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MIRANDA hurt whole lot real soon


His slave squirmed slightly in her bonds when she saw him coming. It was
necessary to chain her down during these times because what was coming next
was extremely painful for her. She had stripped down reluctantly when he
told her that it was time for another treatment and waited while he chained
her up, arms stretched out over her head, the shackles bolted into the beam
above her. Her legs were spread and the ankles shackled as well, making
her into a delightful human 'X' shape. He admired her slender form,
drinking in the smooth hairless slit where her legs met, the delicate
waist, long brown hair almost to her waist and deeply frightened green
eyes. She was pleasing on the eye...very pleasing. In fact, there was only
one thing that displeased him about her appearance and that was her
breasts. Stretched from three years of 'treatments' they hung loose on her
chest. But that was okay - he was going to change all that in the next
hour. "Are you ready my darling?" he asked, mocking her. She chewed her nip
nervously, terrified eyes watching his every move. "I...I think so." He
knew how Miranda hated the procedure. Most women would, but they loved the
results. He wheeled his trolley closer to her. Ten large syringes waited,
filled with a clear fluid. He took the first and slid it deep into her
breast, from the top. She winced, sucking air in as the needle pierced
her. When the needle was all the way in, his thumb found the plunger and he
began to push it down, slowly emptying the fluid into her as he withdrew
the needle, making sure that it filled an even area. Miranda's eyes closed
and her head tilted back. She breathed quickly, short little pants through
her nose as the cool liquid flowed into her. It didn't really hurt much
yet, but it would, she knew that it would hurt a whole lot real soon. The
first syringe emptied and Mark started on the second. Her breasts had
barely changed yet. Maybe a slight swelling, but not enough to
dramatically change them. One after the other the syringes were emptied
into her breasts. One for the top, one on each side and one through the
base of her breasts. They swelled slowly, gradually filling up they lost
their sagginess and became more firm.. For three years he had filled her
breasts with saline periodically, injecting large amounts to increase their
size and shape. He would inject as much fluid as he could, until the skin
was tight and stretched and then her breasts would stay that way for
awhile, until the fluid leaked away into her body and they started again.
Over time her breasts had lost their natural firmness. The skin had
stretched permanently leaving her with empty saggy sacks when the saline
leaked away. But Mark persisted in filling them to bursting and so they
were simply stretching more, using more saline. Her breasts had been a
firm B cup when she met Mark and became his slave, but now when she was
filled to capacity, she was closer to a D. Mark finished the fourth
injection, happy to see that his slave was beginning to feel the pain from
the injections. Her breasts had swelled to a ridiculous size on her
slender body now...she looked like a cartoon with her puffy tits. He
paused before the fifth injection to massage her breasts a little. "How do
they feel, slut?" "Tender," she whispered, licking her dry lips. "Are they
full?" "N...not yet," she hissed, teeth gritted. They both knew how full
they were, but it was important to ask her anyway. He wanted to make sure
that she wouldn't lie despite the pain she was feeling. He checked the
weight of her tit and stroked it to see how full it was. "We may need to
use more saline next time." She closed her eyes and shuddered. "Oh It hurts enough already...surely it isn't time for larger
injections yet?" "They've gotta be full," he said, shrugging his shoulders.
She started to cry softly as he took the fifth and final syringe. He
pinched her nipple into hardness, grasped it firmly and slid the needle
through the centre of her pink peak. "Oh!!! Oh!!!" she cried, gasping for
air. He pushed it all the way in and then began depressing the plunger.
Sweat coated her body now as she fought the pain of having he breasts stretched from the inside. The skin of her tit was pulled tight, straining
under the pressure of the saline inside. The other eight injections had
taken an hour to complete and Mark knew from experience that the last two
would take just as long by themselves. Miranda sweated and cried as he
emptied the last two syringes into her swollen tits. He stepped back at
last to admire his handiwork. The sheer size of her breasts was amazing.
Full and firm now, they were massive. They looked a little red and sore,
but he couldn't help cupping them and massaging them. Miranda screamed as
he touched her but settled down into a quiet sobbing. He let her go and
then loosened her ankle chains so that she could pull her legs together and
stand up straight. Then he released her wrists and she paused for a moment
before slowly sinking to her knees, eyes full of pain, face wet with tears.
Once she was on her knees, she quickly fell forward onto her hands and Mark
came around behind her. He undid his belt and then his jeans, stepping out
of them. His cock was massive, throbbing with the need that had built up
as he had slowly filled his poor slave's tits. The wall in front of them
had been layed with mirror tiles and he admired her reflection in the
mirror. She was now on all fours, her massive breasts swung below her.
The way they moved was fascinating and he watched for awhile, mesmerised by
their reflection as he stroked the head of his cock up and down her slit.
To his amazement, she was wet down there...almost dripping. How could it
turn her on? But she was always wet after their sessions. He positioned
himself behind her, hands on her hips and then pushed forward suddenly,
driving himself all the way into her. She cried out in shock and then pain
as her tits jiggled below her. As he thrust into her, she started to cry
again as every thrust jerked her massive breasts and sent bursts of pain
through them. He wasn't going to last long though. The sight of her
impressive tits and the feeling of her pussy clenching around his shaft was
too much. He reached under as he continued to fuck her and cupped her
massive tits. Miranda screamed in pain when he squeezed them tightly and
her pussy clamped down around his cock. He dug his fingers into the taut
spheres as he felt himself explode inside her, emptying his balls down into
her belly. The first fuck after the inflation was always the best.


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