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MINDMAUL young man had come over


** WARNING ADULTS ONLY ** Persons under 18 should not read this story.
This account is a fictional rendition from the mind of the author.
Characters portrayed in this account are fictional and any resemblance to
real persons is purely coincidental. The author does not condone this
style of activity and the work was generated for entertainment purposes

Mind Maul

It was her day off and she decided to spend it shopping. She loved to
shop in the mall, there were so many things to look at there. As she was
window browsing she realized she was being observed. At first she thought
it was her imagination and then later she knew it for certain. A round
rotund teenager was watching her. She'd seen him someplace before. She
realized then as she spotted him in the center of the mall that he was the
new kid that had moved into her neighborhood. His name was....Bobby
something, she didn't remember his last name. She did, however, remember
the geek looking kid who came around her house when she was working outside
last week. This kid and Matt were one in the same. She remembered telling
her husband that she thought the new kid on the block had a crush on her.
Her husband's response was that she shouldn't consider that a bad thing,
besides she was the prettiest forty four year old on the block anyway.
When the young man had come over on his bicycle he had hung around for a
while. She had gone about her activities outside without too much more
thought, but kept up with the polite conversation with the youth. She had
found out that he was just starting at the high school and it was difficult
starting with a new school. The conversation always seemed to come back to
her and she found herself giving the kid her name and what she did for a
living, and on and on. It wasn't until the kid excused himself and she was
about to go back in the house that she realized her blouse had opened and
she must have put on quite a show for the youth. Thankfully she'd been
wearing a bra, sometimes she didn't, but she had this time even if it was a
loose unsupportive one. Still, it was flattering to think that a kid his
age found her to be attractive enough to want to peer down her blouse at

She wasn't dressed right, she knew, she just wasn't sure what it was
that was wrong. Perhaps a skirt and blouse outfit, yes that should answer
the problem nicely. The housewife and mother decided on a black skirt and
found when she tried it on that the hem line was too long. She decided to
try a skirt that had a little more cling to it as well as a shorter hem
line, closer to her knee's would be better. She finally settled on one
that was snug around her hips but flared at her thighs allowing her freedom
to move her legs rapidly when she walked. She really hated the tight
skirts that were tight all the way to the knee's. She tried on and modeled
many blouses. The blouses were always a little too tight highlighting her
large breasts and that was something she knew she should avoid. But it
seemed every blouse she really liked fit a little on the snug side so she
decided a jacket might compliment the skirt and blouse. The jacket hid the
extra love handles at her waist and also made it possible for her to show a
hint more cleavage than she would have felt comfortable showing without the
jacket. Next she knew she needed new shoes. The old lady shoes she wore
no barely had a heel to them. She didn't want something spiked, but
something higher would be nice. She finally settled on a open toed
strapped three inch square high heel. As she modeled the shoe in the shoe
store and in front of the mirror she noticed the shoe salesman as he
complimented her on her choice and then recommended something extremely
high and with spikes. He recommended them with the added thought that
maybe her husband would like to see her in them too. After she modeled
those very high heels, wobbling around the shoe store floor with some
amount of difficulty she decided perhaps her husband would like to see her
in them but she also didn't want to be wearing them in the mall. She
bought them and took them with her.

She went out into the mall and sat down at one of the hard seats in the
center of the concourse not realizing until after she had sat down that she
had positioned herself next to the geek looking neighbor kid that followed
her around. Sitting there she almost felt as if he were undressing her
with his eyes. He was young enough to be her son yet she felt strangely
uncomfortable as he observed her. Finally she broke the silence and said,
"Why have you been following me around Bobby?" "I haven't been, Mrs. B,
it's just we're in the same area."

This was true she reflected. Maybe she was too harsh in her evaluation
of the kid. Maybe, then again maybe not. She caught him looking up her
skirt. He had moved because of her sitting down next to him with her
packages. Now he sat across from her as she tucked her skirt in closer to
her thighs trying to cover her exposure to the hot eyes of the youth. He
smirked, or leered, she wasn't sure which. She thought about getting up
and actually leaving the mall but there was something nagging at the back
of her mind like an itch she couldn't scratch that kept her there. "Looks
like you changed your clothes since you arrived.....though," he said adding
the last word almost like he intended on carrying on more of the
conversation. "Ye-yes, I-I felt uncomfortable in what I was wearing," she
replied. It was the truth, but again her mind asked herself why she would
bother to tell a hot eyed teenager that. She should get up and leave, but
she didn't. "You look very nice in your new look Mrs. B." "Why thank you
Matt, that was nice," she replied thinking that it was indeed very nice of
the young man to compliment her as an older woman. old enough to be his
mother, she reflected. She thought that she should be grateful for the
attention of a teenage boy, her being an older married woman. "You could
use some make up, though, don't you think? I mean you really are all
dolled up, and a little more make up would compliment you're already very
attractive appearance."

She frowned at the statement, then realized he was right. She would
feel more comfortable in more make up. She looked around and saw a mascara
booth in the center concourse of the mall and then turned back to Bobby and
said, "You know you are right. I think that's what's been bugging me.
Would you mind watching my stuff while I attend to your, eh, suggestion
Bobby?" "Not at all Mrs. B, help yourself. I'll just wait right here and
maybe when you get back you won't feel quite so shy about showing me more
of those pretty legs of yours." "Why thank you Bobby," she said as she
blushed and stood up. She appreciated the compliment of a youth so young and yet so polite. She went over to the mascara counter and purchased the
needed make up. She did her eyes with shadow and highlighter. She did her
eyelashes with lengthener darkener. She purchased red lip stick, much
redder than she usually cared for but she felt the need for risk, she
wasn't sure why. The lip stick went on wrong twice and she had to redo it
twice until it was rather heavy. Returning to where the young man sat she
felt better about herself and the situation. She suddenly felt comfortable
sitting across from him and then she realized in some amount of personal
surprise that she had deliberately pulled her skirt up to reveal half her
thighs to the smiling young man. He was still a geek, but he was at least
a polite geek. Besides her husband had said she was pretty and that it was
ok to do a little flirting with the kid.

She realized she no longer felt uncomfortable with the kid watching her.
In fact she appreciated his attention. As she sat there momentarily at a
loss for words she felt something strange down below. God, she hadn't felt
that way in years! She was getting a nervous tickle, a turn on for her.
Then the effects of the early morning orange juice hit her and she said,
"Bobby could you watch my stuff I need to use the restroom and soon?"
"Certainly Mrs. B. I'll wait right here until you finish what you have to

She frowned getting to her feet as she felt her skirt fall back over her
knee's. It wasn't what she expected him to say. Finish what she had to
do.... Well she had to go to the bathroom that was sure. She never quite
made it either, peeing her pants just before she sat down on the pot and
exploded with a stream of pee. Her soaked panties weren't any good any
more and even as she fretted about not having her panties on she felt a
twinge again down below. Sitting there in her own private stall she wiped
herself a second time, then a third. Then she discarded the tissue and
used her fingers to fondle herself. She felt herself getting hornier and
hotter as she fingered her clit as she sat on the pot. This was a first
for her! Sitting in a public bathroom and masturbating! The thought made
her blush and she quite it, even though she felt her pent up emotions ready
to bust. Her nipples felt hard and she slapped her breasts trying to make
them go down but the twin peaks just refused and stayed hard; little nubs
on her big round protrusions obvious, even to her, as she stared at her
obvious arousal in the mirror of the bathroom. She threw her panties in
the trash and washed her hands. Grabbing her purse she headed for the door
and just before she got to the door she realized how wicked she felt. God
it was a turn on to feel her hose pull on her thighs, her heels making her
bottom swing against the skirt; her naked bottom she reflected, to feel her
big boobs sway from side to side and feel the hard nipples rubbing her bra;
it was so vulgar and oh so sexy!

She couldn't help herself as she walked back to where the young man was
waiting with her purchased items. She realized as she walked that most of
her purchased items were on her own body and that the items that Bobby was
"guarding" were actually the clothes she came to the mall in. "Bobby do
you have a ride home?" "No I don't Mrs. B. and thanks for offering.
Maybe we can stop by a friend of mine's on the way home." "Yes, yes that
sounds like a great idea Bobby. Let's go to my car, ok?" "Sure, I'll carry
your stuff, Mrs. B.." "Why thank you Bobby," she responded.

It wasn't that far out to her car and as she walked she felt his eyes on
her as he walked behind her. She could almost feel those hot beady eyes
tracing a path across her swinging rump and she delighted in her little
flirting by swinging her hips from side to side as she walked.

She realized as she started the car that she was feeling pretty good
with herself and the complimentary young man was all eyes as she let him
see the tops of her hose. She left her skirt hem high, feeling the need to
flirt, as she drove down the highway making with the light conversation and
pleased that Bobby was so interested in her daily activities.

It was amazing, it was almost like Bobby knew what was going to happen.
He had recommended stopping at his friends place. The friend was an older kid who was an excellent mechanic. Her car had been giving her troubles
and Bobby sounded so convincing about his friend being such an expert
mechanic that she felt compelled to let his friend take a look at the car.
His friend was indeed a little older than Bobby, appearing to be in his
late twenties. She was glad she was with Bobby, just from the looks that
his friend named Al gave her. She couldn't help but shiver and welcomed
the chance to be alone with Bobby while Al the mechanic looked over her car
problem. Bobby convinced his friend Al, right in front of her, that it
would be ok for the two of them to wait while Al looked over the car in the
back room, the room that Al used for a flop room when he was tired. The
room didn't have any windows in it, no doors, and only one table and a
nightstand. There were no chairs, only a small cot against the wall.

She sat down on the cot noticing with some amount of pleasure that Bobby
maintained his distance and even seemed a little embarrassed. She decided
she was going to flirt with the kid some more and showed him a lot of leg
this time as she leaned back and let her skirt hem climb to just short of
the tops of her hose. Bobby looked, but turned the conversation around to
her car saying that Al would look it over and maybe even fix it for her
free of charge because Al owed him some favors. She sat there deliberately
crossing her legs and letting the skirt hem climb as she did so with a
smile on her face and a thought in her mind of wonder. She wondered what
this kid could do for the slimy looking Al. It didn't make much sense but
then his interest in her didn't make much sense either.

He told her again that she had really pretty legs and that pleased her
beyond anything he had said so far. Vaguely she remembered having heard
him say that before to her but it had been under different circumstances.
She was pleased that he was so aware of her flirting with him and she was
even more pleased and turned on when he told her he thought it was really a
nice thing to do by trying to turn him on! He was telling her some
nonsense about how shapely women, such as herself, often had back problems.
The back problems he explained almost casually was because women with her
size boobs often displaced their efforts and it resulted in back pain. He
told her he'd read up on it extensively and even showed her a surprising
technique he had learned. Merely by rubbing the top of her thigh he was
able to relieve some of the actual stress she had been feeling. She was
intrigued by this and commented that she was very interested. He told her
to just relax and let him touch her where she normally would be upset, but
if he did it while touching another part of her body at the same time it
would act as a relaxant and she would feel immediate results. If she
didn't she could just tell him to stop it. She realized as she agreed with
him to go ahead and give it a quick try that he was on the cot next to her
and she wondered about that because she couldn't remember when he had
actually come over and sat down next to her. She should have remembered
that because of the connotation of her being an older woman and him a
virile young man, sitting on a cot together in a closed room! Just then
his fingers found the magic button just under her left breast and also on
her inner right thigh. She gasped as she felt the tension slide away and
she thanked him for his efforts. When he suggested that perhaps he should
stop she actually begged him to continue and he told her that the only way
for him to "go to the next step" was if she were topless. She hesitated
for only a minute then stood up and took off her jacket, following it
quickly with her blouse. She unfastened her bra thinking of the tension
release as she sat down next to him and let him manipulate her nipples.
She began to relax and to become excited at the same time. She was sure
that something wasn't right but she couldn't concentrate on just what that
elusive something was. Bobby expertly worked the tension out of her body
by rolling her twin orbs around and hefting them in his hand. It wasn't
long afterwards that she began to become even more excited by his other
hand which was busy stroking her private area. In a matter of a few
minutes she was no longer thinking of tension so much as she was of sexual
release. A kid as young as Bobby couldn't possibly think of her as being
someone he'd want to be with, or could he? The thought turned her on even
more and within a few minutes she didn't care what anyone thought. She
leaned back and pulled the young man on top of her as she spread her legs.
She also worked at his fly and got his surprisingly large penis out and it
took very little effort on her part to guide him into position. It came as
a shock to her as she felt his hard penis penetrate her wet pussy. God she
was turned on something fierce! She hadn't been this hot in years. It
must have been entirely because of the relaxing technique the youth had
used on her, she thought, as she screamed out the first of four rather
intense climaxes.

Later, after she had dropped Bobby off at his house, she realized
something horrible had happened. She'd just given herself to a kid that
was younger than her own son! What was worse she'd made herself look like
a complete tart in the process. All she could hope for was that Bobby
would keep his mouth shut. When Al had implied that her actions could be
considered rape on her part she had gotten mad. Now, away from the
terrible influence of the young man, she got scared. It could be
considered that she had molested the teenager! After all she was a forty
four year old woman and he was only fifteen! What was wrong with her? She
kept thinking these thoughts as she determined that she wasn't going to go
around being the flirt that she had previously considered herself. It was
just too dangerous. She hoped that this affair was over.


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