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MINDY movie the local drive in theater


My name is David Teller, but everyone calls me Dave. I consider myself
very lucky the way my life has turned out, the love that my wife and
I share, the beautiful children we're raising together. Let me start
at the beginning though. I suppose I should describe myself. I have
brown eyes and light brown hair that goes down to my collar, at least
it does these days. Back then, when my story starts, it was cropped
pretty short, as my mother liked it. I've always been on the slender
side, always a little too thin, but not overly so. I was a very active
kid, and that translated to an adult who exercises quite a lot. The
year was 1977, and the place was Bevel Heights, Montana. A small,
sleepy little town whose best asset was a power plant and the county
hospital, and over half the town's population worked at one or the
other in some capacity. My father was a tall, lanky fellow who delivered
the mail to everyone, for it was his job, he was a mailman. mom was a
nurse at the hospital, and a darn good one, too.

At the tender age of eight, I kissed a girl for the first time. And not
just any girl, but Mindy Simms, my "girlfriend" and playmate. Mindy lived
next door to me and had been my best friend since we were toddlers. Mindy
was, at that age, a very pretty girl, or at least I thought so. She was
shorter than me, but not by much, and she had long flame red hair that
was very fetching on her. Her bright blue eyes and infectious smile could
warm the heart of anyone, alive or dead. My parents and her parents had
known each other in high school apparently, and had moved next to each
other after college. So Mindy and I had known each other since we had
became self-aware practically. So here it was, the day of Mindy's birthday
and we'd gotten some private time alone together, which wasn't strange by
any means, since our parents, either hers or mine, were always on hand
somewhere nearby. We were sitting in her room, playing a board game that
she had just gotten that day for her birthday, and I asked Mindy if she'd
gotten everything she wanted for her birthday and she blushed a little and
hung her head shyly, nodding her head no.

I asked her what else she wanted, and she told me that she wanted me to kiss
her like our Dads kissed our Moms. I blushed too, when she told me that
and then looked into her eyes.

"Really?" I asked her.

She bit her lower lip and nodded her head. I don't know who was the more
nervous between us, her or me. I screwed up my courage and pecked her on
the lips quickly, then sighing with relief, having gotten through it
without some dire catastrophe happening.

But she wasn't satisfied with that, not a chance. "Not like that, a real

She leaned forward, her determination giving her courage, and pressed her soft
lips against mine, kissing me gently. That kiss lasted for what seemed like
ages, and after it ended, and we pulled back from one another, I found a
completely new purpose in life. I now understood why my Dad liked to kiss
Mom so much!!

Kissing Mindy was a blast!!

We must have kissed for almost an hour before we got hungry (it was almost
dinnertime by the time we stopped to look at the clock) and went into her
kitchen where our parents were and proceeded to eat dinner. Over the next
few weeks, as spring blossomed around us, we stayed indoors completely
ignoring it, either in her room at her house, or in my room at my house
quietly kissing each other, while we "officially" playing board games.

Our parents never once questioned our sudden great interest in monopoly when
we would usually be out playing with our friends outdoors. Being only 8 years
old, thoughts of sex and even open-mouthed kissing were far from our young,
eager heads. We were simply addicted to our long, tender, closed mouthed kisses
that so thrilled us.

Alas, good things must come to an end, and so eventually summer came and I had
to go to summer camp. I tried to get out of it, not wanting to spend the
entire summer away from Mindy, but my parents were insistent, and they packed
my bags and sent me off to camp on a hot day at the end of May.

I'll remember the day that I went off to camp for the rest of my life. Mindy
was to start taking ballet lessons that summer and was very excited about it,
even though she too didn't want me spending the whole summer away at camp.
The day was extremely hot, forcing me to wear the cut off pants that my mother so loved to see me wearing, yet I hated because I looked silly in the things.
I remember going off to the bus station with my Mom, and Mindy being along
for the ride, and her sneaking me a quick kiss when mom was talking to the
bus driver.

After the long bus ride that bored me to death, I finally arrived at camp,
and like the year before, it was exciting; very fun. As the days flew by, I
hardly ever thought of home or Mindy although I did on occasion. I even
wrote a letter home like we always do as part of camp activities and I
included a letter sealed in its own little envelope just for Mindy that I
told my mom and Dad to give to her, and only her, as it was private. Only,
she did...oops sorry, almost got ahead of myself.

Camp was fun, because I got to do all sorts of neat things like hiking, fishing,
and camping outdoors, that made the weeks fly by. One day when we were hiking,
I tripped and fell a little ways, scraping my knee pretty bad. Now, getting
scrapes was certainly nothing new to me, as I was a pretty overactive kid, but
this particular scrape burned itself in my memory not because of the little
bruise itself, but from the camp nurse that treated me that day. It happened
like this. We had been hiking up a steep hill and I slipped on a loose rock
and suddenly found myself spiraling down the hillside. Thankfully, one of
the councilors was nearby and caught me before I went too far, but not before
nearly scraping the skin off my left knee.

The head councilor scooped me up in his arms and carried me back to camp and
to the nurse's office. He left me there and after a few minutes, the nurse
came in and said hello, smiling at me. My heart skipped a beat because she
was so pretty. She looked just like one of those ladies on 'Charlie's Angels'
on TV. She had long blonde hair that was done up in a big pony tail and she
had enormous boobs. I had never in my short life seen a lady with bigger
boobs, well except for my Aunt Ruthie, but she was big all over, so it doesn't
really count. Anyway, the nurse came over to me and inspected my injured knee
and continued to wash it and rub some kind of ointment on it before putting
a bandage on it. What got my attention was, the whole time she was bent over
seeing to my knee I could see clear down her shirt! She wasn't wearing a bra
and I could see her stiff red nipples and everything! The top few buttons of
her shirt were undone and the whole time she was working on my injured knee
I had an unobstructed view of her enormous mammeries. To this day, looking
back, I still think she was flirting with me. Maybe she got turned on by
showing her breasts to 3rd and 4th graders, I don't know.

After putting a bandage on my knee she said I was a good boy for behaving
so well and gave me a lollipop and sent me on my way. By the time August
rolled around and my time at camp came to an end, I was glad that I had
gone. I got on the bus, saying good-bye to friends who lived in other
cities and went home to see my folks, and of course Mindy.

My parents were waiting for me at the bus station and they took me back home
and I had a fun time telling them all about camp and the friends that I had
made there. I then asked if I could go next door and see Mindy when my mom
dropped the bomb. Mindy's folks had moved away during the summer. I asked
them where they had moved to, and my mom said New York City. I asked her why
they had moved, and she and Dad looked at each other kind of funny and she
just shrugged her shoulders and told me "just because." I got the feeling
they weren't telling me something.

Well I was a pretty sad kid for a few weeks. I did get to talk to Mindy over
the phone once or twice, but the long distance charges were so much that our
folks only let us do that once or twice before telling us we'd have to stick
to writing each other, and saving the phone calls for holidays and birthdays.

Over the next few weeks, my parents flooded me with gifts, buying me just
about every 'Star Wars' toy on the market after I expressed an interest after
them taking me to see the movie at the local drive-in theater. Understand,
it was the seventies, and there were star wars toys EVERYWHERE. Boy, if I'd
only kept all those things, I'd be a wealthy man right now. Those things got
very valuable over the years... well, I guess you wouldn't be interested in

Now where was I? Ah, yes.

My parents flooded me with toys, and I hate to admit it, but it worked. One
of the boys I had met at camp was Billy Nerson and it turned out that he
lived near me, so he started coming over and we became fast friends. Billy
was interested in a lot of the same things that I was like baseball cards,
the six million dollar man, and the (nearly neurotic) collecting of Star Wars
action figures that seemed to take over our very existence for a summer or two
until we grew out of it and started playing little league baseball with the
other kids in the neighborhood.

Two years after Mindy and her folks moved away, the letters that had came
every six months or so stopped coming all together. My parents didn't have
any idea why, and I think they didn't know any more than I did, because our
attempts to call them on the telephone weren't successful, the operator just
kept telling us that the phone had been disconnected.

Still, my parents just figured that they had moved again, and we'd hear from
them again in a few weeks or at most a month or two. Except of course, that we
didn't. It was another year before my parents finally gave up and admitted
defeat; that we probably never would here from them again, unless they called
or wrote us. Which, despite our wishes, never happened.

By this time I was thirteen, and in junior high. I was a shy kid and didn't
date and hardly talked to other girls at all. Billy and I had become best
friends, and I suppose just hanging around him so much made my social standing
rise because Billy was so popular. Billy was the kind of guy who was really
outgoing. He was friendly to everybody and able to hold an interesting
conversation with just about anybody. He just had this special spark or
something that made you want to be around him, like he was going to be
someone really special when he was older and you just wanted to be around him.

I guess the word would be charismatic. Billy had enough charisma for ten
guys, and the girls just ate him alive when he gave them the chance.
Billy was the kind of guy who could date any girl he wanted, and usually did.
I don't think he dated the same girl twice until he was in college. Of
course, I could be wrong about that. When we moved on to high school, things
looked pretty good and they looked like they would only get better, as we both
got on the school's football team, and life seemed grand. Fall became winter
and then spring and in the month of March, Billy's parents moved to eastern
Ohio, taking him with them of course, and for the second time in my life, I
felt like someone was ripping out a piece of my heart and taking it with

I did keep in touch with Billy. We wrote religiously every three months and
kept each other in tune to what the other was doing. Billy was going to go
to New York State once he graduated, and I decided to try for it, too. I
had an ambition to become a doctor (my mother had inspired me with her work
at the hospital) and it turned out that New York State had a really good
medical program. Of course, the local university had a good one too, as
my Dad pointed out, but I was psyched about seeing Billy again, so my mind
was made up. I concentrated on my studies and made a pretty good score on
my SAT scores. I graduated near the top of my class and was accepted to
NY State so I made preparations to meet Billy on campus the coming Friday.

My leaving home and going to college was a hard thing for me to do, leaving
my parents behind and all of my other friends, but as soon as I arrived at
the airport, I was excited and anxious to see Billy for the first time in
over three years. I took a cab to the campus and went to the student center
where we were supposed to meet, and there he was. Billy hadn't changed much,
he had dyed his hair black but otherwise he looked pretty much the same.

He told me that I looked the same as always, and we joked around telling each
other about our various conquests in high school. We went and got our dorm
rooms, greasing the wheels a little so that we could be roommates. We figured
it would make adjusting to college life easier if we were there for each
other to lean on.

We settled into college life and Billy showed me around the city some. He'd
been all over New York for a year or more since it wasn't that far from the
city in eastern Ohio (by bus) that his parents lived in. For a few weeks,
he had been bugging me to come with him to a night club that offered real
hookers if you had the cash, and what's more, we could get in with the fake
ID's that Billy had gotten from someone. At first I didn't want to go,
but he finally convinced me. Like I said, he's very charming and
charismatic. I finally agreed to it on one Friday night, after getting
burned out on studying and decided to take him up on the offer.

We borrowed a car from a friend of his and drove to a small club that was
in a seedier part of Queens. It was called the Kitty's Den and looked
really sleazy but Billy assured me that he'd been there with some
other guys and it was a sure bet to get laid for just $100. We checked
our finances then went to the entrance to the place and flashed our
fake ID's to the big beefy guy guarding the door. He scrutinized them and
finally grunted, letting us pass.

We walked into what looked like the foyer of a hotel and walked over to a
doorway where we could hear music playing inside. We walked in and were
blasted with loud dance music and ladies of all sizes and shapes bumping
and grinding to the music. There were guys walking around the place, some
were dancing with the ladies, and some were simply watching, like us.

Billy took me over to a booth on the side of the room where people were
sitting, and we sat down. A waitress came over and Billy ordered drinks
for us. I had never touched anything alcoholic before, but Billy assured
me that I'd like the drink he picked for me. When the waitress came over
and gave us our drinks, I took a sip of it and decided it wasn't bad. A
bit strong, but not bad.

So I asked Billy how we were supposed to get the women, what we were
supposed to do. We finished our drinks and he took me out to the dance
floor and we walked around looking at the ladies. He told me just to go
up to one and ask her to dance, that was how they knew you wanted them.
He went over to a busty blonde and asked her politely if she wanted to
dance, and she danced with him for a few minutes before promptly leading
him up some stairs out of the room, leaving me alone.

I walked around some, looking at the various ladies when I saw her. At
first I didn't believe what I was seeing, sure that the alcohol was playing
tricks with my head, but sure enough in one corner was Mindy, bumping and
grinding to the music like the rest of the ladies there. I hadn't seen her
in over ten years but I could tell it was her. Her long red hair was put
up in a pony tail and her bright blue eyes sparkled like candles when I
caught sight of them.

I was both ecstatic and scared stiff. I walked slowly over to her and
before I could lose my nerve, tapped her on the shoulder.

"Mindy?" I asked nervously.

She turned around and looked at me and at first I think she genuinely
didn't recognize me, but then when I smiled at her, her face lit up
like a Christmas tree and she exclaimed "David!! Oh my god! What are
you doing here?" There were overtones of panic and joy in her voice.
I told her that I was going to New York State and she hugged me tightly
and kissed me on the cheek. We broke apart and she bit her lip.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Dave, I'm working here. Let's
go get a private room and we can talk, okay?" I nodded and politely
asked her to dance, and she led me up the same stairs that Billy had gone
up with his lady and we entered a hallway filled with doors on both
sides. She walked down the hallway, leading the way to an elevator which
we entered. Once the doors opened again, I could see that we were in
another hallway with fewer doors. She went over to one and took a key
out of her purse and unlocked the door, and we walked in. She proceeded
to lock the door while I looked around.

We were in what looked like a small hotel room. There was a dresser with
all sorts of make-up and hair products on it, there was a small desk with
a wooden chair in front of it, an open doorway led to a connecting bathroom,
and a small closet was at one corner of the room, partially hidden by a
big blue curtain. The thing that really caught your eye though, was the
big king-sized canopy bed. It had frilly pink trim and looked like a
monster-sized version of the small twin bed she had in her room back home,
from years before. After locking the door she sat took off her shoes and
hopped onto the bed, sitting indian fashion. I went over to the bed,
shoved off my shoes and sat down beside her.

I asked her why she and her parents had moved away all those years ago.

"My Dad got transferred from the refinery back home to a bigger one here
in New York. At first it was neat, we got to live in a really big house
that was twice as big as the one back home and I met a lot of other girls in the neighborhood, but about a year and a half later, my mom and Dad
died in a car accident and I had to go live with my Uncle Harry who lives
here at the club."

She paused in her story and sniffed back a tear. "Uncle Harry's the owner
of the 'Kitty's Den' and I had to come live with him. His place is on
top of the place, in an apartment above the club. At first, he treated
me real nice, but when I hit puberty he made me start working down
in the club. I don't know how he gets away with under age girls working
here, but over half the girls aren't over 16." She stopped and sniffed,
looking up at me.

"I hate to think what you must think of me." She looked down at her feet
and sniffled.

I took her in my arms and shushed her, looking deeply into her bright blue
eyes. "Mindy, I love you. What your Uncle did to you was terrible. We've
got to get you out of here. Are you allowed to leave?"

"Very seldom. Sometimes we get business guys who pay for us for a whole
weekend, but it's really expensive."

"How much?" I was beginning to get an idea of how I could get her away from
this horrid place.

"It's like five hundred bucks for a weekend. How are you going to get that
much money?" She asked, depressed.

"Don't worry about that. I'll get the money and come back tomorrow morning,

"All right, you'll need to talk to Mr. Sunder. His office is in the front, by
the entrance to the dance floor. Just tell him that you'd like to arrange a
private party with me and tell him it's for the weekend and he'll take care of
the rest."

She looked over at me and smiled, then hugged me furiously, tears coming to her
eyes. "Oh Dave, I'm so glad you are here!" She cried in my arms for almost an
hour and then straightened herself up.

"You'd better give me the money, I'd get in trouble if I walked out empty

I gave her the five twenties in my wallet and she opened the door after composing
herself and led me down to the dance floor where she squeezed my hand and then
disappeared somewhere and I looked around and found Billy waiting for me at
the table we had sat at earlier.

I sat down and he winked at me. "Pretty wild, huh?" He saw the expression
on my face but I just said "Let's get out of here. I'll tell you when we get
back to the car, okay?" He agreed and we left. On our way back home, I told
him about finding Mindy there. I asked him if I could borrow the money, since
I didn't have five hundred dollars, and he told me he'd help.

We got back to the dorm and Billy and I walked to the other side of campus where
the automatic teller machine was located and Billy got out his ATM card which his
parents had given him for emergencies and he got the cash for me. I told him
that my folks would pay him back once I explained everything to them, and he
said it was okay.

I didn't sleep a wink that night, knowing where Mindy was, and how much she was
counting on me to get her out of that place. By the time morning came, I was
a nervous wreck and Billy had to get several cups of coffee into me before I
could function very well. After I showered and dressed, we drove out to the
club again and went inside, and I went to the office that Mindy had

'Mr. Sunder' turned out to be a big muscular black man that scared the heck
out of me. I told him that I wanted to arrange a private party with one of
the girls and asked for Mindy. He told me the price and obviously didn't
think I had that kind of money but when I showed him the money he took it
from me and told me to wait there. Billy and I waited for twenty minutes
while I bit my nails wondering if we would get away with it, when the big
black man came back in with Mindy trailing behind him.

She looked radiant, if a little nervous, which under the circumstances, was
understandable. Still she was very polite, and only spoke when Mr. Sunder
asked her something. He talked with us a few more minutes and then finally
let us go with Mindy with us, scared our of her mind.

We got out of the club and went back to our car, and only when Billy was
driving us back to the campus did Mindy relax. Once we were back safely
in the dorms did I tell Mindy of my plan.

"I'm taking you back home with me. We'll move back in with my parents for
now okay? I'll transfer to the local college there and we'll take it from
there. Now that I've found you, I'm not going to lose you again." Mindy
just hugged me and cried with joy.

I called my parents and told them an emergency had come up and I needed to
come home immediately. I asked them to buy me two airline tickets so that
I could get home, and of course they asked me what the extra ticket was
for but I promised them that I'd let them know when I got home. They agreed
and after hanging up, Billy drove us to the airport and we found the
tickets waiting for us. We boarded the flight, glad to be going home.

Throughout the flight, Mindy held my hand tightly almost the whole time
and seemed to be afraid of me disappearing if she didn't keep in contact
with me at all times, all though I assured her that I wasn't planning on
ever letting her out of my sight again.

When the plane arrived, my mom was waiting for me at the airport and was
pretty suprised to see a girl with me. She came up to us and only when
she was right in front of us did she recognize Mindy. She gasped and then
hugged Mindy tightly, genuinely happy to see her. We went to Mom's car
and drove home while we told mom everything that had happened to Mindy
and what I planned on doing.

She was very understanding, and when we got home she welcomed Mindy into
her home for as long as she needed to stay. mom went into the kitchen to
fix us lunch and I took Mindy to my bedroom which was pretty much just
like I'd left it and sat down with her on my bed to talk. I stood up and
rummaged in my closet for a few minutes then found what I was looking for
and showed her the monopoly set we had played all those years ago. She
laughed gleefully when she saw it and I explained how I'd kept it.

Mom called us into the kitchen and we ate lunch, chatting and talking
about current events. My mom insisted on taking Mindy shopping after
lunch and I saw them off then called my Dad at work (he practically
ran the local post office these days) and asked if he could take a
break and come home and talk with me about something extremely
important. He agreed and pulled into the driveway about five minutes

He stepped into the living room and smiled, glad to see me. We manly
shook hands and then he chuckled and hugged me, welcoming me home.
I told him to sit down so we could talk and he did, settling down in
his recliner, a question on his face.

"Dad, first off, you know Billy and I are roommates up at the
university, right?" He nodded his head and I continued. "Well, for
a few weeks now, he'd been bugging me about going with him to this
night club he knew inn Queens. He said there were hookers there and
you could get laid real easy, right? Well, at first I wasn't very
interested, since it sounded kind of seedy, but a week ago I got
burned out from studying and decided to take a break.

Well, Billy being Billy, he pounced on the opportunity and convinced
me to go with him to this club. He said we could have really great
times for just a hundred bucks a piece. I decided to go and so
we went there and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Just
a big dance floor where lots of girls.."

Dad interrupted me. "David, I know what a brothel is, I've been in
one or two myself, in my time. Get on with it." He had a smile on
his face that let me know that he just wanted me to cut to the chase.

"Well," I went on, "After Billy chose his girl and went upstairs with
her, I walked around looking at the girls when I nearly had a
heart attack. Mindy was there, Dad. She was one of the hookers."

He looked shocked. "Really? What happened?" He leaned forward,
eager to find out more and I told him the rest.

"So she's gone shopping with Mom. Dad, the real reason I wanted to
talk with you right now, besides telling you about what's happened,
is because I need to buy something, and I need your help to pay
for it." I looked pleadingly into his eyes and he nodded, sensing
what I wanted.

He chuckled again and looked into my eyes. "It's a wedding ring,
right? You want me to help you buy her a wedding ring?" I nodded
my head, agreeing with him.

"You bet, I'll help. Let's go to the jeweler's before they get back."

We hopped into his station wagon and went to the jeweler's, where we
picked out a small gold ring with a three carrot diamond that looked
great and Dad charged it and we went back home where mom and Mindy
were putting away groceries. Mindy ran and hugged Dad when she
caught sight of him and while she was distracted with Dad I showed
the ring to mom while putting my finger on my lips, letting her
know it was a secret. Mom's eyes just about popped out of her head
when she realized what the ring was for. I put the ring box back
in my pocket and mom hugged for all she was worth.

I waited until dinner time, after we'd gotten through eating, and I
cleared my throat and told them that I had an announcement. I
gathered up my courage and walked over to Mindy, got on one knee
and asked her to marry me, like it's supposed to be done.

She looked down at me, her bright blue eyes sparkling with happy
tears and managed to croak out a happy yes before falling into my
arms and giving me the wettest, deepest kiss I've ever had the
pleasure of receiving. I stood up and pulled her up with me and
my mom and Dad offered their congratulations to us.

Since Mindy didn't have much of any family besides us, we just
decided to go to the local justice of the peace, with my parents along, and we were married, just like that. It was a quick, quiet
ceremony and once it was over, and I kissed her, I was happier than
I'd ever remembered being so.

Not really having much money, we accepted a gift from my parents and
rented a room at the biggest hotel in town, the Hilton, for the
weekend. We were deeply moved by the gift and almost didn't accept
it, knowing how expensive it must have been, but my mother would here
none of it, insisting we go and enjoy ourselves.

Billy, who had come down for the wedding to be my best man, drove us
there and dropped us off. We entered the foyer and once we established
our identities, we were shown up to the top floor to their executive
suite. When the elevator doors opened into the huge living room, we
were struck speechless. It was the size of a big apartment, or a
small house! There was a huge television in one corner along with
a love seat that seemed to have our names on it, it looked so cozy.

There was a wet bar on the other side of the room along with more
chairs and an overstuffed sofa. He showed us the small kitchen
and the bottle of champagne that was chilled and ready to drink
in a bucket of ice on the counter. He pointed out the bathroom
that had a hot tub in it and then the big bedroom with a waterbed!

He left us and went about his business and we immediately filled
up the hot tub while getting glasses and the champagne. We went
into the bathroom and sat in the hot tub where I opened the bottle
and filled our glasses. We drank the bubbly and Mindy
giggled as it tickled her nose. It was a high-pitched bell sound
that made my heart flutter just from hearing it.

The hot tub felt great and we were enjoying ourselves immensely.
We sat across from each other, drinking and
letting our toes explore each other's bodies, which was
a very interesting experience. I moved over to her
left side and took her glass and set it aside, doing the
same with mine. I put my arms around her, looked deep
into her eyes, which were sparkling with anticipation
and excitement, and kissed her softly, slowly. As the
kiss lingered, it got hotter and deeper, her tongue
licking against my lips, seeking entrance.

We tongue wrestled for a while, kissing each other feverishly,
until Mindy broke away and giggled.

"Let's move into the bedroom." She said, her voice
low and husky.

"You're the boss." I said cheerfully, grabbing a towel
and drying each other off. After we finished, we
walked into the big bedroom and Mindy dove onto
the waterbed giggling; I was right behind her.

Mindy got on her back and spread herself out, letting
me explore her delightful body. I started at the top,
kissing her gently and then moving across her cheek
and sucked on her earlobe for a minute, getting a
satisfying squeal and stuck my tongue in her ear,
making her shiver with pleasure.

I kissed down her neck and made like Dracula, sucking
on her neck where it meets her shoulder, getting a
moan from her as I softly sucked on the sensitive skin.
I gently kissed the front of her neck and then kissed
my way down to the top swells of her heaving breasts,
and licked them like a mother cat bathing her kitten.

I kissed, licked and caressed my way around her breasts,
carefully avoiding her nipples, until she whimpered
slightly, arching her back to press her breasts into
my hands. I quickly took her nipples between my fingers
and began tweaking them gently. I took one into my
mouth and instinct took over as I nursed on her lovely
tit. She began purring softly, writhing under me as
I switched to the other one, continuing my

After I'd satisfied my curiosity, I made my way south,
kissing her flat belly and sticking my tongue in her
naval, making her squeal. I traveled further south,
hunching down on the bed until my head was squarely
between her legs. Sensing my intention, she bent
her knees and spread her legs, opening herself up
for me completely.

I kissed her mound, covered in soft down, and kissed
her nether lips gently, making her moan.

I licked the length of her slit, tasting for the
first time her sweet essence. It was tangy and sweet,
just like her. I lifted my head and saw her watching me
intently with a big grin on her face. I looked into
her eyes and winked, mischievously.

"You are simply delicious."

Her response was a groan of satisfaction as I put my tongue
back to work on her flowering labia. As she came closer
and closer to the edge, her sex got wetter and wetter with
her natural juices, anticipating the arrival of a guest in
the very near future. I licked her clit gently, just now
emerging from its tiny hood, getting an "oh GOD" in
response followed by a soft "oooooh yeaahh" right after as
I took her clit between my lips and began sucking and
licking it furiously. After a few minutes of this, I had
her thrashing around the bed, bucking her hips at me in
a thundering orgasm that nearly had me fall off the bed,
she was moving around so much.

After she calmed down, she tugged at my head, wanting me
to hold her, which I did happily, lying beside her and
taking her up in my arms, kissing her gently on the lips.

"God, that was wonderful! I've never felt anything so
intense before, I love you so much."

My response was cut off when she kissed me again, savagely.
She thrust her tongue into my mouth and frenched me madly.
I gave in willingly and settled onto my back, letting her
have her way with me. She hovered over me, giggling and
kissing me all over.

"I'm going to keep you forever and ever, David." She said,
smiling down at me posessively.

And to this day, we're still happily married.


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