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MJOA men Do not follow me


<xmp>You kids and your damn music. It sounds like a bunch
of noise to me. Go away if you're under 18.

Mike and Joan of Arc
by Alexi92

It was a fucking train, I swear to God. It was
a fucking train that came out of nowhere. Well I
guess you would know. It was filled with the people
that everyone said were the sickest sexual perverts
of society.

"Come Mike," it said, and I got on. I don't
know why, I don't think anyone here really
understands why they got on the train. We just
readily accepted that a train coming out of nowhere
was going to take us somewhere cool.

Perverts can be stupid that way. Those who
write erotic stories like me especially so. Our
suspension of disbelief is rather high. How else can
we accept that a woman would enjoy getting raped by
elephants? (I still can't believe I keep getting away
with that one. You would have thought one of my
readers would have called me on that one, instead it
just passes through their perception like it happens
every day.)

But it all paid off. The people here have been
fucking around with history. Literally, fucking
around with, in, and onto history. All in all, it's
been fun to watch. I haven't participated yet because
I've already made my plans.

See I mainly write stories about celebrities
getting fucked. Usually they're raped in the process.
I like writing it and people like reading it. But
it's kind of given me a certain wish to actually do

Hey, I know what you're thinking. You're on a
train traveling through time, just pop into some
starlet's dressing room and fuck her. Nice thinking,
but unlike my stories there would be real
consequences. I'm pretty sure whatever starlet I'd
pick wouldn't like it all that much. And since they
could describe me to the police I'd pretty much be
fucked once the train ride was over. Unless I decided
to stay on the train and I'm not planning on that.

So I made my arrangements with the powers that
be. I'm going back and I'm fucking the biggest
starlet of all time. And there's no way she can rat
me out, not that it would matter if she did, she died
hundreds of years before I was born. That's right,
I'm going back and raping Joan of Arc. Oh, here's my
stop. I'll tell you about it when I get back.


"All right, get yer ass out of 'ere." I never
did like the ticket conductor much. He handed me a
couple devices for my trip as the train stopped. I'm
not sure if any of the locals understand what the
fuck is going on, or even if they can see the train.
And I don't much care. I was too excited about what I
planned to do.

Getting off the train I pushed a button on one
of the devices. I watched the train leave. It just
sort of disappeared, really fucked up. I was now left
alone in the middle of France. As far as I could tell
I was invisible to the locals or else the device the
conductor had handed me were shit. Who ever heard of
a Temporal Cloaking Device anyway?

Taking a quick scan of my surroundings I
figured I was near some old church. The sound of
approaching horses came from over a distant hill. I
hid behind a tree just to be sure. The sound of the
horses came closer and closer until they came into
view. At the head of the large party of armored men
was a young boy with short cropped hair.

As they came closer I could see the boy's face
more clearly. It was more feminine and finer than
most men. And he had breasts. Yes! It was her. A
woman at the head of French troops, barley out of
puberty! This had to be her. God, what were the odds?

I said a silent thank you to the powers that be
as the party rode up to the church and Joan got off
her horse. I could see her clearly now, she was cute,
short black hair, young. Really young. Covered in
armor except for her head. It was hard to see her
breasts underneath her armor but I had hopes.

Like I said, she got off her horse. The rest of
the party stayed mounted on the horses. (I wish I
could have brought one of them in with me to help
rape her but I didn't want to risk raising
suspicions. If one of your horses was suddenly lead
away from you into a church by an invisible hand
wouldn't you get suspicious. But still, imagine a
horse's dick fucking Joan's tight pussy.)

Where was I? Oh yeah. So Joan got off her horse
and told her men ",Do not follow me. I must pray to
God alone so that I may hear his directions for the
victory of France."

I understood her, so the other device, the
translator, was working. Joan walked into the church
as the men waited outside. I saw my chance. Slowly I
crept from behind the tree. When it became clear that
none of the men could see me I walked confidently
into the church, following Joan.

She was praying at an old decayed altar. I
picked up a rather large piece of wood off the floor
and crept up behind her as quiet as I could. I made
some sound because when I was about half way behind
her she turned and looked in my direction. I froze
but she went back to her prayer, probably dismissing
the sound as rodents. I got behind her and I hit the
back of her head as hard as I could with the wood and
she slumped onto the altar. I picked her up, which
was more difficult than it seemed, that armor was
heavy. I pressed another button on the invisibility
device and she too was made invisible from the

Slowly, she was really heavy, I walked out of
the church carrying my young prize. I continued past
the waiting men until I was sure I was far enough
away from them that they wouldn't notice any sounds I
made. I dropped Joan to the ground and proceeded to
drag her to the closest barn. It was surprisingly
close but by the time I had dropped her body onto a
pile of hay she was beginning to stir.

I quickly pulled her sword away from her waist
and waited for her to awaken. Once her senses had
returned she sat up and tried to get a feel for her
surroundings. I have no doubt it was all confusing
for her but she focused on me holding her sheathed
swords in my hands.

"Who are you? What have you done?" she

"Take off your clothes," I told her.

Now here it came, just like any good, and some
not so good, rape story, the defiance. She launched
herself at me. I wasn't too sure about this part, she
had some military training and battlefield
experience. But the armor she wore was for blades. I
swung the heavy sword at her body and it clanged
against her armor. She hurtled backwards as the
force, not the blade, of the sword slammed into her
body. She landed in the hay on her back. I walked up
to her and pressed the edge of the sword against her

"Take off your clothes," I repeated.

She stood, I took a step back. I kept the sword
level with her head as she began to remove her armor.
She tried to talk me out of my plan, she had probably
guessed I wanted to rape her. I think she's been
through a lot of attempted rapes before.

"This won't work," she said, pulling off the
last of her armor. "Others have tried to rape me
before. Always they have been stopped by God."

Now I had heard about the Saint Joan theory
before. That she had received instructions from God.
I didn't buy it. If it were true then why did she get
burned up?

I waited patiently, the last of the armor fell
to the ground with an audible ring. She stood wearing
some sort of medieval jerkin looking at me
expectantly. I guess she really expected that God
line to work. Shame for her.

"Take off your clothes," I said.


"God can't help you now. Strip or I'll knock
you unconscious and do it myself, but when I finish
with you I'll cut your vocal chords so you can't
speak and take you to a village to be used by the
peasants who won't recognize you and won't hear your

I'm not sure if she knew what vocal chords were
but it scared her enough that she began to pull off
her jerkin. Soon she was naked, her small body
trembling with fear, covering her private parts with
her hands. She was embarrassed by this, her face was
red as a beet. I told her to lay down in the hay and
she slowly lowered her self onto it. You should have
seen it, she was so cute trying to lower herself onto
the hay without uncovering her breasts or pussy.
Finally she gave up and uncovered her small breasts
to free an arm to support her descent.

Once she was on the hay she covered her breasts
up again. I didn't mind, she'd soon forget about
modesty. I resheathed the sword and brought it down
on her stomach, hard. She gasped in pain and her
hands moved to cover the area I had hit. Her hand no
longer covering her pussy, I plunged the sheathed
sword into her pussy, smashing through her hymen.

Didn't I mention? Oh yes, Joan of Arc was a
virgin up until that point. Now she had lost her
virginity to her own sword. With a few inches of the
weapon shoved in her cunt Joan began to gasp every
couple of seconds as I moved the thing into a better
position. Now you've got to remember that this sword,
or at least the sheath was inside of her as I rotated
it maybe ninety degrees. Then when I got it in just
the right position I pushed the sword into her as far
as I could. Joan let out a loud scream, but no one
was around to hear it. The sword went in maybe six
inches before it met some real resistance.

I began pushing against the resistance and with
each push Joan let out a yell. I think I got about a
foot and three quarters of the sword into her body
before I thought I was actually going to rip through
some sort of delicate organ. Now I know I write about
women fitting a good two to five feet into themselves
but really. I mean I would have loved to get the
sword up to its hilt into her but realistically
that's not going to happen. (It's a cool idea though.
He who can pull the sword from the cunt shall be

Unable to push any further I pulled the sword
out slightly and then rammed it back in her cunt as
hard as I could, really fucking her with her own
sword and sheath. Joan started to cry as her body was
used as a plaything.

Finally I couldn't take it any more. I took the
sword out of her cunt. It was covered in various
juices from her pussy, including blood. I considered
making Joan lick the liquids off but I wanted to fuck
her. Instead I pushed the sword and sheath into her
tight asshole. Even though it was really tight the
weapon went in really quickly, lubricated by her own

Joan's scream from this new violation was music
to my ears. I pulled off my pants and lay on top of
her. Even though she had lost her virginity less than
a few minutes ago to her sword she pleaded with me to
not commit the act I was intent on completing.

I fucked her. There's no better description.
With her own sword hanging out of her ass as she lay
naked on the hay in some unknown barn I fucked Joan
of Arc. Her cries for mercy soon got further and
further apart, interrupted momentarily with gasps of
pleasure. I'm not sure why but her body was
undergoing a response of pleasure even as her mind
rebelled. With each thrust I introduced her to the
pleasures of sex. No doubt it was a traumatizing
experience but it was also the best fuck I've ever

Her protests stopped and soon she was just
shouting as an orgasm shook her body. The feeling as
she was shivered beneath my body was incredible. I
continued to work my cock in her cunt and soon came
in her body. I fell on top of her and could feel her
breath on my neck as she lied motionless beneath me.
By now she had to have been scared out of her wits.
Aside from being violated and losing her sacred
virginity she had just experienced a pleasure she
probably thought was of Heaven or Hell.

I pushed myself up and pulled the sword, sheath
and all, out of her ass. Joan let out a sigh of
relief as the anal invader was removed. That relief
was to be short lived. I pulled the sword from the
sheath and held it above her head.

"Take this," I said, and held the sheath close
to her hand. Without taking her eyes off of me Joan
took the sheath in her hand. It was coated in shit
stains, blood, and vaginal fluids. I told her to
clean it with her mouth. Scared and tired she did,
licking the juices and foul deposits from the metal

That's when the train came back. Joan probably
thought it was the Hell carriage come to reclaim me.
Who knows? I put my cock back in my pants and kissed
one of her nipples. I admit to taking a little nibble
on the fleshy nub. I got back on the train and left
her there naked and deflowered. I don't know what she
did after that. Maybe she put her clothes and armor
back on and went to her men claiming that a miracle
had happened that took her from the church to a farm.
I like to think she masturbated with her sword's

Because see, I took a little souvenir with me.
See, the sheath. I can still smell her juices and
shit on it.

Oh shit, look at that. I knew not all the
sickos here were as old as they claimed to be. What
is she fourteen? Sixteen? Excuse me, I'm going to go
talk to her.



This story was rejected by the Fantasy Train '99. (Or
rather sent an no response ever given.) Why? Probably
because it is a non-consensual story, that's why.
They didn't want any nc stories. While I find the
rule rather limiting and somewhat absurd I must
respect their wishes.

But really, how could I not have written a story
about Wonder Mike and not made it nc? So instead I
adjusted some bits and turned it into a regular time-
travel rape story.

feedback is appreciated. Send comments to...

Most of my stories are archived at


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