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MIRIAM cum and tears Even


The author of this story (cactusjuggler) reserves all rights to this
story--reproducing or posting this story without the author's permission is

How I Became Miriam's Slave By Cactus Juggler 1995

It happened to me one day at my junior college. I was a 20, popular,
and a member of my school's cheerleading squad. It early evening, and at
the end of an already awful practice. The day had gone bad when I had
gotten into a huge argument with this 18 year old Puerto Rican girl named
Miriam. I had hated the freshman since tryouts, and it was no surprise
that we had a fight. Especially since I had lately made a habit of making
jokes about the size of her ass. She was in great shape, but she still had
a really big ass. I knew it bothered her so I needled her about it
mercilessly. When we had words, for about the third time in a week, it
pissed off our coach to no end. She shouted at both of us in front of the
entire squad, angry at our lack of team unity. Our punishment it seemed
would be to have to become buddies, with the coach making it happen.

It was right before the first home football game, and like every year we
finished a practice by going out to the field and seeing where we would
actually be cheering. Coach made me and Miriam stay next to each other all
the time, which didn't brighten my day much. At the end of the practice,
as we were all breaking up, coach told Miriam and me to take some team
stuff up into the announcer's box before we left. With everybody already
gone, I was stuck spending even more time with Miriam.

Coach gave Miriam the key, telling her she'd get the key from her at
tomorrow's practice, and me the stuff to carry. We walked around to the
back of the stadium in silence. It was odd how the
announcer's/score-keepers box could only be reached from back there. It
was newer than the rest of the stadium, kind of like at little trailer home
on giant stilts tacked onto the back of one wall of the stands. The metal
steps that led up to the box were very narrow, and really steep. Miriam
led the way up the steep steps, and I followed behind her. When we got to
the top (finally!), Miriam began to fiddle with the key. I stopped a
couple of steps below her, and waited while she tried to unlock the door.

"What's the matter, Miriam? Can't figure out how to work a key?" I
laughed, looking up at her.

"Shut up. There, I've got it." She said as she finally turned the lock.

I waited for her to open the door and go in, but she just paused there
oddly for a moment.

"You know Miriam, I just love standing here with your big ass in my
face." I told her sarcastically.

Actually, her ass was about level with my face. As I waited impatiently
for her to move, she reached back and lifted up her skirt! As she exposed
her broad panty-covered behind, I was too startled to move. Thrusting her
hips back, she rammed her ass in my face! Frantically clutching the hand
rails, I could only turn my head to the side, trapped as I was on the
dangerously steep steps. Her big ass pushed back against the side of my
face, and in that moment, she farted!

She began laughing as she opened the door and strode into the little

I was stunned! She had farted in my face! I was so angry I couldn't
even think. I charged up the steps and followed her into the little room.
Dropping the stuff I closed the door behind me and turned to find her
standing smugly with her hands on her hips, laughing.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I yelled at her.

She just kept laughing. I guess she didn't realize how mad I was. I
just threw myself at her, slamming her into the back wall. She wrapped her
arms and around me, and soon we were struggling against the wall. Too late
I felt her ankle slip behind mine, and suddenly I was falling. Miriam rode
me to the floor, landing on top of me. Suddenly I couldn't breathe, the
wind had been knocked out of me.

Realizing that she I was out of breath, Miriam quickly sat up on top of
me as she tried to grab my hands. I tried to fight her, but soon she was
sitting atop my stomach. She easily forced my hands up over my head and
pinned them down to the floor.

"What's got into you?" She smiled down at me from her perch atop my

I began struggling as I regained my breath a bit. Still holding my
hands to the floor over my head, Miriam lifted her butt up about a foot
above my stomach. My belly exploded with pain as she powered her butt down
onto me, forcing the air to explode from my lungs. Now I was really

I tried to kick up at her, but she just scooted forward and sat on my
chest. Leaning forward to avoid my kicking legs, Miriam was crushing my
breasts under butt. Pulling my arms back down, she pinned my hands under
her knees! She was sitting high up on my chest now, with the edge of her
skirt touching my chin. As I tried desperately to kick her off of me,
Miriam reached back with her arms and caught my legs! Pulling them tight
to her body so I couldn't kick her, Miriam practically bent me in half.
Doing so made her slide even farther forward, so her ass was right on my
collarbone and my chin was pushing her skirt against her crotch!

Realizing the magnitude of my plight I looked up in terror at Miriam as
she held my face pinned between her thighs. We had just completed a pretty
tough practice, and I could strongly smell her sweat.

"Miriam, please. No, Miriam dommmmmph!" I was cut off as she slid
forward until my nose was pressing against her crotch, her weight pressing
down on my mouth and chin.

"That's better Carol, why don't you just shut up." She told me, smiling
down at me between her thighs.

"I like this. It feels *so* good. I guess now I know how to shut you
up. Just sit on your face!" She laughed.

Miriam lifted herself off of my mouth, and I thought maybe she would let
me go. She just reached down and pulled her skirt up and out of the way,
though, letting it fall like a tent over my face! I found myself looking
up at her panties, and I knew what she meant to do.

"Miriam! No! Pleasmmmmmppphh!" She cut me off once more as she sat
back down on my face.

"I told you to shut up, cunt." She gloated as she settled her sweaty
panty-covered mound on my mouth and nose.

I was immersed in the smell of her sweat and excitement as she wiggled
slightly, adjusting her position. I was totally unable to breathe under
her. It was humiliating, and frightening too. I tried to get her off of
me, but it was hopeless. She still had my legs in her arms, and I couldn't
get my hands out from under her knees. And then she began to rock back and
forth, slowly at first, then a little faster. My humiliation grew that
much greater as I realized that Miriam was getting herself off on my face!

"Mmmmmmm. This feels good. And to think I thought you were useless.
You *are* good for something after all." Miriam laughed above me as she
ground her sex in my face.

As Miriam picked up speed, I was finally able to catch a small breath
here and there as she slid up and down my face. I felt so helpless laying
there being dominated by Miriam. I was so relieved to just be able to get
the odd breath of air as she rubbed her pantied crotch in my face faster
and faster. Soon she was bucking her crotch wildly on my face. I thought
my head was going to explode from the force of her thrusting hips as she
ground her sex in my face, crying out loudly as she orgasmed.

And then she rested, still smothering me in her crotch as she sat atop
my face. She wiggled her hips a little and then she lifted up off of me
and I gasped desperately for air.

"That's more like it, cunt." She said, patting my head as she looked
down at me in contempt.

I lay there helpless, with my head turned to the side as I tried to
breathe. I guess Miriam didn't think that my humiliation was total enough,
as she turned around so that she faced towards my feet. Trapping my head
upright between her feet, Miriam lifted her skirt up so that I could have a
clear view of her round ass.

"You know, I heard what you said about my 'big ass'. What do you think
about it now, cunt?" She laughed arrogantly.

"No..Miriam....don't...Please...don't!" I cried out hoarsely between
ragged breaths as she knelt there with her sweaty ass poised over my face.

She just laughed and I watched in terror as her shapely behind descended
on my face. And then my vision was cut off, my face completely covered by
her soft ass-cheeks. Wiggling her butt on my face, Miriam adjusted herself
so that my nose was thrust up in between her smothering buttocks. I
couldn't breathe at all, and I was powerless to do anything to save myself.
I was totally at her mercy.

I was starting to see flashes of light when Miriam finally lifted her
ass off my face and turned to look down at me. I immediately began gasping
for breath, trying to get the oxygen my tortured lungs screamed out for.
My head flopped to one side and I couldn't even think, I needed air so bad.
Twisting around so that she could look down at me, Miriam grabbed a handful
of my hair and pulled my face upright.

"Are you having a little trouble breathing there, cunt?" She smiled.

I was barely conscious, I couldn't even try to say anything. I was
seized by total, abject terror as Miriam sat back down onto my face. Once
more her smothering ass robbed me of oxygen as I lay there helpless.

"You know, I could just sit here all day. And I will. Unless you beg
me. I'll just sit here until you die." She told me forcefully.

She sat atop me for another few seconds, but those seconds seemed like
an eternity to me. Again I was gasping for breath as Miriam looked down at

"Go on bitch. Beg! Or you can spend some more time getting to know my
ass!" She yelled at me.

"...P-ppplease.....Mir..Miriam....." Was all that I could manage to

As I fought to breathe, Miriam lowered her ass towards my face once
more. But this time she stopped with her panties just brushing my face, her
skirt covering my head. I was controlled by my fear of her. I was
terrified that she would sit back on my face. Desperately I tried to
satisfy her demands.

"Please Miriam, please....please don't do it again.." I began to feebly
beg into her hovering behind.

As quickly as she had allowed me breath, Miriam took it away again as
her ass slammed back down on my face.

"You call that begging, cunt? I think I'll just sit here until you die
after all." She said, grinding her ass in my face.

I was completely broken. As she smothered the life out of me with her
big ass, I was reduced to a state in which I would do anything to survive.
I was totally defeated, my pride destroyed, my will broken. When she
finally let me breathe once more, I begged with all my power. And I meant
it, I was completely demoralized.

..Miriam...I'm..sorry..I'll do..anything...don't.sit face again.
Please Miriam, I'll do want." I begged, so quickly that I was
even more winded when I finished.

"Anything, huh?" Miriam asked.


"I want you to lick me." She declared confidently.

I couldn't disguise my disgust. I cried out as she suddenly sat back
down on my face!

"Not only that, but you're going to beg me to let you. You're going to
beg to lick me." She ordered arrogantly from her dominating position on my

"It's that, or the last thing you'll ever see is my Puerto Rican ass
coming down on your face. What'll it be?" She asked, lifting her ass only
a tiny bit off my face.

"Please Miriam. I'll do it. Please get off of me." I plead into her

"That's not good enough cunt! Tell me how much you want to lick me."

I could barely think. I was just a puppet then, dancing at her

"Please Miriam, let me lick you." I managed, and I was relieved to see
her behind lift up off of me as she rolled over next to me.

I just lay there trying to catch my breath, but I couldn't help but see
Miriam undoing her skirt and pulling off her panties! Naked from the waist
down, Miriam moved until she was kneeling behind me. I cringed as I waited
for her to move forward and sit on my face again, but instead she just sat
down so that I was between her spread legs. She scooted forward until her
crotch touched the top of my head. I felt her hands on my shoulders, and
then she was rolling my over. I was too weak to even try to resist her. I
was like a ragdoll. She easily rolled me over so that I faced the floor
between her legs. My scalp felt like it was on fire as she yanked my face
up off the floor by my hair. After she slid a little bit closer, she
lowered my face to her crotch. I was immersed in the pungent aroma of her
obvious arousal as I felt her hot wetness against my lips and her rough
pubic hair on my nose.

"Lick!" Came the order.

I couldn't fight her, I just began doing what she wished as best I
could. Holding my face in place with her hands she began to buck her crotch
against my working tongue as I delved deep into her hot sex. As I lapped
faster, Miriam bucked harder, and soon I could feel her cumming. As she
climaxed her thighs clamped down on my head, trapping my face in her cunt as she shivered with pleasure. I was so weak that when she released my
head I couldn't even move. I just lay there with my face turned to the
side, resting on her crotch. My whole face was covered with her juices,
and I was filled with the smell and taste of her as I gasped for air.

Recovering from her orgasm, Miriam pushed me away from her and climbed
to her feet. I rolled over onto my side and began to cry as Miriam pulled
on her panties and skirt. Fully clothed once more, she stood over me
imperiously with her hands on her hips. She looked as if nothing had
happened. Even her hair still looked good. My face was a wreck, with her
cum and my tears. Even my hair was matted to my forehead with her juices,
my god had she ever been wet. I could barely move I was so weak, and there
she was looking so perfect and now, in my eyes, powerful.

"Well, I think I'll leave now. Why don't you kiss my foot, cunt?"
Miriam said, prodding me with her toe.

I just continued to cry as she glared down at me. She prodded my head
with her foot again. I gathered myself enough to kiss the toe of her shoe
before I crumpling back to the floor.

"From now on you're my property. You're going to do what you did for me
today, whenever I want. I own you. You're a pathetic, pitiful, little
lezzy cunt-licker and I know it. And you know it too. I like the idea of
having a slave. Someone to lick me whenever I want, to do whatever I want.
You're mine now." Miriam said, and then she turned and left me there on the

I lay there for at least twenty minutes, powerful sobs wracking my body
as I lay there in my humiliation. I gradually gathered myself and stopped
crying. I tried to make the horrible degradation I had just experience
less obvious. I fixed my hair as best I could, and straightened my clothes
before I left the little room, closing the door behind me. Thankfully no
one was around as I made my way in to the silent locker room (thank god it
was still open). There was a bit of white cloth and a piece of paper
hanging from my lock. Taking the piece of paper I read the note written in
Miriam's neat, looping hand.

"Carol, I will see you tomorrow after school so that we can begin your
training. Here is a gift for you. I want you to keep them with you until
I see you. When you go to bed tonight, smell them and touch yourself like
the little lezzy you are while you remember what I did to you today.

I looked back to my locker door and realized what she had left me. I
began to cry once more as I pulled her panties off my lock and sat down on
the bench. Drawn by some perverse desire, I couldn't help but examine her
wet underwear, the sopping wet crotch beginning to become crusty already. I
sat there sobbing for some time, before I got dressed and went home. I was
in a daze as I left, my tormentor's soiled underwear hidden away in my bag.


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