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MINA panties and bra and she


Mina by Wandering Lanes

story code (MF)

It was the screams that first alerted me to a problem, I was walking
down an alley at night. Yes I know, these places are dangerous, but this
part of town was supposed to be safe - except for the scream. It was a
woman's voice, pleading, I started to run towards the sound, again it was a
daft thing to do, you never know who you're going to meet - or how many,
she could have been a decoy, but didn't sound like it, I came across the
scene, two youths, both with knives, they had her against the brick wall,
pawing away at her body.

"No, please, don't" she was saying, her eyes wide with fear, trying to
move away from them, but their grip was too tight on her.

"Don't bother love," one of the attackers said, "Ain't no idiot going to
save you, Rob and I'll have some fun with you first, just to teach you to
have more cash next time we find you" He said this with a callous laugh,
which was stopped when I shoulder charged him, causing his knife hand to
strike the wall and drop the weapon it was holding, "What the fuck," He
said, "Where did you come from."

His partner, Rob, turned with his knife ready to stab at me, but I
managed to grab hold of the wrist and, almost breaking it, disarmed him as
well, he looked at his friend and they both ran down the alleyway, leaving
me with the woman, who was sobbing away.

I tried to hold her, but she seemed so frighten of any contact that I
could only ask her if she was okay, she nodded her head, "Thank you," she
said, "I didn't think anyone would come to my aid."

I smiled at her, trying to calm her down, "I'm glad I was able to help,
you know these alleys are dangerous, a person got killed around here some
years ago, they still don't know who the killers were, I'd suggest you try
the main road next time.

She smiled back at me, it was a dazzling smile, she wasn't what you
would call a striking beauty, but there was a certain something about her,
I held out my hand, which she took.

I asked her, "Can I escort you home? Just in case." I added

She smiled and nodded, "Yes please, I'd like that, my mother worries
about me," she confided, this puzzled me as she looked as if she was in her
mid-twenties, "I know it sounds silly, but she still thinks of me as the
baby of the family."

I had to smile at that, "So does mine," I confided, "I think they're
programmed to think that way." She laughed at that, a melodic happy sound,
she seemed to have got over her shock, she placed her arm through the crock
of mine and we walked together down the alley.

As we walked I asked her for her name, " Wilhelmina!" she said, "but my
friends call me Mina"

I asked her if I could call her Mina, to which she replied, "Of course,
I'd like you to do that." She seemed so at ease, as if a great weight had
been lifted from her.

We walked along the alleyway until it emerged at a main road, for a
moment Mina looked lost, then she smiled again and said, "This way." Almost
dragging me down the road to a large house, there was a dog in the garden,
which as we started to enter the gate began barking, then stopped and
seemed scared of something, Mina took no notice of it but went straight to
the front door, she opened the door and beckoned me into the house.

"Mum, mum I'm home." She ran through the rooms and then returned to me,
"That's strange, she rarely goes out when I'm not at home." She said, then
she smiled, "Come with me, I've got to show you something."

She dragged me upstairs and entered a room, it was a spacious bedroom,
with pink wallpaper and a frilly bedspread also slightly pink, she turned
to me and kissed me, a quick peck, which took me by surprise, I notice her
lips were slightly cool, perhaps she wasn't out of the shock yet, she
pulled me over to her bed and sat down on it, she asked me my name and I
said Jack, she said that was a nice name, I hadn't realised that before.

She looked at me and said, "I want to thank you Jack, for saving me, I
don't know what they would have done if you hadn't come and stopped them!"
I started to say that anyone would have done that but she stopped me,

"No Jack, you did, and I want to reward you." And saying that she got up
from the bed, then started to undress in front of me.

I wanted to say that she didn't have to, I mean I stopped those two from
doing that, she didn't have to, but I couldn't, somehow my voice was stuck,
she stood in front of me wearing just panties and a bra, and she looked so
entrancing I reached out for her, but she backed away laughing and said,
"No, now it's your turn," and she started pointing at me, so I also
undressed to my boxer shorts, which were showing my appreciation of the

She turned round and said, "Would you mind, I can't really reach from
here" gesturing to the clip of her bra, I think she was just using it as an
excuse to allow me to touch her, I took the garment in my hands and undid
the hook and eyes and stood back, she looked over her shoulder and smiled,
"Thank you Jack, you know some men would have tried to grab my breasts while doing that."

I smiled at her, "I think I'll have plenty of time for that," she
laughed in that melodic way and turned with her arms covering her breasts,
then she removed the bra and with a peek-a-boo motion showed me her breasts with their nipples showing that she was also aroused, she approached me
again and pushed me back onto the bed, her hands gripping the elastic band
of my boxers, as I fell back she pulled them down.

---------------------------------------------------------- She laughed
at me as I laid there gazing up at her, I reached out with my hand to her,
she held hers out, I pulled her down on top on me. We lay on the bed, her
lips met mine and we kissed again.

My hands were now busy roaming over her body, her smooth back, and pert
backside, which I could feel under her panties, I slipped one underneath
the waistband and moved it over her hips, feeling a scar.

She pulled back, "Please don't." She shyly said, "I don't want you to
see that."

I looked into her tear-filling eyes and then she looked down, "It's
alright," I said, "There's nothing wrong, it's a part of you, but it makes
you what you are!" She raised her eyes again, looking for something? Fear?
Or loathing? But finding none, she gave a wane smile and relaxed again.

My hands reached down again and removed her panties, she moved her hand
to cover her scar, I grabbed hold of it, and as she looked at me again I
said, "I really want to see it, don't worry." And I kissed her face; she
pulled back away from me, allowing me to look at her body as it lay on the
bed with me.

She was on her side, her breasts not even sagging but firm, her stomach
was flat, with a 'innie' button, her mound was trimmed and the silky hairs
just covering the slit of her cunny, I looked at her hip, but she was lying
on the scar so that I couldn't see it.

She started to realize what I was trying to do, "I'm sorry", she said,
"But I've had this scar since I was young, I've always been ashamed of it,
I was out playing when I was seven, I fell over some bricks and onto a saw
somebody had left out, it cut through my jeans and dug into my hip, when I
was at the hospital some nurses said I wouldn't be able to wear a swimsuit
without the scar showing, so I've always tried to hide it.

I looked at the scar, it was four inches long, but I couldn't see
anything really wrong with it, I kissed it, Mina shuddered, "Please don't
do that, you don't have to pretend about it."

I smiled at her; "I'm not pretending, I love you. I think you've moved
into my heart, every part of you, including your scar," She moved closer to
me, tears on her face.

"Oh Jack," she said, "I think I love you too." And we kissed, a deep
meaningful kiss, which seemed to speak volumes and promises of things to

She laid back and pulled me onto her, I gazed into her eyes, smiled.
Then a thought struck me, I frowned, "I can't," she looked at me
questioningly, I said, "I don't have anything with me."

She smiled, "It's okay, don't worry - I trust you, and I haven't been
with anyone for sometime, please I need it." I kissed her again and slowly
entered her, her eyes widened and she groaned with pleasure. It seem that
she really hadn't been with a man for years, she was so tight, it was
almost like putting on a glove, I moved slowly inside her, inch by inch
until our bodies touched each other.

She gave another moan, "Are you okay?" I asked, she nodded, "Do you want
me to stop?"

"Oh god no," She said, "Don't stop, please carry on, it feels so good,
much better than the last time."

This last piece puzzled me, but I decided not to disturb her about it, I
slowly moved back and forth, watching her face as I tried to bring her to a
climax before me, "Oh yes Jack, that's nice, oh so nice, so nice, I'm glad
you're the one, I've waited so long, so long."

All of a sudden she came, calling out in ecstasy as the waves of
pleasure overtook her, and I came at the same time, I rolled us over so
that she was lying on top of me, she giggled at me and kissed me again.

"Oh Jack, that was wonderful, I've never come like that before, thank
you." She said.

I kissed her back, "No, Thank you." I said, "you won't believe me but
that was the best for me as well," I stroked my hands down her back and
along her hips, rubbing over the beautiful scar, she felt my appreciation
for her rise again, we hadn't really disentangled from each other and so
she felt me inside her again, she smiled at me and started to undulate
above me, she rested her hands on my shoulders to support herself on me. I
reached up and massaged her breasts, causing her more excitement as she
moved against my hands.

This time was much longer, I think she came twice more before I spurted
inside her; she was still calling my name, as she collapsed onto me. I
held her close as we succumbed to the post-orgasmic pleasures and fell

For some reason my dreams were troubled, but I don't know what they were
about I couldn't recall them, I do know that when I woke it was getting
dark outside, I shook Mina awake, she opened her eyes and smiled at me,

She kissed me and said, "I think we'd better freshen up before you
leave," and she got up, took my hand and led me to the bathroom, where we
both had a shower, with lots of laughing and playing about, but finally got
cleaned, we returned to her bedroom.

While I was dressing I looked around her room, on a chest of drawers
there were ornaments, a dog (terrier I think), and a Siamese cat, looking
superior about everything. Mina followed my eyes and smiled.

"They're my favourite's," She said, "I've told Mum that I'd never leave
them when I go." And she gave a wistful smile, as if being reminded of
something. Then she looked at her watch, "Talking of Mum, she's bound to
be in soon, I'm surprised that she hasn't been back earlier, but I wouldn't
have wanted her to check on me when she did, what would she have said?"

I smiled, "I don't know, she may have done that and decided to leave us
to it!" She picked up a cushion and went to hit me with it, then she
laughed in that melodious tinkle that I've become so used to.

We walked down the stairs, I glanced into the living room, on the
sideboard was a man's picture, on the wall was a picture of Mina.

"That was my dad," She said, "He passed away some time ago." But she
didn't seem unhappy about it so I thought she must have got over it, her
eyes went to the picture of her, and she smiled, "That was taken when I
left collage, I remember how happy I was when it was taken." She showed me
to the door, "Thank you Jack," she said and then added, "Goodbye."


I left the house in a daze, it had certainly been an experience, I was
almost floating as I returned home, a smile stuck on my face.

The next day I returned to the house, I knocked on the door, an lady
answered the door, she was about fifty or fifty-five, but she looked so
like Mina that she had to be her mother, I smiled at her and asked if I
could see Mina.

My words didn't have the result I was expecting, "How dare you, when I
saw you I thought you were a respectable young man, and now you start
playing this joke!"

Joke! I was confused, I quickly spoke, "I'm afraid I don't know what
you mean, I was here with Mina yesterday, I'd just met her down the alley,
she was being attacked by two men, but I was able to drive them off."

As I was explaining this her face went white, "Tell me you're joking!
Please tell me you're playing a game with me."

I shook my head, "No," I said, "I walked back here with Mina yesterday,
but you weren't in, she seemed slightly worried about that." I didn't
mention what else we did.

She looked at me, trying to judge the type of person I was I suppose
then she moved back and opened the door wide, "I think you'd better come
in." she said.

I entered a house that was different to yesterdays, there was a muted
look to everything, pictures had been moved, but there on a sideboard was a
large picture of Mina.

I turned to the woman, "You are her mother, and she looks so much like

She sat down on a chair, sobbing, "Please stop talking about her." She
was shaking her head, I knelt beside her, placing my arm around her

"I'm sorry, did something happen last night? She seemed so happy when I
left, where is she?" I said, looking around for Mina

Her mother looked at me, "Describe her to me, everything you can
remember." That was easy, I went through her eyes and hair, her lips and
hands, the way her laugh seemed to sound so musical, and then I mentioned
the scar on her hip - her mother looked at me, "How do you know about

I looked down and didn't answer, she thought for a moment and then
asked, "Do you know how she got that scar?" I went through the story Mina
had told me as we laid together on the bed, her mother gasped, "No one knew
about that scar, she always kept it covered, she thought it was
disfiguring." She looked at me, "You did know Mina!" she said.

I was now getting very worried, "What do you mean did - I do know Mina,
or did something happen to her last night? Please tell me, where is Mina?"

She shook her head, "Where she's been for the past five years." At my
shocked look she said, "She was attacked in the alley, her body was found
by a man walking his dog, the police have no idea who killed her or why."

I shook my head, it couldn't be true, it just couldn't be! That
happened yesterday, and I saved her, from the look on my face Mina's mother just nodded.

"Now you can see why I thought you were trying to make a joke at
Wilhelmina's expense," she said and then added, "but I can see that
someone's been playing with us both!"

I shook my head, "No, it can't be, I mean I was inside this house just
yesterday, but things are different, pictures have been changed, Mina's
picture was on the wall not the sideboard, and some of the ornaments were
in Mina's room, not down here." I pointed to the cat and dog.

Mina's mother looked at me, "I took them out of her room a year after
her death, the picture I moved just six months ago, but how did you know
what was in her room?"

I broke down and told the rest of my story, and how happy I had felt
when I left, she got up and held me as I started to cry, she then said, "I
think you need to come with me." She put on a coat and went to the front

We walked out of the house, as we walked Mina mother told me that
yesterday was the anniversary of Mina's death, she had spent the day
sitting by the grave, we arrived in the churchyard and I was shown a

Wilhelmina Blanche born 1971 died 1996

Taken too soon, now with Christ

I couldn't stand, I had to sit down, it had to be some kind of joke, I
just looked first at the gravestone and then at Mina's mother, she nodded
"I'm sorry, but you can see how I felt. Somehow you were given the chance
to show that somebody could have helped her, I hope she's happy now!" she
couldn't stay there she left me sitting by the grave, stunned.

I don't know how long I'd stayed there, it was starting to get dark when
I shook myself and got up, a man was about to shut the gates as I passed
them, I turned to thank him - and found I recognized him, he was one of the
two men I stopped.

"This must be a boring job" I said, just trying to get him to talk to

"Yeah," he said, "But it was the only one I could get, the hours ain't
that great, but I have plenty of company." It was an older voice, of
course, but still recognisable.

I said goodbye to him and walked on, when I got to a phone box, I
dialled the police and gave the man's description as being involved in
Mina's death, I didn't give my name - how would I be able to explain

A few day's later the newspaper declared '5 year old mystery solved -
two men arrested for murder of local girl' and went on to report that a
church warden was arrested following an anonymous tip, and he had confessed
- also implicating his friend as the other man. No other details were
given out.

I returned to the graveyard, I still couldn't get over Mina.

I sat by the grave, "I'm sorry I wasn't there when you were first
attacked," I said, "But I have tried my best now, I'm sorry Mina." And
tears started to flow down my face.

I felt the lightest touch on my cheek, and the echo of a melodious
giggle, I looked around but there was no one there, I looked at the grave
again with its inscription.

Wilhelmina Blanche born 1971 died 1996

Taken too soon. But now resting in peace


- My apologies for posting this so long after placing it on, this was due to problems at my end, the same problems
which has delayed the posting of Wilma Jenkins 03 (which I'm still working
on) - This story came to me while I was working on nights (well I have to
work you know) and arrived in its entirety so I just had to get it written
out - any complaints, comments and brick-bats can be directed to my email
address - - I will try to answer all emails

Wandering Lanes - 26th February 2002.


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