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MICKEY movie matinee We sat the

From sandman@bitsmart.com Sun Apr 05 13:07:45 1998
Content Warning: The following work of fiction contains mature subject
matter and graphic sexual language including descriptions of minors
engaged in consensual sexual explorations. This story also includes
several extraordinarily graphic incest scenes between second cousins.
If this bothers you or if it is illegal to possess such material in
your locality, please hit the delete button now. Under no
circumstances should this material be deemed suitable for minors.
This is a work of fiction, any similarities to any person(s) dead or
alive is merely a really weird coincidence.

Subject: boy meets girl. boy grows up with a good education and fond

Subject Matter: (M/F) (m/f) (cons, Incest, Anal)
Rating: (X) Not suitable for minors. May be illegal in some areas.

Author: SandMan

Copyright (c) 1998 sandman@bitsmart.com "Mickey Mouse", "Disney",
"DisneyWorld", "Itís a small world" and "Space Mountain" are
trademarks and/or service marks of the Disney Corporation.

Archive: ftp://asstr.ml.org/pub/Authors/sandman/index.html

Distribution Rights: May be distributed freely WITHOUT MODIFICATION on
USENET, USENET II, not-for-profit web sites, not-for-profit ftp sites,
and news archival services which offer free public access to archived
articles. All other rights are specifically reserved by the author.

Credits: Proofed and very tastefully edited by Mike Ink, a reclusive

Dedication: To my first, maybe not as wild but every bit as memorable.

Creation Date: 3/14/98
Distribution Date: 4/5/98

Authorís Note: Just a simple sex story. Yaíll have fun.


"A Mickey Mouse Affair" (By Sandman)

"What has gotten into you?" Kathy asked between grunts.

I ignored her and thrust again, hard, trying to get even deeper than I
did with the previous thrust. She groaned again as our waists met. I
wasnít the only one guilty of seeing how deep I could go, her buttocks
were arched a good inch above the mattress as she rose to meet me. As
I pulled out, she lowered herself, increasing the speed and the
sensations, her love hole contracting around my retreating member to
add yet another exquisite sensation.

Her breathing was ragged now and the grunts and moans changed to soft
whimpers. As her body flushed I felt her nails digging into my back,
pulling me hard back into her warm receptive pussy. I may have been
the horny one but my newfound aggressiveness was a real turn-on for
Kathy. Usually I had to force myself to hold back just a bit, but
tonight she came with a passion just a few scant seconds before I
followed her into that sweet rapture. Our careful coordination
shattered as we each pursued our own ecstasy.

Still panting and glistening with a sweaty sheen, I smiled warmly at
her before kissing her lightly on the lips. She returned the smile as
I pulled back, but as I moved to withdraw she wrapped her legs around
my waist and with a raised eyebrow said, "OK lover-boy, give. What
has turned my pussycat into a prowling tiger?"

"What gave me away?" I said with a wink.

"Lessee, weíve been here at DisneyWorld for three days and youíve
fucked me like weíve never fucked before -- seven times -- twice on
the monorail when we managed to get a car alone. Youíre acting like a
fifteen-year old boy who just found a girl who would put out rather
than a thirty-five year old father of two in a fifteen year-old

"Is this a complaint?" I asked, still trying to get out from under
the question and off the questioner.

"Hardly. I just want to know whatís going on so I can duplicate it
when we get home." She squeezed her legs a bit to remind me who held
whom, and said, "Now give."

"Itís a long, sorted story. You might as well let me go."

She smiled as she released her hold on me. I got up and poured us
each a drink while Kathy put on her robe. She took a sip of her wine
as I put on my robe. We stared at each other for a few seconds, and
it was obvious she wasnít going to let the matter lie, so I grabbed
the wine bottle, walked out onto the balcony, and took a seat. She
followed. The warm tropical breeze caressed our bodies as I fumbled
for the words.

"Itís your shirt." I said.

Kathy looked puzzled for a moment before loosening the front of her
robe and staring down at the gray T-shirt with a large cartoon drawing of Mickey Mouse plastered over it.

"This? You get all hot and bothered over an imaginary mouse?"

I rolled my eyes. "I told you itís a long story. Are you going to be
this judgmental before I even begin?"

"Sorry," she said managing to look suitably abashed.

"Well in answer to your question; yes, I do get all hot and bothered
over an imaginary mouseÖ"


I was ten when my folks finally scrounged up enough money for our
first trip to DisneyWorld. My dad was a construction worker and my
mom a waitress, and there was never enough money. In the short decade
of my existence, we had never gone on a vacation before. mom and Dad
must have saved for years to afford the trip. It wasnít an all out
binge either. Weíd be driving, and weíd be staying with my cousin
while we were in Orlando.

I didnít care. I was ten years old and I was going to DisneyWorld.
It didnít matter how we got there; it didnít matter where we stayed.
All that counted was that I, Keith Vance, would visit the coolest
place on the face of the planet. My parents told me the good news in
May, and I spent the next three months counting the days until the big
trip happened. Every day was like the anticipation of Christmas, and
the days couldnít pass soon enough for me. The first two months were
OK, but as the countdown turned from months to weeks and then weeks to
days, the anticipation became unbearable.

Finally though the big day did arrive and we were off. I had been on
my absolute, tip-top best behavior for three straight months, and if
it were possible I was even more angelic in the car as I sat quietly
in the back seat, allowing my DisneyWorld fantasies to offset the
boredom a ten-year-old on a long road trip usually has to grapple

It took three days to reach Orlando. Three very, very long days and
nights. There were no motels for us. We slept in the car at rest
stations. No restaurants either -- we ate sandwiches and fried
chicken my mother had packed and stored in a large cooler in the
trunk. Not once did I complain. I ate what I was given and slept
where I was told.

Along the way, Dad told me a little of the cousin weíd be staying
with. Bill was my Dadís nephew. He was married to a woman named
Janet and they had a seventeen-year-old son and a fourteen-year-old
daughter. Their children I guess would be my second cousins, though I
never was any good at genealogy beyond first cousin, especially at
ten. Bill was a preacher at a reasonably successful Pentecostal church
and I was warned repeatedly, repeatedly to be extra special good while
we stayed with them.

I got the picture. As we neared our destination, Bill began to take
on all the intimidating characteristics of father Greene, the pastor
of our church. father Greene taught our Sunday-school class and he
was a fire-and-brimstone man through and through. I was convinced
beyond a shadow of a doubt from the way he glowered at me in school
that not only did he not like children, but also that I had already
bought a one-way ticket-to-hell with absolutely no possibility of

Even that did not matter. Bill could frighten me all he wanted, even
as much as father Greene, so long as I got to visit my beloved
DisneyWorld. Mickey Mouse, I understood, would welcome even unworthy
sinners like me into the Magical Kingdom. In addition to smiling all
the time, Mickey demanded nothing more of me than for me to have the
time of my life. At ten, if I were at a fork in the road and one path
led to Heaven with its gates thrown open wide, and the other led to
the Magical Kingdom, I wouldnít have even had to stop and think about
it. Who wants to play some silly old harp when you could ride Space

It was hot, humid, and dark when we finally pulled into Cousin Billís
driveway. We were greeted at the door by Bill himself. I was
relieved to find he didnít look at all like father Greene, though
despite his smiling face and cheerful voice he still impressed me as a
serious and possibly stern man. But that wasnít really a surprise,
most adults were unreasonably serious, and stern even when they tried
to be friendly.

Since it was one in the morning we didnít meet anyone save for Bill,
and after some brief chatter about the trip, he showed us quickly and
quietly where weíd be sleeping. mom and Dad would have a guestroom,
and the couch in the living room was already made up for me. I was
asleep almost as soon as I lay down. I drifted off to sleep still
feeling like I was in a moving car, and vainly trying to forget that
the day after tomorrow I would enter Disney World for the very first

I woke in complete darkness with a familiar pressure in my bladder.
It had been a long trip with lots of drinks, and a long time since the
last time I had relieved myself. I fumbled around blindly in the
strange surroundings and made a fair amount of noise in the process,
but finally I found the bathroom, thanks to the little night-light my
cousin had left turned on.

I lifted the lid, extracted my penis, and let the water flow. It was
a decidedly good piss. I threw back my head and enjoyed the unique
pleasures of emptying an overly full bladder. After a long minute,
maybe two -- I really had to go Ė the stream finally dribbled off and
I shook off the last drops before tucking it back into my shorts and
turning to the door.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw someone standing at the
door. I think I would have let out a yelp, but I was distracted by a
finger placed in front of a set of lips long enough for me to get a
grip on myself. Even then, my heart was pounding hard in my chest.
Fear and surprise turned to deep and profound embarrassment as I
realized it was a girl who stood before me, and I felt myself go hot
as I blushed from head to toe.

She gave me one quirky smile before fading back into the darkness,
leaving me standing there in the bathroom, cursing myself for not
having closed the door. As an only child with my own private
bathroom, there was never a need for me to close the door; it simply
wasnít something I was overly concerned with. Here in this house
though I would have to remember to be more cautious.

The strange encounter over with, I returned to the sofa and sleep.

I awoke the next morning to the smells of coffee and bacon, and found
my parents and my cousin wandering around the kitchen. Bill, after
being assured that I had slept well, introduced me to Janet. Iím not
really describing them because I donít remember them all that well.
They were old people (anyone over thirty is old to a ten-year-old), a
necessary price to pay for my admission to DisneyWorld. I was as
polite as a groggy kid my age could be, and sipped on some orange
juice while I waited for breakfast.

The grownups were talking about the sights they were going to see that
day, none of which sounded all that great to me. They mostly
consisted of a museum of some sort, Billís church, and a few other

Mom turned to me during a lull in the conversation and frowned.
"Probably not your cup of tea, eh munchkin?" I shrugged
noncommittally. mom smiled, picked up a bunch of brochures from the
counter, and handed them to me. "Bill and janet have said you can
stay here if you want. Theyíve got loads of these Disney brochures
and maps you just might be interested in." I snatched the pamphlets
eagerly and began memorizing every minor detail. The day had suddenly
become much more appealing to me.

A young man and a girl entered just as breakfast was being served, and
I was introduced to Adam and Mary. Adam was a tall lanky
kid--actually more man than kid. He greeted me casually then promptly
ignored me, as was only proper considering our age difference. I felt
my blush return as I greeted Mary, especially when she gave me a
quick, knowing smile before taking her place at the table.

Mary was a simple looking girl. She wore no makeup, her cloths were
modest and did little to show off her developing form. She wore her
blond hair in a ponytail that morning. I guess she could be
considered pretty, though not a knockout. But I had not yet learned
to appraise members of the opposite sex, so to me she was simply a
girl, though a girl who with occasional glances of her large blue,
doe-like eyes constantly reminded me she had witnessed me in an
awkward situation. I ignored her as best I could throughout the meal.

After breakfast, I returned to the pamphlets with a passion, and the
morning passed incredibly quickly. Finally the grownups were ready to
leave, I was told to mind my P's and Qís, and that Adam would be in
charge. With the transfer of authority completed they left, leaving
us alone to fend for ourselves.

"Donít break anything." Adam grunted to me before he turned and
headed towards his room.

Mary rolled her eyes. "Heíll be in his room for the next four hours
talking to his girlfriend."

Still trying to ignore her and the uncomfortable feelings she inspired
in me, I returned to the couch and my pamphlets. As I started to
read, I noticed that Mary had followed me into the living room and
settled down in the easy chair. I was also aware that she was looking
at me, a look that seemed to imply I was some sort of puzzle that
needed solving. It was definitely not a look I appreciated, and I
shifted uncomfortably and tried to ignore her stares by studying a map
of the Magic Kingdom.

"Youíre going to have a blast," Mary said suddenly. "You definitely
need to go on the ĎItís a small worldí ride."

A typical girl ride Ė a boat trip through a overgrown doll house. It
was dead last on my list of things to do and the suggestion did not
endear her to me at all. "Uh yea," I agreed diplomatically.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, with me trying to ignore her and
Mary probing me with her eyes.

"Youíre embarrassed." Mary said finally.

"You didnít have to stand and watch," I grumbled sourly. I regretted
saying it the moment I closed my big, overgrown mouth. girls just
love to gab and this was NOT a subject I wanted to gab about.

"You were cute," she offered as some sort of peace token.

Oh yea, my aunts thought I was cute too, and took great pains to make
sure I knew it by squeezing my cheeks until they hurt for days
afterwards. Nope, the last thing a boy like me wanted anything to do
with was the word "cute." Well, OK, not the last thing. The last
thing was sitting across from me.

It took her five minutes to realize she hadnít won me over. Although
why a girl, especially an older girl like Mary, would want to win me
over was a very uncomfortable mystery to me right then.

"Look, if it bothers you so much, Iíll just show you mine and weíll be
even," She said, sounding slightly exasperated, but not too
exasperated. I was suddenly reminded of the time that my best friend
Jimmy had coaxed me into egging old Mrs. Sanderís house. Jimmy had
probed and prodded me until honor forced me to accept the challenge.
After I was caught, I spent the weekend cleaning up the mess I had
made and the next three months mowing the mean old ladyís lawn.

For the first time, Mary had said something that interested me. I had
never seen a girl's privates before. I knew at some dim intellectual
level that they were different, and that difference was important
somehow. For the first time, I looked up and studied her. She was
actually sitting forward on the chair in a posture that suggested
eager anticipation, though her expression seemed to indicate that
anticipation was tinged with danger. She was breathing deeply, and I
could see small bumps pushing forward on her baggy Mickey Mouse
T-shirt as she inhaled.

"OK" I said cautiously, wary of the catch.

Her eyes brightened then suddenly narrowed suspiciously. "Youíve got
SWEAR not to tell anyone!" she insisted. "Ever! Can you keep a
secret?" I nodded. "Donít nod. Swear. My Dadís a preacher, you
know. If he ever caught us heíd probably send us both to hell right
there on the spot."

"All right!" I exclaimed. "I swear! Geez."

"OK." she said. "Adamís got his music playing. If it suddenly gets
loud, heís opened the door and we have to stop quick!" she instructed.

Again I nodded, and after one more glance to be sure I understood the
gravity of what we were doing, which I guess I really didnít, she
pushed down her shorts. Her baggy T-shirt still covered what I was
waiting to see, so I waited patiently. She took a deep breath and
lifted up the shirt, giving me a clear unobstructed view of what for
all the world looked like nothing more than a puffed up butt with
short thin blond hairs growing above it. I was under-whelmed.

As I stared at her pussy, wondering what all the big fuss was about,
she asked in a low voice, "Do you ever touch your thing?"

I looked at her incredulously, "Every time I take a leak."

"No, I mean rub it. It feels really, really good." Never having
rubbed my dick, I was left unable to comment. "Why donít you come
take a closer look?"

As I stood up and walked over, she spread her legs a little further,
and she used two fingers to part her puffy slit. The world exploded
in shades of pink, and for the first time I realized there was more to
this thing than initially met the eye. Seeing as how she was so
unconcerned with my gaze, I walked closer and finally knelt in front
of her.

There was an oblong bump just above a hole surrounded by her inner
lips. It was actually quite attractive, even to a ten-year-old boy who really didnít have the foggiest idea why this had suddenly become
so interesting. Everything was glistening with a coat of moisture.

"You can touch it if you want." she said and her voice had become very
low, almost strained. It was almost a plea more than an invitation.

Hesitantly, I reached forward and then stopped, not really knowing how
to proceed. With her free hand she reached out, took mine, and guided
me. As my fingertips touched her hot, moist skin, she let out a small
gasp. She began guiding my hand so my fingers pressed against her
oblong bump, tracing around it and rubbing it with steadily more

As she was doing this, I became aware of a discomfort in my groin; the
discomfort grew until I was finally forced to pull back and stand up.
As I looked down, I found a tent had grown in my shorts. Not a big
tent by any measure, not at ten. But it was significant
none-the-less. Mary had given me my very first erection.

She was staring at me as I pulled out my shorts and stared down at my
swollen dick. For ten years, it had been a constant in my life, and
now it was doing something I did not understand at all. It was like
suddenly discovering a new arm growing out of your chest.

Mary must have seen the worry on my face; she surely saw the effect my
erection had on my shorts. "Thatís OK, Keith. Itís supposed to get
like that." she assured me. "Push down your shorts and Iíll show

I hesitated. Modesty, even after the last few intimate moments, even
after she had already seen me taking a piss, is a hard thing to
overcome. When I hesitated too long, she forced the issue by reaching
out and pulling my shorts down for me. Her face was directly in front
of my cock, and for some reason that only caused it to grow just a
little bit bigger and even start to throb up and down. I could feel
her hot breath rush over my burning hot penis and I was almost
overpowered by a sense of anticipation.

She looked up at me. "See, your thing sticks out; I have a hole.
Youíre supposed to put it inside me. Thatís how babies are made."

"I donít want a baby!" I protested.

"Neither do I, silly! Youíre too young to make babies yet anyway.
But touching it is nice." She proved it by reaching out and wrapping
her hand around my cock. I gasped as the electricity of her touch ran
through me. When she began tugging on it, I was carried off to heaven
itself. This was a birthday and Christmas all rolled into this one
thing, all rolled into every movement of her hand.

After a minute in heaven, she used her free hand to guide my hand back
to her pussy. Remembering my earlier lesson, I began to rub her clit,
realizing that she was probably feeling what I was, and unbelievable
as it seemed that made what she was doing to me even more pleasurable.
We rubbed each other for at least a minute and the pleasure just kept

She paused a moment and as I looked at her to see what had happened I
saw a calculating look on her face. "Put it in me!" she said. It was
a demand, an order.

"No babies!" I protested, maybe a little too loudly. But the music
in the background remained muted.

"Youíre too young," she said firmly, and she reached around and pulled
me closer to her as she leaned back in the chair.

She pulled me between her legs and then guided my cock to her hole.
As she removed her hand, any doubts I had vanished as I yielded to
temptation. Her hand pulled back and I pushed forward into her. I
penetrated maybe an inch and a half, and as I settled as deep inside
her as I was going to get, I felt just the hint of pressure in front
of my cock. Simultaneously we both sighed in satisfaction.

Being inside her like this was pleasurable in the extreme, and I
marveled at the hot, moist tightness of her and how it seemed to grab
and suck at my cock. But moving was even more pleasurable, and
quickly I discovered how to work myself in and out of her. After a
few seconds, Mary pushed her hand between us and I looked down to see
her rubbing her knob as I thrust. After a minute of this, Mary
suddenly gave a sharp gasp and she tensed all over. There was an
immediate clenching around my cock, and as I worked in and out of her,
she began to buck her hips wildly while she moaned softly.

After a few seconds, she calmed down and I just kept moving in and out
as I explored these new and wonderful sensations. I had been picking
up speed along the way and was moving pretty quickly as I felt it all
building to something. Suddenly my world exploded into sheer,
complete unadulterated pleasure as I experienced my very first


"Mary was a tall girl for her age and I was a bit short for mine." I
explained to Kathy, who was just finishing her wine. "I had my first
orgasm looking down on a picture of Mickey Mouse."

"So thatís how fetishes start." Kathy said. "Iím glad I bought this
shirt. Iíll have to remember to wear it often when we return home."

"I guess so."

"So how long did you stay with Mary?" Kathy asked.

"A whole week, but nothing else happened. Her brother decided his
room was boring and he came out to watch some TV. It woulda looked
suspicious if we snuck off together. When our parents returned home I
guess Cousin Bill noticed something; he did a pretty good job of
keeping us apart for the rest of our visit."

"Youíd think a preacherís daughter would be moreÖ. Well, innocent I
guess." Kathy said searching for a word.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. "I havenít finished the story yet,
love. With the exception of you, Maryís the wildest girl I ever had
sex with."

"But you just saidÖ" Kathy began.

"There was one other vacation." I said.

Kathy poured herself another glass of wine and leaned back in her
chair. "Oh, please continue."

"Well, first I guess Iíd better explain why I think Mary was the way
she was with me."

"You're a psychiatrist now?"

"No. Iíve just thought about it off and on for a number of years.
You see, Mary was a preacherís daughter; she attended the church
school, she hung out with friends from church, everyone devoutly
religious, everyone idolizing her father. All of a sudden, she
discovers sex or at least masturbation, and thereís no one she can try
all this new stuff out on without it getting back to her father. Then
suddenly I show up. Iím there for a week. Maybe Iím a little younger
than she had hoped for, but I think younger is just what she needed.
If I had been older, even just two years older, it might have
intimidated her. As it was, she controlled our encounter. In short,
I was safe. She could find out what she wanted to know and after a
week Iíd be a thousand miles away."

"Makes sense."

I refilled my wineglass and took a drink. "The second time, we were
both older. Three years older, in fact. I was thirteen and deep in
the throes of puberty. She was seventeen and on the verge of being a


This time it was Cousin Bill, Janet, and Mary who visited us. The
adults had evidently hit it off, had stayed in touch, and when we
couldnít afford the trip back to see Bill and family, they up and
visited us. Adam didnít come since he was off at college. Mary and I
had become pen pals of a sort and I knew she had a boyfriend that she
was pretty sure sheíd end up marrying some day. I had been devastated
to learn that, of course, but I had plenty of time since to adjust.
Mary had found her boyfriend only a year after we had gotten to know
each other.

They arrived early on a Saturday morning, and after greetings all
around and some idle chitchat the grownups moved out to hit the town.
Mary claimed to be still a little carsick, and so begged out. It
wasnít with too much reluctance that I was nominated and elected to
stay behind to look after our guest. If Bill was still worried about
the two of us, Maryís illness, our disparity in ages, and probably
Maryís boyfriend back home put his mind at ease.

As the front door closed, Mary magically transformed from a weary soul
to a bright, eager, and extraordinarily pretty girl. Gone was the
ponytail. Now she wore her hair straight and cut just below the
shoulders. She was also wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt. Not the same
as the last time I had seen her -- this one was a different color.

She leaned forward, smiled a genuinely happy smile, and asked,
"Keeping your dick busy there, Keith?"

Since I had learned they were coming, I had prepared myself; braced
myself for being around Mary with absolutely no hope what-so-ever of a
re-enactment of our last time alone together. This wasnít exactly an
invitation, but it certainly did open the door at least a crack. Hope
flooded through me, as I answered tentatively, "Yea, but itís not as
fun alone."

She laughed. "I know." She gave me a very appraising look. "Youíve
really grown."

"So have you," I replied. And it was the truth. The T-shirt might
still be baggy but it didnít exactly hide her ample breasts, nor did
it hide her invitingly curved hips.

"I really liked getting your letters," she said. "Iím glad you agreed
to keep them a little restrained. I caught my mom going through my
things the other day."

I grimaced. "Man, thatís not right." My voice broke in the middle of
the sentence and I immediately blushed. In those days I had no more
control over my voice than I had over my cock, which seemed to spring
to life at the most awkward moments, usually just before getting on
the bus or in gym class. Mary smiled at my cracked voice but didnít

"Have youÖ" I paused trying to figure out how to phrase it. "Well
you knowÖ with anyone else?"

"Nope. Iím just the Virgin Mary saving myself for my wedding day.
But itís not my choice. If the gossip wouldnít be so mean, or my
parents SO disappointed, Iíd be making passes at half the guys in my
class." She blushed and looked at me shyly. "I know that sounds
horrid. I was really excited about our trip out here Keith. I
masturbated nightly just thinking about it."

Now it was my turn to blush, but the blush was the least of my
concerns. With that one statement, the world became incredibly vivid
to me. Sounds seemed to swirl with colors, light seemed to echo like
bells and I can still to this very day recall an absolutely perfect
image of Mary as we stood there. Perfect in the minutest details,
like the way two strands of hair played across her forehead. Perfect
like the way she smelled of a fresh spring day with just the hint of
roses. Perfect like the perfection of her unblemished, slightly
tanned skin.

"I knew a little about sex when we first met." she said hesitantly,
maybe a bit afraid at how intense the mood had become. "But a while
ago I managed to get a book on sex, and thereís a LOT of things we can
try if you want."

I knew a little about sex as well, enough to know the basic birds,
bees, and latex. "I donít have any condoms." I groaned.

She grinned. "For a lot of this stuff you wouldnít need one anyway.
But Doc Petersonís been giving me prescriptions for the pill. mom and
Dad wouldnít approve but Docís a great guy, and discreet."

When I was ten, I visited Orlando to see DisneyWorld, and while it was
fun, it ran a pale second to my fun with Mary. This was DisneyWorld
all over again, and this time it had come to me. "Iím all yours." I
said; it was barely a whisper.

She took the last four steps until she was barely an inch away from
me. I had grown considerably in those three years, and though I was a
bit shorter than she was, it was not by much. Hesitantly I lifted a
hand and placed it on her breast, something I had been thinking a lot
about lately. Thanks to Mary, I knew some parts of the female anatomy
intimately, but I had never seen or felt a breast.

Mary was not wearing a bra, and I felt the soft yielding plumpness
respond through her T-shirt. I looked down in awe at what I was doing
and noticed two button sized protrusions appear as her shirt stretched
over her large and very erect nipples. Then Mary placed her hand
under my jaw and lifted until I was staring into her endlessly blue
eyes. She leaned forward slightly and her lips met mine.

I felt her tongue press against my lips and then part them. Slowly
but surely, I learned how to respond to this strange, sensational new
dance. As I yielded to the overwhelming sensations, I slowed my
massage of her breast until I felt her hand on top of mine, urging me
to resume my ministrations. As I picked up the pace, her hand drifted
lower until her palm rested above my almost painfully throbbing cock,
and she began to squeeze it through my denims.

A minute of that would have had me shooting my load in my shorts, but
Mary could stand it no more than I could. She broke away from the
indescribably sensational kiss and with uncontrollable urgency behind
each word said, "Oh God, take me, take me now!"

I didnít need any more prompting. It took scant seconds that seemed
to last an eternity to remove our pants. Finally exposed, we didnít
even move to the couch. Mary rolled onto the carpet and spread
herself wide to me. I wasnít gentle as I entered her. My lust and
need drove me like a crazed beast. I was thirteen, I had known the
rapture of sex, and then went without for three and a half very long
years. I was the worst sort of lover, who cared only for his pleasure
and not that of his partner.

I had not broken Maryís maidenhead three years earlier, but time and
over-exuberant masturbation had already torn asunder any barriers that
might have stood between us as I thrust in. It was only on reflection
that I could be grateful for this. At that moment, I do not think I
had the self-control to hold back and spare her the pain. I had
indeed grown over three years, in more ways than one. I had no way to
know if I was large, small, or merely adequate, but Maryís moan of
pleasure as I thrust told me that I was exactly the right size for
right then and right there.

Oh God, it was so intense. Her hot, tight, dripping wet pussy grabbed
at my cock. Her grunts and soft cries of "Oh yes! Yes!" still echo in
my mind. The feel of her hands wrapped around my buttocks, kneading
them like I had felt her breasts, pulling them apart to stretch my
anus, was a sensation that I had never experienced before. It was so
intense, I was so young, and it was over so fast. We had barely just
begun when my senses exploded. I experienced the most intense orgasm
I had ever felt in my life, as with each powerful thrust I sent wave
after wave of my seed deep within her.

I was still gasping for breath when I finally slowed to a stop. Youth
allowed me to stay firm inside her, but each little movement now was
rapidly becoming an exquisite annoyance. My own ecstasy was shattered
only by the look of disappointment on her face as she realized that I
had spent myself.

"Well, I guess we can begin the lessons a little earlier than I had
planned." she said. "Move down and kiss my pussy. Run your tongue
through it, push it into my cunt, and suck on my clitÖ"

For a brief moment, I was overcome by disgust. Oral sex had not been
a part of what little I had managed to learn, and the thought of
putting my mouth on, let alone tasting something that someone peed
with was immediately revolting to me. I was also turned off by the
thought of tasting my own seed. I had tasted it once, just once, and
that was more than enough. Bitter and salty are not my preferred

I knew I had left Mary hanging, and I owed her, I owed her big time.
I think I would have sold her my soul for just one more experience
like the last. Like the last two really. So there was only a brief
moment of hesitation before I steeled myself and lowered my head
between her legs. Tentatively, I ran my tongue on the outside of her
pussy, tasting for the first time the unique taste and texture that is
woman. Bolder now, my tongue ran between her outer lips, feeling the
walls around them while the very tip ran across her valley floor.

She arched her head back and let out a loud moan. The odor and taste
of my juices mingled with hers was strong, but her moan of pleasure
inspired me and I was rapidly beginning to grow accustomed to this.
Blindly, I let my tongue probe, push, stroke, and let my lips caress
and suck as her moans and cries of "Yes! More!" guided me in the
giving of pleasure. Her orgasm, when it came, was every bit as
powerful as mine had been. It was only the firm pressure of her hands
at the back of my head that kept me in contact with her while her hips
bucked wildly in the throes of her rapture. I was young. Very young,
and though quickly spent, I also quickly recovered and my erection was
rubbing the carpet as I licked her to orgasm.

"That was so wonderful!" she cooed. I crawled up beside her and she
let the back of her hand rub across my cheek.


"Do you have her address?" Kathy asked.

I noticed that Kathy had a light blush and was trembling slightly.
The telling of the tale had excited her as much as it had me. In all
our years of marriage, I donít know why the subject of our first times
had never come up. Maybe it was simply that we avoided discussing our
prior lovers. When Kathy and I had met, all the old flames had been
extinguished, if not forgotten.

"I suppose I could get it easy enough. Why do you ask?" I answered.

"I need to write her a thank you note. She taught you well. When you
put your mind, or rather your tongue to it, youíre the best man Iíve
ever had."

"My, but you know how to make the man in your life feel special." I

She smiled. "Unfortunately, before we came here you havenít been very
interested lately. Itís been quite a while since we made love, you

I sighed. "I know. There was a time I couldnít live without sex, or
thought I couldnít anyway. These days it just seems so unimportant
compared to making enough money to support you and the kids, keeping
up the house, and keeping up with the Jones's and with friends. Itís
a bad excuse, isnít it."

"No. I guess not. I loved you even when you werenít making love to
me, and the great sex isnít the only reason I married you."

"Aw. Now I feel special all over again."

"You should." She laughed.

"Iím glad we came here. Itís made me feel like a kid all over again.
Iím remembering and experiencing things Iíd thought Iíd never
experience again."

"Iím glad too. Is there more to the story?"

"Quite a bit actually. They stayed a full two weeks."

Kathy rolled her eyes. "Oh great! Weíll be out here all night and
into the next before you finish the first week!"

"Well, after that first day it slowed down a bit. After all, Mary
couldnít claim to be carsick for a whole two weeks. But we managed to
steal some time together. I never did find out the name of that book
Mary had got her hands on, but we got into some pretty crazy stuff
before she left."

"How crazy?" Kathy asked with a note of anxiety.

I laughed. "Nothing crazier than a seventeen year old girl fucking
the brains out of a thirteen year old boy. Mostly it was just
different positions, but along the way, she introduced me to my first
blowjob, and anal sex. I even attempted to fuck her tits, but though
she was developing quite nicely, she hadnít fleshed out enough so to
speak. Almost every first I ever experienced, I experienced with

"Almost?" Kathy prompted.

I smiled evilly. "Apparently the book failed to mention that
inserting a finger into a manís anus just prior to orgasm and
massaging the prostrate would make the man the womanís slave for life.
That first belongs completely to you, dear."

"Iím so very glad she left me something to surprise you with." Kathy
said dryly, though sarcastically. She was enjoying the hell out of

"Would you like to hear the sordid details? Or shall we call it a

She glowered at me. "Donít you dare call it a night. After as many
times as weíve fucked today I didnít think it was possible to get this
worked up again, but you and I, dearheart are going to make mad
passionate love before we call it a night, the kind that will have the
neighbors banging on the walls and calling the manager."

"The neighbors are our children." I reminded her.

"Oh." She frowned, a frown that quickly turned into a grin. "Weíll
just have to make mad quiet passionate love."

"Sounds good to me." I admitted. My cock had been ready for quite
some time now.

"But first continue the tale." Kathy prompted. "Iím enjoying the

"Me too." I admitted. "Tell you what, why donít you come over here,
sit on my lap, and Iíll tell you about the two most memorable fucks;
then weíll retire to fuck like bunnies in heat."

"Oh la la!" Kathy exclaimed, wriggling her nose and showing her two
front teeth; doing her bunny imitation.

She sauntered over, sat on my lap, and pulled up her robe enough to
let my cock slip between her legs, resting against her delightfully
juicy pussy. I was tempted to cry uncle and forego the story but I
was enjoying this prolonged arousal as much as I enjoyed sharing this
very special part of myself with the woman I loved.

Still, I could not resist running my hands across her breasts before
dropping one hand down to lightly finger her pussy. She moaned and
leaned back into me.

"Something tells me this is going to be the best part yet." She
sighed as I idly dipped an index finger into her.


"Was it as good for you as it looked?" I asked Mary, curious if all
that licking and sucking was really as pleasurable as it had seemed.

"Oh yea. You were great!" She said enthusiastically. "Looks like
youíre ready to go all over again." I grinned bashfully. "Can it
wait long enough for us to take a shower? I feel kinda gritty."

"Sure." I said, just a little disappointed but not terribly so, since
I knew there would be more to come later. "The bathroomís down the
hall and to the right."

"Umm," she replied, "I was sorta hoping youíd join me. I mean, itís
not like we have anything to hide, at least not between us."

That was something to which I had absolutely no objections at all. We
walked hand in hand into the bathroom, and Mary removed the Mickey
Mouse T-shirt, giving me my first unobstructed view of a woman
au-natural. As she lifted her arms and pulled the shirt over her
head, the grace and sensuality of her form was overpowering.

Mary had a pretty face. Not a glamorous or beautiful face, but a
pretty, wholesome face. Her body was exquisite. She smiled shyly at
me as she watched my reaction. I felt her eyes probing me, looking
for the slightest sign of disapproval. What she found was only awe,
admiration, and a rock hard penis.

I removed my shirt, though it really wasnít as big a deal for me as it
apparently had been for her. I was still a kid; we both knew it. One
day I might possess a body that would drive the coeds wild with desire
(if that day ever happened, nobody bothered to tell me), but right
then I was a thirteen year old lanky kid; no bulky muscles, no broad
shoulders, no rippled abs, no buns of steel. Just me, a discreet
thirteen year old kid with a kind of interesting face and a penis. At
that moment, I was everything she needed.

She turned on the water, adjusting the temperature to her liking
before starting the shower. I stood there noticing how, as she bent
over, her pussy peeked out between her legs, offering me a
tantalizingly erotic view that had me almost leaping out of my skin.
She stepped under the water and ran her hands across her flesh as the
water cascaded off her. Then she turned and looked at me, holding her
arms out invitingly.

I stepped into the shower with her. Gingerly she reached down, picked
up the soap, and placed it in my hand. Her eyes told me exactly what
to do and I reached out and touched the bar to her chest, moving in
slow leisurely circles. First her chest, then her breasts. I took
gleeful delight in watching her reaction as I ran the bar ever so
lightly around her nipples. I marveled at how her breasts moved as I
ran the bar under them, pushing them up ever so slightly as I
continued my movements.

Her flat belly was a delight to soap up as those slow circles drifted
lower. When I reached her pussy, she parted her legs to give me more
room to work. I judged her pussy needed special attention, given our
prior activities. I ran the bar through her lips, letting my index
finger trail behind to make sure she got slippery in all the right

She leaned forward and kissed me, another open-mouthed passionate
kiss; the bar of soap slipped from my fingers. I didnít need it any
more anyway. There was plenty of soapy water to continue my cleaning;
I continued to finger her. The sensation of her soapy slippery skin
against mine was so intense--at times I was trying to fuck air as my
hips involuntarily thrust forward, seeking warm fertile ground to
plant my seed. She tensed and shuddered. I felt her pussy clench
around my fingers and recognized her orgasm, though she never once
broke the kiss.

Finally, with a wistful sigh she pulled back. The look on her face
was radiant. She was a young goddess who was only just beginning to
understand the full extent of her power and glory.

She bent down and picked up the bar of soap. With the lightest of
touches she turned me around and began to soap up my back, much as I
had soaped up her front. There was a duality in the sensations I was
feeling. On one hand, it was almost ordinary, not sexual at all. On
the other, I was intensely aware of a water nymph right behind me who
could take me to paradise and back. Thus the ordinary turned sensual.

At the small of my back, I felt a mild thrill; here was something
unique, but she did not linger there long. She leisurely soaped my
buttocks, then I felt her part my cheeks and run the bar through my
ass. One of her fingers gently circled my anus, just enough to tease,
but again she did not linger.

With another incredibly light touch, she turned me to face her. Our
eyes locked together as she began to soap my chest. My gaze wavered
and I gasped as she ran the bar across my nipples. I found that this
too could be very pleasurable. My eyes met hers again as she ran the
bar across my stomach, then down across my waist, until finally,
finally, the bar ran across my cock.

But not for long! She went lower still and washed my balls, then
between my legs before returning to my eager cock. The soap was slimy
yet hard against my engorged flesh and it was surprisingly
UNsatisfying, though it was certainly enough to keep every nerve in my
body centered on that one part of me. Mary, frustrated by the lack of
contact as well, placed the bar between her hands and rubbed to get a
good lather before setting the bar aside. She then grasped me firmly,
running her slick, hot hands all over my shaft, taking great pains to
pull back my foreskin, ensuring that no spot went untouched.

I threw back my head and surrendered to the pure pleasure she was
giving me. This was so different from what we had done before, yet it
was so pleasurable in its own way. Then suddenly she stopped.

She smiled mischievously at my crestfallen expression and said, "My
boyfriend Jeremy is very religious, Keith. If weíre ever married,
there are things I know he wonít do because the Bible calls them a
sin. At least once in my life, I want to try these things."

She handed the soap back to me and said in a low trembling voice.
"Wash my back. Wash my butt, make sure you get the soap up my bottom,
then take me there." Then she slowly turned her back to me.

Maryís caresses had inspired urgency in me. I did not understand her
desires, at least then, but I most certainly was not going to argue
with them. I was not as leisurely as before when I washed her back.
But at her urging I did linger over her buttocks, lathering her up.
When she was ready, I inserted a well-lathered finger into her ass.
She began to sigh as I swirled the finger around.

"The book says this can be fun," she said, "but you have to be ready
for it. Iíve been practicing at home with a coke bottle, just for
you, just for today. I hope itís enough." I could almost hear her
blush as she said it.

From our very first encounter, Mary conveyed a mixture of wild abandon
and girlish innocence. She seemed to say without words, "Iím tired of
this stuffy old life. I want to live a little, I want to have fun! I
know itís wrong, I know itís decadent, but damn it, this is what I
want!" I knew it was wrong as well, if it wasnít it wouldnít have to
be a secret. I went along because it was fun, but mostly because I
was a walking bag of hormones with a penis. That may sound sexist,
but I think itís true. I still donít really know what drove Mary; to
be honest I never really cared beyond the realization that her drives
and mine overlapped so wonderfully.

She grunted as I stuffed a third finger into her and began flexing my
fingers, stretching her, making her ready for this encounter.
Preparing her for this had took some time. I was so focused on what I
was doing, so attuned to her reactions, that I found myself beginning
to soften when she said, "Iím ready."

Ah, to be thirteen and to hear that "Iím ready" again. I went from
quasi-erect to a major hardon in under a second flat. Three fingers
or not, this was going to be tight and I knew it, so I took a second
to add a little bit of lather to my cock before proceeding. I
positioned my organ and pushed forward slowly. There was some
resistance at first, but the soap and my fingers had loosened her up
so that her flesh yielded and the tip of my cock entered her.

She was so bloody tight! It was as if a hot, slick hand had grabbed
my cock and begun squeezing with abandon. Slowly I continued to push
into her until I was all the way in.

"Ugh!" She grunted. "I feel so full! But it feels so wonderful!
Just hold it there for a second."

For a second, I remained as I was, impaling her fully with my engorged
cock. Then I had my first bout of sexual inspiration. I reached
around and placed my hand on her breast. Feeling the fantastic
sensations of slippery flesh against soft, yielding slippery flesh, I
placed my other hand on her other breast. It was a wonderful
sensation, feeling her from behind like this. I decided to explore
this further. I pulled her up towards my chest until she was upright,
then as one hand continued to massage her breast, my other hand began
to finger her pussy.

"Oh Yes!" She moaned. "Oh God, Yes!"

For almost a minute, I remained unmoving within her, with nothing but
the gentle contractions of her anus around the base of my shaft and
the tightness of her hole around my cock for stimulation. Soon this,
along with her moans and the feel of her in my hands had me incredibly
aroused. Without further prompting, I began to move, bending my knees
to slide out, straightening them to thrust back in. I did this slowly
at first, but shortly I was moving as fast as this position would
allow me to go.

It wasnít fast enough. Despite the indescribably intense sensations,
the position was too awkward and I had to withdraw my hands. The
lightest touch on her back was all the prompting she needed to bend
over. She was fingering herself now, and as I began to move faster,
her moans and grunts began to come more frequently as well.

Iím ashamed of what happened next. I knew I had to be careful, but I
was young and possessed, and above all else, I needed speed. My
fingers dug into her flesh and I began forcing us together and apart.
Ever faster, with ever more fury, ever more urgency. She did not
protest at all, her cries were as full of abandon as mine, but then
she did cry out in pain. Not loud, but I heard it. I had hurt her. I
didnít stop. I heard her whimper, but mixed with those whimpers were
the moans of pleasure I had heard before. When she spoke, she only
urged me on, faster, harder, deeper.

When her orgasm hit, the contractions around my cock threw me over the
edge. If I fucked her with abandon before, it was nothing compared to
this. My cries mixed with hers as I slammed into her, pushed her away
savagely, then pulled her into me yet again. Each time probing as
deeply as I could, each time relishing the touch of her tight, hot,
convulsing hole against my cock.

It was a blinding moment of pure pleasure. I canít describe it as
anything other than a completion, a validation. When thought
returned, I found myself bent over her, my chin dug into her shoulder,
laughing weakly with tears running down my face. Then I remembered.

"Are you OK?" I asked. I felt horrible having to ask it, for having
to ask it this late, for not having asked it earlier.

"Iíll be fine." She assured me. "It was wonderful. Pleasure and
pain at the same time."

"Iím sorry." I said.

"Donít be. It was my idea and Iím glad we did it. I want to do it
again before I have to leave. Jeremy would never do this, and I
think, I really think I could learn to love this. The feeling of you
behind me while you touched me, while you filled me, it was

We let the running water wash away the blood and juices of our sin.
We were both young, but after what we had just done together, not
young enough to do anything else that day.


I had fingered Kathy to orgasm somewhere around the time I began
telling her how I was feeling up Mary from behind with my meat stuffed
up her ass. My cock had received no such relief and I was almost in
pain at the near constant erection for so long. Eventually, something
would have to give.

"Maybe I should revisit my prejudices against anal sex." Kathy said
as I traced a circle around her nipple.

"I never really understood it," I admitted. "Mary certainly seemed to
like it. Especially the second time. That was good too but the first
time is always special."

"Did you ever find out if Jeremy indulged her? Did she even marry

"Yes, she did. They have two children, a boy and a girl. But Mary
confided in me that Jeremy was everything she feared he would be;
stodgily conservative and by the book missionary."

"Ohhh, that just steams me!" Kathy fumed. "How could a girl who
enjoyed sex as much as she did shack herself up with an old fuddy-duddy?"

"She told me it was partly because it was expected after they had
dated so long, but mostly because he really did love her and she
really did love him. They may not be as adventurous as she would have
liked, but other than that they have a very happy marriage."

"I guess Iím just lucky to have my beefcake and eat it too," Kathy

"Eating me sounds like a really good idea right now. Lets skip the
last story and move straight to the mad passionate love part."

"Youíve held out this long, I think you can hold out for one more
story." Kathy grinned.

"No fair!" I protested, "youíve already cum once and youíre well on
your way to another while Iím sitting here with my cock twisting in
the wind."

"Youíre lucky itís a warm wind. Hold out a little longer, I promise
to make it worth your while."

"OK." I sighed. "One for the road, so to speak."

I had planned to tell how Mary and I had spent a day trying various
positions she had learned from that book. It was either that or the
time when Mary and I went to a movie matinee. We sat in the back in a
very sparsely populated theater and indulged in a bit of mutual
masturbation followed by some oral sex. I quickly changed that to the
time Mary had given me my first blow job. It was short, very dear to
my heart, and it was short.


I woke that first night of Maryís visit to something fantastically
warm and moist wrapped around my cock. I jerked awake, but already I
knew what was happening, so I remained silent. Mary pulled back and
smiled at me. In the pale silvery moonlight, she was almost liquid in
her beauty. She wore an overlong T-shirt again with Mickey on the

After that brief pause, she bent back down and sucked me into her
mouth. This was my third time with her in less than twenty-four
hours. Each time was different, each time erotic, sensual, and exotic
beyond anything I had ever experienced in my life.

I should have protested that this was foolish, reminded her that her
parents were right next door to us, and the walls in the house were
paper-thin. I could hear my parents when they made love, and their
room was all the way across the house. As those thoughts raced
through my head, the element of danger wrapped itself like a warm
glove around the red-hot sensations of Maryís mouth stroking up and
down on my cock, and the incredible feeling of her tongue, cheeks, and
the suction.

I wanted to moan, I wanted to groan, I wanted to scream at the top of
my lungs that this was soooo goooood! But I couldnít even make a tiny
whimper, lest it be heard by the very people we least wanted to find
out about our games.

Mary ran her free hand over my chest and stomach, as if I needed even
more stimulation! Finally, she decided that my erect nipples meant I
liked them to be touched, and she was so right!

In the pale moonlight, with her parents sleeping (lightly!) next door,
Mary brought me to a stunning climax. To this day, it might be the
hardest thing Iíve ever done, to not make a single sound when the
moment came. It didnít occur to me until later that the girl had
swallowed everything I shot into her. The next morning I didnít find
even a single stain.

I thought maybe Mary would join me in bed for a while and I could
return the pleasure, but she just smiled at me, touched my cheek
lightly, and quietly crept out of my room. She told me the next day
when we were alone together, she wanted to find out what sperm tasted
like. She was certainly a girl who left no stones, or tricks


"Thatís nice," Kathy said after I finished.

"Didnít do anything for you?" I asked.

"Not really. A blow job is a uniquely male experience."

"I wouldnít mind experiencing one right now." I hinted.

"I rather suspected you would. But I think Iím going to drag you into
bed and ride you like a wild horse instead."

I shuddered with anticipation. "Letís go!"

She lifted herself off me, and set her empty wineglass on the table.

As we walked back into the bedroom, I casually said, "Maybe when weíre
done, you can tell me how you learned that little finger in the anus

"I doubt it." Kathy said as she removed my robe. "Itís very late and
the kids will want to be up at the crack of dawn. I think Mickey
Mouse is signing autograph books in Fantasyland tomorrow."

"Maybe tomorrow?" I asked, as Kathy let her robe fall to the floor.

Kathy gave me a light push on the chest and I fell backwards onto the
bed. She climbed on top of me and lowered herself onto my long
ignored cock. "Maybe you wonít like it."

"Maybe I will." I said with a gasp as she began to raise and lower

"Weíll see," Kathy said as we moved together in the dark moonlit room.
Waves of pleasure washed over me as I saw Mickey Mouseís image,
adorning my wifeís shirt, moving up and down, up and down in front of

-- Sandman
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