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MFV stretch some Its bit


Keywords: inc, tg/f, anal, schoolgirl, ex, mastAuthor: Brett LynnTitle:
Marilyn's family Values

Here's the third part out of my bizarre mind. Now we get to learn a bit
more about our heroine Marilyn. Plus, there's still the requisite sex and
a little bit of intrigue thrown into the mix. Plus, this won't come out as
rushed as the last two...I hope. My damn background as an editorial writer
rushing to meet deadlines is, albeit slightly, mucking up my work. This
one's gonna be longer than the first two, so get nice and comfy in front of
your glowing computer screens, remove any obstructive clothing ;-), and
enjoy this fine piece of 'family' literature. I hope you guys keep showing
me the love you have for the first two.

Now it's time for the part I should have made into a macro on my copy of
Word right now...the disclaimers! This work of fiction is for the
non-commercial use of its readers. Permission to copy and distribute
through electronic media for non-commercial purposes is granted. All
commercial and non-electronic rights are reserved by me, the author.
Please do not read this story if you are offended by adult material,
reading this material is illegal in your legal jurisdiction or, if in the
United States, under the age of 18. It ain't like this disclaimer is going
to stop the determined, but I gotta try. So without further ado, on with
the story.

MARILYN'S family VALUES By Brett Lynn

Marilyn quickly dashed into the locker room, threw on her normal school
uniform, pulled out a compact-shaped container and a pill bottle and walked
over to the row of sinks in the locker room. She then put down the pill
bottle and opened up the compact. She pulled out the pill marked for that
day in the circle, placed the compact down, then opened up the pill bottle
and removed a green and white pill from there. She quickly placed both in
her mouth, turned on the faucet, then cupped her hands under it. She
raised her hands up to her face, drank the water and swallowed the pills
along with it.

"Hi Marilyn!"

The shock of the voice nearly made her choke in surprise. However, she
gathered herself, then turned to face the voice that startled her.

"Oh, hi Mandy! What's up?"

"Nothing much," said Mandy, giving her face a quick splash of water.
"Just trying to get ready for class. Hey, what's with those pills?," she
said, pointing at the pills on the edge of the sink.

"Oh, the little compact over there is birth control pills. And those
pills over there are for my, um, er, allergies."

"OK," she said unbelievingly. "What does someone with a dick, and a
pretty large and obvious one at that, need birth control pills," she asked
herself, "it doesn't matter how feminine she looks". She also wondered why
she was so slow to say what those other pills were for. She guessed that
she would find out in due time.

"Hey, what's your phone number Marilyn? Maybe we could, you know, hang
out sometime."

"It's 555-1684, OK? Call me later tonight."

"OK, catch you later! Bye!"

With that, Marilyn grabbed up the pills and returned over to her locker.
She shut the door and shoved the pills into her backpack. Then, after a
quick brush back of her hair, she got out the locker room and on her way to
Trig class. Marilyn did extremely well in that class without trying. In
fact, her time probably would be better spent watching some hoochies
strutting their stuff on the Jenny Jones show. However, rules are rules,
and she had to attend every class. "At least I can generally sleep through
this one," she thought to herself. Finally, she made it into class just as
the bell rang for class. She dropped her bag down at the desk, unzipped
it, pulled out the homework and dropped it on the teacher's desk. Then,
she returned to her desk, ready for a nice afternoon nap after all that had

"Mmmm-MMM! You lookin' good there shorty!"

Marilyn gazed up, knowing only one knuckle head stupid enough to say
something like that...William Gaines. He was as tall as she, but he was
big and brawny and a bit chubby. Though a bit too short for the spot, he
was the starting power forward for the boy's basketball team as a
rebounding and offensive force. He sure was an offensive force off the
court, too, with his attitude. "He probably is a closet case who needs a
constant ego boost due to his tiny dick," she thought to herself.

"Hey, there honey! Why don't you hook a brother up! You know I want
that ass!"

Marilyn looked at William incredulously, then came up with a response.

"Do you want the ass?"


"I SAID, do you want the ass?"

"Yeah, baby!"

Then, Marilyn turned around and faced with her back to William. Then,
she bent over slightly, smacked the side of her ass hard, turned her head
to William and screamed "THEN KISS IT BABY!"

The class oohed in response to the dis done by Marilyn. William sat
there in shock, not realizing who he was dealing with. Marilyn stood up
from her position, then stepped forward and took her seat in front of

"CLASS! CLASS! CALM DOWN! Now today, we're going to continue our
discussion of proofs of congruence..."

As Marilyn slumped down in her chair and began to doze off, she thought
to herself, "why do these guys think I want them? Yuck! They disgust me!
Who'd wanna touch an actual guy, especially another penis. I know cats
think I'm cute and all, but don't they realize that those rumors about me
being lesbian might be true? Duh!"

"Yo, Will, you need to chill with that, man," said a friend of
William's. "That chick is dyked out! You'd have a better shot bagging
Ellen DeGeneres!"

William answered back snidely, "that's because Ellen hasn't met me yet.
Given a chance, I could bag her, and I can definitely bag that shorty."

"Yeah. Whatever you say man."



The sound of the final bell of the day brought Marilyn out of her
dreams. "It would be nice if I had India and Heather Hunter as sex slaves,"
she thought about her erotic dream. "Besides, I doubt tiny as they are,
those porn queens couldn't handle me by theirselves."

Marilyn shook the proverbial cobwebs out of her head, then picked up her
backpack and followed the stream of students out of the class. She vaguely
heard about a test coming up that Monday, and made a quick mental note of
it. She was thinking about how she needed to head out to the locker room
to change into the clothes she wore for her afterschool job. But first,
there was a small bit of stuff she had to take care of before she went on
to work.



Marilyn then quickly walked up to her fraternal twin sister, Sharilynn.
There was the expected family resemblance with the two, but Sharilynn had
some unique features of her own. For one, she was a little bit shorter
than her twin at 5'11", and she pulled her hair up in a pony tail.
However, when one looked at her body, one would definitely think that the
excess flesh that didn't go into her height went all over the place. Her
breasts were even more filled out that her fraternal twin's at 38DDD.
Also, her hips were much wider, and the school-mandated plaid uniform skirt
seemed like a mini-skirt with her round, voluptuous ass that seemed more in
place on a porn star than a high school student, even without the turn-up
that she liked to throw in.

"Hi Sharilynn!," Marilyn said as she wrapped her arms around her
sister's waist and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Fine. How was yours?"

Marilyn disengaged one arm from around her sister, lowered the other one
to the top of her butt, stuck her tongue out and licked her sister's ear.
She smiled and replied, "it was OK. Classes were easy, plus I 'helped'
somebody out in the locker room before gym. What did you do all day?"

"Well, nothing out of the usual, you know? Just classes and stuff."

As she said that, her sister slid her hand up under her skirt, feeling
her bare ass exposed by the g-string she was wearing. Then her sister slid
her hand over to the string that stuck out between her cheeks and slid her
finger under the g-string. She quickly lowered the finger to the puckered
asshole, at which Sharilynn gasped.

"What are you doing there, sis?," she asked.

"Oh, nothing for you to be concerned about sis. Just relax and let it
go. So anything interesting happen today?"

"Oh, nothing that interesting. Mmmm. Just the usual parade of guys trying to get in my panties, she said" She was thankful for her locker
location by a concrete pillar and that she stood facing out into the hall.
With Marilyn standing to the other side of the pillar, no one could see
what was going on.

As she said this, Marilyn gently pressed her fingernail against her
puckered asshole and pressed in, knowing how much her sis loved anal
stimulation. She gently wiggled her finger out, not feeling like giving
her hand a good scrubbing before going to work, and lightly scratched her
nail in the area between her asshole and pussy. She asked softly, "so, did
any guys particularly strike your fancy?," as her nail lightly grazed
against the edge of her pussy lips.

"Oh! Oh, there was one in particular, he was, like, your height in
flats. He filled out that uniform nicely, so I thought. Ooooh. But the
one thing I did like was below his waist, if you know what I mean."

As she was saying this, her teasing sister continued her assault. Her
nail was tracing against her sister's slit, moving her finger up and down
against the g-string. On one pass, she decided to press her nail against
Sharilynn's clit firmly and dug into the clit with her nail as she was
scratching it. Then, she kept brushing her nail along her sister's now wet
slit. Just then, Mandy decided to pass on by the sisters.

"Hi Mandy!," Marilyn said to Mandy as she was continuing her assault on
her sister.

"Hi Marilyn, Sharilynn! Have a nice weekend, OK?"

"Alright, we DEFINITELY will!," Marilyn said knowingly, thinking about
the fun she was going to have with her sister.

After Mandy passed on down the hall, Marilyn asked, "would you like to
cum now? And tell me what was so interesting below your little crush's

"Oh yeah...p-please. As I was trying to say, he looked so h-h-huge down
there. Not as big as yours is, but a very impressive specimen nonetheless.
OH was so nice..."

As she was saying this, her sister had pressed another finger inside her
pussy. As she was beginning to pump that wet pussy, her fingernail had
focused on Sharilynn's clit. As her nail flicked her sister's clit, her
other finger was starting to pump quickly in and out of her sis, slightly
stretching out the g-string, digging it into her ass and rubbing against
her ass. In a few seconds, she felt her sister's body trying to stop the
shivering of her body that betrayed her impending orgasm. As Sharilynn's
pussy spasmed, she bit her lip, blew out hard through her nose and gently
whimpered. Marilyn mercifully stopped moving her hand and let her sister ride out the orgasm. She pulled her hand out of her sister's g-string and
licked her ear.

She then said to her sister, "you liked that, didn't you?"

"Of course you know I did. You know how to work my pussy with your
hands. I can't wait for tonight."

"Yeah, I know sis. Look, I gotta get going to work. I'll see ya when I
get back in, and we will have plenty of time to play like this and more."

Sharilynn shivered at the thought and answered, "And I know what more
is! Well, I'll let you get on to work. See ya sis!" She then kissed her
sister on the cheek.

Marilyn then kissed back, then went off into the locker room. After
quickly washing her hands, she took off her uniform, and pulled a T-shirt
out of her backpack. Then, she opened her locker, pulled out her blue
baggy jeans and debated whether to wear then with or without panties. Even
though she often went without panties with jeans like this, the thoughts of
what she was going to do with her sister tonight made that a bit
impossible. After all, it would very unusual for someone with a body like
hers to have a hard-on poking out on her jeans. This was an ordinary
middle class neighborhood after all, not Greenwich Village or the Jerry
Springer show. After switching her platform shoes for the sneakers in her
locker, she pulled on her baggy jeans over her shoes. She dressed rather
the tomboy, her only concession to her femininity the baby blue baby
T-shirt she pulled on over her bra and well-endowed chest, with the now
ubiquitous "Porn Star" logo screen printed on.

After pulling out a Walkman and placing the headphones on her head, she
picked up her backpack and went out to the bus stop. Pressing play, she
allowed the sounds of the Ruff Ryders compilation blast into her air. "I
like that 'WW III' song," she thought to herself. "It's the perfect song
to get amped to."

After a five minute wait, she used her student MetroCard to get on the
bus and take the 10 minute ride out to her job...'librarian assistant' at
the Van dyke branch of the New York Public Library. All that meant was
that she sat at the front desk checking out people's books. It wasn't the
greatest job in the world, but it gave her spending money for clothes,
tapes and stuff. The only thing that annoyed her was that the nickname the
younger regular patrons gave her, Professor, for teaching at the 'Van dyke school of sexuality'. Grumbling to herself at the bad pun, she stepped off
the bus and walked across the street to work.

It was a quiet day at the job. Not too many people were checking out
books, giving her ample time to read through the library copy of The

"Yo, Professor!"

"Here we go," she thought to herself. Another one of the regulars who
hung around the library decided to try to mess with. She didn't know who
was who because she stopped looking at them a long time ago. After all,
eye contact would be showing them respect they don't deserve.

"Quiet down," Marilyn half-whispered and half-shouted. "Don't your ass
know that this is a library?"

"Anyway, Professor, I know you're the professor and all, but would you
like to take some night classes with me? I could teach you some
thang-thangs, you know?"

"I'd LOVE to take you up on your offer," Marilyn said disingenuously.
She ten looked up at the guy and said, "however, your girl has already me
up on a similar offer. She is getting A's, but I dunno how straight they
are." She then winked at the guy.

In complete shock, the guy said, "well, well, Fuck you!"

"I know you wanna fuck me!"

With that, the security guard escorted the rude patron out of the
library, and she went back to figuring out what album got how many mikes.
After switching to reading an old copy of Vibe, she noticed quitting time
was here. She got up, punched in her time card, and got out in a hurry,
thankful it wasn't her turn to close the library. She jumped on the bus
that pulled up to the bus stop just as she was walking up, and she began
the 15 minutes journey back to home. Between thinking about her sister,
and the short, thick girl across from her with the extension braids and the
big ol' titties, she was thankful that she was wearing her panties. "The
limits of my panties are being tested right about now," she thought to
herself. "Thank God they can stretch some. It's a bit of pain sitting on
a hard-on though. I can't wait till I get home so I can get out of these
panties!" She also wished she could get the phone of the girl across from
her. However, despite the impressive specimen of manhood between her legs,
she knew how feminine she looked and knew they didn't exactly take to
kindly to gays and lesbians in the neighborhood. Even though she knew she
could how her own, she didn't feel like getting into it. "After all, it's
the beginning of the weekend. I'm trying to relax," she though to herself.

She got off the bus at her stop and walked the two blocks off the main
street to her house. When she made it to the simple wooden A-frame house,
she fished the keys out of her jeans pocket and let herself it. She then
sprinted up the stairs, and walked down the hallway to her room. She saw
the light on in her sister's room and decided to scream out to her.

"Hi Sharilynn. Where's mom and dad?"

"Dad's at work, as usual. Mom's still stuck on the job. She's probably
checking in on some research again. You know how she do with those labs."

"Yeah, I know."

"Hey, I wanna play with you. Can you do it right now?"

"Nah, chill. I gotta unwind some first. It's the beginning of the
weekend. Besides, there's gonna be plenty of time for that. Don't you
worry. I'll let you know when I can play. Just be ready when I want to,


With that, Marilyn opened the door to her room. It looked like a
typical teenagers room, with underwear, baby and regular T-shirts and jeans
strewn every which way. A pile of clothes in one corner were for dirty
clothes, and Anthony Mason and Tyra Banks posters were posted in another
corner. Vaguely scanning the scene, Marilyn tossed her bag aside and
closed the door to her room. Then she took off her T-shirt and removed her
bra, letting her huge boobs free to the open air. "Ooh, that feels good
taking off that bra," Marilyn thought to herself. "My boobs feel much
better when they're nice and free." Marilyn then spent a little bit of time
playing with her boobs, massaging them with the palms of her hands until
her nipples hardened a little. Not wanting to get too excited, she put the
baby T-shirt back on and concentrated on bringing herself back to an even
sexual keel. She then stepped out of her sneakers, unbuckled her belt,
unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled off her jeans and panties in
one motion. She stepped out of both, then removed the panties from the
jeans, tossing them in the general direction of the dirty clothes pile.
She gently pulled the tip of her dick from the crack of her ass and let it
drop freely between her soft thighs. Then, she pulled her jeans back on
and just re-buttoned the jeans. "Perfect," she thought to herself. "I'm
nice and comfy, plus I have easy access to myself."

She stepped over to her computer in the corner, sat down in the office
chair and turned it on. The computer went through the motions of booting
up, and she put in her password at the appointed time. When her Windows
screen popped up, she double-clicked on the Napster icon and let the
program connect. "Thank God for this cable network connection," she said
out loud to herself. "I'd never be able to do this on a dial-up." The
'this' she was referring to? Collecting MP3s of songs by obscure 80s R&B
acts. Her search target today was Bunny DeBarge's "A Dream." "Ain't
nothing like cheesy R&B," she thought to herself. Once she managed to find
the file on the network, she initiated a download and tended to other, more
important things like e-mail and getting herself ready to play with her
sister. Once her thankfully small e-mail load was taken care of, she fired
up Netscape and started hitting up the usual suspect sites for sex stories.
She had a decent collection of those too, and she was open to any subject
matter as long as it wasn't too mushy or had anything to do with something
illegal like rape or child molestation.

After scanning the lists of the new stories on a few sites, she came
upon a nice stroke story featuring some archetypal megaslut. It was tailor
made for what she was trying to do. Reading the description of the female
heroine got her nipples to crinkle up and harden, causing a pleasure
feedback loop to result from the rough texture of her baby tee and the
ever-increasing sensitivity of her hardening nipples. In turn, this got
her limp dick stirring in her jeans, the tip brushing against the soft skin
of her thighs. Getting her breath back after having it taken away, she
continued on reading the story. Following the hot action, she reached down
into her jeans and pulled out her now-semi hard cock. Pawing at her huge
breasts through her T-shirt and slowly stroking on her dick, she came upon
a really hot fuck scene. Enjoying how hot the scene was, she picked up the
pace stroking on her now fully erect cock with her left while her right
hand rubbed and pinched on her hard nipple. Hunching over so her tip could
brush against her T-shirt encased boobs, she picked up the pace, feeling an
orgasm coming on. She pumped her dick faster and tighter, thinking she
could hold on until the end of that scene, but it was longer that she
thought. "I think I might have went to far on that scene. That scene was
so HOT," she thought to herself. Carefully, she unbuttoned her jeans and
slid them down to about mid-thigh. Then, she signed onto a tech news site,
waiting to cool herself down just enough. Scanning the headlines for stuff
to read later on, she got up, clutching her jeans up with her knees and
thighs, walked out across the hallway to her sister's room and cracked open
the door.

She looked in to see her sister at her dresser on the other side of the
room, her legs hidden by the bed. The radio was playing softly some inane
commercial. Her sister was bent over slightly over the dresser, doing
something she liked to do from time to around with her make-up.
She was still wearing her school uniform and had just put on some mascara.
Sharilynn went to put on some lipstick, and Marilyn gently pushed the door
more open. She softly took a step into the room, and waited for her sister to finish up with the lipstick. When her sister finished putting on her
lipstick, Marilyn quickly closed the few steps around the bed to her
sister, squeezed her sister's tits together and gently ground her exposed
cock into her skirt-covered ass. Sharilynn, who had just put the lipstick
down, gasped in surprise when her sister grabbed her.

Sharilynn looked in the mirror at her sister, smiled and said, "so I see
you're ready to play now."

"Yes I am," Marilyn said as she pawed firmly on her sister's breasts.
"By the way, I like that shade of lipstick on your lips. Blood red.

"I knew you would. After all, that's all your nails stay in."

Marilyn kneeled down and pulled off her sister's g-string. Then, she
slid her way back up her sister's body, nestling her hard prick under her
sister's skirt between her butt cheeks. "True," she replied when she
settled her manhood on her sister's body. "Why would I constantly wear it
if I didn't like it." She pulled her sister's shirt out of her skirt, then
started unbuttoning it. "So do you want me to warm you up as always, sis?"

"Yes, please."

"As you wish, sis."

Marilyn pulled the shirt off of her sister, then undid the catch on the
back of her sister's bra. She knew want her sister play with
her breasts and pussy until she came. Personally, she would rather go down
on her sister's tasty lips, shaved bare but for that vertical stripe above
her clit. However, her sister regarded oral sex the same way most people
view reading the Sunday paper or watching an afternoon ballgame...something
done on a lazy weekend. A Friday night after a long week of classes didn't
fall into that kind of time. So she removed her bra and turned her sister so they were both facing her bed.

"Are you ready, sis?"

"Yes," Sharilynn breathed out. She then arched her and turned to her
sister, who bent her head down to tongue kiss Sharilynn. Marilyn then
continued massaging her sister's mammoth tits with both of her hands,
running her thumbs around each of the huge areolas and squeezing her
nipples. As her sister moaned into her mouth, Marilyn started rubbing her
left hand up and down in a progressively downward motion, brushing her hand
against the bottom of her sister's breast.

Sharilynn stopped kissing her sister, and leaned her head back on her
sister's shoulder, taking in the visual of the hands that were giving her
pleasure. Her sister was gently humping up and down her ass crack, making
her hotter and keeping her sister hot and hard in the process. Her
sister's hand was now grazing along her stomach, caressing the skin with
her fingertips and fingernails. Her sister's other hand was lightly
grasping at her breast with her fingernails, flicking her hardening nipple
with a nail. Now her sister was getting ready to do her favorite part of
their foreplay. Her sister's left hand gently dug into her skin just above
the hip bone. Then her sister slowly drags her nails down her skin, across
her hip, and over her skirt, stimulating the flesh underneath it despite
the layer of fabric between her sister's nails and her skin. Finally her
sister passed her nails past the skirt, and gently brushed back and forth
on her soft flesh on the exposed thigh.

"Oooooooooooooooooh," she gasped. "That feels so good. You know how I
like it." She shivered a bit in pleasure as she did this, and she slowly
started to feel wet.

"There's plenty more where that came from," responded Marilyn. With
that, she gently cupped her sister's breast with her right hand, slowly and
meanderingly grazed her nails up her sister's thigh and bent down to kiss
her sister. She kept the kiss going for a long time, as she made what felt
like the painfully slow climb up her sister's thigh with her fingernails.
When her nails caught on the crease separating her sister's pussy from her
thigh, she quickly raked her nails across the slit. When her sister jumped, and she could feel the wetness drip down her fingernails, she knew
that she was progressing as she needed to be.

She moved her right hand down slightly over her sister's breast,
brushing her thumb along her sister's hard, swollen nipple. The other hand
stroked her sister's pussy with her fingernails as one would a cat, nice
and gentle from front to back. However, not too many cats are partly
shaved bald and few drip like this. Marilyn pressed her fingertips to her
sister's pussy and allowed her fingertips to feel what her nails was
feeling. She allowed herself to wiggle her fingers around in the wetness
that her sister's pussy seemed to be covered in. The hand on her breast continued its slow torture with its thumb, moving the thumb back and forth
so alternately her thumb and fingernail could drive her sister nuts with
pleasure. Her sister slumped back, her eyes rolling back in her head, and
started to blindly coo and moan.

It was then that she decided to make her move and make her sister cum and cum violently. Her right hand started to squeeze and maul the breast in it. She started moving her middle finger nail in a circle around her
sister's clit. With each turn around her clit, the circle became longer
and longer until her middle finger passed over her sister's honey hole.
Then, she gently pressed her finger inside until it was all the way in.
She gently wiggled around the velvet vise, looking at her sister to see how
close to the edge she was. Seeing that she appeared close enough, based on
her experience, she slowly pumped her finger inside of her sis, slowly
picking up the pace. When she established a nice, steady rhythm with her
middle finger, she roughly shoved her forefinger finger in. Soon, she was
pumping her sister with abandon, her sister's fuck juices practically
coating her hand. Feeling how hot her sister was, Marilyn drove her hips
against her sister's, loving the feel of her shivering and moaning against

"Oh God...bout to cum...bout to cum..."

When Sharilynn gasped that out, Marilyn knew exactly what to do. She
grabbed at her nipple, squeezed and pulled out hard. At the same time, she
slightly slowed do her finger fucking of her sister, and started flicking
the fingernail on her thumb against her sister's clit. After a few
seconds, her sister started bucking against her, pushing against the hand
on her breast and her hips. She took this opportunity to grab her sister's
head in one hand, her sister's hip in the other, press her lips on her
sister's, and let her sister scream and moan into her mouth. They both
loved the delicious sensation of kissing each other while cumming.
Together, they rode out Sharilynn's orgasm. Then, Marilyn gently bent over
her spent sister, laying her head on the bed in front of them.

"Are you about ready to fuck my ass," Sharilynn asked, still short of
breath from her orgasm.

"Of course," her sister replied. "Besides, why should you have all the


She faintly heard Montell Jordan's "Get it on Tonight" as her sister took some of the wetness from her pussy and spread it on his hard tip. She
liked getting fucked up the ass. You couldn't get pregnant by it. It
definitely had an edge of taboo about it. Most importantly, though, she
could also cum from just being fucked up the ass. It helped that her
sister was gentle back there despite her size, but the feeling of orgasm
without pregnancy risk seemed pretty good to her.

Marilyn finished lubing up her tip after a few seconds. Her dick wasn't
heavily lubed up since both of them loved the feel of flesh-on-flesh
fucking without a lot of messy lube. She lined up her tip and gently
pressed her tip inside, eliciting moans from her sister. Then, she grabbed
both of her sister's hips and slowly pressed her way deep inside her
sister, feeling her sister's back passage give way to her huge cock. After
about a minute, she finally pressed in balls deep inside her sister, her
balls feeling against the big, soft and round ass of her sister's.

"Are you ready to get fucked sis?"

Sharilynn breathed out in response, "Oh...yeah."

Marilyn waited a moment to enjoy the tight feel of her sister's ass.
The sensations on her dick felt incredible. Slowly, she pulled all the way
out of her sister, leaving just the tip inside of her. Then Marilyn,
slowly pushed back in, pressing gently against that soft ass she loved.
Slowly, she repeated stroking her way in and out of her sister's ass,
picking up the slightest bit of speed on each stroke. Her sister moaned
out in pleasure with each stroke, enjoying the slow grind her sister's dick
was performing up her ass. After a while, Marilyn settled into a nice,
smooth rhythm, steadily pumping her sister's ass.

Then she asked her sister, "could you squeeze your ass around my dick

Knowing her sister well, Sharilynn knew that this was a sign that he
wanted to start the path to orgasm. A nice, pleasant fire was burning in
her own pussy as well. She squeezed her ass around her sister's dick. As
time went on, she noticed that her sister picked up the pace, and was now
slamming into her ass at a nice hard pace. She looked up to see her sister pull off her baby T-shirt, revealing her sister's tits. Sensing what else
was coming, she raised up on her elbows. Soon enough, Marilyn reached
under her sister, grabbed her by the boobs and pressed her sister's back
against her tits. She loved the feeling of her nipples grazing up and down
her sister's back as she returned to fucking her sister the same way she
had before. She shivered some, feeling the tingling on her nipples and the
fire in her loins.

She wanted to do one more thing before cumming. Grabbing onto her sis
tight, she lifted the both of them onto her sister's bed. She then gently
grabbed onto her sister's skirt-covered hips and turned her sister around
on her dick so that they were facing each other. Then, Marilyn lowered
both of them onto the bed, allowing their nipples to brush again each

"Ooh. I see you want some more nipple stimulation," Sharilynn remarked.

Marilyn replied, "when I'm finished, there will be plenty of nipple
stimulation, if you get my meaning."

Sharilynn smiled when she saw her sister wink. Marilynn pinned her
sister's legs back, giving her full access to her asshole. Then, she
pressed down on her sister's legs, letting the nipples brush once more. As
she bent down to kiss her sister, she started pumping her sister hard, with
their nipples brushing against each other roughly, and her body getting
closer to the edge.

"Push me, sis. You know how to do it," Marilyn commanded while
thrusting away at her sister.

Sharilynn started squeezing on her sister's cock again, alternating
squeezes between pumps. She could feel her sister's cock start flexing and
pulsing inside her ass, a sure sign her sister was about to cum. The
burning feeling from getting fucked up the ass had her close to orgasm too.

"Sis.c..get ready to me to cum..."

With that, Marilyn pulled out of her sister's ass. Her sister in
complete shock, she balanced on her knees to keep her nipples on her
sister. Then, with a couple of quick pumps with her hands, she started to
shoot out her cum. She aimed it first at both of their nipples, and aimed
subsequent bursts of cum on her sister's tits. Shocked by the sudden
stimulation of heat, Sharilynn started to convulse...

"Oh God...cumming...oh yeah...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!"

Marilyn collapsed with a groan as her sister spasmed in orgasm under
her. She hugged her sister tight as she felt her cum press on her own
breasts and rode out her sister's orgasm. When Sharilynn finally calmed
down, Marilyn gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Thanks Marilyn," Sharilynn said. "Once again, that was incredible."

"It was for me too. The sensation is like...whoa! Especially in my
nipples. Ah, the joys of better living through chemistry."

"That ain't the only chemistry working here sis. Sexual chemistry is
kinda important too, don't you think? Drugs don't make you fuck better.
We connect on that family-type wavelength, you know?"

Marilyn rolled off of her sister and laid out on the bed. "Yeah, I
know. Look, let's just lay here and bask in the glow," she said with a

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