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MILLER6 sucked was awesome was able


The following is an erotic fictional story written from the deep recess
of my somewhat disturbed mind. To the best of my knowledge, all
characters are fictional. If I am mistaken, they should contact me
directly. I hope you will like the story.

The Sex Doll

A story from the Miller's tale
by Robert the Librarian

Most times you would find me in the Miller's tale by choice. It
is a place where ideas, adventures and sometimes bold face lies are
shared over a beer or an espresso. Today however was an exception.
It's not that I had to be else where, but I had to meet someone here.
Brian Hawkes wasn't the brightest person to come out of George,
Washington (yes, we have a small town in the eastern part of the state
named George. One needs a sense of humor to live in the northwest.)
but Brian did have at least one God given talent. That was with the
internal combustion engine. Brian has been the only thing between my
old Volvo and the wrecking yard, and for this he earned my admiration
(not to mention several hundred dollars over the last few years.). The
only reason Volvos are so darn safe is because they spend so much time
in the shop. Brian came in just as I was finishing my first latte with
a set of car keys and a greasy looking bill. He is an American Indian,
tall, muscular, dark skinned, about 23 years old, and classically
handsome. I am consantly suprised that he spends so much time with
automobiles and not with girls. God, if I looked like he does....well
that's another story.

"I am glad to see those sadistic Swedish engineers didn't get the
best of you." I said. "Am I going to have enough money left to buy
you a cup of coffee?"

"Well.. gee.."Brian started. "I don't think... well maybe. Ah
here it is." I looked at the itemized bill. Brian was no bookkeeper
but everything seemed in order and a lot more reasonable than if I took
it to the dealership. "I'm sorry about the cost of some of those parts
and stuff. I think they must fly them over first class from Oslo."

"Brian, Oslo is in Norway, Stockholm is in Sweden."

"Oh yeah, that's right. Well anyway I can't do much about their
cost, but the old girl is running perfect now."

"That's great," I said as I got out the checkbook and hoped there
was enough funds to cover the repairs.

"The car's parked around back and um .. um.."

"Yes Brian, what is it?"

"Well, I think I might be able to make that bill sting a little
less. Well, you see there was something that happened to me last
summer that I want to talk to some one about. It's the kinda thing you
like to listen to .. and well.. I'm off work now. Do you think you
would like to hear it?" It probably wouldn't off set the entire repair
bill but you never know.

"Sure, go ahead."

Well, it was last June, you remember, it was kinda warm out. Any
way, I closed up shop early on Thursday afternoon and took Friday off
so I could go home for my little sister's high school graduation. I
was able to get on I-90 before traffic got too bad and pointed my
Toyota pickup east. I made good time and I was in Grants County before
8 P.M. so it was just starting to get dark. I was off the freeway and
passing the Phillips wheat fields when I saw some lights coming from
the middle of the field. Dad had told me a couple of weeks ago that
some teenagers or some one was making those crop circle things in his
field late at night. You know the ones I'm talking about. Some
crazies think they come from flying saucers. So anyway, I pull the
pickup up the access road and slip it into 4 wheel drive and drive out
as far as I can without ruining any wheat stalks. I figured that I
might catch those kids red handed. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips were always
nice to our family and I would've liked to return the favor. Just as I
got out of the truck and started walking, the light went out. The sun
was just setting so there was still enough light to see by, so I jogged
out to the middle before those kids could get away. When I got there,
sure enough there was this one big circle of wheat stalks pushed down.
The circle must've been about 20 feet in diameter. I go and stand in
the middle of it and look around for any kids. I even looked up once
on the off chance this was really made by aliens. Then I heard some
noises from just outside the circle in the tall wheat.

"I know you're there!" I shouted, trying to sound important.
"Come on out and let's have a look at you." You would never believe
what walked out of that wheat. A beautiful blond girl. She must've
been about my age, 21 or 22, a killer smile and a great figure. She
looked like what's her name from Baywatch, the one who married that
sleazy rock star. Oh, and one more thing, she was totally naked. Her
tits were about as big as honeydew melons and sticking straight out. No
sag or nothing. She had cute pale pink nipples poking straight out of
the center of each boob. She was slim. No excess body fat on her. I
could see where her ribs stopped and her waist began. I figure about a
22 or 23 inch waist. I continued looking down and saw the carpet
matched the drapes. Her blond pussy hair was neat and trimmed. Like
her waist, her legs had no extra fat deposits. They were smooth and
sexy without being muscular like a soccer player's. She smiled pale
blue eyes at me, her perfect white teeth reflected the last rays of the
sun, and I knew I was in love. I stood there taking in all this eye
candy for several minutes. She made no move to cover herself. Her
hands were at her sides and she didn't look the least self conscience,
nor did she appear to mind my blatant staring at her goods. Finally
something inside my head told me it was time to say something.

"What happened to you?" I asked.

" I do not know what you mean. I just arrived."

"Arrived? Arrived from where?"

"That is kind of hard to explain." She said looking up into the
sky. "You can only see my star from the southern sky." Oh shit, I
thought. She's a alien from outer space. These crop circles really do
come from flying saucers.

"Then you're from outer space, right?" I asked.

"Yes, I suppose I am." I thought about this a little harder, all
the while I'm still looking at her naked body. Then it comes to me.

"No you're not an alien. Aliens have green skin or funny ears or
antenna or shit like that. I can see very plainly that you're very
human. You're just some nut that thinks she from a flying saucer."

"I only look human, for that is my function. I am actually a
synthetic huma-form probe."

"You're shitting me, right? I mean, why don't your people just
come down here and look around for themselves?"

"Just as your scientists send unmanned probes to worlds whose
environment is hostile to your kind, so do my creators."

"Except their probes look like naked girls? I still don't
believe you're from another planet." She looked straight into my eyes
and walked right up to me. Here I am , standing in the middle of a
wheat field with a naked outer space girl. Before I could make another
move she takes my right hand and puts it on her chest between those
great looking knockers.

"What do you feel?" She asked me. Actually it was making me a
bit horny, but I wasn't sure I was going to tell her that, then she
added "Do you feel a heartbeat?" Well, now that you mention it, I
didn't. I felt absolutely nothing. "If you do not believe your hand,
then listen." She pushed my hand away and pulled my head to her chest.
The same as before, no heartbeat. Only a very low hum came from deep
in her chest. I was so stupefied, I just stood there with my ear to
her naked chest. I felt through my cheek that her skin seemed warm to
the touch. I'm not sure why, but I raised my right hand and cupped her
left breast with it. The skin seemed warm and soft. It felt smooth
and .. well like skin. I gave her boob a gentle squeeze. I'm no
expert, but it felt like a boob to me. I wasn't sure what to make of
all this. She just stood there, looking at me. Totally indifferent to
my feeling her tits. I shook my head.

"I don't know. You don't have a heartbeat, still you feel and
look like a real girl."

"Then you would be completely deceived if you did not listen to
my chest. I would fit in perfectly?"

"Well, yes." I answered. "Except for one thing. Humans don't
usually walk around nude."


"Yeah. No clothes." I pulled on my own shirt to demonstrate.

"Is that important.? I seems warm enough now not to need
addition protection from thermal variances."

"Well, I suppose. But we most wear clothes just to cover up.
You know, just because...well, just because."

"You mean it is a social dictate. I see. That is one of the
things I am here to study. Will my being 'nude' be a distraction?."

"I'll say. Walking around like that with a sexy bod like yours,
every guy around is going to want to fuck you."

"'Fuck' me? Is that good?"

"That would depend on the point of view. Some people like to
fuck around and others don't."

"Do you like to fuck around? Would you like to fuck me?." She
said it without smiling, without any change or inflection of her voice.
Just a very dry and monotone 'would you like to fuck me?' Wow. That
left me speechless. I'm looking at these perfectly formed tits and
that lovely little pussy, and she asks if I want to fuck her. Boy, she
really must be from another planet. Then I reminded my self, she's not

"If you were real, sure I would love to fuck you." I usually am
very shy around beautiful women, especially naked ones. But for some
reason I was feeling very bold with this girl. Maybe it was because
she wasn't really a girl. "As sexy as you are, I don't think synthetic
whatyoumaycallit probes can fuck."

"If human female can do it, so can I. My body is an exact
replica of a human female often seen on your video transmission
system." I knew she was artificial, and I knew she was from another
planet, still I had a raging woody in my pants. God, I wanted to put
it to the test. I figured, what the hell.

"First, I need to get out of my clothes." I started pulling off
my shirt and jeans.

"Did you not just tell me humans do not like to be un-clothed?"

"Well, yeah. But that was only in public. You know when others
are around. For bathing and fucking, its OK to be naked. As a matter
of fact its almost essential." I now had yanked my jeans off and stood
before her, in the middle of a wheat field at dusk with my raging hard-
on sticking straight out from me. If I thought about it much longer I
probably would've just reported her to agents Scully and Mulder or
something, but right now my cock was doing my thinking for me.

"All right," she said. "We are both naked, now what?" I hadn't
been with very many girls, particularly naked ones, but I had seen
enough porno tapes to have a good idea where to go from here. I
stepped right up to her and gave her the deepest most passionate kiss I
could. I was a bit surprised that she responded by opening her mouth
and excepted my tongue inside it. Her skin felt like a real girls, and
her lips, mouth and tits felt real, but there was still one test left.
I reached down with my right hand and pushed between her thighs. Her
shortly trimmed bush seemed OK. I went further in. Her pussy lips
felt like pussy lips. I pushed further, pushing apart her pussy lips
and found her clit. The moment I touched it, she let off a soft moan
and stuttered briefly. Yup, as far as I could tell, she was real. And
best of all, she was willing. "What you did just now. It felt very..
I do not have the vocabulary, but it seemed to have increased my
synthetic metabolism."

"Yeah, mine too." Was my response. I've got to hand it to those
aliens, her synthetic pussy was putting out synthetic pussy juice and I
was sure her body temperature had risen. I embraced her tight, pushing
her naked skin against mine, kissing her passionately around the face
and neck. While nibbling on one ear lobe she whispered into my ear.

"Place your hand in my groin again."

"I'll do better than that." I said. My kissing began to move down
her chest. Climbing those terrific fun bags, reaching the nipple and
sucking it into my mouth. To my delight, she responded with a sigh, or
was it a moan. After several minutes I gave the other tit some
attention. After earning another moan I moved down to her belly and
beyond. As I reached her honey box, she gladly parted her legs
allowing me full access to her lovelies. To be perfectly honest, this
was the first time I had ever sucked pussy, artificial or otherwise. I
could only guess that it tasted real. Her body shuttered and her legs
began to sway.

"For some reason," she said . "my lower extremities seem to be
weakening and my equilibrium seems to be malfunctioning." Rather than
have wheat stalks poke us in the ass, I moved us over to my pick-up
truck. I put the tailgate down and set her on it with her legs open to
me. I put my face down into her bush and continued where I had left
off. Each time my tongue made a circle around her clit, her thighs
would tense up and she would let out a quiet gasp. Between gasps she
managed to say, "I like this fucking. I think my sensors I/O are about
to overload!" If that meant what I think it meant, then now was the
time. I pushed her back into the bed of the truck and laid on top of
her. Not being a great lover, it took me a moment to find her well
lubricated hole with my cock. But once I found it, I plugged right in.
Her vagina felt warm and tight. There was no resistance as I entered
her. At least they didn't make her a virgin. There, in the back of my
pick-up truck, in the middle of a wheat field I was pumping away at an
extraterrestrial cunt and boy was it good. Since I didn't think I had
to worry about her getting pregnant, I shot my load into her. "I like
this fucking. May we do it again?"

"Well, not right now" I said. "Maybe later." I quickly gathered
my clothes and brushed the wheat stalks out of it and put them on. But
what was I going to do with ... wait a minute, I don't even know her
name. "Say, I really enjoyed the fucking too. But one thing, what is
your name?."

"I do not have a name as such. I do have a serial number, but it
is expressed in base 12."

"Why don't we just call you Pam. OK?" Don't ask me why, but I
wasn't about to let Pam go. Not only was she a great fuck, but I kinda
liked her company. Even though I may not understand everything she
says. The problem was, it was going to be difficult to introduce a
naked space probe to my very conservative parents. I grabbed my gym
bag from the cab of the truck and rummaged around in the dark to find
her something to wear. All I could find was a white 'v' necked tee-
shirt and a pair of boxer shorts. The tee-shirt was really tight
around her tits. You could see every curve of each breast and the
nipples stood out like beacons. The boxers didn't fit much better.
Apparently she was much thinner around the waist and the boxers rode
very low, threatening to fall down any moment. I would have to explain
that that is the way girls in the big city are dressing now a days.
I've seen worst walking down Broadway right here in town. I told Pam
not to mention she was from outer space but to say she was from Seattle
and let me do most of the talking. We climbed into the truck and sped
off for home.

Mom came running out of the house as I pulled into the farm. She
put her arms around me and told me I was late. I made some excuse
about the traffic leaving Seattle. I then turned and helped Pam out of
the truck. "Mom, this is Pam, my new girlfriend. Pam, this is my
mother." Pam said a quiet hello and nothing else. It wasn't until we
got inside that mom could fully see what Pam was wearing. I carefully
explained to her, that this was the style of dress in the big city.

"Maybe you should have stayed here then." Grunted my father from
his recliner in the living room. Yeah, right. Stay here and wind up
just like my dad. No way!. Just then my little sister, Marie bounced
down the stairs. Well maybe not little anymore. She had dark hair and
eyes, just like me, and she was all ways cute. But I hadn't seen her
in quite a few years. The first thing I noticed was how well she
filled out the red flannel shirt she was wearing. The shirt was tucked
into her faded jeans, but even though her tits were much smaller than
Pam's I could still tell she wasn't wearing a bra from the way they

"I like the way she's dressed." Said Marie.

"So do I." It was my big brother, coming out of the kitchen
with a fried chicken leg in his mouth. "She is a real looker, there,
little bro."

"Yes, thank you, Biff." My brother is a real asshole. He's been
a jock most of his life, building himself up by putting others down.
He stayed on the farm so he could help dad, or so he said. The real
reason is he couldn't get a job in the outside world if his life
depended on it. And one more thing. Ever since puberty, he has been
quite the ladies man. He must have fucked most of the girls in high
school, and if you believe rumors, one teacher. Biff put the chicken
leg to one side and shook Pam's hand, the whole time staring straight
at her tits. Not that I could blame him. mom and dad went to bed
early that night, as was their habit (being farmers). I left for the
kitchen to see if Biff had left me any chicken, leaving Pam in the
living room with Biff and Marie. When I returned, Marie was sitting
there alone. "Where's Biff and Pam?" I asked.

"Biff offered to show Pam the farm." Replied Marie.

"At night?" what a crock of shit. I went out the door to find
them. I saw the light on in the barn and headed for there. I entered
quietly, listening to their conversation. I could see them at the far
end. It being so warm, most of the livestock were outside. He had his
arm around her shoulder leading her about. She didn't seem to mind at
all. And why should she. She is a space probe gathering data after
all. With each step she took, those boxer shorts worked there way down
her hips. You could already see her butt crack and I was sure it
wasn't going to stop there. I also knew that Biff knew about the
delicate nature of the boxers and was doing his best to innocently
encourage it. I guess I am still inhibited by my big brother. I stood
there in the shadows, quietly watching. Sure enough, after a few
minutes, gravity got the best of those boxers and down they came. Pam
made no effort to stop them to the delight of Biff. Now Biff had
turned and was shamelessly staring at her blond snatch.

"I am sorry does this offends you." Said Pam, pointing to her
naked lower half. "I know it does not offend your brother."

"No, I don't imagine it would." Said my brother. "Actually, I
kinda prefer it that way. If you would like to take off your shirt
too, I wouldn't mind at all." The pervert.

"Yes, I will. I have never understood this concept of clothes."

"Me neither." With that, Biff started pulling off his clothes. I
should have stopped it right there, but there was something very kinky
about what was going on here. Biff and Pam were standing there, butt
naked in the barn facing each other. "You are a very sexy bitch."

"Brian said that if I walk around without clothes, men will want
to fuck me. Is that true? Do you want to fuck me?" Very few of Biffs
conquests were this easy.

Biff stammered "Yes."

"I really like to fuck. Do you?" Biff's boner was at full mast
by now, and he certainly needed no further encouragement. Biff started
to aggressively devour those two beautiful breasts while I simply
watched. His hand darted to Pam's crotch, where he was fingering her
pussy. The farmboy had never heard of fore play, apparently. After a
few minutes of tit sucking and crotch poking, he pushed Pam's face down
to his own groin. I had not showed Pam about giving a blow job, I
hoped she did not bite his dick off, or maybe I did. Anyway, he opened
her mouth and instructed her to lick and suck his cock. It looked like
alien probes don't gag. She took the whole thing in (which was quite
large, which probably explains why he was so popular with the girls),
and began sucking like a Hoover Upright vacuum cleaner. Biff was in
heaven. Before she could suck the semen out of him, he pulled away.
He walked her over to a nearby rail, about waist high. There he told
her to bend over, holding on to the rail. Biff then moved behind her,
and entered her sweet pussy from behind and began to pump her like an
animal. This whole scene was getting me very horny.

A soft voice from behind me said. "Once a farm boy, all ways a
farm boy." It was Marie. My sweet little innocent sister. Her shirt
was unbuttoned and her hand was inside playing with one of her tits.
"I know you're as horny as I am. Go ahead and take it out and play
with it. I don't mind." She unzipped her jeans and slipped her free
hand inside to massage her cunt.

"Christ sis! You shouldn't be here."

"Why not. I've seen him fuck before. I've been watching him
fuck this girl and that girl for years. Geez, Pam's got a great ass,
doesn't she." I could only nod. I turned to watch Biff bang Pam from
behind, then looked at my little sister play with her private parts
right in front of me. Why not. I unzipped my fly and took out my rod
and began to stroke it. Marie and I came only a few seconds after Pam
and Biff. "Biff will want to go to sleep now. He does every time he
fucks. No staying power." Biff pulled his jeans and shirt on, and
handed Pam her clothes.

"Would it be acceptable" Pam asked. "if I didn't put them back
on, since both you and Brian seem to like me unclothed."

"That's fine with me." Said Biff. Marie and I adjusted our
clothes and dashed into the house ahead of them. We had just sat down
when they came through the door. Biff saw that we noticed that Pam was
naked. "You see, we had a little accident with the clothes, and well
that... eh...I'm going to bed. Night!" Biff walked up the stairs.

"What did I tell you." Said Marie. "No staying power. What a

"Biff fucks differently than you do." Observed Pam. "Also, his
penis is larger than yours."

"Thank you for noticing." I said, somewhat embarrassed.

"I don't know." Chimed in Marie. "I kind of liked the size of
your penis." Was Marie looking at my cock while I was masturbating in
the barn? "Big dicks aren't all they are cracked up to be." Could it
be my innocent little sister isn't as innocent as I thought she was.
"Come on Pam, let's get you cleaned up for bed. You're sleeping in my
room tonight." I started to protest. "Sorry Brian. mom says that
there will be no hanky-panky in her house. Shows how little she
knows." Marie took Pam by the hand and led her upstairs to the bath.
I followed having nothing better to do. I just stood in the hall and
watched as Marie opened the bathroom door and clicked on the harsh
yellow light. Marie looked back to me and said, "you might as well
come in too. You're probably as sticky as Pam." Normally it wouldn't
be a big deal. The whole family used this one bathroom, and over the
years I have ignored glimpses of my sister on the toilet or behind a
shower curtain. After all, we grew up on a farm. Somehow I felt this
was going to be different. I followed the girls in. Marie closed and
locked the door and then turned on the shower. "OK Pam. Since you're
all ready naked you get in first. Brian and I will join you in a
moment." Marie then turn to me as she unbuttoned her shirt. "Come on
big brother, you can't shower with your clothes on." She's right, I
couldn't , but....

"What, the three of us in there?"

"Why not. It's a big six foot tub. Besides, I've done it
before." I managed to catch myself before I asked for any further
details I probably wouldn't want to hear any how. Marie now had
dropped her jeans and panties to the floor and had stepped out of them.
"Come on, before the hot water runs out." I pulled off my tee-shirt,
kicked off my boots into a corner and chucked my pants quickly and
followed Marie into the shower. There was room for three in there, but
barely. My poor Pam just stood there under the water confused. "Hand
me the soap please Pam." Pam looked puzzled. I finally spoke up.

"The soap is on the tray next to you, dear." Pointing to the
soap dish. She picked up the soap, only to have it squirt straight up
out of her hands. Thanks to her robot reflexes she caught it before it
started to drop.

"Nice catch." Said my sister. Marie took the soap from her and
lathered it between her hand. She then applied the lather to Pam's
body. "Have you ever had somebody else bath you before?" she asked
Pam. Pam answered a honest no. "You're going to like this then. You
don't mind another girl touching you on your tits, (Marie soaps up
Pam's tits, going across the nipples several times until they looked
like snow covered mountains.) or even your pussy?" Marie now moves her
soapy hands down between Pam's thighs giving her private parts a
thorough cleaning. Not only has my sister far more experience than I
thought but lesbian experiences to boot.

"Actually I rather like that." Admitted Pam.

"I thought you might." Said Marie. Marie then cleaned other
parts of Pam's body. Her legs and feet, her back and her ass, pausing
a moment to comment how shapely and sexy it was. Then Marie handed the
soap to Pam and asks Pam to clean her. Pam mimics the motions my
sister had done, spending enough time on her smaller yet well formed
tits, (it was at this time I noticed though Marie's tits were smaller
than Pam's, the nipples stuck out further. For some reason I found
that to be very erotic at that time.) and her crotch to illicit a soft
moan from my sister. Marie dropped the soap and embraced Pam kissing
her deeply. Pam had remembered my lessons from earlier that evening
and was doing a fine job of kissing her back. Their soapy bodies
pressed tightly together, sliding over one another in a close in erotic
ballet. I was so caught up in the show in front of me, I hadn't
noticed my raging hard-on, even though it kept bumping my sister in the
ass every time she move. When their dance finish, Marie bent over to
pick up the soap she had dropped. In doing so, she pushed her cute
little ass right into my boner. I'm sure it started as an accident,
but the head of my cock was so close to her pussy that she pushed back
even more causing my cock to rub across her clit a couple of times.
"I'm sorry big brother, we were so busy we almost forgot about you."
Marie handed the soap to Pam and held me very tight against her naked
body. She reached up and kissed me. Her tongue prying my teeth open
to let it in. I felt the warmth of my sister's hot naked body against
my own, her perky nipples poking into my chest. She finally pulled her
mouth away from mine. "Not the same little girl you left here two
years ago?" Definitely not. Still holding me tight, she turned us
around so I stood between Marie and Pam. "Come on Pam, we're both
clean, it's time we wash Brian." Both girls took turns using the soap
to wash me from head to toe spending a great deal of time on my cock
and balls. Every time Marie had my coc "Pam, she wants you to do the
same thing to her as she's doing to you. That's what she means by
eating." Marie turned her face and looked at me. I explained "She's
never been with a girl before." Which was true. "And doesn't know any
of the slang." Which was also true. Before Marie had time to think
about it Pam dove right into her pussy and start eating her out with
her bio-mechanical tongue. My sister was in heaven. Pam's tongue had
unlimited strength and stamina and it was safe to say Marie had never
been eaten out like she was right now. Both girls held on to each
other's hips, pushing their faces deeper into the other's wet hole. I
could only sit there and stroke my rod. After a few minutes of this
mutual sucking, Marie began to convulse. She pushed her mouth into
Pam's twat to stifle her screams of orgasm. It was at this point I
shot my wad all over Marie's throw rug.

"That was great." Whispered Marie in total exhaustion. "The best
I've ever had. Thank you Pam, and thank you big brother for sharing."
She smiled at me, sitting there spent, with my shrinking cock. "You'd
better go back to your room." She got up slowly, only to turn around
and lay down next to Pam, kissing her softly and caressing her boobs.
As much as I didn't want to, I got up and headed for my own room.

That night I dreamt of my sister, her bronzed naked ass turned up
toward me, begging for attention. Every time a tried to grab it, it
would pull away only to tempt me again. I had never thought of Marie
in a sexual way before this trip, and now I can't think of anything
else. I vowed to my sub-conscious that I was going to get a piece of
that ass before I left Sunday.

Just like the old days mom banged on my door a six thirty in the
morning telling me breakfast was ready and there were chores to do.
With a single knock on my door, the three years in Seattle seemed to
have disappeared and it was like I never left. Damn!. At the breakfast
table, Marie and Pam were already there. "Whats the matter, big
brother?" teased Marie. "Couldn't get to sleep last night? Pam was up
with the roosters." I felt like telling her robots don't need sleep,
but what would be the point. Pam was dressed in one of Marie's bigger
shirts and one of my jeans. Even though the shirt might have been big
on my sister, Pam was nearly busting out. After breakfast Dad wanted
me to see the improvements he made to the farm. While he was showing
me the new paint on the barn, and the new clutch on the tractor, Marie
took Pam in my truck to town to buy some more suitable clothes. She
also took most of the cash from my wallet. They return just before
lunch. Pam was wearing some white shorts and a halter top. In a
shopping bag she had a light sundress to wear at the graduation. After
lunch, Marie insisted that we all go for a drive. The three of us sat
very cozy in the cab of my truck. "That's some girlfriend you have
there, big brother. You should've been in town with us. She stripped
naked in the aparel store ilse to try on the sundress, nearly giving
Mr. Cruz a heart attack, but afterwards outside she took off her
clothes again to change into her shorts and halter. Right there on the
sidewalk next to the pick-up. I wish I could be that casual about it."
Marie drove north on an old farm road. She pulled off the main road on
a wide trail behind an old orchard, shifted to four wheel drive and
drove another half mile. We parked behind some trees, totally
invisible from the road. She had grabbed a gym bag she had thrown in
the back and walked into the trees. Pam and I followed. I took Pam's
hand. She gave me a puzzled look.

"We are supposed to be lovers." I explained. "This is what lovers
do. Among other things."

"Like fucking, right?" She was learning. Marie led us to a slow
moving tributary of the Columbia River, overhung by oak and maple

"This is my favorite swimming hole." She announced. It was
perfect. I was about to say that it was too bad we didn't bring
swimming suits, when Marie reached down and pulled her white tee-shirt
over her head. She then unbuckled her jeans, kicked off her boots, and
stood before us naked. After last nights shower, I shouldn't be
surprised. She then jumped right into the deep part of the river. Pam
and I followed, getting naked very quickly and jumping in. The water
was cold, it still being June, but not to bad. I swam out to Marie.
Both of us treading water, and me trying to cop a feel while trying to
stay afloat. We both turned and watch as Pam was trying to imitate my
swimming stroke. She was not doing very well. About halfway to us she
sank like a stone. Oh shit I thought. With all the knowledge of the
universe and she doesn't know enough to stay out of the water if she
didn't know how to swim. Both Marie and I drove down to rescue her,
but couldn't find her. On the second time I came up for air, I saw her
walk out of the water onto the shore. I grabbed Marie and we both swam
to shore.

"I am afraid I am not buoyant enough to remain on top of the
water." She said apologetic. "I had to walk on the bottom until I
reached to shallow water."

"You scared the shit out of both of us." I complained. "But, no
harm done. It wasn't your fault." We just sat there in the grass
under the oak tree catching our breaths. As I calmed down, I began to
notice Marie's body again. The images of my dreams were returning to
me. When she bent over to get some water out of the gym bag, she
present her cute little tan ass to me. Just like my dream. The
slightly puffy pussy lip, scant bit of dark hair, and I couldn't help
it any more. I reached over and started caressing that gorgeous ass,
my finger tips brushing against her pussy.

"Now, now, brother, none of that." She warned as she continued
hunting in the bag. But I had had enough of her warnings, the little
tease. I firmly grabbed her hip with one hand and planted my other
hand straight between her legs and began massaging it in circular
motions. "Brian, Please!" she said as she tried to pull away. She had
pulled away in the shower, in her room and again in my dreams. This
time she wasn't going to get away. I pulled her toward me and pushed
her down on the grass on her back. I climbed on top of her, our naked
flesh pressing one another. I put my face over hers, forced her mouth
open and kissed her deeply. Although she struggled to free her self, I
knew she could fight a lot harder than she was. Something inside told
her she should stay. Our kiss broke. I still held her arms with my
hand and held her down with my body weight. She looked me straight
into the eye. "If you're thinking what I think you're thinking, think
again. We're brother and sister."

"That didn't bother you in the shower last night. Or fucking my
girlfriend right in front of me. Or taking us out here to get naked
together and .. .. well now I'm going to fuck you."

"Brian, please. I'm sorry for teasing you. I know I can be a
cock tease sometimes." I kissed her deeply again. Then I moved down
her neck. I wanted to taste those cute little tits of hers. As I
shifted my weight so I could suck tit, she began to free her self.
This was going to be harder than I thought.

"Pam, come over here and hold Marie down." Very obediently she
came over knelling just above Marie's head and pinned her upper arms to
the ground. Now I was free to enjoy everything my sister had to offer.
Pam's tits are great, but the way Marie's nipple stuck out, just
begging to be sucked was awesome. I was able to suck nearly all of
Marie's tit into my mouth, flicking my tongue back and forth across the
nipple. After a few minutes on her left tit, I moved to the right. I
could see out the corner of my eye that Marie was fighting less and
moaning more. I moved down past her thin waist, past the small crop of
course black hair and pushed my face straight into her pussy. Her legs
parted to receive me and she was most definitely moist. Pam hardly had
to hold her any more. To my surprise, she didn't taste all that
different than Pam. When I looked up from my work past her bush, I saw
that Pam was no longer holding her. Rather, Pam had straddled Marie's
face and was getting a very good licking from my sister. I thought I
heard two sets of moaning. Marie was most certainly excited. She was
pumping out gobs and gobs of pussy lubricant in my face. Suddenly
Marie pushed Pam's pussy to one side.

"Oh God Brian, fuck me now."

"What was that, little sister. I thought you said you didn't
want to fuck me."

"Damn it you bastard," she shouted. "Fuck me now!" She pulled me
up so we were face to face again. She reached between her legs and
grabbed my rod and put it between her pussy lips. With the tip of my
cock, she rubbed her clit in circular motions before inserting it.
Though she wasn't a virgin, she was tight. Apparently, most of her
experience was with other girls. I pumped her like a mad man. First
slowly then faster, then slowly again. No longer in her bedroom, there
was no need to be quiet and she certainly wasn't. Her moans and
screams frighten several small animals away. Quickly she shifted her
weight and I found my self on the bottom with her on top of me. At
first she laid flat on top of me, rubbing her clit across my pubic as
she pumped my dick. As she neared climax, she raised up, using her
strong thigh muscles to raise and lower her slit on my cock. With each
down stroke I could see her lovely breast bounce. It was all I could
do not to come just then. Her free hand was vigorously rubbing
herself. Suddenly her pumping slowed to a near stop. She made one
more stroke, and then another, we both screamed in climax as I came
inside her. Fuck my girlfriend and then throw me out of the room will
you? Let this be a lesson. After another refreshing swim, we toweled
off, got dressed and headed for home. That night I didn't have to
leave my sisters room so early. I still had to be out before morning
but at least I was happier about it. On Saturday the graduation went
very well. Marie, two of her girlfriends and two guys opened their
graduation robes together to the audience in the middle of the
commencement to reveal they wore absolutely nothing underneath. A
minor scandal, although mom was quite shocked that Marie had any part
in it. The kids had enough sense to do it after they had their diploma
in their hands. Both Pam and I said our good-byes to Marie the night
before since the whole graduating class, all thirty of them, were going
to drive into Spokane for a banquet party. Pam

"Tell me Brian, where is Pam now?" I asked.

"Her batteries ran down about four months ago. I buried her near
the wheat field where I found her. God that was hard to see her go.
She said there was nothing I could do. I think all that fucking might
have ran down her batteries faster than they may have otherwise. That
last day I even tried using the jumper cables from the truck, but I
couldn't figure out which nipple was positive and which was ground.

The End.


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