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MOLEST stretch beach froze like


Keywords: m/F, oral, anal
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Mrs. Applewhite (Molested by the Neighbor)

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Mrs. Applewhite (Molested by the Neighbor)- (molest.txt)- A
coming of age fantasy about that sexy lady next door and what she felt
this boy was lacking. No one will accuse her of not being thorough.

Mrs. Applewhite
(Molested by the Neighbor)
To give you my grown-up opinion, I don't think I was the first.
My mother was always guarded around Mrs. Applewhite and I remember a
time when I was younger that my parents would stop discussing our
neighbor any time I walked into the room. Those were not friendly
Maybe they should have kept going so I would have known. My
boyish impression of Mrs. Applwhite was of a movie star. She wore
seriously tight leopard print pants and favored the kind of high-
heeled sandals that let you see what bright color she had painted her
She also wore big swingy earrings and sun glasses. She wasn't
like any of the other ladies in the neighborhood, who were mostly
the mothers of my playmates. I didn't know what I was feeling then,
but now I know I was sexually attracted by her even when I was ten.
Around 13 or 14, she became my obsession- or as much of an
obsession as can happen when your attention span is still about three
minutes. I thought about her a lot and as I learned about sex, she
was the one cast in the featured role in my masturbatory fantasies.
I think everything that happened after that was carefully
planned by Mrs. Applewhite. She had never been much of an outside
person when I was a child, but she conveniently started doing
yard work when my interest peaked.
I don't think she had the pool put in just for me, but she did
use it like bait to reel me in. My mother was her co-conspirator in
that. Not that I think that was Mom's intention, but she was just
the same. I may have missed the significance of the pool if mom hadn't got strange and told me never to hang around there when Mrs.
Applewhite was in the pool.
What other option did I have? I got to be disobedient and feed
my fascination at the same time. It was as much as daring me to go
over and peek through the fence. And from the first peek I knew no
one could beat me hard enough or often enough to stop me from
Sure, you've guessed she swam, sunned and generally walked
around in the nude, but it was a revelation to my young eyes. I had
snuck peeks at the pictures in the magazines Dad kept in the back of
the closet, but that was nothing compared to having a real woman
really naked right up close like that.
And it was Mrs. Applewhite, the darling of my twenty minute
stays in the bathroom. The only thing that stopped me from whacking
off right then was my fear of hell. I knew I was going to hell for
looking, but I was afraid the Earth would open and I would go
straight to hell right then if I beat off while I looked.
I think Mrs. Applewhite knew from the first time I crouched
down by the fence. She never let on, but it was just too much of a
coincidence that she first noticed me the day my parents had gone to
visit my grandma. There were no prying eyes except my own and she
could do what she wanted with me.
"Thomas Brown! What do you think you are doing there?"
Her notice was like a searchlight picking me out on a barren
stretch of beach. I froze like a baby rabbit, hoping to become
"Don't think I can't see you," she ruined the illusion, "Now
you get up and come right over here. Right now."
I suppose it was some kind of joke to her to frighten me. At my
end I could only hear the bells of doom tolling. And the worst part
(it seemed bad at the time) was she made no move to cover herself as
I grudgingly got up and came over for my punishment.
"They have a name for that perversion," she said as I came
through the gate with my eyes on the ground, "They named it after
you, peeping Tom."
I'll bet there was a twinkle in her eye as she watched me
fidget with my head hanging down. All I know is that I was as
miserable as I had been in my life. It's bad enough to live with your
own secrets without them becoming public.
"Why are you staring at your feet?" she interrogated me, "You
wanted to look before. So look. Look at me, Thomas. Take a good look.
Get an eyeful."
Women have a way of ruining something you like by making you do
it. Mrs. Applewhite was no different. I couldn't really look at her
as I brought my eyes up. Even I wasn't that evil. She snatched away
even that defense.
"You're not looking, are you?" she baited me, "Do I have to
close my eyes so you can ogle me in private? Is that what does it
for you?"
If I hadn't been so scared, I would have cried. There was the
quaver of tears just below the surface when I tried to apologize.
"I'm sorry," I choked out, "I know it's wrong and I'm sorry,
but I was so curious and I..."
There was no excuse. No wonder I couldn't think of one. I just
wished I could die so it would all be over. She had me where she
wanted me then. It must have been great fun to toy with me.
"Curious, huh? Well, I'm curious too," she said. "Why don't
you take off your clothes so I can look at you like you were looking
at me?"
I discounted that as rhetoric to make me feel worse- as if
that was possible. She made it clear she was serious.
"You're in enough trouble without pissing me off more," she
said sternly, "Now take off your clothes so you know how it feels."
I tried to think of anything else I could do, any way to get
out of this. I could stand the idea of having her see me naked, but
the pressure of the situation had given me a hard-on. I didn't know
what she would think when she saw my cock standing straight up like
I was ready for sex.
There wasn't any way out of it. I tried to will my erection
away as I slowly undressed but it wasn't working. When I dropped my
pants, my boner was evident in my briefs. She put her hand to her
face to stifle her giggle. It was a two-stage embarrassment. We both
knew it was out in the open, so to speak, but I still had to maneuver
my underwear over my hard-on and show it to her in the flesh.
"Hands to your sides," she said sharply when I tried to cover
myself, "I'm not covering myself, am I?"
She wasn't and that was the worst part. I was right there,
three feet from her nudity and I was too upset to enjoy. Too many
voices were screaming in my head for me to know what was right in
front of me. She didn't leave it at that for long.
"Turn around and bend over," she told me.
She was going to do something now, I feared. It wasn't a
position that good came from. I did as she told me and even pulled
my buttocks open when she commanded. I was confused by that. Then she
told me to turn back around.
She was smiling at me when I turned around. She didn't scare me
as much that way, but I was still feeling disturbed about what was
to happen to me.
"Well, I guess it's my turn again," she said mysteriously,
"Would you like to see me do that too?"
Turn around and pull her butt open? What did she mean? I
couldn't imagine a grown woman doing that, let alone for me. I had no
idea what she meant, but I nodded. She did exactly that. And I found
out that women look really special in that position.
All of a sudden I wasn't as nervous as I had been. Sexual
thoughts had driven out my fear. I had known generally where your
cock went before, but now I knew the exact spot. I felt like the top
of my head would come off.
"Do you like these too?" she asked as she pushed out her
breasts toward me. "Or do you only like the big ones?"
They looked big to me. They were the biggest I had seen in my
life. They each filled one of her hands and projected light brown
nipples in my direction. They demanded a response.
"They're really great," I mumbled, "I mean they're nice."
"Only nice?" she asked with a scary look in her eye.
She followed the look by stepping closer to me. I knew
something earth-shattering was about to happen.
"Then maybe you'd think they feel better than nice," she said,
making an obvious offer of them.
"Touch them, dammit!" she snapped as I stood dumbly in front of
I guessed I had to. It wasn't that I was loathe to feel them.
It was only fear of the unknown that made me wait for her demand
before my hand raised and touched her silky flesh.
She pressed them against my hand and moved them for me. I felt
her nipples crawl as they drew up and popped out erect. It was a
sexual signal I felt in my toes. I may have been only mistily aware of
the readiness they indicated, but my body understood.
"You like them better now?" she asked.
There was something in my throat. I didn't trust my voice to
speak so I nodded. That seemed to satisfy her and she moved on.
"Then you hold them, you naughty boy," she said.
The edge was gone from her voice and had been replaced by an
enticing tone as she dropped her hands and let the weight of her
breasts press against my hands. She had her own business for her
hands. I felt the light touch of fingers as hers traced over the
curve of my buttocks. Even the thrill of holding her tits in my hands
couldn't keep my attention away from the emergency that touch was
setting off in my throbbing cock.
Naked, with a hard-on, holding my first tits and I was about to
add spraying Mrs. Applewhite with jizm to the list of infamy. It was
moving too fast for me to appreciate. What should have been a dream
come true was feeling like a nightmare.
Just as contrarily as good becoming bad, my embarrassment held
off the explosion of my cock and kept me in a limbo of need. That
luck only held out until she touched it.
"What do we have here?" she asked as her hand wrapped around
my hard cock.
I grunted and my cock answered by spewing my cum in a powerful
arc. Only a dribble or two hit her belly. The rest landed on the pool
edge between us. I was frozen in terror at what her reaction might be.
"Oooooo, I didn't know it was loaded," she kidded me. "I guess
you haven't gotten much for a while."
"I... I never..." I managed to stutter out.
"My, my, imagine that," she said with a hint of teasing in her
voice. "Maybe I understand your problem better now."
I guess being understood is a good thing. Her demeanor had gone
from harsh to confiding and I wasn't as scared any more. At the same
time I was more confused and nervous by this turn of events. Where I
had had a pretty clear view of the consequences I was facing before,
I had no idea what might be in store now.
We were still in our pose of mutual groping and she pulled away
to spin me around. I was facing the pool and she pushed me.
"Jump in and clean that stuff off," she ordered.
As I came up, I heard the big splash beside me. Now we were
skinny-dipping together.
"Now swim down to that end and get out," she told me.
She matched me stroke for stroke as I felt the freedom of the
water brushing all over my naked body. She beat me by a stroke and
was on the edge of the pool again when she told me to get out.
My erection had waned in the cold water, but standing naked
in front of Mrs. Applewhite made it come to attention again. I think
that was the whole reason for the exercise. I think she reveled in
that sign of masculine readiness.
She spread out a beach towel on the grass away from the pool
and made me lay down. I laid stiffly on my back with my hands to my
sides, as I had been instructed to stand in front of her. She smiled
and then lay down beside me.
"Relax, I'm not mad any more," she told me as she lay close
enough I could feel the heat from her body. "I guess I didn't have
all the facts before."
She wasn't making me relax. I knew this was just a good mom/bad
mom trick. She said it was her fault to trick an admission from me
that she could beat me with. Not falling for it didn't change her
inevitable advancing.
"I think it's important that you know what you're doing when
the time comes," she said. "I'm not sure it's my place to tell you
these things, but I don't know who else will. I'm sure your mother won't ever talk about it with you."
With God as my witness, I had no idea what she was talking
about. We were laying naked in sexual proximity, but I must have
been disbelieving or blocking it out. It was a shock when she began
running her hand over my body.
My immediate concern was that I would cum again. I stiffened to
try and prevent that. Mrs. Applewhite didn't like my reaction. She
paused her caresses to slap my stomach.
"Loosen up," she ordered, "Relax, let go. Turn toward me and
put your arm around me."
In some sense I knew what was happening then. I was still
denying the possibility, but I recognized the position. I still was
confused when my cock brushed her thigh. She must have seen the
terror in my eyes because she stopped playing and explained it to me.
"Boys all have to go through this," she soothed me, "And most
times it isn't very good at all. That can be very bad for you and
ruin something special for a long time. Sometimes it messes you up
for the rest of your life. I know I shouldn't, but I don't want you
to be messed up for the rest of your life."
Okay, I knew, on some level, what she was saying. I was only
confused out of self-defense. And I didn't want to get my hopes up
only to have them dashed when she did some disappointing grown-up
thing instead of what I hoped.
She had been stroking my back while she explained and then she
pulled me to her and brought my mouth to hers. French kissing was
still a big deal to me. She made me kiss her and it was such a thrill
that I hardly noticed when she clamped my cock between her thighs.
"Now don't be afraid or ashamed or anything," she said as she
broke our kiss, "Just let it happen naturally. It will be fine. Just
let it happen like it's supposed to."
It was a silly thing to say to a kid that didn't know what was
supposed to happen, but it was soothing. And I didn't have much to
do with it other than follow my impulses.
She rolled on her back and took me with her. Magically I was
over her and my cock was pressing into the wetness between her legs.
One hand slid down to my butt and pushed.
"Put it in easy. Put it all the way in," she cooed as she urged
me into entering her.
It was like nothing I knew existed before. It was more than the
warm, wet hug of her cunt. It was crossing the line into manhood and
finally knowing the reality I had been fantasizing as I masturbated
over Mrs. Applewhite. I could have never imagined it would feel this
It was monumental, but it also felt right. There was something
deep inside me that clicked when I pushed tight against her. Yeah,
this is it, that deep voice said. This is what it's all about.
"Now fuck me until you cum inside me," Mrs. Applewhite ordered.
Something told me to push up onto my hands and I fucked her
from some primal instinct. She didn't move. She let me saw back and
forth, in and out of her and only encouraged me. This was to be all
for me to take any way I wanted.
I came forever when my cock exploded inside her warm confines.
It wasn't that bright flash and brief tingle I got when I stroked it
myself. The cum paused for a second in my cock and then jumped out
with more of a rumble than a bang. And the rumble went on as the
cum sprayed out inside her. The body-shaking charge came when the cum was dying out and it was more than all the cums I had had before.
I had done it. I wanted to do it again. In fact, I didn't ever
want to do anything else. It was the greatest feeling in the world.
Mrs. Applewhite let me enjoy it a while and then interrupted my
"That was nice for the first time," she said, "Now that we've
got that out of the way so you can concentrate, I'll show you how
it's really done."
More? I didn't believe it could be better. But the prospect of
capturing that feeling again kept my mouth shut. She could tell me
whatever she wanted as long as she let me fuck her again.
"You know, kissing isn't all a girl needs," she said, raising
up on her elbows.
She knew perfectly well how huge that made her tits look. I was
still inside her and that put them almost in my face as I lay over
her. That was what she wanted.
"Kiss my breasts too," she said seductively.
I didn't know from kissing, but I knew nipple and mouth by
instinct. I swooped down and started sucking on one of them.
"Play with it, Thomas, don't just suck," she instructed me.
"Test the surface with your tongue. Feel the texture and conjure of
the whole breast."
She was right. The nipple had the resilience of rubber and
gristle when pushed back and forth and there were hundreds of tiny
puckered bumps on her areola for my tongue to explore. This was a
marvelous thing to do to win another trip to the heaven of climax.
"And kissing too," she said a bit urgently before she puckered
her lips in invitation.
It sounded like I was doing something right. She wasn't showing
me a kiss. She needed a kiss. I was doing my lessons well enough she
was caught up in them. We kissed marvelously again and she had me
nuzzling her neck without having to say a word.
She was touching me again and I soon felt a stirring at my
crotch. Since my cock had never left her, she felt it too.
"And you can use your finger down there, but right now I don't
think there's any room," she told me.
"Lay right down on me," she said, laying back, "Don't start this
time so soon. Just lie there for a minute and let's feel what you
feel like inside me."
My erection continued to grow as we made full-length contact
and she moved her heels in lazy arcs that opened and closed her legs
and massaged my cock in her cunt. This time she was going to do her
part in giving me pleasure as I took my pleasure with her.
There was an entire other world out there and I knew it was the
one I wanted to live in and explore the rest of my days. There
couldn't be anything more important than the kind of bliss I was
finding between Mrs. Applewhite's legs.
She was using muscles inside her to make her cunt pull at my
cock. There was a lot in this world worth exploring. Without bidding
or censure, I had started moving gently as her cunt milked me. Then
her hips began to tilt, up and out, down and back and I was urged to
a little more motion.
She became demanding in a short time and soon after we were
grinding our bodies at one another in wild abandon. This was an even
more wonderful feeling leading up to the greatest pleasure I could
imagine. Why did people ever stop doing this? It had to be the goal
of life's search.
"Keep doing that! Oh, don't stop," Mrs. Applewhite said in a
plaintive tone. "Keep it up for me."
Then she seemed to shiver and her body jerked hard under me
five or six times. Her cunt clamped down on me in concert with her
spasms and I fought to obey her needful request and keep fucking as
she tremored through an orgasm.
"Ride me! Ride me hard and finish with a bang!" she exhorted me
as the trembling died away.
It was an instruction I enjoyed following. She pushed me up so
I was supporting myself on my elbows over her to give me some leverage
to drive into her. As I came up on one end, she locked down the other
by wrapping her legs over mine.
In this love grip I completed this second-ever sexual conquest
with the same fireworks that had come with my virgin cum. Only this
time Mrs. Applewhite was straining against me and I felt as if she
was extracting these twinges of bliss rather than me injecting her
with them.
The collapse into her arms when the jizm stopped jerking from my
body was likewise changed. That charge was now a quiver surrounded by
her welcoming flesh and elongated by the pull of her cunt on my cock.
It was rounder and fuller than the sharp spike I had experienced the first time.
It was about then Mrs. Applewhite went loony on me. I was
looking into her pretty face and trying to frame words of thanks when
she began to cry.
"Oh Thomas, promise you'll never tell anyone what we did," she
sobbed desperately.
I knew she would get in trouble if I told and I was a little
angry that she thought I would tattle after she had been so nice to
me. But something reached through my temper to tell me there was
more to this sudden emotional shift than fear of discovery.
"I'd never do that," I assured her, "But I don't think that's
why you're crying."
Bless the something that informed me of that. It instantly raised
my status in her eyes and may have changed our relationship forever.
"Oh Thomas," she sobbed, "It isn't you. It's the mess I've made
of my life. And here I am dragging you down into the cesspool with me."
I was way over my head here. This was soap-opera talk and I
didn't have a clue what she meant. I knew I had to say something to
keep rolling and I blurted out whatever words came to me.
"Mrs. Applewhite, I'm not in a cesspool," I told her, "I'm in
the arms of a woman that cared enough to care about me."
It didn't make sense to me as it came out of my mouth, but she
twisted it into something good. She pulled me down and hugged me.

Mrs. Applewhite was cured of what my mother called her "lewd
displays" after that. There was no more nude swimming or sunbathing at
her pool. Not that it mattered to me any more since no number of layers
of cloth could obscure what I knew was underneath.
Seeing her in a modest one-piece was the same as her parading
naked for me and a whole lot easier on both of us. Dad was the only
one that seemed miffed by the change.
That was part of a big lesson for me. Dad and mom still had short
'discussions' that I wasn't allowed to overhear, but now it seemed that
Dad was the complainer. And my mother's attitude toward Mrs. Applewhite
had reversed.
I had Mom's permission to help Mrs. Applewhite in the yard and
around the house. That made the summer a memorable one for me. I helped
in the yard and around the house and Mrs. Applewhite continued my
education in matters of sex.
I had been right that this was the best use of time. I had thought
that there was nothing on Earth that could compete with fucking and
then Mrs. Applewhite introduced me to oral sex.
This was after the long speech about how she couldn't be my sex
toy. How I couldn't use her as my practice dummy to perfect my
technique. About how she was happy to give me the proper introduction
and how I had to find someone else to practice on because it wouldn't
be right for her and I to become regular lovers.
Well, a day of sex and an anatomically correct, right down to the
exact shade of her pubic hair, vision of Mrs. Applewhite to beat off to
was more than any of my friends had got. I counted my blessings and
didn't whine.
That didn't mean I wasn't constantly popping boners when I was
around her. All she had to do was bend over in tight jeans or move so
her breasts swung the right way and -whoop- I had a woodie. She
sometimes teased me gently about having a weapon in my pants, but we
mostly ignored this natural reaction. I wasn't even embarrassed about
it after a while.
On the fateful day, she reconstituted my blush with her concern
for how regularly my dick was going up and down. She was obviously
braless in a loose blouse and wearing skimpy shorts as we pulled
dandelions in the yard. It seemed every time she moved, my dick came to
"Are you sure it's not a physical problem?" she asked me, "Has
this been happening a lot lately?"
I tried to tell her that it was her outfit and her sexy body, but
she wasn't listening. She had other plans and wasn't going to let my
explanation derail them.
"I think I better look," she said.
Of all the things she did that might had warped my fragile little
mind, this was the most successful. We were in her garage and she went
to her knees in front of me to open and pull down my shorts. It left
me with an absolute fetish for women kneeling at my crotch. God help
any lady tailor that kneels to measure my inseam the rest of my life.
I had heard about blow-jobs, but only in the most denigrating
way. It didn't cross my mind that Mrs. Applewhite might put my cock in
her mouth voluntarily. When she did, nothing crossed my mind. My brain
was taken out of the circuit except to process the sensations of the
warm, wet touch of her tongue.
It was good. Oh God, it was so good. That was the extent of my
participation as she licked the head of my cock and then let the stiff
shaft slide into her mouth. It was too wonderful for anything but
gasping as her mouth moved up and down on my cock.
I didn't think of consequences nor anything else as her lips slid
down to the base of my cock and I felt the head of my cock penetrate
the narrows of her throat. I was very near cumming. I still only felt
this wonderful sensation and didn't think what it would mean.
Only after my cock exploded and she was sucking greedily did I
consider that I was squiring my pearly goo into her mouth. The
convulsions she was causing by sucking on as I came prevented me from
doing anything about it, but I had the feeling of doing something
terrible and not being able to stop.
Her licking didn't end when the spurts had ended and she had let
my cock out of her mouth. I was jumping like a chicken on an electrified
floor as she licked my over-sensitive cock. And I wanted so much to
"Jesus, that was so good, Mrs. Applewhite," I gasped, "I'm sorry
I shot off while you were doing it."
She stopped her licking and kissed the tip of my cock before she
looked up at me from her position on her knees before me.
"You were supposed to cum," she said patiently, "That was why I
was fellating you."
"But isn't that stuff icky?" I asked
"To tell you the truth, I don't make a habit of letting men come
off in my mouth, but it isn't too bad," she said, "And I intended for
you to cum in my mouth so you'd know what it feels like."
"Golly, it was great, but you don't have to do that," I said.
"I know," Mrs. Applewhite replied, "I did it because I wanted to.
I want you to know all about sex so you don't have to stumble around
for years and years before you discover all the things that are
possible. I think that would be sad."
"Well I liked it a lot. I'm glad you did it," I appreciated.
"Good. Because the next thing is learning how to do the same thing
for me," she grinned.
Okay, it was sneaky, but the fresh memory of squirting out my jizm
in her mouth made it hard for me to be revolted by the idea of putting
my mouth 'down there'. I mean, she did it, so I was kinda stuck. I
guess I would have anyway if she told me too, but now I felt obligated.
And she didn't make me do it right away. We pulled some more weeds
and later on she decided it was time for a break. She brought out some
iced tea and we sat by the pool to drink it.
One thing led to another and we ended up jumping right into the
pool. The water felt freezing, but Mrs. Applewhite was doing a good job
of warming it up. If her costume was giving me a constant series of
hard-ons before, then it was driving me out of my mind when it was wet.
She wasn't wearing any underwear. I had been seeing everything she
was wearing. The water made her shorts fit to her body like a second
skin. I could see every detail of her crotch as if her shorts were only
paint. And the loose blouse instantly became a transparent drape when the
water dragged it tight to her body.
The dip in the chilly water had refreshed me. Seeing her even more
than naked invigorated me. I thought it was great idea to go inside and
get out of our wet clothes and dry off. I thought it was a great idea to
be naked with Mrs. Applewhite.
She reached inside the towel around my waist as we walked to the
bedroom. She grabbed my erect cock and gave it a playful squeeze.
"Maybe I ought to take care of this so you can concentrate on your
lessons," she said in an offhand way.
She stroked it a little and I took that to mean that she was going
to jack me off. With the other possibilities seeming so much greater, I
stumbled around to find the promise that would change her intentions.
"I think I'll concentrate better with the incentive," I told her.
"My cock will be begging me to do what I'm supposed to so it can get
"We'll see," Mrs. Applewhite cautioned me, "If you do things like
you are told we'll be all right. But if you don't seem to be paying
attention, I'll take away the distraction."
I think it was a cheap trick to assure my cooperation. I know I was
eager to do whatever she wanted so I would get a chance to put that
hard-on in her. I was bouncing from foot to foot in anticipation as she
piled up the pillows and then lay down so they propped her up. She put
her feet on the bed and slid them up and out so her knees were high and
her legs were spread wide.
"Come up and get a closer look," she invited.
That was an instruction I was eager to follow. The mysterious slit
between her legs held fascination for me. I crawled up and looked right
into it. It looked so complex close up. It wasn't just a hole. There
were folds and flaps in layers. It was pretty like a flower.
"Lick it," she told me when I had been staring for a while.
She had warned me this was coming so I had no excuse. I stuck out
my tongue and licked. It didn't stink or taste like fish or anything.
It tasted more like pool water than anything.
"That's it," she encouraged me, "Lick it all the way from the
bottom to the top."
I could tell it felt good to her and I was proud I could give her
that pleasure. Once again it was nothing like the stories I had been
told. It wasn't bad at all.
"Right there at the top," she gasped as I licked her, "That bunch
of stuff... Lick it 'round and 'round."
I found the peak of flesh by following her reactions. It wasn't the
peak she was most interested in nor the flaps leading to it. She made
comfortable sounds when I licked them. There was a stiffer spot under a
hood that she really liked me to touch with my tongue.
"Ohhhhhh! Tommy," she gasped as I applied myself to licking her,
"Go nuts! Lick me all over. Think up something!"
This was, of course, a stupid thing to say to me, but she didn't
seem to be thinking very well at the time. I didn't have a clue what I
should do. I guessed I should concentrate on that spot that made her
jerk when I hit it with my tongue.
Mrs. Applewhite screamed when I did that and I stopped.
"No! Don't stop! That's it! Keep doing that!" she yelled at me and
grabbed my head to push it back down into her crotch.
Her hands became a safety net of sorts as she lurched under me.
She pulled up on my head in the same convulsion that threw her pelvis up
at me with nose-breaking force. I couldn't have kept tonguing the magic
spot without that help from my thrashing lover.
Then she sounded like all the air leaked out of her in one long
sigh. Her legs came up to wrap around my head and her hands and she
held me still. I lay clamped in her leg scissors as I felt the tenseness
go out of her body.
"Now start again- slowly," she said after a moment.
Her legs plopped to either side of me as she released me and she
let go of my head as she lay back. She was dead for a while as I started
the long licks from bottom to top again.
"When you're coming up, stick your tongue into me," she gasped
when I'd licked for a while.
She slowly came back as I licked her cunt. Her heels dug into the
bed first and then I felt her torso tighten as she began to breathe
fast once again. My neck was getting tired when she spoke to me again.
"Come up here," she said finally. "Slide straight up over me."
By now I had figured out what that meant. I had done my job and she
was going to reward me with a fuck. I was so glad I hadn't let her jack
me off.
It was already special because it was the first time we had done it
on a bed. You may think it's boring to fuck in a bed, but it took you a
lot of fucking in a bed to feel that way. And you fucked in bed until
it became boring because a bed is the best place to fuck. You can roll
all over and do everything and it's soft.
I knew what she wanted, so I dragged low over her pelvis as I slid
up her body. Her cunt was a huge wet target and it was easy to pull my
hard cock up her slit until it went in. I supported myself on my elbows
as I pushed to the hilt in her wet cunt and then moved down to kiss her.
That may the best thing Mrs. Applewhite imprinted on my sex life.
Kissing with your dick inside a woman is a great thing. Either as a way
to urge a spent organ to revive or just to soak up the warmth of tight
pussy, it adds a wonderful spice to both the kiss and the feel of
having your dick inside a hot pussy.
She had revived me that way after she had taken my virginity and
now I was learning the wonder of feeling my cock twitch in the tight hug
of her cunt in response to the struggle of our tongues. It isn't as good
as fucking, but it's ahead of whatever is in third place.
The wonder didn't last forever. Without really starting, we were
moving against each other. I suppose twitches became wiggles and slowly
co-incided into rocking. Then we were pushing at each other with a
fervor that had spread down from the passion of our tongues.
"Go ahead and do it," she breathed into my face when she came up
for air, "But do it slow. Fuck me real slow."
Our passion had set my blood boiling and it took all my self-control
to move slowly in and out of Mrs. Applewhite. I think it was that stored
desire to fuck wildly that made every inch of my slow entrance and
withdrawal swell up to inflame my imagination. I was noting every detail
as I fucked her. It is a legacy that stood me in good stead in my first
conquests as a young man.
I didn't have to be in a hurry. It felt real good doing it slow and
the wonderful explosion would wait for me. Of course the thing about
having sex with another person is that there are two of you. Mrs.
Applewhite was not as patient as I was.
I hope it was my licking and my kissing that made her need me so
quickly. It seemed like I had just found the slow stroke that made it the
best when she began rushing me with her own thrusts of her hips.
"You can do it now," she breathed, "You can fuck me good and hard."
Ah yes, I was a man of the world now. I had a woman begging me for
it. I could make her cum and I was smug in that power. I didn't give it
to her good and hard. I just responded to her active hips and picked up
my pace as she increased the zeal of her pelvic thrusts.
We got to good and hard pretty quick. Then she arched up at me and
begged me to keep going.
"Fuck me! Don't stop!," she gasped, "Give it to me good!"
I made her cum again even better than before. She trembled as I
fucked into her with her cunt held high for me and then followed her
down as her butt dropped back to the bed and her legs flailed on either
side of my bouncing butt.
I started to cum when I landed on her and kept fucking from reflex
as I lay on top of the shivering woman. For a moment I thought I was
stuck in that motion. I was still fucking her when the spasms in my balls
had stopped and it was a few moments later that I felt like the control
of my body was returned to me.
It wasn't the memorable orgasm like the first or second, but this
time the after glow was more compelling. I had to collapse. I had given it
up to please her this time and the fatigue flowing through me seemed like
an honor I had earned from my performance.
Mrs. Applewhite did nothing to destroy my little illusion.
"You are becoming quite a little man," she cooed as she alternately
squeezed me in a hug and lightly ran her hands over my back and ass.
Every time she found some way to make me feel better than the last.
Or perhaps it was my fear diminishing and my confidence growing. I know
I felt proud that we had seemed equal participants this time.
"You're about ready to ask for what you want," she said. "I think
you know enough to start having preferences."
Decide? How was I supposed to do that? Sure, I thought I had the
basics down too, but it was like deciding between candy and cake. I
liked everything. Why did it have to be up to me?
"I like doing it with you every way we can," I tried to explain. "I
don't care because it's always good with you."
I did mean to personalize my remarks. She was as hot as anyone there
ever was as far as I was concerned. And I was grateful for the chance to
be near her, let alone fuck her.
She stiffened at the idea. She had to play grown-up and lecture me.
"I've told you that it isn't right for us to be lovers," she said
seriously, "You have to find someone your own age. This is just to get you
started the right way."
She must have heard how harsh that sounded as it passed her lips.
She relaxed a little and gentled her speech.
"I enjoy being with you too, but it's wrong," she said, "It's the
kind of thing I was hoping you would avoid. Wanting people as old as me
at your age is almost as bad as not knowing what to do."
She was weird. I didn't want to marry her. I was just a kid. I
wanted to fuck her and fuck her and fuck her. I guessed it would be okay
to fuck girls my age, but I knew they would be more trouble than Mrs.
Applewhite and not as good. I also didn't think any of them would do it
with me.
Something told me not to admit I just wanted sex from her. Part of
that was because I liked her too. It wasn't love or anything because I
knew she was old. The best way I can describe it in retrospect is that
I felt she was a nice lady. That meant she was in a different world and
it was because she was nice that she let me play in it sometimes.
"I know," I told her, groping for the words, "But girls my age
aren't sexy like you. And I bet they don't know nothing about the stuff
you do."
Something in that gave her an excuse to throw at her conscience.
"I guess I have given you a knowledge and no place to use it," she
said, "But remember that we can't keep doing this forever."
I was a kid. Forever was the start of school in September. I was
long-sighted when I focused on tomorrow. It sounded like she wasn't
cutting me off. I was glad.
We were lying next to each other resting when she pushed herself
up on her elbows and made her breasts look big. She must have been
thinking the whole time we were lying there.
"I guess I could show you some of the other ways to make love,"
she suggested. "There are as many ways as people can get close enough
to put your thing in mine."
I had liked everything we had done so far, even licking her. If I
was going to put my thing in hers it couldn't be bad.
I think the being in her bed part had something to do with her
decision to open up a little bit. My eagle-eye mother was always a threat
hanging over us and Mrs. Applewhite was very careful when my mother was home. Being in her bed wasn't the smartest call, as we would find out,
but it was safe from observation.
The prospect of fucking her again made my young cock snap to
attention and I was ready to learn something new. Mrs. Applewhite took a
little longer to decide what she would do with me next. She put my hand
on her breast to have my groping help her think.
Then she knew what she was going to do. She pulled us together for
a kiss and then smiled at me.
"If I'm going to be horrible woman, then I might as well sink right
down into depravity," she said lightly, "I want you to get up on your
Oh boy! I had no idea what she was talking about, but it sounded
dirty. It sounded dirty and exciting and like lots of fun. I got up on
my knees. She rolled over and got up on her knees too.
She didn't pull her butt open this time, but it was very much like
her pose by the pool. The memory of my frightened excitement at that
sight echoed as raw excitement while I waited for instructions or the
cue to begin. There was something very heady about seeing where my dick
was going to go and knowing I would be able to watch it go there.
"This is called doggy style. I bet you can see why," she said,
wiggling her ass as if she was wagging a tail, "Some people think it's
demeaning to act like animals, but I've yet to meet a man that didn't say
it was one of his top two favorite positions."
It was one of my favorites and I hadn't stuck my cock in her yet.
There was something about the very idea that was inviting. Her position
seemed to shout that she was available and I could see that the fucking
would be all up to me. Here it is- fuck it like you want is an exciting
attitude for your lover to have.
"Do you want me to do it to you now?" I asked.
"Oh, I don't know," she teased, "Do you want to do it to me now?"
"Oh yes!" I rejoiced and aimed my cock where I could see it was
supposed to go.
'Supposed to' is a pretty weak phrase for how good it felt to sink
my cock into her from behind. As my cock went in, I felt like I owned her
cunt. It was there for me to use the way I liked.
I have to give Mrs. Applewhite credit for allowing me that fantasy
for a while as I fucked into her big, beautiful butt. Then she did one of
those sneaky woman things to change things.
"That's it! Do it to me!" she urged and then started easing the
hook in, "This position is mostly for the man anyway. You just fuck me
until you get off good."
I don't think it was feeling guilty as much as knowing I was
supposed to. Sinking my cock all the way up there with the soft pillows
of her butt to slam into felt too good to be wrong. And she was telling
me to do it.
I fucked her a little more before I gave in to the inevitable
response: "How can I make it better?"
"Lean over me a little bit and put your hand between my legs," she
said, "Play with me. You can play with my tits too if you want to."
It wasn't like she was asking me to take it out and bang it on the
bedpost. It was a little awkward finding the right balance to reach under
her and still keep fucking her, but she made the effort worth it. When I
was kneading the meaty rolls of her cunt, she moved back to me and
rammed my cock up her own twat as I tried to concentrate on the old in-out.
She might use the same tricks as my mother, but she tricked me into
things that were a lot better. I felt even more like a dog as I leaned
over her back and hunched against her ass. All that crap about being the
master of the fuck was just that- crap. Sticking it to her was the only
thing that counted and I was sticking it to her as good as I ever had.
Her reaction to my stroking fingers was nice too, but the motion
of her cunt on my cock was secondary to burying my bone. I think she was
having a good time too, but that was also secondary to my need to stick
my cock in her tight cunt and get it to squirt out the joy juice in her
warm hug.
I needed to spray her full of cum for some time. I got to plunge my
cock into her from behind for seeming hours. I was always ready to cum
on the next thrust, but the next thrust comes around about as quick as
tomorrow. I was so nice and deep and she was helping me fuck her, but
I lasted a miraculous length of time fucking against her rear end.
It all ended in an explosion as Mrs. Applewhite shuddered and began
to buck all over. I think her activity shocked the cum out of my balls.
All of a sudden she was bumping into me and squeezing my dick with her
cunt and I started shooting off inside her without any warning. It was
yet another wonderful feeling and a different way of cumming.
I counted back. One, two, three, I had made her cum three times
that day. I was very proud of that. We had sex in different ways and for
a long time. It was the long time part that got me in trouble.
"So what were you doing inside Mrs. Applewhite's house for so long?"
my mother wanted to know when I got home.
I wanted to tell her exactly what we were doing. She wouldn't
believe me and that would be cool, but she'd probably hit me for talking
like that to her and I didn't want to get hit. Thinking how cool it would
be to see the horror on my mother's face if I told her the truth wasted
precious time when I could have been thinking up a good lie. Instead I
gave her some lame excuse about hanging pictures and it taking a long
time because Mrs. Applewhite kept thinking they were crooked.
That sure put her on her guard. I noticed right away that she had
cooled toward the idea of me helping out Mrs. Applewhite every day.
I guess that makes all the rest of it my fault. I should have told
Mrs. Applewhite that my mother was asking questions, but, hey, I was a
kid. I bet you wouldn't have told either, knowing that she would probably
cut you off if you did. Not telling grown-ups was kind of a creed as far
as I was concerned.
I went on as if nothing had happened, hoping my luck would hold out.
Mrs. Applewhite showed me how to '69', which was very nice although I
had a lot of problems concentrating while she was sucking my cock. She
showed me woman astride facing away, which wasn't much and we got into
all sorts of combinations with both of us laying on our sides and with me
kneeling behind her as she lay on her side.
She maintained that she was only continuing to fuck me because there
were still things to learn, but I think she secretly liked the ease of
having her sexual satisfaction live next door. I certainly didn't need
any maintenance and I didn't make any demands. I'm sure she felt guilty
and a little perverted, but that was why she thought up reasons why we
should keep up our affair.
I think she proved my assumption by the desperate way she tried to
come up with new things for us to do. I'm sure it was desperation that
led to her final offer.
"Now I don't like this very much," she cautioned as we sat naked
on her bed preparing for yet another adventure in the many ways of sex.
"But sometime it will come up and I guess I'd be negligent if I didn't
make sure you know what to do."
This sounded good. I no longer feared her motives when she acted
like a mom. I didn't think it was false fear masking something I wouldn't
like. I figured it had to be something pretty good that men liked and
women didn't. It was amazing how close I was.
"Let's just start out and I'll tell you about it as we go," she
said, laying back and holding out her arms to me.
Well, if it was sex, it couldn't be that bad. I lay down half on-
half off her and we started kissing. I molded her breasts the way I knew she liked and pretty soon we were both hot and horny.
"You've got to try and last a long time because this will take a
while," she gasped in her passion. "You have to take it slow."
Okay. I got that. This was going to be long-lasting fun. It sounded
better all the time. She rolled away from me and got something from the
table beside the bed. Then she rolled up on her knees like she had been
when she taught me 'doggy' style.
"Get up behind me like before and put it in, but don't start yet,"
she told me.
She had said something about some people not liking this way, but
that didn't explain the funny way she was acting. She had responded just
fine the first time we had fucked this way. Something else was going on.
I eased into her and didn't care any more. This was fine. I could
fuck her like this and be happy. She took a deep breath I could feel all
the way back where I was and reached back to hand me what she had gotten
from the table.
"Rub this stuff on my anus," she said hesitantly and then rattled
off the rest of the instructions like she wanted them out of her mouth
quickly before they tasted bad. "Make sure you coat it good and then
put a finger in there. You can fuck me a little while you use the finger to loosen up the hole and then I want you to put your dick in there."
She took another breath after that barrage and went on in a
pleading kind of tone.
"I've only done this once before," she said, and, after a pause,
"I know people do it that way. I have to show you, but please, take it
I felt special, not so much from being invited to fuck her asshole,
but because it was obviously such a big deal to her and she was going to
let me anyway. I promised her I wouldn't hurt her.
"You tell me if I go too fast," I said, "I don't want to hurt you."
She was strangely silent as I did what she had told me. There were
a couple of peeps as my finger circled the wrinkled muscle and she
jerked when I first pushed the tip of my finger into the hole.
She didn't sound like it was bad, so I took the opportunity to
really concentrate on what I was doing. Her asshole gripped around my
finger in a real sexy way. I had a real good time pushing the finger
in as I pulled my cock out of her and then pulling out my finger as I
pushed my cock back in.
After a little while, I did feel her asshole lose some of its
tension. It was still snug on my finger, but it wasn't gripping so hard
any more. I fucked her faster with both the finger and my cock.
"Okay, I'm as ready as I'll ever be," she groaned in a way that
told me she wasn't really eager for me to put my dick in her ass.
"If you don't want to..." I tried to say.
"You have to know how to do it so you don't hurt some girl the way
I was hurt the first time," she said determinedly.
Okay. That was as good as begging for it. It was going to be so
tight. My finger barely fit and I knew my cock was going to have the
tightest squeeze of its life going into that narrow hole. God, was I ready.
I pulled out and had my cock pressed against her asshole when I
heard the noise. Before I could move, the door was filled with a
frightful shape.
"Oh GOD! What are you doing!!!"
Busted. My curious mother had come over and crept into the house to
see what was going on. I never got my cock one millimeter into Mrs.
Applewhite's ass and it started a shit storm that only began to die down
when I moved away to college three years ago.
In my case, it was a scourge that had its uses. While it made it
easy to tease me for being a pervert, it also seemed to attract the more
adventurous girls in school. I don't think I would have had as much or as
good sex if the rumor hadn't been all over town.
Mrs. Applewhite was disgraced. My mother called her a child
molester and threatened her with court. Somehow, though, I think she felt
she deserved it. I also have a suspicion that there was a germ of
enjoyment for her in her infamy. She didn't move away. Instead she became
a recluse, although I heard whispers that she entertained visitors under
the cover of darkness.
If the rumors are true, then perhaps she enjoyed the same kind of
infamy that invigorated my sex life. I think of her a lot and fondly for
what she did for me. I know I was a confident lover from the first with
the girls my own age. What better gift can you give a kid?
And I never said she molested me. Those were my mother's words.


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