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MILLER1 sucking each others nipples God that


The following is a erotic fictional story written from the deep recess of my
somewhat disturbed mind. To the best of my knowledge, all characters are
fictional. If I am mistaken, they should contact me directly. I hope you will
like the story.


a story Told at the Miller's tale
by Robert the Librarian

The Miller's tale is an unusual little place in an unusual part of town.
It's a sort of coffee house with exotic blends of different coffees and teas
and a few micro brews for the discerning palate. Just off of Broadway Blvd.
on Capital Hill in Seattle it resides in a hole in the wall. Only the locals
and a few invited guest know it's exact location. If everyone knew about it,
it would destroy the very reason most of us spend so much of our time and
disposable income there. One Thursday I am sitting at one of the back tables
sipping a new blend of tea. I don't remember it's name since it wasn't very
good but I do remember the story that came with it. Walter Wilson, one of the
aforementioned locals comes in for a latte. He is a rather average looking
twenty seven year old male, too intelligent to be a geek, and not bright enough
to be a nerd. It was a rather dull evening so I wave Walter over.

"Any thing new in your life Walter?" I ask.

"Well, now that you ask. You like hearing unusual or weird tales don't
you?" he asked. I nodded. "Well, something I experienced a few weeks ago
might qualify. " I picked up the tab for his latte and bid him to continue.

Well, there I was sitting in my inexpensive apartment watching Jeopardy when
suddenly Alex Trebec starts winking out on me. The building is old, but I have
never had problems with the electric before. Fortunately the problem lasted
only thirty seconds and I was able to return to the program just in time for a
commercial. But before I suffered through the first ad, there was a knock at
the door. I figured it must be some kid selling candy for his or her school.
Boy was I surprised when I opened the door. There were two women and a man standing in my doorway looking somewhat ill at eased. Their look was not what
surprised me but the fact all three were completely naked. Broadway is
considered to be a somewhat liberal and strange part of town, but three naked
people in the middle of Jeopardy? Well they were not completely naked, they
wore these funky little slippers on their feet, although I did not notice this
right away. After gawking for some time at the perfect bodies of these two
women, it occurred to me that something else was different about them other
than the fact they were butt naked. They each had beautiful faces, somewhat a
medium tan complexion. Their eyes were somewhat almond shaped indicating asian parenting, however their noses and lips were quite Anglo. Their breasts were
nothing less than perfect. Perfect in size (not to big, not to small, just
right), perfect in form (they did not sag, even a millimeter). and perfect in
color as there were no tan lines. But this was not what struck me as odd as
the fact that one had silver colored shoulder length hair while the other had
no hair at all. Odder still their cranial hair was consistent with their pubic
hair, silver and bald.

"Excuse me, but are you Walter Wilson?" asked the man standing behind these
two goddess'. It was now I realized the man was holding what looked like a
transparent plastic clipboard.

"Survey takers?" I asked innocently. The trio looked at each other

"May we enter?" asked the bald bombshell. What does one say to three naked
people? I stepped to one side and bid them to enter. As I closed the door the
two angels were looking about the apartment. From my new vantage I could see
their asses were as perfect as the rest of their gorgeous bodies. The man on
the other hand seemed more interested in double jeopardy. As my sexy visitors
looked about, I noticed they seem preoccupied caressing and otherwise playing
with themselves. They would stroke their perfect breasts as they passed the
kitchen, pinching their nipples as they entered the bedroom area, and as they
looked out the bedroom window their hands slowly crept down between their legs,
parting their pussy lips and slowly in a rotating motion played with their
clits. To a person like me, this does not happen very often, well never. What
does one say to a naked girl playing with herself? It did not take long for
the two beauties to finish examining my small studio apartment and turn again
toward me. Most of the naked women I see are two dimensional and having two
naked goddess right in front of me..

"Fascinating!" said the bald one. Silver just giggled.

"ER .. you know my name, what are your names?" I inquired.

"I am Miranda, this is my one third sister Kate" answered the hairless sex

"Third sister, as opposed to half sister ?" I said jokingly.

"Exactly" answered Kate. They were not laughing. Either they did not get
the joke or I was missing something very fundamental. "That over there is Bob"
pointing to the man sitting in my kitchen chair answering the final jeopardy
question out loud. They both looked at Bob with loathing and contempt. Bob
was oblivious to everything except the tv

"Can I get you something to drink, maybe?" I asked nervously.

"No, we just came for sex. "answered Miranda matter-of- factly. "Would you
be able to engage us in various sex acts this night?" My legs suddenly became
weak. Although my brain (and my groin) immediately said yes, it took my mouth
a few seconds longer to get out the words. Both women smiled.

"Weeful!" said Kate.

"'Weeful'?" I asked.

"A slang term from the old English words 'wee' and 'wonderful'."
interjected Bob.

"Slang from where?" I asked. "England?"

"From one hundred and eighty two years in your future" answered Bob. "These
two wanted to come back in time to indulge their carnal pleasures. Seems quite
a bother to me. How many channels does this thing receive?" asked Bob
referring to the television.

"Only three clearly" I answered. "You two came back one hundred and eighty
two years just to fuck me? Sort of a temporal sex tour I suppose. I'm
flattered. But why can't you get laid in your own time? Not that I would
really enjoy boffing the both of you." I hastily added.

"Stand up for a moment Bob." commanded Miranda to her male companion. As
he stood up and turned toward me Miranda pointed at Bob's groin. "The damn
thing is only two centimeters long at best." I hadn't noticed before ( I
usually don't stare at other men's privates.), but despite the lack of pubic
hair, his pecker could barely be seen, it was so small. "Dil technology has
come a long ways in the past few years but it still cannot compare to the real

"Dill? As in pickle?" I asked.

"Dil, as in dildo." answered Bob as he sat back down in front of the tube.

"Are all men like Bob?" I asked.

"Bob is considered well endowed" said Kate. Wow , what a depressing future
I thought. "For the last one hundred and fifty years men have been sitting in
front of that thing" pointing to the tv "watching sports, comedies,
documentaries, anything fifteen hundred channels can provide. They eventually
grew smaller through 'sexual atrophy'. Now , remove these fabric coverings so
we may start."

"I gather you don't wear clothes in the future?" I asked as I pulled my tee
shirt over my head.

"Why bother" answered Miranda, "With the greenhouse effect and most public
areas covered there is no need". Logical, I thought as I got out off my pants.
My boner had shrunk some during all that talk about time travel but it was now
coming back to life.

"Del'st!" cried Miranda examining my dick. "And it's growing even bigger!"

"'Del'st?? Is that good?" I asked.

"Slang for deliriously stupendous." responded Bob, now in the middle of
Wheel of Fortune.

"Fun-times!" cried Kate as she gently grasped my quickly hardening rod in
her beautiful cupped hands. "How much larger does it get?"

All the erotic stories I have read, men brag about their eight inch or ten
inch cocks. I had always assumed this was an exaggeration for the story or
just male boasting, at least I hoped since my prick only extended about six
inches. Then again, compared to what this girls have had to put up with for
most of their adult lives, I should be huge. "With your help I might get it up
to fourteen or sixteen centimeters."

Both girls shouted with glee. "Kracks! that is bigger than our biggest
dil." said Kate. "How can we help make it bigger?"

"Wow!" I thought. "Firstly, you have the right idea. Gently stroke my
cock, then with the other hand caress my balls. Please Miranda, you should
help too." Looking down from where I was standing in the middle of my living
room, I could see the two most beautiful women of this time playing with my
privates. Wow! what a feeling. "Arrrgggg!" I screamed. "Caress the balls,
not massage them." It took a moment for the color to return to my face but
with more careful stroking by my two love slaves I was back into the swing of

"Do you have balls, Bob?" asked Miranda. Bob grunted his displeasure and
concentrated on Vana White.

"That feels so very .. weeful." I said. "Next, each of you in turn put my
cock in your mouth and gently suck." Miranda was first. She managed to take
most of it and started to suck. "Flick your tongue around and across the tip
of my...... O God..that's great. Now move your head in and out." I placed
both hands on her hairless skull and guided her head in and out. It was an odd
sensation, her scalp was very soft and smooth. Very pleasant to touch. "oh ..
oh yes, now you Kate. Just as Miranda did. oh ..yes, very, very good." Her
silver hair was very silky to the touch and the sensation of it brushing
against the inside of my thigh almost got me off right there. "That's enough
for now. I think it is about as big as it's going to get. Let's move over to
the bed, shall we?"

"You do not have a 'sex room'?" asked Miranda.

"You have a room just for sex?" I asked. "What a marvelous century you
must live in." I took the girls in each arm and made our way the few steps to
the bed. We sat on the bed, a sex goddess to each side of me. Not having a
lot of experience I started with what I know. Starting with Kate I planted
some very deep kiss's, pushing my tongue past those perfect white teeth. Our
tongues did a little dance together inside her mouth for about a minute before
we broke, leaving Kate with a glowing smile of enjoyment. I then move to
Miranda and repeated the act. When I came back to Kate she stopped me after
only a few seconds of tongue.

"If we are to experience all fifty one sex positions we best get started."
she announced.

"Fifty one positions?!" I asked. "Exactly how long do we have to get
through all those positions?"

"We can stay in the past only twelve hours." answered Miranda.

"Which leaves eleven hours and twenty two minutes" added Kate.

"That would be only five positions an hour and still have two half hour
breaks." I thought to myself. Who am I kidding. Fifty one fucks in one
night, my dick will fall off. But I am not going to tell them. It would
destroy their illusion and my ego. Besides, what a way to go. Kate got up off
the bed and went to retrieve the clear clipboard from Bob. As she walked back
she appeared to be reading it although I could not see what was written on it.
"Did you plan to do all fifty one tonight?" I asked.

"Well, of course." answered Kate. "We did eliminate all those positions
that require zero gravity" Kate wanted to do the positions in alphabetical
order, while Miranda suggested starting with the physically most difficult and
move to the easiest. It was decided to start with the more popular methods and
work our way to the more esoteric ones. Also I seem to remember and article
which stated that if a man were to contract the muscle just behind his prostate
just before climax he would not ejaculate, thus able to keep hard much longer.
I have never had the opportunity to try it up until now. I sure hoped it would
work. Firstly we laid Miranda back on the bed and I started licking her. I
began with a deep kiss, allowing our tongues to engage in a dance only to move
down past her chin and began to suck on her neck. I could feel her carotid
artery pound under my lips. I move further, kissing between her beautiful
breast while each hand cup a tit and massaged her erect nipples. My love life
is somewhat sparten and I wanted to delay things as much as possible but we
still had fifty positions to get through tonight. I continued down her abdomen
and stopped to run my tongue around her navel only to find she didn't have a
bellybutton. Odd, I thought, but I was to engorged in what I was doing to stop
and ask. When I pressed my face against her pubis she let out a quiet moan.
Traversing further I began to lick the inside of her thighs, which she
automatically parted for me revealing her gorgeous bald snatch. I moved my
head up kissing the surrounding area before parting the lips. There I found a
very engorged clitoris. What the men lacked in sexuality the women more than
made up for. With the corner of my eye I could see Kate was now hovering over
Miranda sucking each other's nipples. God that made me horny. Slowly I stuck
my tongue into Miranda's wet pussy. Circling her clitoris slowly then faster
she began to moan louder and louder. I began to worry what the neighbors might
think, but even if I were evicted "Oh yes! Yes! Engage me now!" she shouted.

"The word is fuck" I corrected as I climbed on top of her.

"Sister" cried Miranda. "Put his sex organ inside me ."

"It's a cock" I corrected

"Sister, Put his cock inside me now!!" Kate was already positioned between
our legs to get a better view. She reached up and took my rod in her hand and
began to rub it against her sisters clit. Around the clit and past the opening
getting the end of my cock well lubricated in her pussy. While doing all of
this Kate was fingering herself. My head full of confidence. I twisted and
reached out pushing her hand aside and began fingering her myself. I was in a
missionary position, deeply kissing Miranda while I fingered her sister with my
free hand while she was fucking Miranda with my cock. It was all I could do to
remember to concentrate on my prostrate muscles. After several minutes of
Miranda convulsing under me and screaming through my wet kisses, Kate entered
me into her sister. I don't have a tremendous bases of comparison but God she
felt tight. If she were not as well lubricated as she was I would never have
been able to enter. Miranda wrapped her legs around my waist and was pulling
herself up to meet my downward thrusts. My hand in Kate's twat was bouncing in
the same rhythm. With her hands now free Kate was now massaging her tits. I
could feel both Miranda and I approaching climax and I tighten the muscles
around my prostate. With a blood chilling scream you could hear in Portland,
Miranda finally climaxed. To my surprise I also climaxed without ejaculating,
and my member still quite hard. It's a wonderful feeling to have a hard cock
massaged by her vaginal muscles. It took some discipline not to come again.
Eventually Kate reached over and pulled me out. Miranda began to sit up
looking somewhat hurt. Kate announced it was her turn and who was I to argue.
By moving a foot to my right I found myself already set up for a 69. My tongue
muscles now recovered I immediately dived into Kate's bush. Despite the
distracting silver color, her pubic hair was silky soft and tickled my chin as
I licked her pussy. It did take Kate a few seconds to figure out what to do
with that stiff cock hanging in h "I am ready for number four" announces Kate
as she now pulls me off her sister. Kate now lays down on the bed on her side
in a semi-fetal position, Miranda positions me behind Kate's ass and begins
stroking my cock. She looks somewhat concerned when it does not become rigid
right away. Seeing her disappointment I reach around Kate and begin to grope
her tits. Feeling her tits up and down while pausing to tweak the nipples
between my thumb and index finger along with Miranda's stroking finally brings
back my erection. It is not as stiff as before, but time is short. While
holding on to Kate's tits for leverage, Miranda guides me into Kate's twat. It
is still sticky from the last screw and my cock slides in easily. Miranda now
has her legs slightly spread and is rubbing her bald cunt on my ass cheek. She
is pumping my cheek with her cunt in the same rhythm that I am pumping her
sister's cunt. I watch Kate's well toned ass juggle just a little with each
thrust. Not only do they fuck in unison, but they moan in unison as well. God
I hope the manager is out tonight. I managed to hope my ejaculation as the
three of us climaxed. I just laid there kissing the small of Kate's back while
caressing her tits. Miranda held my snuggle from behind, her still erect
nipples pushing into my shoulder blades. I was hoping to get a short rest
before beginning again, but these girls came to fuck. Miranda leapt off the
bed pulling me up as well. Facing each other, she wrapped her arms around my
neck and kissed me very deeply, at the same time pulling me toward the wall.
When her back met the wall she jumped up wrapping her legs around my waist.
Fortunately Kate was right behind me rubbing her tits and twat against my back
and buttock. If it wasn't for her a surely would have lost my balance.

"I thought you said no 'zero gee' positions" I said. Miranda only laughed
and stuck her tongue further down my throat. Kate was now licking her way from
between my shoulder blades, down my back, and across my ass, making my pecker
very hard again. She reached between my legs and caressed my balls before she
took my rod from underneath. Pointing it up slightly it met Miranda's hot
pussy. She rubbed it between her pussy lips and across her clit several times
making sure it was covered with pussy juice before pushing it inside her. Once
fully inserted, Miranda began pumping her hips while Kate held my ass with both
hand, caressing it and maintaining my balance at the same time. All this time
Miranda's tongue is dueling mine inside my mouth. I just hope I cum before my
back gives out, I thought. But not to worry, with all this stimulation it
wasn't long before I filled her love hole full again. Something about that
bald head and bald pussy that drives me nuts. Lucky for me that the next few
positions involved me on the bed on my back. Lucky also was the fact we were
able to combine two or three positions during a single fuck just by moving or
rotating someone. For example, with me sitting in a kitchen chair with Miranda
impaled on my cock and turning her around and back again we managed four
different positions. Then there were the two on the kitchen table with Kate
spread eagle on her back then on her stomach, and me standing between her legs
pounding my dick raw in her. Most of the rest of the night was a blur. One
fuck after the other. I these girls weren't so drop dead gorgeous and I wasn't
such a horny little bastard I don't think I would have survived to tell you
this. I do remember coming up for air once and hearing Bob laughing at David
Letterman on tv

At six AM we called it quits and took a shower. After all I couldn't let
them go back to the twenty-second century all sweaty and sticky, could I? The
shower was a might crowded with the three of us (Bob was watching a Gilligan's
Island rerun at the time) but we managed to wash each other well enough. At a
few minutes before seven we were saying good-bye in the hallway in front of my
apartment door. Looking back on it I still can't believe a stood naked in the
hall of my building . But there we were, the four of us.

"You were the very greatest ever" expressed Miranda. "Thank you very much
for all the" she added with a smile. Well at least we
expanded her vocabulary. She kissed me deeply, caressing my dick and balls.
They, however, were beyond the point of responding.

"I have never enjoyed a holiday more than this one." said Kate. "Would you
mind if we told our friends about you. They may wish to come here for a
fucking holiday."

"Go right ahead." I said smiling. With a final kiss from each of them they
turned and walked toward the stairs.

Bob turned to me and said "Next time, get cable." Shaking his head he
followed the girls down the stairs. As I turned to go back into my apartment I
saw my neighbor Rose standing a few feet away, just staring at me. For some
reason I am sure she has been standing there long enough to hear our entire
good-byes. Rose is about twenty two years old and works as a clerk at the
local Safeway. She is from Costa Rica I think, she has long dark hair and dark
complexion and with deep dark eyes a man can lose himself in. She had large
perky breasts for a girl of five foot one. She walks up to me and smiles. My
nakedness for some reason doesn't bother me in the slightest. I act natural
and relaxed.

"Busy night last night?" she asks. No doubt she heard much of the moaning
and screaming going on last night.

"It's kind of a long story." I tell her

"Maybe you can tell me about it after I get home from work tonight. I'll
bring something from the store for us to eat." She smiles coyly and walks
toward the stairs.

I go back into the apartment and get a bag of ice for my aching prostate
muscles, I may need them again tonight.

"So did you ever get any more visits from the future?" I asked.

"Not yet" says Walter. "What time do you have ?"

"About six forty five." I reply.

"That late! I had better be going. I wouldn't want to miss Jeopardy."
Walter winks knowingly at me as he leaves. "Thanks for the latte."


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