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MILLER3 sucking ear lopes and


The following is an erotic fictional story written from the deep recess
of my somewhat disturbed mind. To the best of my knowledge, all
characters are fictional. If I am mistaken, they should contact me
directly. I hope you will like the story.

Sex on the 45th Parallel

a story Told at the Miller's tale
by Robert the Librarian

It was the first day of summer at the Miller's Tale, a little
coffee house/espresso/micro brew/hole in the wall sort of establishment
in the more liberal thinking part of Seattle. The body piercing,
orange hair sorts usually hung out along nearby Broadway Street. Those
of us who had tastes bordering on the eccentric but didn't like
advertising it to any pedestrian or motorist who happened to be passing
by came to the Miller's Tale. The place is not easy to find so it's
normally inhabited by us regulars and a few invited guests. On this
particular first day of summer in Seattle it was raining. Here in
Seattle, we tell the changing of the seasons by the temperature of the
rain. Besides, summer is just a state of mind or attitude. If more
than fifty percent of those present believe it is summer, then it's
summer. Just like every other June 21st Tom Miller, the proprietor,
was pushing his own contribution to the world of gourmet coffees, the
Chaucer Coffee and Coco Cooler. Some concoction of coffee from
Indonesia, chocolate, crushed ice and his own secret recipe who's
content is a heated source of debate by his patrons and the local
public health. My old friend Allen Parsens was sitting at a table
staring into space, so I gathered my complementary cooler and headed
over to him. Allen was a math teacher, nearing retirement, at a local
private school, where he teaches yuppy offspring the intrinsic value of

"A penny for your thoughts." I started. I never actually paid
for a story and if he insisted on the penny I would use the excuse that
is was just a figure of speech.

"Oh hi, " he responded. "Quite a little party Tom's got going,
isn't it?"

"Yeah, but your mind is elsewhere."

"That's true. I was just thinking how Peggy and I celebrated the
beginning of summer one year when we younger." Allen looks down in his
now empty glass and sighs. I take the hint and offer to refill it in
order to keep him talking.

"It was June of 1968 and I had just graduated from BYU in Utah.
Peggy and I were married just a few months before, when her father
caught me with my hands down her pants. I don't know what angered him
more, the fact I was copping a feel or that Peggy was encouraging it.
Any way it wasn't a shotgun wedding but almost. I was going to marry
her after graduation anyway. I'm sorry, if I got off the story. After
graduation I was offered a very nice job here in Seattle and Peggy and
I decided to drive up in my new 1967 Mustang to look things over.
Peggy and I decided to make a leisurely romantic drive through mostly
back roads. We passed through many small towns, some nicer than
others, but none like Middleton. Although Middleton's population was
nearly nine hundred, only a hundred and fifty or so lived right in
town. The rest of the population lived on nearby farms and cranberry
fields. Middletons only claim to fame other than being a loading area
for the local cranberry farmers was the fact that in sits right on the
45 parallel. They make a big deal to the fact that there little town
is exactly halfway between the equator and the north pole. On June
20th we stopped at a little motel on main street (the only street
almost) to rest. After a pleasant country dinner we retired to the
motel. It was odd at the time, but the motel clerk, Cherry, a tall,
attractive native american girl about 27 or 28, was very concerned that
we leave town first thing in the morning. She was reassured when I
told her that we had to be in Seattle in a few days and already had
lost valuable time driving the back roads. The room's cedar walls and
four poster bed I thought was very romantic. I had visions about
rolling around naked on the bed with Peggy. She has such a great butt.
I wanted to dive down into her red muff and give her the kind of
pleasure she really deserved. But Peggy just wasn't in the mood. In
truth, she hadn't been in the mood since the little incident with her
father catching me with my hands in the 'co "Thanks for coming so
quickly, Roy." Cherry said to the mechanic. "These nice people need to
get started. They have a long way to go today."

"My pleasure, Cherry." responded Roy. "How can help you sir?"
he said to me.

"The car won't start this morning. I guess it might be the
battery, but this is nearly a new car."

"Well let's take a look". Roy popped the hood and peered in. He
then hooked a long set of jumper cables to his truck and my car. "Give
it a try." he said to me. I jumped back in the car and turned the key
again. All the car would do is give a single click. "Fraid it's not
the battery. Sounds like the solenoid."

"How long would it take to fix it?" interrupted Cherry.

"About 45 minutes.."he answered "if I had a solenoid that would
fit this car."

"How long would it take to get the part?" I asked.

"There lays the problem." started Roy, shuffling his feet about.
"The supply truck from Pendelton won't arrive until tomorrow lunch

"Can't you do something, Roy?" asked Cherry anxiously.

"Nothing to be done, Cherry. I'll call the supply house right
away to make sure the part is on tomorrow's truck. In the meantime,
since there is no bus today, you are just going to have to make them
comfortable and explain things to them." Roy then turned back to me and
asked "Newlyweds?"

"Yes" I answered. "How did you know?"

"The wedding band is still shinney. Any who, make yourselves to
home. Being newlyweds you might just enjoy your stay here, Mister?"

"Sorry," I extended my hand to shake his."Allen Parsens, this is
my wife Peggy."

"Well Allen and Peggy, eh you'll find we're kind of informal
around here, right Cherry." Roy winks and Cherry and Cherry displays a
beautiful smile. Roy wound up his jumper cables and stored them in the
back of the truck. "I'll get back to the shop now to make the phone
call before it's too late. I'll see you all later."

Cherry helped us move our bags back in the room and told us that
the second night would be at no charge, which I thought was very
generous since it wasn't her doing that the car wouldn't start. She
then insisted that we join her for breakfast at the local cafe. The
Middleton Cafe was just as you would expect in small town America.
Small round tables with red checkered table cloths, metal napkin
holders with one or more springs inside broken and a half filled bottle
of ketchup sitting on the table between the salt and pepper. "The
cranberry pancakes here are very good, and the eggs are all produced
locally" Cherry told us as we sat down. The one and only waitress
walked over to us to take our orders. She was in her early thirties
and had short blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin. I clearly remember
her breasts. They seemed huge. Not freak show huge or anything like
that but it seemed like they were desperately trying to push their way
through her cotton uniform. So when Cherry introduced her as Susan
Johansen it only confirmed the allusion of a sexy Scandinavian.

"Friends of yours, Cherry Hon'?" asked the waitress in a familiar
friendly tone.

Cherry shook her head. "They're on their way to Seattle. They
were to spend one night here but there car won't start this morning.
Roy won't be able to get the part until tomorrow."

"Well that's fine." answered Susan with a big happy smile. "It's
about time we had some new blood for the 'festival'." She then turned
to us, looking us up and down. "Truly nice to have new faces." She
giggles at some private joke. "OK hon', What'll have and take it
sweet'ned? It's on the house today. Oh, and by the way, I'd suggest
you have something a bit heavy, you never know if you will have time to
catch lunch." She giggles again. She seems to do that a lot.

"Thanks Sue, " said Cherry some what annoyed, "I haven't
explained 'festival' yet. We'll just have the summer breakfast

"OK hon', but you know it starts at ten twenty five this year,
that doesn't give you a lot of time to prepare."

"Prepare??" both Peggy and I asked at the same time.

"I will talk to them if you go and fix breakfast!" Cherry said
with a bit of authority. Susan Johansen turned and left for the
kitchen in a bit of a huff. As she did she walked in such a way where
no one couldn't help noticing her well shaped ass behind that mini
skirt. "Alright, before you say anything let me explain a bit. For
the last seven years this town comes under a kind of spell or
something. It affects everybody in downtown itself, but doesn't
affect anyone more than a half mile out. It has something to do with
the summer solstice. At the exact time summer starts, according to the
observatory in Corvalis, and for twenty four hours after we all sort

"Sort of what?" Peggy asked smiling with excitement. Peggy was a
Twilight Zone fan, and this thing about a spell had her .. well

"Well" Cherry continued, "we sort of lose all inhibitions."

"Inhibitions? What sort of inhibitions?" asked Peggy.

"Sexual inhibitions." announced Susan so matter of factly, as she
brought our plates over to us. "That's right. We all strip naked and
fuck our brains out." Peggy and I just stared in disbelief. We looked
over to Cherry who just nodded. "Ah, come on. You're young newlyweds,
you'll enjoy it. It's perfectly safe. Nobody ever get pregnant or
catches anything, and all the older citizens of town take all the kids
under sixteen on a camping trip a few miles north." Susan now turned
to my wife. "You've met Roy, right? Well, you would believe the size
of his.."

"Thanks Sue!" interrupted Cherry. "It's really not as bad as it
sounds. It's like Mardi Gras. Once a year you just let your hair down
and enjoy."

"How did this come about?" asked Peggy, now with a touch of
righteous indignation to temper her curiosity.

Cherry shrugs her shoulders, "No one really knows. Some think
it's a UFO, others believe it's an old Indian curse or something. Any
way, those who couldn't deal with it moved out of town or conveniently
make themselves absent on the first day of summer. Those of us who are
left have learned to live with it and actually enjoy it."

"Isn't there any way we could get out of town for today?" asked

"We might find someone to drive you two to a nearby farm,"
answered the Indian beauty, " if that's what you really want?"

Hearing all this really appealed to my libido and I wasn't ready
to abandon town quite yet. "Why don't we mull it over, over breakfast.
These pancakes do smell very good." I had two plans. Plan A was to
convince Peggy to stay. I know about her interests in strange
phenomenon and if I could appeal to it, curiosity may replace moral
righteousness. Plan B was to delay as long as possibly until it was to
late. Ten twenty five was only another hour away. The three of us ate
in silence, but I could see the wheels turning in Peggy's head,
struggling with the decision. After our second cup of coffee, Cherry
excused herself to use the restroom. "So what do you think.?" I asked

"I think they are all a bunch of perverts!" she retorted.

"Cherry said it was all out of their control."

"Do you believe that? I think she made it up as an excuse."

"I see. Then why don't we put it to the test. If it is an act,
then we should be unaffected, right? So we just stay in our motel room
until this blows over. But if Cherry is right, then we will have the
time of our lives."

"Allen Parsens!" shouted Peggy, "I don't believe you're condoning
this..this.."then in a much lower voice "sex orgy."

"Listen to yourself, you sound like your mother. This is the
nineteen sixties after all."

"I do not sound like my mother." After a brief pause, "You really
don't mind?"

"It will be an experience we soon wouldn't forget." I reassured
her. When Cherry returned we announced that we would be staying if
they would have us. Peggy confirmed it with a somewhat apprehensive

Somewhere from behind the counter a nosey waitress cried "Woppee,
fresh meat!" We both gave her a polite chuckle. The three of us left
the diner a little before ten. The air outside was already becoming
warm and there wasn't hardly a cloud in the sky.

"You know," said Cherry breaking the silence, "Two years ago it
rained on this day. It just wasn't as much fun if you had to keep
pushing the rain out of your face."

A familiar voice came from our left. "Glad you could stay."
cried Roy the mechanic. His friendly home town boy nature showing
through. He had cleaned himself of all the automobile grease and grime
and was now in causal jeans and a tee shirt. "I ordered the part and
it will be here tomorrow afternoon. By the way, no labor charge on
this one, since you're our guests and all that." Roy then presented
the stunningly beautiful lady he was with. "This is Jean, my wife."
Jean was about five foot three and had long blond hair that hung over
her breasts like a halter top she wasn't wearing. She was tan all
over, from what I could see anyhow. Her only garment was a pair of
tight denim cut offs. Roy noticed me staring at Jeans nipples trying
to poke through the curtain of hair. "You see, Jean doesn't need an
excuse to get naked. She loves the sun on her skin."

"You were right Roy." said Jean. "She is quite a looker." Jean
stepped next to Peggy, her breasts jiggling. She touched Peggy's short
red hair. "I love the way you've cut your hair. It's really cute. And
finally, someone my own height. Most of the other women around hear
are tall, like Cherry or Sue." Peggy looked a little shocked, and
turned to Cherry for help.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I could do 'it' with another woman.
It's just .. well...."

"Don't worry, Peggy." reassured Cherry as she came over to put
her arm on her shoulder. "you won't do anything that you truly don't
want to do. Like I don't get into ass fucking although there are those
who do. I just don't do that, and everyone respects that, however, if
there is the slightest inclination in your subconscious, then.... well
let's just say the first time I met Jean, I was surprised what I could
do." Peggy just looked at the two women, one on each side of her, one
half naked and the other with her hand on her shoulder and wondered
what she would really end up doing before the day was out. Behind us
Sue and her husband/cook Steve came out of the dinner.

Sue called out in a sexy voice, "Could I get you big strong men
to help us carry the lemonade over." She indicated a large
cooler/dispenser that Steve had set down before going back in for more
things. Roy and I stepped over and each of us took a handle and
started walking west. As we walked Roy told me that everyone meet at
the park at the west end of town. A couple of times I would look over
my shoulder to see Peggy walking between Cherry and Jean. I couldn't
hear what they were talking about but either Peggy was getting turned
on or was almost ready to bolt out of there. It was a pleasant little
park, broad trees providing shade, a slow river running to one side,
and several picnic tables. We set the cooler on the table next to the
bandstand/gazebo. Looking around I noticed a lot of other people
mulling about. They were of all ethnic groups and of all ages (between
16 and about 55 years old).

A voice called out from behind me, "Good morning compadre!"

Roy and I turned to look. "Magandang umagda, Rey!" Roy responded
to a short Filipino man smiling with a plate full of some sort of egg
rolls, which I learned later were called lumpia. "How's your beautiful
wife today? Rey, this is Allen Parsens and that over there is his
lovely wife Peggy. They got stuck here with car trouble and have
agreed to join us. Allen this is my friend Rey DeGuzman, and behind
him is his wife Emily." Emily was a small women of thirty something
years old, five foot nothing and had the deepest brown eyes and a smile
that would melt any man's heart. "Oh my gosh, is Linda sixteen
already?" Roy was referring to a filipina girl standing next to Emily.

"You remember, Roy." said Emily "We celebrated my little girl's
birthday two months ago. She's very excited but I told her she
probably shouldn't start with you, this is her first time." Everyone
seemed to get a good laugh out of this. Linda walk past her parents
and held out her hand. God she looked young. She was a few inches
taller than her mother, but had the same beautiful eyes and dark skin.
I could now see small but maturing breasts under a long tee shirt that
went down to her thighs. I tried to focus my gaze on her smile, after
all her parents her standing right there. I held out my hand to shake
hers when suddenly she reached down and pulled the tee shirt over her
head and discarded to one side. She was totally nude under the shirt.
I looked up and down her naked figure. She was a very thin child. No
more than 90 pounds. Her pubic hair was thin in width and in density.
She again extended her hand but this time it cupped my crotch. She
reached up and kissed me deeply on the lips while fondling my privates.
I looked over towards Peggy, hoping she would not see me with this
girl, however she already had her top off and was similarly kissing
Cherry who was now totally nude. I did not need to look at my watch to
know it was now ten twenty five.

As hot and passionate as Linda was, she lacked experience. Her
arms were wrapped around my neck and one leg twisted around mine,
pressing her young and nimble body tight against mine. My hands ran up
and down her back relishing the cool smoothness of her naked flesh,
stopping briefly to cup both ass cheeks with my hands. My senses were
about to overload. Placing my hands on her rib cage just beneath those
developing breast I lifted her to disengage the embrace. My heart was
pounding to hard to worry about buttons and just ripped my five dollar
shirt off, followed quickly by my pants and briefs all in one motion as
I kicked off my shoes. Now that I was just naked as she, my young
lover leapt onto me, arms around my neck and both legs wrapped around
my waist, pushing her hot virgin twat firmly against my lower abdomen.
Although she weighed practically nothing, I grabbed her ass to pull her
even tighter. She was very enthusiastic, but it was evident she had
never kissed any one before. I reached up with one hand and pulled her
chin down opening her mouth. As soon as her teeth parted I pushed my
tongue deep into her mouth exploring every nook and cranny in could
reach. My little Linda was a fast learner. As soon as a withdrew my
tongue her's darted into my mouth and began dancing with mine. She
pushed her face into mind so hard I thought my front teeth would buckle
under the pressure. After several minutes we disengaged long enough for
her to nibble at my ear. She whispered to me, "teach me how to fuck,
please!" With that statement she began to rub her fresh little cunt
against my belly. I could feel the warmth and wetness in it. My dick
was begging to be slammed into that young snatch. It was all I could
do to tell it to wait.

From behind me I heard "Let me show you sweetheart." It was her
mother Emily, also naked, quietly stroking my ass and reaching across
us caressing her daughters ass. "Lie down here and I will show you how
to please a man." I laid down in the cool grass while Linda and her
mother hovered above my naked form. Emily reached over a began stroking
my erection and commented, "this is a nice sized cock. Bigger than
Rey's, but not as big as Roy's. Just the right size for my little
girl. Allen, do mind if I fuck you after my daughter does." What
could I say. I couldn't believe this small beautiful women with the
perky tits had a teenage daughter. I just nodded dumbly. "Just do as I
do." Emily instructed her daughter. With one on each side of me, Emily
began sucking on my ear lopes and darting her sexy tongue into my ear
channel. Linda on my other side shortly followed. Next they moved
down my neck, first Emily, then Linda. Once reaching my chest, each
lady began to suck on a nipple. "Use your teeth, but be very gentle."
Warned Emily to her daughter. It seemed forever before they began to
move south again, and I was more than ready. Emily held my dick,
showing it to Linda and instructing her on its function and proper
technique for stimulation. Then suddenly, Emily devoured most of it in
one gulp. She move up and down slowly several times before coming off
and allowing Linda a chance. I winched slightly in pain as Linda
clamped down on it. "Careful sweetheart, no teeth. Its very sensitive.
And also, caress his balls gently, very gently, while you are sucking."
This sexy child did just that, and it was all I could do to not come
straight into her mouth. She would start out slow, and speed up her
rhythm gradually. "Another thing you should do while you are sucking
is to let him do you at the same time." Linda looked up questioningly.
Caressing her small body as she moved around my, Emily took Linda's
tiny hips and lifted them over my face, spreading her thighs at the
same time. I found myself stari "Oh my God, Nanay!" she called to
her mother. I could feel her small body begin to tremble. Emily
quickly had Linda disengage from my penis and turn 180 degrees. Linda
was now facing me, with her eyes closed, straddling my hips. I reached
up and cupped her perky young tits with my hands. Behind Linda was her
mother, straddling my legs. She reached around Linda's hips and down
to her pussy. She spread her daughter's pussy lips and slowly lowered
her onto my cock. God she was wet! She let out a gasp as a slowly
moved past the resistance that was her hymen. All the time her mother
was guiding me into her she was stimulating her clitoris, and I was
playing with her nipples, so the pain lasted only a second, before it
was replaced by ecstasy. With Emily's hand still in her daughters
crotch, she guided her up and down, slowly at first and then picking up
speed. I surprised myself on my staying power. I never thought of
myself as a great lover. I was always able to satisfy Peggy, but this
had already lasted twice as long as any session I had with Peggy. By
now Linda was bouncing on my rod on her own. Just behind her I could
see her mother playing with her own slit. Then just when I thought it
couldn't get any better, her vagina began to squeeze my cock, at the
same time she let out a primordial scream that could be heard for some
distance. At that particular moment, I could care less whether anyone
could hear or see us. I too screamed (but not as loud) as I shot my
load into her virgin pussy. Linda then collapsed onto my chest panting,
her vaginal muscles still milking my cock for every drop of semen. As
my other senses began to return, a looked around to see what others
were doing. Hanging on the edge of a picnic table and bent over was
Sue, the waitress with the big tits. Pumping her from behind was our
mechanic friend, Roy. She was not exaggerating about Roy's size. From
what I could see, sliding in and out of Sue's cunt he was, well ... the
mechanic's screwdriver was longer that average. "It's time we get
up and wash, remember, I'm next." she said coyly. Emily helped her
daughter up, and then I could stand. Linda immediately embraced me,
kissing me deeply and thanked me for being such a wonderful first time.
I mumble something about enjoying the experience immensely and that I
was proud to be her first. Both women put their arms around my waist,
one on each side, and we walked together toward the river. As we
passed Rey and his little Mexican girl, Emily reached down between
Rey's legs and caressed his balls for a moment. "Enjoying yourself,
sweetheart?" she asked. Rey only grunted. We then continued to the
river. To my left, I thought I heard some familiar moaning. I turned
to see my Peggy lying on her back on the grass. Cherry had her face
pressed against my wife's red bush giving her some very passionate
head. Roy's wife Jean was at Peggy's side, sucking on her large pink
nipples. Peggy and Cherry were a wonderful site to look at. Cherry
with her tight dark body and beautiful long black hair and Peggy with
her pale skin and freckles, and short red hair. The contrast was
...delicious. I so much want to stay and watch, or even go over there
and help but my fillipina lovers had other ideas. On the river bank
was a small area for wading and playing in the river. The three of us
walked into the river until the water was just above my knees (mid
thigh for my fillipina sex kittens). The two of them began to wash me
in the river water. The water was cool and refreshing, and I made a
point of splashing some on the girls. The cool water brought their
nipples to attention but had the opposite affect on my penis. Emily
said that as soon as they were all washed she would take care of that
matter. Emily cupped water in her hand and poured it over my soft
member occasionally using her hand as a wash cloth to clean everything.
While doing this she turned to her daughter who was washing herself
behind Emily, "Be sure to wash everything very well, men do not like
smelly pussys."

"I will, mom!" Their tone was that of any mother and teenage
daughter, except they were talking about fucking.

After another handful of water, Emily knelt and took my placid
dick into her mouth. "I need to see if it is clean." she rationalized.
It only took a few licks of her tongue to bring the circulation back
into my cock. "I love these things when they are freshly clean. I
could suck you all day."

"Mom, I'm going to see if Stan is free yet, I saw him earlier by
the gazebo with Amy."

Emily pulled her face off my cock long enough to say "OK dear,
have fun." and then reapplied herself. God she was good. Her tongue
circling my rod, taking it as deep as her small mouth could manage and
at the same time gently caressing my balls. I too wished she could
continue for the entire day but my prostate had other ideas. As I
began to come into her mouth she stopped in and out motion and just
held my cock rigid, in order to swallow most every drop. I was just
about to thank her on the best blow job of my life when she grabbed my
limp cock and towed me to shore with it. Once on the bank she bent
over on her hands and knees and announced, "Now you have to do me."

"I don't think I can." I apologized. "I've come twice already in
two hours, its going to need a rest."

"Nonsense!" she grabbed my limp cock and stroked it two or three
times, and it was stiff again. I couldn't believe any man could
recover that fast. "What ever makes us all want to fuck also gives us
the ability to go at it time after time for the whole day." She said
quickly. "Now quit making excuses and fuck me!" Who am I to argue. I
moved in behind her and began to stroke her pussy. Sure enough, she
was already very wet. Her legs were so short, she had nearly buried
her face in the sand in order to make her pussy accessible. "Rey's
cock is to short." she told me. "He could never satisfy me this way.
Only on summer day can I get fucked from behind." Who am I to deprive
her of that. I immediately plunged my cock into her exposed wet pussy
and began pumping away at her fine looking ass. Although she wasn't as
tight as her virgin daughter, like her, her vagina muscles squeezed my
tool as she started to come. After I shot my load into her, I gripped
her hips and pushed myself tight against cute little ass until her
breathing returned to normal. She got up and turned around and kissed
me deeply. "Thank you , Allan. And thank you for Linda. She should
have told you her self but you know teenagers." I nodded and returned
the kiss. "Now", she said, "let's get you washed up again." We
stepped back into the river and she repeated her washing of my cock.

"Yo, Em!" someone shouted from the bank. We both turned to see a
tall heavy black man about fifty years old standing at the water's
edge. "You ain't fucked, till you've fucked a black man." he said.

"You say that every year," Emily responded. "Let me finish
washing my pussy and I will be right out. See you later, OK Allan."

"OK " I muttered, and walked back to the park. I looked around
to try to find Peggy. Yes, there she was, still with Cherry and Jean.
This time though, it was Jean who had her head pressed against my
wife's pussy and Cherry was straddling Peggy's face. My wife eating
pussy. I couldn't believe it. I just stood there, taking in the
sights, and feeling the warmth return to my groin. Cherry looked my
way, saw me, and waved me over. Well , you didn't have to ask me
twice. I walked quickly over to where all this was going on. There
was sheer delight on the face of this indian princess as my wife was
feverishly going after her pussy. For a beginner, Peggy must have been
doing a very good job. "Everyone enjoying themselves?" I asked like a
dumb ass. Jean and Cherry nodded, while Peggy mumbled something, (it
seems her mouth was full).

"Allen" asked Cherry, the only one who didn't have a mouth full
of pussy,"come over here and I will get you hard again, then you can
fuck Jean." Jean nodded and grunted approval without missing a lick.
I step over my wife, straddling her and Cherry took my cock in her hand
and guided it to her mouth. Her wonderful, sensuous, mouth. My limp
pecker immediately sprong back to life. Waves of pleasure overcame me
as I reach behind Cherry's head and pushed myself deep into mouth. She
seemed to take it very well, swallowing the whole thing, making wet
slurping noises as she pistoned her mouth back and forth on my rod. My
balls were beginning to twice, Cherry must have sensed it. "Time to
give some of that to Jean now." Jean nodded again in agreement. I
somehow brought myself to disengage Cherry and move around behind where
Jean was knelling as she licked Peggy's pussy.

"You had better hurry," said Jean in a muffled voice, "I think
these two are almost ready to come." I knelt down behind her and place
my hand between her legs. Her cunt was dripping wet, begging to be
fucked, and who was I to refuse. As lubricated as she was, it was a
simple matter to slip inside her. She wasn't as tight as Linda or her
mother Emily but it still took some concentration not to come the
moment I entered her warm love canal. I grabbed Jean hips and started
pumping. Over Jean's well shaped ass I could see Peggy's tits with
their cute pink nipples shudder with excitement, and beyond that I
could see Cherry in all her wonderful glory nearing climax. I now
could hear Jean moaning softly into my wife's pussy. I clenched my
eyes shut, trying not to come yet but my prostrate had other ideas.
Just as the second stream of semen left the end of my penis, I could
feel Jean's vaginal muscles start to spasm. Both Cherry and Peggy
screamed as they went into climatic convulsion at the same. Jean,
now no longer sucking pussy said "Oh God yes! God that's good!"
Pretty amazing I thought later, the four of us climaxing at the same
time, but on this day I don't know why that should surprise me.

Peggy looked up at me with a very satisfied expression. "You
know what I need now is a cock." Peggy had never used the term cock
before. Always penis or thing, like some high school kid. Well, I
hope some of these qualities remain after tomorrow.

I looked down at my limp, overused organ and began to apologize.
"Don't worry Peggy," said Jean, "he's good for a lot more. We'll get
him back up. You just lay there and relax." Jean and Cherry then
moved in on me. Both of them taking turns and otherwise co-operating
fondling and sucking my wasted dick. To my delight, it did not take
long before it was as erect again. The two women guided me down to my
wife. Cherry kissed Peggy's twat and then spread her wide open. Jean,
with my cock in her hand, directed it straight for Peggy waiting pussy.
As I began to pump, Peggy wrapped her legs around my waist. Jean would
be behind us caressing my balls. My wife had never been so exciting to
me. Twice, during some very aggressive banging, my cock came out of
her twat. Jean was right there to re-insert it. We must of fucked
there on the grass for a good fifteen minutes before both of us had a
violent climax. We laid there in each others embrace trying to catch
our breaths. Cherry and Jean had come over and kissed each of us
before moving on to others.

Once rested, we got up and walked over to the refreshment table.
We had both developed quite a thirst with all the physical activity.
Sipping our lemonades, we surveyed the area to see what we wanted to do
next. Peggy smiled as her eyes fell on a group of high school kids
over in a playing field. It looked like the entire football team was
gang banging the entire cheer squad. Seeing those teenage cheerleaders
with their tight asses and perfectly firm tits would make any man
forget where he was. But Peggy was looking at the hardbody football
studs. Those well developed muscles, excellent physical condition, and
adolescent pricks was more than Peggy could resist. Before I knew it,
I was holding Peggy's drink, and watching her cute freckled butt jog
across the field to join them. I finished my drink as well as hers and
then slowly walked over to the high school 'scrimmage'. It was a sex
orgy in the purest sense. No one on one or three somes, it was
everybody doing everybody. They would form large circles with their
bodies on the grass and they would orally attack the genitals of the
person in front of them while their own privates were being eaten by
the person behind them. The hodge podge organization of the thing
reminded me of the style of dance back then where you didn't dance with
partners anymore but just chose up sides. Peggy had somehow found her
way to the middle if the thing and was being devoured by what appeared
to by a quarter back and three of his linemen. It was a glorious
sight. Peggy in the middle of this sexual homecoming trying to
satisfy four studly football players. There she was, on all fours,
dividing her sucking between two enormous cocks while the quarterback
took her from behind like she was some perverted center. The fourth
boy stood there, playing with himself, waiting to go in and relieve the
quarterback. Two thin warm arms suddenly enveloped my waist and two
petite hands reached and found my semi rigid dick.

"Hi again, Allen." said Linda. "Could you come over and help us
for a few minutes?"

"What, again?" asked I, as I turned to hug and kiss her deeply.

"Maybe later," she kissed back. "Right now I want to get up in
that tree." She led me to an old maple tree near the river. In front
of it stood the mexican boy and his sister. "This is Carlos, " as
Linda started the introductions. "This is his first year here, just
like me. And this is his sister, Rosita, or Rosie. Her first time was
last year. " Rosie put her arms around my neck and gave me a very
sexually stimulating kiss. As her tongue jammed into my mouth, I could
feel the erect nipples on her rather large for her age breast push
against my chest. My growing cock found its way between her legs and
was now gently rubbing her moist pussy. "Rosie!" interrupted Linda.
"Allen came over to help us. You can screw him later."

Rosie pried herself from me, "I will." OK by me, thought I.

"Allen, Carlos says he wants to screw me in the tree. Will you
please give us a hand up." Thinking nothing was too outrageous today,
I gave him a boast up without giving it a second thought. He quickly
climbed to a large overhanging branch and waited. Then I gave Linda a
boast, making sure to give her ass a gentle push as she followed him up
and joined him. Then to my utter disbelief, she began to suck his
cock, right there in the maple tree. He was sitting on a branch, about
eight feet off the ground and she was kneeling in front of him giving
him a hell of a blow job. When she felt his prick was ready, she
carefully climbed over him and brought herself down on his member. Sue
had said no one gets pregnant or catches anything, I wondered if that
included fractured bones from falling from trees, but they seemed to
keep their balance. I felt myself grow hard. Not just from looking at
this somewhat novel sex position but from the fact that Rosie had move
in front of me and was now sucking on my prick. Rosie was a beautiful
girl, large firm breast with dark nipples, slightly jiggling as her
mouth moved in and out. I finally manage to tear my eyes away from the
tree and on to her. Her smooth dark skin glow with perspiration and
her wonderfully bright smile as she looked up to me, I had to fuck her
now and she knew it too.

"I don't like heights or I would be up there too." she said.
"But we can do the next best thing." With that she walked over to the
trunk of the tree her brother was fucking in and bent over embracing
the tree for support. "Just don't stand there, fuck me now." I would
normally expect a teenager to show me a little more respect, but I
wasn't going to argue with such a gorgeous ass sticking up at me. I
stood behind her, and with no preliminaries I plunged my cock into her
wet, waiting pussy. As I was pounding Rosie's tight little cunt, I
could hear the moaning of orgasming teenagers above my head. After the
last spasm from my cock pumped into Rosie, I looked up again. Linda
and Carlos were waiting patiently above us for a hand down. Linda
edged over and then slide into my waiting arms. She gave me a
passionate kiss, and told me how great that tree fuck was. Rosie had
helped her younger brother down. "How was it?" she asked.

"The best screw I've had today." was his reply.

"God! It looked great from down here. Allen was a great fuck,
but I'm still horny, and you have not had the best fuck yet." With
that, she embraced her younger brother and lip-locked him. I had seen
almost every over form of depravity, including a couple of guys going
at it in the bushes which I just as well forget about, so incest I
suppose was the next step. Rosie pushed Carlos to the ground, just
under where he and Linda had just fucked, and started nibbling down his
neck and then torso. Linda and I stood there fondling one another
watching this display. After giving each other oral pleasures she
lowered her self on to his shaft. After several minute of pounding and
screaming, he push her over on her back with her legs raised over his
shoulders and started pumping her. A quick swat on the butt brought me

"Hey lover," announced Sue. "I've had an eye on you all day.
It's time we fucked." I looked at Linda. "No sugar, I want you all to
myself. Linda sweety, I think you dad could use your help." Father-
daughter I though. Why not? "Have you ever been tit fucked?" asked
Sue. I shook my head. Peggy had small to medium sized breast, and
frankly the thought never occurred to us. Sue grabbed my rod and led
me over to a blanket she had laid out on the ground. "It's real easy
sugar." Sue said as she layed down on her back. "You just sit on my
chest and put the sweet cock of your between my boobs and fuck your
brains out." Her tits were made for fucking. Large, soft yet they
didn't sag hardly at all. Out of one corner of my eye I could see Rey
DeGuzman bang his tiny daughter in the same boring missionary style of
fuck. Over by the picnic table, Roy was screwing Cherry from behind.
Emily and Jean had joined several other women, who I would fuck later
in the day, for an all girl grope session. Across the field I could
see Peggy having the time of her life being the center of attention to
a dozen high school studs. And I was about to shoot my load in the
face of Sue and she would love every minute of it. What a grand way to
bring in summer.

"What happened at ten twenty five the next day?" I asked

"That was the weird part." answered Allen. "I was in the middle
of fucking this little brunette cheerleader, when my cock suddenly went
limp. When I got up off of her she quickly covered her breasts and
pussy with her hands with newly discovered modesty. I looked about and
everyone seemed to find an urgent reason to find their clothes. I too
was walking over to where I had left my clothes the day before with one
hand over my privates. The only person who didn't show modesty was
Jean who simply put her sandals on and gave her shorts to Roy and
proceeded to walk home naked. Normally this would elicit a response
from my groin but it was far to tired for that. Peggy and I cleaned up
and rested in our room, and by afternoon the car was fixed and we were
ready to go. Cherry was outside to see us off. The beautiful woman
who just the day before had suck my cock so well, only offered her hand
to shake, and thanked us for joining there little celebration.
Everyone went on like nothing happened."

"Did Peggy change in any way due to that experience?"

"She did seem to enjoy sex more. I got it more often, and we
would try new positions and techniques. She never did develop a taste
for other women though."

"Did you ever go back?" I asked.

"A couple of times, when the school schedule would permit. But
in 1974 when everyone met in the park for their beginning of summer,
nothing happened. They waited around for a while, eating the
sandwiches and drinking the lemonade, but nothing came over them. So
they just went home. The spell has never came over them again to this
date, and I do check now and again."

"I wonder" I said. "If any other towns on the 45th parallel have
this kind of phenomenon?" Allen's eyes became brighter.

"I have an atlas at home." he said as he rushed out.


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