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MINDMAUL2 thick manhood her right hand



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Mind Maul II

He was such a nice boy. A little too much on the shy side maybe but a
friendly, warm, happy go lucky youngster of fifteen. It was indeed a
pleasure to be around him and she wondered why she hadn't been around him
before discarding that thought as she realized it really didn't matter
because he was a friend of the family anyway. In fact, he was family and
she should treat him like that. It was fortunate for her that he came
around when her husband left for his extended trips. Anybody wishing to do
her or her family harm would stop and consider before they did that because
of Bobby's friendly smile; his happy smile. No one wanted to offend Bobby.
Bobby could be so strong when he needed to be. He was a good protector and
it was a pleasure to have him around. She was glad that Bobby had decided
to stay with her and her family the entire time her husband was away.
She'd be protected that way, with Bobby around her and her family. It was
important that he be around her so that he could guard her. Bad things
could happen to her or her family if Bobby were not around.

She had wanted to find out why she thought, at first, of him as Matt but
now knew completely that he was Bobby. It wasn't important to think of him
as Matt, that had been just a mistake on her part because he looked a lot
like Matt. But he wasn't Matt, he was Bobby and he was such a nice person
to be around.

She wished her son was more like Bobby. Kind, gentle, considerate. Her
own son wasn't as nice as Bobby. She was glad Bobby was with her. When
her son had asked if two of his buddies could camp out in the side lawn she
had been hesitant about that because her husband was gone. But Bobby came
to the rescue again. He told them both he would make sure everything came
out alright. Her son seemed to beam even brighter when he found out it
would be ok. That again was because of what Bobby did and how he did it.
She had so much to be grateful for especially her son and Bobby. Her son
had even accept Bobby although it was with some reluctance. She didn't
understand the reluctance at all, Bobby was friendly, nice, considerate.
When she was outside working in the lawn and Bobby was seated up on the
porch she realized there were times when Bobby could look down her open
hanging blouse right at her very exposed cleavage. She blushed at the idea
and told Bobby maybe he had better come down and help her. She didn't want
to be a show off. Bobby told her that he was guarding her and that it was
good that he was guarding her. She agreed, it was good that the boy guarded her. It was ok if Bobby got a "peek" now and then, after all he
was just like family. After Bobby explained it her mind cleared of the
confusion and she felt not only a lot better about the situation but about
herself as well. Bobby had asked why she wore such restraining clothes,
like the tight bra's and she had felt that perhaps Bobby, even though he
was family, was stepping over a line but when she realized he was
interested in her comfort she explained to him that it was because she was
so big busted that she needed the tight bras. Bobby told her that perhaps
that was ok for when she was socializing but around the house it was sort
of restricting and a restrictive person was an up tight person something
Bobby had fought all his young life. She realized that Bobby was right and
so she changed into an acceptable bra, a bra Bobby approved of, even though
it was both loose, deep cleavage, and center hooked she had to admit she
did feel a lot more comfortable in the bra. It was ok as long as Bobby was
around. It was ok to let some of her son's friends realize she was an
older, although attractive woman, even though she might have felt a little
uncomfortable displaying her cleavage and her ultra tight shorts. Bobby
explained that it was ok and that she was older and that the younger boys,
like Bobby, weren't interested in her in that way, she was older and they
were younger. She was after all her son's mom and being that old she
should take the looks as compliments rather than think that the boys were
thinking bad things about her. Bobby knew she wasn't bad. He'd made sure
her son's friends didn't think she was bad. She was a warm friendly person
that was comfortable around Bobby and her son's friends. She realized it
was very important that she please Bobby. Bobby was her friend. Bobby
protected her and her family. Bobby made sure nothing bad happened to her
and her family and in return all she had to do was be sure Bobby was happy.
It was so simple. It was so perfect. She would do what Bobby suggested
because Bobby only had her best interests at heart. Bobby was that way,
thinking mostly of her and not himself. It was ok if she changed her
clothes in front of Bobby. Bobby would only suggest what was best for her
to wear and Bobby liked her a lot. She wanted to please Bobby. It was
important that she please Bobby. It was ok to let Bobby see her without
clothes because Bobby was her friend and friends tried to please each
other. She was Bobby's friend and she didn't want to loose his friendship.
His friendship was more important to her than almost anything else; she had
to make sure Bobby wouldn't move away while her husband was gone. If that
meant being naked in front of Bobby then that was ok because Bobby although
younger was only appreciating her beauty as a refined lady. She felt very
lady like in front of Bobby, especially if she was naked. It was important
that Bobby see her naked. Bobby was her friend, her protector, her
family's protector. All he asked is that she try to please him and being
naked or wearing loose clothing around the house was ok because Bobby was
there to protect her and would make sure nothing bad happened to her. She
was his friend and she wanted to stay his friend. It was important that
she stay his friend no matter what else happened around her. Bobby would
take care of the problems, if there were any, and besides now even her son
liked Bobby. Her son's young friends had always had that "hot eyed" look
before. Her son's friends had looked on her as a sex object; as a woman
who was available and it had been important not to send her son's friends
the wrong message; they were so young and so impressionable. Bobby made
sure that her son's friends weren't that way no matter what she wore or how
she acted. She was Bobby's friend and she was her son's mom. Her son's
friends were normal young boys; they liked to look. She was an attractive
older lady, her son's mom. She was a friend of Bobby; Bobby would make
sure nothing bad happened to her. It was ok for her to look like an
attractive older lady. Bobby liked her to look like an attractive older lady. It was important to make sure Bobby was happy. Bobby liked to look
too. He was a normal fifteen year old. He liked to look and sometimes
touch. If he touched it was only because she was so warm and soft, so
desirable, sexy, older lady. She wasn't unapproachable, she was a warm
generous person. She liked to be looked at. She liked to feel aroused
around Bobby because she was a warm, generous, outgoing, lady. She was an
older lady that felt glad that Bobby would compliment her by touching her.
She was, after all, one of Bobby's best friends and it was important that
she not jeopardize their friendship by not allowing Bobby to arouse her.
She was an older, refined lady, that Bobby really liked. She wasn't about
to loose Bobby's friendship so it was ok if she felt "turned on" when Bobby
said it was ok because what Bobby said was right for her and her family.
Bobby only stimulated her when she was alone with Bobby but that was ok
because her husband wasn't around and she needed to have someone here with
her when he wasn't with her. It was important that she let Bobby stimulate
her and because she was being stimulated it was only fair that she
stimulate Bobby back. He was after all only a young boy and she was an
older lady. She was an attractive older lady that wanted to make sure she
stayed attractive and Bobby knew how to keep her attractive by giving her
the compliments she needed and the touching to keep her aware that he was
better than family. He was, in fact, more important than family because he
was so protective of her and her family. His desires, his wishes, needed
to be met because Bobby provided her with protection and made her feel like
the lady she really was. No one else could make her feel like the lady she
really was except Bobby. No one else could stimulate her like Bobby could.
She was sometimes stimulated by just doing what Bobby told her to do. It
was good to be able to follow what Bobby told her to do because she was an
older lady and she needed his protection, she needed his guidance in
finding out how much of a lady she could be. After all he was younger than
she was and the young boys knew what they liked in older women. Older,
attractive, women that were deep down real lady's; warm generous ladies
that didn't mind doing what Bobby told them to do because it was in their
best interests to do what he asked. He was, after all, only interested in
what was best for her. She really needed to do what Bobby told her to do;
desperately. In fact, if she didn't do what Bobby liked she would feel
disappointment. Bobby couldn't control her disappointment because it was
generated inside her. Bobby was only interested in making her happy and
keeping her from feeling disappointed. It was, therefore, important that
she do what Bobby asked to keep from feeling disappointed. Disappointed
was bad. She didn't want to disappoint herself or Bobby so she must obey
Bobby's suggestions. Bobby was so right for her when her husband wasn't
around. Real ladies wore certain clothes. Because she was a real lady she
had those clothes and it was important that she look and act like a real
lady when she was with Bobby; Bobby only wanted her to look like a real
attractive lady. Bobby was so kind, so generous, a real joy to please.
Just doing what Bobby liked was enough to give her joy, pleasure and almost
a sexual high. She knew she shouldn't feel turned on around Bobby but
because Bobby was so generous, so kind, so gentle, she couldn't help
herself. It was ok though, to feel turned on, because Bobby would take
care of her and her needs. She put on the high heels for Bobby because
Bobby told her that her legs looked more lady like when she wore high heels
and hose. In fact, Bobby was so complimentary about her legs that she felt
no discomfort in modeling her hose all the way to where the garter belt
wrapped around her stomach.

She thorough enjoyed making Bobby happy. Bobby was pleased with her
outfit when she served dinner and she was grateful for both Bobby's
attention and her son's two young friends. She felt so natural, so lady
like in her short slip and high heels. It felt good to be able to please
Bobby. It was natural because her son ignored the way she was dressed and
he was a good gauge for her to know if she was crossing the line. Her son
ignored her exposure, more than what she usually allowed, and because Bobby
and her son's were very happy about her cleavage and her legs she was happy
too. She took it as a compliment that the younger teens showed an interest
in her an older woman. It made her feel more attractive and she felt lady
like because Bobby said it was ok. It was ok too, even if she did almost
pop out of her slip because she wasn't wearing a bra. It made Bobby happy
and she was both happy and turned on.

She blushed in self awareness as she let the hot eyed Eric, a friend of
her son, rub her exposed thigh when she sat down next to him on the couch.
Jerry, her son's other friend, was outside with her son setting up the tent
for the overnight stay. Bobby said it was ok for Eric to slide his hand
all the way up over the tops of her hose and she let Eric do that only
because it made Bobby happy. It was important to keep Bobby happy.

When Eric put his right arm around her, his fingers slipped under her
slip shoulder strap and pushed it off her shoulder. She frowned looking at
the slip's strap slipping down her upper arm, but because Bobby said it was
ok it had to be ok. She felt a little uncomfortable with part of her right
breast exposed almost to the nipple, but because Bobby said she should be
lady like and let it happen she did. She was feeling more and more aroused
around Eric. Bobby watched over her and protected her and because he did
it was ok for Eric to do this to her because she was safe. Eric, after
all, was only a young boy showing his appreciation for her as an older woman; a very lady like older woman. She felt Eric's hand on her thigh,
moving above her hose. She uncrossed her legs then opened her legs in
anticipation of his hand going where it would please her. She knew this
was ok because being pleased was also being very lady like and she was a
lady, Bobby said so.

She squirmed, feeling Eric's hand and fingers, excite her between her
legs. She kissed Eric right on the lips, at first feeling strange, then
feeling very excited. She was a lady, she was pleasing Bobby, and Eric was
showing her attention. It was all very good, it was all for her.

Bobby explained to her, before, that if this happened it was ok but that
because Eric was a friend of her son's it would be a good idea to show Eric
how thankful she was when she was alone with Eric; perhaps behind the
closed door of her bedroom. She was very thankful to both Bobby and Eric
for making her feel like a protected lady. Bobby told her that it was time
for her to show how thankful she could be to Eric. Bobby also explained
that this private time should be private and he would make sure by keeping
her son and Jerry occupied while she showed Eric just how thankful she
could be. Bobby was such a nice young man, considerate, gentle. Eric was
still rather hot eyed but she did have to show Eric that she was pleased
with him because he'd shown her how to be more lady like by making her feel
excited with his fingers. She was very excited and very wet because of
Eric's attentiveness and now it was time to show him how much she was
pleased with him. She closed the door to the bedroom and showed Eric how a
woman responded to being treated like a lady. Bobby had explained how
important it was for her to express her feelings with her mouth and her
lips and the best way to do that was on her knee's on the bed. Eric was
laying there on the bed and she gave him a good show of her cleavage,
pleased with both his response of touching her hot dangling, lady like
boobs, and also pleased that he was so obviously aroused by her. She was
after all an older lady; he was a young boy showing his appreciation to
her, the least she could do was show him that she felt very strongly about
his appreciation and the best way to do that was with her mouth and her
lips. Besides, Bobby had said this would please Eric. She unzipped Eric's
pants getting his aroused member out. He was larger than what she thought
a young boy should be and she told him that, but not the less she knew it
was the right thing to do as she stroked his manhood with her hands. Then
she leaned forward and kissed the head of his manhood, as he groaned in
pleasure. She licked his manhood, taking his thick member in her mouth and
showing Eric how much she was pleased by his attention to her as an older married lady, a mom of the boy that was his friend. Somehow, she realized,
as she sucked and licked the boy's manhood, she had lost her slip. It
didn't matter though because the boy's manhood was thick and hard showing
his appreciation for her as an older married lady. Besides, with her slip
gone, Eric could cup and hold her dangling breasts and excite her nipples
making her feel good. This made her feel all the more like a lady like as
Eric gently excited her nipples and cupped her big breasts. She pulled her
mouth off of his thickness to answer Eric's question about how big her
breasts were and she was pleased that he seemed to be in awe over the fact
that she had double 'D' cups. He seemed to get a lot of pleasure out of
making her feel excited by fondling her double 'D's' and that was good
because Bobby had said so. She went back to making Eric feel good by
sucking and licking his manhood. His organ slid into the sides of her
mouth bloating her cheek as it did so, but it was a turn on for her to
realize she was making Bobby and Eric happy by doing this. She sucked and
licked as she moved her head slowly up and down over the aroused member of
the youth. Eric appeared to enjoy her efforts to please Bobby. His hands
were very pleasing to her, exciting her down below and making her feel like
the excited lady that Bobby had called her. It wasn't because Eric was
manipulating her down below it was the gentle way he held her large
breasts, squeezing them and flicking her nipples to an ever more aroused
state that made her wet down below, made her feel more lady like, more
feminine, more in need of being satisfied as she was trying to please Eric
with her mouth, lips, and tongue just as Bobby had told her to do. Eric
groaned as she continued to show her gratitude for Eric and he even allowed
himself to climax. She was only too glad to take his spend, a strange
mixture of salty sweetness, deep into her mouth and swallow it. Bobby had
said this was good for her and as the stuff went into her stomach she
realized that she did feel much better. She felt more complete but she
also felt very turned on and she asked Eric if later, after he had
recovered from his expression of thankfulness, maybe he could relieve her
of some of her inner tensions like Bobby had. Bobby had told her it was
ok, if Eric wanted to perform this, she explained, and to her surprise Eric
agreed that later he would indeed give her some more pleasure by allowing
her the privilege of giving his services later on in the evening. She
noted that her lip stick was all over Eric's member and she offered the use
of her tongue to clean it off. Eric graciously accepted her offer and let
her wipe his somewhat erect organ clean of his ejaculation and her saliva
as well as her lip stick. At Eric's suggestion she put back on her slip,
making sure her big breasts were covered by the thin material. She slapped
her nipples trying to make them go down from their aroused state, but they
would not. Eric told her that it was ok, to let her nipples remain hard,
Bobby would probably like that. She realized that if what Eric said were
true then she would like it too. Bobby was very appreciative of her hard
nipples and told her she looked very lady like with the twin buds very
apparent beneath the thin material of the black lacy slip. Bobby noted
that her facial make up was smeared and that she should make an effort to
straighten it up. She did so because Bobby asked her to, knowing that the
young man had her best interests at heart.

She put on a robe the reached down to her knee's when Eric's mom came
over to check on her son. Bobby told her that he would protect her but
that because Eric's mom wasn't family she'd have to put on a robe. She
thought about it for a second and then agreed with Bobby, she'd better
cover herself some more. Eric's mom seemed to think she should wear more
than the robe, but after talking with Bobby she changed her mind. Bobby
was like that, he was able to help other people out, get over their hang
up's and put their troubled thoughts at rest. When Eric's mom left she was
acting very lady like, after showing Jerry and Bobby that she too was
wearing a loose non-supportive bra. There was a frown on the younger
woman's face when she left though. She thought that Eric's mom was still
concerned, but evidently not enough to make an issue out of it.

It was difficult for the forty four year old woman to figure out why
Bobby was so nice. She lay there, on her own bed, with Eric showing his
appreciation by providing her with some sexual release. Eric's erection
was large, but not quite as large as Bobby's. Bobby was laying beside her
as Eric moved his buttocks slowly up and down sending his hard penis in and
out of her hot, wet, sensitive pussy. The sixteen year old Eric seemed to
know just how to please her as he rotated his groin on top of her driving
her crazy with feelings. She lay there, allowing Eric to pleasure her,
while she held Bobby's thick manhood in her right hand. She couldn't
completely hold Bobby's erection because Bobby was so big. He was the
biggest fifteen year old she'd ever felt and her hand would not encircle
his huge size. He felt hard and she felt good for being able to please
Bobby at the same time that she was pleasing Eric. Eric seemed to enjoy
the exercise as well. She was safe with Bobby and even though Bobby
ejaculated once she maintained her hold on his manhood. She knew he liked
that. He told her she was beautiful and that made her feel good because
she knew she was an older married lady and for Bobby who was a teenager to
like her was a real compliment. She felt herself go through a rather
intense climax as she felt Eric's erection slide around inside her while
his mouth sucked on her right nipple. Bobby's mouth was on her left nipple
and she was in heaven, pleasing both of these young boys at the same time.
It was good because Bobby was family and he would protect her. She felt
herself rise through a climax, a very intense emotional as well as physical
high as Eric's erection slid back and forth inside her. She was taking
advantage of Eric's kind nature letting him do things for her that he
shouldn't of had to do, but she felt good that he had lowered himself
enough so that she could experience the blessings of his forgiving nature.
Eric was very good at making her feel lady like, not as good as Bobby, but
very good. He even thanked her as he withdrew from her older sex! It was
strange that he would thank her, but Bobby had said it was alright and if
Bobby said it was alright, then it had to be ok. She thanked Eric for
being so generous with her as the young man allowed her the final pleasure
of cleaning him off with her lips and tongue, the strange flavor of her own
juices invading her mouth. She looked over at Bobby as she cleaned Eric's
tool thinking that it was strange that Bobby would let his friend go to
such efforts to make her feel lady like. After Eric had finished
satisfying her needs she told Bobby she still felt that she needed to feel
complete and wouldn't feel that way until he had given himself to her the
way Eric had. Bobby was considerate, Bobby was gentle, Bobby was a good
boy. Bobby gave in and satisfied her desires. She had a very intense
climax with Bobby and it was good. It was as it should be. She was being
protected by Bobby and Bobby was a good, gentle, boy. He also had a lot of
semen. His sperm filled her insides and she felt good that Bobby was able
to please her even though it was at his expense. Bobby put out more than
what a gentle, good, young man had to just because she had asked Bobby to
perform for her. She thought it was the proper thing to do to get a shower
and then return and please herself some more by being lady like with Bobby
and using her mouth on Bobby. Bobby was such a good kid, he allowed her to
do this to him, even allowed her to swallow his bittersweet, salty tasting
semen. She was glad Bobby was around. She had taken advantage of Bobby,
she realized, as she felt the warm heaviness of his semen in her stomach.
She had taken advantage of the boy that was protecting her and she knew
she'd have to find a way to make it up to him. She thought about how she
could do this and didn't come up with an idea right away; maybe some sleep
would give her the time she needed to make it up to Bobby. As she went to
sleep that night she thought it was a good thing to have Bobby spooning
her. His erection felt proper buried between her thighs and even though she
felt slightly strange at going to bed with her hose on she put up with it
because Bobby was providing a protection service for her. Nothing bad
could happen to her when Bobby was around.

In the early morning hours she felt Bobby's erection against her. At
first she felt a sudden wonder and fear but then that passed as she pulled
slightly away from her protector so that she was facing him. She crawled
down under the covers and she put his big, hard, hot member between her
twin globes under the sheet, while she licked his belly and moved her body
back and forth in such a way that his rigid thickness moved between her
twin orbs. She alternately applied pressure to her big boobs as she
trapped Bobby's thick erection between her boobs and even though she knew
she was still taking advantage of Bobby's forgiving, sensitive, gentle
nature she couldn't help herself. It felt so good to feel his hardness
slipping back and forth in the cleavage she created by her own breasts and
her nipples were so hard against Bobby's body that she felt a rather
intense reaction as she continued to move beneath the sheet and cover. She
wondered what it would look like from above; the way she was taking
advantage of Bobby yet again. Her head would look like a ball rising and
falling over his body as she placed his thickness between her globes of
flesh and then used her mouth to cover the nearly perfect penis head that
belonged to Bobby. She licked the little Cyclops eye, feeling the folding
skin flick the edge of her tongue as she swirled her tongue around the top
of his thick, hard penis head. She fondled his big bag of balls, mystified
suddenly by the fact that she hadn't done that before, but dismissing it as
she stuck her finger up Bobby's little ass hole and sucked more diligently
on his thick hardness her sucking sound make a slurping noise in her own
bedroom. Her continued efforts to please herself were rewarded as Bobby in
his gracious, kind, considerate way spewed forth his ejaculation deep into
her mouth, as his penis shuddered and shook and quivered sending not one or
two steams of thick sperm into her mouth but three or four. The third flow
splattered against the back of her mouth and she wondered why that was as
she swallowed quickly less she choke and possibly make herself less
desirable by allowing some of his spend to be choked back up on his young body.

Just before the sun rose the next morning Bobby was up and telling her
he would be gone for a few hours. He told her that it was ok and she knew
it would be. During his absence though he wanted her to do something for
him. She thought that this would be a very good idea, just so Bobby was
pleased with her. Bobby watched her as she turned on her six inch, smooth
plastic vibrator and inserted it inside her. Bobby told her to keep it
there until he return and even if the batteries wore out she was to still
keep it in the place that Bobby liked. She would do this for him she knew.
He wanted her to do it and it was good because he had suggested it. She
would not remove the vibrator, even as the humming made her feel more horny
than she'd felt in a very long time. She kept his wishes to herself,
buried the vibrator inside her, and would wait for his return later that


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