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MENAGERIE hurt financially And used Marquita

Okey, here we go, the finale of the three-part story of the demented Dr. Specten.
This was a fun story to write, and everyone's cheerful response made it all worth
the effort. I think the mad scientist deserves a little rest for a while, however,
so this will be the last you see of him...for a while. The great thing about
fiction is that ANYTHING can happen. Specten is far from finished, despite the
somewhat ominious ending, so expect to see him again later. For now, enjoy.

Story: Menagerie

Lisa Meadows was just walking into her apartment after work when she
noticed a small wrapped package in the floor. It was small and rectangular,
and it looked as if someone had slid it into the mail slot in the door. "Hmm,
wonder what this is?" She picked up the box, tore off the card attached, and
read it. It said simply: "Dear Lisa. Thanks for the lovely time. Here's a
token of my esteem, and when I saw it I instantly thought of you." No
signature or return address was listed, and she hadn't been with anyone since
her boyfriend and she had split six months ago. Strange.
Walking over to the couch, she flipped on the television, and sat down
to open the box. Inside was a silver, intricately worked...necklace? No, the
shape and contour was all wrong to be a simple necklace. It was a collar. A
fetish type slave collar. Her ex-boyfriend had tried to interest her in all
sorts of kinky sex games, and had taken her to a local fetish shop one time,
hoping to spark some interest. Lisa was an old-fashioned girl, and she liked
simple, straight-forward sex. Finally getting the picture, her boyfriend had
left her to find "more adventurous prospects." Still, from her brief time in
the store, she was able to recognize it for what it was.
"That bastard," she thought angrily to herself. "Saw it and instantly
thought of me, huh?" She briefly entertained thoughts of smashing it, or
tossing it into the trash, then sighed, placing it in its box on the table.
The thing was actually rather pretty, slender and feminine in design, not
bulky like the collars in the shop. Picking it up and gazing at it once
again, she thought, "Hmmm...its not really so bad. Maybe if I put a
pendant on it I can pass it off for a rather exotic looking necklace."
She placed it gently up against her neck, to get a feel for what it would
be like to wear it, when suddenly she felt a tension in the silver band.
It had locked tight around her neck by itself!
"What in the fuck?!?" Lisa yelled, reaching up to pull the collar
off, break it, snap it somehow. For a thin lightweight band, it was
remarkably strong---it wouldn't break or bend in the slightest. Moving
a hand around to the back, she could feel the tiny clasp moving slightly,
completing its automatic locking function. She was trying to figure out
what to do next when suddenly a white hot pain flared up at the back of
her neck. It felt as if someone had jabbed a knife into the base of her
skull, and was slowly twisting it. Eyes wide in pain and horror, her
hands grasping at air, Lisa convulsed slightly as the pain increased
exponentially...then suddenly vanished.
The absence of that terrible pain brought with it a vacuum, a giant
vortex of nothingness, that absorbed and consumed the few scattered thoughts
still remaining in her head. Soon a blank look entered her face, as she
sat there motionless, staring straight at the television, but seeing and
hearing nothing. For the moment...
...Until she felt a hand shaking her briskly on the shoulder, calling
her name. "Lisa! LISA!! Are you alright girl? Come on, say something!" Lisa
blinked a few times, letting her glazed and glassy eyes lubricate themselves
as everything slowly came back into focus. Looking up blearily through her
tears she saw the face of her very concerned friend and co-worker, Patty.
For a moment she felt an inexplicable disappointment, as if she had expected
to see...someone else? "Lisa, hon, are you okay?" Patty asked again.
"Yeah I guess so," Lisa replied, shaking her fuzzy head. "What time
is it? You said you were coming over after nine."
"Yes, it IS after nine, Leese," Patty said with a sigh. "I saw your
car in the drive and knew you were home, so I knocked on the door. And
knocked. And knocked, for, oh, about fifteen minutes straight! I had
thought maybe you were in the bathroom or something, till I walked by the
window and saw you sitting on the couch. It was about then that I noticed
your door was unlocked, and walked in to see if you were okay, and found
you off in zombieland!"
"Sorry 'bout that," Lisa said embarrassed. "I must have zoned out
or something watching the ol' boob tube. Guess I was more tired than I
"No, Leese, you're not hearing me," Patty cut her off. "You weren't
SLEEPING on the couch, at least not in the conventional way, you were sitting
straight up, still as a statue, with your eyes wide open staring into space.
I waved my hands in front of your face and you didn't even bat an eyes!"
Patty's words chilled Lisa to her core. Something had happened to her,
that much was for sure. For one thing, it had been shortly after five when
she had arrived home, and unless Patty had changed all the clocks and somehow
caused the sun to set early, she had lost about four hours of time. If Patty
had not awakened her, who knew how long she might have been in that state.
Placing a hand to her chest, she felt the cold metal about her neck and
suddenly remembered. The collar! She had put it on, and felt a sharp sting,
and then...she was looking up into Patty's face. The collar had done this
to her!
"Patty," Lisa said, barely able to control her shivers. "It's this
thing around my neck, Patty. It did this to me. Please, can you see if you
can get it off of me? I can't reach the clasp, its too small." Her friend
walked up behind her and pushed Lisa's long blonde hair out of the way.
The tiny clasp that greeted her sight made her frown.
"No way, Jose," she said sadly. "That thing's practically microscopic,
and well constructed. I couldn't even find a hook or knob, or anything to
unlatch---its as if it welded itself shut after it was closed. How did
you ever get it on in the FIRST place?"
"I didn't, really," Lisa replied, trying futilely to yank it off
once again before subsiding. "I was wondering how it would look, so I just
pressed it up to my neck. Next thing I know, its attaching itself, locking
itself tight, and I can't get it off! Oh Patty, what is happening to me?
Am I going crazy? This kind of thing is impossible!"
"There there now, take it easy, kiddo!" Patty said, hugging her friend.
"You're not going crazy. And considering where we work, and the kind of new
stuff your department puts out on a regular basis, I'd say something that
can attach itself that way is VERY possible." Patty gave her a wan smile.
"If you were more of a scientist and less of a bureaucrat, you'd know these
things. Anyway, don't worry about it too much. First thing tomorrow, we
can have the eggheads in Research and Development take a look at it."
"Yeah, okay...good idea," Lisa said softly, wishing more than anything
that she could drive back to the plant and have them remove it right now.
"Sorry to be such a hassle Patty. Under the circumstances, I'm not really
up for a night of bar-hopping."
"No problem, Leese" she said with a grin. "Well, I guess I better be
heading back home myself. It might actually do me good to stay inside for
a change."
"Um, Patty," Lisa said in a small voice, so unlike her usual confident
and outgoing self that Patty paused at the door. "I...I hate to bother you
like this...and I know I'm just being silly...but do you think you could...
um...spend the night here with me? Please? Just in case I zone out again.
I...I'm afraid after what happened earlier I might do something, or walk
in my sleep...or worse, never wake up again!" She was on the edge of panic,
barely keeping the tears in check. Patty's heart went out to the poor girl.
"Sure thing, kiddo," she replied without hesitation. "And don't worry.
Nothing is gonna happen to ya with good ol' Patty around." She hugged Lisa
again, who managed a half-hearted smile. "Good. Now that THAT'S settled,
what have you got to eat around this joint?"

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Vicki West struggled mightily against her bonds, trying with all her
strength to escape. Sweat ran down her naked body in rivets, and her
perfect form shone gracefully in the dim low watt light. The digital clock
on the wall before her changed over again. It was now eleven fifty-nine.
One minute until the torment began again, one minute until her tormentor
re-entered the room to punish her for some unknown ungodly act. Ungodly
was the word she thought of to describe her torment, because a crueler,
more demonic being could not have existed in the lowest depths of hell than
the young man that held her captive. Her eyes grew wider as the digital
display pulsed and pulsed, the colon between the numbers blinking in and
out, in and out, in and---shit! The numbers changed to twelve midnight, and
the door opened behind her.
"Ah, Vicki, you're awake. How pleasant. Did you miss me?" the man
asked smugly, walking over to naked bound woman.
"For the last time, Doctor, fuck off!" she said bravely. "I don't
know what you are trying to do, but it won't work! You can't break me, so
just go the fuck away!"
The man just shook his head. "Tsk tsk tsk, that is not a very
productive attitude to have just now, Vicki," he said. Sitting on the bed
next to her, he spoke slowly, as if speaking to a child. "Now, one more
time, this is NOT about breaking you, Vicki dear. If I wanted to reprogram
you so badly, I could have simply activated the slave collar again. This is
about research, Vicki. I'm a scientist, first and foremost, and while I have
had a LOT of fun playing with the minds and bodies of my victims, I can't
forget about the PRACTICAL applications of this as well." He began softly
stroking Vicki's inner thigh, making her cringe and whimper. "I need to learn
exactly how best to stun and disable the human consciousness and access the
subconscious. I can't place a collar on everyone in the whole world, at least
not directly, and though I have learned the art of hypnosis, its still
sketchy at best. Some people, like you, dear Vicki, are remarkably resistant
to hypnosis, while others are extremely susceptible. I am looking to find
the common link in EVERY mind, that universal access switch to the human
subconscious. And you, my dear, have the honor of being my guinea pig."
Vicki cursed and shouted, struggling like mad to get free, to plant
a kick hard enough in the man's youthful face to send his teeth down his
throat. But her bindings were too strong, and all she could manage was a
feeble wiggling. "One day, you'll get yours," she said finally, running out
of steam, and sagging back against her bindings. "One day someone will stop
you for good, and I only hope I am there to see it."
"Enough small talk, dear Vicki, we have work to do." He walked around
to the foot of the bed. "Let's see. We've used pleasure association before,
which you seemed to enjoy. Yesterday we explored pain association," he said,
noting the involuntary shivers running through her body, "which I assume you
did NOT enjoy. Now I think we should split the difference, something that is
pleasurable, yet maddening enough that it is still torturous. Can you guess
what I have in store for you tonight, dear?"
Cringing inside with thoughts of another night of pain, Vicki bit down
hard on her courage as she replied. "I don't know and I don't care. Just get
it over with, you sick son of a bitch. I can take whatever you can dish out."
"Glad to hear you say that, Vicki," James Specten replied eagerly, as he
uncovered his hands, showing Vicki just what he had in store for her. Vicki
gasped at the unforeseen sight. He was holding two small brown turkey pin
feathers in his hands. "For the next twelve fun-filled hours we are going to
explore the wonderful world of Tickling." Brandishing the feather gently over
her naked body, he was rewarded by an reflexive jerk, as Vicki sought to pull
away before the tip even grazed her flesh. "I've never really pondered this
method before, but I found a marvelous database of information online. I
can't wait to show you what I've learned."
Vicki began to whimper softly as she felt the two insidious feathers
stroking her bare flesh, right on the center of her thigh. At the moment, it
didn't tickle at all, it was more of an annoying little itch, just enough to
get her attention. But the doctor patiently stroked and teased her flesh with
the plumes, making goosebumps rise on the afflicted area with each stroke. Oh
shit, this isn't happening, this isn't happening! she told herself over and
over. She wanted to believe somehow that it was all a bad dream, that some
madman had not broken into her house and taken her hostage, but it was all
a dream, why couldn't she wake up?
"Tee heee heee," she giggled, unable to hold it back any longer. Seeing
the pleasure on the demented doctor's face, she clamped shut her mouth, fighting
with all her strength to hold back the slowly building laughter, determined
not to let him break her. You won't make me give in, she thought fervently,
trying to ignore the feathers as they moved upwards, across her chest, seeking
out her flat soft tummy. I've taken the best you could dish out for three days
without begging, I will not break down now. But oh GOD its stating to tickle!
I can't get away, can't even bring my arms down to protect myself, can't move
away from those damn feathers...starting to tickle more...have to hold back
the laughter, can't let him...make me...laugh.
"Bhuuaaahahahahaha!! Heheehee...no, stop it. Stop it damn you! heheheee...
Leave me alone you baaasshahahahahaa--tard!" she managed between laughs. The
dam had burst, and she could no longer hold in the laughter as the gentle torment
stole away at her energy reserves. Her body began wriggling desperatly trying
to escape, weakening her more, all while Dr. Specten merely smiled and continued
to tickle her randomly, dusting the feathers down the middle of her chest, up
to her neck, and across her wildly straining face, darting across the sweet
curves of her breasts for the briefest time, to her under arms, even across her
bare twitching feet. He noted all her most sensitive spots for further inspection
later, now content merely to map out every single nerve cluster on the poor
girl's body while she writhed in torturous hilarity. After an eternity of ten
minutes, he was satisfied that he knew her body quite well, and gave Vicki a
moment or two to rest and recover. The woman locked tear-reddened, hateful eyes
on his face, and he knew she would be cursing him if she had the breath.
"That was fun," he said with glee, placing the feathers to the side, much
to Vicki's relief. "And don't worry, my dear, we are FAR from finished. I just
want you to rest up a bit while I get ready for the next part of the experiment.
Then we can resume." He knelt down at the edge of the bed, out of Vicki's
direct line of sight. Leaning back, she closed her eyes, letting her body
replenish itself of oxygen while it could, when suddenly she felt a soft
tingling sensation on her left foot, right at the curl of her toes, at her
most ticklish spot and she screamed with laughter.
No don't tickle me there! Ahashahahaha..." she screamed out thrashing with
renewed energy. The tickle had been completely unexpected, and she had had
no chance to build up her resistance. The doctor popped back into view, holding
what her tear stained eyes could only guess was a oil painting brush. The soft
fine hairs twirled relentlessly in her most vulnerable spot, and her toes
wiggled wildly, alternating between clenching the strands and releasing them.
She absolutely could not stand the sensation---pain she had learned early in
life to endure, and pleasure-torment she could lose herself in it, but this
was neither and worse than both! It seemed to overload her mind and body, as
her throat ran raw from laughing so hard, subsiding into silent quaking
laughter. Her inability to escape, to stop him from making her laugh, reinforced
the whole feeling of helplessness within her. She realized just how completely
she was at his mercy. He had said she would endure this for twelve hours. A
half day of this? The thought was unbearable. Before she realized it, the
words came tumbling out.
"Nooo...no more...hahaha...*gasp* please....please..I beg you! Ahah, hah
hahaha..can't stand it...just stop, please...heh..hehehe...*gasp* I'm begging
you...ahah ha ha ha...no..morrrreee!!" Instantly the sensation stopped, although
Vicki continued to laugh for the next several minutes. Dr. Specten walked
around to the head of the bed once again, kneeling down, gently caressing his
captive's sweat-soaked face.
"Well well well...that didn't take very long at all did it? I find it
hard to believe that you took ten hours of intense pain---spanking, pinching,
heat and cold variations, the whole gamut---without a single word from you,
and yet less than thirty minutes of tickling has you begging? Interesting."
He slid a hand over her still quivering belly, lower, to the thin delta of her
womanhood, causing a loud moan to stick in her throat. "I was also interested
to note another phenomenon. Stroking your toes so devilishly seems to have
made you very wet and aroused, hasn't it? I mean, I can feel your little
volcano here and it seems ready to erupt." Vicki blushed as she realized the
truth of his words. The tickling had left her breathless, on fire deep within
her loins, despite the torture of the sensation. Now that the overwhelming
tickling had stopped, she could feel how close she was. But why? Had he messed
with her mind to make her feel arousal when tickled this way?
"Very interesting," he continued, almost to himself. "I suppose its true
that some sensations do overlap, and that the only difference between an erogenous
zone and a sensitized section of the body is now the mind interprets the
sensation." He turned back to face his victim. "Oh well, we can investigate
that in detail later, can't we? But right now you seem to be in need of some
'assistance'." He stroked her swelling pink lips, eliciting another deep moan.
"Anything I can do for you, Vicki? All you need do is ask."
"Yes...please..." she gasped, struggling for the air to speak, as her
body squirmed under his skilled touches. Gathering her last bit of will and
self-respect, she replied. "Doctor...please...I beg you...to DROP DEAD..and
Specten's response was predictable and immediate. He resumed the stroking
of her feet, working the brush deeply along and between her spasming toes on
her left foot while his short trim nails scratched gingerly along her long
pink wrinkled soles, moving randomly around and around, not letting her get
used to the sensation or mount any type of defense. Vicki's eyes grew wide,
and her mouth hung open in a grimace of hysterical torment as the last bit
of laughter poured out of her. Deprived of oxygen, she began to feel a little
lightheaded, and dots began to flicker in and out of her vision. Soon she
was breathless again, unable to laugh at all, only lie there helpless and
shake and twitch as the sensations continued unabated. The pulsing in her
clit, which she was beginning to notice despite the tickling, continued to
mount. She felt all her pride and resistance crumble under the onslaught, and
wanted to beg the man, to stop, to push her over the edge, to do something,
anything, but keep her within this limbo of tickle torture. Even surrendering
and becoming his mindless slave seems preferable to this.
The doctor somehow seemed to sense this change in the woman's attitude,
and decided to give her a little something to cement those feelings even more.
Removing the shackle from her tortured right foot, he lifted it gently to his
lips, letting the tip of his raspy tongue graze the soft tender flesh of her
sole ever so lightly, as his fingers and the brush continued to torment her
other foot. Bracing the foot against the bedpost, he begin to lick and nibble
on her woman's toes, letting his tongue dance around the salty flesh, freeing
one hand to grab a feather and probe gently at the center of Vicki's abused
womanhood. Renewed laughter, desperate and hysterical, poured forth from her
once more. She had thought she had reached her limit, but then she felt his
tongue slip flick along her baby toes and a feather slip between her wet
open labia to stroke her exposed throbbing clit. It was too much. With a
keening cry Vicki arched her back, lifting off the bed despite the tight
restraints, and came, gushing her juices in a flood that reminded Specten
briefly of Noah and the ark. He kept stroking and feathering and licking
and sucking the girl's sensitive spots, curious as to just how much she could
take before passing out. A few moments later, Vicki mercifully succumbed to
the overstimulation, passing out cold in a sweaty come-soaked heap.
James Specten smiled to himself. This had been quite enjoyable, and
informative as well. He committed his experience to paper, taking many notes
on the effects of the experiment. Glancing at the sleeping beauty on the
bed, he thought, "I'm going to have to incorporate this in the taking of
my next victims somehow. This was too much damn fun for a one-time deal."
He let Vicki sleep for about an hour, regaining her strength---after all, she
had a whole night yet to go. Finally, feeling she had rested enough, he poked
and prodded her sides gently, getting a few more titters and giggles out of
her as she awoke. "Hope you enjoyed yourself, my dear, but it's time to get
back to work. We have a lot to get accomplished tonight, and time waits for
no one." Holding up a single Q-tip cotton swab, he grinned. "Let's get

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Lisa awoke at a sudden noise, confusion dominating her for a moment as
she glanced around fearfully. Someone was in the room with her! Panic gripped
her for a moment, and just as she was about to scream, she heard the voice
speak. "Leese? You awake?" Her friend Patty walked into view in the dim light
shining through the bedroom window. "Sorry, hon, didn't mean to wake ya. I
was coming back from the bathroom and decided to check up on ya. How are you
feeling now, hon?"
Patty. Her friend. Memory flooded back to her now: the necklace, zoning
out in front of the television, asking Patty to spend the night and keep her
company. She glanced at the clock on the wall. Four-thirty. "Yeah, I'm okay.
How about you? We both have work tomorrow, you know. You should get some sleep
Patty. I'm alright now."
Her friend gave a loud nasal laugh. "You don't fool me for a minute, Leese.
Yer still spooked about the whole thing. If you want, I'll sleep in bed with
you, to make you feel better." Lisa frowned, drawing back into the headboard
at bit at the strange offer. She had never leaned towards women that way, and
was sure Patty didn't either.
"Hey, don't freak out or anything, geez!" Patty said, looking slightly
hurt. "I'm not implying anything sexual. I'm as straight as they come, Leese,
and anyway your my best friend. I just thought to sleep in the same bed is all.
I've been tossing and turning on your lumpy old couch for three hours now, and
all I got was a neck cramp for my efforts," she said, rubbing her neck. "And
from what I could hear, you've been tossing and turning all night in here by
yourself. When we were kids we used to sleep in the same bed at our sleepovers,
and we never thought anything of it. What's the difference now that we're grown
up? I think we could both rest better if we had someone with us. C'mon, what
do ya say?"
"Well," Lisa faltered slightly. "I guess you have a point. We are two
grown rational adults, surely we can sleep in the same bed and not have it
turn...awkward." Lisa managed a smile, chuckling at her friend. "Just as long
as you don't sleep in the nude." Patty rolled her eyes, slipping in next to
her friend.
"Shut up and get to sleep, Leese," she mumbled good-naturedly. "Like
you said, tomorrow will be a busy day." Smiling, she closed her eyes. Lisa
did the same, listening softly as her friend's breathing got deeper and deeper.
It was relaxing in its own way, just lying there, feeling the warm body next
to her, listening to the rhythmic breathing...in and out, in and out, over and
over in a predictable pattern. Lisa smiled, drifting with the thought. Patty
was a deep deep sleeper, as she remembered from their childhood sleepovers.
It would be nice to slip away like that, Lisa thought idly, floating on her
thoughts, to be able to just drift off, so easily, so peacefully...to just let
go of everything and ride the smooth rhythmic waves of your own breathing...
in and out...in...and out...in...and...out...again....and again...and again.
A soft sigh left Lisa's lips as her sleeping mind continued the thread.
Yes, so relaxing to drift away on your thoughts that way...no worries. Just
relaxing in that soft wonderful peace. That place where everything is good, and
where nothing bad ever happens...the place where there simply IS no bad. Where
BAD doesn't exist. Lisa rolled over, leaning gently against Patty, smiling at
the contact. Mmmmm. And of course, since BAD doesn't exist there, then neither
would GOOD. Of course, neither GOOD nor BAD. No right or wrong. No need to
worry about such things that didn't even exist there. Anything could happen,
and anything WOULD happen there, and it would be pleasant and enjoyable in
that wonderful peaceful place. Mmmm. So wonderful there. So lovely. So...soo..
Lisa opened her eyes slowly, taking in the sight of her sleeping friend.
Patty's arm was draped gently across her left thigh, her other arm behind her
head. Lisa smiled. Patty always slept so weird, it was hard to believe that
she could be comfortable that way. Reaching down carefully, she moved her
friend onto her back, sliding her arms to her sides. Patty's breathing didn't
change in the slightest---had an earthquake thrown her across the room, Lisa
doubted Patty would have noticed. Her face was void of any emotion, Lisa noted,
and her eyes seemed to be moving behind her eyelids, as if she were reading
a book only she could see. Still, she didn't look HAPPY, not happy like she
was. The thought seemed to jump into her mind by its own volition, but Lisa
found herself agreeing with it. Patty needed to go to that peaceful happy
Sliding carefully out of bed, Lisa made her way out of the bedroom, and
into the living room again. She felt a small twinge, almost like deja vu, seeing
he television...remembering...something that had happened earlier when she was
watching right before Patty arrived. Yes, that was it. Now she remembered. The
compelling program, the man on the picture with the compelling...hypnotic...
MASTERFUL voice...a voice she could not disobey. The voice had told her to order
now, and save fifteen percent on shipping and handling, that her order would be
rushed straight to her door. It had commanded her to order NOW, and obediently,
she had picked up the phone and called the number, placing her order. An hour
later, he had arrived, her Master, giving her the wonderful change-your-life
package, that was guaranteed or her money back! He had told her other things
as well, to forget that she had done anything other than sit there, to place
the package under the couch, hidden away from sight, and to turn the television
station to static and watch until she was summoned again. Time had stood still
again, until she awakened to Patty's touch.
All these things came flooding back to Lisa at that moment, and kneeling
at the edge of the couch, she took out the hidden package. It was another long
thin box, the same style as the gift she had received through the mail slot.
Opening it, she saw a slave collar, identical to the one she now wore around
her own neck. Yes. Now it all made sense. The collar was the wonderful change-
your-life gift needed to help Patty reach that peaceful happy place. Lisa smiled
softly, feeling herself growing warm between her thighs. The thought of helping
her best friend reach the same nirvana that she was currently in made her toes
tingle with pleasure. Stealthily, she returned to the bedroom, climbing back
into bed, lifting Patty's dark brown hair out of the way as she placed the
collar gently around her neck. A small thin voice cried out inside her, trying
to warn her away, just for a moment, before it vanished. Lisa smiled. There
was nothing bad in the wonderful peaceful place. Soon Patty would be there as
Within minutes the collar was secure, and Patty's eyes opened, staring
blankly ahead. Lisa frowned for a minute, expecting to see Patty smiling and
laughing with joy, totally at peace, instead she was lifeless, like a zombie.
Ah, she knew what to do. It was her first time, and Patty needed to be guided
to that peace. Leaning down, Lisa began to whisper into her friend's ear.
"Listen to me carefully, Patty. Listen to my soft restful voice, filling
the void inside you. Let your thoughts center on my strong steady voice, let
it lead your thoughts, attracting them, until they merge and become one and
the same. My voice, becoming the voice in your head, your very thoughts now
mine. Yes, Patty...you are asleep now...sleeping soundly, drifting gently on
my words, letting them carry you into a place...a special place, where its
nice and wonderful and pleasurable all the time..." Lisa felt her hand drift
over to Patty's crotch, lifting the panties gently and sliding underneath.
"Pleasurable," she continued, smiling. "Let yourself feel how good it is to
be there, to give in and float, to let your mind rest and drift aimlessly on
your thoughts...on my thoughts...on my voice...guiding you...controlling you.
Yes, that's it, Patty, leading you deeper and deeper with every soft gentle
breath you take. In fact, whenever you concentrate on that deep rhythmic
breathing you will feel yourself being drawn deep into that special peaceful
place again."
Lisa's hand began playing with the dark curly hairs at her friend's
crotch, feeling the gentle beads of pleasure begin to well up inside Patty,
her pussy lips starting to swell. "Mmmm...good girl. The more you give in and
float on that feeling the better it feels, Patty. Like a soft hand, my hand,
teasing your pussy...making you wetter and hornier...making your body begin
to crave for more." The words she felt pouring out of her from somewhere deep
were beginning to affect Lisa as well, as her own crotch begin to burn with
need. She wanted to shift a hand to rub her own steaming mons, but somehow the
words streaming forth seemed to wish her to focus on Patty's pleasure first.
"Mmmm...yes, Patty, yes...the more the pleasure grows...the more you want and
desire to sink deeper...and deeper...into that special place...where there is
no good or bad...no right or wrong....no need to think or worry...just accept
and submit...submit. Yes, that is the word, Patty, submit. Only when you submit
to your Master, can you truly reach that special...ummmm...peaceful...oh oh god
oh god...mmmmm...that peaceful...plaaaaccceee!!!"
Lisa bit down hard on her lip to keep from crying out, feeling an orgasm
pulse deep within her, her free hand moving quickly to her panties, and burying
them deep within through the fabric, while her other hand worked furiously at
Patty's hot little snatch. The bespelled woman ground her hips mechanically into
the hand controlling it, bucking for all her worth as an equally powerful climax
rocked her form as well. Moments later, when both girls had recovered somewhat,
Lisa looked with bleary eyes at her friend, and whispered with bated breaths.
"Now Patty, my sweet...open your eyes...come awake, but continue to sleep in
your conscious mind. You can see and react normally, as if you were awake,
yet you are still deep within that special place. You will stay that way until
it is time to for this NEW Patty to truly sleep again, and you will awaken
refreshed and wide awake, remembering nothing of this until you once again
enter that peaceful place."
At that, Patty blinked, and blinked again, her wide, dilated eyes gradually
focusing once again on the world before her. "L..Lisa?" she asked unsteadily,
feeling the warm wetness between her legs. Lisa smiled at her, leaning down to
kiss her friend, knowing the confusion would fade in a moment or two. The look
of shock soon faded, and Lisa found Patty was returning the kiss with fervor,
taking quiet satisfaction in the fact that her friend was a marvelous kisser.
Coming up for air, Patty grinned in her face. "Lisa, I never imagined you were
so sexy. What a wonderful way to wake me up. You're a true friend, lover girl!"
Lisa blushed prettily, feeling her clit begin to itch again at the kind
words. "Thanks Patty, but if you are REALLY thankful, you'll get out of all
those clothes. Pajamas are for little girls, and you're a woman." She ran her
tongue over her lips hungrily, and Patty chuckled.
"Oh really? Well if I remember correctly, it was YOU who told me not to
come in bed in the nude!" Smirking, both women wasted no time in stripping down
to the glory God had given them, and embracing deeply, began to kiss and caress
each other. Patty pulled away for a moment. "MMmmmm...God I want you, Lisa. But
I dunno...it feels wrong somehow. I've never been with a woman before..."
"Uh uh uh," Lisa said kissing her friend's cute sexy nose. "There's
no such things as wrong or right here. I've never been with a woman either,
until now...never even wanted to. But here its okay, here its natural. Doesn't
THIS" she said, kissing Patty hard and deep, before pulling away coyly, "feel
natural to you?"
"Damn little tease," Patty said with a grin. "Yes you're right, I was
just a little confused for a moment that's all. And why shouldn't we share
each other's bodies? We are best friends, and best friends share everything,
right? Now come over here and share those perky little breasts with me!"
Lisa slid forward, wrapping her arms around her friend as both slid
back deep under the covers. "Little? Just what do you mean by...uhhh...uuuhhhmm
ohhhh...never mind."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Marquita Kueenland sat nervously at her desk, thrumming her fingers
against the wood. She glanced at the clock yet again, wondering what could be
keeping the other two women. The meeting had been scheduled for eight o' clock,
and it was two minutes to nine. She was supposed to make her monthly report to
the Board of Directors this morning at eleven o' clock, and she needed to have
the reports from the last two departments in now to have time to study and
finalize her presentation. Where the hell were Lisa Meadows and Vicki West?
"Speak of the devil," she muttered as the door opened, and both women
walked in hurriedly, looking equally flustered. "Well ladies, so nice of you
to join me." Marquita quipped, gesturing to a chair. "You can hold your excuses
until AFTER the meeting, we have a lot to cover in the next hour or so. Let's
start with you, Vicki. What changes have we had in Personnel this month that
need to be updated in my report?"
"Well, of course we are still regrouping after the loss of Dr. Specten
more than a year ago," she began, tugging at the high collar of her black
office jacket. A lot of time and effort had gone into the Trans-4 project, as
you know, and I've been personally viewing possible replacements for his post
with the capabilities to fill his shoes. The man might have been psychotic, but
he was undoubtedly a genius. Five of the top six men in this field haven't
been able to decipher his notes on the construction of the device; the only
ones familiar with the technology at all are the other engineers and scientists
that worked directly with him on the project." Vicki removed her glasses,
wiping them for a moment before continuing. "Also, there's been no word at
all from Patrick Sikes, Specten's protege. Sikes was the first choice to head
any attempt at continuing the project, but so far as we know, he merely decided
out of the blue one day to move him and his wife out of their house to some
unknown location. He hasn't even contacted us for job references."
Marquita nodded softly. He remembered Patrick fondly. The man had been
shy and retiring, a real gentleman, and there had been a strong attraction
between them. The only thing that had stopped them from ending up together had
been Pat's refusal to cheat on his wife Ellen. Marquita, suffering from no
such compulsions about her husband Ronald, had understood, and had kept things
friendly for Pat's sake. Still, deep down she always wondered what it would
have been like to bed him.
"Alright," she said after a moment, collecting her thoughts. "Do you have
any recommendations for a replacement for Specten and Sikes? This project is too
big to simply let it die because the creator is dead. Surely there is someone
we can get to take it over?"
Vicki turned to Lisa, who spoke up. "As a matter of fact, yes. We talked
it over on the way in and we both agreed she would be perfect. Dr. Jennifer
Bristol, the female researcher. She worked with Dr. Specten for the first few
months of the project before being promoted and assigned to a different
section. Her field of expertise is chemistry, and she is doing well in our
pharmaceutical branch, but she minored in theory wave physics, the kind of
weird theoretical mumbo jumbo Specten used in his calculations. Give her
a good electronics and mechanics team to back her up and I think we'll be
in business."
"Great. I'll drop the name at the board meeting later and see about
putting all this into motion." Marquita jotted down a few notes, sighing
deeply. "There. Now, before we wrap this up and let me get all this organized
for the meeting, is there any more business that I should know about?"
"Yes, there was one last thing, ma'am," Vicki said, handing Marquita
a large binder. "I think you'll find this report very enlightening. It's
something Lisa and I came across almost by accident." Marquita's look of
confusion deepened into a frown as she opened the binder to find...a strange
looking choker? No...it was no necklace, it was recognizably a collar. Silver,
lightweight and remarkably done, but a collar nonetheless.
"What the hell is this?" Marquita asked, holding up the slender band.
"What does this have to do with anything? Ladies, I am much too bust to be
bothered with your own personal fashion jewelry hang-ups!"
As one, Lisa and Vicki stood up, taking off their jackets, revealing
that they also wore identical collars...and nothing else! They were naked
from the waist up, their large busty breasts jiggling, shining slightly
with perspiration, nipples peaked from the air conditioning. Marquita opened
and closed her mouth like a fish, wordless at the sight greeting her, as
the two women walked forward. "Its more than just a fashion statement,
Ms. Kueenland," Lisa said with a knowing smile. "Its something that can
change your life. It's changed mine, and for the better." She grabbed
Marquita's hands, holding the woman still as she returned to her senses,
trying to get free. Vicki picked up the collar and deftly slipped it around
the Marketing chairwoman's neck, smiling as the auto-lock mechanism engaged,
sending its tiny wire filaments deep into Marquita's flesh. After a short
time, Marquita Kueenland settled down, sighing just once, as she relaxed
into a mindless state.
At that moment, a young man entered the room, carrying a briefcase.
He smiled at the two collared women, as they promptly fell to their knees at
his feet, kissing them gently. "Thatís enough of that for now," James spoke
briskly. "Is she ready? Were you two successful?"
"Absolutely, my Master," both women said in unison. They looked at each
other and giggled.
`"That's fine. I've alerted the media, so the camera crews should arrive
for the so-called 'scheduled interview' I phoned in earlier. They should be here
just in time to see the little show you girls are going to put on. In the
meantime, while this little toy gets Ms. Kueenland ready to play her part, you
two girls get to me MY toys for a while." He chuckled softly, openly stroking
his bulge, as both his little slaves moved to obey his wishes. Vicki set up the
small Walkman over the helpless Marquita, filling her emptied mind with
instructions. Lisa, on the other hand, began knocking over items, clearing
Kueenland's large desk to make room for more intimate activities.
Moments later, everyone was stripped of their clothing, with Vicki and
Lisa having a tongue duel over her could lick their Master's cock the best.
James sighed softly. It seemed like a tie to him, both girls were doing such
a good job. Still, he had played with Vicki for a whole week before he tired
of her and finally programmed her fully. Now he wanted to play with Lisa.
"Vicki, occupy yourself for a bit. Lisa, get your sexy ass on that desk and
spread your legs wide. It's time I got to enjoy that hot cunt of yours."
Lisa squealed with delight, opening herself to her Master. He slid into
her quickly, with no fanfare at all, moving into a quick and hard rhythm.
Eyes closed in pleasure, Lisa chewed her lip, feeling herself enter deeper
into the special place of pleasure, having her Master inside her gave her
pleasures she couldn't even imagine. Suddenly she let out a squeal, and a
loud laugh, as she opened her eyes to find Vicki sitting under the edge of
the desk between Master's legs, tickling the bottoms of Lisa's ticklish bare
feet, and sucking hard and deep on her toes. The sensation was unlike anything
she had ever felt before, and each stroke and lick on her feet seemed to center
both on her soles and her clit simultaneously. Her ticklish toes wiggled and
spread, allowing Vicki to lick deeper and harder in between, making her body
quiver with sensation, while her Master merely smiled, fucking the living
daylights out of her snatch. When her orgasm hit, it surprised her, the
sheer force of the blast sending her skyrocketing into nirvana. The edge of
pleasure had just begun to blunt ever so slightly when she peaked again,
arching into the doctor's thrusts, her toes curling into tiny little fists.
Slumping with exhaustion, Lisa rested against her Master, panting with
pleasure, looking into his glorious deep blue eyes.
At that moment, a new voice spoke up. "Mmmm...don't forget about me,
my luscious sexy Master!" Marquita, finished with her 'lessons', had risen
from the trance, and watching her slave sisters pleasing their Master,
quickly stripped out of her clothes, ready to join in as well. James moved
deftly away from Lisa, who even after such a powerful climax moaned the loss
of his dick inside her. Marquita sat down, spreading her long slender well
tanned legs wide. Her Spanish origin was evident in her sexy bare body, as
well as her name, her long raven black hair untied and loose, reaching
down to the cleft of her buttocks. Her breasts, large and perky, seemed
to jiggle invitingly, her ruby red lips pursed slightly in anticipation.
James made as if to enter her forcefully, then paused, smiling. "I have
a better idea. I think I want to feel it from YOUR side this time, my
sweet flower. Hold your hand to my collar and close your eyes." Obediently,
Marquita placed her hand to the collar, sighing softly as she felt her
whole body fall limp. Instantly, James made the jump, moving himself into
the waiting vessel, blinking as he saw himself standing there through
Marquita's eyes. He/she smiled softly, whispering to the mindless drone
standing before him/her and whispered its name. "Jerome, awaken!"
The young man blinked, shaking his head, then smiling softly at the
sight before him. This must be another gift from his Master! Without another
thought, the eager young man plunged right in, sliding his cock straight into
Marquita's pussy. He/she let out a loud moan of pleasure, the feeling of
being filled to the brim so powerful and exquisite that he/she felt his/her
toes curl in ectascy. Any further thoughts were eclipsed as the man fucked
his willing partner into sensory overload, giving him/her orgasm after
orgasm, after orgasm. James found the feeling exquisite, rejoicing in sexual
sensations no man had ever felt before, feeling the wonderfully sensual body
he was inhabiting coming like there was no tomorrow. Finally he felt it, the
warm flooding of Marquita's trench as Jerome finally came, flooding the valley
with his seed, triggering one last orgasm in Marquita as well. Sated, for now,
James drifted back along the electronic field of the collar back into Jerome,
sending the boy's mind back into limbo.
Glancing up at the clock, he saw that it was now eleven-thirty! "Seems
we went a little long, everyone," he chuckled. "The meeting has already started.
You had best get going. I'll take care of the media coverage," he said, picking
up his clothes. Obediently, the three women walked out of the office, still
completely naked, heading towards the Board Room. Several startled employees
stood and watched as the three women trod past them, shiny with sweat, pussies
wet and puffy from sex, thighs awash with their juices. Reaching the door,
Marquita took the time to straighten her collar, and smiling softly, walked
"Ah, Miss Kueenland, so good of you to finally...finally...MISS KUEENLAND!!
What the hell is the meaning of this?!?!" the committee chairman bellowed.
Several stunned men rose to their feet at the unexpected appearance, the
presentation completely forgotten.
"I'm sorry I'm late," Marquita said demurely, walking over in front of
the main screen, in full view of everyone. "I was unavoidably detained in a
meeting of my own, and I just managed to break away. I'm ready to make my
report now, however." At that, the door opened again, and Lisa and Vicki
entered, walking over to stand beside Marquita. "Thanks girls. Ahem. Profit
margins have slumped within TransCorp as of late," she began, reciting
directly from her prepared presentation. All the while, Lisa knelt down
between her legs, licking the juices from her boss's sweet core, while
Vicki, opting for the rear, had spread Marquita's cheeks wide and was
happily rimming her boss, her own anus puckering at the thought of her
skilled ministrations. "Uhhh, so the outlook," Marquita continued unsteadily,
"seems to innnndicate...ooohhh so good!. Ahem...indicate a change in our
prof....proofff...uuughh, I'm cummmmiing! YESSS!" she screamed in midsentence
before the stunned board. Several steadying breaths later, she continued as
if nothing had occurred. "As you are aware, we have spent a sizable...mmmmm...
chunk of our resources into....uuuhhhh...ooohhhh...ths Trans-4 project, and
as of yet---"
"That's enough!" the committee chairman yelled, regaining his voice.
"I don't know what possessed you to think you could prance around in here with
your two lesbian friends and think you could seduce this board into financing
whatever little scheme you are up to, but you better think again!" Reaching
for the phone, he called security. "Hello Ralph? This is Mr. Sanchez, in
the Board of Directors room! I want you to get up here and escort these
three young---HEY!" Vicki grabbed the phone and hung it up, wrapping her
arms around the sputtering sixty year old man, kissing him as deeply and
as passionately as if he was the man of her dreams. Lisa had also made her
way across the room, where she had her naked pussy in the face of one Board
member while her face was buried on the lap of another, seeking out his
'member'. Marquita smiled, climbing atop the table, touching and caressing
her naked body all over, her hips jerking lewdly in the air.
"Oh my god will you look at THIS!" a voice sounded at the door, and
everyone looked up to see the Channel 34 Action news team enter the room, with
cameras glued to the scene. This seemed to snap everyone out of their shocked
states, and the reporters were quickly brought into the room, their cameras
commandeered, with serious threats of a billion dollar lawsuit should any
photos of this incident make its way on the air. Moments later, security
arrived to escort the reporters and the now-fired women off the property.
One girl in particular, Lisa Meadows, fought the security officer, struggling
to get free, insisting that she be filmed by the tv crew. Ralph got behind her,
and zapped her with his stun gun, sending the woman to the floor in a heap.
Vicki broke away, trying to rush to Lisa's aid, and she in turn got zapped.
"Any of the rest of you make any trouble, and you get to go nite nite
just like your friend here," he said growling loudly. "Jim, Edward, help me
carry the two sleeping beauties here to the car. Ladies and gentlemen of the
press, I suggest you leave here immediately. These ladies are on their way
downtown. Marquita docilely entered the car, afraid of Ralph's wicked stun
gun. Lisa and Vicki, still unconscious, were placed beside her in the seat.
A lone man in a gray sweatsuit watched the group disperse, shook his head,
grinning, and walked away.


"Will you repeat that again for me one last time, Ms. Meadows? I want
to be sure I've got all this down correctly," the lieutenant said, glancing
at the notes in front of him. Lisa, wearing a police issue jacket over her
naked form, barely contained a scream of frustration.
"For the last time," she said through gritted teeth. "My friends and I
have been under the control of Dr. James Specten for the past several weeks.
You remember him, I'm sure, the convicted serial rapist! Yes, I know just
what you're thinking, he was electrocuted for his crimes more than a year ago.
Yes, he's dead and gone! I know all that. But what you have to understand is,
dead or not, he is STILL walking around! His...his...ghost or something, I
don't know what exactly, it possesses people, makes them into his slaves! He
send people these collars, like the one I'm wearing, and as soon as you put
it on, you blank out! You become his! Your mind becomes an open book to him
then, and you can be remade into whatever he wants you to be. That's what
happened to Vicki and Marquita and myself! Please, you've got to believe me!"
she said, tears starting to run down her eyes. The lieutenant sighed wearily.
He always hated seeing a woman cry, even if she was a nutcase.
"Okay, okay, let's say for just a moment that by some weird coincidence
that I happen to believe you," he said. "Your story has a lot of holes in it.
If this ghostly specter of yours was able to get to you when you put on the
necklaces, why didn't you simply take them off when you realized what was
"They won't come off. We tried, my friend Patty and me. We went to the
R & D lab to see if we could cut it off, get it to open somehow. Nothing. It
might look like some kind of cheap plated silver, but its some kind of new alloy
our people invented for the space shuttle. Its virtually unbreakable, and the
few things capable of cracking it would kill the wearer long before the metal
broke down."
"Okay. Space age metals. That makes sense," the policeman quipped. "Answer
me this then. If the guy was so powerful, and in such complete control of your
mind, then why is that now that you have been caught by us you are suddenly
back in your own right mind? Why are you now able to remember everything he
did to you?"
Lisa was silent. "I have been thinking on that myself for the past few
days. It had to be the stun gun. When we were arrested, I resisted. I had to
get the reporters to make this whole thing public...it was what my Mas...what
Specten wanted. He wanted TransCorp ruined for dismissing him, or at least
hurt financially. And he used Marquita, Vicki, and I to do it because we were
the ones that were responsible for his termination. It was all so clear in my
head, what he wanted, and what I had to do...it was the ONLY thing in my head.
But the guard surprised me and zapped me, and when I came to, I could recall
clearly everything that had happened. I guess the severe electric shock cleared
my mind."
"Yes, you seem very clearheaded to me, Ms. Meadows. Now let me tell you
what I think happened. You and your two lesbian friends were having a little
fun in the old work place. Let's suppose a co-worker walks in on you, and
plans to go report this to the Board of Directors right down the hall. Not
knowing what to do, you and your two friends pursue him into the office where
to your surprise the meeting has already started. You were in such a hurry
to stop him from informing that you didnít bother to get your clothes. Now you
are stuck in a room full of old men, most of them happily married, and loyal
to their wives. You know your jobs are finished, so you decide to go down
fighting, dragging as many of them with you as you can, and maybe get a little
blackmail money in the process. I haven't figured out the reporter angle yet,
whether you called them beforehand, or if they just showed up on their own,
we haven't had a chance to speak to them yet, but having all those witnesses
would certainly help any claims of wrongdoing you and your ladies might come
up with later. How am I doing so far?"
"You stupid fucking bastard," Lisa cried out in despair. "You haven't
heard a thing I've said! IT WASN'T US!! It was Specten, Dr. James Specten!
He did it all! We're innocent!"
"Hey watch your mouth!" the man growled, slamming his fist against the
table. "That kind of talk will land you back into the slammer. See there are
a few things I neglected to mention. Your other friend Vicki West is sticking
pretty much to the same story as you, but we managed to crack the third one
of your group. Ms. Kueenland admitted the whole thing, that it was a hastily
made plot to try and save your jobs. She said you were all in it too, from
beginning to end, and that you two brought HER in on it. I don't know why
you're sticking to this ghost story, whether you and West actually believe it
or whether its some ploy to get off easier, but I'm letting Bellevue take it
from here. You're going to the nuthouse for psychiatric screening until we
figure this thing out."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Vicki West sat in her room, her bare feet rubbing gently against the
soft padded foam of the walls. She smiled and sang softly to herself, laughing
at jokes only she heard. The straightjacket she wore was uncomfortable, but she
was slowly growing used to it. Like Lisa, she had regained a complete memory
of what had happened to her after the stun gun shock, only Vicki West had not
managed as well with the aftermath. Finding out that no one believed her story had been the final straw. She cracked. When she was told she and Lisa would
be sent to Bellevue, she actually smiled, welcoming the nice relaxing rest.
It had been nearly two weeks now, and occasionally they let her out
of the room to be with the rest of the patients. She waved to Lisa when she
saw her, retreating out of her self-imposed isolation to talk with her only
friend and confidant, the only person that believed her and knew what she
was going through. Soon as they finished talking, however, she would go
back into her mental limbo, smiling and laughing, staring dumbly into
One day she was told she had a visitor. A man, slightly familiar, had
come to see her and speak to her for a moment. Vicki didn't mind. Many people
had come to speak to her, not that she listened. It made them happy, so she
smiled and laughed and waved to them as they left. As she looked at this new
visitor being escorted by the guard, her eyes focused for a moment on a
flash of light at the man's neck. A silver collar. Identical to the one that
both she and Lisa still wore. Vicki shivered.
"Hmmm, poor thing must be cold," the attendant said noticing her shiver.
"Its no wonder, since they only let her wear those pajamas and that there
straightjacket. I'll be right back with a blanket for her. You can talk to her,
she is harmless enough, and anyway, with that jacket on, there's not much she
can do. Be right back," he said as he walked off.
"Take your time," James Specten replied, grinning up at Vicki. "So.
This is what happened to you. Pity really. I had hoped to bend your mind, shape
it into a thing of beauty, but seems I tapped on the crystal one time too hard
and shattered it instead." James' eyes narrowed, his vision following hers
to his collar. "Hmmm...or just maybe you're more clever than I gave you credit
for." Vicki gave another small shudder, letting her eyes unfocus, drooling, and
letting her head tilt back. "Oh no, you can't fool me now, Vicki. I saw the
recognition in your eyes. You know what THIS is," he said tapping at the
collar at his neck, "and you know who I am. I can't remote jump into you or
Lisa now, with your collars fried, but I can still direct jump into your mind.
Let's see if you've been faking it all this time!"
Placing a hand over the slender band, the man relaxed, going limp. Vicki's
eyes grew wide as she felt James' presence wash over her, forcing her down into
that small soft peaceful place she knew and dreaded so much. With the last of her
strength, she fought back, making her body struggle, her limbs flailing wildly
as she fought a losing battle for supremacy. As she gave into despair, a bright
ray of hope and absolution shone forth. The attendant had returned.
"Great shades of darkness!" he said, running over to the wildly jerking
girl. In a flash he had uncorked the hypodermic containing a strong sedative,
and fired, nailing her in the thigh. Eyes wide in surprise, the bound woman
twitched a few times, the subsided, dropping to sleep. "Whew, that was a close
one. She is usually the tamest patient in here. Are you alright, sir?" the
orderly asked the man standing quietly in the corner. His face seemed blank,
as if he was still in shock. Shaking his gently, the attendant asked again.
"Sir, are you alright?"
Jerome Manning shook his heavy head to clear the cobwebs. "Huh? Am I
alright? Uh, yeah I guess so. Um, can I leave now?" Glancing around at the
padded cell, he cringed. "Please tell me I can leave now."
"Yes, sure, of course. And I'm sorry about all this. It's my fault, I
shouldn't have left you alone like that. Please don't say anything to my
supervisor okay, I'm only a week on the job, you know?"
"Yeah, ok," he said walking out. "Don't worry about it."

It was morning when the groggy woman awoke, glancing up with bleary eyes
at her surroundings. The attendant from before was standing there, looking
worried, as well as another person, a doctor, by the looks of his coat. "Are
you sure this will help, doc," the attendant was saying. "I mean, this is
something out of an old sixty's horror movie."
"Yes, its true that we don't often use this particular method anymore
these days," the doctor replied, turning a few more switches, "but the
applications are still sound. She suffered a violent attack of some kind the
other day, something for which you were forced to sedate her. She was diagnosed
with severe brain dysfunction, to which she has been suffering from delusions,
personality changes, autism, and currently psychosis." The doctor shook his
head. "In other words, son, her brain's fried. So we might as well see if
we can give her a nice twenty-thousand volt jump-start."
Twenty-thousand volts?!? James looked around, trying violently to move,
to get up, to speak, but the body he was inhabiting was tied down tight. A gag
was placed tightly inside Vicki's mouth, to keep her from biting her tongue
during the shock. They planned to give Vicki electro-shock therapy, only HE
was about to be on the receiving end! Glancing around, he desperately tried to
make a jump to the nearest outlet, nearest piece or electronic equipment
before those synapse frying probes about his head came on. Nothing. With
despair, he remembered that Vicki's collar had been scrambled during her
last jolt of electricity, and rendered useless. He could only jump into
her by direct contact, therefore he could only jump OUT of her by direct
contact. And there was no where to jump.
"Stand clear," the doctor called as he powered up the machine. The
last thing James Specten heard before the voltage drop was the sound of
Vicki's voice, still fighting him deep inside her own body. She was
laughing with glee.
"I told you one day you would get yours, Doctor," she laughed
insanely. "And I'm here to see it! Who cares if I go down with you, it'll
be a pleasure to see them send your sorry ass back to hell where you belong!
Goodbye, Doctor. You're getting yours right now!"
"Clear!" Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
The lights outside the room dimmed for a moment, then resumed. This
happened a few more times in the next several minutes, but the doctors
didn't mind, they were used to it. As for the patients, well...never mind.
The rest is...silence.

>>>>>The End...for now.

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