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MISTTQC4 old Guinivere and held her


Mist: The Queens Counsel pt 4

Guinivere walked back the way she had just come, her mind in a
turmoil, a "fair swivet" as her old Nursemaid would have put
it, on one hand she was relieved that Arthur had not stumbled
upon the truth of her heritage, but the news that he had deemed
so urgent that he abrogated his Kingly duty to warn her of, now
that was a "whole nother kettle of fish" also a favourite
saying of her Nursemaid.

Guinivere had to admit to a small sneaking appreciation of the
methods of the Earl of Romney, failing to have her killed one
way, he was now attempting another way, and this one contained
just enough truth to make it only too believable to Arthur and
the rest of his advisors.

If Guinivere had not known the truth she would have been
worried herself, the story that the Earl was telling Arthur was
that the Queen of the Sidhe has summonsed from the very hell
pits, a killer so cunning and fierce, whose sole purpose was to
kill Guinivere, and the name of this cunning and fierce

Prince Mathwyr, Mouser himself.

Now Arthur was determined to protect Guinivere, and to this end
he had done some summonsing himself, Merlyn, the famous Warlock
was on his way, Guinivere knew that as soon as Merlyn arrived
he would be able to sense her own powers, she had to get in
touch with Mouser as soon as she could, perhaps the Lady Queen,
her Aunt could teach her a protective spell. Guinivere was
unsure of Merlyns' allegiance, after all he was there on the
suggestion of the Earl of Romney.

Guinivere cast a warding spell about her bed chambers, and
lifted her arms, putting all her power into her call she
summoned Mouser, the urgency vibrating in her, with a
suddeness that startled her, the rainbow rip in reality
appeared and Mouser all but fell through, she eyed him up and
down, noting his somewhat dishevelled and sweaty appearance, she
was not at all surprised when Catdancer followed through the rip,
looking similarly sweaty and dishevelled.

"This had better be important, Guinivere" Mouser almost
snarled, "I was rather busy."

"So I see"

Guinivere replied, looking at Mouser and then pointedly at Catdancer, the B'Eundil smiled and stretched luxuriously, her fur shimmered and rippled as her lithe form swayed gracefully,

"Not that I blame for you being upset, but I would not have
called you if it was not urgent".

She quickly explained to Mouser all that Arthur had said to her, she could see by the look on his face that he was concerned.

"We must visit The Lady at once, the protective spell should
not be to hard, but it is the news of a creature from the pits
of hell that is more disturbing, for I fear that there may be
some kernel of truth in there. If Romneys' ally is indeed
something or someone from beyond the walls of the universe,
and that they have the power to summon a creature from the pits
of hell, then not only is the Land in danger, but this world
and all worlds in the chain of the Walls of the Universe. I
will be back".

And with that Mouser disappeared, Guinivere spoke first,

"I am sorry for disturbing you at such an awkward time"

Catdancer smiled again,

"It is of no concern M'lady, I am sure that His Highness and myself
will find a time and a place to continue"

She grinned and Guinivere was aware not only of the slightly pointed
teeth, and feline smile, but also the scent of lust, the slightly
musky smell that tickled her nose and sent urgent messages travelling
up and down her spine, messages that communicated the B'Eundils' over
powering sexuality, a message that Guinivere was having trouble

Guinivere took a step towards Cat, then hesitated, she lifted her
hands in a gesture of appeal, Catdancer smiled and crossed the
distance between them, she took hold of Guinivere and held her in a
light embrace, Guinivere shivered, she was sure she could feel little
sparks shooting from her fur.

They stood eye to eye, in a light embrace, Guinivere licked her lips,
her hands caressing the warm soft fur on the back of the woman-cat,
only too aware of her own need, and the need that was matched in the
questioning glance of Catdancer.

Their lips met, gently at first and then with rising passion,
Guinivere was aware of the feeling of hands caressing her back,
stroking across her backside, her own hands busy entwining themselves
in the fur that covered the lithe body of the B'Eundil.

Drawing apart, Guinivere gestured towards the bed, wanting to explore
the delights of Catdancer in comfort, with a few simple gestures cat removed her clothing and Guinivere was aware once again of how
exquisite she was, the delightful covering of fur, giving her body a
silky sheen in the half light, the generous mounds of her breasts, the
erect nipples peeking through the fur, down to the mysterious v cleft
of her legs.

Guinvere removed her own clothes, very aware of her own body and the
contrast they made, Cat, lithe and dark, Guinivere, fair but more
rounded of hip and breast.

Cat reached out a hand and traced round Guiniveres' lips, down her
chin, across her shoulders, down through the valley of her breasts,
across a nipple, which made Guinivere gasp with delight, it was like
being stroked with a fur glove, except this was a living fur glove,
the fingers continued their stroking, across her belly and down to her
cunny lips, that were even more pouty than usual, a moan escaped
Guinivere as a delicate finger traced the full length of her cunny.

Cat raised her finger to her nose and sniffed it delicately, her ears
twitching slightly,

"You smell and taste most pleasant M'lady, most pleasant indeed"

Guinivere led cat to the bed, and laid her down upon it, her eyes
feasting on the perfect form, the body that she ached to explore,
taste and touch.
Some hours later Guinivere shook herself awake from the half doze in
which she lay, she looked at the sleeping form of Catdancer, the B'eundil sprawled beside her, her fur taking on a deep burnished
sheen as it reflected the light from the many candles in her bedroom, her body was perfect, and Guinivere remembered with delight the way she felt when cat covered her, it felt like being caressed by a warm living fur coat, which in essence it was, she also remembered with a faint re-awakening of desire, how it felt to have that fur caressing her cunny and clit, and then moving slowly deep inside her.

Idly Guinivere reached down and gently stroked her cunny lips, remembering with pleasure the delight they had just shared, a small moan escaped her lips, her eyes closed and she gave herself over to a slow gentle exploration of her cunny, then on her face she felt a small breath of air, looking up she looked straight into the eyes of Catdancer, who was watching her intently, her lips parted and eyes alive with desire.

"May I, M'Lady?"

Guinivere nodded and held her breath as Catdancer slowly slid down the bed, the first touch of her tongue on her cunny lips made Guinivere gasp with pure delight, Catdancer had the rough tongue of her race, and all the skills of one who is used to taking care of a skin covering of fur, light touches, followed by skilfull licks and nibbles had Guinivere writhing on the bed, her hands grasping and and kneading the warm furry coat of Catdancer, slowly but surely cat played on her clit and cunny lips until Guinivere, her back arched off the bed, screamed her passion out.

The sound of a voice brought them both back to earth,

"That looks most delightful my Ladies, and I wish I could join in,
but My Lady mother requests our attendance, as soon as possible"

It was Mouser of course, Guinivere looked at Mouser and they both laughed, Guinivere remembering other times when Her Lady, The Queen of the Sidhes' summons had come at highly inconvienent times.

Catdancer lithely sprang up from the bed, stretched and then put her clothes back on, pausing only to lingeringly kiss Guinivere on the lips, and to playfully grab Mousers' crotch, she spoke a few words and stepped into the rip in the fabric of reality that opened at her command.

"Call me if you need me, either of you, just call my name and I shall
be with you in the instant, I have powers and tricks of my own, that
may prove useful"

Mouser extened his hand to Guinivere, he took in her dishevelled state and spoke a few words, Guinivere was now fully clothed and no trace of the smell of the pleasures that she had enjoyed remained, she wrinkled her nose, took hold of his hand and together they stepped into the rip in reality that Mouser opened, off to meet with her Aunt, The Queen of The Sidhe.

to be cont..

(c) Teddy 1998.


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