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MESLUT hurt and confusion adolescence that


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

One after the other they stuck their cocks in her. One after the
other they sawed their cocks back and forth and came on her, in her,
over her. One after the other they finished and let the next one take their
No orifice was spared. She was taken one, two, three at a time.
No tiny spot of skin was left untouched by spurting semen. And one
after the other the line went on.
She was drenched and fragrant when it was finally over. She
had long since- hours and hours ago- become numb to the pains and
twinges of overuse. As she lay in the pool- an actual puddle of cum surrounding her- all that was left was the glow and an old dream playing
on the marquee of her sated mind.
"You are a crude person. I don't think you respect me at all,"
the only vaguely familiar vision of herself at 16 was saying.
"Dammit Janet, you get me all worked up and then you pull
away," the boy was replying, "I think you're teasing me on purpose.
That's what's crude. Don't you like me at all?"
A scared child- wanting to be liked, but totaly unconnected to
sex or its desires. It was a void in her life and one that no one- at least
no one grown up wanted to color in. Rather, she was praised for what
they thought was restraint, but was in fact ignorance.
It was a hurtful, confusing time for Janet, but it was in the midst
of so much hurt and confusion of adolescence that it did not stand out.
She got a reputation that again set her off from her peers and brought
her the praise of the grown-ups.
It was in her senior year that she suffered the defining moment.
No one but the men themselves, to this day, knows who waited for her
behind the school. There were two of them and they were hooded. They
sprang out of the delivery bay and easily overpowered the shocked
It was humiliating and ugly, but janet was more confused than
outraged as one held her down and the other tore at her clothes. She
didn't understand what they wanted.
"You've got a cute little puss," one growled and she didn't
When he pushed between her legs and forced himself into her,
she understood the biology, but not the significance of his intention. And
the biology was masked by the tearing pain of him ripping away her
It was incredibly gross to have his organ moving inside her. It
felt so foreign. She could have never imagined that feeling. It was far
beyond any kind of feeling she would have been able to conjure up.
But her lower body was changing as a result. She could tell the
blood was rushing to her woman's organs and she felt a heat and a
wetness that she could not explain. Even the feeling was transmuted into
something less intrusive and more interesting.
It still wasn't nice. She knew that with all her experience. But it
was becoming engaging and piqued her curiosity. She nearly protested
as the one finished with hard, rapid thrusts and pulled his member out of
But then the next took his place and her discovery continued.
There was only the smallest remnant of pain as the other one took her
and his passage in and out of her was smoothed. It was as if coating
liquids lubricated his way as he thrust at her awakened womanhood.
It wasn't nice to let him do it, but her body was giving her a
different opinion. There was almost a burning between her legs and she
felt a tightness of anticipation in her chest. It felt like something good
coming and janet couldn't imagine what it could be.
But she knew she wanted it. As much as she would like them to
leave, she wanted this promise to be fufilled. She didn't know what to
do, so she laid back and hoped she would find out what her body was
trying to tell her.
Then the second one pulled out without fufilling the promise.
"You count to 100- real slow, or we'll grab you again and make
you real sorry," the first one threatened.
She didn't bother to count. She gave them plenty of time to run
away as she tried to restore order to her clothes. And then she went
It was not the kind of thing her mother wanted to hear about.
And she knew she couldn't help identify the men. She had been too
scared and then too occupied to notice anything about them. But the
questions they raised bothered her day after day.
What was her body straining for? What secret was locked in
sex that could so affect her? She knew her will had nothing to do with it.
She didn't understand it. She couldn't have been making it happen. And
she wasn't willing anything except the whole experience away when it
The one thing she knew was that it was centered in the
man-thing going inside her body. Sex, screwing, fucking, doing it- there
was some mystery connected to that. It haunted her mind so totally that
Janet finally knew she had to find out what it was to put her brain at
She had to ask the boy out because of her reputation. But she
found one that was willing to give her a chance. And later, in his car, she
opened herself for him.
Yes, it had the same feel. Yes, it offered the same promise. But
his brief session of thrusting into her left her with the same aching need
that she had experienced with the rapists.
She wanted to give up. She suspected it was a tease- like a
get-rich-quick scheme that she would never understand. But her body
would not let her rest. Maybe it was the wrong boy. Maybe he was
just doing it wrong. She would worry and puzzle until she solved the
riddle. She had to try again.
Her reputation underwent a quick reversal as she dated and
mated with a growing number of boys, hoping to find the finish of the
feelings their cocks- she had learned the technical terms by then- started
in her pussy. A couple of times she felt she was so near, but there was
always that let down when they pulled out of her.
It was the same over and over. She was done. She quit. It was
senseless. And then the itch started in her crotch and the urge spoke to
her- maybe the next one, come on, don't be a quitter. There was no rest
from the hunger between her legs and she would give in again.
One night the boy had parked outside the local chemical plant.
There was little significance in that. It was a popular place to park and
there was never anyone in the rear gate shack at night. Until that night.
This boy was more callous than most. He had simply lowered
his pants and thrown up her skirt before he pushed his cock into her.
They were squirming about full-clothed as far as an observer would be
concerned, but janet could feel him humping away at her and the now
familiar warming come to her crotch.
She had her eyes squeezed shut, trying, trying, when the hard
rap came on the window.
"Break it up. Get out of the car," came a command muffled by
the window.
The boy froze and then tried to be secretive about pulling up his
pants before he got off her. She pushed down her skirt when he got up,
but not before the face in the window had seen her spread charms.
The boy tried to speak, but the man outside overruled him, "I
said get out of the car."
He was the security guard that was never in the rear. He was
trying to look stern and important, but he couldn't contain the grin that
was breaking his attempt at sterness.
"You can't park here. And you can't be doing that on this
property," he said. "I can call the police and have you arrested for
trespass, but all they'll do is call your parents. So I'll cut out the middle
"You," he said pointing to the boy, "get in the car and go straight
home. I'll call the girl's parents and then can come and get her."
He was off in a shot, leaving janet at the mercy of the guard.
She dreaded the whole awful truth coming out. She didn't know what
she could say. Her parents still thought she was a virgin. She saw her
whole life swirl down a toilet in her mind.
The guard watched her tremble. That teenage pussy had put
ideas in his head. Seeing her fear made him confident that he could work
out a compromise.
"You look scared," he said and waited for her to nod in
agreement before contunuing, "I bet you're going to be in plenty of
trouble with your parents."
"I don't know what I'll say. They don't know I do this," she said,
breaking into sobs.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait now," he said, trying to conceal his
evil intentions behind a mask of concern, "I know how it is. I guess I
shouldn't do this, but I'll take you home when my shift's over. I guess
I don't have to call your folks."
Janet only heard that she wouldn't have to explain. She was still
gripped in the panic as he led her into the gate shack, but she was
gaining some control over her breathing. She didn't notice the way he
was staring at her.
He didn't know how to proceed. She had come inside willing
enough, but he didn't know what to say to make her take the next step.
Frustrated, he relied on actions instead of words. He grabbed her and
pulled her to him, mashing his lips against hers.
"No! Stop! What are you doing?" she yelped as she twisted to
get away from his mouth.
"Quit fighting and shut up," he ordered, too far gone for the
niceties now. "You think anyone would believe that you put out for every
school boy in town and then you wouldn't for me? You cut it out or I'll
call your parents after I'm through with you."
Unfortunately, janet had been down this road before. She knew
the feeling of being helpless. At least when she stopped struggling, he
stopped trying to kiss her and turned his attention to pulling her skirt
out of the way.
Her underwear was still in the car, so he had an unobstructed
view of her tender young pussy. His cock had been hard, but now it
throbbed with the prospect of diving into that sweet hole.
"Lay down," he ordered her hoarsely, "Spread your legs."
It seemed a weight of fate was pushing her to the floor as she
complied with his rough direction. The horrible inevitability seemed to
loom over her whole life as she watched him tear at his belt and open
his pants to expose his hard cock. She waited in total helplessness as
he got down over her and poised to plunge into her.
"No, on second thought, get on your knees," he paused and
changed his mind.
Janet rolled over and pulled her legs up under her and then he
stopped her with two strong hands around her hips. She felt his cock
graze her lips and then surge inside her with one painful thrust.
"Yeah, that's it!" he crowed as his hairy belly pressed tight to her
smooth backside. "Now I'm going to give your teeny pussy a fucking
like its never had. Get ready to be fucked by a MAN!"
Her mind was a rowboat in the whirlpool of her circumstances.
Everything was out of her control. He held her too tight to escape and
there was no place to go if she managed to wriggle free. There was no
defense against the hard rod prodding into her. And clouding the issue
was the quiet voice in the back of her head telling her that it wasn't any
different than letting all the boys do the same thing.
"Yeah! Take it slut!" he was shouting at her, "Fuck my hard
cock you little teen-age tease."
The abuse was muted as his charging cock was bringing the
familiar ache to her crotch. She was buffeted about by his belly
slamming into her, but each flop brought with it the feeling of his hard
pole boring out a place in her spongy depths. She could feel her pussy
start to suck at the shaft of meat being worked in her sheath.
"You like it, don't you," he demanded, "You like it. You like my
cock you little slut."
She couldn't answer. She was getting close. It was hard to
breathe. Her pussy was electrified with sensitivity. She was so close.
"Do it for me baby," he moaned as his hands closed tighter on
her hips and his cock pounded faster into her enlivened sex. "Take it
all and get me off!"
*Oh sweet mystery of life at last I've found thee!* Then it was
all over her, around her, in her and through her. She jerked as if she
had been plugged into a socket and she felt her pussy grab at his
thrusting organ in spasms. Sparkly cool waves ran through her body and
the world winked out.
She was surprised that she was still bouncing at the end of his
cock when she next had a thought. He was brief and finished with a
florish of deep, hard jabs. But now the secrets were hers. They just
hadn't made the mystery go away. But she knew there was a reason for
letting a man put his cock in her.
Dazed, she plopped to her butt on the floor when he pulled
away. He looked at her laying there and grinned. He knew the little slut
had come. He didn't have to worry about her anymore.
"Since I was so good to you, why don't you come over here
and lick Uncle Edgar clean," he gloated.
She didn't know if he was Edgar or that was a pet name for his
cock. She wasn't sure what he was talking about, though she had a
pretty good idea he wanted her to lick his cock. She had heard gossip
thet some girls did that rather than let a boy go all the way, but hadn't
paid much attention because she did go all the way.
There wasn't much alternative. Besides, she was still confused
over what had happened. Why this guy? He wasn't bigger and hadn't
lasted longer than the boys. She moved over and licked his organ while
she considered.
He could tell she didn't have much experience. However, he
was in just the mood to teach her.
"Put it in your mouth and suck," he counseled. "Then move your
head back and forth to let it go in and out."
She found she had to suck to make it come back into her
mouth after she had pulled off it. She found it would stretch like an
earthworm as she sucked while she pulled back. But those lessons, like
the slimy taste and spoiled smell of his cock were muted by continuing
attempts to understand her orgasm.
It was obviously that secret that she had been searching for but
it opened more questions than it answered. The first among then was
why it happened with this gross old man. She was still getting nowhere
with the question twenty minutes later when the cock in her mouth
stiffened again.
He thought she would stop on her own. Or that he'd have to
order her to keep it up longer. But after a time his anticiption of her
stopping shifted to anticipation of the dead rising again and what he'd
do to her then. He hadn't fucked his wife twice in the same night for 10
years, but this young piece was getting him hot.
"Bend over that stool," he ordered when he felt that his cock
was rigid enough to do the required damage.
Janet got up and did as she was told, laying across the seat and
holding onto the legs for balance. He threw up the skirt and she resigned
herself to the good that could come of his using her again. At least she
might be able to understand what had made him the one to give her that
first orgasm.
But he had another treat in mind for her. As he had fucked her
from behind, he had pulled up her butt to open her cheeks and looked
down on the little pink pucker of her asshole as he watched his cock
ram in and out of her cunt. This time he was going to open up her tight
little ass.
He was well slobbered with her spit, so it wasn't the cruelest
way he could take that virginity. He put his cock right to the spot and
pushed it in.
"Let up!" he warned, "Let up or it's going to tear you wide open!"
Janet wasn't having the most trouble with his size splitting her
rectum as it stretched it beyond capacity. She was still in shock that he
had chosen to put his cock where her shit came out. There was nothing
in the gossip she heard about this.
She panicked and tried to get away. He grabbed the back of
her neck and pushed her head down. As she struggled, his cock slipped
deeper into her anus. With a lunge he buried it in her.
She was a trapped animal. His belly was again pressed tight
against her rear and the grip of his hand on her neck was like a steel
trap. He controlled her fore and aft and she could only take whatever
he wanted to do to her. And her pussy was wet.
Pain obscured what was going on in the lower entrance as he
pulled back and rammed his cock into her ass again. There was
something very animal about the way he invaded the tight passage.
"You like that honey?" he was asking. "You ever have a dick in
this tight hole before?"
"Noooo-" she wailed to both questions.
He liked it very much indeed. It was a painfully tight entrance,
and he enjoyed the death grip sliding back to the base of his prick. The
cheeks of her ass were so firm and fresh under his charge. And she
squirmed just like a worm going on a hook. She was his whether she
liked it or not. He had staked a basic primal claim to her and he was
using her in all the ways he wanted.
The pounding was unbearable and her nipples were hard. He
struck vital organs, or so it seemed, every time his cock stabbed into
her bowels and her pussy was twitching. She was lost in a confused
world of pain/pleasure with the constant being her lack of choice.
She screamed. It wasn't a wail of despair. It was consternation
with an undeniable edge of passion as she was shaken with an orgasm
again. This certainly wasn't the secret of sex. She was more confused
now than ever.
She hated it and it hurt. There was nothing for her in this
unnatural act, but she had the climax. He emphasized the pain and
degredation with his frantic search for his own climax hard and deep up
her ass. She suffered the tearing and the pain because she had to. He
still held her helpless by the neck.
She groaned as he withdrew the pestering cock and he snorted.
"You can act as martyred as you want, but we both know you
really liked it," he accused. "You women all like to act so high and
mighty, but you like it and I gave you a taste of something new."
She would have said subjected if she wanted to argue, but she
had enough confusing her that all she wanted was time to think. Time to
think and a chance to soak her poor torn ass.
He dropped her off as promised and never bothered her again,
except for the questions he left her with. She tried a boy again and had
the same frustrating result as with the others. It was worse to know the
answer and still not be able to work out the riddle.
She was working the summer after graduation when her boss
filled in the blank. He was filled with double entendre that she chose to
ignore until the evening they were in the shop alone. Then he
abandoned the sparring and took her by force.
"You want it. You know you want it," he muttered as held her
against the counter and pulled away her clothes.
He was too strong for her to escape, but she was too elusive
for him to to be able to enter. She struggled as he tried to put his cock
in her until he turned a key that opened many doors at once.
"Stop it. Stop dodging or I'll tie you down and fuck you up the
butt," he menaced and his words touched her at many levels.
The image of being tied down sent an immediate thrill through
her and then him using her any way he wanted kept her imagination
occupied. In response, he pinned her against the counter with the 'pin'
going hard up her cunt.
"That's not so bad now, is it?" he soothed as he hunched against
her. "You like that don't you."
He disgusted her. And all at once she understood. Nice didn't
work for her. Helplessness and fear were her aphrodisiacs.
"Like what?" she shot back. "Is it in yet, you tiny-dicked little
Her taunts had the desired effect. His face became a teeth-baring
mask of anger.
"Feel it now?" he demanded as he rammed her hard against the
counter. "Feel that? Or is your cunt so used that it takes a pony to get
you off?"
Abuse was good too. His hateful words added something to the
growing tingle in her pussy. Now she knew what it took to get her off:
shame, fear and helplessness- self abasement, whatever overwhelmed
her self-image and self-respect.
He was surprised, but pleased when she had the obvious and
vocal orgasm while he violated her. And he figured out at once what the
trick was. He pinned her under, against and over many things and tied
her to others that summer. And he did tie her down and take her up the
butt as he had first threatened.
It was the affair that changed it all. She found as long as she was
the victim, she was excited. And she found there were many ways for
her to get that feeling.
The rest was blurred repetition and a chapter of physical abuse
that she tried to blot out. If humiliation and forced submission were her
things, pain was not.
She sat up stiffly on the cum-soaked bed. For all the fluid that
had been dumped on and in her, she was dying of thirst. She needed a
drink to replace what had been lost to the screams of pleasure and the
sweat of writhing fufillment.
College was a lot better than high school, she mused as she
padded naked and cum-covered to the fraternity refrigerator. Whether
they understood or not, at least the guys were willing to fufill her desires.
Most of them had been more than willing, she noted as she searched for
something besides beer on the shelves.
She had gone from a high school object of ridicule to the most
notorious girl in school and all it had taken was a gang-bang or two.
And whatever the hundred or so she had fucked so far thought, it was
her that was reaping the big rewards. One tender lover and dependable
sex might be nice too, for some, but she was a slut.
Thank God that she had found that out early enough to put it to
good use.


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