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MGYW split two Inch delicious


Keywords: exh, tg/ff, oral, public, tg/f, ir, romAuthor: Brett LynnTitle:
Marilyn...Going Your Way

Welcome to the latest installment of my tales of pure, unadulterated
lust. Wait a sec, I’ve just adulterated it. Oh well. I’ll keep it short
and sweet. After all, I have enough problems with people bashing my work.
No disclaimers. If you don’t have the good sense to realize that this my
work, and that if you’re gonna make money off of it, it is my legal right
to ask for a cut or shut you down, you’re hopeless. Oh, and send comments
to Enjoy!


“Oh yes…eat me…ooh yeah…”

Marilyn was laying on one side, watching her sister Sharilynn get gently
eaten by Kat. Marilyn herself was bottomless, letting her limp dick hang
down to recover from soreness. Yes, it was one of those weekend afternoons
that stretched into the night that was completely filled with lust. It was
a nice way to kick ass a relax, to recreate after the tensions of a high
school day. Laying back, she half closed her eyes, then decided to look on
the clock on her sister’s bed out of curiosity.


Sharilynn gently pushed Kat’s head from between her legs, then turned
her head towards her sister.

“What’s going on, man?” Shari asked. “I was enjoying myself there,

“It’s fucking one in the morning!”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Well, you do know that she,” referring to Kat, “should have been gone
by now, right?”


“Uh, it is exactly safe out there for tiny women out there. This isn’t
Iowa or something.”

“Alright, point well taken. Get dressed and take Kat on back home.
Just toss me my vibrator on the way out, OK?”

“Done and done, sis.”

Marilyn sat all the way up, grabbed Kat’s head, turned her to face her
lips and mouthed to her ‘I’m gonna take you home. Go get dressed.’ With
Kat now scrambling for her clothes, she stood up, opened the nightstand
drawer and tossed her sister her vibe.

“Hope you enjoy that, sis!” Marilyn said as she drifted out of the room.

“Will do!”

Marilyn strolled across the hallway to her room. When she got there,
she took off her shirt off to put on a lacy half-cup bra. She replaced her
plain yellow t-shirt, then the bulkiest panties and baggiest jeans she
could grab. She slipped on a bulky hoody to keep out the cold, threw on
some shoes, then walked back across the hall to get Kat.

“Mmm…she looks so yummy. I wish I could eat her up. Then again I
have,” Marilyn said to herself enjoying a private giggle. She saw her very
good friend dressed in a light blue t-shirt with a light jacket, wearing
one of her old uniform skirts, with her hair up in pigtails. Kat’s nipples
were poking up through her shirt, and her face was filled with a
combination of love and lust for Marilyn, with such a warm smile and such
lustful eyes.

‘Come to me, come to my arms,’ Marilyn mouthed to her friend, spreading
her arms in welcoming. Kat smiled wider at Marilyn, then bounced over to
her relative massive friend and lover. “Damn, I wish she could hear
better, so I wouldn’t have to lip sync everything I saw to her” she thought
to herself. “However, it’s either that or screaming, and I don’t want the
whole world to know how much I need her,” she thought to herself as she
held Kat tight to her hips and began to walk towards the door.

As they walked out into the chilly autumn night, Marilyn began to think
about how all this started. Feeling Kat’s head held up against her hip,
she looked down and smiled gently at her, realizing how such an innocent
smile could trigger such memories of pure lust. Suddenly, she stopped in
the middle of her walk, overcome by lust, and ground her hips against Kat’s
head and the air. Realizing what was going on, Kat reached up between
Marilyn’s legs and squeezed on her tucked-up cock. Closing her eyes and
gasping, Marilyn suddenly came to, then continued walking down the street,
stroking her lover’s hair as she came to the barren bus stop on the
sidewalk. She got down on one knee, then kissed Kat while lightly
caressing her inner thigh. She would like continue with more, but the
lights of the bus appeared in the distance, and she didn’t want to look
bad. Marilyn then calmly got up, dusted off her jeans and got her MetroCard
out just in time for the bus to pull up to the stop.

On the ride to the subway station on the virtually empty bus, Marilyn
looked down at Kat’s head laying down on her lap, stroking her hair,
reflecting a gentle smile back down. “Man, to think all this happened
because of a chance walk-in,” she thought to herself. “I know the sex is
fun, but there’s something about her. Maybe it’s the male protector gene
in me that didn’t get wiped out in the hormones. I dunno. It’s just that
she’s so innocent, and makes me feel so strong and needed and loving.
Whodathunkit that casual sex could actually lead to something…”

Marilyn’s train of thought was broken when she felt something warm and
soft moving between her legs. When she looked down, she saw Kat nuzzling
her head against her tucked-up dick through her jeans with her face and
cheeks. Apparently noticing the stirring in her loins, Kat looked up at
her with those big eyes smiling widely. Marilyn took Kat’s head in her
hands, looked at her and mouthed to her ‘thank you. Thank you very much.’
She then brought Kat’s forehead to her lips and gave a soft, lingering kiss
to it. Slumping down on her seat a bit, she brought Kat’s head to lie on
her huge, pillowy breasts and held her tight to them, calmly stroking her

The short ride through practically empty streets on the bus brought them
to the Subway station faster than expected. Marilyn and Kat stepped off
the bus, walked side by side down to through the turnstiles, then descended
down the stairs for the next train. At the base of the stairs, Kat nudged
Marilyn and got her to focus on an interesting sight. On the platform
stood a girl crying, apparently lost. Her long, lean, chocolate-colored
heavily made-up face was streaked with tears, and her hands were entangled
in her soft, perfectly coiffed hair. Her face was in line with her long
lean dancers body, with curves in the right places, and dressed in the
tourist uniform of running sneakers, track pants and screen-printed “New
York” shirt. Marilyn walked over to the girl quickly and asked her “What’s

“I-I’m lost…and I don’t know what to do…I’m so alone…,” the girl sobbed

Marilyn grabbed both of the girl’s arms gently, pulled them down to her
sides and asked calmly as possible, “Tell me what happened.”

“Well…I was walking around Rockefeller Center, with my folks you know,
and I went with them to get on the Subway back to the hotel, and I got
caught in the crowd, and I got lost, and, and, I end up on this Subway
train in the middle of nowhere,” she yammered out. “Where am I, Brooklyn?”

“No, The Bronx. Don’t worry, Everything’ll be fine,” Marilyn calmly
answered as she instinctively drew the girl’s head to her chest and hugged
it tight. “Say, what’s your name? Where are you from?”

“My name’s Sara. I’m from Alabama,” she responded, calming down some as
she rested on Marilyn’s bosom, and Kat reached up to hug the two of them
standing there.

“So, how long have you been waiting for a train, Sara?”

“I dunno, like about 20 or so minutes.”

“That’s good. That means the next train won’t be long.” Marilyn stepped
over to a pillar on the platform, Sara in tow, leaned against it and sat
down, patiently waiting for the train. She calmly stroked her hair, giving
her a peck on the cheek, while Kat returned over to the two and held them
tight. The security lulled the three into a trance just as Marilyn felt
the rumble of the incoming D train.

“Come on guys, get off me,” Marilyn commanded. “The train’s coming!”
She then pulled up Kat with her as Sara got to her feet and rushed over to
the platform just in time for the train to pull in. “C’mon Sara…you need
to get on this train. Don’t worry…we’re going your way,” Marilyn called

“OK” meekly replied Sara.

The three strode into the empty subway car, with Marilyn and Kat finding
their seats on a bench with Sara standing opposite the couple, still wary
of such strangers willing to help in a strange city. Kat went on to nuzzle
against Marilyn’s neck when Marilyn pushed her away, holding up a finger,
then calling out to Sara.

“Are you OK there?”

“I-I-I don’t know…It’s just so scary here in this big city. I’m just a
small town girl, you know.”

Marilyn then smoothly got up and made the stride over to Sara. She got
behind her, wrapped her arms around Sara’s waist, kissed on her cheek and
cooed softly in her ear, “everything’s gonna be fine. Just relax into my
arms.” Sara did just that, laying her head back on Marilyn’s shoulder and
letting her body limp in Marilyn’s arms. Seeing the girl in her arms
disarmed, Marilyn bend her head down to kiss Sara’s cheek again, only to
have her mind register the feel of a soft ass against her crotch. She
reached up with one hand to support herself against the overhead bar, and
pulled Sara to her tighter with the other hand. Not realizing that she
forgot to tuck herself up, she slowly felt her cock unfurl in her panties,
slowly sticking out and poking against Sara. When Marilyn let the
sensation get the best of her, grinding her hard dick against Sara, Sara
jumped forward and turned to Marilyn.

“Hey, what’s that you got in your pants?”

Marilyn stood and though, hesitant to answer, then came bluntly forward.
“I have a dick.”


“I said it plain and clear. I…have…a…dick!”

“You mean to tell me you’re like one of those men on Jerry Springer?”

Marilyn responded in a somewhat annoyed tone, “well, yeah, though I’m
not like one those clowns.”

“Well, good point. You don’t seem a complete sissy like them. Besides,
if what I felt when you were grinding against me is a clue, you’re hung
like a pornstar.” Sara then continued nervously “c-can I see?”

“Well, sit down where I was and you can see for yourself.”

Sara walked gingerly over to the bench where Marilyn was just seating
and sat down just as the train was pulling into a station.

“Let’s wait till the train pulls out of here. I wanna make sure no one
else walks into this car.”

“OK, Marilyn.”

Just then, Kat flashed a baleful look at Marilyn, apparently sensing
something was up.

‘Don’t worry Kat. I got a surprise for you later,’ Marilyn mouthed with
a wink. ‘Now let’s show this girl some New York hospitality.’

As the train was pulling out of the station, Marilyn lifted her hoody
and t-shirt up over her boobs to show her new found friend her feminine
charms. “Just to prove I am what I appear there,” Marilyn said with a
smile at a bugged-eyed, gapped-mouth Sara. Pulling her shirt and hoody
back down, she finished, “now for what you’ve been waiting for…”

She unzipped and unbuckled her jeans, then pulled them and her panties just enough to reach into her pants and pull out her semi-erect penis.
“See?” Marilyn asked matter-of- factly.

“Wow, looks like you have a big one there hun. Bigger than one of those
pornstars you see on video!”

“Do you like it?”

“Mmm…it looks delicious! I’ve always wanted to touch one of these in
the flesh. Can I suck on it some? I’ve always wanted to try.”

“Sure, go on ahead.”

Sara took charge, grabbing the phallus held by Marilyn and bringing the
tip of it to her lips. She tentatively kissed it, then opened her mouth
bit by bit as she pressed the cock harder and harder against her lips.
Soon, her mouth struggled to open up enough to accommodate the flaring tip
entering her mouth. She gazed up lustily at the owner of that dick,
watching her smile as she shuddered in pure lust. She jumped suddenly,
letting the dick slip another inch into her mouth, as she felt Kat reach
under her shirt and tweak a nipple through her bra. Sara felt herself
drool from both sets of lips as she felt Kat's fingers gently graze up and
down her torso and truly began to realize how large Marilyn’s member really
was. “Damn, that’s a big girl down there!” Sara though to herself. “How
could she ever hide that?” As she let Kat pull her breasts out of her bra
cups, she held onto Marilyn’s dick with both hands, slowly jerking it off
as she worked her magic with her tongue against the tip.

“Yeah, suck on that tip…that’s it…that feels great,” Marilyn
half-groaned out as she saw her own southern belle try to handle her size.
She gazed down on the erotic sight of herself getting sucked on while Kat
was pulling on one of Sara’s nipples and sucking on the other. She left
out a moan as she felt her fellatrix shudder from the treatment she was
getting. Then suddenly, she felt the cool air against her tip as Sara
pulled her mouth off.

“Could I ask you a favor hun?”

“What is it?” queried Marilyn.

“Well, I don’t wanna seem like a slut and all. After all, I do have my
manners. However, I think this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but I
don’t know how to say this?”

“Come on, tell me. I won’t get upset.”

“I want to fuck you.”


“I mean I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a
man so…well- endowed. I never expected to come across a woman so endowed,
but they say you only live once. So what do you say?”

Marilyn stood there, cock dangling thinking about it. “I don’t know
about this. However, she seems like she isn’t a slut carrying who knows
what,” she thought to herself. “Plus, I have that surprise for Kat.
However, if I exhibit enough self-control, and if she is as hot for me as
she looks, I can pull it off.”

“Sure! Pull down those sweat pants down to your knees, put your feet up
on the bench, and we can do this.”


As Sara did as asked, Marilyn got down on her knees, stroking herself to
maintain an erection. As she lined herself up with Sara’s pussy, she
noticed that the lips were glistening in the dull light.

“I see you shave there. Damn, those lips look juicy,” Marilyn remarked.

“Yeah, yeah, I dance and where tight leotards, so I shave so my hair
doesn’t show. NOW FUCK ME!”

“Your wish is my command M’lady.”

Marilyn grabbed onto Sara’s hip with one hand, her dick with the other
and slowly slipped herself inside the tight velvet vise of her pussy, her
inflamed clit grazing the top of her cock. Marilyn took her other hand,
placed it on her other hip and slowly slipped as much of herself as she
could inside Sara while Kat sucked on Sara’s nipples through her T-shirt.
She felt Sara shudder underneath her hands and heard her cry out in pure
lust until Kat’s mouth muffled her in a kiss. When Kat finished kissing
Sara, Marilyn asked simply, “are you ready to fuck?”


“I think that’s a yes.”

Marilyn then took note of the fact that the train had just pulled out of
125th Street station. “Hmm…10 minutes of uninterrupted fucking. Perfect,”
she thought to herself.

Sara concentrated through slitted eyes on the massive hardness that felt
like it was in her chest. She felt it move in and out of her with a smooth
and regular precision, grinding her pussy and touching spots she had never
felt before. The sensation of her clit actually pressing against a huge,
hard dick drove her wild with pleasure, sparking bursts of pleasure with
each pump of it. In this midst of this halcyon of sex, she somehow managed
to feel a mouth sucking on her breasts hard and a tongue flicking across
the tip of the nipple. One well-timed touch of that tongue triggered a
wave so powerful that it didn’t just run over her, it crashed her mind,
drowning it into an abyss of pleasure.

Marilyn continued fucking Sara, looking dumbstruck that she had passed
out during sex shaking like a twig. “Damn,” Marilyn thought to herself.
“Apparently, she wasn’t kidding about this being a lifetime experience.”
Knowing that the long express run of the train was about to close, she gave
Sara a few more pumps before easing herself out the twitching, limp body
and tucking her dick down one of her legs. She gently rubbed Sara’s clit
between her fingers a bit before taking the waste of her pants down from
her knees and pulling it back over her hips. She reached up to Sara,
shaking her and saying “Hey, Wake up!”

“What happened?” Sara said in a haze.

“You came. Repeatedly and powerfully.”

“Wow. That was the best feeling I’ve felt in my life.”


“By the way, did you cum? I don’t like to leave the gentle…er, lady

“Don’t sweat it. It’s a pleasure. Just calm yourself down. Now,
Rockefeller Center is the stop after this. Where are you headed off to?”

“42nd Street. I’m staying at the Marquis.” “Ah, the Deuce. It’s just a
stop past Rockefeller Center.”

“Thanks for the directions, hun. Thanks for staying with me. And thank
you for the fuck of my life. My friends won’t believe me, but who cares!
It’s been a pleasure, doll.”

“No prob,” Marilyn said as she gave a kiss on Sara’s cheek. She
replaced the wallet and keys that fell out of Sara’s pants and stood up to
grip the railing for the rest of the short ride. Finally, she had a glance
to take a good look at Sara’s glowing face and appreciate it for what it

“You know you have a pretty face, right?”

“Yeah, I guess. Thanks for the compliment,” Sara giggled out. “Kinda
strange of you to say that after you just fucked me silly.”

“True. Then again, fucking complete strangers isn’t an everyday thing
of mine. Look, our stop’s coming up. Let’s get going.”

Marilyn helped up Kat from the bench, then held her hand as the three
stepped off the train. “I reckon you know where you’re going from here,
right?” asked Marilyn.

“Sure, hun,” replied Sara. “I remember this station. Thanks for
everything. You’ve definitely made this a memorable trip!” she finished
giggling as she walked down the platform to the stairs.

“It’s been a pleasure. Enjoy the rest of your stay!”

“I will…but not as much as that ride I just had,” Sara replied with a

Marilyn and Kat then walked the opposite direction of Sara, beginning
the long walk down the corridor to the 7 train. The walk down the deserted
way was ordinary until Marilyn grabbed Kat’s head, then turned Kat’s face
to hers.

“Remember what we always IM each about,” Marilyn screamed out to Kat.
Kat replied with a look of confusion. “You know, about your fantasy,”
Marilyn lip-synched to Kat. “Well, think about it. You’re gonna get it
when we get on this next train.”

“I wonder what it is going to be,” Kat thought to herself. “I know I’m
always mentioning stuff to Marilyn, but I don’t know which one she’s
thinking about.” Then it hit Kat like a ton of bricks as she walked down
the stairs to the 7 train platform. “No. It can’t be. Well, maybe. It
would explain why she didn’t cum when she fucked that stranger. No way.

Her train of thought was interrupted by the rumble of the incoming train
under her feet and the flash of the bright red train in front of her face.
Holding onto Marilyn’s hand, she stepped into the train car with the
flickering lights and sat down next to Marilyn, her pussy lubricating in
anticipation As she felt the train began to move, she felt Marilyn tugging
up on her hand, pulling her to her feet. She turned her head back to
Marilyn, then read Marilyn’s lips as saying “take off your panties.” Kat
looks back her lover with a sense of bewilderment, then reached under her
skirt to pull off her plain baby-blue panties and placed them on the train
bench next to Marilyn. “Damn, I’m wet,” thought Kat. “Those panties feel
as if I peed in them.” She then saw Marilyn grab her hips and lift her onto
the bench so that her legs straddled Marilyn’s. To keep her balance, she
reached up to grab onto the handles arrayed above her head on the ceiling.
She then looked down at Marilyn, anticipating what her lover had to say

“Remember when you told me…,” Marilyn mouthed as she unbuttoned and
unzipped her jeans.

“…that your biggest fantasy…,” she continued mouthing as she pulled her
dick from out of her jeans’ leg and into her panties.

“…is to be pregnant with somebody’s baby, especially mine?” she finished
as she pulled her hard dick and balls out of her panties, holding the dick
up with both hands. “Well, here’s your surprise.”

Kat moaned out loudly as her mind registered what was about to happen,
and her pussy began to cream heavily, dripping juices down her thighs.
When her right hand slipped off the handle, her hip was grabbed by Marilyn,
and she was slowly lowered down towards Marilyn’s cock, the shaft
disappearing inch by inch under her skirt. When she felt the tip brush
against her clit, she nearly came right then. When her tip just started to
slip inside of her, she shuddered against the electric sensation and began
to cum just as the lights flickered out in the subway car.

Marilyn saw Kat’s other hand slip off the handle as Kat was shaking in
orgasm. Lit by the low tunnel light permeating into the car, she saw Kat’s
outline shaking wildly against her tip, generating delicious sensations on
her tip. “Oh, this is so beautiful,” she whispered out to no one in
particular. “This feels incredible,” she continued, blinking back tears as
the subway car lights popped back on. She wanted to badly to reach up and
kiss Kat like there was no tomorrow. However, Kat’s head was too high for
her to reach. She bit gently on her lower lip as she started lightly
humping up at Kat while pulling her down on her dick with her hands, slowly
lowering Kat and inserting herself into her juicy, velvet vise. She bit
her lips harder and bugged out her eyes, struggling to maintain that grip
on self-control that prevented her from jackhammering herself into Kat
until she was literally split in two. Inch by delicious inch, she lowered
Kat until she was a little more than halfway down her cock, Kat’s face
hovering deliciously close to hers and covered in pure lust. Marilyn
reached up her lips and kissed her lover hard, forcing her tongue deep into
her mouth as she humped up into Kat’s pussy in short, stabbing strokes.
She wrapped her fingers through Kat’s hair, pulling her lips tighter to
Kat’s, as she felt Kat maul her tits through her hoody. She let loose of
Kat just enough so Kat could reach under her hoody and t-shirt and play
with the unencumbered nipples as the moonlight streamed through the
now-elevated train. She let her head fall back against the wall as the
twin sensations of having her nipples played with and her cock slipping
deeper into Kat made her smile wide with pleasure. Marilyn pulled up her
hoody and t-shirt to give Kat free access to her boobs as she humped deep
into Kat, trying to savor every single moment of this fuck. “Ooh, this
feels so…oooh…incredible,” she gasped out.

Just then, the 7 train rolled into another station, and an elderly man stepped onto the train to see a sight that utterly shocked him. He saw
Marilyn, her face in utter rapture, laying her head back against the wall
as Kat sucked on her titties. When Kat hit a sensitive spot, he saw
Marilyn fuck harder into Kat’s tiny pussy. He fished in his coat pocket
for his prescription medicine, blurting out, “no side effects MY ASS! Now
where’s my cell phone so I can call the pharmacist” before moving on to
change cars.

“Yeah, Kat, suck on my titties! You know how sensitive they are! You
really want me to cum deep in your pussy, don’t you? Oooh…”

“You damn right,” Kat thought to herself as she screamed out loud in
pleasure. She knew from experience that nipple play was one sure way to
get Marilyn off, and from she swelling and flexing she felt Marilyn’s penis
doing in her honeypot, she was well on her way to getting her wish. As she
raised up and placed her palms over Marilyn’s nips, she let her mind swim
in the sensations Marilyn was creating in her pussy, her clit brushing
against her cock. As she pressed her hands against Marilyn’s enflamed
nipples, she felt Marilyn get another burst on energy in her hips,
stimulating her clit even more. “Oh yeah…she’s really gonna cum inside of
me…she’s gonna give me a baby…growing inside of me…,” she thought to
herself. The very thought of that, combined with Marilyn’s prolonged clit
stimulation sent her headlong into another orgasm, with her screaming and
falling back into an ocean of pleasure.

Marilyn held onto Kat as she fell back shaking in orgasm. She slowed
down her fucking, letting Kat ride out her orgasm in her hands and place
delicious sensations all over her dick. “Yeah, that feels so good,” she
groaned out. When she felt Kat’s orgasm subside, she pulled Kat upright
and looked in her eye. “You know your surprise? It’s almost ready,” she
mouthed to Kat. “You gotta help me get it for you though, OK?” With that,
she began pile driving her dick deep into Kat, forcing her hard onto it by
pulling in her hips.

“God, this is so tight….yeah…”

She felt Kat’s pussy suddenly start squeezing all over her cock, driving
her closer to her orgasm.

“Oh yeah, Kat, work it baby…I’m almost there, I’m almost there,

Marilyn pulled Kat hard on her dick and held her there as she felt
herself release deep inside Kat’s fertile womb.


She hugged Kat tight to her as she continued to plant her seed deep
inside Kat, triggering another orgasm from Kat. They lay there on the
train as it chugged through the apartment buildings in the Queens night.
Wedded in bliss, they let their twin orgasms release onto each other, with
Marilyn’s cum all soaking Kat’s pussy and Kat’s juices soaking Marilyn’s
jeans. When the couple finally came to, Marilyn opened her eyes with a
start, realizing that they were just a few stops from Kat’s house. Still
on an orgasmic high, she lifted Kat’s head, looked into her eyes and
mouthed, “there’s your gift. I hope you like it. “ She then smiled
contently at Kat.

Kat smiled back, then mumbled back one simple phrase. “Thank you.”


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