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MODEL camera and got several shots


My Day as a model by Kelly Adams (

Even from the outside the house was fabulous. A huge tri-level,
modern architecture yet perfectly fitting in with the natural
surroundings. The neighborhood, with its hilly topography and large
lot sizes, gave the illusion that the house was isolated.

I parked my car in the driveway up next to the garage and got out.
The day was absolutely gorgeous: brilliant sunshine, low humidity
and a light breeze. I had enjoyed driving up the windy mountain
roads to get here, the top down on the convertible and the wind
whipping through my long dark hair. I paused to run a brush through
my hair, then tossed my sunglasses in the front seat before walking
up the walk to the door.

The house had a very open design with plenty of windows. I paused to
catch my reflection in one. I'm usually not vain, but there's
nothing like an impending date with a camera to make a girl self
conscious about her looks. Still, the reflection cast back by my
5'6" frame was quite pleasing. I was wearing a simple outfit: a
lilac scoop-neck tee which showed off my ample bra-less cleavage and
a pair a white stretch shorts which flowed smoothly over the curve
of my ass. Everyone has good and bad days, but today I felt very
happy with my body.

I rang the doorbell, a booming two-tone which I could hear echo
throughout the house. A man answered the door: mid-30s, wearing
khakis and a polo shirt, rather handsome in a casual, unassuming
way. "You must be Kelly," he said, greeting me with a smile.

"That would make you Rick," I responded.

"Indeed it would. Come on in," Rick said. I walked through the
doorway and he closed the door behind me. "Tantra was right," Rick
said, taking my hand and giving it a kiss. "You're a very attractive

"Thank you," I said, enjoying the compliment and the attention.

"I'm so glad that you agreed to model for me today."

"I almost didn't come," I admitted, "but the offer was too
intriguing. And Tantra said that you were an excellent photographer
and you wouldn't mind working with someone who had no experience."

"I'll do everything I can to make you comfortable today," Rick
assured me. "Above all, we're here to have fun."

I took a moment to look around now that I was inside. The interior
of the house was even more fabulous than the outside. The atrium we
were standing in had marble floors and in the center was a Romic
fountain and pond, featuring two naked figures, a man and a woman,
not involved in anything overtly sexual but with more than a hint of
eroticism. From the front of the atrium where we were standing I
could see several rooms, all large and airy, as well as up the
staircase to a grand balcony. A series of strategically placed
skylights offered natural lighting to all corners of the house.

"This place is fabulous," I remarked to Rick.

"Yes it is, isn't it," Rick agreed. "We had it built just a little
over a year ago. It was designed not only as living space but also
for my photography; we can use just about any room in the house as a

I walked around the atrium over to the fountain, the heels of my
flats clip-clopping on the marble floor. The gently cascading water
from the fountain had a nearly hypnotic effect, and down in the
shallow water of the pool were several fish, idly swimming by.

"Would you like something to drink, a glass of wine perhaps?" Rick

"That would be great, thanks," I told him. As Rick wandered off to
get the wine, I walked around the house a bit more, doing some brief
exploring. A sitting room, a large living room, a music room with an
amazing grand piano, all impecably furnished. Several examples of
Rick's photography graced the walls, most featuring black and white
nudes of a very attractive blonde woman, tasteful and seductive. I
stopped to study one of the pictures in the hall more closely: the
woman had her back turned to the camera, her head down, the shadows
not quite covering the gentle curves of her ass and the nipple of
her right breast just barely not covered by her arm.

"She's beautiful," I said to Rick as he returned and handed my a
glass of white wine. "Who is she?"

"That's Kathy," Rick explained. "My lover and, as you can see, one
of my best subjects."

As I continued to study the photograph, Rick moved around behind me.
With his free hand he pushed aside my hair, exposing my bare neck
which he proceeded to kiss and nuzzle. I tilted my head to the side,
exposing even more of my neck to his attentions. "Mmmmm, that's
nice," I said. "But maybe we should get on with the business at hand
first." The tone of my voice told him that there would be plenty of
opportunity for fooling around later...


Rick put his arm around my waist and led me down the hall to a room
in the back of the house. "In here you'll find a variety of
outfits," he told me. "Tantra told me what size you wear, so I took
the liberty of pulling some suggestions out for you. But feel free
to pick out whatever you want. Take your time; I'll be waiting for
you in the music room."

Inside the room was a clothes-loving woman's dream. All sorts of
outfits, from romantic to sexy to erotic to slutty, in a variety of
sizes and colors. I hardly knew where to begin!

I finally decided on something a bit on the conservative side to
begin with: A long black knit dress that fell all the way down to
mid-thigh. It closed up the front with a long series of hook and
eyes closures, however, meaning that I could easily adjust the
amount of cleavage and leg that would show. I undid four hooks at
the top, giving a nice vee to show off the tops of my breasts, and
undid the bottom almost all the way to my crotch, allowing my entire
bare leg and thigh to show as I walked. I capped the outfit off with
a pair of two-inch flat black heels.

Returning back to the front of the house, I found Rick finishing
getting set up in the conservatory. He had a big camera on a tripod,
plus a couple of other smaller cameras that he could hold and
operate by hand. He let out a low whistle when I walked into the
room. "Damn, that's sexy!" he told me.

"Thanks," I said, fighting off the urge to blush. "What do I do

"You can start by going over to the piano," he told me.

"What should I do?"

"Nothing special, just relax, be yourself. Trust me and the camera to bring out your natural beauty."

I began by sitting on the bench, crossing my legs to let the skirt
of the dress ride up and show off the maximum amount of thigh. Then
I straddled the bench, leaning forward to display my cleavage. Rick
had me undo a couple more buttons so that the cloth of the dress
barely covered my nipples.

Next I stood and leaned back against the piano as though I was
relaxing. Then Rick had me put the lid down and get on top, laying
across the cool ebony wood.

Before I knew it, nearly thirty minutes had passed. "That was great,
Kelly," Rick told me as he helped me down from on top of the piano.
He gave me a brief kiss, lingering just slightly too long to be
completely chaste. "Why don't you head down to the changing room and
pick out something a little more... revealing?"

I chose a short little knit turquoise tankdress, which fit my curves
like a glove with a hemline that stopped mid-thigh. There was no
room for a bra under the thing, and I decided to go pantiless as
well--if Rick wanted revealing, that's what he'd get!

When I came back out, Rick had set up in the library. He told me to
begin by getting a book down from the top shelf. The bookcases were
too tall for me to reach, but luckily there was a ladder. As I began
to climb, Rick took his handheld camera and got several shots of my
ass. I looked over my shoulder down at him, giving the camera a sexy
gaze before continuing my ascent.

The top shelf was full of various classics in erotic literature, all
leather bound in what seemed to be rather fancy editions (I'd have
to ask late about his book club!) I grabbed a copy of "Lady
Chatterly's Lover". Coming back down, Rick told me to sit in the
leather chair and make like I was reading. "You'll find a pair of
reading glasses in the top desk drawer," he told me, indicating the
large cherry wood desk next to the chair.

"I don't need them," I told him, somewhat confused.

Rick smiled. "Trust me, it'll look damn sexy," he explained.

I put on the glasses and sat down in the chair, crossing my legs and
opening up the book. I imagined that with the short dress, glasses
and book I must look like a very literate slut! Rick had me spread
my legs apart, which caused the hem of the dress to ride up and
exposed my smooth pussy. I pretended to be deeply engrossed in the
book, oblivious to the show I was giving to the camera. Finding a
passage at random, I began to read:

She stared at him, dazed and transfixed, and he went over and
kneeled beside her, and took her two feet close in his two hands,
and buried his face in her lap, remaining motionless. She was
perfectly dim and dazed, looking down in a sort of amazement at
the rather tender nape of his neck, feeling his face pressing her
thighs. In all her burning dismay, she could not help putting her
hand, with tenderness and compassion, on the defenceless nape of
his neck, and he trembled, with a deep shudder.

I placed my hand down between my legs and began to lightly rub my
pussy. I imagined a lover gently kissing my sex. I dropped the book
down into my lap and closed my eyes, lost in the gentle pleasure I
was giving myself. I came, not a hard come, but very gentle and

"That was great!" Rick told me as I opened my eyes back up and
joined the world once again.

I set the book down and stood up, pulling the hem of my dress down
again. "That was just a warm-up," I told him. "You haven't seen
anything yet!" To make my point, I came up to him and kissed him,
hard, my body pressing tightly against his.


My next outfit was a short denim dress with a zipper up the front,
with a thong and a pair of open-toed sandals to complete the outfit.
Rick had me pose on and around the fountain in the atrium in poses
ranging from attractive to sensual to teasingly erotic.

"Open that dress up," he told me as he snapped my picture. "Let's
see those incredible tits of yours!" Sitting on the edge of the
fountain, I unzipped the dress down to my navel and folded the sides
of the dress back, freeing my breasts. "Oh yeah, that's great!" Rick
told me. "Play with them." I began to run and squeeze my tits,
offering them up to the camera. I licked my index finger and then
rubbed it around my erect nipples, feeling their hardness.

"Excellent," Rick encouraged. "Now take off your
sandals--slowly--let it dangle off your toes." I sat up sideways on
the edge of the fountain, stretching my long legs out and dangling
my sandal off of my foot.

"What next?" I asked Rick.

"Let's go outside," he suggested.

"Great!" I stood up and unzipped the dress, tossing it down on the
floor next to my sandals. Wearing only the thong, I walked barefoot
through the living area and out through the large sliding glass door
to Rick's back yard.

The garden outside was incredible, with plenty of flowers and plants
and trees. The cool blades of grass felt heavenly between the toes
of my bare feet. I laid down in the grass and spread my arms wide,
feeling a connection to the Earth goddess. A ladybug crawled up on
my arm and across my chest, oblivious to the erotic zone she was

"I'm going to get a few shots of your feet," Rick told me. "Tantra
will like that."

"A foot fetish, huh? I'll have to remember that for the future!" I
remarked wickedly.

Next Rick had me get up and wander about the garden. "Pretend I'm
not even here," he told me. I decided to strip out of the thong too,
so that I'd be completely naked while enjoying nature's splendor.

After several minutes of that we went back inside. Rick had me put
the thong back on so that he could get a good set of shots of me
taking it off. Standing in front of the fountain, I wrapped my
thumbs in the side of the thong and lowered it, bending over as I
went. Rick stood behind me and took pictured as I leaned over,
getting a great view of my pussy and it peeked out between my

I then stepped over the edge of the fountain and into the shin-high
water. Slowly I walked around the circumference counter-clockwise,
rubbing my hand along the statues in the center. Then I climbed up
to join the statues, posing along with them in naked eroticism.

"How about some more shots of you playing with your pussy?" Rick
prompted. I got down from the fountain and onto my hands and knees
on the cool marble floor. Spreading my legs apart, I moved my hand
down under my body to my crotch. I ran my thumb along my slit, just
barely entering inside the outer labia.

Rick got down on the floor behind me for a few close-up shots of my
pussy. I laid my front half down on the floor, feeling the smooth
marble floor pressing against my naked breasts.

I was so caught up in the moment. With Rick's prompting and
guidance, I felt like the only woman in the world, displaying myself
for the lens of his camera.

Once I finished frolicking on the floor, Rick suggested that we take
some shots out at the pool. He told me to go put on something
appropriate while he set up out there. I'm sure he was expecting me
to opt for one of the skimpy bikinis he had put out for me, but I
dug around in the changing room for a bit and found something much
better: a mesh dress with a very open weave. Really, this thing
didn't even pretend to hide anything, it just hung on my body like a
white net, my nipples poking out proudly through two of the holes.
It was sleeveless, hanging gently around my neck and cascading down
my body, ending in tassels just above my knees.

Rick let out a low whistle of appreciation when I stepped out
wearing the mesh dress. He went wild with the camera, taking a
snapshot with every step I took towards the pool. The shallow end of
the pool had graduated steps down into the water; I went down a
couple of steps so that the tassels on the end of the dress were
just barely floating. Rick took several more pictures as I slowly
turned around, giving him a good view of my sides and backside.

"Now go for a little swim," Rick told me. I pulled the dress off
over my head, tossed it onto one of the deck chairs surrounding the
pool, then stepped down in further. The shallow end came up just to
the bottoms of my breasts, so that they looked as though they were
floating on the water. I stepped down towards the deep end, the
water slowly creeping up to my neck until finally the floor dropped
away and I was swimming. I swam back and forth a couple of laps,
enjoying the feel of the cool water as it flowed past my naked body.

Back in the shallow end, I found one of the water jets which
circulated the water. I positioned my pussy over it so that it was
blowing out directly on my clit, a most wonderful feeling. I giggled
and cooed with pleasure, holding onto the edge of the pool for
support. I had a big ol' smile plastered on my face. "Oh God, Rick,
this is heaven!" I remarked.

"You like that water blowing on your clit, huh?" Rick said as he
took a picture of the pleasure in my face.

"Oh yeah. This is the life." I stayed there for several more minutes
until I came back out of the pool.

Standing beside the pool, the water on my body dripped off, rapidly
at first but them more slowly. Rick circled me with his camera,
snapping pictures of my body's shimmering wetness. Beads of water
dripped down from my neck and chest onto my breasts, passing my
nipples before plunging off down to my feet.

Rick set his camera down and came over to me with a towel, softly
patting me down dry. His hands through the cloth gently caressed my
naked body. "You are fabulous," he said to me softly. "So beautiful
and so sexy." Once my body was dry he brought over a white silk
robe, holding it open for me while I slipped my arms into it. "Let's
go back inside and rest for a bit before continuing," he suggested.


"Hungry?" Rick asked me as we walked back into the house.

"Famished, actually," I told him. "Who would've thought that all
this posing would be such hard work?"

"Actually, you make it quite easy. You're quite a natural at this,"
he complimented me.

Rick led me into the kitchen which, like everything else in his
gorgeous house, was spacious and welcoming. A large preparation area
featured two ovens, a large refrigerator and an island with an
embedded range, over which hanged several copper pots and utensils.
There was a bar/counter with several stools which separated it from
the eating area, which featured a natural oak finish table and
chairs. In the center of the table was a selection of fresh cut
flowers, adding a touch of color and aroma to the room. Large plate
glass windows allowed the eating area to be bathed in natural light,
while a skylight provided the same for the preparation area.

Rick fixed us up each a chicken salad sandwich and a tall glass of
pink lemonade. I started to devour mine, showing that I was more
ravenous than I thought.

"Would you like to see some of my other work?" Rick asked as we were

"Sure," I told him. He left the kitchen momentarily and then came
back with a pair of large photo albums. I opened one up to a random
page and started to page through. There were a multitude of
photographs of women in various poses, locations and states of
undress. A large variety of ages, sizes and colors were represented,
all looking beautiful and sexy through Rick's lens.

When I paused at one of the pictures for a longer gaze, Rick spoke
up. "You like that one, huh?"

The picture was of a woman standing completely naked on the bow of a
sailboat, her arms outstretched to meet the sun, her lithe body
exposed to the sea breezes which were blowing her long wavy blonde hair about. "She's beautiful," I told Rick.

"That she is," Rick agreed. "Her name is Evelyn. I took that picture last summer aboard my boat on the bay. I swear, that woman must have
been a mermaid in a previous life; she seemed so at home with the

Paging through the album some more, I stopped again at a picture of
two buxom redheads in teddies sitting on a large canopied bed. The
two women looked so much alike that I figured they must be sisters,
or perhaps even... "Twins?"

"Yup," Rick confirmed. "Shannon and Meghan, two lovely Irish lasses.
They only posed for me that one time, but my god what an afternoon
it was!"

After I finished looking through the first album, Rick pushed the
second over in front of me. "These are a bit more risque," he

Opening up the cover, I was greeted by a picture of our mutual
friend Tantra. He was naked, presumably, standing behind an equally
naked woman, his hands wrapped in front of her to cover her
genitals. The woman had her arms stretched up around and behind
Tantra's head. Her head was tilted up and back, looking into
Tantra's face while his eyes looked straight forward at a point
behind the camera. The effect was mesmerizing.

As I paged through the book, the pictures of men and women (and
women and women) posing together gave way to more and more explicit
depictions of sex, all erotically and tastefully photographed. Many
of the photographs featured Rick's girlfriend Kathy getting intimate
with both men and women.

"You don't mind Kathy getting involved with your subjects like
this?" I asked Rick.

"Not at all," he replied. "Kathy is such a sexual creature, it is a
joy to photograph her in such situations."

I continued to look through the album. "The pictures of women
together don't bother you?" Rick asked.

I smiled in response. "Tantra must not have told you too much about
me," I responded. "I live with my girlfriend of several years."

"You'll have to bring her along next time," Rick told me. "That is,
if you think she'd enjoy this sort of thing."

"Enjoy it? Hell, she'd revel in this! She's quite an exhibitionist
at heart."

After finishing up the second album I closed it and turned to
address Rick. "Can I ask a question?"

"Sure," Rick said.

"I noticed that there weren't any pictures involving you in here;
plus, you haven't even attempted to make a move on me since I've
been here. So what's up? And don't say that you're not interested; I
can see the tent that your dick has been making in your trousers
while you photograph me!"

Rick smiled. "I've got a rule," he told me. "I never have sex with
my subjects. It interferes with the work environment and cheapens
the whole thing."

"You mean you never fuck the girls you take pictures of?" I asked,
disappointment showing through on my face.

"Now, I never said that," Rick clarified. "I just never sleep with
women while I'm shooting them." Rick's eyes roamed across my body,
exposed by the robe which was hanging wide open. "Not that I haven't
been sorely tempted on occasion," he added.

I smiled, practically blushing. Turning, I grabbed my drink from the
table and gulped down the last bit of lemonade. "So, I guess we
should get back to work. What next?"

"Up to you," Rick told me.

I turned my head to look around the room we were in. "I think that
this kitchen would make an excellent place for our next setting," I
told him.

Rick agreed, and went to get his equipment. While he was out, I
found a chef's hat and a skimpy white apron, which replaced my robe.
The apron barely came down past my crotch in e front, and in the
back it covered nothing at all.

Once Rick got back and set up, I started in on he task of baking
chocolate chip cookies. I spent a good deal of time searching for
ingredients, bowls and utensils, bending over to look in the lower
cabinets and stretching on my tip-toes to reach the high ones,
giving Rick plenty of opportunities to take pictures of my
'inadvertently' exposing myself. Once I had thing together I began
to mix up the dough, purposely making a bigger mess than necessary
(there are few things cuter in this world than a girl with a face
full of flour!).

"Here, taste some," I said to Rick, offering him a god of cookie
dough on the end of my finger. He took my finger into his mouth and
licked it clean, slowly and sensuously. I took the big wooden spoon
I had used to mix it up and licked it clean of batter.

Eventually I managed to get the dough in gobs on the cookie tray and
into the hot oven. "Boy, it's getting hot in here," I said, as both
the activity and the heat from the oven were making me sweat. I took
off the apron and hat, tossing them on a chair as Rick's camera continued to click.

While the cookies baked I made an effort to clean up the mess I'd
made. But as with the mixing I was quite a bit sloppier than
necessary, getting suds from the sink on my nose as well as other
portions of my body.

After taking the cookies out of the oven I let them rest on the
cooling rack for a couple of minutes before trying one. As I bit in,
a bit of melted chocolate dripped down onto my breast, which I wiped
up eagerly with my finger to lick off.

"Try one," I told Rick, holding a fresh warm cookie up to his mouth.
"MMmmmm," he said as he chewed and swallowed. "A girl who's gorgeous
*and* knows how to cook," he remarked. "You really are a man's

"You better believe it!" I told him. I opened up the refrigerator to
get out a gallon of milk. The cool air from the icebox flowed over
my body, causing my nipples to instantly get erect and harden.

I poured us each a glass of milk and we sat down at the counter to
eat our cookies. Rick finished first and I still had half a glass of
milk left. "Spill it on yourself," he told me, as he picked his
camera back up.

"But it'll get all over your floor!"

"It'll wipe up," he assured me.

I stood up from the stool and held the glass of milk as though I was
going to drink it, then instead poured it slowly down the front of
my body. The cool white liquid cascaded down my naked body, over my
breasts and down my stomach, past my crotch and down my legs. "Like
that?" I asked, setting the empty glass back down.

"Perfect," Rick told me. "That was fabulous!"

"Look at me; I'm a mess!" I said as I stood in a puddle of milk.

"I guess it's time to hit the showers then," Rick told me.

I used a wash cloth to stop the liquid from dripping, the Rick pointed
me the way back to the washroom.

"Hey, there's no door on the shower stall!" I called out when I

Rick showed up in the doorway moments later, camera in hand and a
big grin on his face. "What? You didn't think I was going to pass up
this photo op, did you?"

I turned the water on and stepped into the shower, enjoying the warm
water that began to wash away the milk and sweat and flour that
covered my body. A large vent near the ceiling sucked the steam away
so that the view of Rick's camera was unobscured.

The shower head was a removable shower massage, so after I lathered
up and rinsed my long dark hair I took down the shower head and
began to move it all over my body. Across my shoulders and breasts,
over my midsection, behind my back, down my legs, until finally it
came to rest in my crotch. Like with the jets in the pool earlier, I
enjoyed the pulsating flow of water on my pussy. My free hand joined
the shower massage, and I began to slide my finger in and out of my
pussy while the water pulsated on my clit. I closed my eyes and
leaned back against the wall of the shower stall, enjoying the
feeling of pleasure that was moving throughout my body. When my
orgasm finally came, my legs gave out and I slid down into the
corner on the floor, letting the shower head swing free like a
pendulum. "Oh God," I said, looking up at Rick as I regained my
senses. "I love those things!"

"Damn, but you look really sexy while coming," Rick told me as he
offered me a hand to stand up. He offered me a towel but I was too
worn out to hold it, so Rick dried me off hisself. The soft cloth
being wielded by Rick's strong hands made me feel so safe and

I slowly gathered my strength back, but Rick and I decided that I'd
probably had enough for one day. After drying my hair I returned to
the changing room to put my own outfit back on and met Rick back in
the foyer.

"Thank you for coming today," Rick told me. "You made for a
wonderful subject, especially considering that this was your first
time out."

"I had a great time," I told Rick, giving him a sweet kiss on the
cheek. "When can I see the pictures?"

"I should the proofs ready in a couple of days," he told me. "I'll
give you a call when they're ready and you can come over and take a
look. And be sure to bring that girlfriend of yours along as well."

"Only if you let Kathy be here as well," I told him.

"Deal," he agreed. I gave him a goodbye hug and was out the door as
he closed it behind me.

Sitting out in my car, I hesitated starting the engine. I had a good
time, but something still seemed to be missing. Finally it occurred
to me, and I got out of the car and went back to the entrance to
Rick's house.

I rang the doorbell and Rick soon answered. "Kelly, hi! Did you
forget something?"

I shook my head. "But now that our session is over, I'm no longer
your subject, right?"

"I suppose not..."

"Good!" I said, and literally jumped up into Rick's arms. I wrapped
my legs around his midsection and covered his mouth with mine,
giving him a deep, passionate kiss. "Because I really really really
want you to fuck me!"

A big smile developed on Rick's face. "Why Kelly, I'd be delighted!"
he said as he angled to close the door back behind him. With his
forearms supporting my ass he carried me into the music room. He
placed me down on the lid of the baby grand, pulled off my shorts and
went down on me. His tongue snaked in and out of my pussy and around
my clit until I came, banging the lid of the piano so hard with my
fists that a cacophony of discordant sounds rang out.

Next we went into the library, where I discarded my shirt and got up
kneeling backwards on one of the large leather chairs. Rick fucked
me from behind, as I finally got to feel his cock sliding up inside
of me. He whispered in my ear about how beautiful and sexy I was as
he fondled my tits and rammed his cock inside of me until he came,
filling me with the sticky juices of his sex.

We then went out to the pool and swam around together naked; I spent
some time with my feet under the water rubbing his cock until he was
hard again. Then we got out of the water and went into the garden,
when we fucked slowly and passionately in the soft grass until the
Sun set behind the mountains.

Moving back inside, Rick grabbed a couple of cushions off of a couch
and took me into the foyer. He had me lay back on the cushions on
the cool marble floor in the front of the fountain and sank his cock
deep into my pussy. Holding my hands up and behind my head he
pounded into me as cries of pleasure called out from deep inside of
me. When my pussy clamped down on his cock in orgasm, he came too,
flooding me once again with his warm jism.

Completely spent, Rick collapsed down on the floor next to me. He
gently ran his hand over my breasts as I leaned over to give him a
kiss. I turned to look at him and gave him a big smile. "Now that
was a fucking good time!" I told him. I rolled over on top of him
and gave him a few wet kisses of thanks. "I'll be your model any
time," I offered, "as long as you don't leave me horny. Deal?"

"You've got it," he told me, panting as he caught his breath.

I can't wait to go back!
The End, for now...


The Fine Print: This story is copyright 1999 Kelly Adams. Permission
is granted to distribute as long as my name and this notice are
attached, and no financial gains are made.


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