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MISTAKEN thick drapes that normally stood wide


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. The author may be contacted at (ICQ 51761475). Copyright 1999, Robert B. Morton,
II, all rights reserved.


For those individual not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector--you have been warned. The following is a work of
non-fiction and if this has ever happened to you, then you know like I do!

Mistaken Identity, by Rob Morton (m/F)


When I look back a lot of years at what I'm about to tell you, I feel a
mixture of emotions: Embarrassment, a little humiliation and, yes, some
humor. But I just had to share this with you readers 'cause it's really
just too precious to keep to myself.

Way back in the day, when I was a strapping young buck of 15, I met the
girl who today is my wife. When we first met, we did all the usual things:
take walks in the rain, use of reams of paper writing letters to each other
and, oh, yeah, fucking like rabbits.

There were times, though, when we wanted to get together and do the deed
- but having parents at home during the evening wasn't really conducive to
getting your rocks off, you know? My wife and I (and I'll refer to her as
such in this writing) had our parents' work schedules down pretty pat, so
much that there were times when bagging a day of school was the order of
the day if we wanted to get laid.

We decided one night to play a little hooky so I could get a lot of
nooky. The plan was that she'd leave the front door unlocked the next day
after sneaking back into the house after her parents' left for work; that
way, all I'd have to do is ease on inside. From there, I knew she'd be
naked and in bed waiting for me.

For my part, I knew the hardest part would be walking out of my house
like it was business as usual, without giving my mother the slightest hint
that I was anxious to leave. Just as soon as I was around the corner and
out of sight, my heart started racing and my dick sprang to attention.

I quickly made my way to my wife's house, which wasn't all that far
away, taking care not to get spotted by any of the neighbors; all it would
take would be for one of them to see me heading in the opposite direction
my school was in and, well, there would be hell to pay. But, when you're
15 and full of dick-hardening hormones, well sometimes catching a little
hell is worth it.


I arrived at my destination about ten minutes later. Stepping up onto
the porch, I opened the screen door and tried the doorknob; when the door
opened, I knew I was home free! Once safe inside, my body seemed to shift
the nervous energy I had from worrying about getting busted to anticipating
busting a nut or two in my girl's pussy. I took my time climbing the very
creaky stairs, unmindful of the noise 'cause I knew my baby would hear
them, knew it would be me, and get her juices flowing.

Approaching her room, I eased the door open and stepped into a
surprisingly dark room as the thick drapes that normally stood wide open
were now closed. I thought it a little unusual and, today, such a change
would have made me immediately suspicious. Again, when you're 15 and all
you have on your mind is fucking, well, you just don't pay attention to
that sort of thing.

I dismissed the closed drapes without giving them another thought,
turning instead to the outline of a body buried under the covers. As I
began to undress, I just couldn't wait to sample the delicious delights I
knew lay in wait for me. I stood alongside the bed for a moment, wondering
if my girl was sleeping 'cause she had yet to pull back the covers to
reveal her big tits and juicy cunt.

Which worked for me; I was so horny that while undressing, I decided to
forego the usual kissing/titty sucking/coochie fingering and go right for
the meat of the matter--eating her pussy! I stood there, drooling at the
thought of wrapping my lips around her big clitty and going for what I

So, instead of peeling back the layers of covers, I just climbed into
bed by going under the covers at the middle of the bed, allowing her to
stay covered in the coolness of the room-and putting me right where I
wanted to be.

She was laying with her back to me, wearing nothing but her housecoat; I
gently rolled her over onto her back, using a free hand to part her legs
and, without any preamble, dove headfirst into her warm, musky sex.

Oh, man! Her scent pussy was intoxicating, hot and spicy with just a
hint of perfume; using my fingers carefully, I pushed aside her panties and
parted her outer labia, weaving my way through the thick thatch of pubic
hair until her clit was exposed. As dark as it was under the covers, I
didn't need to see it to know it was lying there waiting for me, big and
fat and oh, so succulent. I also knew that after a few licks, it would
grow bigger and fatter until it felt like a little prick in my mouth; I
actually wiped away a trickle of saliva from my lips before claiming my

At the initial contact, I felt my wife stiffen for a moment as my tongue
slowly worked its way across the very sensitive surface of her bud,
collecting every bit of juice that it found, until she relaxed enough for
me to really get down to business.

A few years before, I had "discovered" the joy of cunnilingus. My
father, for some reason I'll never understand, felt it necessary to warn

"Son," he said in his best fatherly voice. "Whatever you do in life,
don't you ever-and I mean ever-put your mouth on a girl's pussy!"

"Why?" I asked, perplexed at the statement.

"Ah, well, just don't do it because I said so," came the reply.

Which, of course, meant that the first chance I got, I put my mouth on a
girl's pussy to find out why I shouldn't. Needless to say, that was one of
the things my father told me that was pure bullshit...

I sucked my girl's clit into my mouth hard, just as she likes it, and
began twirling my tongue around the blood-engorged head, and was rewarded
with hearing her breath catch in her chest. As I continued to suck and
lick her clit, her breathing came much faster and it didn't take long
before she was moaning and clawing at my back, pushing and holding my head
down-like I needed any encouragement to stay there!

My girl-my wife--squirts when she comes; it's like having a bowl of warm
water tossed in your face. I worked my lips and tongue over every inch of
her pussy I could get at, feeling her clitty jumping and twitching every
time I drew it into my hungry mouth. I felt her body stiffen, followed by
a moan unlike anything I'd ever heard before.

Her hands fumbled along my body until they found my cock and began
stroking it feverishly, which kinda surprised me a little. Just the same,
I concluded that she was just as horny as I was and it explained her
slightly unusual enthusiasm.

Not that my girl was a bad lay, mind you. Despite being a couple of
years older than me, she was inexperienced but eager to learn more after I
deflowered her a few months earlier.

Her hands were flying over my cock, often painfully, but still rather
pleasurable as I continued to eat her until she fell over the edge, showing
my face with a tremendous blast of girl-juice. The force and quantity of
the shower I was getting surprised me for a moment; the surprise turned
into panic as her hot juices found their way up my nose and into my eyes
(even though I had them closed).

Beneath me-and still squirting like a fire hose-my lover bucked and
writhed like a mad woman; somewhere along the line, she let go of my cock,
using her fingers to claw at my body. I hit a really good spot, causing
her to gush again, but also causing her to start pounding on my back and
side while trying to close her legs. I withstood the orgasm-induced
beating I was receiving, focusing on keeping her legs spread wide and her
fountain flowing.

I backed off a little, more to catch my breath than to give her a break.
As I coughed up a little of her spunk, my baby took advantage of the
situation, shedding her now-soaked housecoat and very ruined panties and
roughly grabbing my hips and shoving me into position above her until we
were in a 69, a position I'd recently learned to appreciate.

This time, it was my turn to gasp as her mouth surrounded my tool, her
tongue stabbing at my knob as she proceeded to swallow me whole. The
suddenness of her action froze me in place, wiping out a couple of stray
thoughts that popped into my head.

For one, I'm kinda "proud" to say that at 15, I sported a seven-inch
cock when fully erect. It mostly served to put me on the ass end of a few
jokes made by the guys in the shower after gym... and to not get me laid
on a few occasions; a girl would take one look at me, standing hard and
proud and ready to fuck and say, "Uh, uh-you ain't putting that thing in

It really didn't surprise me that, despite my size, my girl was taking
me deep; after the very first time she did it, she showed great
determination in going for it all until, after only a couple of weeks of
practice, she was able to swallow me effortlessly.

But what she was doing to me now was something else! Not only was she
sucking me like an old pro, she was really aggressive, grabbing my hips and
literally shoving my turgid rod down her gullet. I recovered from my
initial surprise to go back finish the job of laying waste to her cunt.

It was hotter than hell under all those covers; between our perspiration
and her juices flowing like a river, everything was completely drenched.
The atmosphere under there was something to be desired as well, the air
thick and cloying, laced with the nearly overpowering smell of hot pussy. I
knew I wasn't going to last much longer down there before the heat and
relative lack of oxygen caused me to pass out.

I had another problem though, one a bit more immediate. My darling
woman was sucking the shit out of me, her mouth working every inch of my
cock and balls until I felt that dreaded-and most sought after feeling of
my pending release.

Knowing that she didn't want me coming in her mouth, I tried to
disengage myself-to no avail. Even after croaking out that I was about to
cum did nothing but cause her to increase her activity upon my member until
I couldn't hold it any longer.

I grunted as my orgasm kicked me in the back of the head, my pearly load
spilling from me in long, agonizingly delicious spurts; I could feel her
throat working against the quivering shaft of my cock as she swallowed
every drop of my seed, her lips gently milking me for more.

Spent-and damn near out from the heat and sensory overload, I rolled
over onto my back and into the biggest wet spot this side of a swimming
pool; as I squirmed out of the cold wetness, I could swear I was

My lover took advantage of this situation as well, using her hands to
get me to turn until my head poked out of the covers and she had my spot in
the inky darkness. I could feel her hands massaging my semi-hardness,
sending jolts of that peculiar pleasure/pain through me and making the
afterglow that much brighter.

Ah, but she wasn't done with me yet! Much to my surprise, her mouth
closed on me again; with the leverage she now had, she really started to
have her way with me, sucking and slurping loud enough for me to hear her
despite the "soundproofing" offered by the heavy covers. And, just when I
thought it couldn't get better (or worse, take your pick), my next surprise
came in the form of a finger being inserted into my rectum, bringing me
instantly to full erection. Oh, damn-I've died and gone to teenager


My then-girlfriend took her own sweet time sucking me, using her tongue
in some rather imaginative ways. Above her, I was totally oblivious to my
surroundings; my world consisted of my cock buried in her throat and her
finger buried in my ass.

Suddenly, as I was about to cut loose for the second time, she stopped
and scrambled to a kneeling position-my cue to start laying some pipe,
which I took without hesitation, diving back under the stifling environment
of the bed coverings.

I wound up pulling the covers from the bottom of the bed so she could
stick her head out, which would also offer me some of the cool air as well.
Taking a deep breath, I eased my cock into her slowly but firmly. I wanted
her to feel my length and thickness without hurting her, which I had
accidentally done the last time we made love.

Oh, sweet Jesus! Her pussy was so well-lubricated that I slid into her
up to the hilt without even trying. I began to fuck her slowly, relishing
the delightful feel of her cunt gripping me, wanting to draw the moment out
as long as I could.

Sadly, the need to come overshadowed any thoughts about lasting inside
her; I picked up my pace, slamming my cock into her hard enough that the
headboard, down at my feet, banged hard against the wall with each thrust.

My balls tightened and I exploded inside of her, the sensation not as
pleasurable as the first time. As my spunk jetted into her hot moistness,
it felt as if the temperature of my goo had increased tenfold. Kneeling in
front of me, my lady grunted and moaned as I shot into her, shoving her
hips back against me, urging me deeper inside of her.

Once again spent and damn near wasted, I managed to get onto my back
(hit another puddle), drawing in the cool air of the room in big gulps. We
lay there for a moment without moving, each of us taking this precious time
to recover from our orgasmic ordeal.

I'm not sure how much time had passed before I felt her mouth on me
again, coaxing me into hardness once more. This time, we did the 69 on our
sides, allowing us both freedom of movement even though I knew we wanted to
stay locked like this forever. After a couple more episodes of almost
drowning in her juices, I took her from behind again, packing her stuff
like I'd never done it before-or ever would again. And, like before, we
both exploded, tidal waves of pleasure beating onto our youthful, lustful
bodies until neither of us could take any more.

* * *

Time didn't have a lot of meaning for a while, just like I knew it was
something I didn't have a lot of. I managed to peek at the illuminated
dial of my Timex (takes a licking, etc.) and saw that it was later than I
could imagine-I'd have to get going in the next few minutes in order to "be
seen" coming home from school.

My girlfriend-wife was still at the bottom of the bed, snoring softly
and sleeping blissfully. I got up and got dressed, making a mental note to
get in the house and into the shower before mom could smell the heavy scent
of sex on me. As I left her room, I saw the top of her head peeking out of
the covers and I leaned over and kissed the exposed part, completely
satisfied and 1000% in love with the woman who'd bear my children and stay
with me for the rest of our lives.

I made it home and into the shower without much trouble; mom had wanted
to talk about my day "in school;" I promised that we'd talk after I
showered, claiming that I was really funky and needed to be clean. It
wasn't so unusual a statement from me, so mom didn't think much of it.


Somewhere around 5:30 or so, the phone rang-it was my baby, asking me if
I wanted to come up and spend some time with her. Shit, does a bear shit
in the woods? After grabbing my jacket and telling my mother I was
leaving, I hauled ass up the street to my girl's house, anxious to talk to
her about the incredible sex we'd had earlier in the day-I was curious to
find out what had gotten her so hot to trot!

I arrived a few minutes later, speaking to her father when he opened the
door. He grumbled something about my mother and father not being married when I was born, but stepped aside to admit me, pointing me in the
direction of the dining room.

I entered the small dining room to find my girl sitting at the table
studying something. We kissed and engaged in a little small talk before we
got a little quiet (causing her father to investigate, of course). When I
was sure the coast was clear, I turned to her.

"I had a really good time today," I said, my voice full of awe and love
for this girl.

"You did? I didn't," she replied, nodding at the books in front of her.
"They laid a pop quiz on us in three straight classes!"

"Yeah, sure they did," I said with a wink, figuring that she was just
saying this to keep her parents in the dark.

"They did," she protested, a little peeved at me because I appeared not
to believe her. However, one look at her face pretty much wiped the smile
off of mine-I was starting to get a very bad feeling...

"You're serious!" I croaked, the implications just now starting to firm
up in my young brain.

"Of course, I'm serious. Oh, I'm sorry I wasn't here this morning, but
Mom followed me out of the house so far that I had no choice but to go to
school. I guess you found the house locked up and went yourself, huh?"

"Uh, no, I didn't," I said, my blood turning to ice. "I was here."

"You were in here by yourself?" she exclaimed, the disbelief obvious in
her tone of voice.

"Oh, shit," I cursed, the realization finally hitting me like a ton of
bricks. "If you were in school today, then..."

"Then, what?" she prodded. I could imagine that the look on my face was
pretty scary, judging by the was she was looking at me.

"If you were in school, then who was I fucking today?" I said slowly.
Quickly, I told my girlfriend of the events that took place earlier in the
day and, for a very long moment, we both sat and looked at each other, our
minds numb.

Right about that time, a couple of things happened. One, my girl's
father bellowed for her-he needed her to go to the corner store for
something. The next thing that happened was that her mother came out of
the kitchen; she saw me sitting at the table, my mouth hanging open;
instead of the stream of invectives she usually reserved just for me, she
smiled and greeted me pleasantly. In that moment, I knew...

See, what I didn't tell you about was the uncanny resemblance my wife bore to her mother. They were the same height, the same weight, and they
even wore their hair in the same style. Once, I came up behind my
girlfriend, spun her around, and laid one hellacious kiss on her-only to
discover that I had just sucked face with her mother, who was dressed
exactly as her daughter, right down to the penny loafers on her feet!

The room began to swim and I felt very lightheaded and woozy until I
remembered to breathe. With my head clearing a little, my girlfriend's
mother and I just stared at each other, me with a look of total shock and
disbelief, her with one of those smirks that said, "Ah, you didn't know it
was like that, did you?" I remember making some lame excuse to leave after
my baby returned...

It wasn't until after we were married some four years later that I found
out what really happened that fine October day. My wife managed to tell
me, in being laughing at both my stupidity and embarrassment, that her mom had sniffed out our plot to bag school and had a plan of her own. She made
sure her daughter went to school, then returned home and set things up so
that I'd think it was my girl when I arrived.

It was a grand plan, right up to leaving the door unlocked. Today, I
know it's one of the oldest tricks in the book when you're young and trying
to get laid; back then, it never occurred to either of us that her mom would set us up.

The plan was for her to surprise me with her presence, then after
busting my ass, taking me home so my mother could whip me like the
proverbial redheaded step-child. Like I said, it was a nice plan and would
have worked... had I pulled back the covers. Instead, by my diving into
bed-and straight into her-in an unexpected manner, things got quickly out
of hand... and the rest, as they say, is history.

I remember some five years after that "confession" having a conversation
with my now mother-in-law about that day. I won't bore you with what was
said-let's just say that I earned some major brownie points-and a lot of
respect-from her. Yeah, she was laughing the whole time she talked to me,
making me feel like I was 15 again, but I could also see her eyes twinkling
as she recalled the day I fucked her. God, I felt so stupid, not being
able to tell the difference between them! Just goes to show what happens
when you think with the wrong head, doesn't it?

Today, almost thirty years after that memorable day, we get along very
well, as you might imagine, even though I've never really been able to look
her straight in the eyes. Although age and a lot of water under the bridge
have dampened her spirit and her mind, I often wonder if she
remembers-because I always will.



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