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MILLER2 thick glasses and nothing else


The following is a erotic fictional story written from the deep recess
of my somewhat disturbed mind. To the best of my knowledge, all
characters are fictional. If I am mistaken, they should contact me
directly. I hope you will like the story.


a story Told at the Miller's tale
by Robert the Librarian

Professor Matt Riechen was sitting near the rear of the Miller's
Tale when I came in. The Miller's tale is a sort of coffee house that
also serves exotic teas and a few local micro brews. It's just a
little hole in the wall in one of the more "liberal thinking" parts of
Seattle. Doktor Riechen, as I sometimes call him, was sitting alone.
This is somewhat unusual, but what is more unusual is the fact he
replaced his normal blend of East India tea with one of the more potent
micro brews. This definitely looked like a man with a story to tell.

"Herr Doktor!" I started with my best Austrian accent.

"Huh? Oh, it's you."

"May I sit?"

"Actually, you may be the perfect person to share this with."
said Riechen, as he motioned me to sit. I get some of my best stories
this way. "I need to tell someone. Now you promise never to repeat
what I am about to tell you to anyone." I crossed my heart and mumbled
something. Any way, he never reads these kinds of magazines.

"You didn't get one of those sexy coeds up at the University
'knocked up', did you?" I asked jokingly. Matt Riechen glared at me.
"God! you didn't?"

"Worse! Here, let me give you some background.

You remember in the psychology department has a program where psych
grads sort of treat the under grads with problems. It gives the grads
good practice at concealing and it's a free service to the lower class
men. It's all well supervised and has been working well for years.
About four months ago, a pretty female sophomore comes in for therapy.
She sees Lisa Anderson, one of my students. Lisa is a tall, blond,
just like one of those Swedish Bikini Team girls you see on the beer
ads. She is twenty three and very popular. Anyway, it seems this
pretty little sophomore, whose name is Rebecca something, has a great
deal of trouble becoming intimate with people. Particularly of the
opposite sex. This girl was beyond shy. She wouldn't hold hands or
even touch a boy. Any conversations with boys were strictly business
and when business was complete she would excuse herself. In the dorm
where she lives, she would only shower at two or three in the morning
so no one might see her undressed. What ever caused her extreme
modesty was unclear, but to have a normal social life she would have to
overcome this. She realized this, and that is why she came to us.
Treatment wasn't easy. With most irrational fears we slowly
desensitize the patient, however, Rebecca was so terrified of human
contact, flesh to flesh, she would bury her head in her lap or run from
the room screaming. We would try visual cues. We would show her
certain romantic scenes from daytime soaps. She would look longingly
at the couples on the T.V. but as soon as romance turned to passion, or
someone started to disrobe, her blood pressure would shoot up, her
heart rate would increase, shortness of breath and perspiring. All the
classic signs of anxiety. Lisa was doing a excellent job. She was
patient, understanding, sympathetic, everything a good therapist should
be except successful. She tired to build her self esteem by telling
her how bright or attractive Rebecca was. And Rebecca was attractive.
She stood at 5 foot 4, with mousy brown "Look, it's just the two of
us, right?" Lisa would say. "I don't mind you looking at my breasts.
I am very comfortable with myself. Besides we're friends." Lisa would
open her shirt a little more exposing two well formed tits. "I bet you
have very pretty breast." Rebecca would turn her head and blush. At
least she didn't leave the room screaming. Rebecca raised her hands
and started to unbutton her baggy blue flannel shirt. Her hands began
to shake. "Just the top button or two, OK?" Rebecca nodded and her
hands managed to release the top button, exposing the base of her neck
before she had to let her hands drop back to her lap. "That's a start.
Now, look in the mirror. It doesn't look bad. Pretty nice if you ask
me. Do you think you could now leave the room and walk back to campus
like that." Rebecca looked shocked and shook her head. "Come on"
Lisa help Rebecca up from her chair and toward the door and the time
holding Rebecca's arms at her side so she couldn't rebutton her shirt.
They walked slowly down the hallway of the psych building toward the
main entrance, passing several students and faculty as they went.

As they approached the main doors a student coming in looked at
the two of them and whistled. "Hey Lisa, nice tits." Lisa had been so
concerned with Rebecca rebuttoning her shirt she forgot hers was
totally unbuttoned and flapping in the breeze.

Rebecca turned to Lisa and said, "Oh my God, Lisa, your shirt"
Lisa knew for this therapy to work she mustn't show any embarrassment.
Besides for a moment Rebecca completely forgot about her own
embarrassment and was now focused on Lisa. The next words from Lisa's
mouth would be very important.

"This?" said Lisa opening her shirt even more. "This is nothing.
It doesn't bother me at all."

"Really? That's great. I wish I could be more like that."

"With time you can." Lisa reassured her. This episode gave Lisa
an idea for a new direction of therapy. The two girls were close
enough for one to be genuinely concerned about the other. If Rebecca
could feel empathy for Lisa's accidental exhibition what if she did it
deliberately. Would the feeling, the excitement transfer to Rebecca?
The next week, Rebecca patiently sat in the psyche waiting area with
five other students waiting for there respective councilors. She had
the top button of her blouse undid. She had gone all week like that
and was proud to show Lisa how 'daring' she had become, exposing the
base of her throat. "You're right on time, Rebecca." Rebecca looked
up at the voice of her new friend and saw Lisa as she never thought she
would see her. Before her stood a five foot eleven inch beautiful
blond completely naked. Lisa stood there very relaxed, very
comfortable. Her nudity was not lost on the other five students in the
room (three of which were male). Not as buxom as some Scandinavian
women, Lisa's breast still commanded a great deal of respect. What
they lacked in sheer size they made up for in form and grace. Her
aureoles were pinkish and nipples somewhat erect. Her pubic hair was
trimmed about the edges of accommodate her rather revealing swim wear
she wore during the summer, and all could see she was a natural blond.
All the other students were speech less. The male students wishing she
was there councilor, the females wondering which of them, Rebecca or
Lisa, really needed the help.

"Lisa" Rebecca finally said, "aren't you ...?"


"No, I mean embarrassed."

"I told you last week, this sort of thing doesn't bother me. I
have a good body, don't I guys?" she turns and asks the male students
sitting only a few feet away. They all nodded dumbly. "Why shouldn't
I show it off? Come on let's talk." Lisa took her hand and led her
down the hallway toward the conference rooms. The male students
craning their necks to get a look at one of the best asses in the
department. They passed several other people on their trip down the
long corridor. Most look at her with approving smiles and nods. This
reaction was not lost on Rebecca. They entered the small cubical the
grad students used for therapy sessions. Lisa closed the door behind
them and said "I noticed the top button of your shirt is undone. I'm
proud of you."

"I've worn my shirts like this all week. It was kind of hard at
first but...." Rebecca couldn't help stare at Lisa as she sat facing
her. Lisa had crossed her legs, shamelessly displaying her pussy.
Through all of this Lisa seemed relaxed and unaffected (actually she
was very aroused and wished she could relieve she sexual tension but
settled for opening her legs so her wet pussy might dry).

"Do you think you could go another step further?" asked Lisa.

"You mean undo another button?"

"Well, that too. I thought maybe we could try something more

"You didn't want me to walk around the hallways naked like you?!"

"Not through the hallways" answered Lisa. "Just in this room.
Just for me. The door is locked, and I am already naked, it's just us
girls, and I know you want to do it." Looking at Lisa's nakedness had
done something for her and Rebecca felt maybe she could do it. For
Lisa anyhow. Rebecca unbuttoned the next two buttons and then stopped.
"Look, why don't you close your eyes. Pretend you are getting ready
for a shower." Secretly Lisa could hardly wait to see Rebecca nude.
Rebecca undid the last two buttons and opened her shirt. She wore a
rather plain, unsexy white bra. She opened her eyes and shuttered a

"I don't think I can go any further." Rebecca admitted.

"That's all right. This is a good beginning. Rebecca, have you
ever masturbated?" Rebecca looked shocked at the question. "You won't
go blind you know."

"I know that. It's just that...."

"Come on, haven't you ever wanted to put a couple of fingers
between your legs and rub like this." Lisa put the flat of her hand
against her exposed genitals and rubbed slowly, hoping the sexual
tension might make Rebecca more open. Rebecca just watched, making no
moves toward her breasts or crotch. Lisa feeling the excitement
building inside her reached up with her free hand and was caressing her
breast. Pinching the nipples, feeling it's soft roundness. Rebecca
just watched stoically. Lisa closed her eyes and began concentrating
on her own sexual release, her hips bouncing in the chair as she neared
climax. This was the first time Lisa had deliberately masturbated in
front of someone and the excitement was to much for her. She soon
organized, and fell back into her chair exhausted. Rebecca stared in
disbelieve. "See" said Lisa thinking quickly, "that wasn't so bad.
Now what about you. It really will release you ." Lisa reached over,
pushing Rebecca's shirt off her shoulders and reached around to unhook
the clasp on her bra. As the elastic of the bra snapped open, Rebecca
jumped up.

"I'm sorry Lisa," she said holding the bra to her chest and
shrugging on her shirt. "I just can't do this." Rebecca left the
room, rebuttoning her shirt as she left. Lisa pursued after her (still
bare assed naked) all the way down to the main entrance before giving
up the chase. Every male in the psyche department and a few of the
females as well, wish they could catch a glimpse of Lisa's nude body.
Many of them did that day. The next day is where I come into the
picture. As part of her thesis, Lisa has been helping me with my aroma
therapy. You know how certain aromas elicit certain emotional
responses. Such as the smell of fresh baked bread may make one think
nostalgically of home and mom. Fresh cut grass, playing in childhood
or the smell of urine of drinking to excess and nausea. Well we have
isolated the specific chemicals to make an individual respond just
about any why we want. I was beginning to write may paper on the
subject when all of this came up. Lisa, feeling her therapy was going
nowhere very fast, obtained the chemicals that were supposed to elicit
sexual responses in women. The following week Lisa greeted Rebecca in
the waiting area. Their little audience was disappointed to see Lisa
was no longer naked. She wore a white halter top and shorts. Any
other time this would be enough, but they were counting on seeing her
naked again. The two girls silently walked back to their cubical.

"Look Rebecca, I'm sorry about last week. I really thought you
might be able to go further. I guess I just hurried things along to

"That's all right Lisa. I really wish I could have.. you know.
But I couldn't. Oh God I hate this feeling. Wanting to, but not being
able to."

"Rebecca," Lisa pulled a small flask from a bag on the floor next
to her chair." take a whiff of this perfume and tell me what you

Rebecca opened the flask and held it under her small upturned
nose. "Nice, I kind of like it. It's almost stimulating. What's it

"Formula 69" answered Lisa.

"Does it seem hot in here to you?"

"Now that you mention it, it does." responded Lisa. "Why don't
you unbutton your shirt a bit."

To Lisa's surprise, Rebecca undid her shirt completely and fanned
it open trying to cool her warm torso. "You know, you could get naked
again if you want. I promise I won't leave screaming like last time."

"Only if you join me." Lisa said smiling.

"Deal." answered Rebecca as she shrugged off her shirt and
reached down to unsnap her jeans. Lisa pulled off her halter top and
shorts quickly (it helped not wearing panties) and stood in front of
her completely nude. Rebecca was wearing only some primitive looking
panties and bra. They looked like something her mother should wear,
not a sexy coed. "Lisa, could you help me with my bra again?"

Lisa stood behind Rebecca and unhooked her bra. As it fell to the
floor Rebecca grasped both of Lisa's hands from behind and pulled her
tight against her back. Rebecca could feel Lisa's now erect nipples
rub just above her shoulder blades. Rebecca took Lisa's hand and
cupped them over her naked breasts. Lisa took the hint and began
caressing her breasts, trapping Rebecca's nipples between her index and
middle fingers. "Oh thank you Lisa. Until now I never had the courage
to do this." Rebecca's hand was now inside her panties grinding away
at her hot moist pussy. After a few moments, Rebecca turned around and
with one hand still in her panties embraced Lisa with the other giving
her a very passionate kiss. "Lisa, I don't know how to make love to
another women, and I want to make love to you. Right here and right
now. Please show me." Lisa never had a lesbian affair but had
counseled several students who had. She knew more or less what was to

"Yes, I want to fuck you too. Firstly, remove your panties."
Obediently Rebecca dropped her panties. Now with both of them
completely naked, Lisa's hand moved in to replace Rebecca's at
massaging her wet pussy. Rebecca immediately took the hint and moved
her and over to Lisa's hot cunt and started stroking her. "Next, kiss
me again, this time use your tongue."

"My tongue?" questioned Rebecca. But before she could follow up
on that thought Lisa had put her mouth over Rebecca's and started
inserting her tongue. This seemed to excite Rebecca ever more as Lisa
could her Rebecca's pussy to become even wetter. It was only a few
seconds before Rebecca had the nerve to poke her tongue into Lisa's
mouth. The two tongues would circle each other like fencing swords,
pushing back and forth into each others mouth. At the same time their
free hands were exploring each others bodies. Fondling breasts,
pinching nipples, caressed asses and back to the breasts. At the
beginning of the fondling, Lisa wondered whether she would have enough
nerve to lick Rebecca's pussy. Now, with her heart ready to burst, and
her cunt almost exploding, eating her new lover was now a moral
imperative. Lisa gently pushed Rebecca to the floor of the small room,
her hand never leaving Rebecca's privates. She then started sucking on
her nipples. Rebecca moaned in pleasure and begged her to continue.
After several minutes on each breast, flicking her tongue across her
erect nipples, she slowly moved down the valley between her lovely
mounds. Moving slowly down her stomach only pausing a second at her
navel, she arrived at her pubic mound. Her pubic hair was bushy and
untrimmed, yet soft. After all, who would see it. Until now even
Rebecca hasn't looked at it much less bury their face in it. Lisa
pressed her face deep between Rebecca's parted leg, taking in the smell
of her femininity. Rebecca reached down to push Lisa's face deeper
into her muff. Soon, Lisa's tongue darted between the very moist lips
of Rebecca's genitals and found her clitoris. At the first touch of
her tongue against Rebecca's clit., Rebecca spasmed, lifting her hips
well off the floor, disrupting Lisa's cuntlings. It was only seconds
before Lisa re-engaged Rebecca's clit. With her own slit soaking wet,
Lisa felt it needed some attention. She had heard about a "69"
position, but always felt that was something one on "Sorry, Lisa."
said Chris. "We can find another room." Both Chris and the mystery
under grad had huge grins on their faces and huge bulges in their
pants. Both girls were so involved at this time, the whole department
could watch for all they cared. Lisa went back to Rebecca's sex
without looking whether Chris and his friend had yet left. Both girls
began to shudder with orgasm, wrapping each their arms around the
other's hips, pressing their faces even deeper. After the final spasm,
the two laid exhausted, Lisa on top of Rebecca for several minute.

Finally Lisa said, "Our hour must be up. We had better get
going." Lisa began to sit up.

"Thank you, Lisa. I've never felt so free, so ... wonderful."
Rebecca reached over and kissed Lisa again, her tongue darting in and
out of her mouth. Rebecca got up and pulled jeans and shoes on. She
then shrugged her shirt on, not bothering to button it. She blew a
kiss to Lisa, opened the door and left the room, leaving her panties
and bra and a naked Lisa sitting on the floor. When she exited, she
left the door stand wide open. Chris, Don Baker as well as a few other
students stood just outside the door, peering in. Lisa realize she was
becoming quite an exhibitionist in this department.

"A new technique for desensation." Lisa said matter of factly and
began to get dressed, leaving the others wishing they had Rebecca's
problem, or at least her therapist.

Needless to say I was pissed when I heard about Lisa's new
therapy, so I called her into my office to hear her side of it.

"Okay Lisa, I can understand, and maybe forgive the
exhibitionism. After all, we are all adults. But fucking a student, a
student who trusts as a councilor is unforgivable!" I tried to stay
calm and not raise my voice, the office walls are quite thin and nobody
talks more about other's problem than psychologist. "What in God's
name were you thinking of? We both could be thrown off this campus and
never admitted to any other campus again." I had visions of teaching
in some flea spec Community college in the middle of no where. "How
did this happen, Lisa?"

"Well, that evening she came on to me, and well, I didn't think
it through, I guess."

"She came on to you?" I shot back. "Miss Prude, 1996? Come on
Lisa, her progress wasn't nearly that far."

" was desperate. She wasn't making any
progress, so I guess I used a little of...em.. well .. aroma 124."

"Lisa! you know that's experimental. It's not ready for clinical
trails yet. Where did you get it from?"

"Your personal cabinet, the one behind you." I turned around and
looked. The room was so quiet you could hear my jaw drop to the floor.

"Lisa, please tell me you didn't get it from there" Lisa nodded
her head. I plopped down in my chair and buried my face in my hands.
"I think we both are going to have to find another line of work."

"Doctor, we do experiments on volunteers all the time with A124.
What's the harm. So Rebecca had a kind of strong reaction?"

"Lisa, the substance you tested on volunteers was a dilution of
the vial in the cabinet. A chemistry assistant comes in the makes a
fifty to one dilution for testing. What you gave Rebecca was the
uncut, straight concentrate. Me and the university are going to be hit
with the biggest lawsuit since... since I don't know when. Dammit
Lisa, I was looking forward to retiring from this place!" Lisa, who
normally stands at five foot eleven and a half, felt two inches tall.
She can forget any chance of a Phd now, plus she ruined the career of a
man whom she respected a great deal. "Lisa?" I was finally calming
down enough to think straight. "I want you to find Rebecca. If the
aroma has worn off, assess what she remembers, how pissed off she is,
if she is at all. Maybe, just maybe if she isn't too mad we might save
our careers yet."

"What do you mean 'if' the aroma has worn off?"

"We know how long the aroma lasts when diluted times fifty, but
straight, who knows? If she is still under the influence, just do
damage control. Keep her safe. Basically don't dig us a deeper hole."
Lisa just sat there examining her Nikes. "Go Lisa!, we have no time to

Lisa knew the resident hall where Rebecca lived. She had lived
there one year as an under grad. She went straight to Rebecca's room
but found no one there. Frustrated, she turned and walked down the
hallway. Lisa stopped a young man who was walking in the other
direction. "Excuse me, have you seen Rebecca?"

"Who hasn't" was his response, with a Cheshire cat smile and a
wink. "I think she might be in the T.V. room."

"Thanks" Lisa went down to the second floor and turned the
corner to the T.V. room. Peering in she saw a group of twelve or
fifteen students gathered in a circle looking inward intensely. Lisa
went up to them and looked over a coed's shoulder. "Oh God" she
thought. "The shit has really hit the fan now." In the middle of the
circle was Rebecca, completely nude and on her knees. In front of her
was a rather nerdy looking boy with thick glasses on and nothing else.
Rebecca seemed to be doing a respectable job of sucking his cock. Her
mouth moving in and out of what seemed like a rather long erection for
a bookworm. Can't judge a book by it's cover I guess. Rebecca was
caressing his balls gently while on every third stroke she would pull
her mouth off far enough to have her tongue circle the circumcised head
of the cock before returning to suck it. Behind Rebecca stood a tall
blond student, possibly a football player looking at his physic. He
was pounding her pussy from behind, and by the look on his face he was
enjoying every minute. It was safe to assume Rebecca was still under
the influence. Lisa didn't know whether she should break it up, or
even if she could. What further damage could be done by letting them
at least finish. Nearing his orgasm, the nerd was beginning to go into
spasms, and Lisa swore she could see his glasses fog up. Rebecca
pulled her mouth off just as he begun to ejaculate, allowing the jisim
to squirt on her face. The nerd, once fully depleted, took a couple
deep breaths and collapsed to the floor. The quarterback had a little
more staying power and was pumping mercilessly. Rebecca seemed to be
enjoying every minute of it, and now with her hands free, she reached
back to stroke her clit while the blond quarterback continued to hump
her. The residents standing around watching the spectacle were all
speaking at once. Some routing the quarterback or Rebecca on, others
on what changed Rebecca's personality. One was even advocating
changing the dorm's policy to clothing "Enjoy yourself, 'Bec'?" Lisa

"Oh, Lisa. I'm so glad you're here." Rebecca got up and kissed
Lisa passionately on the mouth. Lisa could taste the nerd's cum still
on Rebecca's lips. "Oh ,my first lover, I can't thank you enough for
this. I never knew I was missing so much."

"Rebecca, can we go to your room and talk?"

"And fuck too maybe?"

"I would think you are all fucked out by now."

"No way, I have a lot of lost time to make up for. Come on"
Rebecca lead Lisa ,by the hand, down the hallway.

"What, what about your clothes?"

"Clothes, what clothes?" Rebecca giggled. Sure enough there
were no more clothes left around.

"You walk around naked?"

"Why not. Did you not tell me there is nothing to be ashamed

"Damn, she is using my own words" thought Lisa. The two of them
started walking up the stairs toward Rebecca's room. "Tell me Rebecca,
aren't you worried what the resident manager might do when he finds out
about this?"

Rebecca giggled, "That guy with the glasses back there was the
resident manager." As they neared Rebecca's room, Rebecca pulled Lisa
into the bathroom. "I need to get cleaned up after all that." This
seemed very reasonable. Lisa noticed something different about the
restroom. Why were there urinals in the women's room. Then she
realized Rebecca had pulled her into the men's room.

"Rebecca! this is the men's lav." said Lisa.

"I know" replied Rebecca. "The ladies room is all the way down
the hall and to the right, this is right across from my room. Besides
nobody has complained yet." Rebecca step toward the showers. Lisa
could hear water running, there was someone, presumably a man, in the
showers. Rebecca parted the curtain and smiled. "Hi Chuck!"

"Oh, hi Bec, you startled me, what's up?"

"I just had a great fuck in the T.V. room and I need to get
cleaned up. Do you mind?" said Rebecca as she stepped into the shower
to join Chuck.

"Hell no I don't mind. I wish I had been there" answered Chuck.

"Well, if you had you wouldn't be here now."

"That's true. Who's your friend?" Chuck asked pointing to Lisa
standing just outside the shower area with a look of amazement on her
face. Chuck waved to her, "hi!"

"That's my best friend, Lisa. She's the one that helped me get
over my shyness."

"Well thank you very much, from all of us." said Chuck. "Here
Bec, you'll need soap." Chuck held out the bar of soap he was using.
Rebecca just smiled and took his hand by the wrist and placed it
between her legs. Chuck got the idea very quickly and worked up a
lather in his hands and began to wash the inside of Rebecca's legs. He
slowly worked his way toward her pussy, parting the lips and inserting
a finger to make sure everything was clean. Rebecca was beginning to
spasm with excitement, holding on to Chuck's shoulder for support.
Chuck's other hand moved to Rebecca's well formed ass and washed it of
any residue stickiness. After Rebecca calmed down, she washed her face
and rinsed those parts of her anatomy that were so erotically cleaned
and kissed Chuck good-bye. "You think maybe we could get together,

"Lisa and I have to talk, but maybe later. Who knows maybe you
could get the both of us."

"I'd like that." said Chuck. Lisa was a little upset that
Rebecca was including her in her orgies, but had bigger worries right

As they left she heard Chuck calling "See you two later, I hope."
Finally they entered the quiet of Rebecca's room. Lisa sat in the
study chair as Rebecca sat on the bed cross legged, shamelessly
displaying her pussy. Lisa got up again to close the door that had
been left open.

"Don't bother, I always leave it open." said Rebecca. "Well, at
least I do now. If someone wants to look in to see me, I don't mind."
Lisa had studied 'dipolar' personalities, but never heard of any
personality where the poles were so far apart.

"Rebecca.." started Lisa.

"You know Lisa, you can take off your clothes too, if you want.
You've done it before." Lisa looked over to the open door. "Weren't
you the one to tell me being naked doesn't bother you. Weren't you
also the one who can out to the waiting area stark naked, and weren't
you the one who masturbated to climax right in front of me?" As much
as Lisa hated the thought of getting caught up in Rebecca's erotic
world, she was correct. Besides, at this point what could it hurt?
Lisa stood up and pulled her top over her head and then unfastened her
jeans. Her pants and panties came off in one smooth motion along with
her socks and sneakers. The tall blond stood there every bit as naked
as Rebecca with the door standing wide open. "Come sit next to me
here." Rebecca asked Lisa, patting the space next to her on the bed.
Lisa shrugged her shoulders and sat down. Rebecca leaned over and
embraced Lisa, locking mouths together, Rebecca's tongue searching the
inside of Lisa's mouth. Lisa's hand moved quickly to Rebecca's breast
and began to stroke it gently. Suddenly Lisa remembered why she had
come there and broke the embrace. "What's wrong, darling?" Rebecca

"Darling?" Lisa thought. "Rebecca, I'm afraid I might have been
to aggressive in my therapy. I think maybe you have gone to far to the
opposite extreme. It happens sometimes in this line of business."

"No, darling Lisa, no. You freed me. And I can never thank you
enough. To be perfectly honest, I was surprised how swiftly the final
change came. I though it would be much more gradual."

"So did I" said Lisa. "What happened after you left the psyche
building yesterday?"

"That was so weird yesterday. I never felt as excited and free
as when I left you that day. I walked all the way from the psyche
building to here with my shirt unbuttoned. Not just the top button
either, but all the buttons. It was such a strange feeling, my shit
flapping in the breeze, the warm air across my bare titties, that's
what some of the guys call breasts you know." Lisa nodded
acknowledgment. "Any way, you were right. I am pretty, I am sexy.
All the guys were looking at me and smiling, or nodding approval. Some
spoke to me and told me how beautiful my titties are. I was feeling
great! When I got back to my room here I couldn't wait to get out of
my clothes. I dropped my book bag and stripped naked and laid down on
the bed. I was just thinking of our 'session' earlier, and I started
playing with myself. Just like you did a week ago in front of me. Oh,
I couldn't believe what I had been missing all these years. I laid
here on the bed with one hand in my pussy and the other feeling my
titties and I was in bliss. My body began to shake and spasm as my
pussy became very moist with lubricant. I guess I was moaning a little
loud because Tim was standing at my door watching me climax. At that
point I didn't care, I just kept on playing with myself until my orgasm
was over with Tim watching the whole time. Tim said he had heard me
moaning and that the door was standing open, like it is now. Wow, had
I been in such a hurry to masturbates that I left the door standing
wide open? Then Tim asked if I needed a hand. I liked Tim so I said
sure. Tim has short red curly hair and is about an inch shorter than
you are. His skin is light complexion. He comes in pulling his shirt
over his head and begins to close the door behind him. To this day I
don't know why I told him to leave it open, but for some reason I felt
I had to do it out where any body passing could see. Tim is a little
hesitant at first so I got up and kissed him deeply, just like I did
with you. Then I help him off with his "Maybe in this case," said
Lisa, "the cure is worse than the disease."

"No Lisa, this is great." She moved her right arm around Lisa's
shoulder, her left hand still embedded in her pussy, and began to kiss
Lisa. First about the ears and then the nape of the neck, slowly
moving up her chin and parting her mouth for a deep passionate kiss.
"Lisa, please now can we fuck?" Lisa found herself giving way to
passion again as she return Rebecca's kisses. A knock at the door
caused Lisa to jump out of Rebecca's embrace.

"Do you ladies need any help?" asked Chuck standing in the open
doorway wearing only a pair of running shorts. "Sorry to startle you

"Come on in and get out of those clothes." commanded Rebecca.
"Lisa is just dying to try a three way, aren't you Lisa?" Overwhelmed
by what she had seen and heard today she could only nod. In seconds,
Chuck was naked and his face buried in Lisa's neck. Rebecca kept busy
be sucking Lisa's left nipple while reaching over to play with Chuck's
cock. Lisa knew the aroma wasn't contagious, and she was doing a lousy
job of damage control but in the stimulated state she was in now she
thought 'what the fuck!' She pushed Chuck flat on the bed. Both she
and Rebecca began caressing and sucking Chuck's upright organ. Chuck
simply laid back and enjoyed the attention he was getting. Allowing
Lisa to administer pleasure to Chuck cock, Rebecca moved around behind
Lisa and reached between Lisa's leg and played with her very moist

"I can't hold out much longer!" cried Chuck as his cock began to

"Lisa." Said Rebecca, "you're wet enough, you go first." There
was no argument there. Lisa quickly moved up on Chuck, placing her
wide open pussy directly above his waiting prick. Rebecca moved to
their side and grasped the waiting cock. She rubbed to head of his
member across Lisa wet pussy, making circular motions around her
clitoris. Both Lisa and Chuck concentrated on holding their climax as
long as possible. Finally Rebecca asked, "are you two ready?" both of
them nodded eagerly. Rebecca positioned his cock in the entrance and
guided Lisa on to it. Lisa was sure the moaning could be heard
throughout the residence hall but didn't care. They probably heard a
lot coming from this room in the last 24 hours. Lisa pumped up and
down slowly while Rebecca was now facing Lisa straddling Chuck's face
with her pussy. As Lisa bounced on Chuck's cock, and while Chuck ate
out the juice cunt presented to him, Rebecca reach out and cupped both
of Lisa's tit and pulled her close enough to kiss deeply. Lisa's back
was toward the open door, but she could hear the voices and shuffling
about of an audience. This new way of Rebecca's at looking at sex
wasn't to bad after all. Lisa could really get to like it. The three-
way with Chuck was great, just as Rebecca said it would be, as was the
shower afterward in the men's lav with three men washing her long body.
The three-way later that night with Rebecca and her neighbor Carol was
also terrific. Laying naked with two other girls was defiantly the
highlight of Lisa's erotic life so far. Lisa was nervous getting
caught up in Rebecca's world of erotica at first, but it felt so good
she figured 'what the fuck'.

"So, is the University going to come down on you very hard?" I
asked the professor.

"I don't think so." he answered. "We lucked out in two different
ways. First, Rebecca never filed any complaints. She was happy with
her new lifestyle."

"What about the drug she sniffed?" I asked.

"That was the second stroke of luck. It seems the affects of the
drug, even at full strength will only last about an hour. By the time
she returned to her dorm the drug had already worn off. It was her own
pent up sexual frustrations that drove her to become an exhibitionist
and a nymphomaniac not my drug. The University would just rather have
the whole thing buried and never mentioned again. Matter of fact, I
heard that Rebecca is dancing at one of the downtown strip bars as a
summer job. It's good therapy. Maybe it will get some of these sexual
behaviors out of her system. What ever it is Lisa has seemed to have
caught it along with most of Rebecca's neighbors at the dorm. That
particular dorm is now, unofficially of course, a clothing optional
residence and Lisa has come on the most of the professors in the
department. With some success I hear."

"Including you?" I asked.

"I'll never tell." Riechen said with a smile.

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