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By Sahebji

Dear reader my name is Sahebji. Some of you of may have read my earlier
contributions to this site. I wish to thank you guys for your appreciative
response. This is not one of my experiences but of a young lady Minu, who
wrote to me about them. I can't describe her to you, as I have never met
her. Best would be, I think, if you hear what she has to say in her own

Hello friend, what I am about to narrate is a true story.

My name is Minu. I am eighteen years old. I have a problem on which I
would like your advice. First of let me tell you frankly all the events
that created the problem in the first place.

It started when I was fourteen. I am my parent's only child. I lived
with my parents and Birju, a servant who had been with us since I was two
years old, in a metropolitan city. Birju was a big built man of
thirty-five or so. He loved me dearly and indulged my every wish. My
father was a senior official in the local government. We had a neighbor
Mr. Sharma a colleague of my father.

Mr. Sharma and his wife were good friends of my parents. I used to
call them uncle and aunty. They had no children. Although Mrs. Sharma
was quite capable of conceiving but because of some other problem the
doctors had advised her to avoid pregnancy as childbirth could be fatal to
her. Being childless, they loved me very dearly. I also liked them and
spent most of my time in their house.

At fourteen I was not big built. I was 4' 9", slim with long black
hair. I attended a local convent school. My boobs were quite small as
compared to other girls of my age in my class. I did not need to wear a
bra. I thought my boobs were perfectly shaped and very pretty. I liked
touching and pressing them.

Every morning while having my bath, I touched them and they
instantaneously became hard. My nipples would stand erect and I felt a
lovely tingling sensation in my choot (cunt). After a few minutes of
caressing my tits I could not resist touching my choot (cunt). I pressed
and rubbed my hard dana (clit), intensifying the pleasant feeling till I
came. This was my daily routine.

One evening my parents told me, 'Minu we have to go to attend the
wedding of your cousin and we will be back in three days. We will leave in
the morning'. I cried and wanted to go with them. They told me that they
are travelling by car and it was full as some other relatives were going
with them. My mother said, 'Don't worry Minu you will be safe. Birju will
look after you and if there is any problem, which he can't handle, then go
to Sharma uncle and aunty. They will help you. It is only a matter of
three days.'

Next morning they left.

In the afternoon when I came back from school I did my homework and told
Birju that I was going over to uncle Sharma's house to play. I loved
playing carom board with uncle. Uncle was on long leave so I was sure to
find him at home. When I reached their house uncle was alone. Aunty had
gone to the market. 'Uncle' I said, 'let us play carom.'

The board was set up and we started. Uncle was an expert and I was a
learner. We played several boards. In between my uncle kept guiding me as
to how I should place my fingers behind the striker etc. In one
particularly difficult shot he stood behind me and put his arms round me
trying to show me what to do. His arms rubbed against my boobs. My
nipples became hard and I could not suppress a loud moan of pleasure.
Uncle immediately realized what was happening.

'You like my arms rubbing your tits?' he asked cupping my boobies and
squeezing them. My face became red but I kept quiet and tried to remove
his hand. In the ensuing struggle he kept caressing them. 'Please uncle
let me go' I pleaded.

'You like it don't you?' he asked.

'Yes, but it tickles' I said.

'Tickles where? Between your legs?' he asked placing his hand on my
cunt. I nodded and requested him again to let me go.

Instead of releasing me he pushed his hand between my legs and started
to caress my choot. I was now enjoying the sensation so much that I could
not stop him. He pulled me onto his lap and undid my blouse exposing my
boobies. He kept pressing them and pinching my nipples lightly. My legs
opened automatically. Uncle quickly put his hand under my skirt and
inserted his finger in my cunt but without damaging my virginity. He
started to move his finger in and out of my vagina. I was in the seventh

I came down to earth when I heard Birju's stern voice, 'Yeh kya ho raha
hai bittua (Child what is going on here?)'

Sharma uncle immediately released me and out of shame ran inside the
house and locked the door. Birju caught me by my arm and dragged me home
shouting, 'Tu randi kab se ban gayi? (Since when have you become a
whore?)' Reaching home I apologized and promised never to do it again.

'Nahin, tu dobaara zaroor karegi. Chudwane ka itna hee shauk hai na tau
hum tujhe chod kar abhi teri khuwaish poori kar dete hain (No, you will do
it again. If you are so keen to be fucked then I will fuck you now and
fulfill your wish).'

When I realized what he had said I started to plead with him. Birju was
livid. He just ignored me and pushed me into the bedroom. He tore off my
clothes and threw me on the bed. I lay completely naked on the bed. He
stood gloating over my exposed tits and my hairless cunt. I was too scared
to scream.

'Kutiya kahin ki. Kya humne tujhe issi liye itne pyaar se paal pos ke
barda kiya tha ki tu shaadi ke pahele hee apne aap ko chudwaye (You bloody
bitch! Do you think that we brought you up with so much love and affection
so that you can lose your virginity before getting married?)' Birju said
angrily and started to take off his clothes.

At this moment the phone rang. Birju stopped and looked a little
scared. 'Kisska phone ho sakta hai? (Whose phone can it be?) he murmured
to himself. 'Mummy ka hoga' I said thinking, 'Thank God I am saved'.

I had however not reckoned with Birju's guile. He placed his palm
firmly on my mouth and dragged me, naked as I was, with him to the phone.
He picked up the receiver and said, 'Haalo'.

The instrument made gawking noises. Birju said, 'Namaste memsahib.
Haan sab theek hai. Minu bhi theek hai abhi bahar khelene gayi huyi hai
(Good morning madam. Yes everything is all right. Minu is also well. She
has gone outside to play)'.

Hearing this I knew it was mummy on the line. I renewed my struggle to
free myself but made no headway. Birju was so much stronger than I was.

'Theek hai. Aap fikar matt kijiye main usska poora khyal rakhoonga
(Yes. Don't worry I will look after her properly)' he said and rang off.

He released my mouth and pushed me back into the bedroom. I had this
silly notion that by pleading and/or threatening him I could dissuade him
from ravishing me.

'Please Birju mujhe maaf karde (Please Birju forgive me)' I begged. He
did not reply but started to undress again. When he removed his pajama I
saw his erect lund (cock). 'My god' I thought, 'it was so big and thick.
If he pushes this huge rod in my small choot I will die'.

'Birju nahin tera laurda bahut hee lamba aur mota hai main mar jauingi
(No Birju your cock is very big and thick, I will die)' I cried.

'Tera marna ya jeena tau uper wale ke hath main hai, lakin yeh mard ka
laurda teri choot main aaj zaroor ghussega (Life and death is in the hands
of God but this man's cock will definitely go into your cunt today)' he
replied caressing his erect member.

He then pressed and kissed my tits roughly and simultaneously ran his
fingers through the lips on my virgin cunt.

'Please mujhe chord de nahin tau main mummy daddy ko sab bata doongi
(Please let me go otherwise I will tell daddy and mummy everything)' I

'Arre woh tau teen din baad aayenge tab tak tau main teri bhonsdri ko
chod chod kar bhonsdra bana doonga (They will come back only in three days.
In the meanwhile I will fuck your cunt so often and make it as big as the
Banihal tunnel)' he replied biting my nipple.

'Tujhe jail jaane se bilkul dar nahin lagta? (You are not scared of
going to jail?)' I asked in desperation.

'Koyi baat nahin dono ki saath achchi kategi (Doesn't matter at least
both will be together)' he said fingering my cunt.

'Dono? (Both?)' I laughed, 'main kyoon jail jaaungi. Tu akela hee
jaayega (Why should I go said to jail? You will go alone)'.

'Tu nahin kutiya. Tera pyaara uncle jiss se apni choot main ungali
karwa rahi thi (Not you bitch! Your beloved uncle who was fingering your
cunt)' he said moving the foreskin of his lund (cock) up and down

'Agar main kahoon uncle ne kuch bhi nahin kara tau teri baat kaun
maanega? (If I say uncle did nothing then who will believe you)' I

'Arre bhonsdri ki meri baat koyi nahin maanega lakin iss camere ki
tasweer tau maanenge (You whore, they may not believe my word but they will
believe the photograph I took)' he replied with a grin pointing to my

'Birju tu ek shareef aadmi ko jail bhejega? (Birju you are not going to
send a decent man to jail)?' I asked.

He laughed, 'Haan tera uncle tau shareefzada hai aur main ek nauker
kutta hoon (Yes your uncle is a decent man but I, a servant is a street

Dear reader for nearly half and hour he played and tormented my body.
Inflicting pain by squeezing my tits and twisting my nipples. He also
rubbed and pinched my clit. All this made my choot wet. I could do
nothing but suffer all his indignities.

'Bas bahut hogaya. Haraamzadi ki choot bhi gilli hogayi hai. Chudwana
chahati hai. Ab kaam ka taim hai (Enough. Bitch's cunt has become wet.
She wants to be fucked. It is time to start now)' he said grabbing my
ankles and spreading my legs as wide as he could.

'Nahin Birju nahin. Mujhe chord de (No Birju no please. Let me go)' I
screamed but instead of letting me go he placed his huge cock on my choot
(cunt) entrance and rammed the whole of it in my cunt in one swift stroke.
I screamed and shrieked with pain. It had no effect on him. He kept
ramming his cock in my choot and I kept screaming.

'Chupp randi agar ek bhi aawaz nikali tau main tujhe itna chdoonga ki tu
chaar din tak apni tangain bund nahin kar payegi (Quiet! If you even make
the slightest of sound then I will fuck you so often and so hard that you
will not be able to close your legs for four days)' he shouted at me.

I got so scared that I continued to weep softly and suffer his
indignities silently.

With each stroke he said, 'Yeh le kutiya' 'ab yeh sambhal randi ('take
this bitch' 'now handle this you whore')'.

After ten minutes of ramming his big member inside me he shouted, 'OHH,
OHH, AHHHHhhh' and released his seed in me and rolled off my ravished body
panting heavily.

Just then the phone rang again. After several rings he realized that
the phone was ringing.

Leaving me lying naked on the bed he went to attend the phone. I could
not move. My whole body was hurting. I was emotionally so devastated that
I could not even shout. I just lay crying softly. I could hear what was
being said. My mother was on the line again.

'Nahin woh abhi bhi bahar khel rahi hai. Uss se kuch khehena hai? (No
she is still playing outside. If you want I can give her a message?)'
Birju panted.

After a pause he said, 'Main bahar uss per nazar rakhe huye tha. Jab
phone sunna tau bhag kar aaya hoon shayad issi liye haanp raha hoon (I was
outside watching over her and when I heard the phone ring I came running.
Maybe that is why I am panting)'.

'Theek hai memsahib main uss se keh doonga (Okay memsahib I will tell
her)' he said and replaced the receiver.

With an evil smile Birju again caught hold of me again and pushed his
erection into me. He fucked me three more times. By the time he let me
alone I could hardly walk. He left me lying naked in bed and went about
his work. In between whenever he felt like it, he would come to me and
give my choot a shot of his cum.

By nightfall I had been fucked so often that my choot was sore and I was
half-dead with exhaustion.

Later at night when the phone rang I was in no condition to talk and he
told my mother that I was asleep. He said, 'Minu bahut thaki huyi thi woh
aapke phone ka intezaar karte karte so gayi (Minu was waiting for her call
but was so tired that she could not keep awake)'. Satisfied my mother signed off.

At night he slept with me in my bed and fucked me again and again at
will. Before sleeping he tied my hand to his so that I could not escape.
Within minutes he was snoring.

Despite the fact that I was very tired sleep would not come to me. I
lay awake thinking back on the events of that fateful day. The fucking I
had received at Birju's hand had broken my spirit. I decided it was no use
complaining. It would be like locking the stable after the horse has been
stolen. What had to happen has happened? By complaining I will not get my
virginity back and poor uncle Sharma would also get into trouble
unnecessarily. Actually I had enjoyed the last few times Birju fucked me.
I even liked his rough treatment and his abusive language turned me on. I
decided to keep quiet and accept my fate. I said to myself that if I am
destined to be fucked by Birju then why shouldn't I enjoy it? With these
thoughts running through my mind I don't know when I slipped into deep

'Kutiya uddh. Subah hogayi hai. Tujhe school jaana hai (Get up bitch
it is morning. You have to go to school)' I heard Birju say with his
finger up my cunt.

'Nahin main aaj school nahin jaoonji (No I won't go to school today)' I
said sleepily.

'Kya ghar baithkar chudwayegi? (You want to stay at home and get
fucked)' Birju said with an evil grin. To his utter surprise I nodded and
spread my legs invitingly. Birju immediately entered me.

After he had finished he said with an evil grin, 'Randi ko ab chudai
achchi lagene lagi hai. Nahin school jaana hai. Nahan dhokar tayyar ho
ja, ya main tujhe nilahoon? (So the whore has started to enjoy fucking.
No you have to go to school. Have a bath and get ready or you want me to
give you a bath?)'. Not knowing what he would do to me in the bathroom I
quickly went to get ready. I was also glad to be alone for some time. It
was a relief to soak my blood stained aching cunt and tired limbs in warm

While I was eating breakfast I said, 'Birju jo tune kal kara woh theek
nahin tha (Birju what you did yesterday was not right)'.

Birju laughed, 'Bittua agar hum kal uss waqt nahin pahunchte tau tera
uncle tujhe zaroor chod deta (Child yesterday if I had not reached at that
moment then your uncle would have definitely fucked you)'.

'Nahin kabhie nahin. Uncle yeh kabhie nahin karte (No never. Uncle
would never have done such a thing)' I replied.

'Tu abhi bachchi hai aur nasamajh hai. Main do saal se uss haraami ki
aankhon main tujhe chodene ki hawass dekh raha hoon. Tera harami uncle kal
nahin tau aaj teri choot zaroor phard deta, iss liye maine socha main hee
kyoon na teri kori choot ko phardne kaa mazaa loon (You are still young and
ignorant. Since two years I am seeing lust to fuck you in the eyes of that
bastard. That bastard would have definitely, if not yesterday then today,
taken your virginity. Therefore I thought why shouldn't I have the
pleasure of popping your cherry)' Birju said and laughed.

'Agar mere bachcha ho gaya tau kya karega? (What will you do if I get
pregnant?)' I asked.

'Tu humain chutiya samjhti hai. Hum jaante hain ki teri abhi bachcha
paida karne ki umaria nahi hoyi hai. Chalo jaldi karo school ki bus ka
taim ho gaya (You think I am stupid. I know you have yet to have your
period. Hurry it is time for the school bus to arrive)'.

As I was about to leave for school the phone rang again.

'Haan school jaane ke liye tayyar hai. Achcha bulata hoon (Yes she is
ready to leave for school. Okay I will call her)' I heard him say. He
gave me the phone but with his eyes and actions he warned me not say
anything otherwise he would kill me. He did not know that I had already
decided to say nothing t my parents.

I talked to mummy in English looking at him now and again and watched
with glee the nervous look on Birju's face. I did not tell her anything
about what had happened to me but Birju did not know this, as he could not
understand english. Then with a broad smile I said, 'Birju mummy tujh se
baat karaingi (Birju mummy wants to talk to you)'.

A worried Birju took the receiver and said, 'Haalo' in a subdued tone.
He listened silently for few minutes. Then with a smile he said, 'Haan
memsahib aap fikar kyoon karti hain main bittua ka achchi terah se khayal
rakhoonga (Yes memsahib why are you worried I will look after the child
properly)' and signed off.

'Mummy keh rahin thi ki main tera theek terah se khayal rakhoon. Tu
school se aaja tab main phir theek terah se tera khayal rakoonga
samajhgayi?(Mummy was saying that I should look after you properly. When
you return from school I will take care of you properly. Understood?)' he
said caressing his hard cock.

'Only threats' I said laughing and giving his cock a squeeze I smiled
and ran to catch the bus.

When I was returning from school uncle Sharma was waiting for me outside
his house. He whispered, 'Minu come and see me at 4 in the afternoon. I
will be alone then I have something important to discuss with you'. For a
moment I wanted to refuse but on second thought I said, 'Okay'. When I
reached his house at the appointed hour, he was alone in the house and
waiting for me nervously.

'Minu what happened yesterday when you got home? What did Birju say?'
he asked.

For a moment I kept quiet thinking what to reply. I decided to tell the
truth. He should know that what had happened was because of his
cowardliness. Had he stood his ground, instead of running inside to save
his skin and leaving me at Birju'a mercy, I would still be a virgin. 'Kya
hua? Kuch khaas baat nahin huyi Uncle wohi hua jo hona tha. Birju ne
mujhe chod dala (What happened? Nothing much. Uncle only that happened
that had to happen. Birju fucked me that is what happened) ' I replied

'What! That rouge he fucked you and you sat nothing happened' he said
getting angry, 'I will report him to the police immediately'.

'Don't uncle he has taken photographs of you pressing my naked tits and
finger fucking me. You will also get into trouble' I told him and started
to weep.

'What will you do if you get pregnant? Uncle asked.

'Thank God that will not happen. I have yet to mature' I said.

Uncle started to console me. While consoling me he pressed my breasts again. 'Uncle please don't' I begged but he did not stop.

'Birju ne tujhe choda hai, main bhi tau tujhe chod kar teri jawan choot
ka mazaa le loon. Kayi saaloon se tujhe chodene ke sapne dekh raha hoon
(Birju has fucked you, let me also fuck you and enjoy your young cunt.
Since many years I have been dreaming of screwing you)' uncle said.

I was shocked. Birju was right. If he had not arrived in the nick of
time then Uncle would have deflowered me yesterday only. Despite my
protests he took me inside the house and with half entreaty and half force
pushed his cock inside me. Contrary to Birju he fucked me very tenderly.

The fucking style of both uncle and Birju was quite different. Uncle
fucked me tenderly, kissing me and praising the beauty of my tits and the
tightness of my choot. Birju on the other hand was like an animal, abusing
me and heaping insults on me while ramming his lund into me. Believe it or
not dear reader I some how enjoyed the rough handling and abuses of Birju
much more than the gentle handling of uncle Sharma. (Later I encouraged
Birju to call me kutiya (bitch), randi (whore) and use obscene language
while fucking me).

After uncle had fucked me twice he gave me a bottle. 'What is this?' I

'These are birth control pills I bought for your aunty. Keep them, you
will need them soon. Birju has fucked you once and he will not stop. He
will force himself on you again and again. With those photos in his
possession, you will not be able to refuse him. With these you will at
least not get pregnant. When they finish I will get you more' uncle said.

By this time I had understood the true nature of uncle Sharma. What he
really meant was 'Minu I have fucked you today, I am going to screw you
again and I don't want you getting pregnant so you will need these pills'.

When I got home Birju was waiting.

'Kyon kutiya apne pyaare uncle se bhi chudwa aayi (So your beloved uncle
has also fucked you bitch?' Birju said grinning. I remained silent.

He added, 'Arre yeh tau hona hee tha. Agar main kal uss waqt nahin
pahunchta tau woh haraami tujhe kal hee chod deta. Koyi baat nahin. Jab
ek roti ho aur do bhooke tau baant kar khaane main hee akal bandi hai.
Dono mill kar teri choot chogenge. Theek hai na? (This had to happen. If
I had not reached at that moment then that bastard would certainly have had
you yesterday only. Doesn't matter when there is only one piece of bread
and there are two hungry mouths then it is best to share and eat. We both
will enjoy fucking you. Right?)'

Enraged at his cockiness I retorted defiantly. 'Tumhain iss se kya
matlab? (What concern is this of yours?)

My reply angered him. He caught me by the hair and pulled me into the
bedroom, 'Main tujhe abhi bata hoon mera iss se kya matlab hai (I will tell
you what concern it is of mine) he said dropping his pajama and pushing his
erect cock towards my mouth.

'Choos isse randi choos (Suck this whore suck it)' he roared.

'Nahin Birju chodna hai tau chod le lakin muh main nahin lungi (No Birju
fuck me if you want to but I will not take it in my mouth)' I said.

'Arri kutiya apni choot ko tau tu abhi apne uncle ke laurde ras pila ke
layi hai. Ab mera ras bhi satak kar dekh (You bitch your choot has just
drunk the juice of your uncle's cock now swallow my juice)' he said and
squeezed my tits mercilessly.

I screamed with pain but shook my head. He twisted my boob again. I
still did not agree. He yanked my hair with such force that I opened my
mouth to scream but before I could scream he pushed his cock in the open
mouth and commanded, 'Choos kutiya choos (Suck bitch suck)'.

I had no choice and started to suck.

He stood holding my hair in one hand and gripped my nipple between his
thumb and finger of the other hand. His eyes were closed. He was moaning
softly. After a few minutes he again gave my nipple another hard twist. I
screamed and taking his cock out said, 'Meri chuchi ko aissi bedardi kyon
dabate ho main choos tau rahi hoon na? (Why are you twisting my nipple so
mercilessly I am sucking am I not?)'

'Tera daant mere laurde per lag raha tha. Jab jab tera daant mere
laurde per lagega main teri chuchi ko masal daloonga. Dhyaan se choos
(Your teeth were hurting me. Whenever I feel your teeth on my cock I will
twist you nipple so suck carefully)'.

I recommenced to suck his cock. He stood moaning and moving his hips
slowly fucking my mouth. After ten minutes of sucking punctuated by nipple
twisting I felt his cock grow harder and larger. His hips were moving
faster pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I could sense that he was
about to cum. Stealthily I tried to withdraw my mouth. As if reading my
thoughts he held my head firmly and pressed it against his crotch. Then
suddenly with a loud grunt he exploded shooting jets of cum into my mouth.
I tried to pull my mouth away but could not.

His cum was filling my mouth. He then took his hand away from my tit
and pinched my nose. I could not breathe. I started to suffocate. 'Satak
(Swallow)'; he ordered. To survive I was compelled to swallow his cum.
Some of his cum dripped down my chin. After he stopped cumming he released
me and ordered, 'Mere veerya ko apne muh per ragard (Rub my cum on your
face)'and pinched my nipple again. Reluctantly I complied. Then with a
smile asked, 'Kyon kutiya kaissa laga? (Na, bitch how did you like it?)'

I made a face, 'Ganda tha (It was dirty)' I replied.

'Koyi baat nahin pahele chudai bhi tau achchi nahi lagi thi phir achchi
lagene lagi, yeh bhi achcha lagene lagega (Doesn't matter. You did not
enjoy fucking in the beginning then you liked it, by and by you will like
this also)' he laughed.

Till my parents returned we fucked as often as we could. He made me
suck him again and again. As he had predicted I did start to like the
salty taste of his cum. He even sent me to uncle for a fuck saying that he
is not greedy but liked to share and enjoy. I did not mind, as by then I
could not get enough of cock.

When my parents returned they did not notice anything amiss. Birju
behaved normally calling me 'Bittua' in front of them but when we were
alone he would invariably call me 'bitch or whore'. As I have already said
I sort of liked it and encouraged him.

Whenever we got an opportunity we fucked and sucked. During sex I also
started to use vulgar words and asked him to do the same.

Birju may have been rough and abusive but he genuinely cared about me.

Once it so happened that I could not get an opportunity to fuck for
several days. My exams were near and my mummy wouldn't let me go to visit
uncle Sharma and insisted that I study at home. Therefore I did not fuck
for several days and was getting fidgety. Birju knew how I was missing a
cock. On one such afternoon as I sat studying and scratching my itching
cunt. Birju came and whispered, 'Bittua, kya chudai ka bahut dil kar raha
hai? (Child, are you desperate for a fuck?)'. I nodded.

He whispered, 'Uncle ke pas ja. Maine dekh liya hai woh akela hai (Go
to uncle. I have checked he is alone)'.

'Mummy se kya kahoon (What shall I tell mummy?)' I wailed.

He said, 'Main keheta hoon tu jaa. Main teri ma ko samjha doonga (I am
telling you go. I will pacify your mother that I should go and he will
talk to her. I quickly prepared to leave. Mummy asked, 'Minu where are
you going? Shouldn't you be studying?' I looked helplessly at Birju.

Birju intervened, 'Memsahib hum bittua se bola hai thorda uncle ke saath
khel aaye. Dimaag taaza ho jayega tau achchi terah pardhai kar payegi
(Memsahib I told her to go to uncle's house and play a little. She will be
able to study better with a refreshed mind)'.

Mummy laughed, 'Birju your misplaced love for this girl will spoil her'
little knowing that how much his love and lund had already 'spoilt' this

One evening, my parents went out for dinner and said that they would
return late at night only. Birju came into my room carrying oil in a
katori (a small metal bowl). I knew he would come and was waiting for him.
'Birju tum tel kyon laye ho? (Birju why have you brought oil?' I asked.

'Kutiya jab main tere chote se ched main apna mota laurda daloonga tau
dard ko kuch kam karne ke liye tel lagaoonga (Bitch when I push my big cock in your small hole then I will use oil to reduce the pain' he said in a
matter of fact tone.

'Meri choot ke chote se ched main? (My small cunt hole?)' I said
laughing, 'arre tune tau mere chote se ched ko chod chod kar, kya kaha tha
tune paheli baar, haan, Banihal tunnel bana diya hai. Ab kya dard hogi?
(You have fucked my small cunt hole so often that you have, what did you
say the first time, yes, made it as big as the Banihal tunnel. What makes
you think it will hurt now?)'.

'Randi tu samjhi nahin. Main teri choot ke ched ki baat nahin kar raha
hoon lakin teri gaand ke ched ki (Whore you have not understood me. I am
not referring to your cunt hole but to your ass hole)' Birju said with a

'Nahin Birju tu meri gaand nahin maarega. Main dard ke maare mar
jaaungi (No Birju you are not going to fuck my ass hole. I will die of
pain)' I pleaded.

'Arre kutiya issi liye tau tel lekar aaya hoon. Chal kaprde uttar kar
palang per kutiya ki terah khardi hoja (Bitch that is why I have brought
the oil. Come on undress and crouch on the bed like a bitch)' Birju said
producing his erection. Any amount of pleading and begging made no
impression on him. He remained adamant. I had no other choice but to
comply with his wish.

He applied oil on my ass hole and on his shaft. Then placing it on my
puckered hole gave a hard push. Half his cock entered. Despite the oil I
nearly died of pain and could not restrain a loud healthy scream,
'AAAAYYYYIIIIEEEE. Oh mummy main mar gayi (AAAAYYYYIIIIEEEE Oh mummy I am
dying)'. One more push and Birju was fully engulfed in my back hole and
started to fuck with all his might and simultaneously he rubbed my cunt and
pinched my hard clit.

After he finished he said, 'Kutiya mazaa aa gaya. Teri gaand tau bahut
tang hai aissa laga main teri kori choot phir se phard raha hoon (It was
lovely bitch. Your ass hole was so tight that it felt like I was
deflowering your virgin cunt all over again)'.

'Mujhe bahut dard huyi aur bikul achcha nahin laga (It hurt me a lot and
I did not enjoy it a bit)' I complained.

'Koyi baat nahin. Do chaar baar gaand marunga tau woh bhi teri choot ki
terah rawan ho jayegi aur tujhe mazaa aane lagega (Doesn't matter. After I
have fucked your ass hole a couple of times it will also become easy like
your cunt and you will start enjoying it' Birju said with a grin.

That night Birju fucked me four times, once in my cunt and thrice in my
rear hole. He was right by the time he shot his cum for the third time in
my gaand (ass hole) I enjoyed this mode of fucking also.

Till today both uncle and Birju fuck me regularly. Uncle fucks me only
in the missionary position whereas Birju loves to fuck me in the cunt, ass
hole and my mouth in different variations that he can think off.

Dear reader this is my story. Initially I had planned to narrate the
story of my defloration at the hands of Birju only but later I thought when
I am going to ask you for help then you also have the right to know the
whole (hole?) truth.

In today's world each day thousands of innocent girls like you and me
lose their virginity to relatives, close family friends or employees and
remain silent like I did. I am not moralizing or apologizing. I enjoyed
the contrasting style of fucking of both my lovers. The bitter truth
remains that the man enjoys himself and walks away grinning but the girl is
left with a samasya (problem). She is no longer a virgin.

This is my plight also. My marriage has been fixed and I am to marry in
four weeks time. My husband is bound to find out that I am not a virgin.
The problem is what shall I do? What shall I say? Is there a way to hide
this fact from him?

I am at my wit's end. I don't know what to do. If this fact gets
known, my parents will be dishonored and die of shame. I even contemplated
committing suicide but was too weak to go through with it. Then I thought
why not tell my story to you maybe someone can help.

This is the reason, dear reader, why I am approaching you for advice.
Please help me. I am desperate.

Dear lady reader, maybe this happened to someone known to you or you may
have suffered the same fate as me. What did they/you do?

Dear male reader what would your reaction be if you find your wife is
not a virgin?

At fourteen, when I was ravished, I was a coward and kept silent. I
should have told my parents and taken my medicine. At eighteen, I am still
a coward. This is why I am not giving you my e-mail address. At my
request Saheb Sahebji has kindly agreed to let me use his address. Please
send your advice/suggestions to Sahebji at sahebji at he will
pass them on to me. I will be grateful.

Aapka bahut, bahut dhanyavad aapne meri katha pardhi (Thank you very
much for reading my story).

Yours, a very worried and desperate,


P.S. Please, please do write I beg of you. Minu



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