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MOMIL hurt and was recovering from


Keywords: M/F oral, anal, rimming
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Mother-in-law's Interference

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Mother-In-Law's Interference (MomIL.txt)- Is it incest to fuck your
mother-in-law? It's not like she's a blood relative. Anyway, this is a
story like that with a wife and everything too. M/F oral, anal, rimming
P.S. the guy's name is Doug no matter what Shelia says.
Mother-in-Law's Interference

If I were you, I'd scroll down to the next story. Looking at it
from the outside, I don't believe it myself.
We were your normal couple with normal problems and normal joys.
Sexually- I know that's what you're here for- we had one of those
average, maybe one night a week and sometime during the week-end kind of
sex lives.
The new era started at a wedding for one of my in-laws. Most of
the out-of-towners were staying in the same motel, not that there were
many choices. The usual drunkenness ensued at the reception and we were
all pretty loaded when we settled in.
From that point I can only assemble the events from my own and
others' foggy recollections. No one is too sure how it happened, but
there's no doubt about the outcome.
Some short time after we got back to the room I became a lecherous
animal. I crawled under the covers and found what I wanted. I thought
the squirming wildcat I found was motivated by the romance of the
We fucked like we hadn't fucked... ever. Ginny was more
uninhibited and aggressive than she had ever been with me. We don't get
extremely dunk often, certainly Ginny doesn't, but she usually was as
exciting as a sack of potatoes with a few drinks in her.
It was such an occurrence that it stuck in my drink-sodden brain.
I was going to congratulate her for satisfying me so well when I pulled
the sheet off the lump cuddled next to me in bed.
This is where the outcome kicks in. Shelia was rolled up next to
my groin under the covers. Shelia is Ginny's mother. I'm surprised I
didn't shit the bed.
Explanations varied. One sarcastic cousin opined that Shelia had
crawled in with me to cover for Ginny, who must have been sleeping with
a different relative. My favorite explanation took that one step farther
and had me in bed with Ginny's sister Barb and Shelia shooing her out
before a big family scandal occurred.
Like sleeping with your mother-in-law isn't somehow worse. But then
no one was saying anything about playing bumpsie in the night. Whoever
I fucked wasn't admitting it and I sure wasn't going to be the first to
speak up.
Ginny remembered that she woke up pissed that I wasn't there and
then discovered she had accidentally gone in her mother's room. No one
could explain how that switch happened. Personally, I was just glad that
Ginny was taking it so well.
It was going to hang around in my guilt and guilty pleasure file
for a long time. I didn't particularly like Shelia, so it was upsetting
in one way, but I had got laid great that night. The performance was one
to remember- and I could hope it was Barb and not Shelia.
I didn't know Shelia had been warming to me, bit by bit, over the
years. I didn't know I had given her opinion a tremendous boost most
recently. I didn't even know Ginny was so miserable with me.
But let's take this as it came, so you can appreciate the affect
it had on me. So I'm a little sheepish about a wedding faux pas and a bit
pleased with the memory. I figure it's a once-in-a-lifetime deal. I figure
I'm lucky to get out of it without anyone saying anything about fucking
Not long after, Ginny calls into me as she's getting ready for bed,
"Close your eyes, honey, I'm coming to give you a big surprise."
This usually indicates she did something to her hair that she
thinks is funny or sexy and I'm supposed to guess which. I went along with
it and closed my eyes.
I felt her get in bed beside me, but instead of laying down, she
kept sliding until she was under the covers with her mouth over my cock.
That was surprising because even before the wedding Ginny had become
distant. I figured whatever was bothering her had gone away.
It wasn't a hair thing, because she had it pulled back tight to her
head in a ponytail as was her habit at night. She found my hand and put
it on her ponytail. She wanted me to make her suck my cock by pulling on
it. This was a real treat. Ginny usually liked to set her own pace.
I was ramming her frantically up and down my cock getting ready to
cum when she walked in the room. Even a blow-job couldn't get me through
my consternation at this trick of time travel. I stopped fucking the
face between my legs and yanked back the covers.
There was Shelia with my cock still in her slobbery mouth. They both
had their hair pulled into identical ponytails.
"I give up," Ginny said to one of us. "I guess I am the problem."
I was speechless long enough for Shelia to lift her mouth from my
cock and field my wife's statement.
"It's a problem that's easily fixed, I told you that," Shelia said,
"Now all you have to do is tell Dudley here."
"I was having a problem and I asked mom to help," Ginny told me.
"You don't know how close she came to walking out," Shelia cut in.
"She said I was afraid of letting go," Ginny continued
"I said it was probably her fault," Shelia corrected.
"And then she made me trick you into fucking her so she could get
her old, dried up jollies before she'd tell me what to do," Ginny got a
lot honest real quick.
"I had to see if it was her problem or yours," Shelia went on the
defensive. "And I didn't seem to have a problem with you."
"So now she wants to show me how to really enjoy being with you and
make you really hot to be with me," Ginny said.
A man with a hard-on is not susceptible to reason. He isn't much
inclined to any thinking not directly involved in getting his hard-on
inside something wet and warm and making it shoot off.
I was three strokes from cumming when they started the conversation
and I wasn't listening to a single word. I was hoping they would quit
talking and I could get on with pumping the white stuff out of the end of
my dick.
I guess I processed the part about Shelia admitting she fucked me
on purpose in the motel room because I remembered it later. But I'm sure
all I processed about their plan was that I was going to get off once
they started back up.
"Let this be your first lesson," Shelia went on and on and on, "Get
down here and watch me."
At least she did something. She was starting over, licking with
long licks along my length, but it was something. I was amused to watch
her lick me and Ginny watch in rapt attention. I still didn't care about
the long-term side effects.
Then she invited her daughter to kiss the other side as she moved
her partially open mouth up and down the sides of my shaft. It was a sight
that insured my hard-on would stay stiffly pointing into the air. I had
always seen the resemblance between Ginny and her mother, but with their
hair pulled back in identical ponytails they looked more like sisters than
mother and daughter.
Then Shelia made me a bigger part of the process. She took my cock
in her mouth and sucked. Then she pushed it at Ginny and had her suck.
Then she made me tell Ginny the difference.
"Her tongue," I told my wife, "She doesn't suck as hard and she
moves her tongue all over my cock."
Ginny tried again and pretty soon it was the same whichever mouth
my cock was pointed into. It was a lovely torture and an even lovelier
sight to watch them share my cock.
It was getting to the point where everything was pretty lovely. I
was gasping with the treatment and waiting out the suck roulette to see
which one would have me in her mouth when I went off like an oil well.
I think they had made that determination ahead of time. I was sure I
was going to explode any second when Shelia directed me into Ginny's mouth
and licked her way down to my balls. In fact, I lasted another minute,
soaking up Ginny's new techniques on the knob of my cock and Shelia's
spider-like licking of my balls.
Then I came in Ginny's mouth and it was her mother grabbing her
ponytail and forcing her head down to let me spurt in her mouth.
"You love him, don't you?" Shelia asked rhetorically, "You're not
out for what he can do for you, are you? How much is it to ask to do the
job until it's done?"
I began to wonder what I had ever seen wrong with this woman. She
was telling Ginny the same thing I had told her and Ginny seemed to be
listening. Or her mother was holding her head down with more courage than
I had been able to muster.
"Okay, I get it!" Ginny said when Shelia let her head come up. "If
I want to get great sex, I've got to give great sex. Now can I wash my
mouth out?"
"No, you selfish brat, you're not putting up with something to get
it over with, unless you mean any kind of meaningful relationship with a
man," Shelia jumped at my wife. "Learn something here! Learn the good
"The good part of having this salty goop dripping off my tonsils?"
Ginny was incredulous.
I have to admit I was pretty curious as well. Not why it was good
to have my cum in Ginny's mouth- I was on Shelia's side all the way there.
I was curious what complaints Ginny had about my lack of interest and her
lack of fulfillment. I was guessing this was the get me interested again
"Some people like it," Shelia said flatly, but didn't let it rest
there. "The others, I hear, take it as a necessary part of the marvel of
feeling a cock squirm like a live thing in their mouth, become throbbing
hard and having the power to give their man the greatest thrill."
Then she brought me into it. She swept her hand up to point.
"See, you did that for or to him. Lying back and letting a man do
you is so lame. It's like being a cat and letting your owner pet you.
What's that?" Shelia lectured her daughter. "You think it means you're the
queen and it means you're the property."
I wasn't following this reasoning, either, but it was nice to have
Shelia on my side.
"So you're saying, she who bends to serve is queen?" Ginny was
Shelia was not having a discussion. She was giving a lecture. She
treated Ginny's retorts harshly.
"I'm saying, if you want to get snooty and walk away from Dwayne,
I'll take him and good luck to you," Shelia decreed. "I thought this was
about finding the joy in your physical relationship, but if it's about
yelling at mommy, you can leave and we'll have the time of our life."
Shelia, mercifully, left me out of that part of the discussion. I'm
afraid I'd have to admit that fucking her after the wedding was a lot
better than any sex I ever had with Ginny.
"I should have known better than to ask you," Ginny pouted. "You
were always such a slut. Everybody knew that."
Shelia wasn't wounded by her daughter's slur.
"You mean unlike all the frigid bitches whose husbands were fucking
me?" she laughed. "Choose your lot honey. Be a frustrated divorcee or
listen to me and start having the time of your life."
I knew they'd get around to it eventually. It was too much to ask to
enjoy them both and their catfight and not be involved.
"What about it, Doug?" Ginny asked me, "Does our relationship depend
on you squirting that stuff in my mouth?"
I hadn't been around women all my life without picking up a few
things. Rule number one- never give a straight answer to a no-win
question. Rule two- my concerns are valid, dammit, what about me? -works
for them. You can make it work for you.
"I don't understand what this is about. If you were having doubts
about our marriage, why didn't you come to me?" I asked.
She wanted to answer that even less than I wanted to answer her
question. Effectively rebuffed, Ginny turned back to salvage something
with her mother.
"You're just trying to turn me into a sex slave," she accused. "You
think all I have to do is give in to everything he wants and everything is
all right. What about my needs?"
Shelia sat up and shook her head. She turned and smiled at me and
then got a tired look as she turned back to her daughter.
"Honey, I don't know where you got your attitude and I don't know
how to change it," she said to Ginny. "I thought you had some kind of
hang-up about letting go and I could get you over it. I see now that you
have no use for sex. Not in any important way. I don't know what you want
and I don't know how you get it. Maybe you should devote your life to
That was it. Harsh judgments and a sharp tongue were the reasons
I didn't like Shelia. She had questioned me hard and directly when Ginny
wanted to marry me. I thought of her as a man-eater from that time.
My view had softened now that I had let her eat me. And she was
telling Ginny things I wanted her to hear.
"Don't you understand?" Ginny began to cry. "I want more. Doug made
me very happy for the first month or so. I just want that back."
She turned to me.
"Why did you stop?" she asked.
Now it was time for me to squirm. I wasn't sure what either of them
was talking about. We had been carefree newlyweds, fucking on impulse,
even daring an unconventional place or two. Then I guess we settled down.
I tried to think why we had settled into a rut.
"I guess we got caught up in the other things," I said.
That was a damn nice answer, I realized as I kept trying to
remember. Ginny got too busy was the truth. 'Oh, honey, can't you wait,
I've got to...' was her new response. She still gave it up- every night
for a long time- but it was at night and in bed like it had become a rule.
"Okay," Ginny interrupted before her mother got it out of me, "I
lost interest after a while. It seemed so pointless to go through it all
when I could be getting something done."
"And yet you came to me complaining that something was missing,"
Shelia pounced. "Well, let me tell you, Miss Instant Gratification, if
there was an orgasm pill, it still wouldn't do the job. You'll never get
anything out of something you don't have to work for."
This was all very nice, but arguing wasn't what I had always
fantasized when I fantasized about being in bed with two women. Then
again, it was a moot point in my present condition.
I decided it was time for Shelia to declare her allegiance. That's
my fancy way of saying I opened my big mouth.
"So you were going to leave me because I wasn't satisfying you
all those times you didn't want to fuck?" I asked Ginny.
I might have got away with the question if I sounded hurt or
confused, but I sounded smug. I had just got a blow-job from two women
at once. I was feeling pretty smug.
"No. Because you're a lousy lover when you don't get your way,"
Ginny snapped at me.
I was expecting Shelia to jump in on one side or another. She left
me to defend myself.
"At night, in bed, 'can't we turn the light off'," I was ticking
her rules off on my fingers, "Go ahead honey, do it quick. I've got to
get up early tomorrow."
"I haven't said that in years," Ginny said.
"I know. That was when we stopped making love every night and it's
dwindled ever since," I said dramatically.
There shouldn't have been a dry eye in the house after that one,
but Ginny was mad at being bested and Shelia was just amused. I had
given up hope for the two cents worth from the peanut gallery when
Shelia finally spoke.
"If sex is that much bother for you, honey, I'll fuck him for a
while," Shelia said, "Just to help out, you understand."
"You are a slut, Mother, there's just no other word for it," Ginny
swelled up, "I don't know how you can help me because I don't want to
end up like you."
"Why don't you each have, like, nights of the week?" I tried to
suggest. "That's half way in the middle, isn't it?"
Too male fantasy. They both gave me looks that shut me up. They
might end up negotiating that very thing, but it wasn't going to be
my idea. It would be their amicable transaction, theirs. I would just
have to live with it.
"You can relax, baby. There's no way you could ever be as hot an
old broad as your mom," Shelia smirked.
At least she didn't ask me for the endorsement I would have to
give her.
"All I wanted to do was find out if it was him or me. I know that
now. I didn't ask you to fix it for me," Ginny said.
"You asked me to tell you what was wrong with you," Shelia
reminded her.
"Well I know that now and we'll work on it ourselves," Ginny said
with a little more strain in her voice, "I think we can manage without
your... interference."
"Hey, it's been nice chatting with you, but it looks like the big
boy is stirring for another round," Shelia said bluntly. "Let's cut
through all this hearts and flowers romance bullshit and get down to the
real question. When that hard-on pops up, am I going to climb on it or
are you?"
"Mother!" Ginny gasped.
"That's the question. All this feely crap will keep. I happened to
have a great time with him the last time and I'd like to see if he can
match it looking into my old face," she said, "But he is your husband
and by rights you've got first dibs."
"If he gets it up a second time, it will be the first time since
our first year," Ginny said, "I'd hate to think he got that hard-on for
my mother."
"He'll get a hard-on because you're still awake and looking at
him," Shelia countered. "Interest turns men on too."
As far as I was concerned, I thought Shelia had jumped the gun in
declaring me ready to rise. I was willing, but I didn't feel any stirring
in my groin. I found out that didn't matter to Shelia.
"Of course real eagerness begets action," Shelia said as she moved
toward my dick again, "And you cannot overestimate how much a man loves
to have his cock sucked."
It was different when I saw her coming rather than discovered her
with my cock already in her mouth. Just like she said, I was a sucker
for a blow-job and it's always nice to see a woman eagerly diving down
to give you one, no matter how you feel about your mother-in-law.
Ginny wasn't as neutral to the idea.
"Mother! That's cheating," she scolded Shelia.
"Are we having a contest or do you want to get laid?" Shelia asked.
"If you want more from Dirk, maybe you should stop making it a test to
see if he's horny enough to make you give in."
"Well, if we're going to cheat, at least I should be the one
sucking him hard again, shouldn't I?" Ginny changed her tack.
"You've sure changed from, 'go ahead and see if you can get
anything out of him' haven't you?" Shelia laughed.
"Well, you did. But since I'm in the mood- and I do thank you for
that, Mother, I think I'm the one that should be getting something out of
him now," Ginny said.
This was all very nice, but fucking one of them was no longer a
moot point and I wanted the arguments to stop now. But I wasn't so sure
about their agreement.
"Would you be jealous if I just sat on his face and had some fun
that way?" Shelia asked.
Okay, she had been great in bed. She could suck a mean cock. But
all those things happened without me knowing who she was. Looking into
her old cunt and trying to get her off was a different matter.
Fortunately, Ginny saw it the same way.
"Euwwh! Gross!" she said, "I don't want to watch you get off. I
certainly don't want to be fucking the same guy when you do it. We'll
think up something else- something nice instead."
Ginny didn't stop Shelia from playing with my balls as she sucked on my cock or rubbing her finger over my asshole. I didn't have a problem
with it, either. But as Ginny raised up to rub her breasts on my cock, I
saw a sick look in Shelia's eye. She was a slut like Ginny said. I could
tell she would have a hard time resisting the urge to bend over and suck
her daughter's tits if they were both mounted on me at the same time.
There would be a certain perverse thrill in that, but I knew it
would freak Ginny out. Her mother might be the best fuck on Earth, but
I still loved Ginny. Of course, the reverse also applied. I loved Ginny,
but her mother was a great fuck and I was hoping it would work out so I
could have the best of both worlds. Shocking, isn't it?
Meanwhile, Ginny was happy with my erection and climbed on top of
me. I guess one of her friends had convinced her it was the politically
correct position because she had developed a fondness for being on top
in recent years. Early in our relationship- our sexual relationship,
Ginny had been shy about it. She had said she felt a pressure to perform
and she felt exposed being up where she could be seen.
She hadn't come very far from that innocent girl. Once she had
stuffed my cock inside herself, she acted like that girl who was afraid
to be in charge. I guessed she felt the pressure of performing in front
of her mother. I guess she knew like I did, though I doubted it was for
the same reasons, that her mother was a great fuck.
"That's right, baby, be wild, show your mom how to do it," I urged,
hoping to tap into her fear and make her use it in my favor.
I reached up to hold her breasts, knowing Ginny appreciated me
supporting them so they didn't flop painfully when she rode me hard. I
was hoping she would take it as a hint.
She wasn't ready to go right into high gear. I changed my tactics
by sliding my hands over the hanging weights, hoping my touch would
excite her into a little more motion on my cock.
Shelia's touch was an excuse. I felt her fingers graze my balls and
I drove up into Ginny. I kept fucking her and Ginny fell forward. Her
breasts crushed in my hands as she put her arms out for support. I let my
hands slide down her ass and kept humping up into her.
"You mom's playing with my balls," I told her while I drove my
cock up into her.
I guess I'd finally moved her from apprehension to competitiveness
and Ginny started to move back against me. I kept moving, but I let her
take over the show. She was on top. She was supposed to be doing the work.
Ginny wasn't the only one taking the hint. Shelia turned her
tentative exploration into a find and fondle mission on my balls. It felt
real good to have her playing with them and I felt like I should do
something to thank her.
Reaching down to find my mother-in-law's butt wasn't like looking
at her wrinkly old snatch. She was reading my thoughts because her legs
opened like a pair of scissors and my hand naturally fell down onto the
wet lips of her cunt. It was only right to stroke her while she played
with my balls and Ginny fucked me.
"Jesus, Doug, You don't know where that's been," Ginny joked when
she saw where my fingers were.
I thought it was a breakthrough. At least it seemed like a definite
shift in the dynamics. Shelia wasn't teaching Ginny anything. There was
no particular reason for her to be here. And most importantly, Ginny
seemed to have softened on the idea of her mother having a good time.
Ginny wasn't slowing down her ride on my cock because I was
fingering her mother. She had settled into a good rhythm with none of
the hurry that had seemed to define our sex in the past few years. Maybe
she was showing off for her mother.
If she was, Shelia wasn't impressed. My fingers were taking an
obvious toll on her composure, but she still critiqued her daughter's
technique. Maybe it made her feel like she had a reason to be there.
"Come on honey, long and boring isn't much better than over quick,"
Shelia kibitzed, "Make him want it bad and then make him wait."
That hadn't been the way she was on the night of the wedding. I
crawled between the sheets hoping to interest Ginny in sex and found a
different creature waiting. She had coaxed me inside her almost from the
moment I snuggled beside her.
I was surprised she was facing me, waiting for me. I was shocked
that she rolled me on top of her and fit my cock to her sex without the
usual touching and kissing to arouse her.
And when we had done the kissing and touching with my cock inside
her, she didn't just let me fuck her- she demanded it. This control she
was preaching to Ginny had nothing to do with that fuck. We moved more
like animals fighting than people fucking and our passion built quickly
and exploded into a grunting finale.
The only control Shelia had was keeping my cock inside her when I
had cum. The fierce grip of her legs made me feel like the King of Fuck
since she obviously couldn't get enough of me. She distracted me with
nipple play when I really wanted to pull out and lie down again.
She had me trapped, but I could never seem to escalate my wish to
pull out to the point of decision. Her ass was moving and I didn't mind
waiting a little longer while she squirmed like a pig in heat.
Whatever I called the rocking and moving of her cunt, it had the
desired effect on me. I was rocking with her, sliding a stiffening cock
in and out of her slippery cunt before I realized I was doing it. I had
never stayed inside a woman and gotten hard a second time before in my
life. It was a special moment for me.
I can only remember bits and pieces of that second fuck. But I'm
pretty sure there was no letting off and starting up involved. My
memory was of fucking until I didn't think I could fuck any more and then
thrusting harder and faster as I sought an elusive second climax.
"You might as well dawdle at the top as make the climb longer,"
Shelia was telling my wife.
Ginny did ride me harder and Shelia slid her finger down to find my
asshole. To me there is a great difference between having a finger in my
ass and having a finger threatening to go up my ass. The former makes me
want to cum- hard. The latter makes me edgy and squirmy.
I was squirmy as Ginny spent most of her riding time with my cock
deep in her belly and grinding her cunt on my belly. I know it made me feel
like I was finding secret places in her cunt. I think it made Ginny feel
my cock more meaningfully too.
Ginny began to limit her landing to one wipe of her clit across my
belly. She bounced on my cock with more energy. I shoved two fingers into
Shelia's cunt and fucked her faster than Ginny was fucking me.
Ginny gasped and caught up to the motion of my fingers. It was a
weird feeling to have my cock and fingers plunge into the two twats in
synchronization. It was weird, but wonderful and I wasn't thinking as much
as I was feeling the hot grip of Ginny's cunt trying to suck the semen from
my balls.
Ginny's face in her climax was worthy of a martyr. The beatific
vision of orgasm was there, but it was mixed with a confusing series of
winces. That same confusion was echoed to my cock as she wriggled and
jumped on my cock even as her cunt spasmed.
I was trying to fuck Ginny hard through her climax, but the uncertain
target gave me pause until Shelia pushed her finger up my ass and found my
prostate. I drove up and erupted as we both danced to Shelia's tune.
I was still recovering from my orgasm when I found out that Shelia
had indeed been the master of both of us. I had cum so hard it hurt and I was recovering from the strain when Ginny complained to her mother.
"We don't play around back there much, Mother," Ginny was saying,
"You really were making me feel uncomfortable."
"I bet Denny wasn't uncomfortable with the way you were shaking your
ass for him," Shelia countered. "And he seemed to like having a finger up
his butt."
I almost cracked up laughing. Sweet little Ginny had been fucking me
with her mother's finger up her ass. It was way too weird to do anything
but laugh about. I mean, Ginny was so protective of her little brown bud
that it had taken me a year for her to let me lick her ass.
I was thinking it was pretty much the ultimate proof that I loved her
and she didn't think she could allow it. I wanted to show her that even
her shit was sweet to me and she couldn't handle it. She learned to handle
it pretty well once she gave in.
I wasn't stupid enough to point out how anal erotic she was. I knew
part of her hesitation was about it being perverse, but part of it was her
sense that I was only trying to talk her into taking my cock back there. I
wasn't going to give her ammunition. I knew my wife. She was much more
likely to come to that decision herself, and quicker if I let her wallow
in her guilt that I was doing something so nice for her and she was denying
me a pleasure.
It hadn't worked yet, but it seemed I had an ally in Shelia to work
for the cause. I noted that Ginny hadn't said it hurt. And her orgasm had
not only been noticeable, it had been spectacular by Ginny standards.
If that had been all, that would have been enough. I had come to a
new appreciation of my mother-in-law. I even liked her a little. Shelia had
convinced Ginny that she needed to be more responsive to my advances
and she had directed one of the better sexual exhibitions Ginny and I had
ever had.
I saw my future looking up. And that was all without considering
how Ginny would process the idea of being a good daughter. Most the stories I hear are from guys whose wives have listened to their mothers and started
making demands- or listened to their mothers and left them.
My Ginny listened to her mother and I was happier with the result.
"You just rest here," Ginny said with a kiss on my cheek. "Maybe
later you'll feel like loving me gently again."
Ginny often agreed to sex later that never happened. And that is only
a fact and not an accusation. I have shirked the effort of a second combat
in the lists of love at least as many times as Ginny. I had the feeling
this was one of those times. I dropped off to sleep in very short order.
I don't know how long I slept. I only know I was rising from the
deepest darks of sleep into a dream where I stood chest-high in water
and fishes were nibbling at my cock. I was, of course, paralyzed and having
a philosophical discussion with myself whether the fishes meant me harm or
pleasure when I woke up.
Nothing was nibbling at my cock but pubic hair. There was a thigh
across my thighs and an arm across my chest. As I drifted to full
consciousness, I wondered if the pubic hair meant me harm or pleasure.
I must have stirred as I awoke because a head came up beside me.
"Are you ready now?" the head whispered.
I hadn't been thinking about my condition, but, yes, I was ready now.
The fishes or the pubic hair or male mechanics had my cock hard and ready
to go. I even felt like putting my cock into a nice warm cunt- that at
least. I'm not sure I was awake enough to consider anything beyond that.
I did know it was Shelia. It was a minor fact of little consequence
in my mind, but now I knew the difference. But it wasn't Shelia or Ginny
or anything that required that much thinking on my mind as we rolled me
over and I sank to the hairs in a nice, warm, comfortable cunt.
For as much as I remember, I may have gone back to sleep with my cock
in my mother-in-law and my lips sucking her breast. I was awake sometime
afterwards when she yelled in my ear.
"Damn it man! Do it for me now! Do something, goddamn it!" Shelia
was shouting and I was being tossed on her hips like a skiff in the waves.
She only wanted me to fuck her. I didn't have to think to jam back
against her active hips and drive my cock into her cunt. It was nice I
could please her by doing something so simple.
When she came, she jerked up and back hard enough to pull at the
roots of my cock. Her legs clamped about my waist and her heels kicked
against my butt as she went down in the maelstrom of her orgasm.
"Now you want to get yours?" she rasped between gasps for air.
Her gyrations had caught my interest. It was a stupid question to ask
while my cock was throbbing in her cunt. I tried to accept her invitation,
but her thighs clamped so I could not manage to move enough.
"Let me show you what my daughter can't do," she said, her breathing
rapidly becoming normal.
She unlaced her legs and pushed me off her. She smiled up at me with
her face at the level of my chest before moving down.
"I like glops of goo dripping from my tonsils," she said.
I found that demonstration mode had nothing to do with the way Shelia
sucked cock. She put her mouth over my cock and dropped to the bottom like
an elevator with a broken cable. I didn't know what my cock was touching
because I had never been so deep inside a woman's throat.
Her position made the hump of her tongue ride up and down the top
side of my cock, but it was the wet, fleshy things my cockhead was bumping
and the feel of her lips sealed around the base of my cock that had my
attention. I seemed to pass into the depths of her throat with no struggle
on her part.
I could say that I had just fucked her to orgasm and was close to
cumming because of that, but the truth is I couldn't and didn't want to
last when she started taking me all the way in her mouth. Sliding into a
mouth that never ended, was only stopped by her lips hitting my groin, was
too fantastic a feeling as well as too fantastic a fantasy.
I gave her all the gooey glops I had for her to hang on her tonsils.
I could feel her swallow as I shot off with my cock in her throat. It was
again a marvelous feeling and an even greater fantasy fulfillment.
I had identified heaven and it was that space between the head of
my cock and lips sealed tightly around the root of my cock and pressing
against my groin. I knew it was heaven. I was in it.
"Some day I'll teach Ginny that, if you'd like," she said when she
was again lying beside me.
If I liked? Was she trying to yank my chain? Where was the guy that
didn't like to be deep-throated and what was HIS problem? Her 'question'
didn't need an answer, but I had one that did.
"Where's Ginny?" I asked.
"She knows we're here," she said, answering my real question in the
place of the one I asked, "This is my compensation for letting her be the
first to fuck you tonight."
Ginny hadn't offered it with the same mercenary idea portrayed by
her mother. It was a confusing mixture of thoughts and feelings that had
made it seem only right that her mother get something out of the evening.
However she bitched, she appreciated the lessons from an expert like her
mother. And, god help her, she thought she wanted more lessons.
It wasn't exactly paying her mother off with my body. There was a lot
of daughterly concern for her mother's well-being, too- a lot. And if her
mother's claims were true, I would be horny enough to keep them both
well-fucked and satisfied.
I wasn't aware of that last part until it slipped out later. Ginny
was planning a frantic rebirth of sexual passion- or at least had to
have considered it a possibility- from the time she steered Shelia into
our room after the wedding. I guess I gave Shelia too much credit for
controlling her daughter.
So we lived for the two weeks of Shelia's visit in a unique mix of
free love and matriarchal hierarchy. Ginny was generous with me, but there
was no mistaking that the women were in charge of my access to Shelia.
I suppose I was allowed to approach Ginny whenever I wanted, but
I don't recall an opportunity when she wasn't attacking me first. It was
better than a honeymoon. We knew so much more about each other this time
and we had the ultimate resource for new ideas, Shelia.
Shelia had us run through our repertoire, including 'woman in only an
apron bent over the sink', which was about as kinky as we had ever been.
Shelia's perception turned that into Ginny squatting over my lap as I sat
on the sofa.
Ginny was naked under her skirt and her skirt lay over us, hiding the
fact my pants were pulled down. I was deep inside my wife's cunt without it
showing. Shelia made Ginny turn and look at us in the mirror along the far
wall as Ginny fucked me. It was definitely something that made Ginny
respond. She liked the private secret of my cock rummaging inside her
without it showing on the outside.
Shelia unlocked several keys to Ginny's response. Of all the things
that would have never occurred to me, the revelation that Ginny liked to be
held down was last on the list. I didn't have to tie her securely, in fact
Shelia warned me that might ruin the response.
I would loop the sash from her bathrobe around her wrists and hold
them over her head. Ginny would become very lively in the guise of trying
to escape. She was even more competitive when I held her hands down with
my own. Then she would struggle through a great fuck, more energetic than
almost any other time.
Ginny was less enthusiastic about her mother's urging to try anal
sex. Shelia was blunt about Ginny's response when she saw me rim her
daughter, but Ginny was standing firm. I don't think it was all about anal
sex. I'm sure her staunch opposition to my cock in her ass helped her repel
Shelia's common-sense approach, but it seemed Ginny was making a stand
about Shelia ruling her life at that point.
Ginny resisted every conceivable approach to the idea. She dismissed
her response to her mother's finger because a finger was different and
much smaller than a cock. She didn't see any adventure in accepting
deliveries where she was supposed to make shipments. She was even willing
to endure a demonstration to prove her pious resolve.
It was a test of faith for me. I didn't think we were going to
convince Ginny. All I was going to do was fuck my mother-in-law in the ass
while Ginny watched and I wasn't sure that was a good idea. First off, I
knew Shelia would want me to eat her ass. I saw her eyes as she watched me
tongue Ginny's anus.
And it would be the first time Ginny had actually been present when
I put my dick in her mother. Somehow that was a lot different from having
Shelia watch me fuck my wife. But again I was only the hard dick caught
in the struggle between mother and daughter.
"Don't pussy out on me," Shelia demanded when I expressed my doubts.
I'm not sure if that was frustration talking or if Shelia was trying
to insure that I gave it to her deep and hard. She wasn't trying to stay
on my good side, that was sure.
"Go ahead," Ginny got off her own shot, "If you want to play sewer
games, you might as well play them with someone that knows the territory."
I caught a whiff of something other than disgust in Ginny's tone. It
wasn't quite the smell of a power play either. I think she wanted to see
her mother get fucked in the ass. I have no idea why.
"You show her what she's missing, Dino," Shelia urged me as she
crouched with her ass in the air toward me.
It wasn't that bad. I closed my eyes and found my way down the cleft
of her ass by touch. Her ass tasted like Ginny's ass. However, Shelia was
a lot more vocal as my tongue traced circles on the ring of muscle.
She grunted when the tip of my tongue slipped inside her sphincter.
She grunted every time every time I thrust my tongue into her. I was
embarrassed for her as she made her animal noises while I tongue-fucked her
asshole. You would have thought I was hollowing her out from the commotion
she made as I opened her anus.
"Now easy at first, you know that don't you?" Shelia sounded nervous
as I got to my knees behind her.
I hadn't considered anything else until she put the idea in my head.
Her asshole was a gaping hole compared to Ginny's, but the thought never
got beyond the temptation stage. I had spread K-Y all over my cock to make
it easy. I wasn't going to prove to Ginny that it hurt like a bitch to
take a cock in your ass.
I think even Shelia was surprised how easily my cock slipped into her
ass. I guess she had never been so well-prepared before. I knew it was an
asshole from its uniform grip around the head of my cock once I had pushed
it inside her sphincter.
She was no loose hole even if my passage into her was easier than I
had anticipated. If my cock had been half its size, I think I would have
slipped in as smoothly as I could in her cunt. But at twice that size, I
had to open her back door carefully as I eased into her ass.
"Now wait a minute until I get used to you," Shelia grunted as I
kept trying to move deeper into her ass.
"Come on, Mom, if it feels so good, you want him to ram it right in,
don't you?" Ginny kibitzed her mother.
"You should have said you wanted to see that," Shelia countered in
a labored reply, "I would have fucked him awhile and then I would be
begging him to ram it up my ass."
It was another case of letting them fill in while I was waiting for
something to happen. I was rocking a little bit in and out as they had
their catfight. Then one of my rocks inward sunk another inch of my cock
into Shelia's asshole. I figured she was used to me.
Ginny's banter suddenly dropped off when I pressed forward and buried
the rest of my cock in her mother's ass. Shelia probably wouldn't have been
answering anyway. Her interest had seemed to shift to my cock too.
That made three of us interested in my cock. I was interested in how
silky smooth the tube clinging to my cock felt. I think Shelia was
interested in how far up that tube I was feeling the silky smooth lining
and I think Ginny was interested in where all that cock had gone.
A secondary interest occurred to me when it sank in that I was sunk in
my mother-in-law's ass to the hilt. Even though I was getting to like her,
it still was like a dream come true to be boning her in the butt. It was
better than poetic justice because it felt so good on top of the revenge factor.
Shelia was better than you could ask for when she returned to the
verbal sparring with Ginny. But maybe she really did like to have a cock
pounded up her ass.
"Now you can ram it for her," Shelia encouraged me, "Fuck my ass as
hard as you can. I like it that way."
I still wanted to have a romantic moment lost in the feelings of
being deep in the heat of her ass so I could remember forever, but as
soon as I got over that, I was willing to put it to my mother-on-law. I
began to lean more toward her liking it.
When I shoved my cock in her harder than I thought she'd like, Shelia
didn't seem to notice. Smacking loudly on her ass was a minimum. Only
when I was fucking her so hard that I nearly lost my balance on every
thrust did Shelia groan out her appreciation.
She was showing Ginny something for sure. I was just hoping that
Ginny could take her eyes off my cock fucking up her mother's ass long
enough to notice how completely nuts my cock was making her mother.
If my violence was bad press for the idea, I thought Shelia's
reaction was enough to balance the coverage. She looked like she was so
happy that it hurt.
I guess it was the wail from Shelia that struck me as a sound of
surrender that got me off. My cock- my actual cock- was banging as far as
it could go up Shelia's ass. Both the physical sensations and the feeling
that I was battering my mother-in-law's rear defenses into submission were
playing in my head. It was all very involving, but I didn't feel like I
was going top cum until Shelia began to howl.
It sounded like I was torturing her to orgasm. And on one very
forlorn cry, I began to launch my cum into her ass. I didn't care what
she wanted then. I jammed against her as hard as I could and let my jizm
spurt. She almost frantically wiggled her hips up and down as I opened the
cum faucet and let the warm stuff flow.
I still think Ginny was more impressed than she admits. Her mother may be aggressive and appreciative, but she doesn't caterwaul like that
every time she gets fucked. That had to have made an impact. And then
there's the plain fact she saw that it's possible and that her mom didn't
suffer any permanent damage from it.
I'm not really noticing any thaw on her rear, but it is just the
kind of thing to save as a surprise for a special occasion. I didn't expect
her to give in while Shelia was still here- hope, maybe, but expect? No.
But that's about the only thing that hasn't gotten 1,000% better
since Shelia's visit. The best thing Shelia made Ginny believe was that
Ginny was just as responsible for her own orgasms and mine as I was. She
had to do her part, particularly speaking up when she thought of something
she thought might be fun.
Now, instead of supplementing her flagging sex life with her
fantasies, we act out her fantasies. Viola! The flagging sex life disappears!
But, while Shelia did fulfill her promises, the stuff about being
enough man to satisfy both mother and daughter took a header when Shelia
insisted she had a life and had to move on. With no mother-in-law to keep
well-fucked and satisfied, I had to settle for Ginny.
I guess I adapted to the idea of this mother-daughter thing. I know
what I'll be thinking the next time I'm alone with Shelia. I really don't
think Ginny minds, but I also sensed that she was glad to see her
competition leave town.
I think she feels it's a great idea as long as her mother doesn't
out-fuck her. I figure it has to be one of her fantasies for it to have
happened at all. Which all leads me to the conclusion that there may be
a person that fits the puzzle better than Shelia.
No, really, think about it: close relative, can't be as good in bed
as Shelia, keeps it all in the family... Who better for a little family loving that your sister? And Barb wasn't screaming when it was suggested
that I was sleeping with her.
It makes perfect sense to me. I just haven't had the guts to explain
my reasoning to Ginny. I believe she'll agree. Really, I do. I just don't
know how to get started.
Maybe somebody else will get married soon.


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