. Teagarden got serious again.
It wasn't a thing as much as an idea, she said. Henry had proprietary
ownership of a security program that he said would cut fraud by 80%. But
there was some contention with his employer over who would profit from
the licensing.
"It sounds like a matter for the courts," Sam said.
"Not when it could mean a hundred million dollars," LaVonne said,
"Big money like that seems to transcend the court system."
"Like the detective seems to transcend the rules of police work?"
Sam asked.
"He's a snotty little twerp!" she exploded, "I don't know who he's
trying to impress, but it sure isn't me. Let him play his stupid games!"
"Do the police know about this software?" Sam asked.
"I don't know," she said, "As far as I know it's never been
produced, and there is a wall of secrecy around it."
It wasn't a lot of help. Knowing what Annabella was after didn't
answer all the questions. Annabella's interest did confirm that Teagarden
was onto something in Sam's eyes. Annabella had an instinct about those
And Staci had been wrong. Knowing what Annabella and Semi-conductor
International were after didn't help Sam one bit. Teagarden had a gold
mine and everyone was a claim jumper. He might know what, but that didn't
give him a clue where to look.
The very nature of intellectual property made it nearly impossible
to locate. Knowledge didn't leave footprints. The only break Sam was
getting was that it was just as elusive for the others as it was for him.
There was only one part of the equation that Sam could pin down.
That was Annabella. He knew where she lived. This time he would go back
without wearing the wire. He'd do whatever it took to get the information.
"I don't think I look like I live in Belmont Gardens, so I guess
I'm the maintenance man," Sam said as Annabella opened her door.
"Well, I suppose in a ritzy building like this the maintenance man might dress in a suit," Annabella smirked at him.
She stood aside and motioned Sam into her apartment. She wore a
bemused grin as she closed the door and turned to face Sam.
"And what are you here to fix?" she asked him.
"I figure you're missing your boyfriend pretty bad by now and I
thought I'd come over and help you out," Sam said.
There's no reason to lie to an ex-wife. For one thing, it never
works, and for another, it doesn't make a difference any more. Sam was
basing his lie on those facts.
Staci had put him wise to the stress Annabella was feeling when he
refused her invitations. Knowing that, he could work that ex-wife
equation the other way. Annabella could believe that Sam was hungry for
her love. What that would do to help him find Teagarden was another
"So, you think persistence is going to make me crack?" Annabella
asked, "Or is someone else the one cracking here?"
Let her be smug. Sam wished we was wearing the wire again. He knew
Staci would have a different take on Annabella's responses. Staaci said
she wasn't jealous, but Sam felt like a fool going back to Annabella
and Staci would have no end of fun with that.
"I just want to know how you got involved with a guy like
Teagarden," Sam said. "He's not your usual victim."
"Oho, interrogating the suspect before you exploit her weakness,
that's not like you, Sam," Arabella chuckled.
"I didn't think sex was your weakness," he said dead-panned, "I
didn't think it meant that much to you."
"Call it curiosity," Annabella said. "People whose opinions I
respect have said you are great in the sack. I want to see if I missed
anything or if my friend is goofy."
She was still stalking him. He was close enough to something that
she felt the need to have him under control. Now all he had to do was
figure out what it was. She'd give him more than he knew by asking her
questions. That's the way it is when you don't have a clue.
"Is your favorite endearment still: hurry up before my mudpack
sets?" Sam asked flatly.
"I didn't say it wasn't my fault I missed it," Annabella said. "But
that was a long time ago. Don't hold history against me."
Please, Sam, think with your dick. I'm still a real hot babe and
fucking me could be very, very good. I know you can't resist that. I
still know how to control you.
Sam knew what she was saying. He hoped it would make her careless
if she thought he fell for it. Any hint would give him more direction
than he had.
"History isn't what I'm going to hold against you," Sam said.
She took that as a declaration of intent. She thought he was
"Oh Sam," she said and opened her arms to him.
Sam stood his ground. She certainly thought he was easy.
"I find out you're still around through the lens of my camera,"
Sam started. "You've been hot to find out what you missed with me, but
you take a detour through the life of an old guy with a bulldog for a
wife. When she shows the pictures around, the guy goes away and... All
of a sudden, I guess you remember it was me you wanted to fuck all
along. Why is this making no sense to me?"
Sam knew the look. Something he said had clicked for her. He had
given up information without getting anything in return- at least not
yet. Now he might as well fuck her to get something out of the deal.
As if he hadn't planned that- even hoped for it all along.
"I didn't know you were around until I saw you in the restaurant
that day," Annabella said. "The next time I thought we were going to get
together, but you were horrid. It hasn't been me holding out on you, Sam
"Maybe I don't want to open old wounds," Sam said.
She did want him bad. She floated over to him in a series of quick
little steps. She put both hands on his chest and moved them around.
Sam kept his hands in his pockets and let her.
She desperately needed to feel she controlled him. Sam had even
convinced her to break down and make the first move. She slid her hands
around him under his coat and pulled herself against him.
"Maybe we can lick our wounds together," she said softly.
She'd find some other scheme if he still rejected her. This was
his last chance to get laid. Sam figured he'd resisted enough to give
her the right impression. He took his hands out of his pockets and put
his arms around her.
"I'm not the kind of guy to pass up pussy when it throws itself
on me," he said. "You want to do it here or did you have some other room in mind?"

He would have never let this woman walk out. There was no
resemblance to the Annabella he bedded as a wife. It was as if she was
playing to a camera for some adult movie award. She even bent her knees
and curled her toes as she lay between his legs blowing him. She was a
feast for the eyes.
She wasn't doing any worse in the down-home gritty department. She
didn't need to be picture perfect. She was sucking his cock like a high-
price hooker. She definitely wanted something from Sam to work this hard.
"Now what do you want to do with me?" she asked, "I hear you've got
lots of hot ideas."
"You're the explorer," Sam said. "This carpet feels like it's got
a pad four inches thick. You won't hurt your knees if you get on my dick
and explore."
"It's the deep pile," Annabella said as she got over him. "It
makes the whole floor feel like a bed, doesn't it."
Having the whole floor be a bed must be convenient, Sam thought
just before she gripped his cock and used it to push open her cunt lips.
He couldn't believe she was still so tight after all the men she must
have fucked. He didn't remember her being this tight when they were
Annabella had another explanation.
"Oh god, Sam, your cock must have grown," she groaned, "I don't
remember it being this big when we were married."
Sam resisted his urge to take a shot at her. He was supposed to be
somewhat engrossed in what she was doing. And he was far enough under
her spell that he didn't want her to stop.
Cunt training, Sam thought. Annabella looked like she had been
keeping up with her exercise and Sam was sure there were cunt exercises
to tone up that part as well. If anyone would find out about something
like that, Annabella would be the one.
However she arrived at it, her cunt held him tight as she moved it
up and down on his cock. It was worth the price of admission to have
her fuck him like she wanted it. The tight cunt was gravy.
"Glad to see you don't think your dick is enough," she said when
he reached up to feel her breasts.
Those he remembered. Noticeable, but not awesome, her tits were
at their best naked. They were impressively firm freed from restraint
and her areola were perfect circles with beads for nipples perfectly
centered. They were a delight to behold and the nipples were stubborn
little challenges for the tongue when sucked into your mouth.
He was feeling for evidence of sag as she rode on his cock.
"Don't tease them. You know what I like," she grunted.
If he'd known what she liked, they wouldn't be divorced. She must
have forgotten that. He didn't have long to wait for instruction.
"Squeeze my nipples. You know I like it rough," she groaned.
Not with him she didn't. He felt she was trying to turn him into
a pussy when they were married. He caught her nipples between the first
two fingers of his hands and squeezed her breasts. It did him good to
see her wince.
He used his grip to urge her to move faster on his cock. He pulled
her up and down by her tits. The corners of her mouth turned down and
her eyes squeezed shut. Out of that mask of pain came the most aroused
moans. She certainly did like it rough.
"For chrissakes, damn you, cum!" she huffed through clenched teeth.
"Get on your knees," Sam ordered Annabella.
For once she did something without argument. She swung her leg over
him and presented her backside. Sam got up behind her and jammed his cock
home. He slammed into the hilt like dropping down a well. It felt good to
take her that way even if the path opened easily from their fucking.
Annabella grunted like she liked it too. Sam went for deep and then
Sam went for deep and hard. Annabella liked it more the harder he rammed
his cock into her. She was encouraging him to give it to her as he
slapped faster and faster against her rear.
Sam forgot it was Annabella when he came. She was just a nice, tight
butt to slam against and a warm, deep hole to squirt his jizz inside. It
was the best climax of the day, even if it was the first.
"The missus thinks he's run to you for comfort," Sam said, sitting
up on the floor behind her.
"The missus must be pretty frantic to find him," Annabella said,
lying face down on the carpet with her legs spread obscenely towards Sam.
"Catalano is an idiot," Sam said automatically, "Mrs. Teagarden
isn't afraid of him. He's got nothing."
"And that means he'd be willing to grasp at any straw- like the
woman in the pictures," Sam said to re-inforce his hold on Annabella.
"But you're not going to turn me in- are you, Sam?" she came up
on an elbow to look back over her shoulder at him. "Not after everything
we've shared?"
She still made sex sound like a high-class transaction. Would he
be so dishonorable as to fuck her and then turn her in? He knew who she
was. He knew better than to ask directly what she was doing with Teagarden.
He had done what the lawyers had paid him to do.
He wouldn't put Catalano wise to her, but that had more to do with
his feelings for Catalano than for Annabella. If he had a reason to give
her up, he'd fuck her twice and turn her in.
"But, babe, I've got such a short memory. I might forget what we've
shared in a while and then I'd need a reminder," Sam smirked.
This kind of pressure she'd believe. She'd relax if she thought Sam
wanted to keep fucking her. It re-inforced her belief that she had him
wrapped around her cunt.
"But honey, I thought you couldn't stand to be with me," Annabella
put up a flimsy protest.
"I'm not going to live with you. I just want to fuck you," Sam said
in his best hard-boiled retort.
That was the handle she wanted. men were so easy to lead around by
their hard cock. Sam could see her eyes brighten.
"But we'll have to be careful or they'll think we're in it
together," Annabella said.
She didn't mean the police. There was another unknown in this saga.
Sam picked that out all by himself. And she wasn't worried about Sam
falling into the pit of suspicion with her. He knew her better than that.
This other unknown was a danger to Annabella somehow.
Sam had it all worked out by the time he got to the office. He had
worked it out and neglected to think of a wisecrack for Staci. She looked
up at him and he had nothing smart to say.
"I found Annabella for the lawyers," he said.
"Was she more enthusiastic this time than when you were married?"
Staci cut to the heart of the matter.
She was interested, not jealous. It still was hard for Sam to
believe, but she pulled it off flawlessly. He gave her a minute
description because he wanted her input. He could get them to fuck him,
but he didn't even pretend to understand women.
"Well, I think she expected him to run off," Staci said when he'd
told her his story. "I think she didn't know about the pictures."
That was an interesting take and it did fit her reactions. But
Staci had an even more interesting theory.
"Since we know she's after the money, we can assume that this
staged disappearance has something to do with that," Staci said. "We
just don't know if he stiffed her too or if she's just covering up."
Sam would have to catch her at that. No one was going to make her
slip up if she was guarding a pile of money. The first order of business
was finding Teagarden. That would put the murder foolishness to rest.
The problem was no one was paying Sam to find the missing man. If
he had wourked out a plan, then it would take some time to dig him out
of his hole. Sam was interested, but not enough to do it free.
"Very interesting, Mr. Hill." Dewey Cheatham said on the phone,
"The address you gave us is rented by Semi-conductor International, a
block of apartments for corporate use. Do you know of any connection
between this Miss Frufru and the company?"
It was news to Sam, but it gave everything a sinister twist.
Annabella was living in digs paid for by SI and fucking one of their
engineers threatening to go rogue on them. Which came first? Annabella or
the idea to withhold the security program? Annabella fit either scenario.
Sam could see her in collusion with the man she was set to control or
playing it straight with the people that already had the money.
"It's news to me, but it brings up a lot of questions, doesn't it?"
Sam said.
"It certainly is food for thought," Cheatham admitted, but kept his
thoughts to himself. "I believe we need Mr. Teagarden at this point."
"Is that an assignment?" Sam asked.
Sam felt like he could hear Cheatham calculating- an hour of my
time is a day of his... It would cost- mumble, mumble- to trace bank records...Hmm...
"Certainly Mr. Hill, consider yourself on a retainer to look for
him, but be ready for other inquiries should the need present itself,"
Cheatham said.
He was renting Sam by the day and wanted to make sure he could get
his money's worth out of him. Sam was used to lawyers. He was happy to
be getting paid to answer his own nagging questions.
The problem was he didn't have a clue where to start. Anything
simple even Catalano would find. He had to try and think like a man going on the run. Annabella could be the key. He might go to his woman
on the side to set things up for him.
That was bad for Sam. He wasn't going to sneak up on Annabella. If
she wanted Henry found, she would have leaked something to Sam by now.
Getting her to tell him was the impossible dream.
Getting her to show him was an easier proposition. Annabella was a
great manipulator of men so she had the tendency to feel bullet-proof.
Sam didn't rely on her inattention as he followed her. He was as
careful as if he were trailing mobster Gino Macaroni.
And there was one thing Sam did better than Annabella- get along
with women. The car check girl at the airport was just one example.
He flashed his license and introduced himself as detective Sam Hill.
She didn't hear the lowercase "d".
She was happy to hear that the bitch that had been giving her the
third degree was a bad woman. She still wasn't going to find anyone
named Teagarden in the computer. She had checked while the bitch was
yelling at her.
"Maybe he used another name," Sam said.
"Not unless he used an out-of-state fake license," she said. "We
check and we're hooked into the state DMV. We don't rent to people with
a suspended license."
"Then I guess this won't help," Sam said, showing her a Xerox of
Teagarden's driver's license.
"Wait, he was with the guy that didn't want the compact car," she
said. "Argued about the rate. Let me see..."
Now there was another name for Sam to trace. Vernon Heilberg had
rented a full-sized Crown Victoria while the man Sam had shown her had
stood back by a mountain of bags.
She didn't show the Crown Victoria being turned in, but she said
there was nothing strange about that. He might still be driving the car
or he might have turned it in and it hadn't made it into her database
yet. She invited him to check back.
Sam invited her to take a break with him in the back office. She
smiled prettily.
"Maybe when you check back," she teased.
Sam wasn't going to Cheatham with this nugget yet. He felt the
lawyer had his finger in too many pies. Anyway, he hadn't been hired to
find Vernon Heilberg. Vernon was Sam's own clue.
Staci was Sam's own ace in the hole. Except for his affair with
Annabella, Teagarden was a home body. That was why the Mrs. caught him
so easily. That left Semi-conductor International as the likely place
to find Heilberg. Staci had on her best blonde voice.
"I know it has something to do with Hitler," she was whining in
the phone.
"But it's im-por-tant," Staci whined at the reaction from the
other end of the phone, "Heil- Heilman...Heilberg! Mr. Heilberg. That's
what he said his name was."
"Well then, where can I find him? I got something to tell him,"
Staci sounded desperate. "It's the kind of thing you kinda got to say
in person. You know, personal."
Sam had to walk in the other room to stop from laughing. When he
came back Staci was grinning at him.
"She was as bad as you are," Staci scolded him, "A poor girl can't
get a break."
"What did she say?" Sam asked.
"They know what causes that now," Staci laughed. "But after the
lecture on birth control and self-control, she said she believed
Heilberg works for Annotated Delivery, a publisher and distributor that
handles some of SI's software."
"So call Annotated Delivery and corner the bastard there," Sam
said, "I don't want to see my secretary saddled with an unwanted
pregnancy and no one to share the burden."
She was flat out laughed at by the guy at Annotated Delivery. He
wished her good luck with Heilberg after saying he was on vacation for
a couple of weeks. She got the impression no one cared if he failed to
return. The man was happy to rat Heilberg out. At least he didn't ask
Staci for a date since she was a sure thing.
It was an odd coupling. A software engineer and a salesman, Sam
turned that over in his head. It looked more and more like divorce had
little to do with this little drama.
Of course, Teagarden could be gay, but he didn't look gay when
he was fucking Annabella. And where did Annabella fit in this? She
looked like she was doing her own detective work trying to find
Teagarden. Had he run off on both his wife and his mistress?
Sam only had one clue. He decided to check on it again.
The cute beach bunny had been replaced by a skinny kid. Sam was
about to turn on his heel when he caught a glimpse of her in back.
"Excuse me," he said to the kid, "I need to talk to your co-worker."
He was beating his brains to remember the name on her tag. He was
rescued from the grim look on the kid's face when she heard his voice
and came to the front.
"You almost missed your chance," she smiled, "I was about to go
"Then I would have checked back again," Sam said.
"Well, no word yet. Jeremy, let me in there," she said and hipped
the boy out of the way.
Her fingers tapped at the keyboard as if she had been hitting
those keys all day. She frowned at the screen.
"Nothing still. Does that mean your other offer doesn't apply?"
she asked.
"Wouldn't it be a bit crowded?" Sam made a slight incline of his
head toward Jeremy.
"Oh, I've got lots of ideas," she said, lifting the counter and
coming out to join Sam.
Her idea was the car wash. Her shift was over and that meant the
guys were done washing cars for the day. From the look of the place,
they had been done washing cars for a while.
It was hardly luxury, but with the door pulled down it was
private. She beamed at Sam.
"Now what kind of break should we take?" she asked.
"I like it simple," Sam said, "Why don't we rub together and let
things go where they go."
"Oh good," she chirped, "I was afraid you'd want a blow job."
They weren't the best fit and Sam's hat kept trying to fall off
as he bent his head down to kiss her. He finally took a break to toss it
on a bench. He threw his coat on the bench for good measure.
"How interesting do you want to make this 'break'?" Sam asked.
She was fearless. She stripped with him item for item until they
were two naked people vulnerable in an empty car wash.
"Want to start it up? Run through it naked?" she was starry eyed.
"Let's wait until we're hot and sweaty at least," Sam tried to
calm her down.
The disparity in their heights had a benefit for Sam. His cock
stood up along her torso almost to her breasts. It was an impressive
Sam wasn't going to rely on his size to arouse this girl. He put
his hands around her waist and lifted her onto the pile of their
clothes. Now she was just the right height. He closed in on her mouth
and then her breasts.
"This is nice and all," she said as he slurped at her breasts,
"but I don't need this much help. Put it in me and then you can take
your time."
That was just as easy. She was perched just cock-high and she
hadn't lied. Sam's cock found the wet spot and he eased it into a
ready cunt. She clamped her legs around his back and he fucked her.
"Golly! There's nothing better than a good, hard dick way up
inside you to help you unwind," she gasped out as he thrust into her.
Sam liked her attitude. He was slightly jealous of her boyfriends.
That was a momentary train of thought before his attention was yanked
back to the hot cunt he was driving his cock into.
She didn't let his mind wander again. Her heels beat against his
butt as she insisted on his best efforts to drill her deep and fuck her
happy. Her butt bounced on the table as she urged him to fuck her
"Oh yeah! Do it! Make me do it!" she cried out.
She fell back onto her hands with her head hanging back and
humped her hips at him as he plunged into her. She came with a yip a
few moments later. Her heel dug into his butt and her knees quivered as
she came. Sam was trapped, but he kept pushing as she shivered in
He tried to finish and her head came up to look at him in
"Gee, you're slow- or something," she said, adding brightly, "You
want me to blow you now so you can get off?"
So she was a little self-involved. Sam revised his estimate of
how lucky her boyfriends were, but he didn't turn down her offer. He
stepped back to pull his cock out of her and she slipped off the bench
onto her knees to take him in her mouth.
She was all business getting Sam over the edge. She bobbed up and
down on his cock methodically, sucking hard as she pulled back. Her
fingers gripped him rhythmically in time with her sucking.
It wasn't artful, but it was effective. Sam didn't have far to go
and he covered the distance in about a minute. To his relief, her hand
stroked his cock frantically as his cum spurted out into her mouth.
All in all, he would have been better off fucking Staci. It was
new and exciting and all, but in retrospect it was newer than it was
exciting. Sam felt sheepish, which was better than guilty, as he slunk
back to his office.
"You missed all the excitement," Staci said when he walked in.
"You were following me?" Sam joked.
"I'm glad you were disappointed. You'll learn to stay closer to
home," Staci said and then went on, "The excitement was here in the
person of one Detective Catalano."
"What did that asshole want?" Sam asked.
"Not me," Staci said with some pique, "He had a hard-on for you.
He wanted to know what you were working on, whether you had any leads
and to inform you in the strongest language possible that the Teagarden
investigation was a police matter and you were to keep your nose- your
stinking rat-dick nose, to be precise- out of it."
"Did he explain why he was the only police it mattered to?" Sam
"No. He was trying to impress me with his police powers," Staci said. "It was all about intimidation."
"Catalano would have made an excellent Nazi," Sam said. "You said
he wasn't interested in you?"
"Like I was diseased," Staci scrunched up her face. "He didn't
even stare at my tits."
Sam was glad he hadn't reported to Cheatham. How else could
Catalano know what he was working on? He didn't bother to ask Staci what
she said. He knew she stonewalled Catalano. She was the queen of ditz
when it suited her.
Instead, he tried to repair the non-existant damage to Staci's
pride. He stepped closer and hooked his finger in the neckline of her
top. He pulled the top out and looked down at her tits.
"Looking for pustulant sores and the devil's mark," Sam said.
"I think you're looking to get slapped," Staci said. "At least you
better go wash your dick before you even think of sticking it in me."
That was as convoluted of a come-on as Sam had heard. He hadn't
hoped to fool Staci. According to her, it wasn't an issue. As hard as
that was for Sam to understand, he was going to make her live up to it.
It certainly sounded like she had some grudge against the woman
Sam had been fucking. On the other hand, she was inviting him to stick
his clean dick in her. He didn't have to figure out Staci. She was well
capable of telling him what she thought when she wanted him to know.
"You're going to miss me when I'm gone," Sam said over his
shoulder as he headed for the bathroom.
"And where the fuck do you think you're going?" Staci picked up
on his parting remark when he came back, sans pants.
"Heilberg is on vacation and I feel the urge to join him," Sam
"I see," said Staci. "I really see. You obviously don't have any
other more immediate urges."
The water was cold. He had just got laid. There were a lot of
reasons he was not erect and panting at the moment. Or he could make
something up.
"You mean urges for a diseased shrew with a sharp tongue?" Sam
asked to distract her until he could close the distance between them.
Close enough, he reached out and grabbed Staci by the back of the
neck. Her shoulders hunched up and she squealed. He pulled her out of
her chair and propelled her back toward his office.
"Maybe my urges concerning you don't show up in my crotch," he
warned her.
He held her face pressed to the wood of his desk as he reached in
his drawer for his handcuffs. It wasn't a masterpiece, but he hadn't had
a lot of warning.
He clicked the bracelet on one flailing wrist and then turned to
throw Staci across his bed. He sat on her back and locked her wrists
around the tube at the top of his cot.
He kept telling himself it wasn't his scene, he only did it for
Staci. He looked down and realized he hadn't told his hard-on. Maybe
it was contagious, he mused.
"If I'm so diseased, what do you want from me?" Staci said in the
first sounds other than squeals and yelps since he grabbed her.
"You'll find out soon enough," Sam said, sure something would come
to him, "You don't have a choice."
That was like a keyword for Staci. He could feel her shiver under
him. Whatever he did would sooner or later lead to her being naked. Sam
decided to start getting her clothes off.
Her top didn't unbutton. He pulled it up to her wrists. Her bra
joined her top. It made a nice picture. Sam liked the effect. He pulled
her pants down only to her knees at first.
"Now stay there while I look for something to fix you," Sam
warned as he climbed off Staci.
Bad girl that she was, Staci ignored him. She struggled to get
her balance with her knees on the edge of the cot and then wriggled her
way up on it. Sam was looking for something to spank her with when he
saw her move. Staci hopped up and then was brought up short by her
cuffed wrists. Looking at her posed with her ass in the air, Sam
changed his mind.
"Nice of you to make it easy," he said as he stepped behind her
and grabbed her hips.
"No! Not yet!" Staci protested. "I'm almost done."
"You are done," Sam said as he forced his cock into her from

It must have been a most interesting picture for Annabella. Sam
was wearing a shirt and tie and Staci was naked from her wrists to her
knees. And, of course, Staci's tits were in marvelous motion as Sam
smacked against her rear.
"Leaving you didn't break you up a bit, did it," Annabella asked
as an opening line.
Sam pushed tight against Staci and turned to look at his ex-wife.
There was no reason to stop for her.
"You want to watch or wait in the other room until I'm done?"
Sam asked her.
He started fucking Staci again.
"I like to watch," Annabella said after a pause.
Annabella kept up her interruptions a few moments later.
"So you were fucking everybody when we were married," Annabella
accused Sam.
"I never touched him when he was married," Staci squawked.
Sam had enough of this. He knew there would be no end to the
interruptions. Annabella was always very firm about having her way. It
was only going to go downhill from there.
"Okay, Annabella, you win," Sam said, pulling his cock out of
Staci. "What do you want to talk about?"
"Aren't you going to let her up?" Annabella asked.
Sam reached down and yanked Staci's pants down to her ankles. On
the way up, he smacked her across the butt.
"You hold that pose or I'll take out my mood on you when I'm
done with this bitch," he said for Annabella's benefit.
He turned his ex-wife around and led her out into the reception
area. He sat down and crossed his calf over his knee so Annabella
would have a clear view of his now fading erection.
"What do you want?" Sam asked.
"You've been following me," Annabella accused Sam.
"Do you have a restraining order?" he asked.
She looked puzzled.
"If you don't, I can be where you are. It's not against the law,"
Sam said.
He was pissed. Annabella hadn't meant to piss him off, but she
couldn't help herself. She didn't want Sam, but it was still a
competitive thing between her and anyone else that attracted men.
"Let's start this over," Annabella suggested, "I'm sorry I walked
in on your little scene. Can't we talk like civilized people."
Can't you forget whatever outrageous thing I've done because
I asked. I get to break the rules, but you have to be nice to me. Sam
was on guard now. Whatever Annabella wanted, it was important to her.
If it involved Sam, it was probably something to do with Teagarden.
"What do you want?" Sam asked again.
"I need to know why you suspect I have something to do with
Teagarden," she said.
"Other than a roll of glossies of you fucking him?" Sam asked.
"Something to do with his diappearance," she said wearily. "Are
you looking for him? Do you think I know where he is?"
The question was disguised, but Sam was used to dodging that one.
"It's always interesting what suspects do when they know they're
suspects," Sam said.
"You don't seriously think you can frame me for that, do you?"
Annabella snorted, "Sam, wake up. There must be better ways to get
Mrs. Teagarden off. You said yourself Catalano had nothing."
"I haven't worked for Mrs. Teagarden since I took those pictures,"
Sam said, on a technicality.
"Then who... Oh yeah, that's right, you never tell," Annabella
reached the dead end all on her own.
"Have you had fun?" Annabella tried again.
"Other than a mildly amusing screw with a car rental girl, it's
been boring," Sam said flippantly.
She didn't think he was putting her on. She knew about that
tryst. That shook Sam. He assumed he had slipped up following her. She
had been nowhere around when he had gone back to fuck the car girl.
That meant someone was following him.
Sam hoped they were impressed with his free-spirited fling in the
car wash. He was also glad he had made no move to follow his lead.
"Then let me say for the record," Annabella leaned forward and
spoke into Staci's lamp, "I don't know where Teagarden is. I had nothing
to do with his disappearance."
"Maybe I'm just hoping for more of what I got," Sam said.
"Then go fuck your big-titted whore," Annabella snorted. "If
she'll let you when she's not tied up!"

It was an exit line. Annabella had no morality to breach. Still,
Sam thought as he carefully locked the outer door, the idea must horrify
her. God knows what fears of revenge her guilty conscience might give
her if she was ever tied up by one of her lovers. Annabella would
certainly not be aroused by a lack of control.
Staci had almost dragged the cot back to its place by his desk
when he opened the door. He had wondered if she had been listening.
"I'm glad you heard all that," Sam said, "Maybe you caught
something I missed. But I'm still going to punish you for moving."
"Then maybe your big-titted whore won't fuck you when she's not
tied up," Staci pouted.
Sam laughed. He'd hardly miss that. Staci was always tied up when
they fucked. But they had serious things to talk over.
"I'll tell you what I know," Sam started. "I'm being watched. And
Annabella doesn't want a tail while she looks for Teagarden."
"Then she has another fish on the hook," Staci said, looking
ridiculous in her bent position by the cot. "Someone helping her to
find him."
"Someone else that knows about the thing?" Sam asked as he helped
Staci down to a sitting position and bent to pull her clothes off her
"Unless she's fucking detectives again," Staci said. "You're not
the sharpest pencil in the box, Sam, but I think you'd spot a tail by
an amateur."
A thought went through Sam's head and was as quickly discarded.
Catalano wouldn't come himself and then send Annabella if he was fucking
her. Even his skull wasn't that thick. But who?
Then it was all clear. He had the answer to one question. Annabella was riding herd on Teagarden for his bosses. If she had
helped him hatch the scheme, she would have never lost track of him. Annabella would never let that much money get that far away.
The whosis was a closely guarded secret. Neither he nor Annabella
had mentioned it to each other, but that little circle would include
Semi-conductor International. That had to be the mysterious other party.
"And I don't think Teagarden is dead," Staci went on, "She was
careful to say 'disappearance'. And why else would she be looking for
"Because she wants a spanking as much as a certain big-titted
whore I know," Sam broke the heavy air.
The handcuffs made Staci sit leaning and he took advantage of
her position to smack the cheek she turned up toward him. He regretted
taking off her pants. They would have given him a good way to secure
her feet to the bottom of the bed. Instead he grabbed her ankles and
plopped her down on her back on the cot.
He reached in his drawer and then climbed over Staci to sit on
her stomach.
"Now for that little matter of moving when you were told not to,"
Sam threatened.
He had paperclips, not exactly a medieval torture device. He
funneled up one of Staci's huge nipples in his hand and slid one on.
"Feel that pinch, baby, because you're going to feel it for a
long time," he tried to inflate the paperclip into that instrument of
torture with his tone.
He did inflate something, he noticed as he repeated the motions
with her other nipple. Real or not, the idea had brought his cock
back to attention.
"Please, Sam, they hurt so bad!" Staci mocked him.
Sam grabbed her ankles and re-positioned himself between her
upraised legs. She could mock him or she could play along. He moved
forward. He was dick deep and getting fucked. He was surprisingly eager
for it now.
Sam first put a paperclip in his ear as he answered Staci's
ringing tit. Then his head cleared enough to realize it was the phone.
With a struggle to get out from under Staci he got to the phone on his
desk and answered it with her legs still in his lap.
"Sam Hill," he said.
"Oh good, I hoped you were the right one," said the voice of the
beach bunny car rental girl. "I got a report on that car."
"Let me get a pencil," Sam said and set the receiver down to
get out of his cot.
"Okay what was it?" he said, sitting naked at his desk.
"There's an accident report from about 100 miles south," she
said. "The car still isn't in, but we know where it was yesterday."
Sam scribbled down the details and thanked the girl. He could
tell she was disappointed he didn't offer to take another break with
Staci was looking up at him sleepily, one paperclip still on her
left nipple.
"Who was that?" she asked first, "What time is it?"
"Nine-thirty and my best girl," Sam said. "We've got a lead."
He explained quickly and was heading for the shower when Staci
rattled her cuffs.
"Isn't all night long enough?" she asked.
He wasn't sure if it was enough, but it had been something. The
first fuck had been good enough, but it was waking up with her rear
pressing against his erection sometime in the night that had been best.
He was sure Staci was better satisfied with the sudden awakening
by Sam's cock sliding into her and all the fine promises of mistreatment
he had made as he fucked her than the first contrived scene they played.
Sam hurried, but he didn't hurry enough. He was still knotting his
tie when the phone rang again.
"Hello, Mr. Hill?" there was a feminine voice on the other end.
"Speaking," Sam said.
"This is Vicky Ayala at Cheatham and Howe. Mr. Cheatham has told
me to ask you for you bill. The firm no longer needs your services."
"Five days, five hundred dollars. I don't remember any expenses,
or do you want a bill?" Sam said, a bit shocked at the quick dismissal.
"We would need the paperwork to include in our client's total,"
she said mannequin-like.
"I'll get my girl right on it," Sam said.
Staci was staring daggers at him.
"Put 'your girl' on what?" she asked.
"On my dick if they hadn't just kicked my hard-on out from under
me," Sam said. "Cheatham and Howe no longer need my services."
"Sam, you've worked steady for a week, that's a lot of money,"
Staci reminded him.
"But I don't like being sacked in the middle," Sam complained. "I
was so close."
Sam's tantrum was interrupted when he glanced at the headline of
the paper on the floor of the office. "Man found dead in homeless
shelter", it read. Next to the story was a picture of Baker trying to
chase the photographers away from the scene.
He knew what he would read. He was right. Henry Teagarden, 57, had
been found in the back stairwell of the Garden Mission shelter, dead. A
horrible smell had alerted tenants and an investigation of the little-
used stairway had turned up the body.
Then he died shortly after he disappeared, Sam thought. That put
Annabella in the clear. She wouldn't have taken him near real clues if
she had been pretending to look for Teagarden. It made Sam doubly
anxious to find this Heilberg, but no one was paying him to look.
The story didn't mention Catalano or Mrs. Teagarden. Someone had
told Catalano to shut his trap. The case only got more interesting with
the discovery of the body.
Staci read over his shoulder and brightened.
"See, they just didn't want to spend money on you. They didn't
fire you in the middle of a case," she was trying to cheer him up.
"Un-huh," Sam was non-committal, "But I would think this would
bring Catalano down on Mrs. Teagarden like fire from heaven. Funny his
investigation isn't mentioned."
It was time to invite Baker over for a drink.
"Now Sam, this isn't like a tip that nobody cares about," Baker
hedged when Sam asked him about Catalano's investigation. "You're asking
about an on-going investigation."
"Then Catalano is still trying to fit Mrs. Teagarden for a frame?"
Sam asked.
"Now I didn't say that- are you trying to interrogate me, Sam?"
Baker got edgy.
"Now, now, now," Sam soothed. "I'm just going on what you said. I
didn't see it in the papers and I was wondering why. You'd think the
department would be happy to report they'd been on it even before the
man was killed."
"You know how happy the department is with Catalano on general
principles," Baker dodged the question.
"Come on buddy, you know you were never here. I've been working
on it too and I formed the impression Teagarden had a buddy help him
blow town," Sam offered.
They had the incentive waiting for Baker when he began to crack.
Sam was about to use it.
"You mean someone we don't know about?" Baker was interested.
"I don't know what you know about," Sam said, "The detective is
being unco-operative. You ever hear of Annotated Delivery?"
"Downtown," Baker said, disinterested, "Makes video games or something."
It didn't ring a bell. It was all Sam's. He made his first play.
"Your drink needs freshening," Sam observed, "I think you'll like
the waitress."
Staci came out with a tray. On it was Scotch, an ice bucket, tongs
and her tits. Baker's eyes opened and the corners of his mouth went up.
"Now that's the way to serve a drink," he said, never once looking
as far up as Staci's eyes.
Baker knocked back his drink and then carefully went about
replacing the ice cubes and pouring another. Sam, or rather Staci, had
his interest.
She wasn't going away. She set down the tray and stood there for
Baker's continued viewing pleasure as Sam talked. She actually enjoyed
his open admiration of her impressive chest.
Most of all Sam wanted to know. This was a mixed up case and Sam
wanted to sort the players for his own amusement. He wasn't going to
burst in and solve this one. It wasn't his style to bring in murderers
at gunpoint. It wasn't his style to mess with guns.
"I got a lead that guy from Annotated Delivery was seen with
Teagarden renting a car," Sam gave Baker what he had. "The car had a
little fender-bender 100 miles south, yesterday."
"Oh geeze, that screws everything up," Baker whined.
"You holding some vagrant that was wearing his shoes?" Sam knew
how Baker's mind worked- simple, like most crime.
"You got a name?" Baker asked.
"For a price," Sam said.
"Geeze- now you're holding me up," Baker complained.
"Nothing like that," Sam said, "Just a run-down as this plays out.
Maybe I'll even know something that will help. Stop by, ogle the
waitress, tell me what's happening."
"What's in it for you?" Baker was suspicious.
"Satisfaction," Sam said. "The dead body ended my connection with
the case, but you know how it is. I want to see where it goes. I'm not
in the business of tracking down murderers. You can have that. I just
want to see how it finally plays out."
Sam thought he was looking at him carefully, but on second thought
realized he probably was staring at Staci's chest. In either case, he
thought it over.
"You tell me and I'll tell you where your lead leads," Baker said.
"Vernon Heilberg," Sam said and gave Baker the license number of
the Crown Victoria.
"Did you like my service?" Staci asked when Baker left.
"I think you had the desired effect on our client," Sam agreed.
"Do you think we ought to make this your everyday uniform?"
Staci didn't have time to give her sharp response. The door opened
and Mrs. Teagarden walked in.
"Don't you pay this girl enough to buy clothes?" she snorted.
"We were just discussing that. She made quite an impression on the
last client," Sam said smoothly. "I take it you find it distracting?"
"I think it's sick," she sneered. "Men have enough trouble keeping
their minds on business as it is."
"Well, I'm out of business now," Sam countered. "Your attorney
informed me of that this morning- before I could charge him for today."
"I don't need that pack of shysters now," LaVonne spat, "The
police can't put me on the South side, ever. I need bigger fish now."
Sam noticed that LaVonne had not taken her eyes off Staci's rack
except to shoot him mean looks. She was as susceptible to huge hooters
as anyone.
"And that brings you here because..." Sam tried to lead her back
to her train of thought.
"I told you about the product- my product when that little rat
from the fuzz was trying to blackmail me, didn't I?" Mrs. Teagarden
"Blackmail you with what?" Sam asked.
This time Mrs. Teagarden leveled her stare at Sam before
answering. She seemed to surrender to whatever she was thinking.
"Somehow the little fuck knew about the project," LaVonne said.
"He said restoring the project to, get this, 'the rightful owners' would
go a long way to turning the murder investigation back into a missing
Catalano? Sam thought smart people would have more sense than to
deal with a greasy snake. Then on second thought he decided that was
exactly who they would deal with. The thought of powerful friends would
be just the bait for the ambitious detective.
"But you didn't know anything about it except scraps," Sam said.
"The fuck I didn't," LaVonne roared and then got Sam's meaning. "I
didn't tell that worm anything, if that's what you mean. He had nothing.
I was shocked when Henry was found dead."
She didn't look shocked or even very displeased. She looked like
an unfettered bitch and like that was her happiest state.
"You were saying about the- um, product?" Sam prompted.
"There's going to be a fight," she said. "That's not your problem.
I'm getting lawyers to handle that. But I need you to keep something for
me. Don't worry, it's not involved. The files have never been near SI.
They have nothing whatsoever to do with any program they could be
interested in. In fact, I can prove sole ownership."
"Why me?" Sam asked.
"Because no one will think of you," she said. "That sounds bad,
but you're not central to the suit. Don't take that wrong. Besides being
She looked at Staci's bare breasts and continued, "You've gotten
quick results. I think you're perfect. And I'll pay you $100 a day for
every day you hold the disk."
"That's the way you do it. Money for nothin' and the chicks for
free," ran through Sam's head. Sam assumed she was lying, but didn't
think there was a law against believing her anyway. He also figured
she'd have the angles covered. He took the disk.
"You know, it's still tacky, but they grow on you," she said with
one last look at Staci's tits.
Sam thought that was wishful thinking on LaVonne's part.
"So when do we look on the disk?" Staci asked when the door had
closed behind Mrs. Teagarden.
"Never," Sam said. "It can only mean trouble. She would never give
us the important part. It's the key, but she's keeping the jewel box.
We'd only end up knowing something dangerous or frustrating. Besides,
that's exactly what she thinks we're doing right now."
Helping Baker out did little more than give him a much appreciated
chance to drool over Staci's tits. Heilberg was a zero. He left a paper
trail of credit card receipts that a cub scout could follow and they
led away from Teagarden.
According to Heilman, he picked up this seedy looking guy and
gave him a lift to the South side. That was the last he'd seen him. The
trail bore him out. His story stunk, but nobody could shake it.
And the tramp Baker busted had confessed to beating Teagarden to
death for his shoes. The fact the marks on his body were more consistent
with falling down the stairs dropped below everyone's notice.
It wasn't Sam's place to fix the world. Anyway, Heilberg got his
when Mrs. Teagarden went after him for copyright infringement. Big city
lawyers- a passel of them- first told SI to fuck off.
What program are you alleging that our client has stolen? was
their big question. Who developed it was moot. Who owned it was moot.
Semiconductor International couldn't produce more than a memo where the
concept had been discussed. They didn't have one copy, line of code or
subroutine to show.
Sam had figured out what was on the disk. All computers Henry
Teagarden had access to, including his home computer had been
subpoenaed. They did fancy recoveries on the hard drive. There was
nothing but garbage beyond some commercial software and the Teagarden's
meager budget.
Of course encryption looked like garbage.
The only contact Sam had with the case was when Annabella came
crying to him for help.
"He had it worked out. He liked to tell me all about it," Annabella whined. "Worth millions, he kept saying. Think of what we
could do with that kind of money."
"Before or after SI took it away from us?" Sam asked.
"Look, we could probably make a deal with them for a finder's
fee," Annabella said.
So that was finally clear. She was a headhunter, cut in for a
nice bonus for getting the program from Teagarden. She wanted her money.
He was tempted to tell her he was holding a disk to see the look
on her face, but he knew that would only lead to her, or her masters,
sending thugs to turn his office over looking for it. Mrs. Teagarden
was a bulldog, but Annabella was a shark.
"You know, it was pretty good with us the last time," Annabella
said, "I think we've both matured to the point where we could have
something hot."
Actually, Sam was surprised that she hadn't tried to seduce him
before she asked for him help. Wasn't she the one that scolded him for
interrogating her before he probed her weakness? A payback looked like
"All that money and you too?" Sam tried to sound starry-eyed. "I
guess you don't know what that means to me."
She tilted back on her chair with her legs apart. She toyed with
the first buttoned button of her blouse. Sam couldn't see up her skirt,
but the meaning was the same. She wanted him now. She'd fuck him and
then they'd talk more about finding the program.
Sam pressed the button under his desk. Staci opened his door.
"Oops," he said. "Hit it by mistake. But stay and I'll see if I
can get her clothes off for you."
Sam figured she was more embarrassed than Staci had been when
Annabella walked in. The thought that she was predictable must have
stung. Annabella sat up straight and glowered at Sam.
"You're still a dirty pig, like you always were," Annabella
snarled. "You're a little man with little dreams. You'll never get
"If you mean your pants, then I'm sorry, but I still get in enough
of them that the rest doesn't seem to matter," Sam smiled.
She stalked out.
Heilberg never had a chance. What could he say? I dumped the guy
that had the program and since he's dead now, it's mine?
He had it. That was true. He had it in production and had worked
out a distribution deal with his own company to get it on the market.
He had a stronger case than SI. But he didn't have a clue how it
worked. LaVonne's lawyers ran over Heilberg like a dirt clump in a wheat
field. She stepped straight into the royalties, which Heilberg had done
a good job negotiating, and he owed her for the advances.
The fines didn't count. Heilberg was flat broke and unemployed
before they got to them. Sam joked that he was going to have a close-up
view of the South side flop houses now.
It was a day of celebration. Staci wondered aloud how she would
ever make it in the cruel world without a father for her baby and
Sam smacked her across the rump with a ruler for being a slut.
Staci (lied) told him how humiliating it was to be nothing but
a sex object, using her breasts to cover his inadequate detective work.
Sam pulled off her skirt and panties and told her he liked that end
better. The next thing she knew, she was bent over the seat of Sam's
chair with her arms tied to its arms and her butt in the air.
"No- Not like this. No- not right now, No, Sam," Staci was
protesting unconvincingly as Sam circled the head of his cock around
her sphincter.
He dumped a rancid butter container from a take-out meal over her
anus and rubbed it in with his thumb.
"This way you don't come home pregnant like a slut," Sam told her
and pushed his thumb into her ass.
"But let me up so I can help you," Staci protested, "I'm not in
the right position."
"Oh yes you are," Sam laughed.
Then he drove his cock to the root in her pussy. The other way was
still open, but they had all day. Staci had built to such a peak of
expectation that it seemed wrong to waste the anticipation all at once.
He could wait until he could do her kinky desires more justice.
"Oh thank God, Sam," Staci said, "I thought you were going to make
me do that other thing. That would be a nightmare."
Then he heard the door to the front office open. He tucked himself
in his pants and went to intercept the intruder. It was LaVonne
"You can't believe what I thought was going on when I saw no one
in here," she said.
"That kind of stuff only happens in stories," Sam said. "You here
for the disk?"
She nodded. Sam opened Staci's drawer and sorted through her
disks. He picked out Mrs. Teagarden's and handed it to her.
"That's pretty open," she remarked.
"Harder to find there than putting a red flag on it by hiding it
off by itself," Sam said, "And no one was looking for it- at least not
"Well, it was just a safeguard," She admitted.
"It unscrambles the original on your computer, doesn't it?" Sam
LaVonne smiled. For a moment she was ready to deny it, but then
she confessed. It was all over. Everything had gone her way.
"Really, this is the original," she explained. "I came up with
the algorithm all by myself and registered it, too. But it's too
unpredictable for a random number generator. Henry said that was its
The lawyers said it was the main component to the software.
Showing I had the rights to the engine was prima facie evidence that
the program was also mine- or at least I was owed for its use."
"I knew you were tough, but I didn't figure you for that cagey,"
Sam said.
"While we're trading compliments, let me say that you aren't as
stupid as I expect in a man," Lavonne said. "But the proof of that is
having that young lady in your employ."
"I have to admit she is a help and a comfort," Sam said, his
thoughts turning back to the butt waiting for him.
"You would be wise to tie her up for as long as you can," Mrs.
Teagarden said.
"I'll go make sure she's tied up right now," Sam smiled, waving
her check.
Staci was grinning from what she heard. Sam smiled back. The view
had raised his cock back to attention. He got down behind her without
a word, ready to take the smile off her face.
"Owwww!" she screamed.
Sam was dreaming. For Staci it was a nightmare.


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