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MINA enormous water plant Water washed back


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By Darkage
(c) July, 2001
Mina stopped to catch her breath. Crouching in the
dark cave, huddled among the rocks and pebbles, she
held herself still and quiet, hoping her pursuers had
lost her trail. Her heart pounded in her chest,
throbbing in her ears. Through the dark tunnels behind
her she heard the sounds of the orc search party
passing through the area. They seemed to pass, and it
grew quiet around the frightened young woman.

Slowly she rose to her feet. The cave was dark and
still, silent but for the occasional hollow dripping
of water. The darkness was thick, and even after weeks
underground, her eyes could make out only the faint
outlines of things. She stepped forward into the
darkness. Small pebbles crunched beneath her tender
feet. Stepping cautiously along the rocky ground, she
made her way deeper into the cave, grabbing hold of
the thin columns of rock that drooped from the cavern
ceiling to the ground. The stone was cold and slimy
and the going was slow and unsteady. Nonetheless, she
pushed on, urged by the fear of being recaptured by
the horrible orcs hunting her.

Her toes slipped on the pebbles, which were growing
colder and wetter. She felt water beneath her feet and
stepped into ankle-deep water. A shallow lake lay
ahead, stretching across the cavern floor. The
stalagmites and columns grew sparse as she pushed her
way through the knee-deep water. The water gradually
got deeper and the bottom of her tattered blouse grew
wet as the surface rose past her knees.

Mina saw a cluster of tall stalagmites ahead began
towards them, hoping to find land, or shallower water.
As she pushed on, the thick water grew warmer upon her
bare legs. The water surrounding the stony cluster
writhed with dark, serpentine forms. Her fear was
quickly overcome by a soft hissing that seemed to move
through the air, calling out to her, urging her
forward. She moved on as if entranced and as she
neared the stalagmites she saw that the slithering
beneath the surface was an immense mass of thick,
vine-like seaweed. The warm water was growing deeper,
its surface rising up her thighs, and her blouse clung
to her skin. The calling whispered in her ears,
spurring her on and pulling her closer to the writhing
mass of plant life beneath the warm surface.

Soft bunches of seaweed brushed by her legs and Mina
looked down to see long, sinewy strands reaching out
towards her. Tender whispers streamed through the air
urging her towards the clusters of stone. She felt
soft strands curl around her waist and sighed, her
lower lip trembling as slimy leafage writhed about her
bare legs in the warm water. A soft red glow emanated
from the cluster of stalagmites. A wide, round rock
sat in its center. Growing upon the rock was the heart
of the enormous water plant. Water washed back and
forth over the face of the rock, bubbling past the
plant's heart. The voice called to her.

The seaweed pulled Mina into the circle and stretched
her body across the rock. She lay prone and trembling
with desire as the plant's long, slimy appendages slid
along her back, steam rising all around her from the
hot water. Her cheek pressed down against the rock,
Mina moaned with desire as soft clumps of leafage
writhed along her back. She sighed deeply as long
tendrils slid up onto the rock from all directions,
slithering along her body and curling around her
limbs. Entwined in slippery coils and spread upon the
rock, she whined with lust as a thick, leafy mass of
plant washed up the backs of her legs and up between
them. Soft, slippery leafage slid along her inner-
thighs and she gasped at the feel of it against her
secret flower. It slid between her buttocks and up her
lower back, snaking its way up her body. She felt a
strong strand curl up around her shoulder and slip
down beneath her front. She writhed in her slithering
bonds and sighed with desire as it slid down between
the front of her body and the rock. It crept under her
breasts and glided down her stomach. She felt it slide
beneath her belly and into the crevice between her
thighs. Another tendril slid along her hip and down
around her thigh, and the two plant appendages coiled
around her upper thighs spreading them wide upon the
rock. Mina moaned as slimy seaweed crept up behind her
and slipped along her sex, pushing gently between her
soft labia. Lubricating juices seeped from her body
and her lustful groans echoed through the rock cluster
as she felt soft plant sliding up into her. The lips
between her thighs hugged the thick, leafy vines as
they pushed into her, slithering inside her body.

She lost track of herself among the writhing mass,
leafy appendages penetrating all her orifices and
massaging her insides. Gradually she climaxed, her
body shuddering with pleasure, coming into the warm
water and letting the plant smooth her out over the
rock. Eventually she staggered to her feet and started
walking awkwardly through the water, away from the
circle of rocks.



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